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Full text of "Technological military dictionary. Germ. Engl. Fr. (Germ. part)."

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<@(rman ^art 


8T. John's sqvarr. 






' J'ai o$k entnprendxe cette ttche dUBcfle," 
' Milt AToir peat-€tn le talent n^cetsalie" 
' pouT U remplir."— JoMxvx. 




^/. €. 30 . 






K.G., K.T., KJP., G.C.B., & G.C.M.G., 
&c. &c. &c. 

€\)ii Wiork 






a. Antiques (trieux mot). — Veraltet; aH. — Obioiete; old. 

a4j' Adjectif. — Beiwort. — Affective. 

arch. Architecture. — Baukanst. — Architecture; building. 

arch. hydr. Architecture hydrauligue. — Wasaerbaukimst. — HydrauUe architecture. 

art. ArtUlerie. — Artillerie. — Artillery: gunnery. 

artif. Artifice. — Zur Kmurtfeuerweikfinei gehorig. — Ldboratory-etore : firework. 

artif. d. g. Artifice de ffuerre. — Zur Bnutfenerwerkerei gehorig. — Military-firework, or 

firework for purely military purposes, 
artif. d. r. Artifice de r^ouinance. — Zur Lnstfeoerwerkerai gehorig. — Artificial-firework, 

for purposes of rqoicing, display, etc 
cav. Cttvalerie. -^ Cayallerie. — Cavalry. 

charp. Charpentier. — Zimmermaiin. — Carpentry and earpentere. 
chim. Chimie. — Chemie. — Chemittry. 

constr. des ponts. Conatruction deaponte. — Briickenhaiu — Bridye-buHding. 
constr. hydr. Corutruction hydrmUique. — Waaserhao. — Hydraulic structure or con- 

trtvanee relating to canah, conduite, lock», mille, etc. ; (water-worke). 
c. p. m. Code p^nal militaire. — Kriegaartikelii ; IfiUtaarstrafen. — Courts martial ; military 

law; articles qf war. 
expl. Exploitation dee minee, -^ Berghau. — IfiJitfi^, mtmny-qperatione i the working of 

f . Piminin. — Weiblich. — Feminine. 
fond. Fonderie. — Giesserei. — Founding ; foundries. 
f. k r. Foumeau d r^verbire. — FlammofhereL — Reoerberating'/umaces. 
fge. Forge. — Schmiederei. — Forges. 

for. Forerie. — Geechutzbohrmaschine. — Boring qf ordnance; bortng-machines. 
fort Fortification. — Befestigangskunst. — Fortification. 
g6om. G^omitrie. — Geometric. — Geometry. 
h. f. Haut-foumeau. — Hohofherei. — Blast-furnaces and smelting. 
hydr. Hydraulique. — Wasserleitongskunst. — Hydraulics. 
m. Masculin. — Mannlich. — Masculine. 
inf. Infanterie. — In&nterie. — Infantry. 

m. d'a. Manufacture d^armes. — Zur Waffenfiibrication gehorig. — Small-arm manttfactory 
and the mamfacture qfarms. 


l^KUerhandweriL — Jwmert: jomery. 

— liUUmrf mumimff and bUutmg, 
. — ICiKnlogie. — Mmermio^. 
. — TbtmatL — MomiUng. 
\^^tgWBDu — Seuier. 
^ ^ K CtarrWr tm kou. — Hotorbetter. — Worken in wood. 

^ I" Ottfrmr fmfer, — RiseMrbdler. — Worken in iron (or metala genenlly). 
MMt. P«rf»c^. — Mittdwort. — Ptarticiple. 
pt PAirifl. — MehmJiL — Plurta. 
MHit« I'^ii'oiit; mrt de pontonniert, — Pbntoniiierkimst — Pontoona^ Mdget qf boatt 

Mieimlly* and the art qf eomtrueting such bridges. 
pOQdr. Poudrerie; mouiini d poudrts mam/(Kiwre depomdrt. — PulTennuhlen ; Polver- 

fiMcation. — Gunpowder'Wumt^Mehire, mod powder-uuiis. 
aiJp. Smlpftrerie. — SalpeterfiUnrication. — Stdtpetre-makimg (m carried on upon the 

a. d*artif* Salle d'ariifieet. — Feuerwerkslaboratorium. — Laboratory. 
aell. Sellier. — Sattler- und Riemerhandweric. — Saddl^rt and eoUar-maJtert, 
(id. Sid&urffie ; tidiroteehnie, — Eiflenhuttenkunde ; Eisenbearbeitangskunde. — The art 

of imelting iron-oree and preparing the metal for the purposes of use. 
tact Tactiqu§. — Taktik. ~ Military^taetiea ; drill wndfleld-exereitt. 
t6L T6lerie, — DlochhUtto ; Dlecharbeit. — Ttn-plate man^acturt, 
ton. Tonnelier. — Bdttcher ; Fastbinder. — Coopert, 
topogr. TopograpMe, — Topographio. — Military topography, 

tour. Tourwur: art du toumeur, — Ehehkunit ; Drehbank. — TVinitii^ and turmny-latheg. 
V. 8. r/nited Statet, — Pjata-Unit d*AmMque, — - Vereinigte Staaten von Nordamerika. 
list, d'artif . Uttensih d*arti/lee, — lAborir- Werkteng od. Bediirftiiss. — Inclement, utentil, 

or tool /or laboratory purpoan, 
V, K#r**. — 2Wtw<irt. — r#r*. 
V, d'tt. Voituret d'artilUria, — ArtiUorie-Fahrseiige. — Artillery earriayes of every descrip- 

lion ( alwi earriage-emithiif carpentert, wheelers, etc. employed in constructing them. 
wit. Art vttfrinaire, — Iferdearsonoikunst. — Veterinary art; veterinary-medicine: far- 

ytvy. Voyeu, — Hibhif. — He^. 


Abarbeiten, v. (fond.) (ein Geschiitzrobr). 
To chipf trim or dress a g^n-casting ; to 
rouffh or prepare the metal /or boring, 
JSbarberj d^croiUer une piece (apres la 
fonte), en oter la croute. 

n. (charp.) des Grobsten (am Holze). 

Rouffh-heuHng. ^bauchage m. 

(dn abgearbeitetes Pferd). Knocked- 

up ; fagged, Cheval harass/f exi^u4, 

Ahasten, v. To lop-off the branches of a 
tree. £brancher un arbre. 

Abathmen, v. (chim.) To Aeai to redness, 
in order to dispel moisture ; to anneal the 
cupels. Faire rougir aufeu la coupelle ; 

Abbatis, voy. Verhau. 

Abbefehlen, v. To countermand or counter- 
order, Contremander. 

Abbeissen, v. (die Patrone). To bite-off the 
top of the cartridge. Dichirer la car- 

Abbestellen, v. To eounterorder, put-off, 
countermand, Contremander, 

Abbestellung, f. Counterorder, Contre- 
ordre m. 

Abblasen, v. To sound, or notify any order 
by bugle-sound, (chietly in the sense of 
ceasing or desisting from anything), as, to 
sound the recall of skirmishers, cease-firing, 
the reb^at, etc Avertir en sonnant ; finir 
de sonner ; sonner la retraite. 

n. (od. Signal fur das bequeme Marschi- 

ren). Bugle-sound for marching at ease. 
Signal de I'arme k volonte. 

Abbohren, v. (min.) To bore, or form the 
blast-hole ; to finish the blast-hole, or to 
finish the boring of the hole. Forer le 
trou de mine ; achever le trou du petard. 

Abbohrer, m. (min.) Jumper, or long-borer 
for finishing the hole. Aiguille f. ou barre 
{, a mine ; (on I'emploie pour achever le 
trou du petard, deja amorce a Taide du 

Abboschen, v. To slope, or give the proper 
degree of batter to a work. Taluter, 
mettre en talus, 
German Part. 

Abbrand, m. (met.) (Abfall, Abgang). Loss, 
or waste sustained by metals, in the pro- 
cesses of re-melting, refining, and forging. 
D^chet m. 

Abbrcchen, n. (cines Gebaudes). The de- 
molition of a building. D^olilion f. 

V. (Gebiiude) od. niederreissen. To 

demolish or destroy buildings. Demo- 

V. (tact.) To diminish the front of a 

column. Rompre, 

V. (tact.) (einen Zug). To diminish the 

front of a division (sub-division) by form- 
ing a column of sections ; to form a co- 
lumn of sections. Rompre le peloton. 

v. (tact.) (Pelotonweise). To break 

into a column of di\'isions (sub-divisions) 
from line. Rompre par pelotons. 

V. (pont.) (eine Briicke). To withdraw, 

remove, or break-up a bridge. Replier, ou 
enlever un pont de pontons. 

v. (pout.) eine Briicke (durch das Ab- 

schwenken). To withdraw a bridge by 
swinging it, or wheeling it in a connected 
state. Replier un pont par un quart de 
' conversion. 

; V. (ein Lager). To break-up a camp ; 

to decamp ; to strike the tents, Dicamper, 
lever le camp ; plier les tentes. 

V. (an der Ladung). To diminish or 

reduce the charge. Amoindrir, r^duire 
la charge. 

V. (ein Gefecht). To break-off or dis- 
continue an engagement. Discontinuer, 
arr^ter un combat. 

V. (einem Pferde die Hufeisen). To 

unshoe a horse. D^ferrer un cheval. 

Abbrciinen, v. (das Eisen od. den Stahl). 

To harden steel. Tremper le etc., donner 

la trempe au etc. 

v. (art.) voy. Abfeuem. 

n. (des Ziindpidvers). Flashing in the 

pan. Faux-feu. yoi^, Nachbrenuen ; « 

Versagen; Vorbrennen. 
Abbruch, m. (des Ufers). The breaking-in 

of a bank, tboulement m. 


Abbnich — Ahfiihren. 

Abbrnch, m. od. dai» Abbrechcn. Demo- 
iition, Demolitiou f. 

m. than, v. (dem Peinde zmsaen). To 

niue sToat /«>nr to the eneniT. Causer on 
gnuid dommage a reanemi, lux faire ^subir 
nne srande perie. 

Abbnicken, n. (|K>nt.> The utitkdnnting, 
or rumoring qfa bridge: the ditm^milimg 
of a bridjj^^. Repliememt m. iTm pwU. 

n. (Pjintonwebe). — by tingle pou- 

tootu, RepUemeni m. iTaut pcmt p^r be- 
teaujr mece9»i/$. 

n. (in Gliedem od. ^ederweise^- . — bg 

rqfi9f (or independent-portions;. — par 

n. (durch Schwenknng). — hj ncimgimg 

the bridge, (or wheeling it entire). — -par 


T. (pont.) To dittmaniU^ kreaJt-Mp, 

withdraw, or rmore a bridge, Repiier 
urn pont, 

Abdachunj;, f. (fort.) (der Knme der Brest- 
wehr). Tlic ntperior-stope of the pvapet. 
Ptongee f. da parapet. 

f. (arch.) ThejM/cA of a roof. P«/e f. 

de comble, indinaison f. de chaqne cote 
d'on comble. 

Abdachungsebene, f. (fort.) Plane iff de- 
fUement. Plan m. de defilement. 

Abdampfen, n. od. die Abdunstung (chxm.) 
Evaporation, Evaporation f. 

Abdampfdngsgefass, n. to j. Trockenge- 

Abdanken, t. To ditband, break-mp, or 
reduce a corps or troops after a war, etc. 
Distomdrcj licencier one troape. 

T. To disckarge soldiera ; to give a dis- 

charge; to dismin. Omg^ier, lib^rer 
du service an mihtaire qoeloonqoe. 

▼. n. To retire-fiom, or gmit the ser- 

Tice; to resign or send-in ome^s resigna- 
tion. Prendre son cong^, se retirer dm 
service, fuitter le service wuiitaire: don- 
ner sa demission. 

Abdankimg, f. ^Aoflooong). Reduction or 
disbandmeni of troops; reduction in the 
militarj establishment. Lieemciemcni m. 
des troopes. 

f. The resignation of an officer. De- 
mission f. d'on offider. 

f. Discharge from the serrioe. Cong/ 

m. ; cong/absotu; cong/de lib^ation. 

AbfUnkungtschein, m. toj. Abschied. 

Abdoppeln, v. (tact) (a; To rrform two- (or 
three-) deep from 4- (or 6-) deep. D^fdoubler, 

Abdrehen, ▼. To turn. Tfmrner ; oter ou 
parfUre en toumant. 

- V. f fond.) (nn Htiickrohr). To turn the 
ontxide of a f^n. TVvnier la surface ex- 
t^rieure d'une U>ache a feo. 

AbdrehnAgcJ, m. (m. d'a.) A countersink; 

rm^-countfrsink. Praise f. a roder. 
Abdrcbxtahl, m. Ttour.) A tuming-tooL 

Ciseau m. dc touriicur. 
Al)drurk, m. (m. d'a.) od. Abziig (ciner 

Flinte). The triggtr. Detente f. d'nn fnml. 

Abtlriieken. ▼. i.ein Gewehr-. To poll the 
tri«er of a miKfkec : Mo fire-off. Dehander : 
decendre le resm^rt. 

Abeud^auu?. m. expL'i Lode or minerai- 
vein. the beartnc of whidi fi» £h>m east to 
we!»t : riifht-mnnkng vein. Filon m. da 
sour, qoi se dirixe de Test a I'ooest. 

Abentbapport, m. Ttttno-report or absent- 
report a£ tattoo roU-calL Billet m. d'appel 
dm foir. ^prrice mterieor-. 

m. The report i in carrisoa'' sent at 

nz:£ht br the officers oi detaA.*hed eoanls to 
the maza coard. Rapport m. di% soir, que 
les ch^fs de poistes euTLHent aa chef de U 
place d'armes. 

Abend:jtall. m. Evening-stables. Serrti.n? 
da aoir de la caTaLerie; \90*per nu des 

Abendschuss, m. The evening -gun, or eres- 
ing guM-Jire. Coup m. de canon de re- 

AUahrt, f. (fort.^ od. Auffiiliit. tot. 

Ab£idl. m. (fort.1 (der Krone der BnistwehrV 
The superior slope of xbe parapet. Ptongee 
f. da par^wt. tot. Fall. 

m. TTie desertion of a reciment etc., 

or the going-over in a body to the enemy, 
or to insurgents^ Defection f. d*an corps 

m. (in den Werkstatten). The chips 

and rubbish of the workshops. Z^fvoai^ret 
C pL dans les atehers. 

m. (art.) (beim Eisen). Iron-stores, 

which are anscrriceable from being under 
the prescribed dimensions. Ribloms m. pL 

Abfiille, m. pL (sid.) (tou geschmiedetem 
Eisen). Parings; scrap or refuse-iron. 
Eerraille f. ; riblons ou debris m. yL de 

Abfallen, t. (tact.) To drop or hang-back, to 
loose the alignment. Perdre ralignement. 

Abfeilen, t. To file, or file-doum a piece of 
work to its proper dimensions. Limer, 
enlever du metal avcc la lime. 

T. To strip^ or Anuh-off with a smooth- 
file, or smooth tlie sur&ce with a hard-file. 
Finir de timer. 

Abfeuem, t. (ein Feuergewehr). To dis- 
charge a musket. Decharger, tirer one 
armeik feu. 

Abflauen, t. (Erse). To wash ore. Laver 
la mine. 

Abfluss, m. (fort.) od. Ueberfall. The fall 
or deversoir of dikes ; waste-weir of dams 
for inundations. D/versoir m. d'une digue. 

Abfltuwgraben, m. Passage, drain or chan- 
nel (or waste water. Conduit m. d'eau. 

Abfliimioflfiiung, f. An aperture to allow 
wafer to flow away. Oorerture f. par la- 
qaelle Tcaa se penl qnand il 7 en a trop. 

AbfliMMchlense, f. (fort.) Sluice by which 
water is let out of the works of a fortifica- 
tion, tcluse f. dejuite. 

Abf iihrcn, t. das Geichiitx (aus einem festen 
Platze). To take away thie armament of a 

Abfiihren — Ablassen. 

place ; to wiihdraw the gana, D^armer 
une place ; retirer, enlever les pieces. 

Abfiihren, v. (pont.) (eine Pontonbriicke). 
To wiihdraw a bridge ; to remove a bridge. 
Replier un pont ; enlever iin pont. voy. 

V. (Scbildwachen.) To relieve sentries. 

Relever les sentinelles. 

V. (einen Soldaten) od. abschreiben. 

▼oy. Abschreiben. 

Abfuttem, v. (cav.) To feed. Donner a 

> V. To give ike last feed at evening- 
stables. Donner la demiere portion de 

Abfutterung, f. (cav.^ Feeding at night or 
at evening-stables ; (doing-up). Service qui 
termine le repas du soir. 

Abgabe, f. (von Monition). The serving-ouif 
i*suef or delivery of ammunition. Dietri^ 
bution t de munitions. 

Abgang, m. The casualtiet in the state of 
a company or troop, etc. ; those wanting to 
complete, Manquements m. pi. ; ceux qui 
manquent k la compagnie; perleSf pi. ; 

— m. (beim Raffiniren des Stahls). The 
waste in tilting. Docket m. de I'acier par 
le corroyage, etc. 

m. ^m^t.) voy. Abbrand. 

m. (sid.) voy. Roheisenabgang. 

Abrange, m. pL (aid.) voy. Stabeisen- 

Abgangswinkel, m. (art.) voy. Winkel. 

Abgeben, v. (Jedes Rc^giment soil soviel 
Mann). Eadi regiment ynW/indf give^ or 
furnish so many men. Chaique rigiment 
doitybttmir N. N. hommes. 

' V. To give over ; to return into store 

(any thing which may have been issued). 
Remettre en magasin; deposer au ma- 

Abgehen, v. Es gehen der Compagnie zwan- 
zig Mann ab. There are 20 men wanting 
or absent, or the company is short of 20 
men ; the Co. will lose 20 men, or — ^will 
leave the Co. II manque vingt hommes a 
la compagnie; vingt hommes quittent la 

Abgelos't ! Sentry-go ! (as called out by 
the sentry over the guard-house when it is 
time for the relief to turn out). En 

Abgeprotzte Kanone. An unlimbered-gun. 
Piece en batterie, 

Abgenicktes RevStement, n. voy. Revlte- 

Abgenmdete Schulterwehr, f. voy. 

Abgesessen ! (cav.) Dismount I Pied = (a) 
terre I (Fertig lum Absitzen ! Prepare 
to dismount / Pr^arez-vous pour mettre 
•=pied h terre J) 

Abgesonderte Werke, n. pi. (fort.) De- 
tached-works advanced beyond the main 
ditch of a fortress ; {outworks). Ouvrages 

ext^rieurs ou d^tach^ de Tenceinte ; {de- 
hors m. pi.) 

Abgesonderte Bollwerke, n. pi. (fort.) De- 
tached bastions. Bastions pi. detaches, 

Abgestiunpfter Kegel, m. Truncated-cone. 
C6ne tronqu/. 

Abgleichen, v. (od. zwei Flachen in erne 
Ebene bringen). To maie flush with, 

n. (der Raketen). (artif.) voy. Ba- 


Abgrund, m. I^recipice; chasm. Preci- 
pice m. 

Abhalftem, v. To unhalter. D^chevftrer, 
6ter le licou. 

Abhang, m. od. Hang (eines Berges). The 
declivity of a mountain, slope, Pente i. 

Abhiiren, v. (ein Pferd). To work-off the 
coat of a horse ; to make the coat move. 
Faire tomber le poil d'un cheval ; faciliter 
le muage. voy. Haren. 

Abhobeln, v. (o. e. b.) Holz (aus dem Gro- 
ben) (odi abstossen). To Jack-down a 
piece of stuff, to plane-off and prepare 
stuff, to take off the rough with the jack- 
plane ; to rough-plane wood and prepare 
it for the trying-plane. D^grossir le 

Abkammen, v. (die Brustwehr). To take or 
knock off the crest of a parapet, iicriter 
le parapet a coups de canon. 

Abkantung, f. (art.) voy. Abschragimg. 

Abkappen, v. (art.) (einen Brand od. Ziin- 
der). To un-cap a fuze. D^coiffer une 

Abkehren, v. (eine Gegend). To sweep (a 
phiin) by one's artillery, to rake, or en- 
filade. JkUayer un terrain. 

Abkneifen, v. od. abkneipen (Bleikugeln). 
To nip balls, or clip-off the runners from 
balls. Couper les jets des balles. 

Abkohlen, v. (charp.) (das Holz) od. ab- 
schniiren. To line-out stuff. Tringler 
le bois. 

Abkiihlung, f. (sid.) (des Eisens). The cool- 
ing, or congelation of melted metal. Re- 
froidissement m. de la fonte de fer. 

(die plotzliche) des fliissigen Metalles. 

The sudden-cooling, or congelation of 
melted metal. Rrfroidissement subit de 
la fonte. 

(die langsame). The slow-cooling etc. 

Rrfroidissement lent etc. 

Abladen, v. (einen Wagen). To unload a 
carriage. D4charger une voiture. 

Ablassen, v. (fort.) (den Graben). To draxn- 
off the water from the ditch, to draw or 
let-off the water. Saigner le foss^. 

V. n. (von der Verfolgung des Feindes). 

To give-ooer or abandon the pursuit. 
Cesser de poursuivre Tenncmi. 

V. (sid.) (das Roheisen). To run-off 

the iron when in fusion. Faire couler la 
fonte. voy. Abstechen. 

V. (den Hahn). To uncock the piece, 

or let-down the cock. Dibander le chien. 

Abknf — Abfreiten. 

Ablauf, m. (fond.) (ernes ModeOes). The 
delivery ; draw or draught of the pattern; 
the slight bevel given to the pattern to 
allow its being drawn out of the sand with- 
out injuring the impression. D^nmiUe f. 

m. (eines Dammes) (Ausfluth od. 

Fluder). Ifnife-frrtr, or cut for carrying 
off surplus water. TYop^leim m. 

m. (art.) Conge, or coneate quarter- 

round moulding ; fluted moulding on ord- 
nance, usually placed after a fillet (Riem- 
dien or Bandchen). Cong^ m. ; gorge f. 

Ablaufen, v. (dcm Feinde) den Weg. To 
cut-off the enemy, to intercept his retreat. 
Couper le passage a Tennemi. 

— V. (Urlaub ; Dienstzeit.) To run-out, 
or expire, (as ftirlough ; or period of ser- 
vice). Bxpirer, terminer. 

Ablautem, n. (der Erze). The washing of 

ores. Lavage m. 
Ableitungsrohren, f. pi. od. LufUocber 

(fond.) voy. Windpfeifen. 
Ablenken, v. (einen Hieb). To parry a cut, 

(to turn off or ward-off). D^toumer, parer 

un coup. 
AblenHung, f. A divertion, Divertion f. 

f. (bewirken) eine. To create a di- 
version. Faire diversion ; operer une di- 

Ablenkungsangriff, m. A diversion. Di- 
version f. 

Abliefem, v. (Gefangene). To give over 
prisoners. Remettre dcs prisonniers. 

Ablieferimgsscbein, m. Receipt, acquit- 
tance. Refu : rMpiss/ m. 

Ablosen, v. (die Wache). To relieve the 
goard ; to relieve guard. Relever la 

V. (tact) (die Pliinkler). To relieve 

skirmishers. Relever les tirailleurs. 

V. (eine Schildwache). To relieve a 

sentry. Relever une sentincUe. 

n. (tact.) (der Treffen). The relitf of 

lines, which is generally performed by the 
Une to be relieved filing through the line 
advancing to rdieve, (called Durchziehen). 
Remplacement m. des lignes d'attaque. 

Ablosung, f. The relirf. Pose f., (les hom- 
mes qui doivent aller en faction). 

(die aufkommende). The relief going- 

on. — montante. 

— ~— (die abkommende). The r. eoming-qff. 
— descendants 

— f. (vet.) Amputation, Amputation f. 
Abmarsch, m. (tact.) The marching-off or 

moving-off of troops. D^art m. 
Abmarscbiren, v. (tact.) To march-off. Se 
mettre en marche. 

— V. (rechts). To march off by the right, 
(or to be right in fiwnt). Marcher par le 

/lane droit. 
V. (Imks). — by the l^, (or to be left 

in fiwnt). — par leflanc gauche. 
V. (mit Ziigen). To march or move 

q^ in a column of divisions (sub-divisions). 

Rompre par pelotons. 

Abmatten, v. (AbgematteCe TVvppeiL. Fa- 
tigued, harassed, ejchamsted. Tnmpen pL 
fatigwfes, harass^, extimmM), 

Abmelden, v. (sich). To report osu^s rttmm 
or arrivaL Constater sa presence a son 
snperieur en arrivant au corps on en reve- 
nant de mission. 

Abnahme, f. (von Kiiegagegenstanden). The 
reception or r ec eivimg -hdo the service of 
ordnance, stores etc; the taking-over. 
Reception f. 

Abnehmen, v. (den Kriegsgefuigenen) das 
Gewehr. To disarm prisoners. DSsarmer 
des prisonniers. 

V. (einem Pferde) den SatteL To tm- 

saddle a horse. Desseller un cfaevaL 

V. (Die Anzahl der Feinde nimmt ab. 

The enemy's force is lessening, diminishing 
or becoming ureaker. La force de Tennemi 

Abneigung, f. (des Bodens). The fall of 
ground. Pente f. 

Abpassen, n. (min.) (des Feuers). * Propor- 
tioning the trains of mines to be fired si- 
multaneously ; {to proportion the trains), 
that is, so to dispose or regulate the hose 
troughs (or whatever may be employed), 
that starting from the same point, the dis- 
tance from that point to the charges may 
all be equal. Compassement m. des four* 
neaux de mine. 

Abpatrouilliren, v. To patrole, or recon- 
noitrc a country by means of patroles. 
Parcourir le terrain avec des patrouilles. 

Abpralhingswinkel, m. (art.) od. Steige- 
winkel. The angle of reflexion. Angle 
m. de reflexion. 

Abprotzen, V. (art.) ein Geschutx. To tm- 
Umber. Oter Cavant-train. 

Abputzen, v. (eine Boschung). To trim or 
pare the slope of a sod-revetment. Re- 
couper un talus. 

Abraurhegefass, n. (salp.) voy. Trocken- 

Abreebnungsbuch, n. (des Soldaten). Sol- 
dier's small-book or account-book. lAvret 
m. du soldat. 

Abreibebrett, n. (ust d'artj A mealing- 
tray, (placed upon trestles). Table f. d 

Abreissen, v. (m^t.) (die Kupferscheiben). 
To lift off (with tongs) the thick cake or 
rosette of congealed copper. Lever les ro- 
settes de cuivre. 

V. (einem Pferde) die Eisen. To unshoe 

a horse. Dtferrer un chevaL 

n. (eines Gebaudes). The demolition of 

a building. Demolition f. 

Abreiteu, v. (tact.) (eine Strecke). To 
measure or take up distance on horseback^ 
(either in surveying or as a mounted officer 
of infantry), calculating the same by the 
horse's pace or rate of canter. When dis- 
tance (either for drill or in surveying) is 
paced on foot, it is then called ''eine 
Strecke oder Gegend abschmten." Me- 

Abreiten — Abschrecken. 

surer mie distance quelconque, ^tant a 
chevalf avec Talltire de celui-d. 

Abreiten, v. (cav.) od. anreiten. To march- 
off. Be mettre en marche. 

Abrichten, v. (einen Recniten). To sei-up, 
or drill a recruit. Dresser, former une 

V. (charp.) To uHtrk wood to its size 

or shape. Laver ; ajusier. 

T. (charp.) To rough-hew ; to slab or 

cut off the outside of a tree into slabs. 
Lover une pi^ de bois. 

V. (o. e. b.) (Bretter) an den Kanten. 

To shoot the edges of boards perfectly 
straight. Dresser les planches sur la 

V. (m. d'a.) (einen Flintenlauf). To set 

a g^-barrel. Dresser un canon. 

V. (nach dem Auge). — by the eye. — a 


V. (Uber die Saite). — by a line. — au 


Abricbter, m. The instructor, or instructor 
of the drill. Instructeur m., ou celui qui 
instruit les recmes. 

Abrichtung, f. (der Recniten). The instruc- 
tion of recruits. Instruction f. pratique 
des recrues. 

f. (der Remontcpferde). voy. Dressur. 

Abrunden, v. (fort.) (ausspringende Winkel) 
um den unbestrichenen Raum zu vermin- 
dem. To round-off the salients of works, 
so as to bring a fire upon the space before 
them. Arrondir les saillants de la ligne 
de feu, pour porter les feux sur Ic secteur 
priv^-de-feux correspondant. 

Abriisten, n. (charp.) (od. das Wegnehmen 
eines BogengeriistesV Striking or taking 
down a centre. Decintrement m. 

Absagen, v. (constr. des ponts) (die Grund- 
pfeUer) unter dem Wasser. To saw or cut- 
off ike heads of piles below the low-water 
level. Receper les palees basses au-dessous 
des basses eaux. 

Absatteln, v. To unsaddle. Desseller. 

Absatz, m. (fort.) (einer Grundmauer). An 
offset. Retraite f . ; saillie d 'une fondation . 

m. od. Terrasse (eines Berges). A /«•- 

race or platform. Terrasse f. 

Abschatzen, v. (tact.) (Distancen). To judge 
or calculate distance. Estimer, Valuer 
les distances. 

Abschied, m. (eines Soldaten). The dis- 
charge of a soldier, or his removal from the 
service ; the certificate of discharge which 
a soldier receives when so discharged. 
Cong^ m., (cong^ absolu, cong4 de libera- 
tion); conge imprim^, cartouche imprim^e. 

m. (von Officieren). The retirement of 

officers from the service ; resignation. De- 
mission {.; cong^ m. (Seinen Abschied 
fordem. To send in an application for 
one's retirement. Demander sa dAnission, 
ou son cQng4.) 

Abicbieiien» v. (v. d'a.) (ein Rad). To un- 
shoe a wheel ; to strip-off the tire or streak 

from a wheel, uter les bandes d'une 

Abschiessen, v. (ein Gewehr). To fire-cff, 
or discharge a musket. Dicharger une 
arme a feu. 

Abschirren, v. To un-hamess. Dehamacher. 

Abscblag, m. Overshot in a canaL Abat- 
toir m. d'un canal. 

Abscblagen, v. (einen Angiiff od. Sturm). 
To repulse or beat-back an assault. Re- 
pousser une attaque de vive force ou un 

V. To beat-tattoo. Battre la retraite. 

n. (Signal). Signal on the drum for 

marching at ease. Signal pour prendre le 
pas de route. 

V. voy. Versagen. 

Abscbla^escbaufel, f. voy.Vorsetzscbaufel. 

Abscbleifen, v. To grind, whet, or sharpen. 

Abschnappen, v. To go-off at ha\f-cock. 
Se d^bander. 

Abscbneiden, v. (tact.) (den Feind). To 
cut-off the enemy. Couper la retraite k 

V. (den Riickzug). To cut-off the re^ 

treat of etc. Couper la retraite. 

V. (einer Festung) Lebensmittel od. 

die Verbindung von aussen. To cut-off 
all supplies and communication from with- 
out. Couper toutes les communications 
d'une place assi^g^e. 

Abscbnitt, m. (in den Bollwerken einer be- 
lagerten Festung). Retrenchment or cut 
constructed withm a bastion, to prevent 
the besiegers from penetrating further after 
storming the breach. Retranchement m. ; 
coupure f. 

m. (in den Bollwerken) (fort.) Retreat, 

with which the cuts of a defensible-cavalier 
are sometimes made. Retirade f. 

m. (m. d'a.) od. Ueberschuss (einer 

Rolirschiene). The superfluous end of the 
skelp, or end which is taken off, when 
there is more metal than is required for 
the barrel. Riquette f. 

Abschnittlein, n. (m. d'a.^ voy. Abschnitt. 

Abscbnitzel, m. (sid.) (Blecb-). Shred or 
jagged-edge qfthe plate taken off by shears 
after the operation of rolling. Rognure f. 
de teie. 

m. (sid.) Clipping or paring ; rffitse 

or scrap-iron. Rognure f. 

Abscbniiren, v. (chaip.) To line-out stuff 
not already at uie size. Aligner ou trin- 
gler le bois. 

Abschragung, f. Tcharp.) Chancering. Di- 
lardement m., (coupe oblique). 

f. (art.^ (der ausseren Wandkanten). 

The chancering of the brackets of a gun- 
carriage. Delardement m. des flasques. 

Abschrecken, v. (die Salpeterlauge). To 
cause the precipitation of foreign matters 
in the nitrous solution, to separate the 
impurities in saltpetre-making. Clarifier 
la lessive. 


Abschreiben — Absteckschnur. 

Abschreiben, v. (einen Soldaten) od. ab- 
fubren. To strike-off the strength of a 
regiment, etc. Rayer du controle de la 
oompagnie iin soldat absent ill^galement de 
son corps, prevenU de desertion, etc voy. 

Abschreiten, v. (Entfemungen). To pace 
or meagure distance by pacing. Meturer 
des distances au pas. 

— n. Pacing distance. Mcsurage m. au pas, 

Abschroppen, v. (o. e. b.) (ans dem Groben). 
To take-off the roughs to jack or Jaci- 
down a piece of stuff, or take off the rough 
¥dth the jack-phme. D^grossir le bois, 

Abschroten, v. (fond.) (Gusswaaren) od. 
abputzen. To chip or rough-clean cast- 
ings. Marber les objets coul^. 

Abscbrotemeissel, m. (o. e. f.) Rod-chisel 
for cutting iron when heated. Ciseau m. 
h chaud. 

Abschwefebi, v. (Erze). To bum out or 
displace the sulphur , to expel the sulphur 
by the process of calcining the ore. Des- 

n. (der Steinkohlen). voy. Verkoaken. 

Abschwenken, v. (tact.) To wheel into co- 
lumn, or break into column from line. 
Rompre en colonne, voy. Einschwenken. 

V. (pont.) (eine Pontonbriicke). To 

swing a bridge, or wheel it entire (or in a 
connected state) along side the proper 
bank, for the purpose of removing it, or 
otherwise. Replier un pont par conver- 

n. (einer Pontonbriicke). The swing- 
ing a bridge, or the operation of wheeling 
a bridge entire^ for the purpose of with- 
drawing it. Repliement m, d'un pont par 
conversion, vov. Abbrecben. 

Absehen, n. (m. d'a.) voy. Aufsatz ; Visir. 

n. (einer Wasserwage od. Setzwage mit 

der LibeUe). The eye-piece of a spirit- 
level. Voyant m, d'un niveau k bulle d'air. 

• n. od. Diopter. The vane of different 

surveying instruments ; the sight-vane. 
Pinnule f. 

Absehkreuz, n. A boning-stqff; (bonmg- 
staveSf pi.). Nivelette f. 

Abseigem, v. (m^t.) To cease the liquation, 
• Achever la liquation. 

Absenken, v. voy. Abteufen. 

Absctzen, v. (Setzt ab I Recover-arms ! 
Redressez = vos armes /). 

Absitzen, v. (cav.) To dismount. Mettre 
pied a terre. (Fertig zum Absitzen ! Pre- 
pare to dismount / Pr^arez-vous pour 
mettre = pied a terre I Abgesessen ! 
Dismount ! Pied = {a) terre I) 

Absolute Hobe, f. (fort.) (der Festungs- 
werke). voy. Hohe. 

Absonderungsgraben, m. (fort.) Inter- 
vening-ditch between the faussebray and the 
main-indosure. Fitss^ m. entre le rempart 
de Tenceinte du corps do pkoe et de la 

Abspannen, v. To unhook: take out, D€~ 

V. (die Pferde). To take out. Deleter 

les chevaux. 

V. (den Hahn) eines Gewehres. To let- 
down the cock on the nipple ; to tm-coclr. 
Debander le chien. 

Abspreitzen, v. (expl.) (einen Schacht). To 
stay the shaft of mines ; to stay or prop 
with timber. Stayer; itrisilloner. 

Abspnmg, m. (einer zersprengten Hohl- 
k^l). Splinter (of a shell), ^lat m. 
(de bombe). 

Abspiihlen, v. To wash or carry away, 
Emporter, enlever. 

Abstandj m. (tact.) Interval, or space be- 
tween troops in line. Intervalle m., ou 
I'espace vide entre deux troupes en ba- 

m. (tact.) od. (die Distance). Distance 

or space between squadrons, divisions, etc. 
in column. Distance f., ou Tespace vide 
d'une troupe k une autre en colonne. voy. 

(ganzer). Wheeling-distance. Distance 


(halber). Half-distance. Demi-dis- 

Abstechen, v. (h. f.) To tap the furnace, 
or open the tap-hole. Percer ou /aire la 
perc^e du haut-foumeau. 

V. (die Schlacke). To rwn-o^ the slag. 

Faire /couler le laitier. 

Abstechloch, n. od. Auge. The tap-hole. 
(Eil m., perc/e f. 

Absteckeisen, n. A narrow spade used by 
miners and others. Louchet m. ; fer pour 

Abstecken, v. To mark-out the details of 
field-works ; to determine the outline of a 
work with pickets. Marquer avec dea 

V. gerade Linien (beim Feldmessen). To 

mark-out points by means of common 
staves or banderob, in chain-surveying ; to 
fNnrlr-oif/ lines to be surveyed. Jalonner; 
aligner un terrain. 

Absteckleine, f. TYacing-cord, tracing- 
line. Cordeau m. d'alignement, cordeau 
it tracer. 

Abstecklinien, f. pi. The lines marked-out 
for a work. TYaces f. pi., traces d*aligne- 

Absteckpfabl, m. Tracing-picket, or short 
picket for marking-out the details of field- 
works. Piquet m. 

m. od. Stange» f. Staff or banderol 

used in surveying. Jalon m. qu'on planto 
en terre pour prendre les alignements. 

Absteckpfahle, m. pi. Pickets for marking 
oat pomts previously determined, or arrows 
(when of iron), for marking the chainage. 
Fiches f. pi. 

Absteckpflock, m. voy. Absteckpfabl. 

Absteckschnur, f. Tracing-tape or tracing- 
Ime • (cord or tape for marking-out straight 

Absteckstfibe — Abwcrfen. 

lines on the ground). Cordeau m. a tracer 
(en ruban de fil blanc) ; cordeau d*aiiffne- 

Ab8teckstabe, Fluchtstabe,Baken. 
Comrnon-staves pi. (the commonstqjST) for 
placing as marks at the stations in survey- 
ing, etc. Jalons m. pi. 

Absteifen, v. (min.) steifen od. stUtzen. To 
prop or siay^ with timber or cross-beams, 
the shafts of mines ; to plant struts (in the 
tamping of mines\ before the board closing 
the aperture of the chamber, to the oppo- 
site wall of the branch. Arc-bouter ou 
/tr/sillonner les puits et les foumeauz de 

Absteigen, n. od. die Absteigimg in den 
Graben. The descent into the ditch. Dei- 
cente f. de foss^. Toy. Descente. 

Abstichloch, n. (fond, et h. f.) Discharge' 
aperture for running-off the melted me^ ; 
tap OT floss-hole for nmning-off the slag or 
cinder. Percie f., trou m. de couUe, 

Abstossen, v. (charp.) die hohen Kanten (der 
Bretter). To shoot the edges of boards 
which are to be joined, or to make them 
straight. Dresser les planches sur la 
tranche, corroyer les tranches, 

V. (die scharfen Kanten der Bretter). 

To chancer, or cut the edge of stuff whidi 
was originally right-angled to a slope or 
berel. Delarder le bois. 

V. (Holz) (aus dem Groben) od. ab- 

hobeln. voy. Abhobeln. 

Abstosszange, f. (zum Abputzen der Blei- 
kugeln^. A burr-cutter, Marboir m. 

Abstreicnholzy n. (moul.) od. 

Abstreichlinealt n. (der Former). Straight- 
edge, strike or striker, used in sand-mould- 
ing. Regie f. h raser, 

Abstumpfen, ▼. (fort) (Wmkel). To cut- 
off the vertex of the angles of works by a 
straight line, so as to make the parapets 
perpendicular to the capital. Faire des 
pans coupes, ou substituer k Tangle saillant 
une droite perpendiculaire a la capitale. - 

Absucben, v. (tact.) od. untersucben. To 
eaplore, to reconnoitre, Reconntntre, 

Abteufen, ▼. (min.) (einen Miuenschacht). 
To sink a shaft. Creuser un puits de 

Abtheilung, f. (tact.) A party or detach- 
ment; division; corps or division of an 
army. D/tachement m, ; subdivision ; di- 
vision f. ; corps m. d*armee. 

Abtragen, v. (Festungjswerke). To raze or 
demolish the works of a fortification. D/- 
molir des fortifications. 

Abtragung, f. (eines Gebaudes). The de- 
molition of a building. Demolition f. 

f. (fort.) (einer Festung). voy. Schleifen. 

AbtreiDen, v. (min.) (einen Minengang). To 
drive a gallery of mine ; to construct a 
gallery ; to excavate or push on the exca- 
vation of a gallery. Construire ou pra- 
tiquer une galerie de mine. 

v. (min.) Mineniiste (aus den Horch- 

gangcn). To run-out branches. Pfa- 
tiquer des rameaux sur les fiance des 

n. Ilauen od. Fallen (des Hobses). The 

cutting-doum or felling of timber. Abatage 
m. ^du bois). 

Abtreiben, v. (das Gestcin). To quarry, 
{quarrying) ; to separate rock by means of 
wedges or cldsels. DHacher le roc. 

V. voy. Zuriicktreiben. 

n. (ehim.) (auf der CapeUe). Assay or 

assaying, Coupellation f. 

Abtritt, m. (im Lager). Necessaries (pL) 
in camp. Latrines f. pi. 

Abtrocknen, n. (poudr.) (des Pulversatzes). 
The drying the mill-cake, previous to gra- 
nulation. Essorage m. 

Abviereu, v. (Holz). To square timber. 
£quarrir le bois. 

Abwagen, ▼. (mit der Wasserwage) od. ni- 
velliren. To level; to take the level, iVi- 
veler, (niveler une route, un terrain^. 

Abwarmen, v. (h. f.) (den Hohofen). To 
prepare the blast-fiirnaoe ybr use ; to heat 
the ftimaoe ; to heat the furnace gradually 
when first set to work. Preparer le four- 
neau a reoevoir les matieres en I'^hauffant 
progressivement ; Jumer le haut>foumeau. 

Abwartung, f. (der Pferde). The dressing, 
looking-afler, or care of horses ; {groom- 
ing), Entretien m. des chevaux. 

Abwassem, v. (eineWiese). To drain land, 
a meadow, etc. Saigner un pr^ ; en faire 
^uler les eaux. 

Abwecbseln, v. To roll in duty (a.) ; to take 
one's turn upon duty ; to take by roster ; 
to take duty by roster, or in one's turn. 
Router ; se dit du service joumalier. 

Abweg, m. By-road, {by-path); any road 
leading from a high or main-road. Chemin 
m. qui dcarte de la route prindpale ; de- 
tour m. ; chemin d^toumi; ^cart, 

Abweichen, v. (art.) (von der Richtung). To 
deflect from the line of direction (as shot). 
D4vier du plan vertical du tir. 

Abweicbung, f. (art.) der Geschosse (von der 
SchussUnie). The deflection or deviation 
of projectiles in their flight, to the right or 
left, ftam the line or direction in which the 
gun is laid. Donation f. des projectiles, ou 
leur ^cartement k droite ou k gauche du 
plan vertical du tir. 

f. (art.) (Langen-). voy. Langen- 


f. (artT) (Seiteu-). voy. Seiten- 


f. (der ^Lugnetnadel). The variation of 

the needle, or its deviation frt)m the true 
north. D/clinaison f. de Taimant, (son 
doignement du vrai nord). 

f. (art) (die zulassige^ von der genauen 

Vorsdirift bei der Abnanme. The varia- 
tion allowed in the reception of ordnance; 
{founder's limit). Tolerance f. du calibre 
des projectiles, etc. 

Abwerfen, v. (sid.) (die Schlacken). To 

Ab\%orfpfaiin<.* — AchsliKTh. 

mn-oj^the scoria of tlio fiiniaoe. Mafer 
\v lairior on les srories. 
AbwiTlptanno, f. (tu\.) od. Ahtropfpfaniie. 
Lht'pot or iiMting-pot. Ckandi^rK f. a 
liwer ; ytiae oil I'on fiut Jissoudre le bour- 
Ict ou rebord ties feuillcs dc fer-blanc. 
AbweriMaiiin, m. (tol.) (des Weissbleches). 
LUt-mark^ or fuint striiw where the list or 
M'lva^ of till was attached. Lisiere f. du 
ter-hlanr; traceji laisrices i»ar le bourleC 
d'rtain uprt-s tju'il a etc diitsout. voy. 
Ab\vici;iin>;, f. (iH>udr.) (dnw Pulversatzes). 

\oy. Mcu^iiiiptvcrliiiltiiiM. 
Ab/iiiitiHMi. V. 'I\» nn-bridie, Dibrid*r. 
Ab/iclii>ii, V. (tart.) (nI. nifh ziiritrkziehen. 
To dnuv-ufi' (iiH tniopM;» or retire. Se 
9rftrri\ bnttrt" nt rrtraite. 

\ . ^voii iUt FewtuiiK). To /•«*«* ^ the 
»i.'i:»' of a iiUur. J^rver le siege d'ane 

\. vH«« drr Fi'Mtiinif). To fxaniate a 
I'hiv. l^ftu'MiT la plaiv. 

^ y\iin drr Wnrlie). To rojn^-^^^^uapJ. 
/Vm,>*».!''i' iIo iinnle. 

* V*>«i< 'b'r Srhlirlit frill'). TofnuA^.^ 
wiMk nHh rt *in« Mil h- tile, or dratr ^jf -rizh 
4 <:n.'.«ili lili*. /W#r, doiifM-r le demur 

»'*MII« :»nT III liini'. 
\biirli(rtlr. f -^tntftih-Jile. Lin>^ duar*. 
Vb^nrbl. • i'hniinrl or drain in »hi.i- rl.< 

luiltiil iiimIiiI fliiWM. (^>riduit f>ar lr<ju«-l 

«'«iiinli« If liicfiil fundu. 

i ciii Mili'itiiiiK drji WaHsfrTj";. />r4<rt. 

f.\...#sj III. 

\)t*ii»t. Ill (III. iVn.) (mu iU^chn: . T}*e 
t**.'\,'t» niid tiiififfrpltilp of a fr.:isk>-»^. 
^^ •fMiio Ml. aver In d^lfnie i\'*it,ifr VTue a 
In |«'iiI«» iirp ■ 

Mhm /iiii|M I mI. AhziUfbl^'ch. Ttif triy- 

in» fdti/r. f'M-utinftn m. 
m« /.liMKilfiiMrhi-n. T}if /my^ ftf t}t(^ 

fihiiMT. /'/*•// rn. t\f. U d/'V:ritf. 
|i<i I /iMiiii'l i»«I. drr \}rnt\it-r. Th* /r///- 
l/r# /trfrnfff. V(r///,nri7h\; 'Ahmtf-l' 
III imI Ab/rM-bt. f. ''.J. AfiZ .rr.t. 
Ml I'iniT lU*ntxur,r rn.* ^Vri''»-..'. . 
hrftihiiv nf n {[Mrri-^'ti Kf/rtT^Ur.jf To r-.r 
|i-MiiH III nfhtU-* *A /Jij.iM«iAfj/.ri. iMpKit* 
Ml iti •> »Miti|M»i nyf* * la r'T'J^litiriri 'i'li/.- 
|i|in-«', inufnriu^rti*ht it U '«pl^^i;A^'lrJ. 

III lififr Ht»nt/nt.'/ ''.)tut- V*-r7M-^i-.r. . 
|'|ii> fvuritnUttn '»f h f»l*/* ^/ ti.'- ifAm-ori. 
I\uu ttitthni f >U' In pis*/*'. 

MfiJMi/ yi-itMttir,, I. 'ar.t-T fV-^arz-jrij? . 

To ;»rnid /r^f dt-pnrhir^ >'» fU /Am-w.r. ^r 

N idwH' Kimrthf nn'- hhr" rflrntt* a iA 

MflMfh d'nn" |»l;i'". 

^ (fttflt tit\,mi*t J. .';///////«"/**. droit- 

Abzug- od. Ziinairlbiech. n. in. di. Tho^. Echm'-* ni. ..u ^i^ifP* f. */#. 
Abziigbii;n.>l. m. m. d'l. ^i. Hanilbiiael. 
The b*,w of rhiTj^r-piani : ^nyjtn--yuard\ 
Prjrutt^t ra. de 4t.^u.4>^:arde : $'iMji^;-irde L 
AbzugbiiieUtirt. m. ~ ai. d'a. Tbe firteel- 
pirn. f;*.tpU:>f i. qui die Le ciutint de 
Abziigv. m. pL i'?rt. . tot. Damptabziiae. 

m. pi. . h. f. od. Abziiobte, f. pL 

I eHt» yHtten t}r p'vuay'f^. Irtr in the 
stone-w,?rk oi nirrLai'e* ^-o- Ai^ ewip^ 'if 
maiitttre and air zenerarcTi bt- the •• sweil- 
iTiz" <"-f the lurca**. S'.Hptr^iitJi =:. pL da 
Abzu;.-gRibeQ. m. f rr. ..^i. Kess^^Iurrab^::. 
OtRett^. T-r r:arr.w m- u: in the ailfidle .t' 
a dry-4lir -h :■> .irain \y^ the water tt»^ia the 
PJa**.^ C-i.-frre t., jetiu f.^atfe au ciilieu 
d'uii fj??«r rHni.'irai . 

m. v-.'T. Zcl: A?.nir«cn*?«:r. . 

Abzuguhr. n. r-:. d'a.^^ oc the 

trli-zer.^ Tr^n rr.. ^if Li d.-:en:^-. 
Abziijwtift. m. .111. d'a. P.-e //•« .-c r.':e 
trur^t-r. i>r trt'.-yifr-pia. (r*»^«.'.V f. i;-^* 
rriTrr****^ Ic bi-'is, et c-ui nie La ■i-ercii:e. 
AbzTiir>>f:;tI .rh. c- m. d'i. !>..- i' j-i:.:» 
f-t' ri:e rrj-Atr. T"'-" n;. ..^.i: %*:tT a-! 
r;wrsirrr dt* li pMirile tyji m-. ^r^^ Ij 

h- .:.-. ' - . - 

Aii7i;:!r/:*reii. I. rl 

-» ••«•. 

t. ! 

f, pi. ^nr I* "rl*''*. 

llfc#'n, rn. hu. *Vh ,i,*l I'Ifttf*-, 'Pir- 

A fht» irinvr. I^^w f. d*- 1* tl/'ffuU: 

AbziuTM-'Iiit-ii**?. f. r'r. >.?t..v -iv ▼'_:.:: 
warcr :? larr.cti •..■i* :' :h*j w.rk.' : i : m- 
tiar;.-.::. AVf/wf t. .J>^*'<*v. v : j. tiiiLLSj- 

Abzui>rhraiLrieui!j«:b. r- v. _t. Mitrcl>«-I:ir:. 

-Vr-i.'u.* . i . rr. . Tiie * -.— i*^ :■ r ■.-: -k v * .-. ?.* . i ■» i. >. ii 
tr> C' s"i7rtr:iit-r. • r a f.rrr^s* ■?»;■:-:" tr-s. 

eri»=-'".»r.-i. -. ?: h a^' . T -.-.-i "v.":;' 

nr Jt'-rr-' :.'*• u^oit r^-ry-ut. i^ ■-t.i'rv :/•;'• 

Acl. '^rm . :»i. A*. i: «?*.* J: e rAc I ^i . A,.* V >o«r c :i^. ! . 

AcL?'.cz..i. ::. Jr.'-'-''^-^/-;.. :. .r /..- >- -' 

-. -.:- Z^i^J?: . >",«vO...:y r /: -, 

/r*e '. . iy-A*;':^-. z-'""-*''' —■ /" ft/*.'- -i ;■".• -.r 

a bonfjf tircH-l-n. 
n. i-hiA- ZwiOfc*- f-::— \<r:L':*i<i: .-.vs 

fiJatteL* rr.i: d*r A:h.>e. .1^ >-' -r- i-.«;y, .t 

boLrter-hoop. iltner ai. oii /nrf.v t. :> 

toilet t^ ^t d'*3iJrt'*n, 
n. ffd. Af-hsbltvh ^ur W-r* LL'.icurf ites 

.\' hH-l.-*-ns nii: der hoUenitQ A^'ii^e . ,^1 j *>- 

tr*:* C'///. r!i^~p!^t*. ..r ipjii *:np :<» rikCt^n 

t.\.o A\lK:n.-r-'^,Ar to the woov'-tn axle-trtv. 

/irnhou m. d'*-\uivH^,n. 
iialU-^;. \it oufe-ir'^ r'ip,crch:^ frr 

kf-f:j'iri(r iifi aj^Ie-trve bar Aohjcisen . Brv- 

ban in d'^tfUiqnOH. 
\rh»ble(.'li, n- 'A. Achsschenkelblech. rov. 


Achtblech — Achsschemel. 


Achsblech, od. Obenchenkelblech. 

(zur Veremigimg des A c haeiaeng mit der 

holzernen Achae). voy. Achtband. 

Achsbolzen, m. Axle-tret or boUter-boU, 

Achse, f. (der Fahrzenge). The axle-iree, 

^— (die holzerne). Wooden axle-tree. Be- 
sieu m. en bote, 

(die eiseme). Irtm axle-tree. Emeu 

m. en/er. 

(eine halbe). A kaff axle-tree, Demi- 

euieu m, 

f. od. Axe (m^). The axitt or 

straight line, real or imaginary, about 
which a body tuma. Axe m. 

f. (der Schwingnng) (m^.). The axit 

of osollation. Axe m. d'oacUlatioii (d'un 

f. der Seele (der Feuergewehre und Ge- 

achutze). voy. Seelenaxe. 

Achaeinbindeacfaiene, f. od. Achspfanne. 
Axle-tree hand. Sonde f. d'eeeieu en 

(bd holzernen Achaen). Axle-tree hoop. 

Airier m. d'esiieu en boia. 

AchBeinachiiitt, m. (im Achafiitter) fur die 
eiseme Adiae. The opening in the axle- 
tree bed for irod axle-tree. Bneastrement 
m. dana le desaoua du corpa d'eaaieu en 
boia pour Tesaieu en £er, voy. Achaen- 

Achaeiaen, n. Wooden axle-tree bar, or bar 
for strengthening wooden axle-tree. £gtu- 
gntm m. d'eaaieu en boia. 

Acbaelband, n. voy. AchaelatUck. 

Achaeldecke, f. od. Schulterdecke. voy. 

Achaeldecken, f. pi. od. Achaelbander, n. 
pi. (einea Kiiraaaea^. The ehoulder-etrapt 
of a cniraaa, which aerve to connect the 
upper part of the front and back of a pair 
of cuiraaaea. fyaulUrea i, pL de cniraaae. 

Achaelklappe, f. od. Sdiulterklappe. voy. 

Achaelacbnur, f. The aiglette or aigulet, 
AiguilMte f. 

AchaelatUck, n. od. Scbulterstuck (Epau- 
lette). Shoulder-strap ot ecale, JSpauiette 
f. a la pruaaienne ; contre-^aulette (dana 
d'antrea paya). 

Achaeltreaae, f. The lace-binder of the 
epaulette. Paesant m. d'^panlette. 

Acbtenblech, n. od. Achienacbieiie. An 
axle-tree clout; aemidrcnlar itrapping- 
plate, Happe f. ; demi-cerde de fer dont 
on garnit un eaaieu. 

Acbaeneinachnitt, m. od. Acbaeinachnitt 
(in einer Laffete). The letting-in or 
letting-up of the ajde-tree bed ; the hout- 
ing of the cheeka ; the housing cut in the 
bncketa to fit on to the aide-tree bed. 
Encastremeni m. d*estieu dana T^paiaaeur 
dea fiaaquea d'un afftit. 

m. (od. der priamatiache Einachnitt der 

Gbeman Part. 

Mittelachae fiir die Laffetenwande). The 
housing or joggling of the axle-tree. En- 
tttille f. d'essieu, 

Achsenlinie, f. (art.) The axis qf the piece, 
or the axis qf the gun produced indefi- 
nitely. Ligne f. de Vaxe, 

Acbaenprobe, f. Proof to which iron axle- 
treea are aubjected. Epreuve f. dea easieux. 

Achaenscbiene, f. voy. Acbaenblech. 

Achafiitter, n. Axle-tree bed. Corps m. 
d'essieu en boia qui revolt I'eaaieu en fer. 

Acbabaken, m. am Blockwagen (zur Anbrin- 
gung der Zugkraft). An axle-tree drag- 
rope hook. Crochet m, d'attelage, at- 
tach^ aur le cdt^ de la aellette du chariot 
a canon (k rouea baaaea) en Pruaae. 

Acbakaaten, m. (art) od. Lunten-Kaatchen 
(bei den Laffeten). Slow-match box, 
Coffret m. a miche, 

m. (art.) Shot-box ; small-store box, 

Coffret m. d'essieu; coffret aur le corps 
d'eaaieu d'afftit, pour reoevoir de menua 
approvisionnementa ou un certain nombre 
de coups k boulets. 

Achsnagel, m. The linch-ptn. Esse f. 

voy. Achabolzen. 

Acbapfanne, f. Axle-tree band. Sonde f. 
d'essieu, voy. Acbaeinbindescbiene. 

f. (art) (dea franzoaiachen Munitiona- 

wagena). The axle-tree band of Frendi 
ammunition-waggon. £trier m. d*essieu, 

f. (art.) die mitUere (der englischen 

Feldlaflfeten). Centre-stay of English field 
gun-carriagea, called also an axle-tree stag, 
IStrier m. d'essieu, appliqu^ soua la fleche 
dea afftita de campagne (modele aziglaia). 

f. (art) die mittlere (der franzoaiachen 

Feldlaffeten). The centre-stag or axle- 
tree stag of French field-carriagea. £trier 
m. d'essieu, appliqu^ aoua la fleche dea af- 
ftits de campagne (mod^ franfais). 

Achs- und LiErngbaumpfaiine, ^-(dea fran- 
zoaiachen Munitionawagena). The perch 
and axle-tree stay of French waggon, 
perch or centre-stay, £trier m. d'essieu 
et deflkche du caiason k munitiona (modMe 

Achapfaimeii, f. pi. (art.) (am Rahmatiicke 
dea preuaa. Munitionswagen - Hinter- 
geatellea) (1842). Centre axle-tree bands 
of new pattern Plruaaian waggon-body. 
£triers m. pi. d'essieu du milieu du caiaaon 
pruaaien (modMe 1842). 

Acnaring, m. End-hoop or linch-hoop to 
wooden axle-tree. Anneou m, de bout 

Acbasebale, f. Toy. AchaachemeL 

Ach88cheinel,m.(v.d'a.) Axle-tree bolster^ 
or axle-tree bed bolster, SeUette t,, sol- 
lette d'essieu,, 

(der vordere). The fore-bolster, Sei- 

lette f. de decant, 

(der hintere). The hind-bolster. Sel- 

lette f. de derrih-e, 

m. voy. Sattel. 


Achsschemelblech — Allannbatterie. 

Achsschemelblech, n. voy. Deckblech des 

Achsschenkel, m. voy. Achsarm. 

(der blinde) od. der Radtrager. Spare- 
wheel arm, Etneu porte-roue m. de re- 

Achsschcnkelblech, n. Clouts axle-tree 
clout; (an upper-clout). Plaque f. de 
frottement d'essieu ; happe f. 

n. (art.) (mit dem ausseren Achs- 

schenkebinge). Linch-clout and hoop at 
the end of axle-tree arm. Happe f. a 
anneau de bout d'easieu. 

Achsschenkebing, m. Linch-hoop. Anneau 
m. de bout d'esneu. 

Achsscbmiere, f. Greate^ or composition 
for greasing axle-trees; carriage-grease. 
Graisse f. pour essieux. 

Achsschmierbiichse, f. Tallow or grease- 
box. Botte a graisse f. 

Achsschwenkimg, f. (tact.) Changing front 
(or change of front) on the centre. Change- 
tnent m. de front a deux mouvements, 
(moulinet) (a). 

Acnsstengel, m. voy. Achsarm. 

Achsstrebe, f. (art.) (unter den Tragebaumen 
eines Munitionswagens). Housing -bracket 
for axle-tree bed, or axle-tree bracket to 
stay the axle-tree. £chantignolle f. 

Achsstiitze, f. am Hinterwagen (des preuss. 
Blockwagens). An axle-tree stay^ or hind 
axle-tree stay. Arc-boutant m. du train 
de derriere. 

Acbszwinge, f. voy. Zwinge. 

Achteck, n. An octagon. Octogone m. 

Acbtelwendiing, f. ^tact.) od. Achtel- 
schwenkung. Half-turn^ half-face^ or 
wheel of the eighth of the circle. Demi-a- 
droite ou demi-^-gauchCf (huiticme m. de 

Achtung ! Attention ! Garde a vous ! 

Achtzehnpfiinder, m. (art.) An \%-pounder. 
Pikce f. de 18. 

Activ, adj. Effective J doing-duty ^ serving in 
the ranks; on full-pay ^ employed^ on the 
full-pay qf the artnyt or the ^ective 
strength of the army^ (as officers). Effect\f; 
act\f^ en activity. 

Activ-Dienst, m. Service in the ranks as 
an effective ; full-pay service, service on 
full-pay, employment upon full-pay. Ac- 
tivite f. de service, activity f. ; service 
act\f m. 

Acker, m. Ackerfeld, n. Cultivated-land, 
Champ cultiv^m. 

Ackerweg, m. od. Feldweg. Field-way. 
Chemin m. au trovers des champs. 

Adem, f. pi. (sid.) od. der Nerv (des Eisens). 
The fbrous texture of iron after being 
forged ; the nerve which iron obtains by 
being well hammered. Nerf m. du fer ; 
filaments nerveux. 

Aderkropf, m. (v^t.) od. Blutspatb. Blood- 
spavin. Varice f. 

Aderlasseisen, n. Lancet. Lancette f. 

n. (v^t.) Fleam, Flamme f. 

Aderlasspresse, f. The tourniquet. Tbwr- 
niquet m. 

Aderlassschnepper, m. (v^t.) A spring- 
fleam. Flamme f. a ressort. 

Aderlasszeug, n. (v^t.) Bleeding-case, bleed- 
ing instruments. £tui m. a lancetfes. 

A(^iu8tireIl, v. (m. d'a.) ein Gewehr (od. 
ajustiren). To perform the operation of 
stripping and finishing a fire-arm. Ajuster 
une piece d'arme. 

Adjutant, od. Adjudant, m. An adjutant. 
Adjudant -major m. 

m. (eines Generals). Aide-de-camp. 

Aide-de-camp m. d'un gon<?ral. voy. 
Generala^jutant ; Fliigeladjutant ; Re- 
giments- und BatAillonsachutant. 

Aajutant-Unterofficier, m. od. Unteradju- 

tant. voy. Untera^jutant. 
Aefter, m. (sell.) od. AefterstUck (am 

Sattelbaume). Hind-peak of German 

heavy-dragoon saddle. Troussequin m. 

Aermel, m. pi. (die Aufschl'age der — ). The 

ctff-facings. Parements m. pi., rwer* des 


m. (art.) (Ladearmel). The sleeve 

worn by the number who loads in mortar- 
practice. Manche, manchette f. de bom- 
bardier, {manche a obus, etc.). 

Aermelweste, f. voy. Speuser, Jacke. 

Aerometer, n. An aerometer, A^rometre m. 

Aescheriges Eisen, n. (sid.) Iron marked 
with black spots. Fer cendreux. 

Aescherung, f. (moul.) od. Schwarzung 
(der Formen). voy. Ascben. 

Aeussere Polygonseiten, f. pi. (fort.) The 
exterior-sides of the polygon, upon which 
a fortress is constructed. C6t^8 m. pi. du 
polygone ext^rieur. 

Werke n. pi. (fort.) Outworks^ or 

works constructed within the limits of the 
general covered -way and glacis of a for- 
tress. Ouvrages ext^eurs pi. 

Operationslinien, f. pi. (art d. 1. g.). 

voy. Operationslinien. 

After, m. (m^t.) Refuse. Rebut m. 

Afterkegel, (der parabolische). Parabo- 
loid, or the parabolic conoid. Parabo- 
lo'ide m. 

Aggregirter OflScier. An officer attached to 
a regiment as supernumerary of his rank, 
but not upon the strength of it. Offcier h 
la suite d'un corps, par absence de vacance. 

Able, f. (seU.) A saddler's awl. Alfne f. 

Aktivitat, f. Employment upon full-pay. 
Activity {, voy. Activ. 

Alhidade, f. voy. Diopterlineal. 

Alignementspunkt, m. (tact.) voy. Richt- 

Allann, m. (Signal). The general. G^4ralet 

m. Alarm. Alarme f. 

Allarmbatterie, f. Any particular battery 
in a fortress appoint^ to give alarm, or 
battery in which certain guns (alarm-guns^ 
are fired in case of alarm. Batterie t. 

Allanniren — Angaloppiren. 


Allarmiren, v. To ffive the alarm. Alar- 
meTf dormer Palarme. 

Allarmining, f. False-alarm. Fauwe alerte, 

Allarmkanone, f. od. Larmkanone. An 
alarm-gun, or one of those particular guns 
in different batteries appointed to give 
alarm. Piece d^alarme f. 

Allarmplatz, m. Alarm-post, in garrison, 
camp, cantonments, and on the line of 
march. Place d*alarme ou plcwe d^armes 
f. ; rendezvous m. ou point de conoentra> 
tion en cas d'alarme (en cantonnements et 
quartiers de route). 

Allarmstange, f. od. Larmstange. A bea- 
con. Fanal m. 

Allarmzcichen, n. The signal qf alarm. 
Signal m. d'alarme. 

Allgemeines Engagement, n. Toy. En- 

Allignement, n. (tact.) od. Richtungslinie, 
f. The alignment. Alignement m. 

AUigniren, v. (tact.) od. aligniren (Trup- 
pen). To align, or dress troops upon an 
alignment. Aligner. 

Alliirter, od. VerbUndeter, m. (Alliirten, 
pi.) An ally; (allies). Alli^. (Alliirte 
Truppen. Allied-troops. Allies). 

Amboss, m. An anvil. Enclume f. 

Ambossbahn, f. The pane of the anvU. 
Table f. de Tenclume. 

Ambulance, f. Field-hospital; {ambulance). 
Ambulance f. voy. Feldlazareth. 

Amelmehl-Klei8ter,m. Starch-paste. Colle 
d'amidon f. 

Analyse, f. (chim.) Analysis. Analyse f. 

• (auf nassem Wege). Humid analysis, 

or by the humid-way. — par la voie hu- 

— (auf trocknem Wege). — by the dry- 
way. — par la voie seche. 

Analysiren, v. (chim.) To analyse. Ana- 

Anbieten, ▼. voy. Schlacht. 

Anbinden, t. (pont.) To lash, make-fast: 
seize; belay. Amarrer. 

— V. To fasten; to lash. Attacher ; fixer 
avec un lien quelconque. 

V. (artif.) (Raketen). To tie or tie-on 

rockets to their sticks. Attacher les fiis^ 
auz baguettes de direction. 

V. (man. de force.) einen Schleppbaum 

(an eine LafTete). To lash-on a spar to a 
disabled carriage as a substitute for a 
wheel. Ftier au moyen d'un cordage et 
d'une traverse un brin d'arbre, pour sup- 
pleer a une roue brisee. 

V. (man. de force.) (eine Nothachse). 

To lash-on or fit-up a temporary axle-arm. 
Attacher un faux-essieu. 

Anbinde-Zange, f. (fond.) (beira Formen der 
Geschiitzrohre). Kidnippers, (kidkneipers), 
or nippers for bringing the hoops taught 
round the mould. Tenaille f. servant a 
rapprocher les crochets des cerdes pour 
les relier. 

Aublasen, v. (sid.) To blow-off, let-on or 

introduce the blast. Commeneer i downer 

le vent. 
Anbringegeld, n. (fur den Werber) (a.). Re- 
ward to the party who engages a recruit ; 

bringing -money. B^n^fice m., appointe- 

ment m. de Tenroleur, du recruteur. 
Anbruch, m. (min.) od. der Ort einea 

Minenganges. The spot whence a gallery 

is broken-out in a new direction. Amorce 

{. d'une galerie. 
Aneiennetat, f. Seniority. Anciennet/ f. 
Andringen, v. (auf den Feind). To press 

with vigour upon the enemy. Server, 

presser vivement Tennemi. 
Anfall, (der plotzliche). Sudden-attack. At- 

taque f. brusqu^e d'un poste ou d'une 

m. (mm.) Timber shore for supporting 

the roof of a mine. J^ai> f. du toil d'une 

galerie de mine. 
Anfang, m. (der Laufgraben). The tail of 

the trenches. Quetie f. des tranche. 
m. (eines Feldzuges). The opening of 

a campaign. Ouverture f. d'une cam- 

Anfangen, v. (art.) das Feuer. voy. Feuer. 
Anfaugsbohrer, m. (min.) The first or short 

borer for commencing the hole in blasting. 

Pistolet m. du mineur. 
Anfangsgescbwindigkeit, f. (der Projectile). 

The initial-velocity of projectiles. Vitesse 

f. initiate (des projectiles). 
Anfassen, v. (mit Gewehr beim Fuss), To 

handle arms. Saisir la baionnette a Tem- 

bouchure du canon, Tarme etant au pied, 

pour rendre les honneurs. 
Anfeuchten, v. (die Salpetererde). To pour 

water on the nitrous earths for the purpose 

of lixiviation. Arroser les terres pour en 

tirer le salpetre. 
V. (poudr.^ (den Pulvcrsatz). To moisten 

or sprinkle tne charge, in order to assist 

the incorporation of the ingredients. Hu- 

mecter la matiere k poudre. 
Anfeuem, v. (artif.) (Raketen; Ziinder). 

To prime rocketa or fuses. Amorcer, 
Anfeuerung, f. (artif.) Priming. Amorce 

f. des artifices. 
Anfeuerungsnapf, m. (ust. d'artif.) (kupfer- 

ner). Copper-pan for preparing ouick- 

match. Bassin m. en cuivre pour preparer 

la meche de communication. 
Anfubren, v. To command; to lead or head 

troops, to put one's se\f at the head tf 

troops, to lead them on. Commander, 

conduire (les troupes), les conduire au 

V. (expl.) (das Eisen). To pitch or com- 
mence a hole in rock. Piquer la roche 

avec la pointerolle. 
Anfiihrer, m. (eines Complotts). Ringleader 

or head (of any plot or conspiracy). Chtf 

m. de complot. 
Anfurt, f. Landing-place; wharf. Abord m. 
An{^oppiren, v. n. (man.) voy. Galbp- 



li Angfhm - AidEcr. 

AngefiMrt! Cmry mnm! Portex = wm \ 

Angel, f. (m. dV) (oner Kfinge). The teif 

of a sword-Uade. .Sot« 1 de hme. 
Angespann, n. tot. Gespann. 
Anglisiren* t. (t^) od. kerben. To miei 

a hone. Amf loiter oq cooper la qaeme k 

od. coupirm, t. (tcC) To d^ek a hone. 

jScomrter on cfacraL 
Angreifen^ t. To mitmek the enemT; to 

ekmrge the enemj. Aitmqmer reBnemi; 

ttnmber, dommer snr rennemL 
T. (eine Festnng). To mitmdk a place. 

Aitmfmer vne place. 
T. (den Feind Ton der Seite). To tmkt 

the enemy imJUmJt. Prendre renneau em 

Angreifer, m. (Belagerer, m.) 

sieger. Attiegeani m. 
Angriff, m. Attack; onset; ckmye. Aitrnqme 

f. ; chmrfet 
— — m. (mit dem Bi^onnetteV The eAarye, 

or chmrge at the point of the bajooet. 

Charge f. m la balommetle. 
-»- m. (der Festnngen). The attack of 

fortified places. Attaque f. des forte- 

gfaaegau Aiyiirfiiai IpL 

^^<nu(^fli,yWl^ioaftaM9 ■ alSAayve. 
Angritfa beacguug, t (tact.) Mmtmmi 
to attack, anttmrnt ^ attmtk: (the ad- 

Angriflsbnmiini, b. (mm.) Sk^ i la 

BamJe, in militarT tuam^. iHoCt wa, k ia 

Bemie on d'attaqme. 
Angnffskrandiiiaa, n. An ^ # i wi i t e affiwee . 

AUiamce e^emmce, 
Angnilicok)inie,l(tact.) C % Hm m ^f attmtk. 

Cotomme f. d'attaqme. 
Ang iiffifio me, t Fremi of attack eirnkm* 
Frmmi m. #af- 

The ^ 

— (der fbrmliche). ReguUtT'tiefe^ re- 
. gular-attaek, Attaque f. en regie on dmma 


(Act beschlennigte). Accelerated or 

artulerg-attacky an aeceterated-eiege or 
irregular-attack in distinction to a regular 
iiege (or funnlichen Angriff). 8i^ge m. 
aocelcr<^, sans grands traranx pied a pied. 

— (ungestiimer). SuddeH-ataamlt. At^ 
taque a force outer te^ attaque d*eimbl^, 

(der gewaltsame). — bg open force, 

— de rive force f — a force outerte, 

— (durch List). — bg etratageat, — par 

(durch Ueberfidl). — kg turpriae. 

— par surprise, 

— (der fiJsdie). Fklse-attack, oir feigned- 
attack. Fausse attaque, 

m. (der CaTallerie) od. Charge. The 

charge or attack of caTalry. Charge f. 

^—- (ohne Intervallen). The charge in line 
without intenrals. Attaque en muraille. 

(der zerstreute). The desultory charge 

of light caTalry, (in imitation of the Mame- 
lukes and Oriental caTalry) ; (the pursue 
. and disperse), — enfourrageurs, 

(der staffelfurmige). Attack in echelon, 

Attaque f. en ^helon, 

(der schachformige). — bg alternate 

dhnsions. — en ^hiquier, 

(der Colonnen-). Attack in colunsn, 

Attaque en coUmne, 

(in schriiger Schlachtordnung). toj. 


Angriifsbattcrie, f. toj. Battcrie. 

Angriffsbefettigungeii, f. pL (Belagerungs- 
■rbeiten). Qfenstve-fortijieation, or the 
Tarious works necessary for carrying on the 

to be beseged. 
AngriffiUmegy m. 

Angriffsmiiieii, f. pL (i 


counter-miBes (GcgenndBcn). Ifiaet f^ 
fensires, aumes f. pL 
Angriffsplan, m. tot. Belagerangseiitwiirf. 
Angriffspunkt, m. The paint of attack. 

Point m. d'attaqme, 
Angriffsschritt, m. tot. Scnnnichntt. 
Angriffswaffeiif f. pL Qfemiie aeyoas. 

Anises (^enssTes, 
Angriffinr^k, n. A mark sf attack. Ar- 

tification ofensire, 
Angularsystem, n. (fort.) Toy. Taudlleii* 

Anguss, m. (art.) fur den Au£hIz (am Ge- 

flidiutxrohre). The cleat for the tangent 

scale. Piece de m^tal saiUante sur le coU 

de-lampe d'nn canon ct imitfent la 

m. (einer Bombe). The bottomt of 

a thick-bottomed shelL Cuiot m. de 

Angussscheibe, t (art.) od. Stossseheibe 

der Schildzapfon. Toy. Stossseheibe. 
Anhalftem, v. To halter, or tie-up a hofW 

with the halter; to rack-up. Attacker 

arec le licou. 
Anbalten, t. (tact.) ^die Kokmne). To hati 

the column. Arreter la colonne. 
Anhfingstange, f. (m. d'a.) od. Kmrabiner- 

stange. Carbine-rib or side-rib upon 

which the suspending-ring slides. TYingle 

f. de mousqueton. 
Anhangring, m. (m. d'a.) Toy. Karabiner- 

Anhohe, f. Height or elevated point of 

ground; co m man din g-gromnd. Hauteur; 

iUvation; Eminence f. ; commamde fmeni m. 
Anhohen, die (f. pi.) (besetsen, v.) To oc^ 

cupg or croira the heights. Occuper lea 

Anholen, v. To haui-taught, HUer, 
Anken, f. pL (t^.) od. Hanken f. pL 

The hamnches, Hanches f. pL du chcvaL 
Anker, m. (pont.) An oacAor. ^acre f. 

(Noth-). Toy. Nothanker. 

(pont) (Strom-). Stream-amehor, or 

a. up the cuirent. Ancre d^amomt. 

Anker — Anlehnimgipuiikt. 


Anker, (pont) (Wind-) iMwer^amthor^ or 
m. down the stream. Amert <f ovoi. 

(pont) (Flnth-). Fiood-anehor, Anere 


(pont.) (Ebb-). Ekb-mtchor, Anere 


(pont.) (Quirl-). Orapnei. Orapin on 

grappin m. 

Ankerfaschine, f. Ammekoring-faacinelnA 
in the middle of the mass of the parapet, 
to which the reveting-fiudnes are secured, 
thereby gxring neater stability to the para- 
pet. FoMcine f. dont on se sert pour don- 
ner une grande solidity anx rer^tements en 
fiwdnages ; (fueme h anere de reiraite). 

Ankerknoten, m. voy. Knoten. 

Ankerkorb, m. Qp<»^t.) Batket-tatehor^ used 
as a substitute for the usual anchors in lay- 
ing pontoon-bridges. Pamerm,d^anerage, 
pour remplaoer les ancres. 

Ankerpiket, n. od. Ankerpfahl, m. An- 
ckoring-pieket for securing a fitsdne or 
sod-revetment. Piquet m. h menionnet 
pour servir de point d'appui anx harts de 
retraite. voy. Ankerwiede. 

Ankerpfahl, m. voy. Ankerpiket. 

Ankertau, n. (pont) Cable; moartng-rcpe 
for pontoons, etc. Cordage m. d*ancre. 

Ankeningskasten, m. (ponO Case filled 
with stones, as a substitute ror anchors in 
mooring rafts and other bridges. Cstite f. 
pour Pancrage, 

Ankerungskorb, m. (pont.) od. Ankerkorb. 
▼oy. AnJcerkorb. 

Ankerwiede, f. od. Ankerweede. An 
anehoring-withe used by foreigners in 
&scine-work for securing the revetment 
Hart f. de retraite, 

Anklammem, ▼. To cramp or £uten any 
thing with a cramp-iron. Cramponner, 

Ankniipfen, ▼. (eiu Gefecht). To ewmmit 
on^e »e(fin action,- to bring to action; to 
bring on an engagement, Entamer un 

Anlase, f. (fort) (bei Brustwehrboschun- 
gen). The baee of any slope. Bate f. d'un 

(fort.) (ganze oder fussige). voy. Bo- 


f. (fort.) (doppelte od. zweifussige). 

▼oy. Boschung. 

Anlagewalzen, f. pi. (sid.) (Vorwalzen 
od. Preparirwalzen im Eisenwabtwerke). 
Roughing or puddler^e rolU, Cylindree^ 
^baueheurtt cglindree^dngleure, 

Anlande, f. voy. Landbriicke. 

Anlmssen, ▼. (h. f.) (den Hohofen). To tet 
the furnace to work; to §et to work for 
the first time. Mettre en feu, 

V. (sid.) (das Geblase). To give the 

biaet, to blow-off t set the blatt to work, 
let-on or introduce the blatt, Donner le 

V. (den Stahl). To temper, eoften, light 

or anneal steel after hardening. Recuire 
Vader apr^ la trempe. 

Anhusen, n. (des Stahles). The tempering^ 
annealing or nealing of steel. Reeuit m. 

Anlauf, m. (v. d'a.) (der Riider). The play 
or liberty in carriages between the stock 
and the shoulder. Jeu m, des roues. 

m. (art.) Ablauf od. die Kehle der 

Geschiitzfriesen. Ckincave or fluted mould- 
ing on ordnance. Gorge f. 

m. (fort.) (des Banquettes). The 

slope of the banquette. Talue m. de ban- 

m. (arch.) (eines Gewolbes). The 

epringing-line of an arch. Naieeanee f. 
d'une vodte. 

Anlaufen, v. (Stahl) (blan— lassen, ▼.). To 
temper down to a blue colour, to blue 
steeL Bleuir. 

▼. (einen Flintenlauf) (braun — lassen, 

V.) (m. d'a.). To brown a musket-barrel. 
Bronzer nn canon de fusil. 

▼. od. anlassen (Stahl). To teny^er, 

let-down, light or anneml, Recuire. 

n. Tempering or toftening, Reeuit m. 

Anlaufforbe, f. (sid.) (d^ Eisens und Stah- 
les). Annealing -colour ; the shade, tinge, 
or colour which steel takes in tempering, 
or exposure to progressive heat. Couleur 
f. du reeuit, 

Anlegen, v. (die Arbeiter) od. anstellen. 
To set to work, to eet the workmen or 
party to work, Mettre les travaiUeurs h 

V. (eine Schanze). To throw up a 

field-work. £lever, conetrutre un ouvrage 
de campagne. 

V. (eine Batterie). To form or eetablieh 

a battery ; to execute, construct, or build 
a battery. Construire une batterie. 

V. Tein Logement). voy. Errichten. 

— : — V. (eine Strasse) To practise a road, 
or lay down a road. Praiiquer une route. 

' n. (n^fui.) od. die Anlegung der Schen- 
kel. The application or pressure of the 
leg in riding. Le mouvement imprim^ 
aux hanches du cheval par les jambes du 

V. (ein Gewehr). To present a musket 

Coucher enjoue, 

Anlegeschloss, n. Pad-lock, Cadenas m. 

Anlehnen, v. (tact.) od. anstiitzen (einen 
Fliigel etc. an Etwas). To rest or appuy 
on any place ; to lean or appuy a wing on 
a river, etc Appuyer, 

Anlebnung, f. (man.) (an das Mundstiick). 
The appui or stay on the hand of the rider ; 
(the redprocal sense or feeling between the 
horse's mouth and the bridle-hand.) Ap- 
pui m, ; sensation que fiut ^rouver k la 
main du cavalier Taction du mors sur les 
barres du cheval. 

Anlebnungsfliiflel, m. (tact) The /lank qf 
appui. Aile t, d* appui ; fiane m. d^ appui. 

Anlehnungspunkt, m. (tact.) The point qf 
appui; pomt of appui or leaning-point for 
the flanks. Point m. d'appui, voy. 


Anlothen — Anschwelleii. 

Anlothen, ▼. To tolder on ; to brazt one 
thing to another. Souder; braser, 

Annaherungsgraben, m. voy. Schlag cines 

Anniiherungsgraben, m. pi. The approaches 
or trenches carried on at a siege. Ap- 
prochesy aita^ues, lignes d'approches f. pi. 

Annaherungshmdemisse, n. pL (fort.) voy. 

Annaherungslinieu, f. pL voy. Annahe- 

Annehmen, v. voy. Schlacht. 

Anordnen, v. (die Untemehmungen eines 
Feldzuges). voy. Untemehmungen, pi. 

Anquirken, v. (chim.) To amalgamate, 

Anrede, f. (militairische). Military harangue 
or address made to troops. Harangue f. 

Anredeu, v. (Truppen). To address troops, 
to harangue them, ffaranguer, 

Anreiten, v. (ein Pfcrd). To back a horse, 
or momit a horse for the first time. Monter 
un cheval pour la premiere fois (pour le 

^— V. voy. Abreitcn. 

Anrodeln, v. (die Ladnng auf einem Wagcn). 
To brace or rack-doum the load of a wag- 
gon ; to rack-tight or bind the ropes. Efn- 
breler la charge d'un chariot. 

Anriicken, n. (ides Feindes). The advance 
or approach of the enemy. Approche f. 

Anrufen, v. (einc Ronde od. eine sich na- 
hemde Patrouille). To challenge (as a 
sentry), any party approaching his post. 
Crier qui vive / aux patrouilles ct aux 
rondes; arriter quelqu'un par le qui 

Ansatz, m. (art.) dcr Traube. The neck-fillet; 
(cascable-fillet). Listel m. du cul-dp- 

m. (art.) (der hintere^ der hintersten 

Bodenfriese, od. die Boaenverstarkung. 
The cascable. Cul-de-lampe m. 

-^— m. (m.d'a.)der Pfanne (bei Stcinschloss- 
gewehren). Tlie fence, Rempart m, du 

. bassinet. 

m. (m. d'a.) (des Hahnes). The shoul- 
der of the cock. Coude^ espalet ou sup- 
port m. 

m. (m. d'a.) der runde (des Pistons^ 

The shoulder of the nipple. Embase f. oe 
cheminde. voy. Teller ; Ziindstift. 

Anschiessen, v. (salp.) (in Krystallen). To 
crystallize^ become crystallized, concrete 
or shoot mto crystals. Se mettre en 

n. (art.) The proqf by firing (of ord- 
nance*). Epreuve f. du tir des bouches a 

Anschiessfass, n. (salp.) Crystallizing-re- 
serroir, crystallizing-pany crystallizer in 
saltpetre-works. Bassin m. de congela- 
tion : cristallisoir m. 

Anschiesskessel, m. voy. Anschiessfass. 

Anschirreni v. & n. To harness; harness^ 

ing, or act of harnessing. Hamaeker; 
hamachemeni m. 

Anschlag, m. (m« d'a.) (am Sdiafte). voy. 

m. (m. d'a.) (des Gewehres). Butt-end 

of the musket-stock ; also, the part corre- 
sponding to and covered by the heel-plate. 
Couche f. du fusil ; couche enjoue. 

(im — e liegen). To take aim ; to re- 
main looking on the aim. Coucher en 

Anschlage, m. pL (art.) der Geschosse (im 
Geschiitzrohre). Elliptical indentations or 
hollows caused by the shot bounding in 
the bore. Battements m. pL du boulet 
dans Tame d'une bouche a feu. 

Anscklagen, v. Ta. & n.) To take aim ; to 
present a musket ; to bring it up to the 
present before firing. Ajuster; fouler; 
mettre enjoue ; commenoer k viser en i^- 
puyant la joue sur la crosse. 

Anschlagflache, f. (m. d'a.) Anschlagseite 
od. Stahlseite. The hammer-face; the 
steel. Face f. de la batterie. 

Anschlaggrube, f. (fge.) voy. Beschlag- 

Anschlagsaule, f. (constr. hydr.) voy. 

Anscblaigshohe. f. (fort.) od. Brusthohe. 
voy. Brusthohe. 

Anschlagwinkel, m. (o. e. b.) voy. "Win- 
kelmass (mit Anschlag). 

Anschliessen, v. (tact.) To lock-up (in file 
marching) ; to close-up (as a rear-rank) ; 
to close the ranks. Embotter le pas (en 
marchant par le flanc) ; serrer les rangs, 
en emboitant le pas, (en marchant en firont 
ou par pelotons). 

V. (sich) (an ein Corps). To unite or 

form a Junction with any co-operating 
corps. JoindrCf se riunir a un corps. 

V. ^tact.) (od. mit einer andem Truppe 

in Verbindung und Richtung treten.) To 
close-ont connect one's se\f with, or 
take-up one*s ground along side of, any 
regt., batt., etc. 8e Joindre, se rAinir; 
s'appuyer sur un corps ; se porter vers une 
troupe (pour manoeuvrer avec elle). 

AnschnaUsporcn, m. pL vojr. Sporen. 

Anschraubsporen, m. pi. voy. bporen. 

Anschuss, m. (salp.) (der Krystalle). The 
crystallization or precipitation of the nitre 
in crystals. Congelation ; cristallisation f. 

Anschwarzen, v. (moul.) die Form (mit 
Kohlenstaub). To blacken the moulding 
or apply the blackening in sand-moulding, 
to shake f dust -over ^ or lay -on the blacken- 
ing. Saupoudrer le moule avec de la 
poussicre de charbon. 

Anschweisscn, v. To weld or forge one 
piece of iron on to another. Souder; cor- 

AnscKwellen, v. To swell or rise, S*er0er, 

n. (des Wassers). The rising of water. 

Crue f. des eaux. 

Ansetzen — Xrarisch. 


Ansetzen, ▼. (art.) (die Greachiitzladung). 
To ram-home or set-home, Rrfouler la 

V. (artif.) (Satz). To proportion the 

ingredients for composition. Faire ou m^- 
langer la composition d'artifice, doser une 

V. (die Ladnng eines Gewehres). To 

ram-doum the chaige. Bourrer la charge 
d'on fusil. 

V. (zwei Seilenden). To splice, or splice 

together, the ends of two ropes, ^isser. 

Ansetzer, m. (art.) Rammer (on the same 
stave with the spunge). Rrfouloir m. 

Ansetzhammer, m. (m. d'a.) Hammer for 
forming the angle at the shoulder and tang 
of a sword-blade ; operation performed in 
England with a swage. Marteau m. are- 

Anspannen, v. (Pferde). To put-to, hook- 
in. Atteler. 

Anspruch, m. Requisition. Requisition f. 

(in — nehmen) Etwas. To place or put 

m requisition, to exact or press for the 
public service. Mettre en requisition. 

Anstahlen, v. To steel, face or over-lay 
with steel. Ac4rer. 

Anstauung, f. voy. Stauung. 

Ansteckbohrer, m. (for.) od. Vorbohrer. 
The first-bit used in boring gnns. Pre- 
mier foret m. ; (foret a langue de carpe). 

Ansteckthiirstock, m. (min.) Stanchion 
of a gallery-frame. Montant m. du chassis 
d^vaie galerie de mine. 

Anstellen, ▼. die Arbeiter (beim Batterie- 
baneV voy. Anlegen. 

Anstellung, f. (bei einem Regimente). The 
appointment of an officer to a regt. ; his 
commission in a regt. Emploi m. d'un 
offider dans on regiment ; nomination f. 

Anstich, m. (fond.) The tap-hole. Perc^e f. 

Anstosseisen, n. Stosseisen od. Stoss (der 
holzemen Mittelachsen). Hurler, or piece 
of iron placed against the shoulder of a 
wooden axle-tree. Heurtequin m. d'essieu. 

Anstossschiene, f. voy. Umbiegeschiene. 

Anstricken, ▼. voy. Splissen. 

Ansumpfung, f. (des Terrains). The for- 
mation of marshy ground, or rendering 
ground marshy or unsuited to siege-opera- 
tions; (employed also as an obstacle in 
field-ibrtification). Formation de flaques 
et de mar^cagesi au moyen de digues ou 

Anthracit, m. voy. Glanzkohle. 

Antimonium, n. od. Spiessglanz. Anti- 
mony, Antimoine m. 

Antreiber, m. voy. Brandtriebel, Ziinder- 

Antreten, v. (tact.) To fall-in. Se ranger, 

V. (tact.) To march-off, step-off; com- 
mence to march, or execute any move- 
ment. Commencer la marche, entamer 
la marche, 

Anwannen, v. (sid.) (den Hohofen). To 
prepare for use ; to heat or prepare the 

fiimaoe, so as to free it from damp, and 
fit it for the reception of the materials. 
Fwmer, preparer le haut-foumeau, (le des- 

Anwarmen, n. (des Eisens). Heat proper for 
hammering. Chaude-grasse. 

Anwerbiing, f. Enlistment or enlisting of 
a soldier. Engagement m. 

Anwurf,m.(von Mortel). Rough-cast,rough- 
casting ; (the mortar with which a wall is 
done over). Cr^issure f. 

Anziehen, v. (man. de force) einen Strang 
(mittelst eines Knebels). To woold or 
rac* with a woolding-stick. Briler,- serrer, 

Anzug, m. (der dienstmassige). Dress ac- 
cording to regulation, correct-order or 
dress in which officers appear, and troops 
turn out, either for duty or upon general 
occasions. Tenue f. exacte, d'ordonnance, 

m. (Parade-). Review-order,full-dress, 

Grande tenue. 

m. (Marsch-). Heatnf marching -order, 

Tenue de route ou de marche (avec armes 
et bagages). 

m. (Exercier-). — for drill. Tenue 

d'exercice, (petite tenue). 

m. (Arbeits-). Fatigue-dress, Tenue 

de corvee ; tenue des travailleurs. 

m. (gewohnlicher) (kleine Uniform). 

Undress. Petite tenue, tenue habitueUe. 

Anziige, m. pi. (eines Gebisses). The cheeks 
of a bit. Branches f. pi. d'un mors. 

Anziindimgsbrandchen, n. voy. Ziindlicht. 

Apparat, m. (min., etc.) der galvanische (zur 
Minenzitndung, etc.). Galvanic-apparatus 
for firing mines, etc. Appareil m. galva- 
nique, (pour mettre le feu aux mines, 

(Roberts' galvanischer) od. Trogappa- 

rat. Roberts's galvanic-apparatus for 
blasting. Appareil oalvanique de Roberts, 

(der DanieU'sche). voy. Batterie. 

Appell, m. Roll-call; the term answers 
also (in Prussia, etc.) to the morning - 
parade and common parade of English 
regiments, i. e. when the roU is not called 
in barracks, etc. ; tattoo roll-call. Appel 
m. ; appel g^niral de la matinee; appel 
du soir, voy. Verlesen. 

m. (Signal). The assembly ; the troop. 

Assemble f. ; signal de reunion. 

m. (blasen od. schlagen, v.) To sound 

or beat the assembly, Sonner, battre Vap- 

m. (halten, v.) To call the roll ; (to 

parade). Faire V appel. 

Appellplatz, m. voy. Verleseplatz. 

Approchen, f. pi. (Zickzacks). The zigzags, 
approaches, or zigzags of approach, con- 
necting the parallels. Approches f. pi. en 

Approcbiren, v. To carry-on the approaches 
(by the ordinary or flying-sap). Cheminer; 
pousser les trovaux d'attaque vers la place. 

Xrarisch, (adj.) Belonging to government ; 


Arbeiten — Arrest. 

under povemment : royal, Apparienant 
ttu pouveme m eni ; royal{e). 

AH>eiten, f. pi. Faiiffueg, or duties of fa- 
tigue ; working -parties, Corv4e% f. pi. ; 
eorv^ee de tieget corv4e» de travaux de 
si/ge, voy. Frohndienst, kleine Touren, 
Dienst ohne (Jewehr, Nebendieust. 

Arbeiter, m. Soldier or nurn of a working- 
party ^ labourer or workman ,- toldier de- 
tailed or told-off for fatigue, Travailleur 
m. ; travailleur de t^ge; travailleur d*in- 
fanierie ; homme de corvee, 

m. pi. A working-party, JVarail- 

leurs m. pi. 

— m. pi. (anlegen od. ausstellen, v.) voy. 

^— m. (der Artillerie) (od. Handwerker in 
den Werkstiitten). Military-artificer, 
Ouvrier m. d*artillerie, 

Arbeiter- Abtheilung, f. Division qfa work- 
ing-party. D/tachement m. de travail- 
leurs : d^tachement de cowie de si4ge, 

Arbeitsanzug, m. voy. Anzu^. 

Arbeitsdienst, m. voy. Arbeiten. 

Arbeitsgeriist, n. Scaffold or scqfolding, 
£chqfaud m, 

Arbeitsgewolbe, n. (h. f.) -The iymp-archf 
working-arch. Encorbellement m. de la 
iympcj embrasure t. du travail. 

Arbeits-Kommando, n. voy. Kommando. 

Arbeitslohn, m. Working-pay. Solde sup- 
pUmentaire pour on travul extraordinaire. 

Arbeitsmannschaft, f. voy. Arbeiter, pi. 

Arbeitspensum, n. Task of workmen, as 
marked out for their excavation. Tiche f. ; 
portion de travail assign^ auz travailleurs. 

Arbeitsseite, f. (h. f.) voy. Vorderseite. 

Arbeitstisch, m. Bench t work-bench, or 
workman*s bench. £tabli m. 

Arbeitstrense, f. (man.) voy. Trense. 

Arbitrinmgscommission, f. Board assem- 
bled to investigate and report upon the 
disability of any officer for the service, (in 
Austria). Commission f., conseil m. con- 
▼oqu^ pour determiner si nn offider est 
incapable de service, (en Autriche). 

Arche, f. (sid.) od. das Gefludcr (an den 
Wassertrommelgeblasen). The water-ds- 
tem in which the upper parts of the fun- 
nels of the trompe (bk)wing machine) ter- 
minate. P^here f. ou reservoir d'eau. 

Archimedische Schraube,f. voy. Scbraube. 

Arkan, m. (Instrument zum Ein&ngen der 
Pferde). A sort of lasso for taking horses. 
Espece de lacet pour prendre les chevaux 
farouches (destines a la remonte). 

Arm, m. (eines Krahnes). The jtd or long 
projecting arm of a crane. Vol^ t, d'une 

m. (m. d'a^ Balken od. langer Arm 

derStange. The tfAoiU of the sear. Tige 
f.f queue f branche de g&chette. 

— ^ m. im — tragen, v. (das Gewehr). To 
support arms. Porter Tarme au bras. voy. 
Kopf; Baionnet; Laufgraben ; Deicb- 
tel; Langbaum; Ricbtacbraube. 

Armatur, f. Armsi armameni; equ^memi. 
Armemeni ; ^quipement m. 

Armbolzen, m. (art.) (der Morsersdileife od. 
des Morserklotzes). Traversing-bolttprize* 
bolt, or running-up bolt of the mortar-bed. 
Boulon m. de manceuvre. 

Anne, m. pi. (v. d'a.) (des Vorderwagens). 
Guides otfutchels; fore-guides. Armoms 
m. pi. d'avant-train. voy. Deicbselarme ; 

m. pi. (art.) (des Schleppwagens). The 

guides (of Prussian devil-carriage). Em- 
panons m. pi. de triqueballe. 

m. pi. (eines Flusses). The branekes 

of a river. Bras m. pi. d'une riviere. 

m. pi. (eines Hufeisens). ^Branches, 

quarters, or sides of a shoe. Branches f. 
pL d'un fer k cheval. 

m. (fort.) od. Fliigel (der Horn- und 

Kronen werke). The wings of horn and 
crown-works. Branches ou ailes f. pL des 
ouvrages h, comes et a oouronne. 

Armee, f. Army. Arm4e f. voy. Heer. 

Armeebeamten, m. pi. od. Militairbeamten. 
Public functionaries who accompany an 
army serving in the field, as chaplains, 
commissariat-officers, medical-staff, etc; 
(the civil-departments of an army.) JVbii- 
combattants m. pi. 

Anneebudget, n. voy. Militair-Budget. 

Armeecorps, n. Corps d*arm^e, or division 
' of an army, varying in strength from 26,000 
to 68,000 men. Corps m. d'arm^. 

Armeecorps-Commandeur,m. voy.Officier. 

Armeedivision, f. voy. Division. 

Armfeile, f. Rubber. Lime f. a bras; car^ 
reau m. 

Armiren, v. & n. (art.) (eine Batterie ; der 
Batterien). To arm a battery ; the arm- 
ing of batteries. Armer une batterie. voy. 
Ausriisten; Bewafinung. 

Armirung, f. (der Batterien). voy. Armiren. 

Armlehnen, f. pi. (art.) voy. Seitenlehnen. 

Armwarze, f. voy. Warze. 

Arrest, m. Arrest (of officers and non-com- 
missioned officers) ; confinement or impri- 
sonment (of privates). Arrets m. pi. (pu- 
nition des offiders) ; punition qu'on inflige 
sous oette denomination en Allemagne aux 
militaires en general. 

m. (Stuben-). Arrest, or confinement 

to one's room (of officers) ; arrest or con- 
finement (of non-commissioned officers). 
Arrets simples (des officiers) ; consigne f. 
a la chambre (des sous-officiers). 

m. (Stuben-) (mit Schildwacht). Close- 
arrest of officers (with a sentry over the 
door). Arrets de rigueur (sous la garde 
d'un factionnaire). 

m. (Casemen-). Confinement to bar- 
racks. Consigne au quartier. (Casemen- 
arrest geben. To confine to barracks. 
Consigner au quartier.) 

m. (Streng-). voy. Stubenarrest. 

m. (Streng-). SoUtary-cottfUtemcni ; 

the black-hole. Caehot m., pimition du 

Arrest — Aachen. 


eaekoi povr les soldato ; {(n^nrisatmemini 

Arrest, m. (Festungs-) voy. Festungs- 

m, (Gemeiner od. Mittel-). Con/me- 

meni (either in the guard-house, lock-up» 
or cells); tm/friionmeHi, Empriswmement 
qui a lieu pour des &utes de discipline peu 
graves ; priaon t 

m. (bei Wasser und Brod). Omfme- 

ment (with bread and water), during the 
whole or part of such confinement. Prison 
f., empruonnemeni (au jpain et a I'eau). 

m. ^Haus-). voy. Stubenarrest. 

m. (Zimmer-). voy. Zimmerarrest. 

m. seinen fbrechen od. verlassen, v.). 

To break ones arrest; to quit or leave 
one's confinement. Rompre ses arrets; 
forcer^ violer la consigne k la chambre, 

Anrestant, m. voy. Arrestat. 

Aarrestanten-Kommando, n. voy. Kom- 

Arrestantenstube, f. voy. Stube. 

Anrestantenzelt, n. voy. Zelt. 

Arrestat, m. The prisoner ; person under 
arrest or m confinement. PrisomUer m. ; 
detenu (aux arrits ou en prison). 

Arreststuoe, f. voy. Stubie. 

Arretiren, v. (Jemanden). To make a pri- 
soner qfvDj one, or take him m charge, 
Arriter (quelqu'un). 

V. (man.) (das Pferd). To halt, Ar- 
riter le chevaL 

Arri^re-Garde, f. The rear-guard, Arrihre- 
garde f. voy. Nachtrab, Nachhut. 

Arsenikkies, m. (m^t.) Arsenical-pyrites. 
Fer arsenical, arsenic pyriteux. 

Arsenal, n. An arsenal i the various build- 
ings and workshops in which ordnance, 
carriages, ammunition, etc are manufiic- 
tured. Arsenal m, 

-~— n. od. Zeughaus. An arsenal: the 
storehouse or place of deposit for ammuni- 
tion and arms of every description. Arse- 
nal m. 

n. (der Marine). Dock-yard, royal 

dock-yard; naval-arsenal. Arsenal m, de 
la marine, a. maritime. 

Artillerie, f. (Waffengattung). The artillery, 
or branch of the serrioe so called. Artil- 
lerie f., (arme d'artillerie). 

f. (Geschiitzkunst). Artillery, or the 

science of artillery and gunnery. Artil- 
lerie f., (art ou sdenoe de Tartillerie); 

"— f. (Geschiitze\ Artillery; ordnance, 
guns. Artillerie t,, (artillerie d'armement). 

(die reitende). Horse-artillery, Artil- 
lerie f. a cheval. 

— — f. (fahrende). voy. Fahrende Artil- 

f. (Fuss-). Foot-artillerjf. Artillerie 

t, d pied, voy. Fussartillene. 

— f. (Cavallerie-). Horse-artillery (or 
eavalry-artillery) in Austria. Artillerie- 
eavalerie (des Autridiiens), artillerie de 


eavalerie, artillerie a wurst, (artillerie li 
cheval d'autres pays). 

Artillerie, f. (Reserve-). Reserve-artillery. 
A. de rifserve, voy. Reserve- Artillerie. 

f. (Gebirgs-). Mountain-artillery, A. 

de montagne. 

f. (See-, Marine-). Marine-artillery, 

A. de marine. 

f. (See-). Naval-gunnery, A. novate, 

(science de Tartillerie navale). voy. Be- 
lagenm^-; Feld-; Festiingsartillerie ; 

Artillerie- Angriff, m. voy. Angriff; Be- 

Artilleriearbeiter- od. Handwerker-Com- 
pagnien, f. pi. Companies qf military- 
artificers. Compagnies f. pi. d*ouvriers; 
ouvriers m. pi. d*artillerie. 

Artillerie-Bela^nmg, f. voy. Belagerung. 

Artillerie-Comit^, m. & n. Committee qf 
artillery-officers to examine and report 
upon all projects connected with the artil- 
lery-service. Comit^Vi, d* artillerie, 

Artillerie-Commission, f. voy. Artillerie- 

Artilleric-Fahrzeuge, n. pi. Artillery-car- 
riages. Voitures f. pi. d^ artillerie. 

Artilleriefiihrwesenkorps, n. Driver-corps. 
Corps m. du train d*artillerie, voy. 

Artillerie-Handwerker, m. pi. Military- 
artificers; artillery-artificers, Ouvriers 
m. pi. d*artillerie. 

Artillerie-Officier, m. (vom Platze). Officer 
commanding the artillery. Commandant 
m. de Partillerie dans une place. 

ArtiUeriepark, m. The park 0/ artillery to 
receive all ordnance-stores at a siege ; park 
qf artillery. Pare m. d* artillerie. 

Artillerietrain, m. Train qf artillery ; park- 
train. Matiriel, train m. d* artillerie ; 
Equipage d'artillerie, 

m. voy. Train. 

Artillerie-Trainkorps, n. voy. Tndnkorps. 

Artillerie- Werkstatte, f. The artillery- 
workshops (pi.). Arsenal m. de construc- 
tion ; ateliers de construction, 

Artilleriezug, m. TVam 0/ artillery ; park- 
train, accompanying an army. Equipages 
m. pi. d'artillerie ; train m. d* artillerie. 

Artillerist, m. Artilleryman or soldier of 
the artillery ; any officer or soldier of the 
artillery. Canonnier m. ; artilleur m. 

m. (fahrender). Gunner and driver ; 

{driver-gunner) . Canonnier conducteur m. 

m. (bedienender). Gunner, or artillery- 
man who works the gun, (in distinction to 
the gunner acting as driver). Canonnier 
servant m. 

m. Artillerist. Artilleur m. 

Arzeneitrank, m. (v^t.) Drink; drench, 
(or medicine given in a liquid form). Breu- 
vage m. 

Aschcn, n. (der Formen). Ashing-over, or 
washing with tan-ash in loam-moulding. 
Cendrage m. 



Aachen&ll — Anfgeldtt. 

Aschenfall, m. (f. m. r.) od. das Aachenloch. 
Ath-pit of a reverfaeratory-fiimace. Cem- 
drier m. (d'un four a r^erbere). 

Aschcnflecke, m. pi. od. Eschel. Speckt 
or tpots in metal ; (the milage whidi ooca- 
sionially shows itself in cast-metal). Cen- 
drures ; taches noires an metaL 

Aschenfleckig, (m^.) od. aeschicht . Marked 
with black spots or snllage. Cendreux. 

Aschenlocher, n. pL (sid.) od. Aeschel. 
voy. Eschel. 

Ast, m. od. Schlag (eines Laa%rabens). 
Branch of the zigzags or approaches ; ftoyan 
or zigzag, Boyau m. de tranchee, branehe 
de bogaUf brancke de zigzag, 

(min.) (einer Mine). Branch or branch- 
gallery in mines. Rmmeau m, de mine. 

(art.) (aufsteigender) dcr Bahn der Pro- 
jectile. The aacending^branch of the tra- 
jectory of a shot. Branehe aaeendanie de 
la trajectoire d'nn projectile. 

(art.) (niedersteigender). The descend- 

ing-branch. Branehe detcendanie. 

Attest, n. od. Attestat A certificate. Cer- 
tificat m. 

arztliches, (bei Urlaubsgesnchen). Me- 

diccU'Certificate, Certificat m. medical^ 
certificat d'officier de tante' pour les oong& 
de convalescence. 

Attestat, n. voy. Attest. 

Auditor, m. od. 

Auditeur, m. Deputy judge-advocate, Audi- 
teur^ auditeur m. militaire^ auditeur de 

Aue, f. Meadow, pasture; low meadow- 
land, pasture-land, grazing -land. Plaine ; 
prairie f. ; pr^m, 

Aufbereitung, f. (sid.) (der Erze). The 
preparation or dressing of ores for the 
smelting-house. Prfyaration f, des mine- 
rais. voy. £rze. 

Aufbrechen, v. (aus einem Lager). To 
break-up a camp or encampment ; to de- 
camp. Abandonner un camp ; d^camper, 
ou partir d'un camp. 

V. (in der Stille^ luid einen heimlichen 

Marsch thun, v. To steal a march upon 
the enemy. D^rober une marche a ren- 

V. (sid.) (das Roheisen). To turn over 

the mass in the hearth, as practised in 
the German refining-forge, and expose it 
to the action of the blast. Retoumer 
la fonte. voy. Rohaufbrechen ; Gahr- 

Aufbringegeld, n. (fiir einen ergriffenen De- 
serteur). Reward for the apprehension of 
a deserter. Gratification f. pour avoir 
ramen^ un d^rtcur. 

Aufbriicken, n. (pont.) The laying of a 
bridge; the construction qfa bridge. Con- 
struction f. d^un pont, 

— . — V. (i)ont.) To form a bridge; to lay 
or construct a bridge, Jeter un pont; 
eonstruire un pont, 

— n. (pont.) (Pontonweise). Forming a 

bridge by homming-omi. ComshmHkm pear 
bateaux sueeesstfs d'un pomi. 

Aufbriicken, n. (Gliedenreise). — lyrs^, 
sections, or independent poitioiis. — par 

n. (dorch Einsc h wcnknng). — by swing- 
ing the bridge, or wheeling it entire or in 
a connected slate into its position, (having 
first fonned it along side the bank of the 
river). — par un quart de eomtersion, 

Auffahren, v. (art.) (das Gcschutz). To 
park the gnns. Parquer TartiUerie. 

Auffahrt, f. (fort.) od. Rampe. lUmp, or 
road cut obliquely in the interior-slope of 
the rampart. Rmnpe f. voy. Rampe. 

f. od. der Zugang (einer Briicke). Tlie 

approach or access to a bridge ; (the igf- 
proaches of a bridge). Abord m. ; {ahords 
pi. d'un pont). 

Auffangen, v. (Depescfaen). To intercept 
dispatches. Intercepter des depedbes. 
(Aufgefiuigene Depeschen. Intercepted 
dispatches. Dfyeches intercept^). 

Auf rordem, t. cine Festung (zurUebcrgabe). 
To summon a place to surrender ; to de- 
mand the surrender of a place. Sowumer 
le commandant d'une place assi%^. 

Auf forderung, f. Summons, citation or de- 
mand to the enemy to surrender themselves 
and their post. Sommation f. 

Auffrischen, v. (m. d*a.) (ein geiogenea 
Rohr^. To re-cut the grooves of a rifle- 
barrel. Renouveler les raics d'une cara- 

Auffiihren, v. (eine Ablosung, etc) To 
march-round a relief to their respective 
posts ; to post or plant sentries. Conduire 
en faction ; placer les sentinelles. 

Auffuhrer, m. od. 

Auffdhrgen^ter, m. The corporal of the 
relirf. Caporal m. de pose. 

AuffiiJirung, f. (eines Soldaten). The coii- 
duct of a soldier, either upon or off duty. 
Conduite f. 

Aufgeben, n. (sid.) (der Gichten) im Hoh- 
ofen. The charging or fUhng of the blast- 
furnace with the requisite proportions of 
coke, iron-ore, etc. Chargement m. du 

Aufgeber, m. (sid.) The filler, or charging- 
workman, who discharges the materials into 
the furnace. CA/rr^curm.du haut-foumeau. 

Aufgebetrog, m. (suL) Sort of tippler, box, 
or case by which the furnace-materials axe 
charged. Bache f. 

Aufffcbot, n. (allgemeines) (Aufgebot in 
Masse). The call to arms, or summons, 
which upon extraordinary occasions, a 
sovereign makes to his subjects, for tho 
whole to unite and repel the common 
enemy. Appel gin^ral ; convocation f. de 

Aufgelost, (tact.) In extended or skirmish- 
ing order. En tirailleurs, voy. Auflosen. 

(in disciplinarischer Beziehung). Loose, 

slack, as the system or discipline of a regi- 

Aufgeschlitzte — Au^passer. 


ment or any body of m^i ; in bad-order 
or ildcJk, as the corps itself; disorganized, 
as an army. Mai dirig^; en d^aordre ; 
d^torganu^e), (d*un corps, etc.). 

Aufgeschlitzte Ziindhiitchen, n. pL voy. 

Aufhaltekettchen, n. voy. Kettchen. 

Aufhalten, ▼. (den Feind). To keep the 
enemy in check; to detain him. Arriter 
Tennemi, le tenir en ^chec; Vatmuer, le 
retarder, le tenir en euapena. 

Aufhauen, n. (der Feilen). FUe-cutting. 
Taille f. des limes. 

Aufhauer, m. (des Kleinschmidts). Yoy. 

Aufheben, ▼. (eine Belagenmg). To raise or 
abandon the siege of a place. Lever le si^ge. 

▼. (einen Posten ; od. ein Commando, 

etc) To surprise, take, or cut-off a post, 
to cut-off a detachment, to capture bag- 
gage. Snlever un poste, tm d^tachement, 
des bagages. 

V. (einen Courier). To take, or inter- 
cept a courier. Intercepter un courier. 

V. (Geschtitz; Kriegsvorrathe). To 

store, put into store, Emmagasiner des 

Aufhebung, f. (einer Belagemng). The 
raising of a siege. Lev^e f. d'un siege, 
voy. Aufheben. 

Aufholen, v. (pont.) (den Anker) od. aus- 
holen. To trip the anchor ; to loosen it 
fit>m the ground. D&aper I'ancre. 

Aufhoren, ▼. (mit dem Feuem). To cease 
firing. Cesser le feu. 

Aufkochen, v. (sid.) voy. AufwaUeu. 

Aufkiindigung, f. (des WaffenstUlstandes). 
Declaration or announcement of the re- 
newal of hostilities ; notice of the resump- 
tion of hostilities or the cessation of the 
armistice. Declaration f. de la cessation 
de Farmistice. 

Aufladung, f. The loading of carriages. 
Chargement m. des voitures. 

Auflage, f. (m. d'a.) (bei Steinschlossem) 
das CJefass od. die Decke des Pfannen- 
deckels. The seat or cover for the pan. 
Assise, table, assiette f., entablement m. 
d'une batterie de platine a silex. 

f. voy. Vorlage. 

Auflaufen, v. (tact.) To form-up by files 
to the front. Se former en avant par file 
en bataille, 

Auflegen, v. (Strauch). To lay or add stuff 
to those parts of the fascine which require 
it (in making fiisdnes). Gamir le saudsson. 

Auflochen, v. (gut). To be welt jointed or 
well-fitted, (said of the different parts of a 
lock). Se dit des pieces de la platine quand 
elles s'ajustent parfaitement au corps de la 

Auflo8en,v. (tact.) sich (in einePlankerlinie). 
To extend, throw ones self into skirmish- 
ing order; to spread-out into a line of 
skirmishers, (cav.), to extend into a line of 
skimiiBhers, (inf.). Se debander on se 

disperser en tirailleur^; se d^loyer en 

Auflosung, f. (chim.) Analysis, Analyse f, 
voy. Zerlegimg. 

f. od. Fliissigkeit (zur Fullung eines 

galvanischen Apparates). The solution or 
fluid with whidi the trough of galvanic- 
apparatus is filled. Idquide employ^ dans 
les operations galvaniques ; liquide excita- 
teur et conducteur, 

f. Reduction, disbandment of troops. 

Reduction f., licenciement m. d'une cer- 
taine partie d'une arm^. 

Aufmarsch, m. (tact.) Forming line; the 
formation or entry into an alignment. 
Formation f. en bataille d'une troupe; 
Taction de se porter sur un alignement 

Aufmarschiren, v. (tact.^ aus der Colonne (in 
der Riditung der Tete). To form line to 
the front, or form to the front, (from an 
open column), Ui form-up, or come-up into 
an alignment. Se former en avant en 

V. (tact.) (rechts od. links in Linie). 

To form line to a reverse-fiank, (from 
column). (£tant en marche par le flanc), 
se former sur la droite (ou sur la gauche) 
par file en bataille, 

V. (tact.) (aus der geschlossenen Co- 
lonne) mit rechts oder links um, (od. de- 
plopren). To deploy into line, (firom 
close-column). Se d^loyerface en avant, 
(etant en colonne serr^e). 

V. (art.) zum Chargiren. To form line 

for action, form for action ; to get into 
position, (as artillery). Se mettre en 

n. (tact.) The forming line, getting 

into line, or coming-up into an alignment. 
Operation de se former en bataille. 

Auirnarschlinie, f. (tact.) od. Alignement. 
voy. Richtlinie. 

Aufhahme, f. (topogr.) A sketch. Levi 
m., levie militaire f. 

f. (eine fliichtige) od Croquis, m. 

Hasty sketch ; rough-sketch, Croquis m. ; 
lev4 a vue, levi irr^gulier, fait k la hate. 

Aufhahmeposten, m. An out«lying piquet, 
answering to an advanced-piquet in rear of 
a line of detached-parties furnishing the 
sentries to the chain. Grand* garde f. 

m. voy. Feldwaehe. 

Aufnehmen, v. (topogr.) (eine Gegend od. 
Terrainstrecke). To sketch a portion of 
country ; to survey, or take a survey of 
ground. Lever le plan ou la carte d'un 

V. (mit der Boussole). To sketch with 

the aid of the compass. — a la boussole. 

V. (nach dem Augenmasse). To sketch 

by the eye. — a vue. 

Aufpasser, m. (Calfactor od. Bedienter). 
An officer's servant. Homme de confi- 
ance, ou soldat employ^ pres d'un officier, 
domestique d'officier. 


Aufpflanzen — Aufkchiiren. 

Aufpflanzen, v. (das Bajonnet^. To fUe a 
bayonet ; to fix bayonets (pi.). Mettrey 
fixer la bai'onnette au canon. 

Aufplatten, n. (charp.) (das einfache) od. 
die Verbindung auf halbes Holz. Halving^ 
halving -together : tcarfing, or joining two 
pieces of timber by means of a single step 
on each piece. Assemblage m. h mi-bois. 

Aufprotzen, v. (art.) To limber-up, Mettre 
la piece sur I'avant-train, mettre Pavant- 
train; remettre Vavant-train. 

Aufraumen, v. (in den Gliedem). To Mm 
the ranks. £claireir les rangs. 

Aufraumen, ▼. od. ausraumen (das Ziind- 
loch). To clear the touch-hole of a flint 
lire-lock. Spingler un fosil a siles. 

V. (art.^ To prick f clear, or open the 

▼ent. Degorger, nettoyer la Inmiere. 

■ V. den ZUndkanaly (bei Percussions- 

gewehren). To clear the touch-hole of 
the nipple, fyingler le canal de la che- 

V. (eine Bresche). To clear a breach ; 

to remove or clear away the rubbish. En- 
lever les d^mbres d'une breche (pour la 

Auireiben, v. (den Feind). To put the 
enemy to the routt to defeat or disperse 
his forces. Dtfaire, ^charper Tenncmi, le 
rompre^ le d^truire. 

V. To cut to pieces or annihilate. 

An^antir, (Dieses Regiment ist fast ganz 
aufgerieben worden. — ^ was almost onni- 
hilated or cut to pieces. — a ^t^ presque 

Aufreissen, v. To crack or fly in hardening. 
ST/grener, se dit de Tader qui a trop de 

V. To split, (as wood) ; to rffl or 

crack. Sefendre; crevasser. 

Aufrichten, v. (das Hebezeug). To set-up 
or raise the gyn. Dresser la chcvre. 

v. (art.) (ein umgeworfenes Greschiitz). 

To right a gun which is capsized. Relever 
une piece renvers^e. 

Aufriss, m. (der horizontale), Durchschnitt 
Oder Plan. The plan of a work ; its re- 
presentation as it appears when cut hori- 
zontally upon the top of the foundations. 
Plan m. 

— m. (das Profil od. der senkrechte 
Durchschnitt). The profile of a work ; 
its representation when cut perpendicularly 
from the highest part to the lowest. Pro- 

AufroUen, v. (artif.) (die Raketenhiilse). To 
form the case on the former. Router le 
cartouche d'une fusee. 

Aufhif, m. (der Soldaten). Roll-call. Ap- 
pel m. 

Aufsatz, m. (m. d'a.) od. Kragen (der Hahn- 
schraube). The shoulder of the cock-nail. 
Embase f. de la vis du chien. 

m. (m. d'a.) auf dem Krcuztheile der 

Schwanzschraube (der Percussions - Ge- 
wehn>). Back-sight, or raised part on the 

breech-pin of percussion-muflkets. Hausse 
f. sur la cohisse du canon des fusilB k per- 
cussion; haussefixe. 

m. (art.) The tangent-scaU, Hmut€ t 

de pointage. 

(der holzeme) (art.) Portable wooden 

tangent-scale for heavy guns. Hausse f. 
en hois, pour canons de si^ge, place et 

m. (for.) (des Rohriagerbocks einer 

Bohrmaschine). voy. Oberpfanne. 

m. (eines Erdbohrers). voy. Mittel- 

stiick; Verlangerungsstiick. 

Aufsatzschuss, m. (art.) od. Schnssmitdem 
Aufsatze (Bogenschuss). Firing or prac- 
tice at ranges beyond that of tiie line of 
metal. THr m. avec hausse, tir ilef>4 on 
eourbe, employ^ lorsqu'on vent atteindre 
un point plus eloign^ que le but en blana 
voy. Schuss. 

Aufsatzstange, f. (art) The scale, (tangent- 
scale), or rod of brass with scale of tan- 
gents engraved on it. Hausse f. (propre- 
ment dite), tige graduie de la hausse. voy. 

Aufsatzvisir, n. (m. d'a.) od. Klappvisir 
(an einer Buchse). Folding notch-sights 
leaf -sight, or moveable sight on the breech 
of a rifle. Visiere f. a clapet ; hausse 
mobile ^ chamiere. voy. Viair. 

Aufschichten, v. (Pulverfasser in Magazmen) 
od. aufstapeln. To stack or pHe barrels 
in magazines, to pile or set tiiem up m 
tiers. Engerber les barils de poudre. 

Aufschlag, m. (art.) (eines Geschosses). The 
gr{u:e of a shot. Point de rencontre de la 
trajectoire d'un projectile avec le sol, pwni 
de chute de scs divers bonds. 

m. (m. d'a.) die Verstarkung od. der 

Ansatz dcs Hahnes. The shoulder of the 
cock or hammer. Espalet ou support m. 
du chien. 

m. (auf dem Aermel). The cuff-facvsg. 

Parement m., revers m. de la manchc. 

Aufschlage, m. pi. (der Uniform). The 
facings of uniform; turnbacks. Revers 
m. pi. de Tuniforme. 

Aufschlagcn, v. (Zelte). To pitch tents. 
Dresser ou tendre des tentes. 

v. voy. Faschinenbank. 

Aufschlagsgeschwinddgkeit, f. (art.) (der 
Geschosse). The terminal velocity, or final 
velocity of projectiles. Vitessefinale des 

Aufschlagspunkt,m.(art.)(eines Geschosses). 
The point of impact of a shot. Point m. 
de chute d'un projectile. 

Aufscbliessen, v. (tact.) To lock-up in file- 
marching ; to preserve or keep one*s dis- 
tance in marching; to keep closed-up. 
Embotter le pas (en mardiant par le 
flanc) ; observer sa distance ; serrer (en 
marchant de front). 

Aufschiircn, v. (fond.) To stir at pole the 
metal. Remuer ou brasser la mati^ 11- 
quidc dans le foumeau. 

AulKshutten — Aumbeiteii. 


Anfrcbutten, T. To prime, Amorcer. 

Auftchiittung, f. (fort.) The remblai, or 
earth colled[ed for forming works, levelling 
ground, etc. Remblai m. voy. Erdanschut- 

Aufscnwanzen^ ▼. (ein Pferd). To trtuf-up 
.a horse's taiL JYouster Ik queue d'on 

Aufseher, m. einer AbtheQnng Arbeiter (beim 
Batteriebaae). The oveneer, or sapper 
in charge, SwrveUlant m. ; sons-offider 
on soldat intelligent charg^ de snrveiller 
le trayaQ dana la oonstroction des bat- 

Aufsetzen, t. (art) (Kanonenkugeln) in 
holzeme SpiegeL To bottom^ otfUe shot- 
bottoms. Eneaboter les boulets. 

V. voy. Stapeln. 

T. Toy. Kugelhaufen. 

n. (des Pferdes). voy. Kopx)en. 

Aufsicbt, f. (die Regiments-, Escadrons-). 
The regimental or orderly-duty for the 
week. Service m. de eemaine. 

Aufsitzen, ▼. (cay.) To mount, Monter a 
cheval, (Fertig znm Aufsitzen ! Prepare 
to mount / Pr^reZ'VOus pour monter 
= (h) cheval/ Aufgesessen! Mount/ 
J= cheval!) 

Aufsprengen, v. (ein Thor). To blow-ojfenf 
blow-in, burst or force-open the gate of a 
fortified place by means of a petard or bag 
of gunpowder. Forcer, e^foneer; /aire 
matter ; pAarder nne porte. 

Anfstangen, ▼. To bridle; to bit a horse. 
Brider un cheval. 

Anfstapeln, t. voy. Auf schicbten ; Sta- 

Aufstaucben, v. (m. d'a.) (die Platine). To 
jump tiie spiral in barrel-welding. Eeto- 
quer le canon. 

Aufstauen, v. voy. Stauen. 

Aufstechen, v. (art) od. durchstecben die 
Patrone (Kartosche). To pricA the car- 
tridge. Percer la cartouche. 

Auf^tecken, v. voy. Au^flanzen. 

Aufsteckbfdcen, m. (art.) (fiir die Hebe- 
baume.) Side-arm hook on a gun-canriage. 
Crochet m. porte-levier, 

AidTsteben, v. (in Masse). To rife in open 
rebellion, revolt, riae-up in arms, rise in 
mass. SHnsurger; se lever en masse, 

Aufstellen, v. (tact) (sich). To take-post, 
Se poster, se placer, prendre position, 

V. (constr. des ponts.) (Lehrbogen). 

To raise centering for arches. Lever des 
cintres. voy. Abriisten. 

V. (man. de force^ (eine Rahmenlaffeto 

mit dem Rohre.) To mount a gun on its 
carriage on a traversing-platform. Monter 
sur son chassis raffut de place charg^ de 
sa piece. 

Aufstellung, f. (einer Truppe). The for- 
mation of any company, ete. Formation 
f, d'une troupe. 

f. (der Vedetten). The posting of ve- 
dettes. ttabHssement m. de vedettes. 

Aufstellungslinie, f. (tact) The Ivm qf 
formation, lAgne f. deformation, 

Aufsucben, v. (den Feind). To search for 
the enemy ; to feel for the enemy. Be- 
chercher Tennemi ; fouUler le terrain: 
tdcher de dicouvrir Tennemi. 

Aufbragen, v. (Erz und Kohlen) in den 
Schmelzofen. To charge or feed the fur- 
nace, or charge the materiaJs. Charger 
le foumeau. 

V. (topogr.) auf das Papier (einen 

Winkel). voy. Transportiren. 

Auftncbtenmg, f. (m. d'a.) des Kreuz- 
schraubenlodaes). The counter-sink or 
hole in the taU of the breech for the 
breech-screw. TVou frais/ pour le pas- 
sage de la vis de culasse. 

Aufbitt, m. (fort.) Fussbank f. od. Ban- 

X^te f. The banquette. Banquette f. 
alien, n. (sid.) des Gusseisens (bei der 

Frischung^. The bubbling, swelling-up, 

or state of fermentation of semi-fluid mefatd 

during the process of refining. BouUlonne- 

ment de la fonte. 
Aufwarter, m. OjgHcer's servant, Soldat 

servant m., homme de confiance, domeS" 

tique d^officier, 
Aufwerfen, v. (ein Feldwerk). To throw-up 

or construct a field-work. Faire, ^riger, 

construire, Clever un ouvrage de cam- 

Aufwerfhammer, m. (sid.) Forge-hammer 

in iron-works, moved by machinery, and 

mounted as a lever of the second kind. 

Marteau m. a soulh>ement, voy. Stim- 

hammer; Scbwanzbammer. 
Aufzaumen, v. To bridle a horse. Brider 

un cheval. 
Aufziebbriicke, f. Draw-bridge, Pont-levis 

m. voy. Zugbriicke; Schwunebriicke 

(Kellerbriicke) ; Wippbriicke (Portal- 

AuMehen, v. (den Hahn) od. iiberzieben. 

To cock, or bring to the full-cock. Bander, 

armer le chien. 
Augen rechts! Eyes right/ (or right- 
dress /^ A droite = alignement / 
Augen Imks! Eyes Irft / (or Irft-dress /) 

A gauche = alignement/ 
Augenleder, n. pi. (sell.) od. Scbeuleder. 

Winkers, blinkers, eye-flaps, (EUlires 

f. pi. 
Augenmass, n. (militairisches). Military 

coup deceit. Coup d'ceil militaire m. 
Augenpunkt, m. (tact) od. Richtpunkt 

(beim Frontmarsche). The directing-point 

or point of direction on which the advance 

of troops is made. Point m, de direction 

de la marche, point de reph^, 
Augenstaar, m. (v^t.) Cataract, Cata^ 

racte, f, 
Ausarbeiten, v. (Recruten). To instruct or 

drill recruits, to set-up recruits. Dresser, 

former des recrues. 
V. (ein Pferd). To school, train or form 

a horse. Mettre un cheval, le dresser. 


Ausbauung — Ausfiallwinkel. 

I'instniire k tons les mouvements que le 
cavalier peut avoir k executer. 

Ausbauung, f. (min.) The timbering and 
walling of galleries ; the eating j or lining 
them with woodwork, sheeting, etc. ; the 
reveling or lining tliem vnth nuuonry. 
Construction f. des galeries en bois ou en 

Ausbessem, v. (Wege). To repair roads, 
put them in order or in repair ; to make 
them passable. R^tablirf rearer des 

Ausbesserung, f. (der Feuergewehre). Re- 
pair of smfdl-arms. Rhabillage m. des 
armes a feu. 

f. (einer Briicke). The repair of a 

bridge. Rfyaration f. d'un pont. 

f. (schlediter Wege^. The making roads 

passable or available for troops. R^ara- 
tion f. des mauvais chemins. 

Ausblasen, ▼. (h. f.) den Hohofen (od. aus- 
gehen lassen). To take or turn-off the 
blast f blow-out J or stop the fiimaoe; to 
draw the furnace. Mettre le foumeau 

Ausbohrung, f. (m. d'a.) des Hammers (dcr 
Percussions-Gewelire). The countersink of 
the cock-head. £videment m. de la tete 
du chien percutant. 

Ausbrechen, v. (art.) (ein Geschiitz). To 
lay a gun under metal, Mettre un canon 
hors d'eau. 

v. (art.) (einen Morser). To bring a 

mortar vertiod, or set it on end, for the 
purpose of loading. Dresser un mortier. 

V. (sid.) das Stiick od. Guss (bei der 

Stiickofenarbeit). To lift-out or remove 
the lump or mass of metal, (in the treat- 
ment of iron in the furnace called ** Stuck- 
ofen "). Retirer la masse, /atre sortir la 
masse ou la loupe. 

Ausbreitcn, v. Eisen (unter dem Hammer). 
To beat-out or flatten iron under the ham- 
mer. Aplatir sous le marteau. 

Ausbrennen, v. od. ausflammen. voy. 

n. (art.) (des Zundloches). The enlarge- 
ment of the vent by incessant firing, base- 
ment m. dc la lumiere. 

V. (fond.) (eine Form). To dry the in- 
terior of a gun-mould after the spindle is 
withdrawn. Mettre un moule en recuit, 

V. n. (art.) To enlarge, (as the vents 

of ordnance). S'^aser. (Ausgebraimt. 
Enlarged, (by firing, as the vent). 


Ausbringen, n. (sid.) (des Hohofens). Pro- 
duct, produce or result, (with reference to 
the working of blast-fuinaces). Produit m. 
du haut-foumeau. 

Ausbrbckeln, v. voy. Ausspringen. 

Ausdammen, v. (fond.) vojr. Ausputzen. 

Ausdehnen, n. od. Ausreissen (des Ei- 
sens). The expa$uion or dilatation. Di- 
latation {. 

Ausdehnen, n. (h. f.) (der Schachtmauem). 
The swelling of the furnace. Dilatation 
f. des parois d'un foumeau. 

Ausdehnung, f. Ktpansion. Eapansion; 
dilatation f. 

Ausdehnungskraft, f. Expansive-power, 
(elastic force). Powvoir m. de s^etendre, 
pouvoir expanstf; force expansive. 

Ausdienen, v. To serve one*s time, to com- 
plete one's service. Finir son service, 
/aire son temps de service; acquitter ses 

Ausdrehstahl, m. (tour). A right-side tool, 
with two cutting-edges (viz. a side-edge 
and an end-edge), or left-side tool, (ac- 
cording to the side-edge). Ciseau m. de 

Auseinandergehen, v. voy. Oehen. 

Auseinanderstellung, f. (art.) (der Schild- 
zapfenscheiben). The width inside the 
shoulder of the gun, (with reference to the 
construction of the carriage), the %pidth 
at the trunnions. :Bcartement m. des 

f. (art.) (der Wande). The width be- 
tween the brackets of a gun-carriage, or 
their width-apart. £cartement m. des 

f. der Rader (die untere) od. — am 

Erdboden (Geleise). The tread of car- 
riages; (the transverse distance of the 
wheels or trucks). Voie f. des voitures. 

Auserlesen. (Auserlesene Leute. Picked 
men; the elite of a force. Soldats m., 
troupes d* elite f. pi.) 

Ausfall, m. Sortie or sally made by a gar- 
rison for the purpose of destroying the 
enemy's works. Sortie f. 

m. (fort.) od. Ausgang (aus dem Gla- 
ds). Sallyport, or opening cut in the gla- 
ds in the ^pe of a ramp. (When not in 
use, the sallyport is dosed by barriers.) 
Sortie f. (du glads), voy. Ausgang. 

Ausfallcolonne, f. Sallying column, or 
sallying party. Sortie f. ; colonne, troupe 
de sortie. 

Ausfallgatter, n. (fort.) Barrier-gate of 
pallisadcs, which closes the ramp in the 
glacis for the exit of sorties. Barrih'e f. 
de sortie qui ferme le chemin convert. 

Ausfallstufen, f. pi. Steps formed in the 
parapet of the parallel to enable the guard 
to get out to repel sorties. Gradins dont 
la parallele est munie, gradins m. pi. de 

Ausfalltbor, n. (fort.) od. Poteme. The 
postern or sallyport. Poteme f. ; (passage 
vout^ au travers des courtines ou lignes 
d'ouvrages qui conduissent dans le fosse, 

n. (einer Citadelle). The gate of suc- 
cour of a dtadel ; (the gate fadng towards 
the country^. Porte f. de secours. 

Ausfallwinkel, m. (art.) od. Reflections- 
winkel. The angle of reflection. Angle m, 
de reflexion, voy. Abprallungswinkel. 

Ausflammen — Auskratzen. 

Ausflammen, v. (art.) od. ausbrennen 
(ein Geschiitzrohr). To scale a gun. 
Ftamber one pi^. 

Ausfluth, f. voy. Ablauf. 

Ausfuhnmgscommando, n. Ttact.) Word 
qf execution, executtve-wora qf command, 
Commandemeni m. d^exicuUon. 

Ausfiillung, f. (oonstr. dee ponts, etc.) (eines 
Raumes mit losen Steinen). An enrock- 
ment; the stone-filling applied in bridge- 
building, upon breakwaters, banks of rivers, 
etc., consisting of masses of broken stones 
thrown in at random and of sufficient size 
to resist the current. EnrochemerU m. 

Ausfuttem, ▼. To feed; to give forage. 
Donner la ration de fourrage ; donner du 

V. (sid.) Probirtiegel (mit Kohlenstaub) 

od. ausscnlagen. To line crudbles with 
cfaarooaL Braaquer (les creusets d'essai). 

Auagabe, f. voy. Ausgeben. 

Ausgang, m. (fort.) od. Eingang (einer Yer- 
schanzung.) The entrance to an endosed- 
work or redoubt. Entree f. d We redoute ; 

m. (fort) (aus dem Glacis). Passage 

or ramp prepared in various parts of the 
glacis to fiidlitate the egress and ingress 
of sorties, etc. Rampe form^ dans la 
Qiasse du glacis pour pouvoir sortir du che- 
min oouvert ; sortie f. du glacis. 

m. (m. d'a/) (des Kreuzschrauben- 

loches). voy. Mittelschaft. 

m. (eines Engpasses). The outlet of a 

defile; i^e deboucke, Dibouchi m,.y sortie 
f. d'un d^fil^. 

Ausgeben, n. (des Brodes, etc.) The serving- 
out, distribution, or issue, of bread, meat, 
etc Distribution f. de vivres, etc. 

Ausgebetrog, m. (sid.) voy. Aufgebetrog. 

Ausgebrachte, n. (sid.) (Gewoimene od. 

' Product). The product, Produit m. 

Ausgehend, (fort.) od. ausspringend (von 
Winkeln>. Salient, (said of angles in for- 
tification). Saillant, 

Ansgehenae Winkel, m. pi. voy. Winkel. 

Ausgehobene Mannschailen, f. pL The 
levies, Levie f. de consents. 

Auigeschossen, (von Geschiitzen). Un- 
serviceable (as guns) from firing, Hors 
de service: d^gradipar le tir, 

Ausgesetzt sein, (dem fbindlichen Feuer] 
To be exposed (to the enemy's fire, etc. 
Stre expos^vn. feu de Tennemi, etc 

AuBgleichen, v. & n. (den Grand ; des Gnm- 
des). To level-off, level, or prepare the 
bed of a foundation ; clearing and level- 
ling the bottom in which any structure is 
to rest, ybrmin^ a level bed. Rigaler ; 
r4galage m. 

Ausgliihen, n. od. Anlassen (des Stahles). 
Tempering or annealing; the process of 
restoring to steel the pure properties of 
which by overheating it had been deprived. 
Recuit m. 

v. To anneal. Recuire. 

Ausgliibung, f. Antiealing. Recuit m. voy. 

Ausgraber, m. (beim Batteriebaue, etc.) 
Digger, or workman employed as such, in 
battery -building. Travailleur m. a la 
fouille, au deblai ; fouilleurdn foss^, (dans 
la construction des batteries, etc.) 

Aushalten, v. (Kanonenfeuer) od. aus- 
stehen. To withstand, hold-out against, 
or sustain the enemy's fire ; to remain ex- 
posed to fire. Essuyer le feu ennemi. 

V. To hold-out, maintain or keep one's 

ground or position ; to stand or withstand 
an attack. Soutenir, r/sister a . . ., se 
d^fendre conire .... 

Aushauer, ra. (ust. d'art.) (zu den Ziinder- 
platten). Circle-iron, hollow-punch. Em- 
porte-pi^ce m. 

Aushaueisen, n. (zu den Kugelpflastem). 
Punch or cutter for rifle-patches. Em- 
porte-piece m. 

Ausheben, v. (Recroten). To raise or levy 
troops ; to enlist recruits. L4oer des recroes. 

Aushebung, f. (von Trappen). The enlist- 
ment or levying of troops. Lev^e f., ou 
appel m. de troupes. 

Ausbohlung, f. (des Ambosses). Hollow or 
groove in the fece of the anvil in which 
iron is welded which is to be made round. 
Creux manage dans I'endume; canne- 
lure f. 

f. (m. d'a.) des Hahns (bei Percussions- 

schlossera). The concave or mouth of the 
head of tiie percussion-hammer. £vide- 
ment m. de la tSte du chien percutant. 

f. (artif.) (der Rakete). The hollow of 

the rocket ; the spindle-hollow, or hollow 
cone left after driving the rocket. Ame f., 
creux m. de la fus^. 

f. (v. d'a.) (der Nabe). The neck of the 

stock ; the diminishing of the nave from 
the swell towards the neck and fiice. 
£coltage m. du moyeu. 

f. (art) (des Bodenstuckes). The neck 

of the cascable. Crorge f. de la culasse. 

Aushungem, v. (einen Platz). To starve- 
out a garrison, or starve a place until it 
surrenders. Affamer une place. 

Auskehlen, v. (Holz). To groove, hollow- 
out ; flute or channel. Canneler une pi^ 
de bois. 

Auskehlung, f. (m. d'a.) Kerbe od. Hohl- 
kem(de8Schwanzschraubenkopfe8). Notch 
or groove in the plug of old musket- 
breeching to hold a greater depth of powder 
towards the touch-hole. Coche f. a la cu- 
lasse d'un canon de fiisil. 

Auskolben, v. (m. d'a.) (einen Gewehrlauf). 
To fine-bore a barrel, or bore for shooting. 
Donner a un canon de fusil son calibre 

Auskothen, v. voy. Ueberkothen. 

Auskratzen, v. (den Hohofen). To draw 
the furnace, or draw the charge ; to blow- 
out or stop the furnace. D^eharger le 
haut-foumeau ; mettre-hors. 


Auskundschaften — Ausriicken. 

Auskundschaften, t. To *py, watch i re- 
connoitre. Espiotmer, ^ler; recontuuire. 

Ausladen, v. (ein Geschiitz) od. entladen. 
To unload a guzL. D4cJiarger une piece 
avec le tire-bourre. 

V. (ein Gewehr). To draw the charge 

of a firelock. D4charger un fusil, oter la 

Ausladung,f. (art.) (der Friesenam Geschiitz- 
rohre). The projection of the mouldings 
above the suifuse of the piece. Sailiie f. 
des moulures. 

f. (artif.) The bouncing of fireworks. 

Chaste f. des artifioes. 

f. (art.) od. der Ausstoss (der Hohl- 

kugeln). Bursting -powder tor shells. 
Charge f. (des projectiles creux). 

Auslassventil, n. (sid.) (eines Kastengebla- 
ses). Forcing-valve, Soupape f. d* expi- 

Auslaufen, v. & n. (art.) (der Kugel). To 
roU (as a shot); the roll of the shot, 
(which occurs ^ter it has done grazing). 
Finir sa course, (moment on un projectile 
commence par perdre la force d'impulsion 
qu'il avait refue, commence par rouler); 
fndela course d'un projectile. 

Auslaugen, n. (salp.) (der Salpetererde). The 
liximation of, or the process of extracting 
the nitrous salts from, the rubbish of old 
buildings, etc.^'). Lessivage m., lessive 
ou lixiviation f. ; proc^^ pour obtenir le 
salpetre. (Ausgelaugte Salpetcrcrde. Ex- 
hausted nitre-beds, Terre amendie, Zum 
abermaligen Auslaugen wieder geschickt 
gemachte Erde. Regenerated nitre bedst 
i. e., nitrous earth that has been exhausted 
by lixiviation, renewed repeatedly by break- 
ing up and exposure to the free action of 
the air. Terre ranim^e). 

n. (des verdorbenen Pulvers). The 

process of extracting the saltpetre from 
damaged gunpowder. Lessivage m. de la 
poudre, pour en retirer le salpetre. 

Aualaugung, f. Lixiviation, Lessivage m. 

Auslegen, v. (man. de force.) (ein Geschutz- 
roh^. To dismount a piece of ordnance 
from its carriage. Descendre une pi^ de 

V. (das Gewehr). voy. Ausstossen, 


Ausleger, m. Guard^essel: revenue-cutter, 
Patache t 

Aualesung, f. (sid.) (der Erze). The sort- 
ing or picking of ores, in preparing them 
for the smelting-house. Triage m. 

Ausliefem, v. (Deserteure). To give-up de- 
serters. Livrer, restituer (des descrteurs). 

Auslicfeningsyertntg, m. The agreement 
between two nations for mutually giving- 
up deserters. Cartel m. d' extradition, 

Ausloschen, v. (art.) (das Feuer einer Batte- 
rie). To silence a battery, or silence the 
fire of a battery, ^eindre le feu d'une 

Auslosung, f. (der Kriegsgefiuigenen). Ran- 

som of prisoners of war. Ranfonnement m. 
des prisonniers. 

Ausmarsch, m. Departure, mtmng-off, or 
marching-off of any body of men. Dipari 
m. d'une troupe. 

Ausmauem, v. (Minengange). To renet, 
or line with masonry, (the galleries of 
oounter-mines). Revitir en mafonnerie 
les galeries de mines. 

Ausmeisseln, v. (ein Geschiitzrohr). To 
chase or engrave a gun. Ciseler, graver 
une piece. 

Ausmustem, v. ausrangiren (Soldaten, 
Pferde). To discharge soldiers unfit for 
the service; to cast horses of cavalry. 
Rtformer les soldats et les chevaux de la 
cavalerie. (Ausgemusterie Pferde. Cast- 
horses, Chevaux m. pL de r^forme, che^ 
vaux rtformi^s,) 

Auspeilen, v. To sound, or take the sound- 
ings, Sonder le fond. 

Auspliindem, v. (eine Stadt). To sack a 
town, or give a town over to the plunder 
of the soldiery, to give it up to pillage, 
Donner le sac a une ville, mettre une ville 
a sac, 

Ausputzen, v. (moul.) (eine Form). To re- 
pair injured parts of a moulding ; to trim 
and smooth die surface of the sand. Rea- 
rer un moule : rem^ier aux degradations 
d'un moule. 

Ausquartieren, v. To billet-out, or quarter- 
out of barracks; to change quarters; to 
remove troops from their quarters. Loger 
chez r habitant, hors de la caserne ; changer 
de caserne, de gamison ; /aire changer de 
logement a une troupe. 

Ausrangiren, v. (Pferde). To cast horses. 
Reformer, rebuter les chevaux improprea 
au service. 

Ausnlumen, v. (das ZUndloch). To clear 
the touch-hole of a musket. £pingler le 

Ausnlumer, m. A pump-scraper. Curette f. 

Ausrecken, v. (sid.) das Eisen (unter Ham- 
mem). To dolley, shingle, or work the 
bloom of iron under a ponderous hammer 
until it is brought to the form of a bar. 
JStirer le fer sous les marteaux. 

V. (sid.) das Eisen (unter Walzen). To 

roll iron, or draw it out into bars between 
cylinders. £tirer le fer entre des cylindres. 

Ausreissen, v. (constr. des ponts.) (Grund- 
pfahle). To draw or withdraw piles, to 
raise piles, or draw them out of the 
ground. Arracher des pieux. 

n. (der Grundpfahle). The raising, 

drawing, or withdrawing of pUes. Arrache- 
ment m. des pieux. 

Ausreisser, m. Deserter, D^serteur m. 
voy. Deserteur. 

Ausriicken, v. To turn-out (z. B. zu irgend 
einem Dienste) ; to leave camp ; to move- 
out, or march-out of camp, cantonments, 
or quarters. Sortir pour un service qc. ; 
se porter au rendez-vous; prendre Us 

Ausriickendes — Ausstellung. 


armei; 9e mettre en marche on en route; 
quiher, partir. 

Ausriickendes Piket, n. voy. Piket. 

Ausruhen, v. (laasen). To allow troops to 
regtf or give them time to reaty (on the 
Hne of march). Faire repoaer lea ti*oupe8 
en marche. 

Ansriisten, ▼. eine Batterie (mit Geschiitz). 
To arm a battery. Armer une batterie. 

V. To arm; equip; Jit -out; accoutre; 

fiarnith. Armer; equiper. 

Ausriistung, f. Armament ; equipment ; fit- 
ting-out^ out-fit. Armement; ^quipement 
m. ; tgfprovinonnement. 

f. voy. Munitionsausrustung. 

Aussatz, m. (ySt,) Cutaneous-eruption in 
horses. Dartres f. pi. 

Ausschiilen, ▼. (min.) To planks line with 
Mheeting^ or secure the galleries of mines 
with woodwork, Coffrer les mines. 

Ausschalimg, f. (min.) The planking^ tim- 
bering, or securing the shafts or galleries 
of mines vnth woodwork. Coffrage m. des 

Ausschiessen, ▼. (als mitauglich verwerfeu). 
To condemn (as unserviceable). Rebuter ; 

Ausschiffen, v. (Truppen). To disembark 
troops. Debar quer (des troupes). 

Auuchifiiing, f. Disembarkation. Debar- 
quement m. 

Ausschlagen, ▼. To kick^fiing or lash-out, 
(as horses). Ruer, se dit des chevaux. 

Ausachmieden, v. (das Eisen). To hammer, 
beat-out, forge, or extend under the ham- 
mer. Forger, corroyer, battre le fer. 

AuBSchnitt, m. (m. d'a.) (fiir die Anlage des 
Schlosses). The hole, bed, recess, or part 
carved out for the reception of the lock. 
Encastrement m. de la platine. 

m. (art.) od. die Verjiingung (der 

Laffetenwiinde). Diminishing or slope of 
the trail ; the lightening-out or taper of the 
brackets. Delardement m. des flasques. 

m. (v. d'a.) (im Achsfiitter) fiir die 

eiseme Achse. Opening for the iron axle- 
tree in axle-tree bed. Encastrement m. 
dans le dessous du corps d'essieu pour 
Tessieu en fer. 

m. (fort.) od. Einschnitt. (der um die 

Traversen fUhrende Umgang). Defile, or 
crochet-passage, cut into the glacis to 
enable the defenders to circulate round the 
traverses. Crochet m. ;* contoumement m. 
du glacis autour de la traverse. 

m. (art.) od. Einschnitt (unten an den 

Enden der Wande der Morser-Laffeten). 
Horn, or traversing-notch, in the front 
and rear of the cheeks of a mortar-bcd. 
Entaille f. de la queue ou de la tete d'lm 
affut de mortier. 

Ausschnitte, m. pi. (art. navale.) od. Stufen 
(der Wande einer Schiffslaifete). Steps, 
in the sides or brackets of a ship-carriage. 
Bntailles, coches f. pi., gradins m. pi. d'un 
afftkt marin. 
German Part. 

Ausschroten, v. (sid.) (den Deul od. die 
Luppe). To shingle the loop or ball of 
metal. Cingler la loupe. 

Ausschuss, m. The name formerly given in 
some parts of Germany to the militia (or 
Landmiliz). In its literal sense it implies 
" refuse," (something too bad to be used in 
recruiting the ranks of the regular troops), 
voy. Landmiliz. 

Ausschwiirmen, v. (tact.^ To fall-out to 
pursue and disperse, (as light cavalry). 
Se disperser et charger en fourrageurs, 
(se dit de la cavalerie). 

Ausschwenken, ▼. voy. Abschwenken. 

Aussenmauer, f. (h. f.) voy. Rauhmauer. 

Aussenposten, m. An out-post; advanced- 
post ; advanced -piquet. Avant-poste m. ; 
poste ananc4. voy. Vorposten. 

m. voy. Vorposten. 

Aussenwache, f. od. Feldwache. voy. Feld- 

f. (in Festungen). Detached garrison- 
guard, (beyond the ditch or at any of 
the barriers, etc.). Poste ext^rieur d'une 
place ; {poste m. de Vavanc4e ; poste du 

Aussenwerke, n. pi. (fort.) Outworks, or 
those constructed within the limits of the 
general covered-way and glacis of a for- 
tress. Dehors m. pi. d'une place. 

Aussetzen, ▼. (Posten). To post, plant, or 
set sentries ; to throw-out sentries ; to post 
piquets. Poser des seutineUes; mettre, 
placer des postes. 

V. voy. Ausgesetzt, (part.). 

Aussetzung, f. (min.) voy. Verdammung. 

Ausspannen, v. (Pferde). voy. Abspannen. 

Ausspringen, v. od. ausbrockeln. To break 
into grains at the edge ; to^y in harden- 
ing, as steel. SVgrener ou sVgrainer. 

Ausspringender "Winkel, m. voy. Winkel 

Ausstauben, v. (poudr^ od. durchziehen 
(das neue Pulver). To dust powder, to 
winnow it, or pass it through sieves or a 
screen, in order to clean it finally for bar- 
relling. £pousseter la poudrc. 

Ausstechen, v. (die Schiessscharten). To 
pierce, or cut-out embrasures for guns in 
the solid parapet. D4gorger les embra- 

Ausstecken, v. (ein Lager). To mark-out 
an encampment. Tracer un camp. 

V. (einen Weg). To mark-out a road. 

Jalonner un chemin. 

V. voy. Abstecken. 

Ausstellen, v. (Schildwachen ; Piquete od. 
Posten). To post or plant sentries ; to 
post piquets. Poser des sentincUes ; mettre, 
placer des sentinelles ou des piquets. 

V. voy. Anlegen. 

Ausstellung, f. (der Vorposten). The posting 
or distribution of out-lying piquets. Place- 
ment m. ou disposition f. des avant-postes. 

f. (der Arbeiter) (beim Baue der Schan- 

zen, etc.). The distribution or arrange^ 

Auntempeln — Avancirhaken. 

meni of the workmen, in throwing-up 
field-works, etc. Placement m. on dis- 
position f. des travailleurs, dans Tex^cution 
des ouvrages de campagne, etc. 

Ausstempeln, v. voy. Vertrempeln. 

Ausstopien, v. (art.) (Munitionskasten). To 
stuff ammunition boxes; to ttt^ them 
with tow. ttouper les caissons ; remplir 
les intervalles des munitions qui j sont 
contenues avec de Vetoupe, 

Ausstoss, m. (artif.) od. Ausstossladung. 
Bursting-ckarge or bouncing for the head 
of rockets, etc. Chasse f. des artifices. 

, m. (art.) ^der HohlkugeUi). Bunting- 
powder for shells. Charge f. (des pro- 
jectiles crcux). 

Ausstossen, v. (das Gewehr) (auslegen 
od. ausstrecken). voy. Ausstrecken. 

n. (aus dom Soldatenstande). voy. 


Ausstrecken, v. (das Gewehr) (strecken). 
To extend the firelock ^rom the order , to 
present at the order; to throw out the 
firelock to the full extent of the right arm 
with ordered arms, in order to pay the 
compliment of presenting without shoulder- 
ing, when posted over officers of the rank 
of lieutenant-general upwards. C'est rendre 
les honneurs k qui de droit, ^tant en &c. 
tion devant la maison d'un lieutenant- 
g^n^ral, d'une excellence, ou d'un membre 
de la famille royale, en eloignant le fusil 
du corps k une distance de longueur de 
bras, le pouce ^tant sur la douille de la 
baionnette et Varme au pied ; honneur qui 
^uivaut a presenter lesarmes dans d'autres 

Ausstrecken, v. (sid.) (das Eisen). To 
draw-out and condense iron by compression 
between cylinders, ^irer aux cyhndres. 

Ausstromungsofliiung, f. voy. Brandloch. 

Austheilung, f. The distribution (of rations) ; 
serving- out t or issue. Distribution f. du 
pain, de la viande, etc 

Austritt, m. (min.) (bei Mfai^igangen). Re- 
cess in gaUeries of mines. Retraite f. ; 
excavation dans les parois des galeries de 

m. (fort.) Recess in the passage under 

the rampart. Retraite f. ; d/gagement m. 
dans les portes de ville. 

Austrocknen, v. (Holz). To season wood. 
Dess^cher le bois. 

Ausiibungscommando, n. (tact.) Word or 
command of execution, Commandement 
m. d*ex^eution, 

Auswahlen, v. To choose, pick, or select 
men ; to select them for discharge or for the 
purpose of drafting into other corps, etc. 
Choisir les soldats d'un r^ment; tirer, 
(Ausgewahlte Mannscfaait (liute). Picked, 
choice, select troops. Soldats, troupes 
choisies pi. ; ^lite f.) 

Auswalzen, v. (sid.) (das Eisen). To reduce, 
or draw-out iron into bars between cylin- 
ders. £tirer le fer aux cylindres. 

Auswaschen, n. (sid.) (der Erxe). The 
washing of ores. Lavage m. des ndn^rais. 

Auswechseln, n. od. die Auawechselung 
(der Gefiuigenen). Exchange of prisoners, 
between two nations at war. £change m^ 
de prisonniers. 

Auswcchselungsvertrag, m. (der Gefiui- 
genen wegen). Cartel, or the agreement 
between two hostile powers for a mutual 
exchange of prisoners. Cartel m, d'^change. 

Ausweitung, f. (art.) (der Miindung der Ge- 
schiitze). Spewing at the mouth, or droop^ 
ing at the muzzle in guns ; (the elliptical 
ei^argement of the bore, occasioned by 
quick and continued firing). £gueulement 
m, des bouches k feu. 

Answerfen, v. (pont.) (den Anker). To 
cast, drop, or let-go the anchor. MouiUer 

V. (ein Pferd). To geld or cut a horse. 

Chdtrer, hongrer un cheval. 

Auswirken, v. (mar^h.) (den Haf eines 
Pferdcs). To pare the foot in shoeing. 
Parer le pied d'un cheval. 

Auswischen, v. (art.) (ein Geschiitzrohr). 
To spunge a gun ; to spunge. £couvillonner 
une piece. 

Auswurf, m. (min.) The excavation formed 
by the explosion of a mine. Excavation L 
voy. Tricnter. 

Auswiirken, v. voy. Auswirken. 

Auszeichnung, f. A distinction. Distinct 
tion f. 

Auszieben, v. (den Schuss). To draw the 
charge of a musket. Retirer, oter la 
charge d'une arme k feu. 

V. (den Ladestock). To draw the ram- 

lod. Tifrer la baguette. (Zieht aus — den 
Ladestock ! Draw ramrods ! Tirex = la 
baguette !) 

Ausziehen, v. (mit Waffen und Gepack.) 
To march-out with the honours of war. 
Obtenir les honneurs de la guerre ; con- 
server armes et bagages. 

v. (Pfahle). To draw, raise or with- 
draw piling. Arracher des pieux. 

n. (eingerammter Pfehle). The with- 
drawing of piling. Arrachement m. de 

Autoritat, f. Authority. Autorit/f. 

Auxiliartrappen, f. pi. Auxiliaries, auxi- 
liary-troops. Troupes auxiliaires f. pi. 
voy. Hiiltstruppen. 

Avancement, n. Promotion. Avancement m, 

Avanciren, v. n. (tact.) od. vorriicken (gegen 
den Feind). To advance or make a move- 
ment in advance against the enemy. 
Avancer contre Tennemi; se porter en 

V. n. (in hohere Grade vorriicken). To 

get on or obtain promotion ; to advance ; 
to obtain rank. Avancer; monter en grade; 
gagner de V avancement; obtenir un grade 
superieur. (Avandrt werden. To be pro- 
moted. £tre promu), 

Avancirhaken, m. (art.) (an der Stame einer 

Avancirhaken — Axt. 


Laffete). Bretut-hook, Crochet m. de 

retraUe an front d'an flamue ; crochet de 

iHe fi(0U. Yoy. Retirirbaken. 
Avaniiriiakexi, m. (art.) (Hakensclieibe) am 

Elide der AdmchenlkeL Drag-waaher. 

Flotte f. a crockei. 
Avancirketten, f. pL (art.) od. Brustketten. 

Breatt or advanein^'ChmnM, Chamee f. pL 

Avandrseil, n. (art) od. Zugieil. ^oj- 

Avancirstrick, m. (art.) yoy. Zugseil. 
ATandrtau, n. (art,) Tbe proUmge, Pro- 

icmge f. de manoraTre. 

n. (art) od. Bnisttau. v<nr. Bnisttau. 

Avantgardey t (Vorwache, ^ orhut, Vor- 

trab). The van, or adoamee of a oolamn of 

titx^ on the march ; an mdvanee-ffuard 

or advtmeed-gtiard. Avami^parde f. 
Airertiflaemeiita-Ck>iiiiiiaiido, n. od. Vor- 

criniicnmy-CoininaiMk>. Aesv/MMi, or 

command of caution, Commandement m, 

ATertissenients-Poften,m. (bei einer Avant- 
garde). The /lie qf communication of an 
advanced-guard, or file in rear <rf the head 
of the van. Pile f. interm/diaire, file 
d'avertistement on de communication d'una 

m. voy. VeHnndungiipofiten. 

Avisopiket, n. (Sicherheitiipiket). De- 
taehed'piguet, or party tent Ut occupy 
some particohtf spot which cannot })e taken 
within the general line of pir|iietfl. Piquet 
ou poete m. de tHret/ ou d*avertiM»ement, 

Avisopotten, m. voy. Verbindungapoflten. 

m. voy. Avisopiket. 

ATiioachildwache, f. voy. Schildwacbe. 

Axe, f. voy. Acbie. 

Axt, f. An ajre; carpenter' t axe. Haehe f. 

f. (Baum-). PeUing-axe, Coffn(e i. 


K -i 


Bach, m. Brook: stream; rivuiei, Jlttw- 
aeau m. 

Backen, m. (m. d*a.) (Anschlag. od. 
l^kenansatz am Scnafte). The cheek- 
piece. Renflement m., ou renfort oonvexe 
a la crosse du bois d'oh fiisil. 

m. (m. d'a.) od. Backenausschnitt. 

Toy. Backenausschnitt. 

m. pi. (einer Schiessscharte). The cheeks 

or sides of an embrasure. Jouee f. pi. d'une 

m. pi. (art.) od. Seitenbacken (einer 

Bk>cklafrete). The cheeks or brackets of a 
block- trail carriage. Flasquesm. pi., (demi- 

m. pi. (art.) od. Lauflatten, f. pi. Tder 

Laufschwellen des Rahmens einer honen 
Gribeauval'schen Rahm-Laffete). Ribands 
on the rails of a traversing-platform of the 
system of Gribeauval, to keep the wheel on 
the rail. Tringles t pi. d^un ch&ssis de 
place (modele Gribeauval). 

m. pi. (einer Schraubenschneidekluppe). 

The dies or jaws of screw-stocks. Coussi- 
nets m. pi. de filiere ; (deux coins en ader 
servant de filerie). 

m. pi. (tour.) od. Wangcn, f. pi. (einer 

gewohnlichen Drehbank). ShearSt cheeks^ 
or sides of a lathe, between which the pup- 
pets slide, forming together the ** bed ** of 
the lathe. Jumelles f. pi. 

Backenausschnitt, m. (m. d'a.) The cheek- 
piece; the hollow cut out in the butt for 
the cheek. Joue f. ; (^videment dans la 
crosse d'un fusil). 

Backenblatt, n. (art.) (fur den Kopf der 
Richtschraube). The nob^ or plate imder 
the swing-bed for the head of the elevating- 
screw. Calotte f. de vis de pointage. 

Backend, (sid.) (von Steinkohlen). Caking^ 
(said of coala). Collanty (se dit des char- 
bons de terre). 
Backenriem, m. (sell.) (derUnterlegetrense). 

voy. Uuterlegetrense. 
Backcnriemen, m. pi. ^1.) (am Zaume). 
voy. Backenstiicke ; Stangenzaum. 

Backenriemen, m. pi. (sell.) (eines HalftersV 
Cheeks of a head-collar. JouiUerts f. pi. 
d'un licou. 

Backenstnippe, f. (sell.) od. Backenstrippe 
(am Hauptgestelle eines Zaumes). Cheek- 
billet. Porte-mors m. 

Backenstiicke, n. pi. (sell.) (am Haupt- 
gestelle). The cheeks of bridle head-staU. 
Montants m. pi. de la bride. 

n. pi. (h. f.) (am Hohofengestelle). The 

extremes of the hearth of bUst-fumaces. 
Costikres f. pi. 

Backenzahne, m. pi. (des Pferdes). The 
grinders. Dents mdchelihres ou molaires 

Backhaus, n. (Backerci). Bakery. Bou- 
langerie f. (militaire\ 

Backkohle, f. (mineral). Smith-coal, smithy 
or forge-coal f caking or cubical-coal, 
Houille grasse, collante. 

Backstein, m. (der feuerbestandige). Fire- 
brick; fire-tile. Brique f. r^fractaire. 

Badeschwamm, m. (cav.) The water-sponge, 
(cav^^ necessaries). £ponge f. ; (petit ^quip. 
du caval.). 

Bagagc, f. Baggage. Bagage m. ; bagages 
m. pi. ; {bagage d'une armee ; hagage d un 

Bagagckarre, f. Baggage-cart. Charrette f. 
a bagages. 

Bagagepfcrd, n. Bdt-horse. Cheval m. de 

Bagagewache, f. Baggage-guard, (on the 
march.) Garde f. d'i^quipages, de bagages. 

Bagagewagen, m. (Riistwagen). Baggage- 
waggon. Fourgon; chariot m. de bagage, 

Baggem, v. ausbaggem od. ausraumen 
(einen Hafen, etc.). To clean a harbour, 
etc. Debourber un port, en 6ter la vase, 
recreuser, creuser. 

Bahn, f. (man.) od. Reitbahn. Riding- 
school, riding-house, or manege. Manage 

(oflTene) od. Reitplatz. Open-manege, 

Manage wcowsert, voy. Reitbahn. 

Bahn — Ballistischer. 


Bahn, f. (art.) (der Projectile). The path 
or trajectory of projectiles. Trajectoire f. 

f. (dee Hammers). The face of the 

hammer. Panne f. du marteau ; partie in- 
fi^rieure du marteau qui frappe I'objet. 

f. (pondr.) (der Laufer). Track of the 

cyliiiders. Pitte f. des meules. 
Bahnblatt, n. (art.) (der Richtsohle). Swing- 
bedplate, Plaque f. de semelle, 
Bahreiikopi>er, m. od. Krippensetzer. A 

erib'biter, Tiqueur m. 
Bajonnet, n. Bayonet. Bdionnette f. Its 
parts are : 
Die Klinge. The blade. Lame f. 
Die Spitze. The point. Pointef. 
Der Riicken. The back. Doe m. 
Die Flache, (Vorderseite). The flat. 

Die Hohlkehlen od. Rmnen. The/ullerSf 
Julleringt {or fuller ed-ndee). Canne- 
lures ou ffouttikree f. pi. 
Der Hals od. Arm. The neck. Coude m. 

ou branche coud/e. 
Die Dille, Hiilse od. Tulle. The socket. 
Douille f. 
Die Bohrung. The bore. Partie for^e. 
Die Haftschlitze, der Hafteinschnitt. 
The motion. Fente f. pour le pas- 
sage du tenon. 
Der Bajonnet- od. Unterring. The ring, 
forming the bottom of the socket. 
Bourrelet m. 
Der Sperr- od. Schieberring. The locking- 
ring, Virole ou bague f. de baion- 

(fig.) Bayonets, (said figuratively of 

men under arms). Baionnettes (au figure, 
en parlant des fantassins). 

(20,000 Bajonnette. 20.000 bayonets, 
in the field. 20.000 baionnettes, ou 
hommes d'infanterie sous les armes.) 
BuonnetangrifFy m. (od. Angriff mit dem 
Bajonnette). Attack or charge with fixed 
bayonets. Attaque, charge f. a la bdion- 
Bajonnetfechten, n. Bayonet-exercise, (to 
which foreign infjemtry are drilled). Ma- 
niement m. de bdionnette; maniement de 
la bdionnette. 
B^jonnetfederhaft, f. od. 
Bajonnethaft, f. (m. d'a.) Bayonet-stud. 
Tenon m. pour retenir la bajfonnette sur 
Bajonnetkom, n. Angel, f. od. Sperrring- 
stift, m. (m. d'a.) Locking -ring pin, (on 
foreign muskets). £touteau m. 
Baionnetring, m. (m. d'a.) Sperr- od. 
Schieberring. Locking-ring, round the 
socket of the bayonet in foreign muskets 
to prevent the bayonet being unfixed. 
Virole, bague f. de baionnette. 
Bajonnetscheide, f. (m. d'a.) Bayonet- 
scabbard. Fourreau m. de baionnette. 
Baken, f. pL voy. Absteckstabe. 
Babmciren, v. (Raketen) (artif.) To poize 
rocket-sticks. £quilibrer les fus^, de 

maniere que leur centre de gravity soit sur 
la ba^:uette. 

Balancirschritt, m. The balance-step, (vulg. 
goose-step). Pas m. d'^cole; pas d^- 
oompos^ qu'on enseigne aux recrues pour 
leur donner de I'aplomb. voy. Lehrschritt. 

Balgdeute, f. Balgrohr, n. od. Duse f. The 
tue-iron for bellows nose-pipe. Tuyere f. 

Balge, m. pi. od. Blasebalge. Smithes bel- 
lows. Souffiets pyramidaux pi. 

Balgengebl'ase, n. (holzemes). Wooden- 
bellows of smelting-fumaoes. Soufflet m. 
de bois ; soufflet pyramidal. 

n. pi. (ledeme). Leathern-bellows. 

Souffiets de cuir m. pi. 

Balgenpfanne, f. (art.) (zum WeUzapfen 
des Blasebalges). The gudgeon-socket of 
forge-bellows. Logement m. pour le tou- 
rillon du soufflet. 

Balgenstange, f. (art.) Rock-staf of forge- 
bellows. Branloire f. de soufflet 

Balgform, f. voy. Balgkopf. 

Balgkopf, m. Balgenkopf od. Kopfstiick 
n. (eines Blasebalges). Nozzle-block, or 
cog of wood into which the bellows-boards 
are fieistened, and through which the nose- 
pipe goes. T^tihre f. de soufflet. 

Balken, m. (charp.) Beam; airder. Poutref, 

(verstarkter) (charp.) Built-beam. 

Poutre f. d*assemblage. 

(verzahnter). voy. Trilger. 

m. pi. (charp.) (gekrtimmte). Bent- 
beams / curved-wood. Poutres cintr/es. 

(gekerbter, gebogener). Kerfed-beam, 

bent upon the German principle. Poutre 
courb^ ou dntree a I'allemande au moyen 

(kiinstlich gebogener). Artificially- 
curved beam.- — courb4e ou cintr^e arti- 

(krumm gewachsener). Naturally - 

curved beam, or piece of timber. — cintr/e 
naturellement, ou — naturellement courbe. 
voy. Hangetramen. 

m. (pont.) (zu Pontonbriicken). Balk 

or baulk for pontoon-bridges. Poutrelle f. 
m. (m. d'a.) (od. Feld, n). A land; 

the original siirface left between the sunk 

part (or furrows) in rifle-barrels. Filet m. 

de rayure. 
m. (m. d'a.) od. der lange Arm der 

Stange. voy. Stange. 
m. od. Querstange, (wodurch das Zelt 

getragen wird). Ridge-pole of a marquee. 

TYaverse f. 
Balleisen, n. Ttour.) (der Drechsler). voy. 


n. (men.) (mit schrager Schneide). 

Carving-chisel. Ciseau inclind, a biseau. 

Ballen, m. pi. (des Mundstitcks). voy. 

Ballistik, f. (art.) The doctrine of pro- 
jectiles; the science of projectiles ; theo- 
retical-gunnery. Balistiquef.; artdejeter 
des corps pesants. 

Ballistischer Pendel, m. (art.) The ballistic- 


Ballmeisael — Bart. 

pendulum for measuring the force of pro- 
jectiles. Pendule m. balutique. 

Ballmeissel, m. Tcharp.) Paring- chUelf with 
which the hand and not the mallet is em- 
ployed. Cisean dont on se sert en poussant 
avec la main. 

Band, n. (eiher Faschine). Binder, gad, or 
withe, with which a fascine is fastened. 
Hart f. d'une fitsdne. 

(pont) (das preussische). Iron stirrup 

or hoop for raddng-down the flooring of 
bridges, driven tight with wedges and used 
in place of lashings. Collier m. de guin- 
doge, collier a la pruuienne. 

n. (m. d'a.) (einer Sabelscheide). Top- 
locket; chape. Chape ou beliere f. d'un 
fourreau de sabre. 

n. (fond.) (um Geschittzformen). Iron 

hoop in loam -moulding, with which the 
gun-mould is bound. Bande f. ou cerele 
m. poiur renforoer les monies des pieces. 

n. (art.) (die hochste Bodenplatte am 

Geschiitzrohre). The base-ring, Plaie- 
bande f. de culasse. 

n. (oonstr. des ponts) (zur Verbindung 

der Spannstreben eines Sprengwerkes). 
Stirrup-piece, or inclined clamping-piece 
to prevent sagging. Moiee pendiante f. 
pour empecher les contreflches de ployer. 

n. (charp.) (zur Unterstiitzimg des 

Spannriegels eines Hangewerkes). Strut ; 
brace, Aiseelier m. pour fortifier le &ux- 
entrait d'une ferme. 

(eisemes) (zu den Kopfien der Spitz- 

pfahle). Iron hooping with which the heads 
of piles are enclosed. Frette f. 

Banoagetasche, f. voy. Verbandtaachc. 

Bandiuct, f. (charp.) Carpenter's tool for 
dressing mortises. OutU de charpentier 
pour achever les mortaises, etc. 

Bandchen, n. (art.) Riemchen od. Leist- 
chen. A Met, Listel m. 

n. (art.) voy. Gurt. 

Bandeisen, n. Hoop-iron, Fer m. en 

Bandelier, n. (des In&nteristen). Pouch- 
belt, Banderole f, de gibeme ou courroie 

n. (der Cavallerie). Carbine-belt. Ban- 
derole porte-moutqueton. 

Bander, n. pL voy. Sabel. 

Bandhobel, m. (o, e. b.^ A spoke-ehave. 
Plane eirfut^e, (esp^ ae rabot). 

Bandlauf, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Bandrohr. 

Bandmesser, n. (tonn.) (der Bottcher). 
Cooper*t adze, Doloire, aiaaette f. 

Bandoulier, n. (od. Patrontaschenriemen). 
Pouch-belt, Banderole (., porte-gibeme m, 

n. voy. Sabelkuppel (iiber der 


Bandouli^re (en), voy. Mantel. 
Bandrohr, n. od. gewundenes Rohr (m.d'a.) 

Twisted-barrel, or twist-barrel. Canon m. 

a ruban, 
Bandschiene, f. (m. d'a.^ (zu einem Band- 

rohre). Rod, riband, sup or fillet for twist- 

ing ; the rod into which the stub-iron for 
twisted-barrels is drawn out. Rubttn m. 
Bank, f. (fort.) Fussbank od. Auftritt. The 
banquette. Banquette f. 

f. (fort.) od. Barbette. Barbet, or 

mound raised behind a parapet to enjEible 
guns to have a free range over the country. 
Barbette f. 

f. (pont.) Thwart of a boat. Tra- 
verse f, ou traversier m. des courbes, pour 
les bateaux. 

(art.) (iiber— schiessen, v.) To fire en 

barbette, Tirer a barbette. 

Bankeisen, n. voy. Bankhaken. 

Bankett, n. (fort.) od. Auftritt. voy. Auf- 
tritt; BanK. 

Bankhaken, m. (an einer Hobelb&nk) od. 
Bankeisen. The bench-hook; (a moveable 
pin passing through a mortice in the top of 
the bench for preventing the stuff wrought 
by the plane firom sli£ng). Crochet m. 

Bankhammcr, m. A bench-hamntier, Mar- 
teau m. d(^tabli, 

Bankhobel, m. pi. (men.) (zum Ebenen). 
Bench-planes, or those used by joiners in 
the first operation of their work. Nom g^- 
n^nd pour les rabots destin^ a ooxroyer et 
planer le bois. 

m. (tonn. J Cooper' s jointer. Cohmbe f. 

Bar, m. (fort) Batardeau, or dam con- 
structed across any ditch of a fortress for 
the purpose of inundating it, or keeping it 
dry, as the case may be. Bdtardeau m. 

S>ur la manoeuvre des eaux. voy. Thurm; 

• m. od. Fallklotz. Monkey of a pile- 
driving machine. Mouton m. voy. Ramm- 

Bfuwke, f. A hut; also, any temporary 
wooden building for troops on service. 
Baraque f. 

Barbakane, f. (a.) voy. Zwingermauer. 

Barenmiitze, f. Bearskin cap. Bonnet m. 
d'oursin ; bonnet a poil. 

Barilfiass, n. Powder-barrel, (or budge- 
barrel), used formeriy when loading wiUi 
loose powder. Baril m. a poudre, baril d 

Barricade, f. (Verrammlung einer Strasse). 
A barricade. Barricade f. 

f. (constr. des ponts) (Wasser-) od. 

Estacade. voy. Estacade. 

Tconstr. des ponts) (eine feste). voy. 

(eine schwimmende). voy. Schwimm- 

Bart, m. (der Bleikugeln). The flange, or 

feather, Bavures f, pL ; in^galiti^ du 

m. (der Kanonenkugein). voy. Ghiss- 

(art.) (am Geschiitze). The bulging, or 

part of the muzzle of a gun which projects, 

whenever the gun is said to spew or run at 

the muzzle. Batmre f. voy. Ausweitung. 

Bartnagel — Batterie. 


Bartnagel, m. Hao-bolL Cheffille barbue, 
barbette <m griUee (Jagged or ragged). 

Bascule, f. (m. d'a.) voy. Scheibe. 

Basis, f. (topogr.) voy. Standlinie. 

Bastei, f. (fort.) (a.) od. Bollwerk, n. A 
bastion. Bastion m. 

Bastide, f. (a.) Obsolete term signifying 
Blockhaus. voy. Blockhaus. 

Bastion, f. & n. od. Bollwerk (fort.) Bas- 
tion, Bastion m, 

(hohles). Hollow or empty-bastion. 

Bastion vide ou bastion creux, 

(voiles). Full or solid-bastion, — plein. 

(abgesondertes). Detached • bastion, 

— d^tachi, 

^aches, ebenes). Flat-bastion. — plat, 

(halbes). Demi-bastion^ or half-bastion. 

(doppeltes). Double-bastion. — double, 

(gemischtes). Composed • bastion, 

— mixte, compost. 
Bastionairbefestij^ung, f. (fort.) voy. Be- 


Bastion- od. BoQwerksbefestigung, f. 
(fort.) The bastionary-system of forti- 
fication^ or bastion-system. Systime bas- 

Bastionirte Front, f. (fort.) Bastioned-front 
of fortification, or bastUmary front of f. 
Front bastionn/. 

Linien, f. pL voy. Linien. 

BastionirterTburm. voy.Bolhverkstbunn. 

Bastionspunkt, m. (fort.) Point of the 
bastion. Point m. de bastion, point capital 
de bastion. 

Bastionswinkel, m. Tfort.) od. Bollwerks- 
winkel. Angle of the bastion, flanked 
or salient-angle of the bastion. Angle 
sttUUmt onflanqu/. 

Bastion-Trac^, n. (fort.) The bastioned- 
trace, or bastionary -outline. Trac^ m. de 
V enceinte bastionn/e, ou trad bastionni. 

Bataillenfeuer, n. Independent or flle-flring. 
'Feu m. i volonti; feu de deux range. 

Bataillon, n. The battalion. Bataillon m. 

BataiUon8a4iutant, m. The adjutant. Ad- 
judant-miyor m. d'un bataillon. 

Bataillonsbiichsenmacber, m. Armourer- 
Serjeant. Armurier m. (de bataillon). 

Bataillonscommandant, m. od. 

Bataillonscommandeur, m. QjgHcer com- 
manding the battalion ; commander of the 
battalion or battalion-leader, (in the drill 
of the brigade). Ch^ de bataillon ; {com- 
mandant m. de bataillon). voy. Officier. 

Bataillonsfeuer, n. od. Sdve, f. The vol- 
ley, or simultaneous fire of the line. Feu 
m. de bataillon. 

Bataillonsgasse, f. voy. Gasse. 

Bataillonsquarr^, n. voy. Quarr^, Carr^. 

Bataillonsscbreiber, m. Orderly-room clerk. 
^krivain m. ; (fonction sp^dale en usage 
dans certains pays). 

Bataillonstambour, m. The corporal qfthe 
drums. Caporal-tambour m., tambour- 

Batterie, f. A battery. Batterie f. 

(Angriflfe-). voy. Belageningsbatterie. 

(Bank-) od. Barbettenbatterie. Bar- 
bet-battery. Batterie a barbette. 

(Belagenmgs-) od. AngrifiBbatterie. 

Siege-battery, besieging -battery, or battery 
of attack. Batterie de si^e. voy. Be- 

n. pi. (die bespannten). The batteries 

qf horse and field foot-artillery. Batteries 
attelies pi. 

f. (bestreichende). Enfilading -b, 

— d* enfilade. 

(bewegliche). Battery qf field-artil- 
lery: any battery not permanent or fixed ; 
open-battery, (one not covered by a para- 
pet). — mobile; — passaghre. 

(Brandraketen-). A rocket-battery, 

rocket-artillery battery. Batterie de fu- 
sses incendiaires. 

^Bresch-). Breaching-b. — de br^he. 

(Casematten-). Casemated-b. — case- 


(Contre-). Counter-battery. Conire- 

batterie f. 

(Contre-). Counter-battery, or bat- 
tery placed on the crest of the glacis to 
silence the fire of the flanks, or works 
which might act against the storming-par- 
ties and &e passage of the ditch. Contre- 
batterie. \oj. Gegenbatterie. 

(Demontu*-) (mit voller Ladung). The 

direct gun-battery in the second parallel. 
Batterie de plein fouet. voy. Demontir- 

(eingegrabene) od. versenkte. voy. 

versenkte Battene. 

(erhohte). Cavalier-battery; one in 

which the terreplein or interior of the bat- 
tery is raised some feet above the natural 
ground -level. — elev/e. 

n. pL (die ersten). The first batteries 

in a siege, or those for reducing the fire of 
the place. Premieres batteries pi. 

(Feld-). Battery of field-arHllery. 

— decampagne; — atteUe. 

(feststehende). voy. stehende Bat- 

(Festungs-). Stationary or permanent- 
battery, fixed battery, as tlie battery of a 
fortress. — de place, — permanente, — de 

(Flanken-). Enfiladifig-b. — d'enfilade. 

(Fliigel-) (BelagenmgsbatterieV Enfi- 

lading-battery on the flanks of the first- 
parallel. Batterie d'enfilade ou en rouage. 

(Fuss-). Battery of field foot-artillery, 

Batterie a pied mont^e. 

(gebrochene). Battery of which the 

pieces are formed in echelon, and the parts 
connected by epaulments, when there is 
only depth for the platforms and parapets, 
and not length sufficient for the guns to be 
drawn up in line. — bris/e en Tchelons, 

(Gegen-). voy. Contrebatterie. 

(gemeinschaftliche). Joint or com- 

Batterie — Batterie. 

rade-batterxft uniting its fire with another 
against the same object. — par camarades. 

Batterie (gerade). Direct-battery. — di- 

(halbe). Half -battery ; (half-troop of 

horse-artillery). Detni-batterie. 

(Haubitz-). Howitzer-battery. — 


(horizontale). An elevated-battery ; 

one in which the interior of the battery is 
on the natural ground-level, whilst the 
whole of the parapet is raised above it. 

— de niveau. 

f. (Kanonen-). Gun-battery. — de 


(kasemattirte). voy. Casematten- 


(Kemschuss-). Battery for direct- 
fire; (Belagerungsbatterie), direct gun- 
battery with full charges, for counter- 
battering those faces which cannot be en- 
filaded. — de plein fouet. 

(Kessel-). voy. Mcirserbatterie. 

(Kontre-). voy. Contrebatterie. 

n. (Kreiiz-) pi. od. kreuzcnde Batte- 

rien. Separate batteries forming a cross- 
fire upon an object. — crowr^e*, — afeux 
eroish^ — en chapelet. 

(KUsten-). Coaat-battery. — de cCte. 

(Linien-). voy. Linienbatterien. 

(mobile), voy.bespanntc; beweglichc 


(Morser-) (od. Kesselbatterie). Mor- 
tar-battery. — de mortiera. 

(Positions- od. schwere). Battery of 

pofdtion. — deposition. 

(Raketen-). Rocket-battery ^ rocket - 

artillery battery. Batterie de fusses, bat- 
terie a la Congrh>e. 

(Redan-), voy. sageformige B. 

(reitende). Troop of horie-artillery ; 

battery of horse-artillery J or horse-artillery 
battery. Batterie a chevalj — d*artillerie 
a cheval. 

(Ricoschett-) (od. Schleuderschuss- 

batterie). Ricochet-battery. — a ricochet. 

(Riicken-). Reverse-bat tery^ or b.for 

reverse-Jlre; (one which takes an enemy's 
work in rear, cither directly or obliquely). 

— h revers. 

(sageformige), (B. auf einem Damme). 

Indented or oblique-battery; (battery con- 
structed on a dam or ridge of narrow 
ground^. — en crAnaillerey — a redans. 

(Scnarten-). Battery with embrasures. 

— h embrasures. 

(schiefe). voy. schriige B. 

(Schleuderschuss-). voy. Ricoschett- 

(schriige). Oblique-battery ^ or battery 

for oblique-fire. — d*4charpe, — en 

icharpej — oblique. 
(schwimmende). Floating-b. — flot- 

(senkrecbte). i>trec/-&a//«ry; one which 

has its line of fire perpendicular to the 

enemy's work against which it is to act. 
— directef qui b4t perpendiculairement le 
front de Tennemi. 

Batterie, (StafFel-). voy. gebrocbene 

(stehende) (feststehende Batterie). 

Pemtanent-b. — permanente. 

(Steinmorser-). Battery of stone- 
mortars or pierriers. — de pierriers. 

(Stoekwerks-). Battery, the guns of 

which, owing to the nature of the ground, 
are placed on different levels, and its 
several portions connected by a parapet 
and ramps. — a plusieurs eta^es super- 
poses, voy. Stockwerksbattene. 

(Stiickbank-) (od. Barbettenbatterie). 

Barbet' battery. — a barbette. 

f. (Terrassen-) (Batterie auf einem 

Bergabhange). Inclined-battery j or battery 
on 8lo))ing ground. — en tcrrasse, ^tablie 
sur une pente. 

(Uberbaute). Blinded-battery. — blin- 

d4e. voy. bedeckte Batterie. 

(verdeckte). Masked-battery; (one 

artificifdly concealed until required to open 
upon an enemy). — masquee. 

(versenkte). Sunken-battery; (one, the 

interior of which is excavated to such a 
depth, that about two-fifth parts of the ex- 
treme height of the para|)et is sunk below 
the natiual level of the ground). — en- 

(Wurf-). voy. Morserbatterie. 

Batteries, f. pi. Belagenmgs- (die ersten). 
The first batteries in a regular siege for 
reducing the fire of the place; the enfi- 
lading and ricochet-batteries constructed 
sometimes in front of, and sometimes in 
the first -parallel, and also in the second- 
parallel, together with those for direct-fire 
and counter-battering. Premieres batteries. 

f. pi. Belagenmgs- (die zweiten). The 

breaching-batteries, placed on the crest of 
the glacis or in the covered-way, including 
the counter-batteries which support them. 
Secondes batteries ou batteries de breche 
et contre-batteries. 

f. pi. voy. Bespannte — ; Linien — ; 


Batterie, f. (m. d*a.) Deckel od. Pfamien- 
deckel, m. /fantm/r of the flint-lock. Bat- 
terie f. de la platine a silex. 

(m. d'a.) Pan (of old pattern Austrian 

flint-lock). Bassinet m. de la platine du 
d-dcvant fusil a silex autrichien. 

eine Tabstecken, v.) voy. Abstecken. 

eine (traciren, v.) voy. Traciren. 

Batterie, f. (min., etc.) (galvanische) zur 
Minenziiudung, etc. The voltaic or gal- 
vanic-battery , employed in blasting and 
firing the charges of mines, etc. Batterie 
f, galvanique ou voltdique, pour mettre le 
feu aux foumeaux dc mines, etc. voy. 

(die bestandige od. die Daniell'sche). 

DanielPs battery, or the constant-battery. 

Batterie — Bedeckte Sappe. 


Batterie f. du profeflseor Daniell, dite a 
eourant constant, parce qu'elle oonBerve 
■on pouToir saiu diminution, pendant 
■ qnelanes heures. 

Battene, (die Wollarton'sche) (Wollas- 
ton'scher Trogapparat). Wollaston^a bat- 
tery; (the common plate-battery). Bat^ 
terie f. a la Wolkuton, voy. Apparat. 

Batteriebau, m. Battery-building; the con- 
etruetum of batteries, Conetruction f. dee 

Batteriebettung, f. Siege-platform; (siege, 

^ gun, or howitzer-pbitform). Plate-forme f. 

Batteriebohle, f. Diele od. Pfoste. voy. 

Batterie- od. Madrillbrett, n. voy. Batte- 

Batteriechef,m. (art.) od. Batteriecomman- 
deur. Commander of the battery ; the com- 
manding officer. Commandant m. de bat- 
terie; capitaine-commandant m. la bat- 

Batteriedeckel, m. (m. d'a.) Hammer of 
the flint-lock. Batterie f. de la platine. 
Toy. Batterie. 

Batteriedielen, f. pi. (art.) The planke of 
a platform. Madriers m. pi. de plate- 

Batteriefaschine, f. Fascine used in reyeting 
batteries ; common lonq-fascine, or battery- 
fascine. Fascine f. a rev^tir; saucisson 
m. Yoy. Bekleidungsfaschine, Batterie- 

Batteriefeder, f. (m. d*a.) od. Deckelfeder. 
Hammer-spring of a flint-lock. Ressort m. 
de batterie. 

Batteriefederschraube, f. (m. d'a.) Ham- 
mer-spring pin. Vis f. du ressort de la 

Batteriegeschiitz, n. voy. Belagenmgs- 

Batteriekolonne, f. voy. Kolonne. 

Batteriemagazin, n. Field powder-magazine, 
or powder-magazine of a battery ; tem- 
porary or expense-magazine. Magasin m. 
a munitions pour batterie de siege. 

Batterienagel, m. pi. Spike-nails or spikes 
for battery platforms. Broches f. \A. en fer 
pour fixer les madriers d'une plate-formo. 

Batterierippen, f. pi. od. Rippholzer, n. 
pi. Sleepers of platforms. Gttes m. ou 
lambourdes f. pi. 

Batterieschlagel, m. A maul. Masse f. 
pour la construction des batteries. 

Batterieschmied, m. (art.) Shoeing -smith 
attached to a battery. Mar/chal-f errant. 

Batteriestiick, n. Piece of siege-artillery, 
piece of ordnance of the battering-train. 
Pi^ce {., canon m. de si^qe, 

Batteriewagen, m. (art.) Field -battery 
store-waggon. Chariot m. de batterie, 

Batteriewurst, f. od. Wurst. Long-fascine 
or battery -fascine, Saucisson m. voy. 

Bau, m. Construction. Construction t, 
Gkrman Part. 

Bau, m. (einer Batterie). Construction of a 
battery. Construction f. d*une batterie. 

Bauanschlag, m. An estimate. Devis m. 

Bauart, f. (art.) (in Bezug auf Laffisten, etc.). 
Construction. Construction f. 

Bauch, m. (sid.) od. Kohlensack (des Hoh- 
ofens). The belly of the furnace. Ventre 
m. du haut-foumeau ; renflement. 

m. (einer Tonne). The middle or bulge 

of a barrel or cask ; the swelling of the 
staves at the bung. Bouge m. d'un tonneau. 

m. (art.) (eines Morsers). That part of 

a mortar which bears upon the bed. Ventre 
m. d'un mortier. 

Bauchfluss, m. (vet.) voy. Fettschmelzen. 

Bauchgurt, m. (sell.) Belly-band, Sous- 
ventriere f. du hamais. 

m. (zum Einschiffen der Pferde). Sling 

for hoisting horses into ships at their em- 
barkation. Ventriere f. ou sangle f. (pour 
rembarquement des chevaux). 

Bauchriemen, m. (sell.) Belly-band, Sous- 
ventriere f. 

m. (sell.) (mit Gurtschnalle). The 

buckle-side of belly-band. Cdt^ de sous- 
ventriere qui porte la boucle. voy. Bauch- 

Bauchstrippe, f . (sell.) Strap-side of belly- 
band. Contre-sanglon m. de sous-ventriere. 

Bauchzange, f. Lifting-tongs for crucibles, 
the concave jaws or bits of which embrace 
the crucible ; (used in pot-furnaces). Te- 
naille f. a creuset. 

Baugefangenschaft, f. voy. Strafe. 

Bauhorizont, m. (natiirlicher). The ground- 
level, ground-line, or natural surface of 
the ground upon which a fortress or any 
other construction is raised. Surfiice du 
terrain naturel, represent^ par une ligne 
de terre. 

Baum, m. (sell.) (eines Sattels). The tree of 
a saddle. Arfon m. voy. Sattelbaum. 

(schwimmender). voy. Schwimmbaum. 

m. (des spanischen Reiters). The beam 

into which the spears of a stand of chevaux 
de (rise are fixed. Corps m. du cheval de 

Baumaxt, f. voy. Holzaxt. 

Baume« m. pi. (v. d'a.) (eines Karren- 
gestelles). ShqfUs or sides. Limons m. pi. 

m. pi. od. Scheren, f. pi. (des Stangen- 

gebisses). The cheeks or branches. Bran- 
ches f. pi. du mors de la bride. 

BaumlafFete, f. (art.) voy. Gabellaffete (a.) 

Baumwagen, m. (Baumkarre, f.). A two- 
wheeled cart for carrying heavy weights, 
mortar-beds, shot or shells. Camion m. 

BaumwoUe, f. (praparirte). voy. Schiess- 

Baumwolleugam, n. Cotton-yam. Fil m. 
de colon, ou colon fiU (qu'on emploie dans 
les laboratoires). 

Bedecken, v. (durch Truppen). To cover, 
to protect. Prot4ger; couvrir, 

V. To escort or guard, Escorter, 

Bedeckte Sappe, f. voy. Sappe. 



Bedeckter Weg — Befestigung. 

Bedeckter Weg, m. (fort.) The covered-way, 
Chemin convert, voy. Gedeckter Weg. 

Bedeckung, f. (einer Batterie). The covering 
party f covering -detachment ^ coverers, or 
support of a battery ; (the party or troops 
attached to field-batteries for their specud 

Srotcction and support.) Garde f. d'une 

f. voy. Decker, pi. 

f. (eines Transports). The escort in 

charge of a convoy. Escorte f. d'un convoi. 

f. (einer Fouragimng.) Covering -party 

for the protection of foragers. Escorte f. 
pour prot^r un d^tachement en four- 

(im Sinne der Terrainlehre). The cover 

obtained by many of those natural means 
occurring in the features of a country, as 
wood, plantations, enclosures, inequalities 
of ground, etc., etc. Tout abri natureL, 
maison, pli de terrain, etc., etc., dont les 
troupes se servent j)Our se couvrir du feu 
et se derober a la vue de Tennemi. voy. 

Bedienender Artillerist, m. voy. Artil- 

Bedienter, m. voy. Officierbursch. 

Bedienung, f. (der Geschiit/e). The serving 
and working of ordnance ; the service of 
ordnance. Service m. des bouches a feu. 

Bedienung, f. (art.) od. 

Bedienungsmannschaft, f. (art.) The de- 
tachmenti or gun-detachment. Servants 
pour le service des pieces. 

Bedingungcn, f. pi. (zur Uebergabe). The 
terms or stipulated conditions of surrender. 
Conditions f. pi. de capitulation. 

Bedrohen, v. (die Flanken des Feindes). 
To threaten the enemy's flanks. Menacer 
les flancs de Tennemi. 

Befehl, m. An order; orders^ jjpl.). Ordre 
m. ; ordre dujour, voy. Betehle. 

— m. (an die Schildwachen). The orders 
of the different sentries, and which they 
give up on being relieved ; the orders (pi.) 
of a post. Consigns f, 

(Regiments-) m. Regimental-ordersy 

(pi.). Ordre du r^gimenty ordre du jour 
du regiment, (Im Regiments -Befehle 
stehen. To appear in orders^ to be in 
ordersy to be enter^ or ^announced in 
regimental orders. Etre mis h Vordre du 
raiment, ou ^tre annonc/ par Vordre du 
Jour du r/giment). 

(nach). According to orders. D'aprh 

r ordre de — ; coi\formiment aux ordres 

m. (zum Abmarsch). The order to 

march. Ordre m. de mouvement, de de- 
part y de route, voy. Brigade- ; Dienst- ; 
General-: Marsch-; Parol-; Schlacht-; 

Befenlbuch, n. (der Compagnie, etc.) Troop 
or company orderly • book. lAvre m, 
d'ordres. voy. Parol- und Instructions- 

Befehle, m. pi. (die — dictiren, ▼. od. ana- 
geben, v.) To give-out the orders, or give- 
out orders. Dieter Vordre, 

Befehlshaber, m. The officer commanding, 
commander, officer in command of, etc. 
Commandant m. d'une troupe ; chrfta. 

Befehlshaberstelle, f. Th» command, Com- 
mandement m. 

Befestigen, v. (eine Stadt). To fortify a 
town. Fortifier une ville. 

V. (ein Lager). To intrench a camp. 

Retrancher un camp. 

V. (fort.) (von aussen nach innen). To 

fortify inwards: {fortifying inwards): to 
construct the outline of a front on the 
exterior-side, so that it fiilla within the 
polygon. Fortifier sur U polygone ex- 

V. (fort.) (von innen nach aussen). To 

fortify outwards : (fortifying outwards) ; 
to construct the prindi^ or outline of a 
front on the interior-side, so that it falls 
without the polygon. Fortifier sur le c6t4 
du polygone int^rieur. 

Befestigte Linien, f. pL voy. Linien. 

Befestigung, f. Fortification / a fortifica- 
tion. Fortification f. 

(die dauemde, bestandige od. bleibende). 

Permanent-fortification, Fortification per- 

(die voriibergehende od. fliichtige). 

Temporary or field-fortification. Forti- 
fication passagere ou de campagne, voy. 


(regelmassige). Regular-fortification, 

— riguliere. 

(unregelmassige). Irregular-fortifica- 
tion. — irriguliere, 

Befestigung, f. (eine niedrige, rasirende). 
A rasant fortification ; one of which the 
command is small, and from which the 
shot, falling under the most acute angle 
with the ground, sweep the greatest extent 
and do the most mischief. — rasante ou 
hfeux rasants. 

(einbohrende). — fichant, when its 

command is great, and is the kind least 
exposed to ricochet. — fichante ou hfeux 

(natUrliche). Natural -fortification; 

those obstacles which natunlly occur in 
some countries to impede the approaches 
of an enemy. — naturelle. 

(kiinstliche). Artificial-fortification; 

such works as are constructed to defend a 
place. — artificielle. 

(mit rechtwinkliger Vertheidigung). 

Perpendicular-fortification; that, in whidi 
the flanking parts are at right angles witli 
those which they defend. Fortification id 
feux perpendiculaires, voy. Befesti- 
gungsmanier (die Zangen- od. Tenaillen- 

(die oeuere). Modem -fortification. 

Fortification modeme, 

Befestigtuig, f. (pont.) (einer Briicke) durdi 

Befettigungen — Behemchung. 


Scimurieiiieii. The Umhimg and rmeking of 
the different parts of a bridge. Br^lage m. 
Befestigimgeii, pL (Angriffs-) od. Belage- 
mngiaroeiten, f. pL Offenawt-fortifica- 
turn, or the Tarious works which are ne- 
cessary for forwarding the operations of a 
besieging army. Fortifieaiiona offenanet^ 
fort^eationa dCaitaque. 
Befestigungsfront, f. A front qffortifico' 
iunu F)rtmi m. de fortification ou front 
Befestigimgskimst, f. Fortifieationy or the 
art of constructing military works, whether 
offensive or defenaire. JFMification f. ou 
art m. de fortifier, 

(die Tonibergehende, fluchtige), Feld- 

befestipungskunst od. Schanzbaulehre. 
Fieid fortification, or the art of construct- 
ing temporary or field works. Fortification 
panagere ou de eampagne, 

" (ie bestandige, bleibende od. grosse) 

(Festimgsbftukunst). Permanent fortifi- 
cation, or the art of constructing perma- 
nent works. Fortification permanente; 
(fortification royale; architecture f. dee 

(die unterirdische) od. Minirkunst. 

Subterraneout-fortification, or the art of 
phmning and executing military-mines. 
Fortification eouterraine. 
Befestigungsmanier, f. Method or eystem 
^ffortificaiifm .- method or manner (^for- 
tifying. Syethne m. de fortification ; mi- 
thode f. de tracer, de fortifier. 

(die neuere Befestigung). The modem- 
system, or modem improved manner 
of fortifying. Trac^ modeme; sys- 
(die Bastion- od. Bollwerksbefesti- 
giing). The bastionary or bastion- 
system of fortification. Systeme bas- 
The redan or tenail-system of fortifi- 
cation. Systeme tenailU; fortifica- 
tion f. a tenaille angulaire. 
(die Kreis- od. Circularbefestigung). 
Circular-fortification, or system con- 
sisting of a drcular-enceiutey etc. Sys- 
thne a enceinte circulaire. 
Befestigungsmaiiier, f. (italieDische, fran- 
zosiscbcy spanische und niederlandische) . 
The Italian, French, Spanish, and Dutch 
method. M^thode (italienne, fran^aise, 
espagnole et hoUandaise). (See System, 
Method, [English Part]). 
Befestigungsschieber, m. (m. d'a.) (der 
Tordcore und hintere) cines Laufes. The 
boU, (front-bolt and hind-bolt), for fasten- 
ing the stock and barrel together. Tiroir 
Befettigungssystem, n. (fort). System of 
fort\/ication. Systeme m. de fortification. 
▼oy. Befestigungsmanier. 

n. (Haupt-). voy. Hauptsystem. 

Befestigungswerke, n. pL Fortifications, 

or u/orks qf fortification; the works. For- 
tifications f. pi., outrages m. pi. de forti- 

Befeuchten, n. (poudr.) (des Satzes). The 
watering or wetting the mill-charge in 
making gunpowder, with a view of pro- 
moting the incorporation. Arrosage m.; 
humectation, f. 

Bef ordem, v. (in hohere Grade). To pro- 
mote any one. Avancer qn., le porter a 
un grade plus elev^. 

Bef ordenmg, f. Promotion. Avancement 
m. a un grade plus ^ev^. voy. Avanciren. 

Befreien, v. (Gefangene). To release, 
rescue, effect the release or rescue of 
prisoners. Dtlivrer des prisonniers. 

V. (eine Truppe). To rescue from de- 
feat, or come to the rescue of any body of 
men (when in a critical position). D4gager, 
une troupe, la secourir, etc. 

V. (vom Dienste). voy. Losmachen. 

Befrieiligung, f. od. Umnissung. Fence; 
enclosure. Cl6ture f. 

Begleiten, v. To convoy; to escort baggage, 
etc. ; to escort a convoy. Convoy er; es- 

Begleitung, f. (Fiihrung) einer Zufhhr. The 
conduct, charge, or management of a con- 
voy. Conduite f. d'un convoi. 

f. (einer Zufiihr, etc.J Escort of bag- 
gage, baggage-guard ; tne escort of a con- 
voy. Escorte f. (d*un convoi, etc.). 

Begleitungsmannschaft, f. The escort, 
guard, or party escorting a convoy, or 
troops forming the escort. Troupes f. pi. 

Begrabeii, v. (mit Kriegsehren). To bury 
with military-honours. Enterrer avec les 
honneurs de la guerre. 

Begnibniss, n. (mit Kriegsehren). Interment 
with military honours. Enterrement m. 
avec les honneurs militaires. 

Behandeln, v. (met.) To treat. Trailer. 

Behandlung, f. der Eisenerze (in den Hoh- 
ofen). Tfle treattnent, etc. Traitement 
m. des min^rais de fer (dans les hauts- 

Behauen, v. Holz (aus dem Groben). To 
rough-hew wood ; to dress or work wood 
with the axe. Digrossir ou d^gauchir une 
piece de bois. 

Behaupten, v. (einen Posten). To maintain 
or hold a post against an enemy. Main- 
tenir un poste. 

Beherrschen, v. (fort.) To command. Do- 
miner, commander, voy. Domiuiren. 

Beherrscbende od. Ubernohende Terrain- 
stellen, f. pi. (fort.) Points qf command, 
or heights from which it is necessary to be 
defiladed. Points dominants, culminants, 


Beherrschimg, f. (fort.) od. Commande- 
ment. The command of a work, or its 
superior height over the work before it, or 
over the levd of the country. Commande- 
ment m. 



Behobeln — Belagenmgsgeschiitz. 

Behobcln, v. (charp.) (das Holz) mit dem 
Schrophobel. voy. Abschroppen. 

Beholmen, v. (ronstr. des ponts) (einc Pfohl- 
reihe). To cap piles or uprights in bridge- 
building. Coifftr les pilots de leur chapeau. 
voy. Holm. 

Behorchen, v. & n. (min.) (des feindlichen 
Mineurs). Listening for the enemy's miner ; 
to listen for the, etc. £couter le mineur 

Beborde (Militair-), f. The military-autho- 
rities. Autorit^s militaires f. pi. 

Behuft. Hoofed. (Ein gut, schlecht be- 
huftes Pferd. Badly, or well hoofed horse, 
or h. with a good or bad hoof. Cheval qui 
a le sabot bon, mauvais). 

Beier, m. voy. Lagerstein. 

Beil, n. Small-axe or hatchet; axe. Hache f. 

Beilaxt, f. Broad-axe. Grande cogn^ ser- 
vant a equarrir le bois. 

Beinbnich, m. (vet.) Fracture of the leg. 
Fracture^ rupture d'os f. 

Beinfleck, m. voy. Beinleder. 

Beingalle, f. (vet.) voy. Flussgalle. 

Beinleder, n. (des Tambours). Knee-cap of 
drummer. Cuissiere f. de tambour. 

Beisszange, f. Nippers : pincers ; shoeing- 
pincers. Pince f. ; tricoise f. 

Beitzarbeit, f. (tol.) (bei der Weissblechbe- 
reitung). The pickling operation in tin- 
plate working. Decapage m. 

Beitzcn, v. (tol.) (das Blech). To scale or 
cleanse the plates in tin-plate working. 
D4caper le fer-blanr, 

Beizarbeit, f. voy. Beitzarbeit. 

Beizeii, v. (tol.^ voy. Beitzen. 

V. (m. d^ft.) (Schafte). To stain or 

colour musket-stocks. Brunir lo bois des 
armes a feu. 

Beizofen, m. (tdl.) (bei der Weissblechberei- 
tung). Scaling-ovent or reverberatory-fur- 
nace to which the plates are submitted in 
the seating-process. Foumeau m. a <2^- 

Bekappen, v. (artif.) (Ziinder). To cap 
fuzes ; (to put a circle of paper over the 
priming of fuzes and cover the whole with 
a paper capV Coiffer les fusees. 

, n. (arti/.) The capping of fuzes. Bon- 

netage m. 

Beklagte, (der). The prisoner on his trial. 
Inculp^m.t accus^. 

Bekleiden, v. (fort.) (Boschungcn). To revet 
the slopes of works. Rev^tir (les talus). 

Bckleidimg, f. (fort.) Revetment. Revite- 
ment m. voy. Revetement. 

-^— f. (mit Faschincn). Fascine-revetment, 
Revetement m. enfascineSy en saucissons. 

f. (der Truppen). The clothing of 

troops ; {army -clothing). Habillement m. 

Bekleulimgsfaschine, f. Fascine used for 
revetments, etc. ; oiso the common long 
or battery-fascine. Fascine f. a rev^tir ; 
— ordinaire ; saucisson m. 

Bekleidungsmaterial, n. (zum Bau der Bat- 
terien). Reveling -materials proper for 

building batteries. Mat&iaux m. pi. pour 
les revetements. 

Bekleidungsmauer, f. (fort.) The revetment 
of masonry which lines the side of the 
ditch, and supports the outer edge of the 
rampart Revetement m. du mur d'escarpe. 
voy. Futtermauer, Revetement. 

Bekostigen, v. To supply or furnish with 
provisions; to ration; to diet ; to victual, 
Foumir en vivres; nourrir; alimenter, 

Bekustiguug, f. Subsistence; diet; {mess- 
ing, with respect to officers). Nourriture 
f. ; rivres pi. ; aliment m. 

Bekronen, v. (einen Minentrichter). To 
form a lodgement in the funnel of an ex- 
ploded mine. Couronner un entonnoir de 

Bekronung, f. (fort.) od. die Krone (eines 
Werkes). The crest of a work. Cr^te f. 

f. od. das Festsetzen in einem Werke. 

The crouming of, or forming a lodgement 
in a work. Couronnement m. 

Beladung, f. (eines Fuhrwerkes). The load- 
ing or lading of a waggon or carriage. 
Chargement m. d'une voiture. 

Belagerer, m. The besieger. Assi/geant m. 

Belagem, v. (einen Platz). To besiege, to 
lay siege to a place; (to beleaguer [a.]). 

Belagerte, (der). The besieged, Assify/m. 

Belagcrung, f. (eines Platzes). The siege or 
attack of a fortress. Si^ge m. 

(die formtiche od. regelmasaige). Re- 
gular-siege, regular-attack, or attack in 
form. Atlaque f. en regie on si^e m, 
voy. Angriff. 

(Schnell- od. Artillerie-) The artillery 

or accelerated attack; irregular attack of a 
fortress, without ap|;roaching step by step 
in the ordinary manner. Siege aocel^rd, d^ 
pourvu de nombreux travaux pied li pied. 

Belagerungsarbeiten, Works of attack; 
(the various works necessary for forwarding 
the operations of a besieging army). TVo- 
vaux m. pi. de si^e ; fortifications f, pi. 

Belagerungsarmee, f. Besieging^eorps, or 
besieging-army. Corps destin^ aa si^ 
d'une place; arm/e f. de siege, arm^ astii- 

Belagenmgsartillerie, f. Siege-artiliery, 
Artillerie f. de si^ye. 

Belagerungsausriistung, f. Siege-equip- 
ment. Approvisionnement de si^ge; {jfqui- 
page de sC^ge). 

Belagenmgsbatterien, f. pi. Siege-batteries; 
batteries of attack. Batteries (. pi. desire, 
voy. Batterie. 

Belagenmgscorps, n. voy. Belagenings- 

Belageningsentwurf, m. The plan of attack 
fixed upon at a siege, or project qf attack. 
Plan m. d*atta^ue. voy. Entwiuf. 

Bela^erungseqmpage,f. voy. Belagerungs- 

Belagenmgsgcschiitz, n. (art.) Siege-ord- 

Belagenmgshaubitze — Beritt. 


«, the heavy-ordnance of the battcring- 
tnin ; battering-gtauy battering -ordnance. 
Bouehee a feu f. pi. de eiige; artillerie f. 

Belagerungshaubitze, f. (art.) Siege- 
howitzer. Obuaier m. de ti4ge. 

Belagenmgsioumal, n. Journal of the at- 
tack. Journal m. de si^ge^ journal des 
aitaquee ; (m^moire qui fait connaitre jour 
par jour les progres du si^). 

Belagenmgslaffete, f. (art.) Battering-train 
or tiege • earriagei travelling • carriage f 
tratelling-carriage for siege-guns. A0U 
m. de iiige. 

(art.) <iie 25 pfundige fiir Haubitzen 

(der preuss. Artillerie). Perch-carriage ^ 
perch-trail tiege-carriaget or travelling- 
carriage for howitzers of the battering- 
train in Prussia. AfftU m. de si^ge poor 
I'obusier de 25 (en IVusse). 

Belagerungspark, m. The park^ or depot 
qf artillery at a siege. Pare m. de 

m. Siege -train, battering -train; 

(tiege-equipment). £quipage m. de ifi/ge. 

Belagenmgsprotze, f. (art.) Siege-carriage 
Umher, limber for siege-carriages, travel- 
Ung-carriage limber, Avant-train m. de 

Belagerungstrain, m. Battering - train, 
siege-train, Equipage m. de ei^ge. 

Belagenmgszustand, m. A state of siege, 
£tat m. de si/ge, 

(einePestungin — erklaren,v.) To de- 
dare a fortress in a state of siege. D^darer 
une ville en ^tat de si^ge. 

Belegen, ▼. (mit Stahl od. Eisen). To over- 
lay with iron or steel ; to face with steel. 

Belohniingeii, f. pi. (militairische). Re- 
wards. Recompenses militaires f. pi. 

Bemanteln, v. (fond.) To form the mould 
in loam-moulding. Faire la chape d'un 

V. (art.) (das Krenz). To cover the 

hollow iron hemispheres or skeletons for 
light-balls with canvass, Recouvrir la 
carcBsse d'un sac de forte toile. 

Beobachten, y. (den Peind). To observe the 
enemy, to observe or watch hb move- 
ments. Observer I'ennemi. 

Beobachtungscorps, n. od. Beobacbtungs- 
armee. Corps orarmy of observation. Corps 
m. d' observation f arm^e f. d' observation. 

Beobacbtunggposten, m. (beim Vorposten- 
dienste). Detached-party, or detached- 
party of observation, sent to occupy some 
height or spot which cannot be taken 
witibin the chain. Poste detach^; posts 
^observation et d*avertissement. 

m. voy. Beobachtung88childwacbt. 

Beobacbtungsschildwacht, f. A look-out 
sentry. Sentinelle f. d' observation ; guet- 

Beordem, v. To order; to command. Com- 

Beputzen, v. ^die Faschine). To trim ihe 
fasdne, or take off the rough ends and su- 
perfluous parts. Parer le saudsson. 

Bequem marschiren v. To march at ease 
or at liberty (in column of march). Marcher 
a Vaise, a volont^, ou au pas de route. 

Bereich, (im). Within range. A portee. 

(im—des Peindes). Within reach of 

the enemy. A portie de I'ennemi. 

Bereiten, v. (man.) To break-in, school, 
or train a young horse. Dresser (un 

(Leder). To curry leather. Corroyer, 

Bereiter, m. (man.) Rough-rider, employed 
in training remount horses. Celui qui 
dresse les chevaux de remonte; (instruc- 
teur m.). 

m. (man.) Rovgh-rider, riding-school 

instructor employed in conducting riding- 
drills. Insiructeur m. ; celui qui enseigne 
aux recrues Tequitation militaire. 

Bereitscbaft, f. The inlying-piquet. Piquet 

f. (die zur fierdtschaft commandirten 

Truppen). Those in waiting; the nejct 
piquet for duty, who are warned when 
those actually on duty mount. Les pre- 
miers a marcher, ou les troupes destin^ 
a en remplacer d'autres. 

Bereimen, v. To invest a place. Investir 
une forteresse. voy. Einschliessen. 

Berennung, f. od. Einschliessuug (eines 
festen Platzes). The investment of a for- 
tress. Investissement m. d'une place de 

Bergabhang, m. Theface or slope of a hill. 
Rente f. 

Bergabsappiren, n. & v. voy. Sappiren. 

Bergan- od. 

Bergaufsappiren, v. & n. voy. Sappiren. 

Bergbau, m. Mining, or subterranean opera- 
tions in search of ore or mineral deposits ; 
the working of mines. Exploitation f. 
des mines. 

Bergeisen,n.(min.) (od. Setzeisen). Miner's 
pitdhing-tool for beginning a hole, or a 
sort of poll-pick used for the same pur- 
pose. Pointerolle f. 

Bergkette, f. voy. Kette. 

Bergland, n. High-land; hilly-country. 
Pays montagneux ; pays montueux, 

Bergschlucbt, f. Ravine, Ravin m. ou il 
n'y a point de chemin. 

Bergsee, m. Mountain-lake, Lac m. de 

Bergwerk, n. A mine. Mine f. 

Bergwerkspulver, n. Blasting -powder ; 
powder for mining and blasting. Poudre 
f. de mine. 

Bench ten, v. (Etwas). To report any occur- 
rence to one s superior officer; to acquaint 
him with or ii^orm him of any occ. 
Rendre compte ou faire rapport de quel- 
que chose ; prevenir ; informer. 

Beritt, m. (cav.) od. Unterofficier- Beritt. 
A squad; corporal's party. Escouade f. 


Beritten — Besetzen. 

Beritten, Mounted. Monti, (Ein gut berit- 
tencs Regiment. A well-motm/etf regiment. 
Un regiment bien monte), 

Beritten machen, v. (cav.) To mount troopers ; 
to furnish or provide them with horses. 
Monter les cavaliers, leur foumir des che- 

V. To remount cavahy. Remonter la 


Beritts-Unterofficier, m. (cav.) The cor- 
poral in charge of a squad. Brigadier m. 

Berme, f. (fort.) The berm, Berme f. 

Beriihrung, f. (mecan.)(Rader ausser — brin- 
gen, V.) To throw out of gear ^ to throw 
out qfplay or contact ; to disengage, Dis- 
engrener; dter Fengrenage, 

Besatzung, f. The ^armon of a town. Gar- 
nigon f. 

Bescb'adigungen, f. pi. (art.) (der Geschiitz- 
rohre). Injuries and d^ects in runs, arising 
from different causes, and rendering them 
unserviceable. Degradations f. pi. des 
bouches a feu. 

Beschaftigen, v. (den Feind) (od. unter- 
halten). To keep the enemy employed ,- 
to divert or draw-off his attention from 
any thing of importance. Occuper^ amuser 
I'ennemi, pour lui donner le change. 

Besch'aler, m. Stallion ; covering-stallion, 
^talon m. (destine a la reproduction). 

Beschalzeit, f. The covering season. £poque 
de Vaccouplement, 

Beschienen, v. (v. d*a.) (ein Rad) od. be- 
schlagen. To shoe a wheel, or put on the 
streaks ; to bind a wheel. Embattre (une 

n. (v. d'a.) (der Rader). The shoeing^ 

binding t or tiring of wheels. Embattage m. 

Bcschiessen, v. (eine Festung). To cannon- 
ade a place. Canonner une forteresse. 

V. (mit Bomben). To bombard a place. 

Bombarder une place. 

V. (den Wall). To batter. Labourer^ 

battre (Ic rempart). 

V. (im Rucken). voy. Riicken. 

V. (der Lange nach). voy. Bestreicben. 

Beschiessen, n. (art.) Beschiessung od. 
Probe- Beschiessung, f. The proof by 
firing of ordnance; the /^roq/" of ordnance 
and gun-barrels by firing with the proof- 
charge, iipreuve f. du tir : ipreuve des 
bouches a feu, etc. 

Beschiessmeister, m. (m.d'a.) Proof-master, 
£prouveur m. 

Beschiessprobe, f. (der Flintenrohre). Proqf 
of musket-barrels. £preuve f. des frisils. 

Beschiessung, f. voy. Bescbiessen. 

Beschimmg, f. Harness; harnessing, Har- 
nachement m. 

Beschlag, m. (moul.) (womit die Form ver- 
sehen ist). The hooping of the mould ; 
the iron-workf hooping and bars, Fer- 
rure f. 
Composed of : 

Die Schienen, f. pi. Bars, Bandes plates 
de la longueur du moule. 

Die Mantelringe, m. pL Hoops, 


Bescblag, (den — anlegen, v.^ (mouL) To 
hoop &e mould. Poser laferrure; appli- 
quer la ferrure au moule. 

Bescblage, m. pi. (art.) (einer Laffete). The 
iron-work of a gun-carriage. Ferrures f, 
pL d'affut. 

m. pi. (art) (Vorraths-). voy. Vor- 


m. pi. (art.) voy. Eisenbeschlagc. 

m. pi. (mar(k:h.) Horseshoes. Fers 

m. pi. a cheval. 

(m. d'a.) (eines Gewehres). The motm/- 

ingt furniture, or brass mountings (pL) of 
a firelock (together with the band-springs 
and swivels). Garniture f. de fiiflil ; gar- 
nitures pi. 

Beschlagen, v. (em Rad). voy. Beschienen. 

V. (mar^ch.) (ein Pferd). To shoe a 

horse. Ferrer un chevaL 

V. (mar^h.) (scharf). To tum-iqf a 

horse's shoes ; to rough, turn-up, rough- 
shoe a horse; to rough horse-shoes in 
frosty weather. Ferrer ^ glace; cram- 
ponner un cheval. 

Beschlagenes Uolz, n. Square-tinker, Bois 
iquarri, taiUe sur quatre faoe%, 

Beschlaggrube, f. (fge.) A shoeing-hole, 
Embattoir m, ; fosse dans laq. on met les 
roues qu'on veut embattre. 

Beschlagschmied, m. (einer Escadron). The 
farrier of cavah7; troop-farrier, Ma- 
rechal-ferrant m. 

m. (art.) Shoeingsmith. Mariehai- 


Beschlagtasche, f. Farrier's chum in the 
cavalry ; farrier^ s pouch, Ferriire i, 

Bescblagzeug, n. Farrier's shoeing-tools, 
Outils m. pi. deferrage, voy. Wirkmes- 
ser; Uufraumer; Hufmesser; Hnf- 
raspel; Uufzange. 

Bescnleunigen, v. (einen Marsch). To press- 
on by forced-marches; to push'fbrward 
without halt; to make a forced-march. 
Forcer une marche ; acciUrervaie marche. 

v. (tact.) voy. Schritt ; Tritt. 

Beschleunigter Angriff, m. voy. Angriff ; 
Schnell- fielagenmg. 

Beschneideholz, n. (ust. d'artif.). Cutting- 
stick upon which the case is cut, in making 
rockets. Baguette f. a rogner les car- 
touches des fiisees volantes. 

Beschneiden, v. (s. d'artif.) (eine Raketen- 
hiilsc). To cut -fair, trim, or cut the ends 
of a rocket-case fair, Rogner une car- 
touche de fus^e. 

Beschnuren, v. (Feuerwerkskorper). To 
tie, bind; quilt with pack-thread. Fl- 
eeter les artifices de guerre. 

Besetzen, v. To occupy ; hold ; take 
possession of; take vp; take charge ot 

V. (die Anhohen mit Truppen). To 

occupy the heights. Occuper les hauteon. 

(eine Stadt mit Tmppen). To oocHfiy 

Beaetzen — Bettung. 


wHfa troops, or take pouesiion of a town. 
Prendre pouetrion d*une Tille; oecuper 

Besetzen, ▼. (tect.) (eiiie Stnuse zn beiden 
Seiten mit Truppen). To form a street or 
lone; to Ume a road or street with a rank on 
each side &dog inwards. Border la hate. 
▼oy. Spalier. 

▼. (eine Batterie mit Mannschaft). To 

nutn a battery. Oecuper une batterie, y 
mettre lea canonniers. 

Besetzung, f. (eines Dorfee). The occupa- 
tion of a village. Occupation f. 

Besicbtigen, v. (eine Tmppe). To intpect 
or nuUte an inepection of men in any way ; 
to hupect their arms, lata, ete., eto. Pas- 
ser vaae troupe en revue, en passer Vinspec- 
tUm ; passer ou faire une revue de detail 
de sea effeta, etc 

Besichtigung, f. (m. d'a.) (der Feuerge- 
wehre). llie ffiew or inspection of snudl- 
anna; the re-examination of amall-arma 
after the proof. Revision f. dea canona dea 
armea li feu portativea (aprea T^preuve du 

f. od. Nacbsicht (der Beklddung und 

Bewaffnung der Soldaten). Inspection of 
arma, dotlung, and ^pointmenta. Revue 
{., inspection f. dea armea, de r^uipement, 
et de lliabillement dea aoldata. voy. Be- 

Beaoldung, f. (der Offidere). The pay and 
allowances of offioera. Appointements m. pi. 

Beapannte Batterien, f. pi. (art.) Batteries 
qf horse and Jield foot-artillery. Batte- 
ries attel/es f. pi. 

Bespannung, f. (art.) (der Geachiitze tmd 
Fahrzeuge). The horsing of artillery. At- 
telage m. Thia term signifiea also draught, 
in one aenae of that word, aa : 

(die einfiidie). Single-draught, Atte- 

lage par file ou en file, sur tin de front, 

(die paarweiae od. deutsche). Double- 
draught, Attelage par deux de front, par 
fila de deux ou h deux files, 

(die ruBsiscbe od. die mebrfache 

Gabelbespannung). Treble-draught, e\c, 
(aa in Ruaaia). Attelage a trois chevaux 
de front ou h trois files, etc. 

f. (art) (der Batterien). The horsing 

of the batteries. Attelage m. dea batteries ; 
service m. des attelages, 

Bestand, m. (der wirkUche) od. der effective 
Stand (einer Truppe). The efective- 
strength of any body of men. ^jfecttf m. 
d'une troupe quelconque. 

Bestandliste, f. (eines Regiments). An rf- 
fective-state, Etat m, d'^ect{fd*\m re- 

f. A muster-roll, Feuille t d*appel 

d'^ect^; feuille de revue, 

Beatandtbeile, m. pi. (poudr.) (des Pulvers). 
The ingredients of gunpowder. Matieres 

Beatatigen, v. (den Spruch eines Kriega- 
gerichta). voy. Spruch. 

Bestreicben,T. (der Liinge nach beachieasen, 
V.) To enfilade, rake, or take in flank, a 
line of taroopa or the face of a work. Enfiler 
un ouvrage ou une ligne de troupea. 

V. (fort) (ein Werk) od. flanquiren, v. 

To fiank, or drfend the flank of a line or 
work. Flanquer un ouvrage. 

Bestreich- od. Enfilirbatterie, f. Raking 
or enfilading battery ; one which takea a 
line of troopa, or the face of a work, exactly 
in flank. Batterie f. d^ enfilade, 

Bestreichfeuer, n. (art.) Enfilading-fire. 
Feu m. d^ enfilade. 

Beatreuen, v. (mouL) (die Form) mit Kohlen- 
ataub. To face the mould with pounded 
charcoal-dust or blackening. Saupoudrer 
le moule. 

Beatrichener od. flankirter Winkel (einea 
Bastiona) (fort.) The fianked or salient 
angle, or angle of the bastion. Angle 
fianqu^ou. angle sailRint d*un bastion. 

Beatiirmen, v. To assault or ^torm a for- 
tress ; to give the assault, Donner Vassaut 
k une forteresse. 

B^ton, m. (arch, hydr., ete.^ Beton, or a 
kind of mortar used by engmecrs, (consist- 
ing of 0,12 pozzolano or Dutch trass, 0,6 
good sand, 0,9 unslacked lime, 0,13 stone- 
scra))ling8, and 0,3 iron scales from the 
forge). B^ton m. 

Betonung, f. (die richtige) der Commando- 
worter. The tone of voice in which com- 
mands ought to be given. Juste intona- 
tion en commandant; ton m. de com- 

Betrieb, m. (eines Bergwerkes). The work- 
ing of a mine. Exploitation f. d'une mine. 

m. (sid.) (der Oefen). The action or 

working of furnaces ; the state or working- 
condition of furnaces. Travail m, dea 
foumeaux ; allure f. 

(in — setzen, v.) den Hohofen. To set 

the furnace to work, Mettre le foumeau 
en activity, 

Betriebe, (im) (h. f.) At work; in blast, 
(said of blast-furnaces). En activity, (se 
dit des hauts-foumeaux). 

(im vollen) (h. f.) Properly at work, 

(said of a blast-furnace). En pleine ac- 

Bett, n. (eines Flussea'). The bed or channel 
of a river. Lit m. d'une riviere. 

n. od. Bettung, f. (einer Schleuae). The 

apron, Radier m. 

Bettung, f. (fiir Geachiitze). A platform, 
Plate-forme f. de batterie. 
Its parts are : 
Die Rippholzer. The sleepers. Lam- 

bourdes f. pi. ou gites m. pi. 
Die Dielen, (Batteriebretter od. Battorie- 
bohlen). The planks, Madriers m, 
Der Stossbalken. The hurter, Heur- 
toir m. 

(Kanonen-). Gun-platform, Plate- 
forme de canon. 


Bettung — Bindeleine. 

Bettung, (Ilaubitz-). Hovcitzer-platform, 
— d'obwtier. 

CSloner-) Mortar-platform, — de 


<^Noth-). rcfj. Nothbettung. 

(eioe ge«chw'aii2te) (od. mit Sdiwalben- 

schweifen versehene-). The »played-plat- 
ffjrm or tplayed gun-platform^ (fan-tail 

platform). Plate-forme en iventail ou 

ftOM^e a farriere. 
(zirkelformigc) fiir Kusten-Laffeten. 

Trarernng- platform for ooast-batteries. 

Plate-forme pour batteries de cote. 
f. (eine feste). Common or rectangular- 
platform, in distinction to " Nothbettung *' 

or loose plank -platform. Plate-forme 

ordinaire, pour la distinguer de ceUe dite 

a la pruflsienne. 
(eine gegen die Brustwehr gesenkte). 

— having a rise to the rear, or laid at a 

slope. — inelin/e. 
eine (Wgen, t.) To lay a platform. 

Conttruire une plate-forme. 
Bcttungiibrett, n.(art.) Madrillbrett, Deck- 
laden, voy. Bettung; Pfosten, Batterie- 

Bettungsrahmen, m. (art) Trarereing- 

platform. ChdstiM m. de plate-forme, 
Beunruhigen, v. (den Feind). To annoy or 

harass the enemy; to hang about hisflanJcs. 

Harceler Tennemi ; inquieter Tennemi. 
Beurlauben, v. To grant or give leave of 

absence or a furlough. Donner, accorder 

un congitL un militairc quelconque. 
Beurlaubter, m. (Soldat). Soldier on pass; 

soldier or man on furlough. Permission- 

naire ; soldat en conge, en permission. 
. m. ckL Kriegsresenrist. voy. Kriegs- 

reservist; Landwehr. 
Beutepferd, n. Horse captured or taken 

from the enemy. Cheval m. de prise, che- 

val capture, enlevi a Vennemi. 
Bcutel, m. (art.) od. Kartuscbbmitel. The 

empty -cartridge. Sachet m. 
m. (poudr.) Bolter or bolting -cloth. 

Bluteau m. de poudrehe. 
BeutelfasH, n. (art.) Budge-barrel. Baril 

m. a bourse. 
Beutelkartatschc,f. (art.) voy. Kartatsche ; 

KartatHchen (Beutel-). 
BeutelMieb, n. (poudr.) Bolter, or sieve made 

of bolting-cloth, (used in powder-mills). 

Blutoir m. 
Bcwachen, v. To guard, protect, drfend ; 

watch, stand sentry over, take in charge; 

keep sight qf. Garder ; surveiller; veiller 

a . .. 
Bewaffhen, v. To arm ; equip ; mount 

with guns. Armer. 
v. (eine Batterie). To arm a battery. 

Armer (une batterie). 
Bewaffnung, f. od. Armirung (der Batte- 

rien). The armt'ii^ of the batteries. Arme- 

tnent m. des batteries. 
f. od. Armirung (eines festcn Platzes). 

The armament of a fortress ; the ordnance 

requisite for the defence of a place. Anme^ 

ment m. d'une forteresse. 
Beweglicher Drehpunkt, m. (tact) voy. 

Drehpunkt, Pivot. 

Kloben, m. (mec) voy. Kloben. 

Bewegliche Vedetten-Chaine, f. voy. Ve- 

Beii^egung, f. (mec.) (die gleichformige), 

inform or equable motion, Mouvement 

m. uniforme. 

(die ungleicbformige). Varied — 

— vari^. 

(die zunebmende). Accelerated — . 

— accilM. 

(die abnebmende). Retarded — . 

— retard^. 

(die geradlinige). Reetiiimear 

— rectiligne. 

Bewegungen, f. pi. (der Truppen). The 
movements or evolutions of troops. Evolu- 
tions, manoeuvres f. pL des troupes. 
Bewegiingskunst, f. (der Armeen). Taeties; 
military tactics (pi.). Tactique f. 

] Bewchrte Macht, f. Armed force. Main 

I armee. 

I Beziehen, v. (das Tractamcnt). To draw 
one's pay and allowances. Tomeher sa 
solde, ses appointements. 

V. (ein Lager). To encamp, form 

an encampment; go into camp. £tablir, 
former un camp ; entrer au camp ; can^iter. 

V. (art) (das Hebezeug). To rig the 

gyn ; (to &L and reeve the tackle). £pUper 
la chevre. 

(einfach, doppelt, etc) To rig the gyn 

urith one, two, or three pulleys. jSgnqter 
la chevre a un brin, a deux brins, etc 

(mit Halttauen od. Riistseilen). To rig 

the gyn like slioers, by guys, instead of the 
pry^>oIc. £quiper la chevre a haubans. 

Bie^isen, n. (fge.) voy. Radebaken, 

Biegezangc, f. Pliers (pi.) Tenaille t a 

Biegung, f. (eines Flusses). Bend or turn 
in a river, whereby the banks form a salient 
on one side, and a corresponding re-enter- 
ing angle on the other. Sinuosity f. d'nne 

f. (ra. d*a.) od. Bug (eincr Schlossfeder). 

The turn of a spring. Cut m. de res- 

Bilden, v. (Spalier). voy. Spalier. 

Bildung, f. (einer Compagnie ; feines Regi- 
ments, etc.) The formation of a company 
or regiment ; the arrangement or drawing- 
up of either, accortUng to prescribed rules 
and regulations ; also the formation (or 
organization) of a regiment, etc. Forma' 
tion f. ; {formation tactique ; formation 
constitutive ou organique). 

Bimsstein, m. Pumice-stone. Pierre t. 

Bmdcbock, m. voy. Fascbinenbock. 

Bmdelcine, f. (pont.) od. Rodelbobdeine. 
Lashing for securing the rack-stidc after 

Bindeleine — Blatt. 


raddng-down ; (raek^stick Uuhing). Com" 
mande f. de bUlot. 

Bindeleine, f. (pont.) (zur Befesdgtmg der 
Vorder- and Hintersteren an das Scher- 
tau). Head or stem Uuhing^ by which pon- 
toons aae moored to the sheer-line. Com- 
mande; amarret 

Bindestrange, m. pi. (pont.) Ltuhings; 
9pring'ime$. CommandeM f. pi. ; travert 
m. pL 

Bindestrick, m. (pont.) Seizing; lashing, 

Bindeweide, f. (od. Bindewiede). Gad, or 
unihe of tough twigs with which a fascine 
is listened ; the binder. Hart f. de fascine. 

Bindfaden,m. Packthread: twine. Ficelle i. 

Bindleine, f. (man. de force). Sling or strap. 
Jarretiere f. 

f. voy. Bindeleine. 

Binsenbriicke, f. od. Scbilfbriicke. wy. 

Biscayisches Fewer, n. (sid.) The Biscagan- 
forge, or largest variety of that forge or 
fiirnaoe in wUch malleable iron is obtained 
" direct from the ore," by the Catalan or 
F^nch method. Feu biscagen. 

Biyouak, m.Bivouac, (Freilager). Bivouac. 
Bivouac m. on bivac. 

Biyouaquiren, v. (od. biwakiren) To bi- 
vouac ; said of troops when they lie under 
armsall night, without encamping. Bivaquer. 

Blanke Waffen, f. pi. voy. Waffen. 

Blankes Giewehr, n. Side-arm; (sword, 
bayonet, or any arm, excepting a fire-arm, 
used by troops) ; side-arms (pi.). Arme 
blanche, arme a lame. 

Blankeln, v. (tact.) od. plankeln. To skir- 
mish. Tirailler, 

Blanker, m. Skirmisher. Tirailleur m. 

Blankerlinie, f. (tact.) Line of skirmishers. 
Ldgne f. de tirailleurs, voy. Schiitzenlinie. 

Blai^em, v. To skirmish. Tirailler. 

Blankerrotte, f. File of skirmishers. File 
f. de tirailleurs. 

Blankleder, n. od. Geschirrleder. Harness- 
leather. Cuir m. pour hamachement ; 
(cuir de vache). 

Blasdeute, f. (art.) TW-tVon for the bellows- 
nozzle oif travelling-forge. Tugere f. de 
forge de campagne. 

Blasebalg, m. (art) (der Feldschmiede). 
Forge-bellows. Souffiet m. de forge. 

voy. Balge. 

Blasebalgkette, f. (art.) voy. Sprungkette. 

Blasebalgnagel, m. Bellows-nail. Clou m. 
de souffiet. 

Blaseba^grolu'* n, (art.) (Blasebalgrohre, f. 
od. Diise, f ). The nose-pipe, or pipe of 
forge-bellows. Buse or buze t de soufflet. 

Blasebalgschwengel, m. (art.) voy. Blase- 

Blasebalgwippe, f. (art.) The rock-steff of 
forge-bellows. Branloire f. de soufflet. 

Blasegewolbe, n. (h. f.) (des Hohofens). 
The tweer-arch. Encorbellement m. de 

German Part. 

Blasen, f. pL (art.) od. Gallen f. pi. (in 
Geschiitzrohren). Honegcombs in ord- 
nance. Souffiures f. pL ; chambres, caviUs. 

f. pi. (fond.) (Gussblasen). Blown- 
holes occurring in castings. Souffiures 
f. pi. defonte. 

f. pi. (tol.) (des Weissbleches). The 

stains or blisters arising in the pickling 
process, from the plates remaining too long 
in the add. Visicules f. pi. du fer-blanc. 

f. pL (aid.) (im Cementstahle). The 

blisters on steel of cementation. Ampoules 

Ziehen, n. (tol.) voy. Blasenziehen. 

Blasenkupfer, n. (m^t.) Blistered-copper. 
Cuivre ampoule. 

Blasenstahl, m. od. Cementstahl. Steel of 
cementation, bar or blistered-steel. Acier 
m. de cementation. 

Blasenziehen, n. (tdl.) der Bleche (bei der 
Beizarbeit). The becoming blistered or 
stained in the pickling operation, (said of 
plates to be tinned). Formation f. de v4- 
sicules, (se dit des feuillcs de fer-blanc). 

Blaseofcn, m. (sid.) Smelting -furnace, in 
which maUeable iron is obtained '* directly 
frt)m the ore." Foumeau m. a loupe. 

Blasewand, f. (h. f.) (eines Hohofengcstel- 
les). voy. "Windseite. 

Blasewerk, n. (sid.) od. Geb^ewerk. 
Blowing -machincrg, blast or blowing- 
apparatus. Souffierie f. 

Blasmaschine, f. Blowing-machine, blow- 
ing-engine. Machine souffiante. 

Blasse, f. od. Stem (auf der Stim mancher 
Pferde). Star or white spot on a horse's 
forehead. Pelote ; ^toile. 

Blatt, n. (v. d'a.) od. der Blattzapfen (einer 
Speiche). The tenon or foot of a spoke, 
which is inserted into the nave. Patte f. 
de rai; partie du rai qui cntre dans le 

n. (eines Steigbiigela). Bottom of 

stirrup-iron. Grille f. d'etrier. 

n. (m. d'a.) od. Platte f. (des Zungels). 

The blade of the trigger. Lame i. voy. 

n. (m. d*a.) od. Schlossblech. voy. 

Schlossblech, Sehlossblatt. 

n. voy. Lanzenblatt ; Sageblatt. 

das erste (einer Tnippe) (veraltet). An 

obsolete term implying yron/-ranit (erste 
Linie oder erstes Ghed). Vieux mot pour 
designer le premier rang d'une troupe. 

(charp.) (das einfeche). A scarf, formed 

by a single step on each piece of two tim- 
bers to be connected. Enture f. a mi" 
bois avec abouts-carr^s entre deux pieces. 

(charp.) (das schrag eingeschnittene, 

genuie). The same scarf ts the foregoing, 
the abutting parts being formed with a 
bevel-joint. Enture f. h mi-bois avec abouts- 
en coupe. 

n. (pont.) od. die Diele (eines Ru- 

ders). Blade or wash of an oar. Pelle f. 



Blattel — Blendung. 

Blattel, n. (sld.) od. Roheisenscbeibe (bel 

der Frischarbeit). voy. PUtttel. 
Blatter, n. pi. (eines Pfahlschuhea.)* voy. 

Blatterig, (sid.) od. blattrig (von weissem 
Roheisen). Lamellar y lamellated, foli- 
atedf (said occasionally of white cast-iron). 
Lamellaire ou lameUeux^ (se dit qndquefois 
do la fonte blanche^. 

Blatthaken, m. (art.) zom Hebebaume (an 
der Laffete). Side-arm hook. Routte- 
crochet porte-lemer f. 

Blattose, f. (art.) znr Hemmkette (an einer 
Laffete). Locking-chain plate. Rosette- 
piton f. de chaine d*enrayage. 

Blau anlaufen lassen, v. (m. d'a.) To blue 
steel ; to tanper it down to a blue colour. 

Blauofen, m. (sid.) Flossofen. A flounng- 
fumace, Foumeau m. defugion. 

Blech, n. (das schwarze) (od. Eiaenblech). 
Sheet-iron. T6le f. voy. Schwarzblecb. 

(das verzinnte) (od. Weissblech). Tin- 
plate (or white-iron). Fer-blanc. 

Blechabschnitzel, n. pi. ^sid.) Parmge, or 
shreds clipped off the edges of sheet-iron, 
boiler-plates, etc. ; (boiler-plate parings). 
Rognuree f. pL de tole. 

Blecnbiichse, f. (znm Aufbewahren der 
Ziindhiitchen in der Patrontasche). 71n- 
magazine for percussion-caps, carried in 
the pouch with the ammunition. Boite en 
fer-blanc de capsules de reserve, qui se 
trouve dans la gibeme. 

BlechemeSchlagr6hre,f.(art.) voy.Schlag- 

Blecbstreifen, m. (art.) Tin-strapping for 
wooden-bottoms. Bandelette f. en fer- 
blanc pour ensaboter le boulet. 

Blechwalzen, f. pi. voy. Walzen. 

Blechwalzwerk, n. (sid.) Plate rolling-mill^ 
in iron establishments. Laminoirs pi. ; 
laminoirs ^ t6le ; laminoirs a cglindres 

Blci, n. (m^t.) Lead. Plomb m. 

Bleiben, v. voy. Scblacht. 

Bleiblock, m. voy. Bleimulde. 

Bleifutter, n. od. 

Bleifiittcnmg, f. (des Flintenstcines). The 
lead or keeper for flint. Plomb m. pour 
pierre de fujsil. 

Bleigelb, n. voy. Bleioxyd (gdbes). 

Bleigknz, m. (chim.) Galena^ lead-glance. 
Galene f., plomb sulfur^. 

Bleiglatte, f. (m^t.) Litharge; the fused 
ydlow nrotoxide of lead. Litharge f. 

Bleikugel, f. Lead-ball, leaden-ball, or 
bullet. Balle f. de plomb. voy. Kugel. 

Bleikugehi, f. pL (kleine) (od. Posten). 
Buckshot, slugs. Chevrotines f. pi. 

Bleikugelkasten, m. Lead-ball box. Cmsse 
f. a balles de plomb. 

Blcikugelpresse, f. Machine for confess- 
ing bullets, or compressing-machine for 
leaden bullets. Machine a pression f. pour 
comprimcr les balles de plomb. 

Bleilotb, n. od. Bleiwage, f. A mason's 
level. Niveau de mofon; niveau m. a 

n. A plummet. Film, k plomb. 

Bleimulde, f. Rinnenblei, n. Bleiblock, m. 
Pig qflead, or refined-lead. Stmmum m. 
de plomb. 

Bleimunition, f. voy. Munition. 

Bleioxyd, n. (min^.) (natiirlidie Mennige). 
Native red oxide cflead. Plomb minimn 
m. ; minium natjf. 

(gelbes) (Massikot). Protoxide qf 

lead. Protoxide m. de plomb. 

(arseniksaures). Arseniate qflead. 

Plomb arseniate. 

(kohlensaores) (Weissbleieny 

Bleispatb). Carbonate qf lead; white 
lead-ore. Plomb blanc; plomb carbonate. 

(pho^horsauree). Phosphate qf 

lead. Plomb phosphate. 

(schwefelsaures) (Vitriolbleierz). 

Vitriol of lead. Plomb mtreux; plomd 

Bleischlagel, m. A maul. Masse t. 

Bleischweif, m. (min^.) (dichter Bleiglanz). 
Compact lead-ore. Plomb sulfur^ com- 

Bleiweiss, n. White-lead, carbonate of lead f 
or ceruse. Blanc de plomb m. ; earbonaie 
m. de plomb ; ceruse f. 

Bleiwiurf, m. (pont.) od. das Senkblei. 
Sounding-line. Plomb m. de sonde, sonde f. 

Blende, f. od. Blendung. voy. Blendimg. 

f. (min^.) Blende or sulphuret qfxine. 

Zinc sulfure. 

f. (^topogr.) A rideau ; undulaiUm of 

ground ; rising ground; elevation of 
ground extending itself lengthwise on a 
phiin, and capable of affording cover to 
troops. Rideau m. 

Blenden, v. (eine Batterie). To bHnd a 
battery. Blinder une batterie. 

Blendfaschine, f. voy. Faschine. 

Blendladen, m. (einer Schiessscharte) (od. 
Scbusaladen). Musket -proof wooden 
shutter for embrasures. Portiikre t d'em- 

Blendlateme, f. Dark-lanihonu Lattteme 

Blendung, f. od. Blende (der S^>penarbei- 
ter). Mantlet for protecting the opera- 
tions of the sap. Mantelet m. du aapeur 
pour tete de sape. voy. Rollkorb. 

f.(derSchiessscharten)(Maske). Mask 

of stuffed gabions or mounds of earth, 
which serves to cover the workmen when 
constructing a battery, or piercing the on- 
brasures. Masque m. 

f. od. Blendwerk (zum Schutze von 

Gebauden, etc.) Blind, blindage; blinded- 
cover; shell-proof blindage, or shell-proqf 
covering; splinter-proof; timber bomb^ 
proof; splinter-proof timbers, or timber 
bomb-proqfs, for the security of taroops and 
stores. Blindage m. k reprenve de la 
bombe, (pour garantir les batimenftSi eta). 

Blendung — Bock. 


Blendung, (einfiM^). A blmd. Blmdage 

(doppelte). A doubh-bUnd^). ^ 


(geneigte). An mcUned-blindage ; $lo^ 

jring-blindaffe. — inelm^. 

(horizontale). A korizoniai-blmdage, 

— korizaniai, 

Blendwerk, n. (fort.) (Blende, Blendung f. 
od.Deckwerkn.) Temporary-bmUfproof: 
tplinier'proqf. Blindage m. Yoy. Blen- 

Blickziel, n. (tact.) Point qf direction or 
directing^point, for the advanoe of a batta- 
lion in Une. Point m. de direction ; point 
de reph'e, voy. Richtpunkt; Augen- 

Bund schieasen, y. To fire blank^cartridge. 
Tirer dpoudre{8anB balle). voy. Schiessen. 

Blinde, m. The faggot or paeee'Volant (a.) ; 
one who is mustered although not in the 
serrioe, for completing the supposed num- 
ber of effectives. Paste-volant m. 

Blinde Rotte, f. (tact.) A blank-file in 
the telUng-off of a company, etc. File 

Blinden, f. pi. od. Stiitzblinden (beim Bau 
der bededcten Sappe). Blinde or frames 
for the support of fikscines, in constructing 
a blinded-descent. Blindee f. pi. 

f. pi. (deir Decke) od. Deckblinden. 

▼oy. Deckolinden. 

Blinder Angriff^ m. FdUe-attaek, Faueee- 

Lami« m. False-alarm, Faueee- 

alarme; faueae-alerte, 

Blindes Feuer, n. Blank-cartridge firing, 
or firing with blank-cartridge. Feus a 
poudre; exercicea & feu (avec cartouches 
sans balles). 

Blindrahmen, m. voy. Deckblinde. 

m. (min.) Falee-Jrame in mining, in* 

troduced in un&vourable soil in the middle 
of each interval, to take the ends of the 
sheeting. Faux chdesie m., qu'on place 
lorsque le teirain est mauvais. 

Blitzableiter, m. Lightning-conductor. 
Paratonnerre m. 

Block, m. (art.) (der Blocklaffete). The 
block or block-trail, Flkche f. 

m. (des Morsers). voy. Morserachleife, 


m. (art.) (bei Hebezeugen). Bloek or 

pulley. Poulie f. 

m. (art.) (des ballistisdien Pendels). 

Bloek of the ballistic-pendulum. Bloc m. 
en bois du pendule balistique. 

Blockdecken, f. pi. (fort.) (um Truppen, 
Waffen, und Knegsvorrathe gegen Wurf- 
geschosse zu schiitzen). TinUter-bomb- 
proqfs; temporary bombproof e or splin- 
ter-proqf accommodation for troops, etc., 
(constructed in fortresses in case of siege). 
Blindages m. pi. & V^preuve dc la bombe 
pour magasins et logements. 

Blockbaus, n. (fort.) Blockhouse or case- 

mated^redoubt formed of woodwork. Bloek- 

haus m. ; (redoute en bois blind^). 
Blockiren, v. (einen Platz). To blockade a 

place. Bloquer { mettre le blocus. 
Blocklaffete, f. (art.) Block-trail carriage, 

Affdt m. a fiiche (dit a un seul fiasque)^ 

{aff^U monofiasque), 
Blocklangbaum, m. (art.) eines Munitions- 

wagens (nach dem firanzosischen od. engU- 

schen Systeme). Perch of an ammunition- 
waggon, (English or French construction). 

Fl^ehe f. de caisson h, munitions (modcle 

anglais et fran^ais). 
Blockmorser, m. (art.) The common mortar. 

Mortier debout m. 
Blockmunitionswagen, m. (art) (der engli- 

schen und franzosischen Artillerie). voy. 

Blockrad, n. A truck. Roulette f. 
Blockraderlaffete, f. (art.) Truck-carriage, 

Aff<U m. a roulettes. 
Blockraderschleppe, f. A truck, Traineau 

m. a roulettes, 
f. (fond.) Founder's truck; sledge-drag 

for conveying the moulds to the pit, etc. 

TVaineau m. dans les fonderies. 
Blockwagen, m. (art.) (bei der preussischen 

Festungsartillerie). A sort of block or 

platform-carriage in Prussia. Chariot m. 

a canon (k roues basses), pour le service 

des places (en Prusse). 
(art.) (niedriger). Truck for carrying 

mortars, etc. Diable m. 

m. (min.) voy. Minenhund. 

Blockzinn, n. Block-tin ; tin procured from 

tiie common tin-ore. £tain m, en blocs 

ou en saumons. 
Blokade, f. od. Blockade. Blockade. Blo- 
cus m. 
Blosse, f. (in einem Walde). An open or 

cleared space in a wood. Clairih'e f. 
Blossstellen, v. (Truppen, eine Landes- 

strecke, etc.). To leave exposed, uncovered, 

unprotected, or leave without the necessary 

support or means of defence. Dicouvrir 

(une forteiesse, un pays). 
Blutadergeschwidst, f. (v^t.) voy. Blut- 

Bluthamen, n. (v^t.) (Blutstallen). /f<e- 

maturia, or bloody -urine ; (a disease of 

the urinary organs). H^maturie f. ; pisse- 

ment de sang. 
Blutspat, m. (vet.) Blutadergeschwulst f., 

od. Aderkropf m. Blood-spavin. Varicef. 
Bock, m. (pont.) od. Briickenbock. Trestle 

for military bridges. Chevalet m. de pont. 
m. (charp.) (od. ^igebock). Sawyer's 

frame, horse, block, or trestle, Baudet m. 

des sdeurs de long. 

m. Tcharp.) voy. Hangewerk. 

m. (sell.) (der ungarische). voy. Sat- 

m. od. Faschinenbock. voy. Faschi- 


m. Sort of lifting-jack. Chevre f. 

m. (art.) voy. Uebebock. 



Bock — Bogen. 

Bock, m. (grosses Hebezeug in Hafen, etc.). 
Sheerst erected as a gyn in harbours, etc. 
Bigue f. 

m. (v. d'a.) eines Rades, (oder die Nabe 

mit den Speichen ohne Felgen). The 
speech t or stock of a wheel with the spokes 
only, (without the rim or fellies). H^- 
ruson m. de roue. 

Bockbriicke, f. (pont.) Trestle-hridge, or 
bridge on trestles. Pont m. de chevalets. 

Bocken, v. (art.) voy. Bucken. 

V. (von Pferden). To Imck (as horses 

occasionally). Se dit d'un cheval qui es- 
saye de se debarrasser de son cavalier en 
faisant des sauts de mouton. (Sometimes 
a species of plunging is understood by this 

Bockgestell, n. (a). Chandeliem or wooden 
firame consisting of two uprights mortised 
into a sill with braces, etc., upon which 
fascines are placed, so as to form cover to 
the workmen during a siege, constituting 
a sort of traverse or moveable parapet. 
Chandelier m. 

Bockloss, (v. d'a.) Shaken in the stock, or 
hose in the stock, (said of the spokes of a 
wheel). Se dit d'une roue endommag^, 
dont les rais se sont reldch^s. 

Bockschemel, m. voy. Achsschemel. 

Bockstiitzcn, f. pi. (eines Pontonwagens). 
Stud-irons on the fore and hind>bolsters of 
a pontoon-carriage, for keeping the pon- 
toon in its place. Ranches f. ou ranchets 
m. pi. d'un haquet a ponton. 

Boden, m. (art.) der Seele (eines Geschutz- 
rohres). The 6o//om of the bore. Fond m. 
dc Tame d'une piece. 

(die Metallstarke am—) (art.) The 

breech. (Masse f. voy. Metallstarke. 

m. (art) od. Stoss. The breech, Cu- 

lasse f. 

m. (art.) (eines Kartuschbeutels od. Pa- 

tronensackes). The bottom of a cartridge ; 
(cartridge-bottom). Cuiot m. de gargousse. 

m. (eines Flusses). The bottom or bed 

of a river. Fbnd m. (Fester — . jFVrw, 
sound bottom. Fond solide). 

m. Soil. Terre f. 

Bodenbohrer, m. (o. e. b.) Auger ; wimble. 
Tariere .- vrille f. 

m. (for.) rod. der zweite Bohrer zum 

Bohren der Geschutze). The second bit 
used in boring guns ; {widening - bit). 
Deuxieme/oret m. 

Bodenbrett, n. (v. d*a.) (im Leitcrwagen). 
A bottom-board or plank of the waggon 
called *' Leiterwagcn.'' Burette f., ou 
planche do fond du chariot & munitions 

Bodenbrctter, n. pL(v.d*a.) Bottom-boards. 
Planches f. pi. defond. 

n. pi. (einer Kugelkarre, etc.) The 

boarding or bottom-boards of a (Prussian) 
trench-cart. Planches f. pi. defond d'une 

. charrette de siege prussienne. 

n. pi. (pont.) (eines Briickenkahnes). 

Flooring-boards. Planches f. pi. de 

Bodenfriese, f. (art.) die hochste (am Ge» 
schiitzrohre). The base-ring, Plate-bande 
de culasse f . 

Bodenmittelschwingen, f. pi. (v. d'a.) 
(des preuss. Kug^karrengestelles). The 
centre-transoms connecting the sides or 
shafts, and supporting the boarding of 
Prussian trench-cart, ^pars m. pi. de 
fond du milieu (de la charrette de siege 

Bodenriegel, m. (v. d'a.) (eines Fahrzeuges). 
A bottom-bar. £pars m. de fond, voy. 

Bodensaiten, f. pi. voy. Darmsaiten. 

Bodcnsatz, m. Residue^ sediment. Resi- 
dence f. ; r^sidu m. ; sediment m. 

Bodenscbablone, f. (art.) (zum Zuschneiden 
der Kartuschbeutel). Pattern from which 
cartridge-bottoms are cut. Patron m. en 
fer-blanc pour culots de gargousses et 

Bodenscharre, f. voy. Erdraiuner. 

f. (rain.) od. Minenkratze. A miner's 

drag or bent-shovel; crooked shovel used. 
bv miners. Drague f. 

Bodenschwingen, f. pl.(einesWagenka«tens). 
Bottom-bars or transoms connecting the 
side-pieces. £pars m. pi. defond du corps 
de caisson. 

Bodensieb, n. (ust. d'art.) voy. Untersatz. 

Bodenspiegel, m. (art.) holzemer (eUier 
Kartatschbiichse). Case-shot bottom, or 
wooden-bottom for case or canister-shot ; 
(occurs only with fixed ammunition). Sabot 
ro., ou culot en bois pour cartouches k 

m. (art.) od. Kartatsch-Bodenspiegel. 

voy. Kartatsch-Bodenspiegel. 

Bodenstein, m. fpoudr.) voy. Lagerstein. 

Bodenstiick, n. (art.) (der Kanonen). The 
first-reinforce of guns. Premier reirfort 
m. des canons. 

n. (art.) (des Morsers). The reitfforce 

of the mortar. Cul m., renfbrt m. du 

n. (moul.) einer StUckform, (die Trau- 

benform). The cascable or cascable-mould 
of a gun, in loam -moulding. Culasse f. ; 
moule m. de la culasse; (partie du moule 
correspondante a la culasse d'un canon). 

Bodenverstarkuug, f. (art.) (einer Kanone). 
The cascable of a gun (not including the 
cascable-button). Cul-de-lampe m. (non 
compris le bouton). 

Bogen, m. od. Briickcnbogen. The arch 
of a bridge. Arche f. d'un pont. 

m. (eines Gewolbes). An arch. Are, 

arceau m. d'une voiite. 

(der voile, voUkommene). The full- 

centre^ semicircular , or perfect-arch. Arc 
enplein cintre; plein cintre; berceaum,\ 
voute en berceau, 

(der gedriickte). The impeffect, sur^ 

bused, or diminished-arch; the ovai or 

Bogeu — Bohrgestell. 


iasket'kmuUe areh. Are^ eintre surbaisM^ 
ou en ante de panier* 

Bogen, (der flache). The eegment-arch. 
Cmire aploH. 

(der zugespitzte). The aurmounted' 

areh. Are turhauu^, 

(der obere) od. der Riicken eines Ge- 

wolbes. The extrados or back of an arch. 
Exirados m. d'une voute. 

(der innere). The iniradoe, toffity or 

under sur&oe of an arch. Intradot m. 

m. (sdL) (an dnem Sattei). voy. Sat- 


(m. d'a.) der stahleme (der Biichsen- 

nuuaier). A drill-bow. Arfon m. 

Bqsenfeile, f. (m. d'a.) od. RiffelfeUe. voy. 

— ' — f. (o. e. f.) od. Messerfeile. Hacle-taw, 
Seie f. hfendre lea tetes de vis. 

Bogengeriist, n. (charp.) The centering or 
centre, on which any vaulted work is con- 
stmcted. Cintre m. de charpente ; arme- 
ment m. de voC^te. 

Bogengewolbe, n. Vault in Jull centre^ 
eemicireulttr-arched vault, VoUte f. en 
plein eintre, 

Bogenrad, n. voy. Gtewolbrad. 

Bogenringe, m. pL (sell.) (am Kappzaume). 
voy. Kappzaiun. 

Bogenrippen, f. pi. (charp.) (eines Lehrge- 
riistes). Frames, trustee, or ribs, of which 
a centre for arches is composed. Fermes 
t. pi. voy. Lehrbogen. 

Bogensappe, f. Yoy. Sappe. 

Bogenscoiagen, v. n. Tvon Raketen). To 
whirl about in the air as rockets in as- 
cending, owing to their stick being crooked 
or too light. Vriller. 

Bogenstiicke, n. pL (charp.) (eines Lehrge- 
riistes). The curved back-pieces or curved 
parts of the centering for arches, which 
receive the bolsters, and on which the 
courses of the voussoirs are carried up. 
Veaux m. pi., ou pieces de bois d'un cintre, 
dont un cot^ est gabarid suivant la*cour- 
bure de la voiite ; courbes f. pi. 

Bogenschuss, m. (art.) Firing or practice 
at any degree of elevation above point- 
blank. Tir m. que Ton obtient avec im 
angle plus ou moins ouvert, et qui donne 
une trajectoire plus ou moins courbe, plus 
ou moins arquee ; tir eleve ou a feux 
courbes ! tir courbe. 

Bogenweite, f. (constr. des ponts). The 
undth of the bays of a bridge ; the span of 
the arches. Ouverture f. voy. Spannweite. 

Bohlen, f. pL (pont.) Dielen od. Pfosten- 
tafeln f. pi. Chesses for the flooring of 
boat or pontoon-bridges. Madriers m. pi. 

Bohlendach, n. Timber-roof, Toil m. de 

Bohne, f. (v^t.) Kunde od. Kennung. voy. 

Bohrbank, f. (m. d'a.) Boring-bench for 
musket-barrels. Banc m. deforerie dans 
lee numufactures d'armcs. 

Bohrbrett, n. (m. d'a.) od. Drillbrett. 
Breast-plate, or shield of iron attached by 
straps round the workman's body in using 
the drill. Conscience f., plastron m. 

Bohrdocke, f. ^m. d'a.) voy. Rohrdocke. 

Bohreisen, n. (ror.) od. Bohrstange f. The 
boring-bar, which carries the bit. Tige f. 
du foret. 

n. (o. e. b.) od. Bohrer m. (des Drauf- 

bohrers). Bit, boring -bit, or brace-bit, 
M^he f. de vilebrequin. voy. Drauf- 

n. (min.) Borer or Jumper, for boring 

in rock. Aiguille f., barre a mine, 

Bohren, v. To bore (guns, musket-barrels, 
etc.) Forer les pieces d'artillerie, lea ca- 
nons des armes a feu, etc. 

V. (art. & m. d'a.) (das Zundloch). To 

drill the vent of guns and the toudb-hole 
of musket-barrels. Forer le canal de la 

V. (art.) voy. Bohrend. 

V. (min.) (beim Steinsprengen). To 

bore, or form the blast-hole. Creuser le 
trou du pdtard. 

Bohrend, (art.). Said of a shot fired either 
at a depressed angle or at a very high 
angle of elevation, so that it does not re- 
bound, but fixes or buries itself at the first 
graze. Fichant; (plongeant). 

Bohrer, m, (for.) Borer or boring-bit, Fo- 
ret m. 

(for.) (der erste). Thefrst bit. —a 

langue de carpe. 

rfor.) (der letzte) (Schlicht- od. Kali- 

berbohrer). The polisher, or last bit used 
in boring guns. AUsoir m. 

m. (o. e. b.) The auger, Tariere f. 

des ouvriers en bois. 

m. (o. e. b.) (zum Draufbohrer-Ge- 

stelle). Bit or brace-bit, used with the 
stock or brace. Meche f. de vilebrequin. 

m. (min.) Borer used in blasting, etc. 

Aiguille f., barre a mine: pistolet m. 

Tmin.) ein vierschneidiger (des Mini- 

rersV voy. Kronenbohrer. 

(art.) zapfenfbrmiger (bei Ziindlochbohr- 

maschinen). A pin-drill used in bouching 
or oop])er-venting. Meche f. a titon, voy. 

m. (m. d'a.) od. Neber (zimi Bohren 

der Grewehrlaufe). Boring-bit used in bor- 
ing musket-barrels. Foret m. 

m. The borer ; (workman). Fareur 

m. ; (ouvrier). 

BohrerroUe, f. (m; d'a.) (der Biichsenma- 
cher). A drill-stock. BoUe f. a foret, 

Bohrerschneide, f. (for.) voy. Schneide. 

f. The bit of an auger. Meche f. de 


Bohrfaustel, m. (min.) Miner's hammer 
for striking the borer. Masse f. de fer ; 
petite masse, 

Bohrgestell, n. (o. e. b.) (des Draufbohrers). 
Stock or crank of the brace. FUt de vile- 
brecjuin m. 


Bohijunge — Bolzen. 

Bohijunge, m. (m. d'a.) The rough'borer, 
in a small-arm manufactory. Foreur m. 

Bohrkolben, m. (for.) Boring-head or block 
for the cutters. Portt'lame m. voy. Bahr- 

Bohrkopf, m. Tfor.) (woran die Schneiden 
gesetzt werden). The cutter-block ^ cutter- 
headf or boring-head which receives the 
cutterSf in boring guns. Porte-lame m. 

m. (for.) (an der Bohrstrassenwelle 

einer Bohrmaschine). The chuck of a bor- 
ing-machine, for the square of the gun. 
Manchon m., qui sert a fixer la piece ^ 
I'arbre de forerie, k i'aide de quatrc vis de 
pression (aet-screwe [Druckschrauben]). 

m. (tour.) Drill-chucky boring-chuck. 

Porte-foret m. ou mandrin porte-foret m. 

Bohrlode, f. voy. Bobrbank. 

Bohrloch, n. (min.) Blast-hole ^ jumper- 
hole, shot-holCf or bore for a blast. Trou 
m. du petard. 

Bohrmaschine, f. (od. Geschiitzbohrma- 
scbiue). Boring-mcu^hinCf or boring-engine 
for guns. Machine f. aforer, 

Bobrmebl, n. (min.) The dust, etone-dust, 
or chippinge of the excavation made in 
boring rock; quarry-dust, or chips and 
dust of the quarry. Poussiere f. deforet ; 
poudre, debris que forme le foret en creu- 
sant le roc. 

Bohrraumnadel, f. (art.) voy. Raumnadel. 

Bohrreif, m. (m, d'a.) od. Bohrring (in der 
Seele eines Gewehrlaufes). The mark left 
by the boring-bit in a musket-barrel. Trait 
m. de foret. 

Bohrschlitten, m. (for.) voy. Schlitten. 

Bohrspane, m. pL (for.) The chips detached 
by the boring-bits, in boring guns. AU- 
sures ; bUchilles f. pi. 

pi. (min. & expl.) The chips produced 

in excavating and boring rock. Copeaux 
m. pL de foret, qui se d^tachent en fo- 

Bohrspitze, f. The bit, M^che f. de foret ; 
m^che de vilebrequin. 

Bohrstange, f. (for.) The boring-bar, Tige 
f. du foret. voy. Bohreisen. 

Bobrtisch, m. (for.) od. die Bobrtafel (euier 
Bohrmaschine). The table on which the 
bar rests, in certain boring-machines. Table 
f. Bur laquelle repose hi tige du foret, (on 
Tappele aussi banc deforerie), 

Bohrung, f. od. der Bohrungsdurchmesser 
(der Feuergewehre und Geschiitze). The 
calibre or diameter ^f the bore of guns ; 
the bore, or size of bore of barrels. Calibre 
m. des bouches & fsu et des armes a feu 

f. od. die Seele. voy. Seele. 

f. (artif.) (einer Rakete). The hollow, 

or hollow-cone bored in jk rocket, when 
not driven on a spindle. j4me f., crewr m. 
d'une fus^ de signaux, etc. 

f. (v. d'a.) (der Nabe). The opening or 

bore of the stock ; the bore for the ule- 
tree arm. Partie f. vide du moyeu. 

Bohrung, f. (art.) (eines Ziinders). The 
bore of a fuze. Lumiere f. d'uue fus^. 

f. (m. d'a.) (des Pistons). The nipple- 
bore, touchhole, or perforation of the nipple. 
Canal m. de la dheminee. voy. Ziind- 

f. (m. d'a.) (des Stollens eines Percus- 

sionsgewehres). The communication firom 
the nipple-seat to the chamber. Canai m. 
de lumiere. 

f. des Hahnes (bei Percusaionsgewehren). 

voy. Hahn; Ausbohrung; Ausnohhmg. 

Bohrungsdurchmesser, m. (art)* (Kaliber 
n., od. Durchmesser m. der Seele). The 
diameter of the bore, or calibre of ord- 
nance. Calibre m. d^ bouches k feu. 

Bohrungskanal, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Ziind- 
rohre; Bohrung. 

Bohrwagen, m. (for.) voy. Schlitten; 

Bohrwcrk, n. (for.) (od. BohnnBschine f.). 
Boring-machine for guns. Machine f. i 

Bohrzapfen, m. (fond.) (od. Zapfen an der 
Traube eines Goschiitzrohres). The square, 
chuck-square, or square knob cast upon the 
breech of a gun to fasten it in the boring- 
machiae. Faux-bouton ou carr^ m. du 

Bollwerk, n. (fort.) od. Bastion f. Bastum, 
Bastion m. 

(abgeschnittenes). Retrenched-b, — re- 


(abgesondertes). Detached^bastiom one 

separated from the enclosure by a ditdi, and 
not connected by a curtain. — ditaehi. 

(halbes). Jia(f-bastion or demi-bastum. 


(hohles, voiles, etc.) voy. Bastion. 

BoUwerkskatze, f. (fort.) voy. Cavalier. 

Bollwerksohr, n. (fort.) (od. die abgenm- 
dete Schulterwehr). The orillon of Van- 
ban's construction. Orillon m. 

BoUwcrkspunkt, m. (fort) (die Piinte od. 
die-Bollwerksspitze). The point qf the 
bastion. Point m. du bastion; point ctgn- 
tal du bastion. 

BoUwerkspiinte, f. (fort.) od. Bollwerks- 
punkt. The salient, or point qf the bM' 
tion. Point m. du bastion. 

Bollwerksthurm, m. ^fort.) Tower-bastUm 
of Vauban's ^ ana 3** systems. Tbiir 

BoUwerkswebre, f. (fort.) (od. Gegen- 
wchre). The counterguard : (an out- 
work consisting of two &oes, constructed 
in front of some other work of greater im- 
portance, which it is intended to cover; 
sometimes called, a coverface), Contre- 
garde f. 

BoUwerkswinkel, m. Tfort.) (der bestri- 
chene od. flankirte Winkel). The angle 
qf the bastion, or flanked angle. Angle 
flanqu^ovL saillant. 

Bolzen, m. Bolt; pin. ChetiUe f . en fer ; 
boulon m. 

Bolzen — Bordleiste. 


Bolzen^ (art) (liegender). A /roiMom- 

boU. Boulom m. qui a une direction hori- 

zontale dans I'afifiit. 
(taet,) (stehender). Vertical-bolt (as 

a brackei'boU), or bolt passing vertically 

tfaiong^ the cheeks of a carriage. Chemlle 

f. qui tnTerse lea flasques perpendicolaire- 

(art) (Riegel- od. Verbindimgs-). A 

trantom^U, BouUm m. d^anemblage ; 

boukm d'eniretoite, 
(art) (hakenformiger). Lip-head bolt, 

CkeviUe f. a mentonnet, yoj, Dockenbol- 

zen^ Hakenbolzen. 
m. (mit einem Splinte od. Vorstecker). 

An eye-bolt; (eye-bolt and key), BouUmm, 

a claoette, 
(mit Tiereckigem Kopfe zum Einlassen 

od. Yeraenken). A square-headed or cotm- 

tenunk-headed bolt, — h tite carriepour 

(ein flachmndkopfiger). A round-headed 

b; boU'headed bolt, — ^ t^e ronde on a 

(mit sechsseitig verschnittenem Kopfe). 

A. diamond-headed b, — a tite de diamant, 
(mit verschnitfcenem Kopfe). Ayamish- 

bolt, — a t^te chai^einie, 
(flachkopfiger). Aflat-headed 4. — a 

t&e plate, 
(ein vemieteter). A rhetted or clenehed- 

bolt, Boulon riv^, voy. Armbolzen; 

Deichselbolzen ; Drehbolzen ; Gabel- 

bolzen: Hebebolzen; Kopfbolzen ; 

Bolzenblechy n. (art) A washer, collar; 

burr. Rosette t. ; eontre-rwure f. voy. 

Bolzenringy m. A ring-bolt. Piton m. h 

Bombardement^ n. Bombardment, Bom- 

Bombardier, m. The bombardier; corporal 
qf artillery, Cfq>oral m. d^artillerie, 

Bombardiergaliote, f. Bomb-vessel or bomb- 
ietch, armed witii one or more mortars 
for bombardment Bombarde, gaUote i, a 

Bombardinmgy f. Bombardment; bombard- 
ing, Bombardement m. 

Bombe, f. (art.) Shell, (espedaUy a mortar- 
shell or shell f(M* mortar practice, in dis- 
tinction to ** Ghranate " or shell for howit- 
aers). Bombe f. 

(eine verstarkte). (art) A thick-bottomed 

or excentrie shell, non-concentric shell, 
Bombe ret^0Tc4e; bombe excentrique, 

(eine exoentrische). voy. verstarkte 


(eine ooncentrische). A concentric-shell, 

— coneentrique, 

Bombenbrand, m. od. Ziinder. A Juze, 
Fus^e f. a bombe. 

Bombenfest, bombensicher od. bomben- 
firei. Bomb-proof. A V4prewoe de la 
bombe ; a Vabri de la bombe. 

BombenfUUen, ▼. & n. (art.) Pilling shells; 
to /// or prepare sheila. Charger les 
bombes m. ; chargement des bombes, 

Bombenhaken, m. pL (art.) The ears, 
lugs, or loops of a shelL Mentonnets m. 
pL on anses f. pi. de bombe. 

m. pi. (art.) Beam-hooks for bringing 

up and putting in the shell, in the exerdse 
of mortars. Crochet m. h bombe (double) 
(form^ de deux S. en fer). 

Bombenkanone, f. (art.) An 8 or \0-ineh 
gun; Paixhans-gun ; (long iron-gun). Ca- 
non m. a bombes on a la Paixhans, 

f. (art) (60-pfundige) (nach Stehi- 

gewicht^. The XQ-inchgun; (\^-pounder). 
Canon a bombes de 10 p*, 

(25-pfundige) (nadi Steingewicht). 

The 8-tncA gun; (68-pounder), Canon ^ 
bombes de Sp*, 

— ^ (lO-zoUige). A lO-inch-gun, Canon 
a bombes de IO0*. 

Bombenkanonenlaffete, f. (art.) (10-zol- 
lige). A lO-inch gun-carriage, or carriage 
for 10-inch guns. 4^ m. de canon it 
bombes de 10 p*. 

Bombenkartatsche, f. (art.) voy. Shrapnell- 

Bombenkasten, m. (min.) od. Bombenmine. 
A shell-fougasse, Fougasse i, h bombes, 

Wedges, or splinters or wood in use for- 
merly for securing the shell when put into 
the mortar, so that it might lie in the axis 
of the piece ; (shell-wedges), blisses f, 
pi. a bombes ; coins m. pL 

Bombenkniippel* m. (art) The beam used 
with beam-hooks for bringing up the shelL 
Levier m. pour le transport des bombes. 

Bombenleere, f. (art) (od. Bombenlehre). 
voy. Kaliberring. 

Bombenmine, t (min.) voy. Bomben- 

Bombenohr, n. (art.) The lug or ear of Sk 
shell. Mentonnet m. de bombe. voy. 

Bombensicher, (od. bombenfest). voy. 

Bombentrage, f. Hand-barrow for carrying 
shells. Civile f, h bombes, 

Bombenwerfen, n. (art) Shell-practice; 
mortar-practice; shelling; throwing shetts. 
Jet m. des bombes. 

Bonnet, n. (fort) (Bonnetinmg od. Kappe 
f.) A bonnette, usually occt^ying a salient 
angle, and raised 2 or 3 feet in height on 
the par^[)et of a work between the guns. 
It is an increased relief of the parapet, and 
has for its object to destroy in part the 
effect of enfilade and ricochet-fire. Bon- 
nette f. voy. Kappe. 

Bonnetinmg, f. (fort.) voy. Bonnet; 

Bootshaken, m. (pont) (od. Staaken). 
Boat-hook; g<^; setter or setting-pole. 
Croc m. de hotelier ; gqj^e f. 

Bordleiste, f. (pont.) od. Bordeinfassung 


Bordplanken — Brandkranz. 

(der Flussfahrzeuge). The wale, Cein- 

Bordplanken, f. pi. (pont.) od. Kahnver- 
kleidungen). The Hdes^ or planks of the 
sides of a boat. Bordages m. pi. 

Borstwisch, m. (art.) Broom for sweeping 
platforms ; hand-brush for mealing-tables, 
etc. Balai m. pour les plate-formes ; brosse 
plate ; balayette f. a crins (pour artifices). 

Borte, f. (Borten, pi.) Lace, Galon m. ; 
{galonSf pi.). 

Boschimgyf. Talus; slope; batter. Talus m, 

f. (fort.) (od. Dossining einer Brust- 

wehr). The slope of a parapet. Talus m. 

f. (die innere) (fort.) The interior- 
slope. — intirieur, 

f. (die aussere) (fort.) The exterior- 
slope. — extAieur. 

f. (arch.) (einer Maucr). The batter or 

slope of a wall ; the inclination or leaning 
position given to a wall. Talus m. ; pente, 
inclinaison donn^e a un mur. (Einer Mauer 
mehr — geben. To give a greater degree 
of batter or slope to a wall. Donner plus 
de talus ^ une muraille). 

(fort.) (mit ganzer od. fiissiger An- 
il^). Slope yiith base equal to its height. 
Talus a |, (talus a 45 dcgres) ; celui dont 
la base est dgale a la hauteur. 

(fort.) (mit doppelter od. zweifussiger 

Anlage). — with base double its height. 
Talus inclint^ a 2 de base pour 1 de hau- 
teur^ ou dont la base est double de la 

Boschung8anli^^, f. (fort.) The base of a 
slope. Base t. d'un talus. 

Boscnungsmesser, m. Sort o^ field-level or 
instrument for measuring slopes. Niveau 
m. propre a d^tenniner Tinclinaison d'une 

Boschungswinkel, m. (fort) Angle at which 
any slope is formed. Angle m. d'un talus. 

Bote, m. (Wegweiser). A guide. Guide m. 

Bottcherholz, n. Wood for staves ; wood 
for holding casks. Longailles f. pi. ; fon- 
cailles f. pi. 

Boussole, f. voy. Orientirboussole ; Pa- 

Bracke, f. (art. nav.) od. das Riicklauftau, 
(Brake). Gun or earronade-breeching to 
prevent recoiL Brague f. pour canon. 

Bracke, f. (v. d'a.^ (Stangenwage, Wage 
od. Hinterwage). A swing splinter- 
bar. VoUe f. mobile de derric^re ; of which 
the chief parts are : 

Das Brackholz od. Wagescheit, der 
Schwengel od. das Mittelholz. The 
master-bar; {hind master-bar). Corps 
m. de vol^. 
Die Ortscheite n. pi. od. Khppschwengel 
m. pi. The two swingle-trees. Palan- 
niers m. pi. voy. Ilinterbracke (fest- 
stehende), Sprengwage. 

Brackenstangc, f. (v.d'a.) (od. Sprengwage- 

steife). A splinter-bar stag, 
de voUe. 

Tirant m. 

Brackholz, n. voy. Bracke. 

Brand, m. (od. Ziinder). voy. Ziinder, 

m. (beim Kohlenbrennen). voy. Brande 


(an Pferden). Mark with which a horse 

is branded. Marque f, voy. Brennen. 

Brandbombe, f. (art.) The round-carcass ; 
carcass or shell with three or more fuze- 
holesy tilled with burning composition and 
used to set fire to buildings, etc. Boulet m. 
imendiaire; boulet creux h incendier ; 
boulet creux en fer rempli d'une compo- 
sition incendiaire. 

Brandchen, n. (art.) voy. Durchschlag- 
brandehen, Brandel. 

Brandchenpennal, n. (art.) voy. Lichtcr- 

Brandcorps, n. An organized corps of fire- 
men. Corps m. de pompiers, 

Brande, m. pi. (beim Kohlenbrennen). 
Brands f or those pieces of wood so called 
by the workmen which in preparing char- 
coal are not sufficiently charred. Fu- 
meronstfiameronst brUlots m. pL ; (mor- 
oeaux dc bois a demi-carbonis^). 

Brandel, m. (art.) Brander, Durcb- 
schlagbninderchcn, Ziiudrohrchen. voy. 

Brandeltasche, f. (art.) voy. Schlagroh- 

Brander, m. Brandschiff. Fire-ship or 
fire-boat. BriUot m. 

Brander, m. (art.) od. Ziinder. A fuze, 
Fus4e f. a bombes. 

Brandfass, n. (artif. d. g.) The fire-barrel 
used formerly in the defence of a breach. 
Baril m. ardent on foudrogant, 

n. od. Sturmfass. voy. Sturmfieus. 

Brandgasse, f. The interval between the 
tents of each double row, in a camp. Petite 
ruCf ruelle ; intervalle qui s^paie les files 
de tentes ou une compagnie d*une autre 
dans les camps tenths ou baraques. 

Brandgeschoss, n. od. 

Brandgeschosse, n. pi. (artif. d. g.) Pro- 
jectiles filled with inflammable composition, 
(as carcasses, fire-balls, etc.), or fire-works 
intended to set fire to the object, against 
which they are directed. Project^ m. 
pi. incendiaires, 

Brandgranate, f. (art.) The carcass; (syno- 
nymous with " Brandbombe " with this 
difference, that the « Brandgranate " is 
fired out of howitzers, the other out of 
mortars). Obus m. incendiaire; obus- 
tite-de-mort ; obus incendiaire perc^ de 
plusieurs trous. 

Brandhaube, f. (art.) (einer Brandrakete). 
The carcass-heading of a carcass-rocket ; 
also the sheet-iron cone of a carcass-headed 
rocket. Chapiteau m. d'une fiis^ incen- 

Brandkitt, m. voy. Feuerkitt. 

Brandkranz, m. (artif. d. g.) voy. Pech- 

Brutdkreuz — Brechen. 


Bimndkreuz, n. voy. Brandkugelkreuz. 

Bimndkugel, f. (art.^ Phre^hall. Balle f. a/eu. 

f. (art.) (od. Karkasse). The carcoM, 

obUmg^eareoM, or skeieion-carcau of the 
old pattern. Balle f . d feu h careoMte en 
fer; balle meendiaire ; careane f. 

f. (art) od. Brandbombe. voy. Brand- 


f. (art) od. Brandgranate. voy. Brand- 


f. (art) od. Feuerknaiil. voy. Feuer- 


Brandkugelkreuz, n. (art) od. Brandkreuz. 
The ekeleton, or hollow iron hemispheres 
of old pattern carcass. Carcasee f. en fer 
pour halle inoendiaire. 

Brandlocb^ n. (art) (einer Hohllnigel). 
Puse'hole of a sheU. (Eil m. d'un pro* 
jectile creoz. 

n. (art.) eines Ziinders (Brandes od. 

Brandrohr^). The hollow cylinder of a 
fuze. Lumiere f. d'une fusee. 

n. (artif.) (Ausstromungsoffhung) (einer 

Rakete). Vent of a rocket. Lumiere f., 
orifice m. d'une fiis^ de guerre; gorge 
t, trou de V^tranglement d'une fus^ de 

Brandlocbmesser, m. (art.) (fiir Hohlku- 
geln). Fuze-hole gauge, VAificateur m. 
de rcril. 

Brandlunte, f. (artif.) Slow-match. M^che 
f. it canon, voy. Lunte. 

Brandmaschine, f. (art.) (Sprengmaschine, 
od. Hollenmaschine). Ii\femal-machine, 
or i^paratus for destroying and blowing up 
bridges, etc. Machine f. it^female pour 
miner les ponts de bateaux, etc. 

Brandrakete, f. (art.) Carcase-rocket^ car- 
eate-headed rocket^ or rocket armed with 
a cone containing carcass-composition. Fu- 
•4e f, meendiaire. 

Brandrohr, n. (art.) voy. Ziinder ; Bom- 

Brandrobre^ f. (art.) (die holzeme). The 
wood of a fuze, or wooden case for holding 
the fuze-composition ; empty-fuze, Boit 
m. pour fus^ de projectiles creuz ; (om- 
poulette, f, [a]). 

Brandrobrsetzer, m. (art.) od. Brandrobr- 
treiber. voy. Ziindereintreiber, Brand- 

Brandrobrzieber, m. (art.) voy. Brand- 
zieber, Ziindermascbine. 

Brandrutben, f. pi. (eines Feuerrostes zum 
Gliihen der Kugeln). The bars of a grate 
for hot shot Barres ou verges f. pi. d'un 
gril k rougir les boulets. 

Brandsatz, m. (artif.) Carcass-composition, 
Composition f. incendiaire. 

m. (artif.) voy. Brandzeug. 

Brandschatzen, v. (ein Land). To put a 
country under contribution, Mettre un 
pays a contribution, 

Brandscbatzung, f. The contribution im- 
posed upon an occupied country. Contri- 
bution f, qu'on tire d'un pays ennemi. 
Obrman Part. 

Brandscbiff, n. voy. Brander. 

Brandscblagel, m. (art.) od. Treibeacbla- 
sel. Fuze-mallet, Maillet h. chasser les 
Pia6eB, ou maillet m. chasse-fus4es, 

Brandscbwarmer, m. Sort of cartridge 
made up with inflammable composition, in 
use in tne Austrian and Prussian services. 
Cartouche incendiaire: espeoe de car- 
touche k fusil en usage dans les troupes 
prussiennes et autrichiennes. 

Brandtreiber, m. od. 

Brandtriebel, m. (ust d'artif.) od. Brand- 
setzer. A setter ^ fuze-setter^ for fixing 
fuzes in shells. Chasse-fus^e m. 

Brandwacbe, f. Polizei- od. Stockwacbe 
(in einem Lager). The rear-guard in 
camp. Garde f. de police d'un camp. 

Brandzeug, n. (art.) od. Brandsatz (znr 
Versetzung einer Brandrakete). Carcass- 
composition for heading rockets. Compo- 
sition incendiaire^ ou matihre f. incen- 

(art.) (Gescbmolzenzeug od. bren- 

nender Stein^. Valenciennes-composition, 
Roche {. a jeu ; (composition de Valen- 
ciennes) (Gassendi; Aide-M^moire). 

Brandzieber,m. (art) od. Ziindermascbine. 
Fuze-engine for drawing fuzes. Tire- 
fus4es m. 

Braucbbar erkennen, v. (Eisenmunition, 
Geschiitze, ete.) To receive as serviceable^ 
or receive into the service. Recevoir; re- 
connoitre ; constater propre au service. 

Braune, f. (v^t.) (od. der Kropf)- The 
strangles. £tranguillon m. ; gourme f. 

Brauneisenstein, m. (min^r.)od. das Braun- 
erz. Brown iron-ore. Fer oxidi brun, 

Braunerz, n. voy. Brauneisenstein. 

Braunkohle, f. (min^r.) Brown-coal; an im- 
perfect kind of coal, and from its ligneous 
structure called also " bituminoses Holz " 
bituminous wood. Houille brune ou ter- 
reuse ; lignite m. 

Brecben, v. (tact.^ (die Linie einer, im 
Frontmarsche sich bewegenden Truppe). 
To throw any troops marching in line into 
oblique echellony so that the several di- 
visions of such line, (according to the de- 
gree of obliquity taken from the former 
position), move on direct to the front that 
each may have acquired, until the original 
front is to be restored. Troops thus gain- 
ing ground to a flank by the echellon 
movement, are said to move with '* gebro- 
chener Front. ^' Faire gagner du terrain 
vers un flanc II une troupe en bataille, en 
marchant obliquement par pelotons, par 
sections, ete. 

V. (tact.) (ein Viercck). To reduce a 

square ; (to reform line or column). Rom- 
pre un carrd. 

V. (Salpeter). To pulverize saltpetre. 

Pulveriser le salpStre. 

V. (artif.) To work-up carcass-compo- 
sition. Melanger et bien remuer la com- 
position pour les balles incendiaires. 


Brechholz — Bnllenofen. 

Brechholz, n. (ust. d'artif.) (sum Umriihrcn 
dea Satxes). Paddle or tpatula for 
stirrmg hot composition. Spatvle f. k 
remuer lea compositions; tpattUe d'ariu 

n. (salp.) Paddle used in pulverizing 

saltpetre. Spatule f. poor rompre le sal- 
Brechstange, f. (min.) od. Brccheisen (der 
Minirer) . Miners' pinch ing-bar or pincher. 
Pince f. du mineor ; pince a pied de biche, 

f. CnnO'bar, Pince f. 

->-— f. (sid.^ An iron bar for stirring and 

working the metal, etc. Bingard m. 
Brechung, f. (fort.) (des Mittelwalles) od. 
die innere Brisiire. The break in the cur- 
tain near the extremity of it. (It occurs 
in the construction with orillons and re- 
tired-flanks). Brisure f. de courtine. 
Breitaxt, f. (charp.) The broad-axe. jSpaule 

f. de mouton ; hache de charpentier, 
Breitbeil, n. voy. Breitaxt. 
Breite, f. (der Bruckenbahn). Width of 
the carriage-way in bridges. Voie f. du 

Breithacke, f. Mattock. Hoyau m. 

f. voy. Spitz- und Breithacke. 

Bremse, f. (m. f.) A barnacle or bamaclet 
(pi.) ; (a sort of pincers to put over the 
nose of vicious horses whilst toeing, etc.) ; 
also the twitch applied to a horse's nose 
in performing different operations. Mo- 
raiile f. ; tord-nez on torche-neg m. 
(Einem Pferdc die Bremse anlegen. To 
twitch a horse, or put the twitch upon a 
horse. Appliquer le tord-nez a un 

Bremsen, v. (em Rad). To ecotch a wheel. 
Caler une roue. 

Bremsknoten, m. The woolding or packing- 
ttick hitchf for tighteninga rope. Nasud 
m. avec le garrot. voy. Knoten. 

Brennen, v. (cin Pferd). To brand a horse. 
Marquer, brCUer un cheval avec un for 

V. (ein Pferd) (ein Brennmittel anwen- 

den, V.) To Jire a horse, or apply the 
actual cautery to a horse. Donner lefeu 
ou mettre lefeu h. un cheval. 

n. (der Form) (fond.) voy. Ausbrennen. 

n. (der Kohle). The charring of wood, 

or calcination of wood. Carbonisation f. 
du bois. 

Brennender Stein, m. (artif.) Valendennee 
composition. Roche f. a feu; {compo- 
sition de Valenciennes). 

Brennmatenal, n. Fuel. Combustible m. 

Brennofen, m. voy. Rostofen. 

Brennstahl, m. voy. Cementstahl. 

Brcnnstahlofen, m. voy. Ccmentirofen. 

Brennzeit, f. (art.) (des Zilndersatzes). Time 
in which a fuze bumSf or length of time 
which a fuze takes to bum. Dur^e f. de 
combustion des fus^. 

Breschbatterie, f. Breaching-battery. Bat- 
terie f. de br^he. 

Bresche, f. (SturmlUcke od. Wallbruch, 
m.). A breach. Brhche f. 

(eine gangbare). A practicable-b.t or 

breach fit to assault. — praticable. 

(legen, v.) To batter in breach; to 

breach. Battre en breche. 

(schiesson, v.) To form a breach, or to 

breach. Faire breche. 
Breschevertheidifining, f. The drfence of 

the breach. Defense f. de la breche. 
Brett, n. voy. Bretter. 
Bretter, n. pL Planks or sawed-timber, 
denominated '* Hschlerbretter, Verschlage- 
bretter," etc. according to their scantling. 
Planches f. pL voy. Yerschlagcbretter ; 
Tischlerbrettcr; Spiindebretter; Durch- 
Bchnittsbrettcr; Latten; Biihnen. 
Bretterbekleidung, f. PUmk-revetment. 

Rev^tement m. en charpente. 
Bretterwand, f. (art.) Target for artillery- 
practice of greater lengtii than hdght. 
Panneau m. ; panneau en planches; mur 
de planches; but m. de tir. 
Brettholzer, n. pL Sti^, boards, plank, 
timber reduced into scantlings. Bois m. de 
Brettnagel, m. Nail for boards ; (clasp-mail ; 

clout-nail, etc.) Clou m. h planche, 
Brettsage, f. (chwrp.) od. Trennsage (grosse) 
zum Lduigschnitt. Pit-saw. Scie f. de Umg, 
voy. Sage. 

f. (o. e. b.) (um Bretter in der Riditung 

der Fasem zu durchschneiden). Saw for 
dividing boards in the direction of the 
fibres. Scie f. a rifendre. voy. Sage. 
Brettsager, m. A sawyer. Scieurdekmgm. 
Briefcommando, n. voy. Relaiacommando. 
Briefordonnanz, f. An orderly, or orderly^ 
dragoon, employed in conveying oflficial 
letters. Ordonnance f. ; cavalier m. ^or* 
donnatice (pour porter des d^pSches). voy. 
Brigade, f. A brigade. Brigade f. 

Sappirer (Sappeur-Brigade). Squad 

(or brigade) of sappers, (conai^mg of 8 
sappers). Brigade f. de sapeura. 

Arbeiter. A working-party, (oonaiat- 

ing of 60 workmen). Ditachement m. de 
travailleurs, (compost de 60 hommea). 
Brigadebefehl, m. Brigade-order; brigade- 
orders (pi.) Ordre m. de brigade. 
Brigadier, m. (Brigadegeneral). Brigadier, 
or officer commanding a brigade. Briga- 
dier ; gin&al m. de brigade. 
BrikolscDiiss, m. (art.) A shot which strikes 
a work at such an angle that it glanoea off, 
and ricochets against some adjacent part 
Coup de bricole; tir de bricole m. 
Brille, f. (fort.) (od. LUnette). Lunette, or 
small work consisting of five aides, namdj 
two fitces, two small flanks, and a gotge- 
Lunette f. 

(grosse) (fort.) voy. Tenaillon. 

Bnllenofen, m. (welcher zwd Stichlodwr 
Ubereinander hat), ^eetaeie- ' 
Foumeau m. d lunettes. 

Brillenzirkel — Briicke. 


BriDttiixirkel, m. (m. d'a.) (der BuchsenmA- 
dier). Dtmbie-bawed callipert. Comptu m. 
a lunettet. 

Brmgen, ▼. (art) od. legeu, v. (em Kanonen- 
rohr) ana dem Schiess- in das Marachlager. 
To th^ a gun from the firing to the tra- 
veUing tmnnion-holes. Faire paaser une 
pi^ de Tencastrement de tir a la position 
de route. 

Biiaiire, f. (fort.) The breiik in the curtain 
of a front of fortification constructed with 
orillons and retired flanks ; the briture of 
the curtain. Britwre f. de courtine. 

— f. (fort.) (die auseere). The reverse of 
the orillon, or tiiat part of an orillon which 
Ikoes towards the curtain. Briture f. de 

Brodbeutel, m. (des In&nteristen). The 
kavergaek. Mtuette f. ; wc m. a pain, 

Brodwageii,m. Commisaariat'Waggon; com- 
migforiat bread'Waggon. Caisson m. de 
mores; caisson d'^quipages. 

Bronze, f. (art.) (Stiickmetall). Gnn- 
metal. Bronze m. ; metal it canon. 

Broutiren, ▼. (for.) (od. ins Metall ein- 
reissen, ▼.) To cut-untruef bore-awry^ 
or deviate; to grubf not to cut clean or 
smooth, (said by workmen of the boring- 
bit when blunt). Brouter. 

Bmch, m. (m^t.) Theyrac/«re. Cassure f. 

^ (sid.) (auf dem — e) (griesig od. 

komig). Said of cast-iron which has a 
** granulated fracture" Grenu dans la 

— -^ m. (bei eisemen Achsen). The Jrac- 

ture, Cassure f . 
m. (art.) od. der Bug (einer Laffete). 

Bendf roundingy or curve in a gun carriage. 

Cintre m. d'afltit. 
(art.) (der obere od. erste^ (einer 

Laffete). The bend or curve on the upper 

part of the carriage. Cintre de mire, 
(art.) (der untere od. zweite). The 

bend or rounding of the traiL Cintre de 

m. Marshy marshy-place: swamp; bog; 

fen; moor, Mar4cage; marais m.; terrain 

humide et bourbeux. 
Bruchstein, m. Quarry-stone, rubble-stone, 

Moellon m. 
(roher, unbehauener). Unheum-stonCf 

in rough blocks from the quarrv. — brut, 
m. (mit behauenem Kopfe). — axed 

or dressed on the face. — piqtt/, 
(gqpiditer). Hammered-stone or dressed- 

rubble. — piqu^. 
Briicke, t Bridge. Pont m. 
(8tehende,festeod.bleibende). Ftjped 

or permanent bridge, Pont stable, per- 
manent; pont dormant, 
(flUcbtige). A temporary-bridge. Pont 


(bewegliche). Moveable-b, P, mobile, 

(fliegende). X flying -bridge, swing 

flying-bridge, or swing-bridge, Pont vo- 

Briicke, (scbwimmende). Floating-bridge. 

(deren Stimen mit den End-Widerlagen 

schiefe Winkel bilden). A skew-bridge, or 
bridge which is askew or oblique, (i. e. one, 
of which the axis is not perpendicular to 
the thread of the stream). Pont biais, 
— oblique (par rapport aux deux rives). 

(f. a. r.) (bei Flammofen). The fire- 
bridge of a reverberatory furnace. Pont 
de la chauffe d^un four "k r^verbere. 

(steineme). A stone-bridge. Pont de 


(holzeme). A timber-bridge, Pont en 

charpente, p. de bois. 

Teiseme). An iron-b. Pont enfer. 

(Bock-). Trestle-bridge or bridge on 

trestles. Pont de chevalets. 

(Dreh-). Swing, turn, or swivel-bridge. 

P. toumant; p. toumant double. 

(Pass-). Bridge qf casks, P. de ton- 


(Floss-). A raft-bridge (properly so 

called), or bridge on rafts qf timber. Pont 
de radeaux, (p. de radeaux proprement 

(Floss-) (aus Fassem, Kasten, od. mit 

Luft gefiillten Schlauchen). Bridge on 
rqfis constructed of different expedients, 
as '* air-tight cases, casks, inflated-skins/' 
etc. Pont de radeaux, de circonstances ; 
pont improvise avec les materiaux que Ton 
trouve sous la main. voy. Fassbriicke; 
Kastenbriicke ; Schlauchbriicke. 

(Hang-) od. Ilangebriicke. A sus- 
pension-bridge. P. suspendu. 

(mit Hangewerke). TStvlss -frame 

bridge, b. on truss-frames, or on the truss 
principle, in which the road-way is " sus- 
pended" from the frame work. PoiU a 
armatures, ou suspendu a des armatures; 

E>nt sur longerons avec armatures, (voy. 
riicke mit eincm Sprengwerke). 

(mit Uangetramen) (krumm gewach- 

sene Balken). Bridge on the principle of 
the bow-string or tension-bridge, in which 
the road is suspended by rods or otherwise 
from ** bent-beams " occupying the space 
of the parapet-walls. Pont suspendu h des 
cintres, voy. Hangetramen ; Balken. 

(Joch-). voy. Pfahlbriicke. 

(Kasten-). Rqfl or bridge of air-tight 

cases. P. de caisses. 

^Krieps-). Military-b. P. militaire. 

( Lauf \ Foot-bridge. Passerelle f. 

(Lauf-). An irrfantry foot-bridge. 

Passerelle f. pour Tinfanterie. 

(Noth-). Temporary-bridge, or bridge 

resorted to as a temporary expedient upon 
emergencies ; bridge to span impediments, 
etc Pont de circonstances; communication 
temporaire ou momentan^. 

(Ponton-). Pontoon-b, Pont de pon- 

(Pfahl-). Pile-bridge, b, on piles. 

Pont depilotis. 



Briicke — Briickenkahn. 

Briicke, (Roll- od. Wagen-). Carriaffe- 
bridge. Pont roulant, 

(Schanzkorb-). Bridge o/gabioM. P. 

de gabions. 

(SchifF-). Bridge ofboats^ boat-bridge. 

P. de bateaux. 

(Schlauch-). Bridge on rafts of in- 

flatedskins. P. de radeauXf composes de 
peaux de bouc enfl4es: poni d^outres. 

(Sell-) (einfiidie). B. of ropes or rope- 
bridge. P. de cordages. 

(Seil- od. Uangebriicke). voy. Hange- 


(mit einem Sprengwerke). Bridge 

with a system of struts and straming-beam 
supporting the roadway, or bridge ^ of which 
the beams or string-pieces are sustained by 
struts to the piers, the roadway '* resting " 
upon the frame-work. Poni sur contre- 
/icheSf ou p. sur longerons avee contre- 

(mit einem Spreng-undllangewerke). 

Bridge, of which tiie roadway, partly 
** rests ** on the frame-work, and is partly 
** suspended " from it, being a combination 
of struts and straining beam, strengthened 
by trusses. Poni avec armatures et con- 

(Wagen-) voy. Rollbriicke. 

(Zug-). Draw -bridge. Pont-levis. 

voy. Zuffbriicke 

(pont.) (eine abgeschwcnkte, wieder 

aufzuschwenken, v.). To reform a bridge 
in a connected state ; to haul-up a bridge 
in order to restore the communication. 
Ramener un pont a sa premiere position. 

Briickenauge, n. Arched conduit of brick 
or stone through the spandrel-spaces of 
stone-bridges, forming an additional water- 
way during freshets for the passage of the 
stream. CEii m. de pont ; (ouverture cir- 
culaire au-dessus des piles et des reins dans 
les arches d'un pont). 

Briickenbahn, f. (Bahn od. Fahrbahu). 
The bridge-road or road-way. Chaussie f. 
du pont : tablier ou plancher m. du pont. 

Briickenbalken, m. (constr. des ponts). The 
sleeper or string-piece of a wooden bridge, 
running from pier to pier, and parallel to 
the axis of the road-way. Longeron m. ; 
pouirelle f. du tabher d'un pont. voy. 

Briickenbau, m. Bridge-building; the con- 
struction or erection of permanent bridges. 
Construction f. des ponts. 

(mit Pontons). The construction or 

formation of a pontoon-bridge ; the act of 
forming a pontoon-bridge. Construction 
f. d*un pont de pontons. 

(pontonweise). Forming the bridge by 

single pontoons launched in succession or 
by booming-out. — par bateaux successes. 

(gliederweise). Forming by rqfts^ (i. e. 

independent portions or sections). — par 

(durch Einschwenkung). — by swinging 

the bridge, (L e. forming the bridge along- 
side the bank and then swinging it into its 
position). — par conversion. 

Briiekenbock, m. (pont.) Trestle. Chevalet 
m. de pont. 

m. (pont.) (mit beweglicher Kappe). 

Trestle with a moveable transom; an 
elevating -trestle f the ridge-beam of which 
may be lowered or raised. — a chapeau 

Briickenbogeu, m. Arch of a stone-bridge. 
Arche f. d'un pont. 

Briickeiibohle, f. (constr. des ponts). Floor- 
ing-plank of a pile-brid«. Madrier m. 
depont. voy. Briickcndiele. 

Briickendecke, f. od. Decke (einer Briicke). 
The Jloor of a bridge, or rotid-covering ; 
the flooring f planking^ or flooring of boards 
forming the road-way of a bridge. Plancher, 
tablier m. d^un pont. 

Briickendiele, f. (pont.) Chess or board of 
the road-covering of a bridge. Madrier m. 
du plancher d'un pont. 

Briickendielung, f. (pont.) The flooring of 
the bridge, or upper part of the super- 
structure formed by the chesses. Tablier 
m. du pont. 

Briickendurchlass, m. (pont.) voy. Durch- 

Briiekenequipage, f. Bridge-train. £gui' 
page m. de poni. 

Briickenfeld, u. ( Jochfeld od. Glied einer 
Briicke). The bay of a bridge, or that part 
or division of it comprised between two 
adjoining piers, rafts, or supporting bodies. 
Trav/e f. de pont. 

Briickengeratn, n. The appurtenances of 
pontoons in a bridge-equipment. Agree m, 
pi. de pont. 

Briickengewolbe, n. (von dcr Form eines 
Halbki^ises). Full-centre^ semicircular, 
or perfect arch. VoUie f. en plem eintre. 

n. (gedriicktes). Oval or basket-handle 

arch; elliptic arch. — en anse de pamier. 

Briickenglied, n. (pont.) A rqfl; any sec- 
tion or independent portion of a bridge, 
composed of two or more pontoons lashed 
together. Portiere f. compos6e de deux 
ou trois bateaux pour la construction d'lm 
Dont par parties de bateaux, voy. Briicken- 
bau; Briickenschlagen. 

n. (pont.) Floating-pier or support (in. 

eluding the bay which precedes or foUowa 
it), or that part of a bridge which comprises 
Sk floating -pier (viz. a boat or pontoon), 
together with the bay or space between it 
and the next floating body. Pontic f. 

Briicke^joch, n. (constr. des ponts) (einer 
Pfi&hlbriicke). Pier, or intermediate point 
of support of a pile-bridge between the 
abutments ; wooden-pier formed of uprights 
driven into the bed of a river. Paife f* 

Briickenkahn, m. (od. holzemer Ponton). 
Wooden-pontoonorboaifpontoon-boat. Ba-^ 
ieau m. d'eauipage de pont. voy. Boden- 
bretter; Scniffsbekleidungen; Rramm-> 

Briickenkopf — Brustwehr. 


holzer; Knieholzer; Dockenstocke ; 
Sdmabel ; Bordleisten ; Dahlborde ; 

Brttckenkopi^ m. (fort.) A bridge-head^ or 
tite-de-pofU. T^te f. depont 

Briickenlelme, f. The hand-rait or railing 
at the foot-way of a bridge. Garde- 
/im m. 

Bruckenmanover, n. (pont.) Any manattvre 
undertaken with a bridge in pontoon- 
ezerdae, either in forming or dismantling 
it. Manceutre de eongiruction ; manceuvre 
de repliement d'on pont de pontons, etc 

Briickenmeister, m. (pont.) Brtdge-matier, 
Inspecteor on snrreUlant m. du pont. 

Briickemnittelliiiie, f. (pont.) TTie axis of 
the bridge. Axe m. du pont, 

Briickenofiiiung, f. Toy. Jochfeld, Glied 
einer Briicke. 

Briickenpfahl, m. Bridge-vile, Pilotis ou 
pilot m. voy. Grandpfanl. 

Briickenschanze, f. (fort.) A bridge-head^ 
or work thrown up for covering ti^e com- 
mnnication across a river. 7V/e f. de pont, 

Briickenschlagen, n. (pont.) The forming 
oir formation of a bridge. Construction f, 

(pontonweise). — by single pontoons 

launched in succession or by booming-out, 
— par bateaux successifs. 

(gliederweise). — by rafts. — par 


(mittelst Einschwenken). — by swing- 
ing the bridge. — par conversion. 

Briickenschwelle, f. voy. Saumschwelle. 

Briickenschwenkung, f. (pont.) The man- 
oeuvre of swinging a bridge or wheeling 
it entire alongside the bank, (in retiring 
across rivers, etc.). Conversion ou quart 
de conversion fait avec un pont pour le 

Bhickenspanniing, f. (pont.) A bay. JVa- 

Briickeiuteie, m. voy. Steg. 

Briickenstelle, f. Tl^e site of a bridge. 
Emplacement m. d'un pont. 

Briickenunterlage^ f. voy. Unterlage des 
Briickenweges ; tJnterlagen, pL 

Briickenweg, m. (pont.) The Jloor-way, 
road-way f or carriage-way qf a bridge. 
Tab tier m. du pont, 

Briickenzubehor, n. (pont.) The appurte- 
nances of a military bridge. Agrh m. pi. 

Briickenzug, m. Bridge-train, £quipage 
m. de pont. 

Briickcnzugange, m. pL The approaches of 
a bridge. Abords m. pi. 

Briickweg, m. voy. Briickenweg. 

Bruniren, n. od. Braunbeizen des Eisens. 
The browning or bronzing of polished iron. 
Bronzage m. 

Bnmnen, m. (min.) (od. Schacht, m.) The 
shqft of a mine. Puits m. de mine. 

Brust, f. (m. d'a.) od. Rumpf (des Hahnes). 
The Iniasi of the cock. Ventre m. du 

Brust, (h. f.) voy. Ofenbrust. 

Brustblatt, n. (sell.) (am Sielengeschiire). 
Breast-collar ; the breast-part of a breast- 
collar. Poitrail m. ; corps m. du poitrail, 

Brustblech, n. (art.) voy. Umbiegeschiene. 

Brustbrett, n. (m. d'a.) od. Brustplatte 
(zum Bohren). The breast-plate^ or shield 
of iron with a steel boss in the centre and 
straps attached to it, to fasten round the 
workman's body in boring. Plastron m. 
ou conscience f. 

Brusthaken, m. (art.) (an einer Laffete). 
Breast-hook, Crochet m. de retraite au 
front du flasque. 

Brusthamisch, m. \ front-cuirass. Pla- 
stron m,f'demi-cuirasse f. 

Brusthohe, f. (fort.) od. Anschlagshohe. 
The interior elevation or height of the 
parapet above the banquette. Hauteur f, 
d^appui, voy. Yertheidigungshohe. 

Brustholz, n. (m. d'a.) voy. Brustbrett. 

Brustketten, f. pi. (art.) (an einer Laffete). 
Breast or advancing-chains (pi.) Chaines 
f. pi. de retraite, 

Brustlehne, f. (einer Balkenbriicke). The 
side-raily or hand-rail of a permanent 
wooden-bridge. lAsse f. d'un pont dor- 
mant ; garde-fou m. 

Brustmauer, f. (einer steinemen Briicke). 
The parapet of a stone-bridge. Parapet 
m. ; garde-fou en pierre (d'un pont de 

Bnistpallisaden, f. pi. voy. Pallisaden. 

Brustrabatten, f. pi. voy. Rabatten. 

Brustrad, n. A breast-wheel or breast water- 
wheel^ in which the water is delivered to the 
float-boards at some point between the 
bottom and top. Rtme f. de c6t^. 

Brustricmen, m. (sell.) voy. Brustblatt. 

m. voy. Tomister. 

BruststUck, n. (m. d'a.) (eines Kurasses). 
The front-cuirass of a pair of cuirasses. 
Plastron m. de cuirasse. voy. Kiirass. 

Brusttau, n. (art.) der preuss. Artillerie (er- 
setzt durch die jetzt eingefuhrten Brust- 
ketten). use in the Prussian 
artillery and now replaced by advancing 
chains or ** Brustketten." Petits c&bles die 
retraite autrefois en usage dans I'artillerie 
prussienne, remplaces aujourd'hui par des 
chaines de retraite (Brustketten). voy. 

Briistung, f. (fort.) (das unter der Sohle lie- 
gende Stiick der Brustwehr). The solid of 
the battery, or solid portion of the parapet 
of a battery under the embrasures. Coffre 

f. (einer steinemen Briicke). The 

parapet of a stone-bridge. Parapet m. 
d'un pont de pierre. voy. Pallisaden. 

Brustwehr, f. (fort.) Parapet of permanent 
works ; parapet or breastwork of entrench- 
ments. Parapet m. voy. Schulterwehr. 

f. (einer Batterie). The parapet of a 

battery. £lpaulement m. d'une batterie. 


Bnistwehr — Buhnen. 

Bmstwehr, f. (von Schanzkorben). BreasU 
work of gabions or parapet en gabionade. 
Gabionnade f. 

f. (von Fassern). Breattwork qf casks 

filled with earth. Tonnelade f. 

Brustwehrabdachung, f. (fort.) voy. Ab- 

Brustwehrboschiing, f. (fort.) (die innere). 
The interior-slope of the parapet Talus 

(die aussere). The exterior-slope. Ta- 
lus ext&iew, Toy. Boscbung. 

Bnutwebrhohe, f. (fort.) voy. Uobe der 

Brustwehrkamm, m. (fort.) voy. Kamm. 

Brustwebrlinie, f. (fort.) die innere (einer 
abzusteckenden Schanze). The interior 
base-line of the parapet. Cr&e intMeure^ 
ligne defeu du parapet^ ou premiere ligne 
k tracer dans la construction d'un ouvrage 
de campagne. voy. Flucbt ; Feuerlinie. 

Brustzapfeu.m.(charp.)(mit schragerBrust). 
A tenon formed with a tusk or bevel- 
shoulder. Tenon m. a rer^ort inclM. 

Buchascbe^f. The wild-ash, Ome ou/rene 
m. sauvage. 

Bucbe, f. The beech. Metre m. 

Bucbenbolz, n. Beech. Bois m. de hftre. 

Bucbse, f. (BUcbse) od. Nabenbucbse. 
The nave-box. Botte f. de roue. voy. Na- 

Biicbse, f. (m. d'a.) The rifle. Carabine f. ; 
{carabine a balls for c^e). 

^Wall-} (m. d'a.) voy. WaUbucbse. 

(deutsche) (a.) The wheel-lock musket. 

Arquebuse f. d rouet. 

(art.) (fur Kartatschen). The canister 

or tin-case for case-shot. Boite f. k balies. 

Bucbseneintreibcr, m. (v. d'a.) Driving- 
bolt i wheeler's tool for driving boxes into 
naves. Chasse-botte m. 

Biichsenkartatscbe, f. (art.) A round of 
case-shot fixed, or case-shot fixed to the 
cartridge. Cartouche t h balies. voy. 
Kartatscbe ; Kartatschen. 

Biicbscnkramme, f. voy. Bucbskrammc. 

Biichsenmacher, m. Armourer. Armu- 
rier m. 

Biicbsenmacberkunst, f. The art of manu- 
facturing firo-arms. Art m. de farmurier. 

BUcbsensaulen, f. pi. (sid.) (am Ilammerge- 
riiste). The limbs of the support in which 
the pivots of the hurst of a forge-hammer 
work. Jambes f. pi. deforce. 

Biicbsenscbafter, m. (m. d'a.) The stocker. 
Monteur ; monteur m. en blanc. 

Biicbsenscbloss, n. (m. d'a.) Rifle-lock. 
Platine f. de carabine. 

Buchsenspanner, m. (a.^ The spanner or 
key for winding up the old wheel-lock. 
Cl^f. de la pUitine k rouet. 

Bucbskramme, f. od. Biichsenkramme 
(zur Befestigung der Radbuchsen in der 
Nabe). Caulking-staple, for keeping the 
box in the stock. Cntmpon m. de boite. 

Buckel, f. (am Stangeng^isse). The boss 

or stud on the branches of a bit ; bit-boss. 
Bossette f. du mors de bride, voy. Kan- 

Bucken, v. (art.) od. bocken. Term used 
with reference to guns, of which the chase, 
in firing, overbalances the breech, acting 
detrimentally on the elevating-screw, et<^*). 
Se dit d'un canon dont la volee I'emporte 
par son poids sur la culasse. 

Bug, m. (m. d'a.) einer Feder (im Feuer- 
schlosse). The turn of a lock-spring. C%U 
m. de ressort. 

Biigcl, m. (m. d'a.) The bow of the sword- 
hilt. Garde f. du sabre. 

— : — m. (m. d'a.) Handbiigel od. Abzug- 
biigel (am Gewehrschafte). The trigger- 
guard. Sous-garde f. du fiisil : of which 
the parts are : 

Das vordere od. kurze BUgellaub. The 

fore-end. Branche f. de devant. 
Der Einschnitt fiir den untcm Riem- 
biigel. The opening for the swiveL 
Fente f. pour le passage da battant de 
la sous-garde. 
Der Steg, (Btigel), Biigelbogen. The 

bow. Pontet m. 
Das hintere od. lange Laub. The back- 
end. Branche f. de crosse. 
Das Oehr. The wood-screw hole. (Eii m. 

m. (fond.) od. der Steg (des Guss- 

kastens zum Formen der Hohlgescfaosse). 
The stay of a core-box, for the spindle that 
supports the core to work in. Barrette f. 
voy. Steg. 

m. (v. d'a.) (der Mittelkappe des Ort- 

scheits). Loop of the swingle-tree 6LKsp, 
for the split-rings or ** Scherringe " whidi 
attach the swingle-tree and splinter-bar. 
Amorce f. de lamette du palonnier. 

m. od. Fussbretttrager (an den Protzen 

der preuss. Feldlaffetcn). Iron bracket for 
foot-board of Prussian field-limbers. Tto- 
seau m. en fer (en Prusse), qui remplaoe le 
tasseau de marche-pied Q)r(^rement dit) 
d'avant-train de campagne firaAi9ai8. 

Biigelfuss, m. od. 

BUgelfusscben, n. (m. d'a.) The stud. 
Pivot m. de sous-garde. 

Biigelsage, f. A bow or frame-saw. Scic 
f. afUt cintr^i scie a cadre, voy. Sage. 

Bugelscbraube, f. (m. d'a.). Wood-screw 
to fix the back-end of guard. Vis f. dc 

Buglahmung, f. od. 

Buglabmc, f. (vet.) The being shoulder- 
shot, splayed, or wither-wrung. JSeart 
m., effort d^4paule,faux ecart, entf^ouver- 

Buhne, f. od.Biihne (am Ufer eines FlnssesV 
Whaif; pier. Port; quai m. (de riviere). 

f. an Fliissen ; (ein von Pfiihlwerk, Faschi- 

nenwerk etc. aulgefuhrter Bau, bestimmt, 
den Strom vom Ufer abzulenken). A groin. 
£peron m. ; crhihe f. 

Biihnen, f. pi. od. Latten. Scantling of stuff 
3 inches broad and \\ thick; (sort of 

Bund — Biize. 


UHen), Lattei f. pL 1|" d'^pais. et 3'' 

Bund, m. (der deutsche). The germanic 
cofrfederaHon. CofrfidinUion germanique, 

m. (der Rhein-). The confederation 

42^^AeJUtiie (12th July, 1806). Corrf^d^- 
ration du RMin. 

Ziindschnur, n. (artif.) A hank (of 

qmckmatch). Eeheveau m. de m^che k 
canon, voy. Bunde, pi* 

m. (bei den Uhlanen). The cavahy 

pirdle. Ceinture f. de lander. 

m. (man. de force) (an einer gespaltenen 

Speidie, etc.) Seiiing, or rope lashed 
Tonnd broken spokes and disabled parts of 
carriages. Ligature f. poor les rais fendns 
oncaas^, etc. 

Bundband, n. (oonstr. hydr.) od. Strebe- 
band. Strut to strengthen an upright; 
oblique ttraimng-beam ; (charp.) Inrace in 
a timbor partition, etc Decharge f. ; 

Bunde ratronen, n. pL Bundlet (into 
which cartridges are packed). Paquete m. 
pL de cartouches. 

Biindel Stahlstabe, n. (aid.) The faggot 
or bundle of bars of bUstered-steel (to be 
heated and tilted into shear-steel). TVouste 
f. de lames d'ader. 

Bundes-Festung, f. Federai-fortreut/br' 
trete qfthe German confederation; {/or- 
tre§9 qfthe empire) *). Fartereue I,f4d4- 
nde, /brtereue de la confederation ger- 

Bimdea-Heer,n. (das deutsche). The army 
qfthe confederation^ or army of the con- 
federate-states of Germany. Arm4e f. de 
la eonft^d&ation germaniquCf armie eon" 

Bundes-Kontingent, n. voy. Kontin- 

Bondet-TnippeB, f. pi. Confederate troope, 

Troupea f. fL,ffd^ale9. 
Bimdfeder, x. (m. d'a.) (an einem Schafte). 

The band-epring on foreign muskets. Ret- 

eort m. de garniture. 

Biindniss, n. Alliance; league; confede- 
racy. Alliance; ligue ; conffd^ationf. 

Bunze, f. (der Stiickverschneider). Graver, 
gramng-tool; tracer used by engrsTers 
and chasers. Ciselet m. 

f. Punch ; ttamp. Poinfon m. 

Bureau, n. voy. Militair- ; Vermessungs-, 
Topograpbiscbes Bureau. 

Biirgergarae, f. City-guard. Garde f. 

Biirgerkrieg, m. Civil-war. Guerre f. 

Biirgermeister, m. Chirf city-magietrate : 
mayor. BourgmeetrCf bourguemestre ; 
maire m. 

Biirgerquartier, n. A billet ; (billets pL), 
or quarter furnished by any landlord to a 
solder on the march, etc. Logement m. 
chez Vhabitanty foumi auz troupes en 

Biirgerwache, t Guard found or furnished 
by dty-troops. Garde f. bourgeoiee. 

Bumiersche Frictionsrohre, f. (art) Fric- 
tion-iubCf detonating -friction tube (as first 
proposed by Captain Bumier). £toupille 
f. a friction de Bumier. 

Bursch, m. voy. Officierburscb. 

Biirscbpulver, n. voy. Pirschpulver. 

Biirzel, m. (des Pferdes). The croup ; dock 
of the tail. Croupion m. ; tronfon de la 
queue du chevaL 

Busch, m. (der Nabe). voy. Mittelnabe, 

m. Cover; copte; thicket; grove; duster 

of trees; bush. Buisson; hallier; bocage 
m. ; bouquet m. d'arbres ; touffe f. 

Buscbwerk, n. Bushes ; brambles; shrub' 
bery; thicket. Brousailles f. pi. ; arbris- 
seaux ; buissons m. pi. ; hallier m. 

Biize, f. (min.) Channel, air-conduit, pipe, 
or tube, through which fresh air is com- 
municated to the galleries of mines. Buce 
ou Imze f. ; tuyau de bois servant k la 
communication des galeries avec Tair ez- 
t^rieur. voy. Luftrohre ; Luftziige, pi. ; 


Cadett, m. Cadet of a military-college. Ca- 
det m. ; ^Ihfe m. d^une ^le militaire. 

Cadettencompagnie, f. Company qf cadett, 
Compagnie f. de cadett, 

Cadettenschule, f. Military-college, £cole 
f. de cadets ; ^cole militaire. 

Cadre, m. *) (eines Bataillons od. Regiments). 
Skeleton of a regiment. Cadre m. 

Calfactor, m. (Stubcn du jour). Orderly- 
man of a room in barracks. Celui qui ett de 
chambr^e: soldat de service a la chambre. 

m. (auf der Wache). Man of a guard 

told off for fifctigue. Soldat qui fiut les 
oorv^ de la garde. 

m. voy . Aufpasser, Bedienter, Officier- 


Calfatem, v. To ealky caulkf or stop the 
seams of vessels. Caffater, 

Caliber, m. & n. (art) od. Durchmesser 
(der Geschosse). The diameter of projec- 
tiles. Calibre ou diamktre m. des projec- 

— (art.) od. Bohrungsdurcbmesser (der 
Geschiitze). The calibre or diameter ^ 
the bore of guns. Calibre m. des bouches 

Caliberbohrer,m. (art.)voy.Schlichtbohrer. 

m. (m. d^a.) Square bit used in fine- 
boring barrels ; spill and bit), M^che ou 
mouche f. voy. Auskolben ; Kolbcn. 

Calibermassig. Of true-gauge^ of true dia- 
meter ^ qftrue or proper calibre, De ca- 

bohren, v. (ein Stuckrohr) (for.) To 

bring the bore of a piece of oxdnance to 
its proper calibre ; to bore-up ordnance. 
Porter le diam^tre de I'&me au calibre 
exact; all/ser, 

Caliberring, m. (art.) od. die Kugelleere. 
Ring-gauge for shot ; shot-gauge. Lunette 
f. a calibrer ou de reception, voy. Kugel- 

Caliberstab, m. (art) od. Kalibermassstab 
(zur Untersucnung der Geschiitzrohre, 
etc.). voy. Kalibermassstab. 

Caliberatahl, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Passirstahl. 

Calibriren, v. (art.) (ein Geschiitz). To 
measure the calibrej or take the diameter 
qf the bore of a gun ; to try the truth of 
the bore. Calibrer une bouche k feu. 

V. (art.) (Projectile). To gauge shot 

and shells. Calibrer les projectiles. 

Callerstromische Ziindr<5nre, f. (art.^ Cal- 
lerstrom*s tube, (System of primmg, of 
which trial has been made in Sweden and 
Holland, the principle of which is that of 
sulphuric-acid acting upon chlorate of pot- 
ash.) itoupiUe f, suyfurique de Callerstrom; 
amorce qui fiiit explosion par la rupture, 
voy. Schiagrohre. 

Calotte, f. (eines Helmes). The skull of a 
helmet. Timbre m. d'un casque. 

Cameradschaft, f. The squadf by which men 
are quartered together and by which they 
mess ; one of the messes into which a com- 
pany is told off ; the squad into which a 
room is told off; the room (i.e. the men 
of the room). Chambrie f. ; ordinaire m. 

Camouflet, n. (min.) voy. Quetscher. 

Campagne, f. (h. f.) (eines Hohofens) od. 
HUttencampagne. The period during 
which, without interruption, a fumaoe 
continues in blast, or length of time that it 
continues to smelt. Boulement m. d'un 

Campiren, v. voy. Lagem. 

Cansd, m. (m. d'a.) od. Kanal (des Ziind- 
stiiles una des StoUens). voy. Ziindkanal ; 
Ziindrohre; Bohrung. 

Canne, f. voy. Diise ; Blasebalgsrohre. 

Cantoniren, v. n. To canton^ or go into 
cantonments, Cantonner, 

lassen, v. (die Truppen). To canton 

troops, or place them in cantonments. 
Faire cantonner les troupes. 

Cantoninmg, f. Cantonment, Canionne- 
ment m. ; quartier de cantonnement, 

Cantonirungen, f. pi. in O^Scn, v.). To 
canton troops, or place them in canton- 
ments, Cantonner (des troupes). 

— ^ in (liegen, v.) To be in cantonments. 
Etre en cantonnements. 

Cantonirungsquartiere — Carr^. 


CantoiiinmgBquartiere, n. pi. CanionmenU, 
QfuarHen m. pi. de eantotmement ; eon- 

Capacitat, f. od. der Fluthraum (einer stei- 
nernen Bracke). The water-way of a bridge 
for the passage of the stream. Debouch/ 
m., ouverttre f. d'un pont de pieire. 

Capelle, f. (artif.) (einer Rakete). The cup 
of the rocket-case; primmg-cup of the 
rocket, icuelle f. de fos^. voy. Gewolbe. 

t (chun.) A cupel, or cup of bone- 
earth so called for chemical purposes. CoU' 

Capellenaache, f. Bone-earthy bone-oihet 
y)L), or the ashes of animal bones of which 
cupels are made. Cendre f. de coupelle ; 
ekdre f . 

Capitain d'armes, m. (Waffenaufseher). 
Non-commissioned officer who has charge 
of the arms and clothing of a company. 
Capitaine d'armes; sergent d'armement 
et d'^uipement. 

Capitale, f. (fort.) (od. die Hanptlinie eines 
dollwerkes). The capital of a bastion, or 
line drawn through the salient angle of any 
bastion so as to tnsect it. Capitate f. d'un 

Capitulant, m. The eoldier re-enliatingj sol- 
dier who re-enliate or who renews his ser- 
vice at its expiration. Soldat qui se ren- 
gage ou ^t contracte un rengoffement. 

Capitulantenzulage, f. Additional-pay to 
soldiers renewing their service. Haute- 
paye de rengagemeni. 

Capitulation, f. The engagement made on 
enlisting for any period of service, (as in 
England, or countries recruited by volun- 
tary enlistment). Engagement m. con- 
tract^ par quelqu'un qui entre au service ; 
engagement volontaire. 

(eines Soldaten) (nach abgeleisteter 

Militair-Dienstpflicht). Engagement en- 
tered into by a soldier on renewing his 
service ; renewal qf sertnce ; {re-enlist- 
ment). Engagement m., contract^ par 
un soldat qui a fini son temps de service 
et qui desire le continuer ; (rengagement). 
(This term is thus understood in those 
countries, such as Prussia, where every 
subject is bound to serve.) 

f. Capitulation ; convention or treaty 

between two hostile parties, in virtue of 
which, one or the other surrenders himself 
or his post, upon certain stipulated terms 
or conditions. Capitulation f. 

(die — unterzeichnen, v.) To sign the 

capitulation. Signer la capitulation. 

(die — entweifen, V.) To draw-up the 

terms of surrender. Dresser, r/diger les 
clauses de la capitulation, voy. Ueber- 

Capituliren, v. n. To capitulate, or sur- 
render on stipulated terms or conditions. 

— V. n. To renew on^s service at its 
expiration ; (to re-enlist). Contracter un 

GiRMAN Part. 

^igagement ii I'expiration de son temps de 
service ; (se rengager), 

Capituliren, v. n. To enliet, S* engager i 
contracter un engagement volontaire. 

Caponni^rCf f. (fort.) A caponiere or capo- 
nier ; (a work extending acr()ss the bottom 
of a diy ditch, at right angles to its general 
direction, either for the purpose of afford- 
ing a covered passage to an outwork or 
flank-defence to the ditoh). dqtonni^ f. 

f. (oben offene). An open-caponiere, 

— a del ouvert. 

(bedeckte od. eingedeckte). A covered 

or casemated-caponier. Cs^onnt^e case- 

(einfache ; halbe). Single or simple 

caponiere i half-caponier or demi-caponier, 
Caponnihre simple ; demi-caponni^re f. 

(Hinze). Double c. C. double. 

(TaraDOur-). Palisade - caponiere. 

Caponniere en palissades. 

(Rticken-). voy. RUckencaponni^re. 

Caputrock, m. (des Infanteristen). Soldier's 

great-coat. Capote f. pour soldat ; capote 

de troupe. 

m. od. Ueberrock (der Offidere). 

Officer's frock-coat. Capote f., redingote 

m. od. Schilderrock (Wachtmantel). 

Great-coat (or watch-coat) hung up in 
sentry-boxes. Capote (manteau) pour sen- 

Carabiner, m. The carbine. Mousqueton m. 

' (gezogener). Bifle-carbine. Carabine 

f. de cavalerie. voy. Karabiner. 

Carabinerbandelier,n. Carbine-belt. Bande- 
role porte-mousqueton; {porte-numsqueton 
m.) ; bandouliere f. 

Carabinerbaken, m. (m. d'a.) Swivel of 
carbine-belt. Porte-mousqueton m. ; cro- 
chet k ressort servant a attecher le mous- 

Carabinerschuh, m. Carbine-bucket. PortC" 
canon m., botte f. 

Carabinerstange, f. (m. d'a.) Carbine-rib 
or side-rib of carbine. TYingle f. en fer 
de mousqueton. 

Camieshobel, m. (men.) An ogee-plane. 
Doucine f. 

Caronade, f. (art.) od. Carronade. A car- 
ronade. Caronade f. 

Caronadelaffete, f. (art.) Carronade-car- 
riage ; • {block-trail carronade-carriage). 
Affdt m. de caronade. 

Carr^, n. (tact.) (Quarr^ od. Viereck). The 
«9tMir«ofinfiuitry. Carr/m. 

(voiles). A solid-square. Carr/plein. 

(hohles). A hollow-square. — vide. 

(ein — angreifeui v.) To charge a 

square. Charger, attaquer un carr^. 

(ein — sprengen, v.) To break a 

square. Enjoncer un carr^. 

(ein — brechen, v.^ (tact.) To reduce a 

square, in order to re-torm line or column. 
Rompre un carr^, pour reformer b colonne 
ou b ligne de bataille. 


Colonne — Commandowort. 

Escadronsoolonne ^' (Peloton- or Schwa- 
dronscolonne), etc. etc. (Column ofdivi- 
riona [sub-divimona] — colonne par pelo- 
ioni) ; {dlose column of squadrons — co- 
lonne serr^e par etcadroni) etc. etc. 

Colonne, f. (art.tact.)(zu Einemod. Manch- 
colonne). Column of sub-divisions ; (co- 
lumn of route) . Colonne par piece. 

(art. tact) (Zug-). Column qf divisions. 

Colonne par section, 

(art. tact.) (in halben Batterien). 

Column of ha\f-batteries. Colonne par 

(art. tact) (Sections-), voy. Zugco- 


(tact.) (Angriffs-). Column qf attack. 

Colonne d'attaque. 

(tact) (Manovrir-). Column qf ma- 
noeuvre, — de maneeuvre. 

(tact.) (Marscb-). Column qf march 

or route. — de route. 

(dch in — setzen, v.) To form column. 

8e former en colonne. 

Ck>lonnehalten, ▼. & n. (tact.) Covering in 
column; the covering qf the pivots; to 
cover in column^ Alignement des guides 
d'nne colonne ; se maintenir dans la direc- 
tion de la colonne; observer la direction du 
guide; tenir le guide. 

Colonnenattacke, f. Attack in column, 
Attaque f. en colonne. 

Colonnenbewegung, f. Movement in co- 
lumn. Mouvement m. en colonne. 

Colonnenbriicke, f. (pont) voy. Wagen- 

Colonnenforminmg, f. Formation in co- 
lumn ; formation of column. Formation 
t. en colonne ; formation de colonne, 

Ck>lonncnfuhrer, m. (tact) The leading- 
officer ; leading-file ; flank-direcHng file 
at the head of a column. Guide m. de la 
eolonnCf charg^ de la direction de la 

m. Ouide, attending a column, to direct 

the troops on their march. Guide^ (pour 
montrer le chemin). 

Ck>lonnenlinie, f. (tact) The line qf pivots 
in column, or line qf covering. Ligne f. 
de guides d'une colonne. 

Ck>lonnenspitzc, f. The head of the column. 
Tete i. de colonne; (t^te de la colonne). 

Colonnenweg, m. The march-route of a 
column of troops, route or line of route 
of a column ; any road or line of route 
laid down for the passage or advance of 
troops. Chemin par lequel une colonne 
pent passer, qui pent servir k la marche 
d'une colonne. voy. Weg. 

Colpak, m. Busby f busby-cap^ or hussar 
fur-cap. Colback m., kolbakf colbach de 

Comms^dement, n. (fort.) od. Deberr- 
scbung. voy. Beherrscbung. 

Commandant, m.(eine8 militairisch besetzten 
Chrtes). The commandant of any garrison. 
Contmandant m. 

Commandant, od. Commandeur. Officer 
commanding or in command. Commandant; 

(der Bedeckung eines Transportes). 

Officer in command or officer in charge 
of the escort of a convoy. Ch^ m. de 
I'escorte d'un oonvoL 

m. voy. Posten-; Wacbt-; Feld- 


Commandiren, v. To command, to be in 
command; to be in charge qf. Com- 

V. (nach der Tour, nach dem Dienstalter) 

Offidcre, etc. To put or place (officers, 
etc.) on duty in their turn, or by roster. 
Commander des offiders, etc., a leur tour, 
ou par le contrdle d*andennet^, pour un 
service quelconque. 

V. To command, or give a word qf 

command. Commander. 

V. (im Tempo). To time the word of 

command, or give it with the proper pause. 
— ^ juste intonation, voy. Joetonung. 

CommandirroUe, f. IZm/^ for regidiSing 
the duties ; duty-roster. Contr6le m. de 
service; contr6le pour commander le ser- 

Commandirt. Ordered on duty; told-qffi 
or appointed to any duty ; put or placed 
on dUity; on duty ; attached; detached; 
employed ; on a particular service. Com- 
mand^ pour un service quelconque; de 
corvee; d'escorte; de service; en mtsnon, 
envoy^ en mission. 

Commando, n. Command. Commande- 
ment m. voy. Kommando. 

n. Duty, Service m. voy. Kom- 

das, (iiber die Truppen) fiihren od. ha- 

ben, V. To have the command of the 
troops. Avoir le commandement des 

das, (iibemehmen, v.) To take the 

command, or take-over the e. Prendre le 

n. (ein kleines Detachement). Party; 

detachment. Detachement m. (Ein Com- 
mando von N N Cavallerie abschicken. To 
detach a party of cavalry of sudi and such 
a strength. Envoyer un dAachement de 
[ou detacher] N N chevaux.) 

(auf). On command; detached or em- 
ployed on any particular service; on de^ 
tachment ; on escort. Absent en mission; 
envoy4 en mission ; d^tach^ pour un ser- 
vice; detach^; command/ d'escorte. 

n. od. Commandowort. A word, 

command, or word qf command, Com- 
mandement m. 

(Executiv-) od. zum Ausiiben. The 

executive word or command qf execution, 
Commandement d'ex/cution. voy. Aus- 

(Avertissements-). The caution, or 

command qf caution. — d'av erti seem ent * 

Commandowort, n. voy. Commando. 

Commissbrod — Cordonstein. 


Commiisbrod, n. RaiioH'bread. Pain m. 

Commisscaliber, m. (m. d'a.). Reffuiation- 
bore, tmuket-bore, carbine-bore (said of 
pistols). Calibre m. d'ordontumee, 

CaiimiiBsgegeiutande, m. pi. Regimental 
articlee ofetore. Effete m. pi. on ol^ete 
emmagaainie an d^t du corps. 

Commissschuhe, m. pL (od. Stiefeln). Am* 
nunutiOH-boote (shoes). Souliere m. pL 

Communicatioiisgaiig, m. (min.) (voy. Mi- 

CommwTiiffationggraben, m. pi. (die von 
der enten Panllele nach den Depotplatzen 
fuhienden). The ziffzaff'trenckes, boyaux 
or trenekee qf eommunieaiion to connect 
the parallel with the depots in the rear. 
TVanch/ee f. pL de communication (de la 
prem^re parall^le anz depdts de tranche 
jUaoh enani^). 

od. Verbindimgsgraben, m. pi. The 

approaekee, trenches qf approach, or zig- 
zage connecting the parallels ; called also, 
zigzag-tqiproachee or boyaux qfcommttni- 
cation, Boyaux, zigzage m., lignee f. on 
boyaux m. pi. de communication, 

Communicationsgraben, m. A branch of 
the approaches, or boyau of communica- 
tion. Boyau m. de eomntunication, 

Communicationslinie, f. The line of 
communication, from the original source 
of supply, to the army. lAgne f. de com- 
municationt ; (route par laquelle se dirige 
la correspondanoe d'une armee, ses oonvois, 
et ses recrues.) Toy. Operationalinie. 

Compagnie, f. (In&nterie^. Company of 
in£uitry. Compagnie f. d infimterie. voy. 
Fliigd-; Scbiitzen-; Feld-; Gamison-; 
Musketier-; Leib-; Straf-; Freicom- 
pagnie; Kompagnie. 

f. (Cayallene). Troop of cavalry or 

dragoons. Compagnie de cavalerie. 

(cine Starke). A etrong c. Forte — . 

— ^ (eine rollzahlige). — which is complete, 

or up to the eetabliehment, — complete. 
Compagniefronten, f. pi. (tact.) (in — vorbei- 

marsdbiren, v.) To march past t'si column 

qf compamee (grand-divisions). D^filer 

par eomipagniee, 
Compagmenihrer, m. Officer command' 

ing or in charge of a company. Com" 

mandant m. de compagnie. voy. Kom- 

Compagniegasse, f. (eines Lagers). Street, 

or interval between the rows of companies' 

tents in camp. Grande rue d'un camp, 

(comprise entre les files perpendiculaires 

d'une meme compagnie). 
Compagnieinhaber, m. The captain qf a 

company, Capitaine m. de compagnie; 

chtf de compagnie, 
Concentriscbe Operationslinien, f. pi. 

(art d. 1. g.). voy. Operationslinien; 

Concentrischer Riickzug, m. voy. Riickzug. 

Concret, m. Concrete. Concret m. 

Conduitenliste, f. Cott/idential report. Rap- 
port m. sur la oonduite militsire et priv^ 
des officiers d'un corps, adress^ k certaines 
^poques a I'autorit^ sup^eure. 

Coniscbe Rader, n. pi. (mec.) Bevel-geer, 
or bevelled-gear ; conical-wheele, Engre- 
nage m. conique ; rouee f. pi. coniquee, 

Consigniren, v. (eine Truppe; einen Sol- 
daten, etc) To con^ne to barracke, any 
soldier or number of soldiers. Consigner 
it la caeeme (un soldat, une troupe). 

Consol'sches Percussionsschloss, (m. d'a.) 
voy. Percussionsschloss. 

Constructionsebeue, f. (fort.) voy. Situa- 

Constructionstabellen, f. pi. voy. Ta- 

Contingent, n. (der Bdtrag an Kriegsgel- 
dem, bewafiheter Mannschait, etc. zur 
Fiihnmg eines Krieges). The contingent, 
or quota of men or pecuniary subsidy fur- 
nished by one state to another. Contingent 
m. voy. Kontin^ntl 

Contravallationslinie, f. Line ofcontraval" 
lation ; (belt of field-works facing the place 
attacked). Ligne f. de contravallation, 

Coutreapprochen, f. pi. od. (Gegenlaufgra- 
• ben). Counterapproachet, or the trenches 
which the besieged carry on from the glacis. . 
Contre-approches f, pi. 

Contrcbatterie, f. (od. Gegenbatterie). A 
counter-battery. Contre-batterie f. voy. 

Contregarde, f. (fort.) (Vorwall, Gegen- 
wehre od. Bollwerkswehre). A counter^ 
guard, Contre-garde f, 

Contremarsch, m. (tact.) Countermarch. 
Contre-marche f. 

Contreminirt, (fort.) od. gegenminirt (von 
Festungswerken). Countermined. Contre- 

Contrescarpe, f. (fort) od. (aussere Graben- 
boscbung). The counterscarp, or exterior 
side of the ditch. Contrescarpe f. 

Contrescarpengallerie, f. (min.) The cotm- 
terscarp (or magistral) gallery. Galerie 
f, de contrescarpe, 

Contrevallationslime, f. voy. Contravalla- 

Controleur, m. (m. d'a.) The viewer of 
small-arms. ContrBleur m. d'armes. 

Controliren, v. (topogr.) To verify (the 
accuracy of observations takm in survey- 
ing). V&ifier, 

Corde, f. (man.) (zum Longiren). voy. 

Cordon, m. (Grenzkette; Truppenkette) 
Truppencordon. A cordon, chain of posts. 
Cordon m. de troupes, ou cordon depostes, 

m. (am Czakot). Cap-line. Cordon m. 

de schakos. 

Cordonstein, m. (fort.) The coping, coping- 
stone, or cordon ; the flat stone on the top 
of revetments of masonry. Cordon m. du 
rempart. voy. Mauerband. 

Comet — Czapka. 

Cornet, m. (der jiingste Officier einer Esca- 
dron). Comet of cavalry. Comeite m. ; 
(dernier grade de Toffider de cavalerie). 

Corporal, m. Corporal. Caporal m. 

Corporalschaft, f. Squad. Eitcouade (. 

Corps, n. (eine aus verschiedenen Waf- 
fengattungen zusammengesetztc Truppen- 
massc). Corps. Corps m. ; {corps stra- 

Corpsgeist, m. Esprit-dC'Corps. Esprit m. 
de corps. 

Corpsschreiber, m. voy. Batallionsschrei- 
ber; Regimentsschreiber. 

Coupiren, v. (vet.) englisiren od. anglisi- 
ren. To dock a horse. £courter: couper 
la queue a un cheval. voy. Anglisircn. 

Coupirt, od. durchschnitten (vom Terrain), 
voy. Terraiii. 

(v^t.) od. anglisirt (von Pferden). 

Docked. £court^t courtaudi. voy. An- 

Couronnement, n. (des gedeckten Weges). 
voy. Kronung. 

Courtine, f. (fort.) voy. Mittelvrall. 

Courtinenpiinkt, m. (fort.) Point of inter- 
section of the curtain and flank. Point m. 
de courtine. voy. Flankenwinkel. 

Courtinenwinkel, m. (fort.) The interior 
flanking anglct formed by the meeting of 
the line of defence and the curtain. Angle 
forme par la rencontre de la ligne de de- 
fense et de la courtine. 

m. (fort.) (od. der durch Courtine und 

Flanke gebildete Winkel). voy. Flanken- 

Couvreface, f. (fort.) voy. Gegenwehre. 

Creraaillere, f. (fort.) voy. Spom; Sage- 

Cremailleren, f. pi. (fort.) voy. Sagezabne. 

Cremailliren, n. (fort.) Constructing the 
parapet en cr^aillerej in order to remedy 
the defects of the undefended sectoral space 
in front of the salient angles. Emploi de 
la cremaillere pour d^fendre les secteurs 

Creneliren, v. (fort.) voy. Diircbbrechen. 

Crenelirt, (fort.) Loopholed (or crenneled 
[a]), having loop-holes (or crennels). Cr^- 
nele^ perci de crAiaujc. 

Crepiren, v. n. (art.) To bursty as a shell. 

Crochet, m. (am Ende der Zickzacks). voy. 

Cro<piipen, v. (top.) eine Gegend (od. kro- 
kiren). To sketch a portion of ground bg 
the ege. Lever a vue. 

Croquutafel, f. (topogr.) voy. Krokir- 

Croquis, n. (topogr.) (eine fliichtige Auf- 
nsjime). An ege -sketchy mugh or hastg 
sketch. Lec4 m. a vue,- levi hrr^gulier ; 
croquis m. 

Cupolofen, m. (sid.) voy. Kupolofen. 

Ciirass, m. Cuirass. Cuirasse f. voy. 

Ciirassicr, m. Cuirassier. Cuirassier m. 

Ciirassierdegen, m. voy. Pallasch. 

Ciirassiersattel, m. (sell.) voy. Deutscher 

Cylinder, m. gusseisemer (zur Verkohlung 
des Holzes). Cglindrical iron-retort for 
preparing charcoal by distillation. Cglindre 
en fonte de fer de I'appareil distillatoire 
pour la carbonisation du bois. 

messingener (der Patentboussole). Box 

of the prismatic-compass. Boite f. cyliu- 
drique de la boussole a reflexion. 

m. (ust. d'artif.) (zu Papierkartuschen). 

Cartridge 'former for paper -cartridges. 
Mandrin m. ^ gargousses. 

Cylinderbriicke, f. voy. Fassbriicke. 

Cylindergeblase, n. (sid.) (eisemes). Cglin- 
der blowing-machine^ or blowing -cglinder 
worked with piston, for giving the blast in 
furnaces. Souffiet m. cglindrique en fonte, 
machine soufflante cglindrique. 

Cylinderkoble, f. Cglinder-bumt charcoal. 
Charbon distill^ ou carbonis^ dans des ap- 
pareils distillatoires. 

Cylinderponton, m. (pont.) (der CoUe- 
ton'sche). The cglinder-pontoon or cglin- 
drical wooden pontoon of Sir James Colle- 
ton. Ponton cglindrique de Colleton, voy. 

or gun-powder manufactured from charcoal 
which has been burnt in iron cylinders. 
Poudre f. cglindrique; poudre oonfec- 
tionncc avec du charbon carbonis^ dans 
des cylindres. 

Cylinderverkohlung, f. (des Holzes). Cg- 
Under-charring i or the preparation of char- 
coal by distillation. Carbonisation f. par 
distillation du bois. voy. Verkohlung. 

Czakot, m. The cap of infantry ; chaeo of 
cavalry. Schako m., schakos, shako m. 

Czakotbezug, m. od. (Ucberzug). Oilskin 
cap-cover. Co\fe f. de schako^ eomore^ 
schako m. 

Czakotbiischel, m. Tuft; portqiMm; baU, 
ball-tuft. Pompon m. 

Czakotschild, m. Cap-ornament, Plague 
f. de schako. 

Czapka, m. The lancer-cap. Cziqnia m., 
szapska ; (bonnet du lander). 


Dach, n. (ernes Zeltes). voy. Zeltdach. 

(charp.) ein gebrochenes (od. Mansar- 

den-Dach). Curb or Mmuard-rooft (one 
in which an additional story is obtained). 
Cbmdle bru/, on i^ la Mansard. 

(einhiingiges). Roof, which has only 

one row of timb^, arranged in an inclined 
plane; (thed-roof). Comble m. apoience; 
ioit m. en appenti8 ou a un seul igoui. 
ynj, Pultdach. 

(zweihangiges). Uoo/", with two in- 
clined sides, or common roof. Comble 
poiniUf on h deux Agouti, voy. Sattel- 

(holl'andisches) (das auf vier Seiten 

abhangig ist). Hipped-roof the 4 sides of 
which are formed by inclined planes. Com- 
ble en pavilion. 

(Terrassen-). Truncated-roof; (one 

flat on the top). Comble en terrasee ou 

(Pult-: Battel-;), voy. Pultdach; 


Dachforst, m. (charp.) Ridge ef a roof. 
Foite m. 

Dachsel, m. (o. e. b.) Adze. Ai9eUei.\ 

Dachsparren, m. (charp.) voy. Dachstuhl- 

Dachstuhl, m. (charp.) Trws in roofing. 

Dachstuhlsaule^f. (charp.) Principal-rqfter, 
or principal of a roof. ArbaMrier m. 

Dachstuhlsparren, m. (charp.) JRaJier. Che- 
vron m. 

Dahlbord, n. (pont.) (an einem Briicken- 
kidine). The gunnel or gun-wale. Plat- 
bord m. 

Damascener- od. damascirte Klinge» f. 
(m. d'a.) Damascus-blade. Lame f. de 
Damas on damasquin/e. 

Stahl. voy. Damasstahl. 

Damasciren, n. od. Damascirung. Damask- 
ing of steel. JDamasquinage m. 

Damascirung, f. (sid.) od. der Stoff. voy. 

Damasstahl, m. Damascus-steel. Acier da^ 
massif acier de Damas. 

Damm, m. Dam or dike for forming an in- 
undation. Digue f. de barrage pour tendre 
une inondation. 

m. (zum Grabeniibergangc). Causeway 

of fascines, for the passage of a wet ditch. 
Digue servant au passage d'un foss^ plein 

m. Causeway; mole; jetty. Lev^ef.; 

jet4e f. 

Dammblatt, n. (moul.) Sleeker or cleaner, 
for smoothing and cleaning sunk surfaces, 
etc. in sand-moulding; fdso a trowel of 
flat-mouldera for smoothing open plain 
surfaces. Champignon ; paroir m. 

Dammerde, f. (fond.) Ramming mould, or 
prepared ground for the pit, (common 
mould); pit-sand for the same purpose. 
Terre f. d^enterrage ; sable m. dam^ pour 
entourer les moules. 

Dammgrube, f. (fond.) Pitt into which 
moulds are sunk, in order to receive the 
liquid metal as it issues from the furnace. 
Fbsse f. auxfonteSf fosse de fonderie ; (trou 
dans lequel on place les moules d'argile 
pour les enterrer dans le sable). 

Dammbolz, n. (fond.) (der Former). Rammer, 
(pegging-rammer), with which the sand is 
rammed into the iron frame or flask in 
sand-moulding. Batte f. de mouleur. 

Dammstein, m. (h. f.) voy. Wallstein. 

Dammzieher, m. (art.) A wad-hook. T^re- 
bourre m. voy. Kratzer. 

Dampfabziige, m. pi. (in Casematten). Air- 
holes, cut through the arches of casemates 
for carrying off the smoke of the guns. 
Invents m. pi. pour I'^vacuation de la han6e 
(dans les casemates). 

Dampfe, m. pi. (fond.) (die durch die Hitze 
des fliissigen Metalles in den Sandformen 
erzeugten). The confined air and gases 
generated by the heat in sand-moulds. 
Vapeurs m. pi. 

Dampfen, v. (art.) (das Feuer einer Bat- 
tene). To keep-under; to subdue the fire 


Dampfgeschiitz — Deckel. 

of an enemy's battery ; alsOi to silence its 
fire. Faire ralentir^ faire langwr le feu 
d'une batterie ; 4teindre le feu, etc. 

Dampfgeschiitz, n. Steam-gun, Canon, 
arme a vapeur; arme qui fonctionne par 
U puissance dc la vapeur. 

n. (das Perkkis'sche). Perkins** steam- 

gun, (whose peculiarity consists in pouring 
forth a continued and unremitting stream 
of shot against the object towards which it 
may be directed). Canon a la Perkins ; 
canon a vapeur. 

Dampfigkeit, f. (v^t.) (Dampf m., Herz- 
schlachtigkeit f.). Broken-wind; thick- 
wind. Pousse f. 

Dampfkugel, f. od. Stankkugel. Stfb- 
cating-ball : smoke-ball fired into mines 
to suffocate the men or prevent them con- 
tinuing their work. Balle f. hfum^e. 

Dampf mine, f. (min.) A camouflet or stifler; 
small mine intended to interrupt the opera- 
tions of the enemy's miners. Camot^t m. 

Dampframme, f. voy. Ramme. 

Darmsaite, f. Cat-gut, gut-string. Corde f. 
en boyaux, 

Darmsaiten, f. pi. od. Bodensaiten (einer 
Trommel). The «nare« of a drum. Timbres 
m. pi. d'un tambour; corde de timbre; 
oorde en boyaux qui se plie en double. 

Darren, n. (fond.) od. Trocknen (der Kerne), 
voy. Trocknen. 

Darrkammer, f. (fond.) Drying-stove, in 
which the sand-moulds are exposed to the 
action of a strong heat until their humidity 
IB expelled. fAuve, chambre f. de dessi- 
cation ou de torre&ction. 

Darrofen, m. (m^t.) Eliquation-hearth. 
Foumeau m. a ressuage. 

Daube, f. (ton.) od. Fassdaube. Stave of a 
barrel. Douelle, douve f. 

Dauer, f. (art.) (der Geschiitzrohre). The 
resistance in the metal of ordnance to the 
effects of firing, etc. or its power of sus- 
taining continued and rapid firing, without 
experiencing any material damage. Re- 
sistance f. des pieces. 

f. (art.) (der Flugbahn). voy. Dauer- 

zeit; Flugzeit. 

f. (art.) (des ZUndersatzes). voy. Brenn- 


Dauerzeit, f. (art.) (der Flugbahn). Time qf 
/light. Dur^e f. de la trwectoire. 

Daumen, m^l. (m^.) (Hebedaumen, He- 
bearme, Frosche). Cams, wipers, nip- 
pers. Comes f., poucets m. pL 

Daumenblech, n. (m. d'a.) Shield or escut- 
cheon on which the crest or cipher are 
usually engraved; thumb-plate. Pi^ f. 
de pouce. 

Daumenstiick, n. (m. d'a.) (der Percossions- 
gewehre). voy. Ilahn. 

Daumenwclle, f. (Stampfen, Hammer, etc. 
damit in die Hohe zu hcben). Shqft on 
which the nippers for lifting up stampers are 
fixed; {tumbling-shqft) ; shqft furnished 
with cogs for raising tilie helve of forge- 

hammers. Arbre m. a comes, voy. 

Daumkappe, f. (art.) voy. Daumling. 

Daumkran, f. oa. (Dumkraft, Hebelade). 
The tooth and pinion jack, rack and pinion 
or common hand-jack, (known also among 
some workmen by the name of a '* dum- 
craft "). Cric m. simple. 

Daumling, m. (art.) (der ledeme) od. Daum- 
kappe f. Thumb-stall of gunner who 
serves the vent. Doigtier m. 

Daumling, m. voy. Daumen, Hebedaumen. 

Debandiren, v. sich (beim Tirailliren) od. 
sich zerstreuen. To extend into a line of 
skirmishers. Se mettre en tirailleurs ; se 
d^loyer ou se dibander en tirailleurs. 

Debouchiren, v. n. To debouche. De- 
boucher ; sortir d'un defile. 

V. n. (aus der Parallelc mit einem neuen 

Laufgraben gegen die Contrescarpe vor- 
riicken). To break-out from a parallel. 
Deboucher d'une parallcle. 

Dechargen-Revdtement, n. (fort.) voy. 

Decimiren, v. To decimate (a regiment). 
D^mer, faire d^cimer un regiment. 

Deckblech, n. (art) (des Schemeb). Bolster- 
plate. C&ifie f. de sellette d'avant-train. 

Deckblinde, f. od. Blindrahmen (bei der 
SappenarbeitV Horizontal-blind emfiksjtd 
in the blinded-descent of the ditch. Blmde 
horizontale pos^ en travers sur les blindes 
verticales, dans une descente de foas^. 

Deckbretter, n. pL (pont.) Chesses for the 
flooring of a pontoon-bridge. Madriers m. 
pi. de pont. 

n. pi. (min.) voy. Firstbretter. 

Decke, f. (constr. des ponts) (einer Brikdce). 
Flooring ; road-covering of a bridge. 
T\iblier m. de pont. 

f. (min.) (einer Minengallcrie) od. Firste. 

The roof of the gallery of a mine. Ciei m. 
d'une galerie de mine. 

f. voy. Pferde-, Satteldccke. 

Deckel, m. (artif.) die Kappe od. das Hiit- 
chen (der Yersetzungskapsel). The cone 
of rocket-heading. Chapiteau m. 

m. (art.) ^eines Wagenkastens). voy. 


m. (der Patrontasche). Thaflap of the 

pouch. Patelette f. de gibeme. 

m. (art.) (einer Kartatschbiichse). voy, 


m. (m. d'a.) (an Steinsdilossem) PfSm- 

nendeckel od. Batterie. The hammer of 
flint-lodu. Batterie f. de b platine dea 
armes a silex. 
Its parts are : 

Das Laub (od. die Batterie). The body 
of the hammer; (that put of the ham- 
mer at right angles to the seat). 
Branche relev^e ou sup&ieure. ' 
Die Stahlseite, Anschlagseite od. An* 
schlagflache. The /ace; (the sted). 
Der Riicken. The back. Dos m. 

Deckelbezug — Defensivkasematten. 


Dm GefiM, die Auflage, od. Docke. The 
mo/ or ooTer for the pen. Tablet as- 
me f., emtabiement m. 
Der Oberlxieb, Vordertrieb, od. Deckel- 
tviger. The heel, (or iaU). Trouue 
t, talon m., pour arrdter le mouire- 
ment de la batterie. 
Der FosB, Hmtertrieb, Untertrieb, Trug, 
l^vger. 7b« of the hammer. Pied m. 
Deckelbezug, m. (art.) od. gewichster Zwil- 
lichbezug. A tarpaulin: tarred or painted 
caDtaaB-corer for waggons. Prilat m. 
Deckelfeder, t (m. d'a.) od. Pfonndeckelfe- 
der (der SteinicfaloaBgewehre). Hammer- 
sprimff, feaiher-epring. Rettort m. de 
Der lange Arm, lange od. grosse Theil. 

Ttkb play-nde. Grande branche. 
Der Irarze Aim od. kleine TheiL The 

etud-eide. Petite branehe. 
Der Bug. The turn of the spring. Cut 

m. de ressort. 

Daa Lanb od. Blatt. Tbe/Unter. Patte f. 

DerStift. The stud. Pivot on pied m. 

Das Oehr. The eye. Trou m. dans 

lequel paase la tige de la vis du 

DeckeHedersehraube, f. (m. d'a.) Hammer- 

epring pin. Via f. du reeeort de batterie. 
Deckelfederachraubenloch, n. voy . Schloss- 

Deckelfederstift, m. (m. d'a.) Stud of ham- 

mer-epring. Pivot m. du resaort de bat- 
Decke]federatiftk)cb, n. voy. Schlossblech. 
Deckel- od. ftitterieschraube, f. (m. d'a.) 

The kammer-nail. Vis f. de batterie, 
Deckelschraubenloch, n. Toy. Schloss- 

Deckelsteine, m. pi. od. Sattelsteine (um 

dbs Gelander einer steincmen Brticke zu 

schiitzen). The rounded-blocks of tlie top- 

oourse of the parapet-wall of stone bridge. 

Pierres taill^ en baMU, 
Deckeltrager, m. voy. Deckel (Obertrieb). 
Decken, v. sich (gegen feindliches Feuer). 

To cover one's se^from the enemy's fire, 

etc; to obtain cover; to get under cover. 

8e mettre d convert; s*abriter; se couvrir 

centre le feu de Tennemi, etc. 
V. (tact.) sich (im Gliede). To cover 

one another, (as files in marching, etc). 

Couvrir son chef de file ; te maintenir dans 

la direction de son chef de file. 
V. (tact.) (sich die Flanken). To cover 

or protect one's flanks. Assurer, garantir, 

couvrir ses flancs. 
V. To cover; support; flank. Abriter; 

couvrir ; flanquer. 

V. (den Riickzug). voy. Riickzug. 

V. (Bagage; Zufuhr). To escort or 

guard baggage or a convoy. Escorter un 

oonvoi, etc 
Decker, m. pL (Truppenzahl bei einer BeU- 

gerung). Covering -par ties^ or covering- 
German Part. 

force at sieges, to secure the working- 
parties from interruption during the tracing 
of the first-parallel. TVoupes f. pi. de pro- 
tection, ou troupes chargies de couvrir le 
trac^ de la premiere parallele. 

Deckfaschiue, f. Covering-fascine, used for 
the roofs of field powder-magazines, etc. 
Fascine f. pour blinder les magasins k 
poudre, etc. 

f. (bei der blindirten Descente). Blind- 
fascine, or fiisdne used for covering a 
blinded-desoent. Fascine f. de blindage. 

Decklade, f. (pont.) od. Bokle. The chess 
for pontoon-bridges; flooring-plank for 
timber-bridges. Madrier m. de pont. 

Deckplattchen, n. voy. Plattchen. 

Deckrasen, m. voy. Decksotte. 

Deckschiene, f. (art.) (auf Laifetenwanden). 
A garnish-plate, covering the upper surfece 
of the cheeks of a gun-carriage. Bande f. 
de recouvrement, ou recouvrement m. de 
talus des flasques. 

f. (art.) (des Mittelstiicks emer Laffeten- 

wand). voy. Mittelblecb (das obere). 

Deckscbwelle, f. (constr. des ponts.) voy. 
Holm, Kronscnwelle. 

Decksotte, f. Placksotte od. Deckrasen, m. 
A facing-sod, (laid grass outwards). Gason 
plaqu^; gazon pose a plat^ (rherbe au- 

Deckspiegel, m. voy. Oberspiegel. 

Deckung, f. Cover of any sort of which 
troops may avail themselves. Abri m. de 
toute espece dont se servent les troupes 
pour se couvrir du feu, ou se d^ber a la 
vue de TennemL voy. Bedcckung. 

f. (natiirlicbe). Natural cover. Abri 


gewinnen, v. To obtain cover; get 

under cover. Se mettre a convert; se 
mettre a Vabri ; s* abriter. 

f. (tact.) (eines marschircnden Batail- 

lons). Covering the march of a battalion. 
Protection f. de la marche d'un bataillon. 

f. (tact.) (einer Fouragirung). Covering 

foragers or a foraging-party. Protection 
d'un fourrage. 

Deckwerk, n. Blindage; blinds; blinded - 
cover. Blindage m. voy. Blendwerk. 

Dcfensiousgeschutz, n. voy. Vcrtheidi- 

Defensionskaseme, f. (fort.) voy. Kaseme. 

Defensive (sicbauf die— beschranken,v.). 
To remain or keep entirely on the de- 
fensive. Se bomer a la defensive. 

Defensive Operationen, f. pi. voy. Ope- 

Defensivflanken, f. pi. (tact.) Reserve in 
rear of both fianks of a charging line (of 
cavalry), to support the attack and fidl upon 
the flanks of the enemy. TVoupes de 
soutien f. pi.; troupes pour soutenir les 
flancs ; {garde-flancs m. pi.) 

pL (tact.) (bilden, v.) voy. Hakeu 

(bUden, v.) 

Defensivkasematten, f. pi. (fort) Drfen- 


Defensivstellung — Deichselnng. 

nble-ciuemateg; caseniBtefl when oon- 
ttmcted as bomb-proof apartments for de- 
fence, and not employed as barracks or 
stores. VoiUet d/fenswes; casemates d/- 
/ensweSf casemates a feu. 

Defensivstellung, f. toj. Stellung. 

Defenslinien, f. pi. (fort.^ (Vertheidigungs- 
od. Bestreichungslinien). The lines of 
drfencCf (extending from the angles of the 
flank to the flanked-angles of the next 
bastions). lAgnes f. pi. de dtfense, 

Defenswinkel, m. (fort.) voy. Streich- 
winkel; Winkel. 

Defile, n. (Engpass). Defile; pass. 2V- 

Defilement, n. (fort.) De/Uement; defilading. 
D^lemeni m. des ouvrages. With respect 
to tracing, it consists in giving the parapets 
and defences soch a position, that their 
prolongation may not permit the enemy to 
enfilade them. There are two kinds of 
defilement or defilading, namely, "hori- 
sontalcs Defilement'' {defilement in di- 
rection — difilemeni horizontal on par le 
trac/) ; and " verticales Defilement " {de- 
JUement in altitude — defilement vertical 
ou des hauteurs; defilement par le relitf). 

Defilementsebcne, f. (fort.^ Plane of de- 
filement. A plane supposea to pass through 
the summit or crest of a work, and parallel 
to the plane of site. Plan m. de defilC' 

Defiliren, v. (fort.) To defilade t^mork. 2W- 
filer un ouvrage. 

n. (fort.) Deniadino. Defilement m. 

n. (tact.) Vorbeiaefiliren od. der 

Vorbeimarsch (von Truppen). Marching- 
past in review-order. Defilement m. de 
parade ; defilement d^honneurs. 

V. n. (tact.) To march-past in parade- 
order, befiler. 

V. (eine Truppe — lassen). To direct 

troops to march-past; see troops march- 
past ^ or let them march-past^ (as a general- 
officer). Faire defiler uno troupe. 

n. (od. das Durchschreiten der Defi- 

• l^n). The passage qf defiles. Passage 
m. des dMUs. 

• V. n. (einen Engpass passiren). To pass 

or march through a defile. Passer^ tra- 
verser un defile; (defiler). 

Defilirt, (von einer Gegcnd). Full of defiles, 
or abounding in defiles, (as any part of a 
country). Pays a d^Us, contenant des 
defiles, couvert de defiles. 

(fort.) (von Festungswerken). Defi- 
laded. Defile. 

Defilirunmebene, f. (fort.) voy. Defile- 

Degagiren, v. voy. Befreicn. 

Degen, m. The if\fantry-sword, or small- 
sword, tpee f. 

Degengehenk, n. od. die Degenkuppel. 
The waist-belt. Ceinturon m. 

n. od. Schultcrgchenk. A shoulder ' 

frog-belt, shoulder-belt, cross-belt. Baud- | 


rier m. (Die Tascfae des — es. The frog 
or pocket. Gousset m.) 
Degenklinge, f. The sword-blade. 

D^nkuppel, f. od. (Degenkoppel). 

Degenquast, m. od- Degenquaste, f. 
sword-knot. Dragonne f. 

Degenscheide^f. Scabbard, sword-scabbard. 
Fourreau m. d^epee. 

Degradircn, v. (einen Unteroffider). To 
break or reduce a non-commissioned- 
officer. Casser, degrader un sous-officier 
on un caporal, pour le fiure desoendie au 
grade de simple soldat. 

D^sel, m. voy. Dachsel. 

Dennbar, adj. (von MetaUen). Malleable; 
ductile. Malleable; ducHU. 

Dehnbarkeit, f. Ductility; malleability. 
Ductilite; maUeabilitet 

Deich, m. A dike, dam. Digue f. voy. 

Deicbkamm, m. voy. Ramm. 

Deichsel, f. (v. d'a.) Pole. Timon m. 

f. (art.) (eines Schleppwagens). The 

perch of a devil-carriage. Ftiehe f. de 

Deichselarme, m. pi. (v. d'a.) Gtudes or 
fore-guides; futchels (in some oonstmc- 
tions). Armons m. pL d'avant-train. 

m. pi. (v. d'a.) (eines Schleppwagens). 

Guides of a devil-carriage (Prussian pat- 
tern, etc.). Empanons m. pL de trique- 

Deichselarmblecb, n. od. 

Deicbselannkapi>e, f. (v. d'a.) A clip for 
futchels. (The plMe which coven the head 
of the fore-guides when the pole is fixed). 
Coiffe f. d^ armons. 

Deichselarmring, m. (v. d'a.) voy. Deich- 

Deicbselbaum, m. (art.) voy. Deichsel- 
stange. Gabelbaum. 

Deichselbolzen, m. od. SchirmaseL A 
pole-pin or pole-bolt. Boulon m. tTassem" 
blage ou de timon. 

Deichselkeil, m. (v. d'a.) The fbot of the 
pole, pole-foot, Jutehel-end or wearing- 
end of the pole ^ch goes into the cleaves 
of the futchels. Teiard m. de timon. 

Deichselketten, f. pi. od. Schirrketten. 
The pole-chains. Chauies f. pL de Hmon. 

Deichsclklammer,f. (art.) (anderenglischen 
Bracke). Shaft-socket, shqft-staple or half- 
staple on the splinter-bar of English lim- 
ber. £trier en fer au-dcssous de la vol^ 
de Tavant-train anglais, dans lequel on in- 
troduit le bras de lunoniere. 

Dcichselpferd, (od. Stangenpferd, n.). A 
wheeler, wheel-horse. Cheval de denize. 

Deiehselrmg, m. (v. d'a.) (od. Deichselarm- 
rinff ) . Guide^hoop, on the head of the fore- 
guides of a limber. Frette f. d^ armons. 

m. (v. d'a.) Iron loop embracing the 

end of the pole. Virole f. de bout de 

Deichselring — Deul. 


Deichaefaring, m. (an der Deidnelkette). 
Pole^ham ring. Anneau m. de chatne 
at tnnotu 

DeichselBchiene, f. (art) (eines Schleppwa- 
gens). A ptntle-platef or pintail'plate. 
Plaque f. de hmette de triqueballe. voy. 

Deichaelstange, f. (art.) od. Deichselbaum. 
TOT. Gabelbaum. 

Deichaelstiitze, f. (v. d'a.) Prop, prop- 
stick; (pole-prop). Servanief. 

Deichaelstutzeiijf. pL (art.) (od. lange Stutzen 
am Scfaleppwagen, um die Deichsel beim 
Bdaden dea Wagens in senkiechter Lage 
za erhalten). Long props on a deril-car- 
riage for keeping the perch vertical when 
hauled vp^ (used for the same purpose as 
guy-ropes). Espece de servantes au trique- 
baUe pniaaien, qui senrent k tenir la fleche 
d'aplomb dans sa manoeuvre. 

DeicQ8el8tiitzkapi>e, f. (v. d'a.) Prop'Clasp, 
prop-strap or eye-plate^ which, with the 
eye on the guid^ (or shafts, according to 
the English construction), form the hinge 
by whidi the prop is let down. Douille f. 
de servantef qui sert a attacher la servante 
au moyen d'un piton a odt^ de la voiture ; 
kiwpe a virole de servante, 

Deichselstiitztrager, m. (art.) (am Protzge- 
stelle). A prop-loop, Anneau m. parte- 

Deichaelwageii, m. A pole-carriage^ or 
carriage fmnished with a pole. Voiture f. 
a timon. 

Deissel, f. voy. Dachsel. 

Delile^s Zugbriicke, f. voy. Zugbriicke. 

Delogiren, v. den Feind (von einem Posten, 
von einer Position, etc.). To dislodge or 
drive the enemy from any post Deloger 
Tennemi, Ini/otre quitter une position, un 
poste, un ouvrage. voy. Vertreiben. 

Delpbine, m. pi. (art.) od. Henkel. The 
dolphins of brass-guns and mortars. Anses 

Demoliren, v. (Festungswerke). To raze 
the works of a fortification ; to dismantle 
a fortress. DAnanteler une place, en raser 
les fortifications, en dAnolir les remparts, 

Demolirung, f. voy. Zerstonmg. 

Demoliningsmine, f. od. 

DemolitionsminCt f. Mine qf demolition 
against Inidges, buildings, etc. Mine a 

Demontirbatterie, f. (art.) (mit voUer La- 
dung) (Belagerungsbatterie). The count er- 
hattery or direct gun-battery with full 
charges for oounterbattering faces which 
cannot be enfiladed, etc Batterie f. de 

f. voy. Demontirbatterien, pi. 

Dcmontirbatterien, voy. Belagenmga- 
batterien (die ersten). 

Demontiren, v. (art.) (das feindliche Ge- 
schiitz.) To dismount or disable guns by 
the fire of artillery ; to render them un- 

serviceable bv breaking their carriages, etc. 

D^monter (les pieces de Tennemi, une 

batterie, etc.). 
Demontirschuss, m. voy. Scbuss. 
Deployiren, v. (tact.) (sich entwickeln). To 

aeployt or form line from column. Se d4- 

Deployirscbritt, m. (tact.) Deploying-step ; 

(quickstep). Pas de d^loiement; pas 

Depotbataillon, n. A depot, infantry-depot ; 

the reserve companies of a regiment. DepSt 

m. ; (bataillon de dep6t), 
Depotplatze, m. pi. (bei einer Behigerung). 

The depots in rear of the first paralleL 

D^pdts de tranch^e plac^ en arriere de la 

Depressionslaffete, f. (art.) A depression 

or depressing-carriage. AfftU m. a de- 
Depressionsschuss, m. (art.) Shot fired 

below point-blank, or at a depressed angle. 

Tir plongeant ; coup plongeant; coup tire 

au-dessous de Thorizon. 
Depressionswinkel, m. (art.) Angle of de- 
pression. Angle m. tTinclinaisom angle 

de depression. 
Desarmiren, v. voy. Entwafiiien. 
Descente, f. (od. die Absteigung in den 

Graben). The descent into tlie ditch. 

Descente f. de foss^. 
(die oben offcne). The descent by an 

open descending double-sap. Descente a 

del ouvert. 
(die blindirte od. bedeckte). The blinded 

descent. — blind/e. 
(imterirdische). Asubterranean-descent, 

or the descent by a subterranean-gallery 

driven imder the mass of the covered-way, 

and issuing out of the bottom of a dry 

ditch. — souterraine. 
Deserteur, m. Deserter. Deserteur m. 

voy. Ueerfliichtiger, Ausreisser, Ueber- 

(feindlicher). A deserter from the 

enemy. Deserteur de Pennemi. 
(als) melden, v. (einen Soldaten od. 

Unterofficier). To return as a deserter. 

Declarer deserteur ; d^noncer comme de- 
Destilliren, n. Distillation. Distillation f. 

n. (sid.^ des Roheisens. voy. Lautem. 

DestillirKoloen, m. (chim.) Alembic (us^ 

for distillation). Cucurbit e f. 
Detacbement, n. voy. Abtheilung ; Com- 
mando, Kommando. 
n. Detachment; party. D/tachement 

Detascbirtes Rev^tement, n. (fort.) voy. 

Deul, m. (sid.) (die katalonische Luppe). 

The lump of malleable metal or mass of 

iron obtained "direct from the ore" by 

the Catalan or French method. Massem., 

ou massee f. 

m. (sid.) od. Luppe. The ball ox loop 

' K2 


Deul — Dienttfahig. 

of metal as it iBSues from the refining forge 
and ready to be shingled and drawn out 
mider the hammer (or between rollers). 
Loupe f., lopiiif masset, renard m. 

Deul, den (mit dem Setzeiscn serschroten, ▼.) 
(sid.) To divide the lump into pieces under 
the hammer. Partager Let pi^oe en lopins. 

den (zangen od. ausschroten, y.) (sid.) 

To shingle the loop. Cingler la loupe. 

Deutel, f. (Nagelkeil). Wedge^ driven into 
the head of a trenail in oider to swell it. 
J^i/e f. 

Deutscher Sattel, m. (sell.) Heavy-dragoon 
wddle, or saddle of heavy cavaby ; (a sort 
of demi-pique toddle). Selle f. de grotte 
eavalerie. voy. Sattel; Sattelbaum. 

Deutsches Schloss, n. voy. Radschloss. 

Diagonalmarsch, m. (tact.) The diagonal' 
marckf in which the direction with the 
former or original front is changed by a 
wheel of one-eighth of a drde. Marche 

Diagonale (Marscb auf der — ) (tact.) voy. 
Schragmarsch, Ziehen. 

Diamant, m. (fort.) (Diamantgraben). A 
dropf or that part of a ditch sunk several 
feet deeper than the rest of it, occurring 
generally before caponiers and the em- 
brasures of a casemated battery, when 
very low. Petit foss^ dont on frlit pr^- 
c^er les caponni^res, Ics murs cr^neles 
et les casemates, dans les fosses sees des 

Dichthammer,m. (pont.) od. Stopfhammer. 
Caulking-mallet. Marteau m. de caffat, 

Dicbtigkeit, f. (sid.) (des Eisens). The 
deneitg of iron. DenaiUt du for. 

Dickbcin, n. (v^t.) (des Pferdes). The thigh 
of the horse. Cuitee f. 

Dickbinder, ni. (arch.) (Binder, Strecker, 
auch Kopfziegel). A header^ or stone 
laid lengtnways across the whole thickness 
of a wall ; {through or perbend,) Boutitse 
f. ; pierre placde par rapport au parement 
vu du mur a y montrer sa tSte ; (parpaing 
ou parpain m.) 

Dicke, f. (fort.) der Brustwehr (die obere). 
The thickne99 of the parapet, (its thickness 
at top, or minimum tiiickness). lipttiseeur 
f. du parapet 

Dickzirkel, m. (art) od. Eigenstarkemesser 
(zur Messung der Eisenstarke der Hohlku- 
geln). Side-caUipert iot shells, beni- 
cailipertf external and intemal-callipen 
for gauging the thickness of metal in shells. 
Compaq m. d'/paiseeur; eompai eourbe 
r^/titeuTt servant ii mesurer T^paisseur 
des parois des projectiles creux. 

Diebel, m. (v. d'a.) (od. Dobel). Dowling- 
pint dowel or duledge-pin. Ooujon ou gou' 
geon m. des jantes d'une roue. 

m. Wooden pin, GovQon m. 

Dielen, f. pi. Boards; plank; stt^or tim- 
ber for artillery purposes. Nom g^^ral 
des planchee et madriere en usage dans 

Dielen, f. pL (pont) Cheteee, Madriert m. 

pL de pont 
Dielung, f. (pont.) einer Brucke. The yfoor- 

ing ^ a Inidge. Planeher ou tablier m. 

de pont 
Dienen, v. (bei der Infanterie). To serve in 

the iniantry. Servir dans Tinfanteric. 
V. (unter dem Befehle irgend eines Of- 

fiders). To serve under any ])articular 

officer. Servir sous (tel officier). 
Dienst, m. Service; duly. Service m, 
(Aufsichts-). Orderly 'duly. Service 

m. de semaine ; service dejour. 
(der innere). The interior economy of 

a regiment. Service inlAieur, 
— — - m. (den — haben, v.). To be on duty. 

Eire de service. 
(Jemandes — versehen). To do or take 

any one's duly for him, or ^ Ofi duly for 

him. Remplacer qn. 
(den — antreten od. beginnen). To 

come upon duty, Enlrer en service, 
(unter Gewehr). Duly under arms. 

Service arm^, 
;- (ohne Gewehr) (der kleine od. Neben- 

dienst). Fatigue; duty (duties) without 

arms or qf fatigue. Corvee f. ; corv^es f. pi. 
(den — befehlen, v. od. commandiren, 

V.) To warn the duties. Commander les 

divers services, 
(keincn — thun, v.) To do no duiy^ to 

be exempt from duty ; to be excused or 

kept off duly. Eire exenqft ou dispense 

de service. 
(ausser — ). Out of the service; retired 

from the service. En retraite: mis a 

la retraite; hors du service; plus au 

e nebmen, v. (als Soldat). To get 

attested for the service; to enlist; (to 

turn soldier), S* engager; s*enr6ler, 
(den — yerUssen, v.) To quU or leave 

the service. Quitter le service. 
(in — en sein, v.) To be in the service 

of, , . Stre au service do . . . 

(Zum klcincn Dienste commandiren. To 

order on fatigue; or tell qff for fatigue. 

Commander pour la corv4e; commander 

de corvee). 

Dienstalter, n. Seniority. Anciennet^f, 

Dienstanzug, m. voy. Anzug (der dienst- 

Dienstberehl, m. (der innere). Orders having 

reference to the mterior economy of a regi- 
ment ; (regtmenlal-orders). Ordre m. de 

tenue et de discipline; ordrespour le ser- 
vice et la diseipUne. 
Dienstbrief, m. An offieial-lelter. Leltre 

mUilaire ou de service, 
Diensteid, m. Oalh qf allegianee, oath of 

fidelitji. Sermenl m. defid^lU4, 
Diensteifer, m. Zso/, (mUUary-zeaX). Zile 

m. pour le service. 
Dienatentlassung, f. Discharge; reliremenl, 

Cong/ m,i d/mUsion; retraite L 
Dienttfahig. Fit for Ike service^ service' 

Dienttfrei — Dispoution. 

oMr, wy l /t qfotfltfir military duty; 
Jit f^ ih» rmmkt. Capuble on en 4tat de 
mrmr : 'api9 tm terviee mdliiaire, 

picBftfrei. Bxemted drnty, exempt from 
dmtps (alio in the mue of serving), not 
ImMp #0 9erve m to be takem at a eoldier. 
Ktmapt, diepema^ de eerviee: exempt/, 
diipemt/dm aerviee militaire, 

Dicnitliite, f. (nadi welcfaer der Dienst 
commiMJirt wird). Roeter for regulating 
the cfaitMi. Comirile m. de terviee, eon- 
ir€ie poor eownm a n d er le aervice. voy. 

DiemtmaMiger Anng, m. to^. Anzug. 

Dienatpferd, n. (Chargepferd). voy. 

Dienatpflichtig. Liable to do military eer- 
wtee, or to be takem at a toldier: aubjeet 
to eo Mtc r ip tiom. Soamit tt la conteription, 
am aenriet wdHtaire; oblig/h tervir. 

Dienstret^ementy n. voy. Reglement. 

Dienatroater, n. Toy. Dienatliste, Com- 

Dienataigiiale, n. pL voy. Signalc. 

Dienatataad, m. (ehiei Regimentes). The 
^eetttfe-atrenytk of a regiment. Bffeet\f 
B&. d OB raiment. 

Dienatmifahigkett, f. JHtabilityfw farther 
termea. InhabiHt/t au terviee. 

Dienatverbrechen, n. Military-crime or 
f^emee committed by a soldier to the pro- 
jndioe ci the Bcnrioe, in distinction to ** ge- 
meincr Verbrechen/' or crime for which he 
ia amenable to the dvil-power. Delit m, 
on erimte militaire ; d/lit militaire pour Ic 
diftingDer dee crimes communs aux mili- 
taires et aux dtoyens. 

DienatTorachriften, f. pL Reyulationt and 
ordert far an army; reyulationt. Regie- 

Dienatzeicfaen, n. Mark qf being on duty. 
Marque f., eigne m. de terviee, 

Dienatzeity f. The time or period qf terviee 
far a aoldier in an army. TVmpt m. de 
terviee s dttr^ f. du terviee militaire. 
(Bint anf eine nene — wiederdngetretener 
Soldat. Soldier who re-enlittt at the ex- 
piration of his service, or vho renewt hit 
terviee, Soldat qui te rengage), 

DiUe, f. (m. d'a.) TtiUe, od. Hulse dcs Ba- 

jonneCs. The torM of the bayonet. Douille 

f . de baionnette. 

Its parts are: 

DieBohrung. The bore. Partie for/e. 

Die Uaftschlitxe od. (Hafteinschnitt). 

The motion. Fenie f. 
Der Bajonnetring od. Unterring. The 
ring of the socket. Bourlet m. 

Diopter, f. & n. (Abaehen). The vane of dif- 
finent sonreying-instruments ; tight-vane. 
Pinnule t voy. Ocular-; Objectiv- 

Diopterbneml, n. (topogr.) Brass rule or 
index accompanying the plane-table for 
surveying, ftumished with perpendicular 
aiglit-vaiiea at each extremity. Alidade f. 

Directe Batterie, f. (art.) Battery for direct 
fire. Batterie directe, 

The line of direction taken up for the ad- 
vance of a battalion in line. Ligne f. de 
direction que suit le centre d'un bataillon 
dans une marche en bataille; (ligne det 

Dircctionspiinkt, m. (tact.) einer Frontlinie, 
od. Richtungspunkt (von welchem beim 
Avandren das.^ignement genommen winl). 
The directing-pointy (or centre) to which 
the files touch lightly in the march in line. 
Point m. d^alignement du centre d'un ba- 
taillon marchant de firont. 

m.(tact.) od.Gesicht8punkt bdm Front- 

marsche (gegen wdchen marschirt wird). 
The point of direction upon which the 
march in line is made. Point de direction; 
point m. de rephre, servant a indiquer la 
direction dans laqucUe on veut fiure nuu^her 
une troupe en bataille. 

Dircctrice, f. (fo^Ji od. Mittellinie dner 
Schiessscharte. The line of /ire or object- 
line of an embrasure. Directriee f. d'em- 
brasure. voy. Richtlinie. 

Disdplin, f. ( Kriegszucht, Mannszucht). 
Ditcipline. Ditcipline f. militaire. voy. 

Disciplmarstrafc, f. voy. Strafe. 

Disciplinarvergehen, n. Breach of dit- 
cipline. Faute f. de ditcipline, — contre la 

Dislocation, f. (der Truppen). The dittri- 
bution of troops or an army. Ditlocation 
f. d'une armee. 

Dispcnsiren, v. (Jemanden vom Dicnste). 
To excute duty or keep-off diVLty. Exempt er 
quelqu'un de service. 

Disponibilitat, f. The state of not bdng 
employed, or the position in which an 
officer is ))laoed who is removed temporarily 
or otherwise from the full- pay of an army; 
it refers also to general-officers who are 
removed from thcar commands, etc. Dit- 
ponibilit/ f. 

(The pay which is recdved under the above 
is styled " Disponibilitatsgehalt,'' [which 
may be considered as h^V-pay"] ; and 
the French expression, Eire ditponible 
ou en itat de ditponibilit/, may be ren- 
dered, to be on half-pay, in one sense, 
and to be unemployed or off the ttcff in 
the other). 

Disponible, (von Truppen). Ditpotable (as 
any force) ; available, at command (for any 
military purpose). In speaking of the state 
of a company, off-duty, available for duty if 
recjuired. Ditponible ; en reserve ; pat de 

voy. Disposition, etc. 

Disposition (zur — gestellt) (von Offi- 
deren). Unattached; (placed on ha{f- 
pay) ; not etnployed or holding any com- 
mand. Dijtponible, en ditponibilit/, en 
itat de ditponibilite. 


Diapositionsartilleric — Doppelhauc. 

Dispoaitionsartillcrie. voj. Rcsenre- 

Disputiren, v. (dem Feinde ein Terrain, etc). 

▼oy. Streitig machen. 
Distance, f. od. 
Distanz, f. (tact.) Distance, between ranks 

or between divisions in column. IXstance; 

espace d'une troupe k ane autre en co- 

lonne, ou entre lea rangs d'une meme 

trou])e, soit en oolonne, soit en bataille. 

▼oy. Intervalle. 

— (Colonne mit — ). Column at wheeling' 
distance, ^open-column). Colonne it dis- 
tance entiere* 

(Sectionen mit — ). Column of sec- 
tions at section- distance, Colonne par 
demi-sections a distance de front. 

— (Ziige mit — ). Column of divisions 
at wheeling or division-distance, Colonne 
par pelotons a distance entihre ou dejront. 

nehmen, v. (tact) To take up dis- 
tance. Prendre une distance, voy. Ab- 

Distanzschatzen, n. Calculation qf distance, 
jSvaluation t, estimation des distances. 

Diversion, f. (tact.) A diversion. Diversion f. 

Division, f. (Armeedivision). Division of 
an army commanded by a general-officer. 
Division f. d'arm^e. 

f. (eines Bataillons). The fourth part 

of a battalion in some services ; a company; 
and, again, the half of a company (sub- 
division) in other armies. Quatrieme 
partie d'un bataillon dans certains pays, 
moiti^ d'une compare dans d'autres, etc. 

Divisionair od. Divisionsgeneral, m. Ge- 
neral commanding a division, (general qf 
division). GMral m. de division, gMral 

Divisionsoommandeur, m. voy. Officier. 

Divisionsschule, f. (der Preussen). Esta- 
blishment in Prussia for non-commissioned 
officers who are desirous of qualifying them- 
selves, first for the rank of "Portep^ 
fiUinrich,'' and secondly for commissions 
in the army. The number of these schools 
or establbhments is 18, in the proportion 
of 2 to each " Armeecorps." £cole de 
division (en Prusse) pour preparer les 
enseignes a Tezamen d'offider. voy. 
Portepeefahnrich . 

Dobel, m. voy. Diebel. 

Dobenheim's Zugbriicke, f. voy. Zug- 

Docke, f. (tour.) voy. Putter. 

— f. (tour.) die bewegliche (einer Dreh- 
bank). voy. Reitstock. 

f. (nont.) (od. Stander einer Wi^gen- 

briicke). Upright of a carriage-bridge, 
upon which the bearers are shifted acoonl- 
ing to the depth of the water. Mouton ou 
montant m. de pont roulant. 

<— - f. (for.) einer Bohrmaschine, (welche 
das Mundstiick tragt). The poppet-head 
of a boring-machine in which the muzzle 
of the gun turns. Cadre porte-lunette 

d'une machine k forer, (deatin^ ii sup- 
porter la volee de la bouche k feu). 

Docken, f. pL (einer Drehbank).* The pup- 
pets, headstocks, or standards of a turning- 
bench in which the spindle or mandrel 
runs. Montants m. ou poup^ f. pL 

f. pL (eines Sattelwagens). A sort of 

iron studs on the sides of a platform- 
waggon answering the purpose of " cleats" 
for the trunnions of the gun. Mentonnets 
m. pL de porte-corps. voy. Stiltzen. 

Dockenbolzen, m. (art.) Lip-head bolt; 
{cap-square lip-head bolt) ; bolt with a 
Up or chin projecting on one side only. 
Cheville f. h mentonnet. 

m. (art.) (an der feststebenden Hinter- 

bracke einiger Feldprotzen). Trace-stud 
or roller-bolt on the splinter-bar of some 
field-limbers. Boulon d'attelage a la voice 
fixe de derricre, de quelques avant-trains 
de campagne. 

Dockenatock, m. (pont.) od. das Strudelholz 
(eines Kahnes). Timber-head, or the pro- 
longation of some of the ribs of a pontoon- 
boat, and used to make ropes fiut to. Pou- 
p4e f. de bateau ou de nacelle. 

Dockenatocke, m. pi. (tour.) od. die Hohl- 
docken einer Drehbank. The puppets or 
headstocks of a foot-lathe. Poupus f. pi. 
d'un tour. 

Dockenatockknoten, m. voy. Knoten. 

DoUmann, m. (der Husaren). The dress- 
jacket of hussars. Dolman m. 

Dominiren, v. voy. Beherrschen ; Ueber- 

Dominirend, part, (fort.) Commanding. 

Dominirt, (fort.). Commanded. Domini; 
command^; plong/. 

Donlage, f. eines Ganges (expl.) The hade, 
slope or inclination of a mineral-vein ; the 
hading, setting doumwards, dip or indi- 
nation from the longitudinal line of bear- 
ing. Pente f. d'un filon. (Donlegiger 
Schacht [welcher der Donlage folgt]. A 
shaft following the inclination or hade of a 
vein. Puits indin^ qui suit la pente d'un 

f. (min.) The inclination or dope of a 

gallery. Pente f. 

Doppelarbeiter, m. Two men working by 
turns. Deux travailleura qui se relerent 

Doppelbalg, m. Double-blast bellows i smith's 
bellows. Soufflet Rabier; mmfflet m. de 
mar/chal; soufflet double. 

Doppelcolonne, f. (tact) od. Colonne nach 
oerMitte. Double-column; column formed 
on the two centre divisions, subdivisions, 
etc. Colonne double; colonne f. sur le 
centre, voy. Colonne, Kolonne. 

Doppelgeblase, n. voy. Doppelbalg. 

Doppelgespann, n. (bei Fuhrwerken). 
Double-draught. Attelage m. et deus ehe- 
vaux de front, — h deux files. 

Doppelhaue, f. Pick^axe; mattock; miner's 

Doppelhobel — Drahtklinke. 


mattock; pick, Pic^hoyau; hoyau m. ii 
deux tnndies ; pic a deux pointeg. 
Doppelhobel, m. (men.) Double-iroHtmooth' 
irngpttmcj or double-iron hay pitch emooth- 
mg plane for fmootlimg cross-grained stuff. 
Robot m. k double'/er, dont on se sert 
sartont pour les bois durs, coriaoes et 

Doppelpapier, n. (artif.) Rocket-paper, 
rocket-eaee piqter. Papier fort pour la 
confection des cartouches de fos^, etc. 

I>oppelpoflten,m. A double-gentry; double- 
vedette. Sentinelle double ; vedette double. 
Toy. Posten. 

Doppehrakete, f. (artif.) od. Zwillings- 
iBKete. Rocket for double flight ; double- 
rocket upon the same stick. Jumelle f. 

Dm>pelrotte, f. (tact) Double-file. Filet 

Doppdschritt, m. (tact) The double or 

aouble^march; (aometimeBihe quick-etep). 

Pae redoubt/; (pae accil/r/). 
Doppelstutzen, m. (m. d'a.) A double-rifle, 

or double-barrelled rifle. Carabine au- 

trichienne h deux canone. 
Doppelt iiehmen,v. (denSchritt). To quicken 

the pace, or step-out in marching; to 

double, Accil/rer le pas; doubter le 

Doppelte od. T Mine. voy. Mine. 
Doppelte Operationslinien, f. pL (art 

d. L g.) Toy. Operationslmien. 
Doppelte Sappe, voy. Sappe. 
Doppelte Sctere, f. (fort.) voy. Pfaflfen- 

Doppelte Vedette, voy. Doppelposten. 
Doppelt gedeckter Weg, m. (fort.) An 

aAaneed covered-way. Avant-chemin- 

Doppeltes Kronwerk, (fort.) voy. Kron- 

Doppelzapfen, m. (charp.) Double-tenon, 

Tenon m. double. 
Doppelzelt, n. Double-tent. Tente h double 

Dorf, n. Village. Village m. 
(verschanztes). An intrenched^llage. 

VtUage retranch/. 
— (ein — vertheidigen, v.) To drfend a 

village. Dtfendre un village. 
(ein — in Vertheidigongszustand setzen, 

V.) To place a village in a state of defence. 

Fortifier un village, le mettre en Hat de 

Dorfbefestigimg, f. The fortifying qf vil- 
lages ; the strengthening or occupying them 

with defensive works. Retranchement m. 

des villages. 
Dorfchen, n. Hamlet. Petit village; 

hameau m. 
Dorfervertheidigung, f. The drfence qf 

villages. Dtfense f. des villages. 
Dorfwache, f. A guard or piquet in canton- 
ments. Piquet m., garde f. de cantonne- 

Dom, m. (ust d'artif.) (od. Warzendom am 

Raketenstocke). The spindle of a rocket- 
mould. Broche f. de t^tine des monies 
pour fusees volantes. 
Dom, m. (m. d'a.) (der Rohrschmiede). Man- 
drel or mandril for welding gun-barrels. 
Broche f. des forgeurs do canons. 

m. (m. d'a.^ Tan einer Degenklinge). 

Tang of a swora-blade. Soie f. d'une lame. 

m. (m. d'a.) od. Hahndom. Punch for 

making the tumbler or axle-hole in the 
cock. Broche carr/e. 

m. (sell.) (an einer Schnalle). T^ongue 

of a buckle. Ardillon m. d'une boucle. 

m. (auf der Setzstange eines Zeltes). 

The spike of a tent-pole. Got/^on en fer, 
broche d'un m&t de tente. 

Dossinmg, f. voy. Boschung. 

(die natiirlidie) od. Boschung. The 

natural slope of loose earth. Talus naturel 
des terres ; pente qu'elles prennent naturel- 
lement quand elles sont abandonn^ a 

Dossirwage, f. Sort of fleld-level ; {batter- 
ing plumb-rule). Niveau m. propre a 
determiner Tindinaison d'une pente. 

Doublirschritt, m. (a) voy. Doppelschritt ; 
Duplirschritt ; Ueschwindschritt. 

Doubliren, v. voy. Dupliren. 

Dragoner, m. Dragoon; {trooper). Dra- 
gon m. 

(eine Compagnie — ). TVoop qf dra- 
goons. Compagnie f. de dragons. 

Drahmbaum, m. (eines Hammergeriistes). 
Strong horizontal oeam of a forge-hammer, 
loaded with heavy pieces of metal, to pre- 
vent it receiving motion from the hammer; 
(the ram). Drome f. 

Draht, m. od. Dratb (metallener). Wire 
(generally). Fit m. de metal. 

(eisemer) (Eisendraht). Iron-wire, 

Fit de fer ; fil d'archal. 

(Messing-). Brass-wire, Fit de laiton. 

(ausgegliihter Eisen-) Annealed iron- 
wire; wire softened or lighted during the 
drawing of it. Fil defer recuit. 

den (ziehen, v.) To draw wire. 2V- 

grossir, tr/fller le fiL 

den (ausgl\ihen,v.) To anneal, lighten, 

or sqften wire during the operation of re- 
ducing it Recuire le fiL 

m. (fond.) des Formers Qtnit welchcm 

er die Sandmasse durchsticht). Venting- 
wire used by moulders. D/gorgeoir m. 
servant a percer les Events dans T^paisseur 
du sable. 

Drahteisen, n. (Eisen zur Drahtbereitung). 
Iron intended for the drawing-miU. Forgis 
m.; fer destin^ aux tr^fileries. voy. Zam- 

n. (Zieheisen). The drawing-plate 

through which wire is drawn. Filiere f. ; 
plaque d'ader servant k T^tirage du fer 
en fil. 

Drahthiitte, f. Drawing-mill, wire-drawing 
mill, wire-mill. Tireriey tr/filerie f. 

Drahtklinke, f. Wire-gauge. Calibre m. 


Drahtscheibe — Drehstukl. 

dont se servent lea tireun poor mesurer le 

diametro des fils. 
Drahtscheibe, f. voy. Leier. 
Drahtzieheisen, n. voy. Drehteisen. 
Drahtziehen, n. Wirt'drawmg. Tirage m. 

dee m^tauz ; (action de lea fiure passer par 

la filiere). 
DraU, m. (m. d'a) (der Zug eines Fenerroh- 

res). The rifling of a barrel. Rayure f. 

m. (m. d'a.) (der Zuge). The tumnj 

twisi, or degree of spiral which rifle-barrels 
have given to them. (When the turn or 
twist is great in proportion to the length 
of the barrel, it is called ** starker Drall ;" 
when the reverse, ** schwacher Drall.") In- 
elinaison par rapport a I'axe des raynres 
pratiqu^ dans I'ame d'une carabine ; (m- 
clinaiaon forte ; inclijtaison foible) ; tour 
m. des raynres. 

Drangen, v. (tact.) nach dem stehenden Flii- 
gd, (beim 8chwenken). To crowd on the 
pivot in wheeling, or cloae-in during the 
wheel upon the standing-flank. Sepreeeer^ 
ee eerrer du c6te du pivot 

n. (tact.) nach der Fahne, (beim Front- 

marsche). Crowding on the centre in an 
advance in line. Preniont pouss^ee vers le 
guide du centre, qui proviennent de la 
mauvaise direction observe par cehii-ci. 

V. (den Feind). To pre99 the enemy, 

to follow him closely, Serrer, presger 
Tennemi, le ntivre de prh. 

— V. (auf die Hand), voy. Hand. 
Drath, m. voy. Draht. 
Drauen, v. voy. Splissen. 

Drauf, m. A cranJk ; an iron brace, Gros 

vilebreouin ; mlebrequin enfer, 
Draufbohrer, m. (o. e. b.) od. Drebbohrer. 

A brace and bit, or stock and bit ; brace, 

caipenter's brace, Vilebreguin m, 
Drecoselbank, f. Thtming-lathe, lathe or 

turning-engine. Tour m. (a toumer); 

bane m. de toumeur. voy. Drehbank. 
Dreg, m. od. Dreganker (pont.) Grapnel. 

Grappin m. 
Drehbank, f. (Frei-^od. Drehbank zum Frd- 

drehcn. A manarel4athe. Tour m. en 


— f. (Prisma-). A hand-lathe or turning- 
bench; Maudslay's lathe, (called ** Prisma- 
drehbank," firom the triangular or prismatic 
bar [Prisma] upon which the puppets 
slide). Tour m. de Maudelay, 

f. (mit Spitzen). Double-centre lathe. 

Tour a pointes. 
f. od. Drechselbank. voy. Drecbsel- 

f. (fond.) voy. Formdrehbank. 

f. (art.^ (xu den Schildzapfen). voy. 


Drehbankspindel, f. (tour.) voy. Spindel. 

DTehba8se,f.(art.nav.) Swivel-gun, p^terero. 
Pierrier m. 

Drebbogcn, m. (o. e. f. & m. d'a.) A drill- 
bow or boring-stick, used with a drill or 
piercer for boring holes. Archet, arfon m. 

Drehbolzen, m. (art.) od. Schalhokbolzen 
(des Rahmens der hohen Rahmlaffeten). 
The traversing-bolt, pivot, or pivot-bolt ; 
tiie moveable bolt passing through the 
pivot-transom and front sleeper of a tra- 
versing-platform. Cheville-ouvrih^ f. de 
chlbnis d'afliit de place GribeauvaL 

Drebbolzenriegel, m. od. Drehriegel (zum 
Rahmen der ^beauval'sdien hoh«i Rahm- 
laffete). Front or pivot-traneom of the 
traversing-platform (of Gribeauval's sys- 
tem). Lieoir m. de chassis de plate-forme 
ii la GribeauvaL 

(der untere od. Soblriegel an den Bet- 

tungsrahmen der Gribeanval'schen hohen 
Rahmlaffeten). Transom on the fore- 
sleeper of the traversing-platform (of Gri- 
beauval's system), upon which the pivot- 
transom rests and traverses. Contre-lisoir 
m, d'afitit de place Gribeauval. 

Drehbrett, n. (fond.) voy. Formbrett. 

Drehbriicke, f. voy. Briicke. 

Dreheisen, n. voy. DrebstahL 

Drehen, v. (tour.) od. drechseln. To 
turn; or turn down any thing on the 
lathe. Touimert iaire ou fiifonner aa 

V. (eine Wede). voy. Wiede. 

sich (m. d'a.J (spielen, v.) To play 

well, as the tumbler of a lock, or have a 
smooth r^^ular action. Roder. 

Dreher, m. (m. d'a.) (od. Drehflinte). Gun 
with revolving-bmrrele. Funl tourmmt; 
fusil a deux canons Tun sur I'antre. 

Drebkreuz, n. Tum-etile, Tourniquet 

Drehling, m. (m^) Trilling (od. das Ge- 
triebe). Lantern, trundle or waUmcer ; 
the pinion of large machines. Lanieme f. 
voy. Triebstocke. 

Drebpallisade, f. (fort) (Rlapppallisade). 
Turning-palisade (of Coehorn and other 
engineers). Palissade toumanie. 

Drehpimkt, m. (tact.) od. Pivot (bei Front- 
verandcrungen). Pivot. Pivot m. 

« (stehender, fester od. unbewe^^cher). 

Fixed or halted-pivot. Pivot flxe. 

(beweglicher). Moveable-pivot, Pivot 


m. (m^) od. Mittelpunkt der Bewe- 

gung (einer Wage). They«/mmi or cm/re 
qf motion (as in the beam of a balance). 
Point d*appui ou centre de mouvement. 

Drehriegel, m. (art.) (der hohen Rahmlaf- 
feten). voy. Drebbolzenriegel. 

Drehsappe, f. voy. Sappe (wendende). 

Drehspitze, f. (tour.) des Drediskers. voy. 

Drehstahl, m. (tour.) (hohler). voy. Hohl- 

m. (tour.) (am stehenden Support) 

od. Dreheisen. Slide-rest cutter or tool, 
Outil m. ; couteau m. 

Drebstubl, m. (fur Eisen). Wh ite§mit h*9 
lathe or turning-lathe for iron. Tbiir m. 
a toumer le for. 

llrehstulil — Dunmmg. 

Drehstuhl, m. (zum Schraubenschneiden) 
od. Schraubenschneidestuhl. Screw- 
cutimg laihe; (self-acting la the). Tour 
m. k taUUr les vig ; machine ^fileter, 

Drebthor, n. (oonstr. hydr.) Sluice-gate 
eniploy<ed chiefly for causmg a sudden rash 
of water whenever the enemy may be pre- 
paring to eflect the passage of tiie ditch. 
It is a sort of baktnee-gate turning on a 
pivot or vertaoal axis at some point re- 
moved from its centre, which, on the draw- 
ing up of the vahre and consequent unequal 
pressure of water, swings at once into the 
direction of the current. Porte t&umanie. 

Dreieckiger Hut, m. voy. Hut. 

Dreifacbe Mine, f. voy. Mine. 

Dreifuss, m. Tripod ^ trevet, Tr^ed m. 

Dreipfunder. m. (art.) A three-pounder, 
{^pounder). Piece de 3. 

Drempel, m. (oonstr. hydr.) od. Schleusen- 
drempel. The bottom framing against 
which lock-gates shut, called the mitre- 
nll, clap-sill, or lock-rill, Busc m. JV- 

Dressiren, v. (man.) (Remontepferde). To 
break or form remount-horses. Dresser 
\es chevaux de remonte. 

V. (Rekruten). To drill; set-up; 

or instruct recruits. Dresser, former Ics 

Dressur, f. (der Remontepferde). The /rant- 
ing of the young or remount horses ; the 
instruction and schooling of them. Educa- 
tion f. des chevaux de remonte ; instruction 
du manige appliqu^ aux jeunes chevaux. 

f. (der Rekraten). The instruction of 

recruits. Instruction f. pratique dcs re- 

Drillbobrer, m. Brace or stock. Vilebre- 
quin m. voy. Draufbobrer. 

Drillbrett, n. voy. Bobrbrett. 

Drillen, v. (a.) To drill or exercise (sol- 
diers). Exercer, faire faire Vexercice 
aux soldats ; les dresser. 

V. (ein Loch). To drill or bore a hole. 

Forer; f raiser. 

Drilling, m. (m^c.) voy. Drehling. 

Droben, v. voy. Bedrohen. 

Drossel, f. (vet.) voy. Kehle. 

Druck, m. (fort.J der JSrde (bei Boschungen). 
voy. ErddrucK. 

m. (eines Gewolbes auf die Strebe- 

maucra). The dr\ft, push, shoot, thrust, 
or horizontal force of an arch, by which it 
endeavours to spread itself out, etc. Effort 
m., poussee d'une vofite sur ses pieds-droits, 

m. (des Wassers). The pressure of 

water. Poussee f. des eanx. 

m. (m. d'a.) (Batteriearm, Pfann- 

deckelarm). The toe of the hammer. 
Talon m. de la batterie. 

Driicken, v. voy. Gedriickt. 

Dmcker, m. (m. d'a.) Driicker, Abdriicker 
od. Zungel. voy. Abzug ; Ziingel. 

Dnickbebel, m. (art.) Lever, long-lever of 
German Part. 

various 8i2es, from 7 to 8 feet in length. 
Levier m. d'abattage. 

ra. (art.) od. Hemmhebel (der engli- 

schen Belagerungshaubitzlaffetc). " The 
skidding-lever, break, tar friction-lever of 
an English 24-poundcr howitzer carriage. 
Levier aux flasques des affUts de siege an- 
glais pour Tobusier de 24. II est gabari^ 
en-dessous ^ la forme du moyeu de la roue, 
et sert, soit a burner le recul, soit a en- 
rayer ou a soulager la chaine d'enrayage. 

m. (m. d'a.) (einer Flintenbohibank). 

The weighted lever which acts upon the 
pinion of a boring-bench. Crosse f. de banc 
de forage. 

Druckkugel, f. (min.) Globe ofcompresrion, 
surcharged OT overcharged mine; (common 
military mine loaded with more than the 
usual quantity of powder). Globe m. de 
compresrion onfoumeau surcharge. 

Druckschraube, f. An adjusting-screw; 
set-screip. Vis f. de presrion. 

f. (m. d'a.) (eines Federhakens). The 

Jig of a lock-cramp. Vis f. de presrion 
d'un monte-ressort. 

Druckschraubenloch, n. (m. d'a.) The /y- 
screw hole of a lock-cramp. TYou taraud^ 
de la vis de pression d'un monte-ressort. 

Druse, f. (v6t.) (Kropf, Strengel, Kehl- 
sucht). The strangles. Gourme f. 

Dubel, m. voy. Diebel. 

Du jour, f. Of the day, for the day. De 
jour ; pour le service dejour. 

(Officier-) (fiir den Wachtdienst). 

Field-officer of the day. Officier sup&ieur 

(Stabsofficier-) Field-officer of the 

day, or field-officer on duty. Officier sup4- 
rieur dejour, ou o. s. de service. 

(Rittmeister-). Cavalry-captain of 

the day; capt. of the day. Capitaine de 
service pour lejour. 

(Lieutenant der Regiments-). Subal- 
tern on regimental-duty for the day ; or- 
derly-officer. Lieutenant de service pour 
le jour. 

(Officier-) Officer of the day ; or- 
derly-officer or officer on orderly duty. 
Officier dejour ou de service pour lejour. 

(Unterofficier-) Orderly sergeant, etc. 

Sous-officier de jour; (sergent, caporal de 

DUlle, f. (m. d'a.) voy. Dille. 
Diinn machen, v. (die feindlichen Reihen). 

To thin the enemy's ranks. £claircir les 

rangs ennemis. 
Diinneisen, n. (sid.) (zur Weissblechfabrica- 

tion). Sheet -iron; the thin plates or sheets 

of iron (the latten or leaves) to be tinned. 

T6le f. ; feuilles de tole rognees et propres 

k ctre etamees. 
Diinnfliissigkeit, f. (sid.) (des grauen Roh- 

eisens) (Eigenschaft beim Schmelzen). The 

liquidity of gray cast-iron. Liquidity f. 

de la fonte grise. 
Dunnung, f. (m. d'a.) (od. der Grifl^ des 


Dunst — Durchsucheu. 

Schaftes). Tlie hattd, handle, or mttUl of 
the butt of a musket. Poignee f. dc la 
crosse de fusil, voy. Kolbenhals. 

Dunstv in- (art.) (eincs abgcschosscnen 
Stiickrohres). The concossion or com- 
pression of the air caused by the explosion, 
in firing ordnance. Souffle m. 

Dupliren, v. (tact.) od. doubliren (Rotten). 
To double files behind one another, (as in 
forming four-deep according to the English 
mode). Doublet les files. 

V. (tact.) (den Schritt) (od. vom Or- 

dinair- ztun Greschwindschritt iibergehen). 
To take up the quick from the ordinary- 
or slow-time. Paner du pas ordinaire au 
pat accilM. 

Duplirschritt, m. (tact.) (a.^ Quick-$tep; 
(quick-march: quick'time). Pa» acci- 

Durchbrechen, ▼. (die feindhchen Gliedcr, 
linie, etc.) To break-through the enemy's 
ranks ; to force his position, or break his 
Une. Percery eitfoncer Tennemi; rompre 
les rangs ennemis. 

V. (Schiesslocher in Maiiem) (creneli- 

ren). To loop-hole walls, or pierce them 
with loop-holes. Crineler; percer det cr4- 
JMOUX dans les murs. 

n. & V. (aus einem Laufgraben — ) 

(bci der Sappenarbeit). Breaking through 
the parapet in sapping ; to break through, 
etc. Deboucher d*une tranchee. 

DuTchbrueh, m. (der Descente). The open- 
ing or mouth of the gallery of descent. 
Debouch/ m. dc la descente. 

Durchfahrt, f. (einer Briicke). voy. Durch- 

Durchfall, m. (v6t.) voy. Fettschmelzcn. 

Diirchfuhren, n. (t^.) (des Wdssblechcs). 
Wathing the plates aiftcr the first process 
of tinning, (the object of which is to re- 
move the superfluous metal). Lavage m. 
da fer-blanc ou le tirer-au-clair, 

Durchfuhrzinnpfanne, f. (tol.) The wath- 
pot (in the tinning process), filled with 
melted groin -tin. Chaudiere f. a lover. 

Durchgang, m. (fort.) Poteme (unter der 
Conrtine eines Festungswalles). The pos- 
tern or itally-port. Poteme f . ; passage 
vodte sous le rompart. 

(engcr). Defile: pau. Defile m. 

m. (durch einen Pass od. Engpass). 

The pawage of a defile. Passage m. d'un 

Durch^nger, m. Bolter, runaway (said of 
a horse). Cheval q^ii prend le mors aujc 

Diirchgehen, v. To bolt or run away. 
Prendre le mors aux dents: (expression 
pour dire que le cheval s'emporte). 

Diirchhauen, v. sich od. durchschlagen. 
To cut through the enemy sword in hand, 
to cut one's way through the enemy. Se 
/aire Jour le sabre a la nudn, se /aire Jour 
au travers de Tennemi. 

Durrhlai»8, m. (Bruckendurchlass) (die 

Oeffnung). The cut, or opening provided in 
a bridge for the jiassage of floating bodies. 
Coupure f. d*un pont, pour livrer passagi* 
aux bateaux ou aux corps flottants, etc. 
j Durchlassmaschinc, f. (pont.) (einer Briicke). 
The rq/lt or moveable part of a bridge 
forming the cut or opening for the pur]>ose 
of navigation. Portiere f. de pont ; (as- 
semblage de deux ou trois bateaux servant 
a former la coupure d'un pont). voy. 

Durclimarsch, m. (der Tmppen). The pas- 
sage of troops. Passage m. dea troupes 
par un lieu. 

Durchmarschircn, v. To march or pas* 
through a place, or pass through on the 
march. Traverser, passer par un lieu. 

Durchmesscr, m. (art.) (der Geschosse). 
The diameter of shot or shells. Calibre 
m. des projectiles. 

Durchschlag, m. A nipping-tool; punch, 
stamp-iron. Emporte-piece m. 

m. (ust. d'artif.) A pricker ; piercing- 
wire. Poinfon d'arr^ ; pique-chasse m. 

m. (art) (Durchstecher, Kartuschna- 

del). The pricker or pricker-wire for 
pricking the cartridge ; (priming-wire). 
D^orgeoir m. ; d/gorgeoir ordinaire ser- 
vant a percer la gargousse. 

m. (der Schmiede). A punch. Poinfon 

m. de marechal. 

Durchschlagcbrandchen, n. In the Saxon 
artillery, synonymous with ** Sddagrdhre.'' 
voy. Schlagrohre. 

Durchschlaccn, v. (sich). To cut through 
or cut one s way through the enemy. Se 
/aire Jour au travers de Tennemi. 

V. (art.) (das Ziindloch). To clear the 

vent. D/gorger la lumiere. 

Durchschlagstift, m. Pricker. Poin^on 
d^arrit m. 

Durchschnitt, m. (eines ^Werkes). The 
profile of a work. Profil m. 

m. (eines Kanonenrohies). A section 

through any part of a gun. Coupe f. d'uti 

Durchschnittenes Terrain, n. An inter- 
sected country; country intersected with 
different obstacles, such as hedges, ditches, 
etc. etc. Terrain entrecofip/, 

Diirchschnittsbretter, n. pi. Ha{f-inch 
plank. Planches f. pL ayant |'' d'^paiss. 
et \0" de largeur. 

Durchschnittgpunkt, m. Point qf inter- 
section. Point m. dHntersection. 

Durchstecher, m. (art.) voy. Durchachlag, 

Durchatreifeu, v. (die Gegend). To scour 
the country ; reconnoitre the c. Baitre 
la cami)agne ; pousser des dicouvertes du 
cote de Tennemi ; parcourir le terrain 
pour le fouiUer, le reconnaStre. 

DurchsucheiiyV. (Dofil^n, Ortschaften, etc.) 
To search villages, defiles, etc. ; to explore 
obstacles or ground ; to examine norm- 
houses, endosures, etc., in feeliiig for the 

Durchwatbar — Diisenmaul. 


enemy. FouUler des obstacles, un bois, 

un pays. 
DurcDwatbar, (practicable, durchzuwaten). 

Fordabie. Gu^able. 
Xhircbwaten, v. (einen Fluss). To ford a 

river. PaneTi traverser a gu4, 
Durcbziehen, n. (tact.) (der Treffen). The 

pateage qf Imeg. PMsage m. de lignea. 

▼oy. Vorwartsdurchziehen; Riickwarts- 

V. To jEMUt or march through a place. 

Travereer ; pauer par, etc. 

n. (poudr.) voy. Ausstauben. 

Durchziebahle, f. (sell.) od. Bindenadel der 

Sattler. Drawing-atpl of saddlers, for 
drawing thongs through their work. Al^e 
f. a power lea lanieres ; passe-corde m. 

Diise, f. (sid.) The nozzle of the blast- 
pipe which is introduced into the tuyere. 

f. (art.) od. das Rohr des Blasebalgs. 

The nozzUf no«e^ or nose-pipe of the bel- 
lows of travelling-forge. Buse f. 

Duscnmaul, n. (sid.) od. die Diisenofiiiung 
einer Blasdeute. The nozzle-mouthf orifice ^ 
or discharging aperture of the blast-pipe, 
by which the air is discharged. Bouche f. 
ou ceil m. de la buse. 



fibbaiiker, m. (pont.) Ebb-anchor. Ancre 
f. dejusant. 

Ebbe,f. The ebb of Hie me, ebb-dde. Re- 
flux ; jtuant oxxjousant m. 

Ebene, f. (top.) (Flaclie, Plane). A plain ; 
flat or level. Plaine f. 

f. (Hoch-) Table-land. Plateau m. 

(gdom.) (wagerechte, senkrechte, ge- 

neigte). Horizontal-, vertical-, inclined- 
plane. Plan horizontal, vertical, incline. 

Ebenen, v. od. ebnen (aiifgeworfcno Erde, 
etc.) To level ground, or level earth which 
has been thrown-up. R^galer ; aplanir. 

Echancriire, f. (fort.) voy. Eiuacbiiitt (des 

Echelon, od. Staffel (tact.) Echelon, Eche- 
lon m. 

(Aufstellung en—) (Staffelaufstel- 

limg). Formation in echelon, echelon- 
formation, Ordre en ichelont. 

(Bewegung en — ). Movement in eche- 
lon. Marche i., mouvement m. en Eche- 

(Angriff en — ). Attack in echelon. 

Attaque f. en Echelon. 

Echelons, pi. (gerade). Direct-echelon, 
tichelons directs pi. ; echelon direct. 

(schrage). Oblique or wheeled echelon. 

£chelons obliques; ifchelon oblique, 

Echiquier, (Aufstellung en — ). voy. 
Schachbrettiormige Stellung. 

(Riickzug en — ) voy. Ruckzug. 

Eckband, n. (art.) (eincs Protzkastens). The 
comer-square of an ammunition-box. 
fjquerre f. d' angle (on fer phit) de coffre a 

Eckblech, u. (art.) (eines Protzkastens). 
A comer -plate of an ammunition«box. 
guerre f. d* angle (en tole). 

Eckbollwerk, n. (fort.) Bastion at the 
salient or angle of the polygon. Bastion 
m. place a Tun des angles du polygone. 

Eeke, f. (min.) (eines Minenganges). The 
return in a gallery, or angle formed when- 
ever a change of dircctitm is made in the 
axis of the gallery. Retour m. ; changc- 

ment de direction qui a lieu a la rencontre 
de deux galeries. 

Eckpfosten, m. (charp.^ voy. Eckstander. 

Eclovbmen, m. (min.) A side-frame for 
shafts in mining, of four pieces, the ends 
halved to fit each other. Cadre uni pour 
le coffrago des puits de mines. 

Eckstander, m. (charp.) od. Eckstiele (einer 
Wandverbindung). The principal-post or 
comer-post of a partition. Poteau cornier 
m. d*un pan de bois. 

Eckziihne, m. pi. (vet.) (bei den Pferden). 
The comer-teeth or comers. Coins m. pL, 
dents f. pi. des coins. 

Eggen, f. pi. (Ackeraggen). Harrows (em- 
ployed as an obstacle in field-fortification). 
Herses f. pL, herses de laboureur. 

Ehrenbezeigimgcn, f. pi. (Ilonneors) gegen 
Yorgesetzte, etc. Honours, salutes (paid 
by troops) ; compliments or complimentary 
honours (paid to officers generally). Hon- 
neurs militaires m. pi. ; (saluts de V6p6e, 
du drapcau ; marques exterieures de re- 

Ehreuchcf* m. voy. Chef.. 

Ebrengericlit, n. Court of honour existing 
in some continental services, for the inves- 
tigation and adjustment of quarrels be- 
tween officers, etc. Conseil d^honneur des- 
tine a appr^er le d^gre et la nature des 
offences qui pourraient se commettre entre 
les officiers d*un corps. 

Ehrenschildwache, f. voy. Schildwacbe. 

Ehrenschiisse, m. pi. (BegrUssung, Salutiren). 
The seUute of so many guns faeA by a for- 
tress, in honour of any person entitled to 
the compliment. Salut m.; salut militaire. 

Ehrenwache, f. A guard qf honour. Garde 
f. d*honneur, 

Ehrenwaffen, pi. voy. Waffen. 

Ehrenzeichen, n. Decoration, medal, etc, 
for meritorious service ; distinguishing- 
mark. Decoration f. ; marque f. d'hon- 
neur, — distinctive. 

Eichenholz, n. Oak. Bois m. de chine. 

Eid, m. (Soldateneid). The oath qfjidelitg. 

Eid — EingTHbeu. 


Sermefti m. de fidelite^ sermeni au dra- \ 
peau. I 

Kid, (den — auf die Falioc schworeu, v.) (von ' 
Rekraten). To take the oath of allegiance , 
and fidelity over the colours ; (to be attested f 
aooording to the English form). Priter ! 
termeni au drapeau. voy. Schworen. 

Eilmarach, m. A forced-march. Marche | 
forcie, voy. Beschleunigen. 

Einbauen, v. (rich). To intrench one*8 self. 
Se retraneher, 

Einbenifen, v. (den Landsturm, etc.) To 
call-out the Landsturm, (or, as we should 
say, ** the militia," under rimilar drcum- 
stanoes). Convoquer le landsturm. 

Einbindedile, f. (sell.) od. Durehziehahle. 
A drawing-awlt (with a haft and hole near 
the point, for drawing thongs through work 
in harness-making). AlSne f. (avec manche) 
ilpauer let lamireg. 

Einoindeblech, n. A wrapping-plate ; clout. 
Hafpe ou hope f. 

£inbiiideii,n.(der Rader). voy. Beschienen. 

Einbindeschiene, f. (des Schemels und der 
Achse). BoUter-hoop. £trier m. ou 
frette f. de seUette. 

f. (der holzemen Achsen). Axle-tree 

hoop, £trier m. d'essieu en bois. 

f, (der eisemen Achsen). Axle-tree 

band, Bande f. d'esrieu en fer. 

Einbohrende Vertheidigungslinic, (fort.) voy. 

Einbohrender ocbuss. Toy. Schuss. 

Einbrecbeu, ▼. (tact^ (in das Bataillon, od. 
in die Glieder). To force or break the 
ranks. Percer un bataillon, eftfoncer ses 

7. (in ein Land). To make incursions 

or inroads into a coimtry. Faire des ir- 
ruptions, des incursions dans un pays. 

Einbruch, m. (cav.) (Trompetensignal) voy. 

Eindammen, v. (fond.) (die Gusskasten bei 
der Formerei). To ram-down the sand in ' 
moulding. Darner, ou battre le sable dans 
les chassis de moulage. 

Eindringen, n. (art.) (der Geschosse). The 
penetration of projectiles. PMtration f. 
ou e^foncement ra. des projectiles. 

Einfache Maachinen, f. pi. (mec.) The 
simple machines in mechanics. Machines 
ou potences f. ])1. simples (de la m^ca- 

Einfache Mine, f. (min.) voy. Mine. 

Einfache Operatiouslinien, f. pi. (art 
d. 1. g.) voy. Operationslinien. 

Einfache Sappe, f. voy. Sappe. 

Einfache Scnere, f. (fort.) (mit convergiren- 
den Fliigcln)(Schwalbenschwanz). Single 
tenaille with converging flanks. Queue f. 
d'hironde simple ; tenaille a longues bran- 
ches convergentes vers la gorge. 

EinfacherThurstock, m. (min.) voy.Thiir- 

Einfacber Kloben, m. (m^.) voy. Klobeu. 

Einfallf m. (in Feindes Land). Descent; 

incursion ; inroad. Descente f. ; excur- 
sion f. 

Ejnfallwinkel, m. od. 

Einfallsuinkcl, m. (art.) (der Geschosse). 
The angle of incidence or angle of descent 
of projectiles. Angle m. dUncidence ou de 
chute, (que la trajectoire forme avec Thori- 
zon au moment de la chute du projectile). 

m. (in der Dioptrick). The angle of 

incidence. Angle m. d*incidence. 

Einfalzeu, v. To let-in, sink, or house-in ; 
to stub-mortise. Embreoer. 

Einfassen, v. (art.) (Pulver, etc.) To barrel 
powder, etc. Embariller (de la poudre, 

n. (poudr.) (des Pulvers). The barrel- 
ing of gunpowder in the packing-house. 
Embarillage m. des poudres. 

Einfassung, f. (fort.) (eines Platzes). En- 
closure, main-enclosure. Enceinte f. 

Eiufassungsgallerie, f. (min.) The envelope- 
gallery in a system of prepared counter- 
mines. Galerie f. d*enveloppe. 

Einfassungsrotten, f. pi. (tact.) (Fliigelrot- 
ten einer Abtheilung). The Jtank or pivot- 
files of a division. Files f. pi. d'encadre- 

Einfeilung, f. (m. d*a.) (im Kopfe der 
Schwanzschraube). The notch filed in 
the end of the plug of old-pattern musket- 
breeching, to hold a greater depth of powder 
at the touch-hole. Coche f. au bouton de 
la culasse. 

Einflussscbleuse, f. Sluice by which water 
is let into the works of a fortification. 
£cluse f. de chasse, 

Einfiigung, f. (charp.^ die feste (der Zapfen 
in die Zapfenlocher). The tight-joining 
of mortise and tenon when driven together. 
Engraissement m. ; ajustement, serrement 
parfait du tenon dans sa mortaise. 

Eingang, m. (der Laufgraben). The mouth 
of the trenches. Queue f. de la tranche. 

(einer Minengallerie). The entrance to 

a gallery. (Eil m. d'une galerie de mine. 

m. (einer Pulverkammer). voy. Pulver- 


m. (fort.) voy. Ausgang. 

m. (eines Engi)asses). The opening or 

entrance of a defile. Entree f. 

Eingegrabene Batterie, f. voy. Batterie. 

Eingencnd, (fort.) od. einspringend (von 
Winkeln). Re-entering, (said of angles in 
fortification). Rentrant. 

Eingehende Biegungen, f. pi. (eines Flusses). 
The re-entering sinuosities of a river. Ren- 
trants m. pi. d'une riviere. 

Eingehender od. einspringender Winkel, 
(fort.) A re-entering angle, or angle 
pointing inwards or towards the place. 
Angle rentrant. 

Eingesetzt, (vom Eisen). Case-hardened. 
Tremp^ en paquet. 

Eingezahnt, voy. Gezahnt. 

Eingraben, v. (sich). To intrench one's self; 
to throw-up works or intrenchments, with 


Eingreifen — Einquartierungszettel. 


a view to strengthen one's position, 

Eiiigreifen, v. (mec.) (von den Zahncn an 
R^deru). To gear into each other or take 
into gear with one another (as wheels) ; 
to gear with or take into one another ; to 
take into or engage in the teeth of, (as a 
pinion into a toothed-wheel). EngreneVj 
9^engrener: mordre. (Diese Rader greifen 
gut in einander. These wheels take well 
into gear with one another. Ces roues 
engrenent bien, t*engrhient bien.) 

Eingreifend, (m^chan.) Taking into gear 
withf or gearing with. Engrenant. 

Einffuss, m. (fond.) (zum Einlaufen des Mc- 
taJles in die Form). The gate^ gate-hole^ 
gate-channelf or runner in sand-moulds, 
for the reception of the metal ; the pipe of 
kwm-mouldiB. Jet m.; (ouverture ou tuyau 
par lequel on verse la fonte dans les monies 
iaits en sable) ; trompe f., ou trou m. de 
couUtge (des moules en argile). 

m. (fond.) grosser und schwerer 

(zu Geschiitzen, Walzen, etc.) A high 
gate, elevated mouth-piece, or filling-in 
aperture, to give pressure to the liquid 
metal. Masselotte f., ou jet d'un grand 
poids, conserve dans la coulee des gros 
objets, telB que canons, cylindres, etc. voy. 
Verlomer Kopf. 

Einhaiien,v. (von der Cavallerie). To force, 
break ; charge, break-through the enemy's 
ranks. Et\foncer et sabrer Tennemi ; 
percer, rompre scs rangs. 

Einhemmen, v. (das Rad). To skid or 
lock the wheel. Enrayer. 

V. (art.) To scotch (a wheel). Caler 

(une roue). 

EiDhom, n. (art.) Licom or Russian- 
howitzer. Lieome f., obusier russe ; (obu- 
sier long k chambre oonique). 

Einlassen, v. (charp.) To let or Jit in : to 
stub or house-in. Encastrer ; embracer. 

n. (art.) The stubbing-in or hoiunng- 

in of the transoms of gun-carriages into 
the brackets. Embrhement m. des entre- 
toises de I'afft^t. | 

V. (tact.) (sich in ein Gefecht— ). To ! 

commit one* s self m action. S* engager dans 
une affaire ; engager, entatner une affaire. 

Einlassschlcuse, f. voy. Einiiussschleuse. 

Eiulasspforte, f. (fort.) The wicket or small 
door in the gate of a fortified town, afford- 
ing a firoc }>assage to passers by, without 
opening the great gate. Ouichet m. 

Einlegcn, v. (art.) (ein Kanonenrohr in seine 
Laffcte). To mount a gun upon its car- 
riage. Monter ou charger une piece sur 
son afltit. voy. Auslegen. 

V. (Besatzung). To quarter or place 

troops in a plao;; to garrison any place 
with troops. Mettre ganiison dains une 
place ; placer, mettre des troupes en ganii- 
son dans une pla(%. 

V. Trupjicn (bei den Einwohnem), od. 

(bci den Einwohnem cinquarticrcn). To 

billet or quarter troojw upon the inhabit- 
ants. Loger les troupes chez V habitant. 
Einlegen, v. (die Rasen, der Lange nach). 
To lay sod-work lengthways or ** stretch- 
ers." Ranger ou placer lea gazons en 
panneresse ou en parement. voy. Rasen. 

V. (das Strauchwerk) (in die Kreuze). 

To lay the brushwood. Disposer les 
branchages sur les chevalets. 

Einleger, m. (pont.) (ein kurzer od. halber 
Streckbalken, zur Durchlassmaschine einer 
Pontonbriicke). A short or false balk, 
(balk of smaller dimensions than the com- 
mon balk), by means of which the raft 
forming the cut in a bridge, may be readily 
disunited from the standing-parts of it. 
Fausse poutrelle, d'un ^uarrissage un pen 
moindre que oclui des poutreUes, pour 
dtablir une liaison entre la portiere et le 
reste du pont. 

Einleiten, v. (das Gefecht). voy. Gtefecht. 

Einludeln, v. (art.) To prime with loose 
powder. Amorcer. 

Emnahme, f. (einer Festung, einer Schanze). 
The capture or taking of a fortress ; the 
carrying of a field-work. Prise f. d'une 
forteresse, d'un ouvrage de campagne. 

Einnehmen, v. (eine Stadt od. Festung). To 
take, capture, or carry. Prendre, em- 
porter ; s*emparer d'une place, etc. (Die 
Festung vmrde mit Sturm eingenommen. 
The place was carried by assault, or taken 
by storm. La place fut prise d'assaut.) 

V. (ein Land). To occupy, or take 

forcible possession of tLCOxmtry . Prendre, 
t^emparer, se rendre mattre d un pays. 

Eiiipaeken, v. (Gewehre). To pack arms in 
chests or cases. Encaisser les armes k 

Einpassen, v. (m. d'a.^ (die Gewehrtheile). 
To let into the wood (the different parts of 
a musket). Encastrer dans le bois les 
pieces d'une arme a feu. 

Eiiipudeni, v. (artif.) To prime fireworks 
of any k)rt. Amorcer. 

V. (moul.) die Form (mit Kohlenstaub). 

To dttst the blackening oter, or apply the 
bkickening to the mould. Saupoudrer le 
moule avec de la poussiere de charbon. 

Einquartieren, v. Soldaten, (in Kasemen, 
bei den Einwohnem). To quarter or place 
troops in barracks; to billet or quarter 
soldiers on the inhabitants ; to put them 
into billets. Casemer les troupes ; Igger 
les soldats chez V habitant, 

Einquarticrt, In billets, billeted, quartered 
on the inhabitants, (generally in distinc- 
tion to ** rasemirt.") Logi chez Vhabi- 

Einquartierung, f. (der Trappen). The 
billeting or quartering of troops on the 
inhabitants ; the quartering of troops in 
barrac^ks. Op^tion de mettre les troupes 
en quartiers : {casemement m. ; logement 
m. chez Phabitant). 

Einquartierungszettel, m. The biUet 

Kinrangireu — Einschnitt. 


' gmnted for the quartering of soldiers. 
Billet m. de logement, 

Einrangiren, ▼. Rekniten. To pott recruits 
to any particular company on joining ; to 
take them on the ttrength of a regiment. 
Immairiculer ; iruerire tur le contr6le de 
rignalemtMty ntr lesfeuilies d^appeL 

Einmngirt, Taken on the strength of a 
regiment, etc ; potted, (as applicable to 
officers and men). JmmatrieuU et inacrit 
tur let/etUUet d^appel, 

Einraumen, ▼. (art.) To primK with loose 
powder. Amoretr une piece. 

Einreiben, v. (eine Versenkung). To conn- 
tersinJk a hole for a nail head ; to take off 
the edge round a hole in order to let in 
the head of a screw-nail, so that it may 
not project above the surface. Fraiaer, 

Einreichen, v. (ein Gesuch). To eend-in an 
applicatkm, requisition, etc., to one's supe- 
rior officer or to a department. Addreeser 
une demande. 

Einreissen, ▼. (for.) To cut untrue, bore- 
awry : or bore out qf metal ; (terms applied 
by workmen to a boring-bit). Brouter; 
se dit du foret qui entre dans le m^tal, 
loTMu'il n'est pas droit. 

Eiliricnten, v. (sich). (tact.) To align one* 8 
9e{fs take up the drening. S* aligner; 
prendre Valignement. 

Kinriicken, v. To mareh-in: march into 
a place; eome-in or move-in (as troops), 
in order to take up and occupy quarters, 
etc. Entrer, /aire eon entree dans un 
endroit quelconque. 

▼. (tact.) (in die Linie od. in das Alligne- 

ment). To enter the alignment, come- 
up into the alignment, or come-up into 
line. Arriver, entrer en ligne; arriver 
tur I'alignement ; te porter sur la ligne do 
bataille, ae porter sur Talignement. 

Einrufen, t. (beurlaubte Soldaten, etc.) To 
call-in any men, etc., on pass or furlough. 
Rappeler,faire renirer les soldats en per- 
mission, en conge. 

Einsattelung, f. (topogr.) voy. Sattel. 

Einsatz, m. (sid.) (zu einem Frischen in 
Pudddofen). llie charge or quantity of 
metal put into a puddling-fumace at once ; 
a heat. Charge f. en mdtal dee fours 

Einsatzhartung, f. (Oberflachen- od. In- 
satzhartung). Case-hardening ; the pro- 
cess by which iron has its surface con- 
verted into steel. Trempe f. en paquet. 
voy. Insatzhartung. 

Einsatzmutter, f. (art.) mit Kurbel (einer 
Richtmascldne). Nut with horns of an 
elevating-screw box. £crou m. mobile a 
quatre branches pour vis de pointage. 

Einsauffeventil, n. (sid.) (eines Doppel- 
cylindergeblases). A suction-valve, Sou- 
pape f. d' aspiration ou d* inspiration, voy. 

Einschiessen, v. (ein Pferd). To make a 
horse steady to arms and firing ,- use a 

horse to firing, or accustom him to stand- 
fire. Faire, accoutumer, habituer un che- 

val au feu et auz bruits des armes. (Gut 

cingeschossenes Pferd. Horse that stands 
fire well. Chevaiyht/ au feu, dress/, sage 

aufeu.) voy. Militairfromm. 
Einschiessen, n. (der Gewehre). voy. Be- 


V. Tein Gewehr). To determine the 

range (point-blank range) of a fire-arm. 
Fia^er la port/e du but en blanc d'un 

Einschiffen, n. (der Truppen). The embark- 
ation of troops ; the embarking of troops. 
Embarquement m. des taroupes. 

V. (Eingeschifile Truppen. Troops 

embarked on board of transports ; troops 
on board of ship. Troupes embarq%A/esi) 

Einschiffiing, f. (der Truppen) voy. Ein- 

Einschlagen, v. (artif.) (die Ziindschnur). 
To middle or set-doum the quick-match in 
the composition of fazes, Et{foncer la 
mcche de communication (en amor^ant les 

V. (constr. des ponts) (die Jochpfahle). 

To drive the piles of wooden-piers. En- 
f oncer les pilots des pal^. 

V. (die Hufe). To stop a horse's feet 

with stopping of any kind. Remplir les 
pieds des chevaux d'un remplissage quel- 

Einscbliesscorps, n. Investing-corps or 
covenng-army at a siege. Corps inves- 
tissant ou charg/ de Vinvestissement. 

Einschliesscn, v. (eine Festung). To invest 
a fortress ; to blockade a place, bivestir : 

n. voy. Einschliessung. 

V. (eine feindliche Truppe). To sur- 
round or cut-off all means of retreat to any 
party or body of the enemy. Entourer, 
envelopper, cemer une troupe ennemie. 

V. To shut-in. Et^ermer, (Der 

Feind fand sich zwischen zwei Fliissen, 
etc., eingeschlossen. — was shut-in or 
surrounded by, etc. ; or, — found himself 
enclosed between, etc. L'ennemi se trou- 
vait er\ferm/, serr4 entre deux rividres, 

Einsctiliessung, f. od. die Berennung (einer 
zu belagemden Festung). The investment 
of a fortress to be attacked. Investissement 
m. d'une place qu'on veut assizer. 

f. od. Blockade. The blockade of a 

place. Blocus m. d'une place. 

Einschmieren, v. (Fahrzeuge). To grease 
the axle-trees of carriages. Graisser les 

Einschneiden, n. (topogr.) voy. Riickwartt- 
einschneiden ; Vorwartseinschneiden. 

V. Schiessscharten (in eine Brustwehr). 

To cut-out, pierce, or open the embrasures 
for guns in a solid parapet. JUgorger les 

Einschnitt, m. (art.) fur die Achse (in deo 

Einschuitt — Einubimg. 

LafTetenwanden). The hotuitig of the 
cheeks. Rncagtrement m. d'emieu dans 
r^paisseur des flasques. voy. Achsen- 

Einschnitt^ m. (art.) (prismatischer) der 
Mittelachse fur die Laffetenwaiide. The 
housing or joggling of the axle-tree. En- 
taille f. d'essieu. 

m. (art.) in den Wanden (fiir die Zapfen 

und Fcdem der Riegel). Stub-mortise or 
housing in the cheeks for the transom - 
tenons. Embrevement m. 

m. (v. d'a.) fur den Langschuh od. 

Langbaumschoh (im Achsfutter). The^y- 
way for the tongue of the perch ; tongue- 
way ; the opening made in the axle-tree 
bed to admit the tongue of the perch. 
Entaille f. du corps d'essieu pour la tete 
de la fleche. 

m. (sid.J od. Kaliber (in den Walzen 

xum Ausreckcii des Stabeisens). Thie groove 
or hollow in the periphery of rolling cylin- 
ders. Cannelure f. pratiquee dans Ics cylin- 
dres qui servent a Let £id>rication du fer. 

m. (in eincr Scheibe od. Rolle). Gorges 

groove^ or score in the circumference of a 
sheave or pulley, over which the rope 
liftsses. Gorge f. 

m. (mit der Sage). Kerf^ or passage 

made by a saw. Trait m. de scie. 

m. (charp.) Notch. Entaille f. 

m. (m. d'a.) fiir das Schloss (im Gewehr- 

schafte). The lock-hole^ or part carv^ out 
in the stock to receive the lock. Logement 
ou encastrement m. de la platine. 

m. (m. d'a.^ voy. Eiuschnitte, pi. 

m. (fort) (des Glacis). The defile or 

crochet of the traverses of the covered- 
way. Contoumemeni m. du glads autour 
de la traverse du chemin convert; crochet; 
difiU. voy. Ausschnitt. 

— — rfort.) voy. Abschnitt. 

Einscnnittc, m. pi. (m. d'a.^ (od. ZUgc eines 
Biichsenrohres). The Arrows, grooves, 
cuts, or sunk parts of the rifling of barrels. 
Raies ou rayures f. pi. du canon d'une 
carabine, voy. Balken. 

m. pi. (art.) trcppenartige (der AVande 

einer Schiffslaflete). The steps in the 
sides or brackets of a ship-carriage. En- 
tailleSf coches f. pi., gradins d^un afiiit 

m. pi. (der Zundhiitchenwande). The 

slits in copper-caps. Fentes f. pi. des cap- 
sules pour fusils. 

Einschwenken, n. (tact.) Wheeling into 
line. Conversion f. par laqueUe on passe 
de Tordre en colonne a Tordre en bataille ; 
conversion pour former une ligne de ba- 
taille; {conversion embataillante). 

V. n. (tact.) To wheel into line. Passer 

de Tordre en colonne a Vordre en bataille; 
se former en bataille par une conversion 
de pelotons, de sections, etc. 

V. (pont.) (eine Pontonbriicke). To 

swing, or wheel a bridge entire into its 

position. Faire un quart de cotiversion 
avec un pont pour le jeter. voy. Briicken- 

Einsegnen, v. (die Fahne eines Regiments). 
To consecrate the colours of a regiment. 
B^nir le drapeau. 

Einsenkung, f. (pont.) voy. Eintaucben. 

Einsetzen, v. (art.) od. eintreiben (Briinde 
od. Ziinder). To^ fuzes, or set fuxes into 
shells. Efrfoncer les fus^, 

V. (art.) (Geschosse, in hulzeme Spiegel). 

To ^ wooden-bottoms to shot or shells; 
(to strap shot to wooden-bottoms). En- 
saboter les projectiles. 

V. voy. Eingesetzt. 

Einsctzoffiiung, t. (f. a. r.) (eines FUmm- 
ofens). The working-door of a reverbera- 
tory furnace. Porte f. de travail (d'un 
four a r^verbere). 

Einsetzthiir, f. (f. a. r.) Charging-door of a 
reverberatory-fumace. Porte f. de charge. 

Elinsinken, n. (von Gcbauden). Sinkage; ^c 
sinking of buildings. Affaissement m. 

Einspemmg, f. voy. Einscbliessung. 

Einspiinden, v. (das Pulver in Fasser). To 
barrel gunpowder ; to pack powder in bar- 
rels. Embariller (de la poudre). 

Einstauben, v. (artif.) voy. Einpudem. 

Einsteckcn, v. (den Degen, den Ladestock). 
To return the sword, or ramrod. Remettre 
le sabre, T^p^, la baguette. 

Einateher, m. od. Ersatzmann. A substitute. 
Remplafant m. voy. Stellvertreter. 

(einen — stellen, v.) To provide a 

substitute. Foumir un rempla^nt. 

Einstellen, v. (das Feuer). To cetue firing. 
Cesser le feu. 

V. voy. Feindseligkciten. 

Einsteller, m. The person (conscript) en- 
rolled to serve, who produces a substitute, 
(answering to what was called a principal 
in England when the militia were em- 
bodied). Remplac^ m. ; consent qui se fait 

Einstrich, m. (eines Schraubenkopfes). Nick 
or slit in the head of a screw. Fente, 
coche f. 

Eintaucben, n. (pont.) od. Einsenkung f. 
(eines Pontons). The sinking or immer- 
sion of a pontoon. Immersion f. (Die 
Tiefe des — s eines Pontons. The degree 
qf immersion or depth to which a pontoon 
is sunk or immersed. D^gr/ m. ^immer- 
sion, ou profondeur dont un ponton s'ett 
enfonc^ dans Teau, par I'effet d'un poids 

Eintbeilung, r. Mer Offidere bei der formirten 
Compagnie od. dcm Bataillon). The post- 
ing of officers in the formation of the com- 
pany or battalion ; the distribution of etc. 
R^artition f. des offiders dans la forma- 
tion d'un bataillon, etc. 

Einiiben, v. (Rekruten) od. einexerciren. 
To drill, set-up ; instruct recruits. Bser- 
cer, former les recrues. 

Einiibung, f. (der Rekruten). Instruction 

EinTerleiben — Eisengewicht. 


of recniits. Ituiruetion t pratique des 

Einverieiben, v. (eiiieTrappe einer andem). 
To incorporate, or dis^bute any set of 
men among others, so as to make them 
one body. Incorporer une troupe dans 
une autre. 

— ; — V, To embody or imbody, Incorporer, 

EUnyentandniss, n. (mitdemFeinde). Cor^ 
retpondence or itUereourte held with the 
enemy. hUeUigence avec Tennemi. 

Einwarts befestigen» t. (fort) To fort\fy 
mwardg ; {foriifying-imtardt) ; to oon- 
stmct tlie outline of a front on the exterior 
side of the polygon, so that it fidls within 
it. Fortifier en dcdant; fortifier inii' 

Einwechsler, m. (min.) Intermediato etan^ 
ehion, Montant m. interm^diaire. 

Einwohnung, f. od. das Logement. voy. 

Einzapfen, t. (t. d*a.} die Spdchen (in die 
Nabe). To m/ or /e/-tii the spokes. Em- 
pater les nds. 

Einziehen, v. (die Vorposten). To eall'in, 
draw-in^ or withdraw the adTanoed posts. 
Retirer les ayant-postes. 

Eisbalken, m. (oonstr. des ponts) (eines 
Eisbrecfaiers). The inclined fender-beam 
of an ioe-breaker, shod with iron. Chtgteau 
indin^, dont les pilots d'un brise-glaoe 
sont ooiff^. 

Eisbock, m. od. 

Elisbrecher, m. (oonstr. des ponts). An ice- 
breaker, (iee-yuard^, or buttress placed 
above each row of piles, to protect a bridge 
from floating bodies. Briee-glace m. 

Eisen, n. Iron, Fer m. voy. Stabeisen ; 
Roheisen, Gusseisen ; Stanl. 

(altes). Scrap-iron, old-iron, buskel- 

iron. FerraUle f, 

Oilumiffes). voy. Flossen. 

(feines) (Feineisen). Fine-metal, {fine 

iron). Fin m^tal; fonte d^carbur^ dans 
un feu de finerie. 

(gediegenes od. aewachBenes). Na- 
tive-iron. Fer natif, 

(gefrischtes). Refined-irons (puddled- 

iron; balls; bloonu, billete; mill-bars), 
Fer ajfin^t (ferpudU), 

(eefn8chte8od.geschiniedete8). yoy. 

gescnmiedetes — . 

Tgekohltes). voy. Kohlenetaen. 

(geschmeioiges). Sqfl -metal, Fer 


(geschmiedetes). Bar or malleable- 

iron, forged or wrtmght-iron; hammered- 
iron; soft-iron. Fer forg4; test martiS^; 
— doux. 

(geschnittenes). Slit-iron; (strips or 

rands cut out of sheet-iron; light-rods, 
nail -rods). Ferfendu onferfenton, 

(gewalztes). Rolled-iron, Fer route' 

ou fafonn^ awe cylindret; fer plating, 
— 4tir^, 

(granulirtes). yoy. Waasereiflen. 

German Part. 

Ei8en,(harte8nndtproilcs). Harsh, brittle- 
iron, Fer dwr, 

(kaltbriichiges). Coldshort iron, (or 

brittle when cold^. — cassant afroid, 

(kieselsaures). Silicious iron-ore, Fer 


(meteorisches, gediegenes). Native 

nickeltferous or meteoric-iron, — m^tA- 

(neryiges, faseriges). Fibrous -iron. 

Fer nerveux, 

(rothbnichiges). Hot-short, red-short 

iron, (or brittle when hot). — rouveram, 
— cassant ii chaud, 

^rundes). Round — . — rond, 

(schmiedbares). Malleable-iron, duc- 
tile. — maiUable, 

(sprodes). Brittle-iron. — aigre, 

(weiche8od.zahes). Sqft-iron. — doux, 


Eisenabfalle, m. pL (sid.) Scrap-iron; (the 
cuttings of bar-ends, boUer-plkte parings, 
etc). Riblons ou dibris m. pi. de fer. 

Eisenabgang, m. Old-iron, scrap or refuse- 
iron, nut-iron, bushel-iron, Ferraille f. 

Eisenbander, n. pi. (fond.) (fur die Form), 
voy. Mantelringe ; Beacmag. 

Eisenbearbeitungskunde, f. The art of 
smelting iron-ores. Sid&otechnie, 

Eisenbeschlage, m. pi. (art) od. der Eisen- 
beschlag. Iron -work for artillery car- 
riages, etc.; {iron qf sorts). Ferrure f.; 
ferrures pi. 

pi. (art) (ausgeschmiedete). — rough 

from the forge, — ibauch4es, 

Eisenblech, n. (sid.) Sheet-iron; (von in 
sheets). Tilef.; fer en feuUles. 

(yerzinntes). Tin-plate; (white-iron). 

Fer-blanc m. 

Eisenbiigel, m. (sell.) (am Vorder- und Hin* 
terxwiesel des unganschen Sattelbockes). 
The plate of hind and fore-fork of hussar 
saddle-tree. Demi-cercle m. d'ar9on, pour 
oavalerie l^gere. 

Eisendraht, m. Iron-wire, Fil m. defer. 

Eisenerz, n. od. Eisenstein. Iron-ore, iron- 
stone; nUne. Mitiirai m. defer; mine f. 

Eisenfeilspane, m. pL Filings, file-dust, 
iron-filings, lAmatures ou UmcaUes f. pL 
defer; fer. 

m. pi. (artif.) Iron-sand, (or steel- 
dust), used for gerbes, brilliant-fire, etc. 
Limailles defer pour artifices. 

Eisenfrischschlacke, f. (sid.) (Frisch- 
schlacke, Eisenschlacke). Refinery - 
cinder ; (flue-dnder ; puddlmg-fumaoe tap 
cinder ; flue (umace cinder). Seorie f. de 

Eisengehalt, m. (aid.) (der Erze). Thej9«r- 
centage or proportion qfiron in ores; the 
quantity of pure metal which the ore con- 
tains. Richesse dos min^rais de fer. 

Eisengewicht, n. (art.) The weight so termed 
in opposition to " Steingewicht ;" the 
weight namely, which in guns, being equal 


Eisengiesserci — Eisenoxyduloxyd. 

to that of the shot which they project, 
servos to fix and determine the denomi- 
nation of their lespectiye calibres. Indi- 
cation da calibre des canons par le poids 
de leur boulet en fer ^^). voy. Kanonen- 
rohr^ Stcingewicht. 

Eisengiesserei, f. Iron-foundry, Fonderie 
f. ; nsino oil Ton refond le fer era ; fonderie 

Eisenslanz, m. Tmin^.) (Eiscnglimmer, 
Rotheisenstein). Iron-glance, gpecular- 
iron ore ; red iron-ore, Fer oligisie ; fer 
oxidi rouge, 

Eisenhammer, m. Manofiictory in which 
iron is made malleable, a forge, iron-mill^ 
whingling-nUll, Forge f.; osine ou Ton 
prepare le fer. 

m. (in den Hiitten). A etamping-ham- 

mer, stamper, • heavy forge^hammer ; a 
helve, Marteau m. de groue forget mar- 
tinet m. voy. Stirnhammer; Aufwerf- 
hammer; Schwanzhammer. 

Eisenhobelmascbiney f. voy. Hobelma- 

Eisenhohofen, m. voy. Hohofen. 

Eisenhiitte, f. Iron^work, emelting-ufori ; 
forge, forge or iron-eetabliihment. Forge 
f.; unne a traitor le fer. 

EisenhUttenbesitzer, m. An iron-'Wuuter, 
Maitre m. de forge, 

Eisenhiittenkunde, f. The art of smelting 
iron ores; the art of working and preparing 
the metal for' the parposes of ose. M^al- 
lurgie dufer; eid^rurgie f. ; art m. dee 

Eisenkasten, m. (oines Schachtofens). Hearth 
or crucible of a smdting-famace in which 
the cast-iron oollects. Creutet m. 

Hie pith or iron-like etructure which the 
centre of a bar of blistered-steel exhibits, 
if the carbonizing process (daring the ce- 
mentation) has not been complete. Nogau 
ferreux on k I'^tat de fer an centre des 
banres d'acier, aaquel le carbone n'a pas 
p^etr^ dans Is cementation. 

Ssenkies, m. (min^.) Iron-pyritee, Pyrite 

Eisenkonig, m. (chim.) Metallic batton, 
(button oi cast-iron), formed at the bottom 
of the cradble in assaying iron-ores by 
ftision. Culot de fer; r4gule m. de fer; 
mdtal qoi se troave an fond da crenset 

Eisenlack, m. (art.) (zam Anstveichen der 
Eisentheile). Lacquer or varnish to pre- 
vent the rosting of iron ; iron-work black; 
varnish for blacking the iron-work of car- 
riages, etc. Peinture ou vemis pour pre- 
server les ferrures de Is rouille, etc. 

Eisenmunition, f. voy. Munition. 

Eisenoxyd, n. Peroxide of iron. Peroxide 
m. de fer. 

(arseniksaures). Deuioareeniaie of 

iron. Deutoara^niate de fer. 

— (blausaures). HydrocyamUe qf per- 

oxide of iron. Per - hydroeyanate de 

Eisenoxyd, (citronsaiires). CiA^e of iron. 

Citrate de fer. 
(eisenblausaures). Ferrocyanate of 

peroxide of iron. Ferrocyanate de per- 
oxide de fer. 
(essiesaurcs). Peraeetate of iron, Per- 

ae/tate de fer. 
(fliissaaiires). Hydrofluate of peroxide 

of iron. Per-hydroftuate de fer. 
(kieselsaures). Pereilieaie of iron. 

Pereilicate de fer. 
(kohlcnsaurcs). Perearbonate of iron. 

Percarbonate de fer. 
(phosphi^nuuires). Phoephate qf per- 
oxide of iron. Perphosphate de fer. 
(rothes). Red oxide of iron. Oxide de 

fer rouge, 
(sa^etersaiires). Nitrate qf peroxide 

of iron. Pemitrate de fer. 
(salzaaiures). P«wiiirta/tfofiron. Per- 

muriate, hydrochlorate de fer. 
(schwarzes). Black oxide of iron. 

Protoxide de fer. 
(weinsteinsaures). Per/ar/ra<e of iron. 

Pertartrate de fer. 
Eiaenoxydhydrat, n. Hydratic oxide of 

iron. Fer oxidi hydrati. 
Eisenoxydul, n. (min^r.) Pro/o«td^ofiron. 

Protoxide m. de fer. 
(arseniksaures). Protoareeniate of 

iron. ProtoarsAuale m. do fer. 
(blausaures). Hydroeyanate qfprotox: 

of iron. Proto-hydrocyanate de fer. 
(essigsaures). Protoacetate of iron. 

Proto-acilaie de fer. 
(fluassaures). Hydrojhtate of iron. 

Proto-hydrofluate de fer. 
(gallapfelsaures). Protogallate of iron, 

Proto-gallate de fer. 
(gerbsaures). Prototanmate of iron. 

Proto-tannate de fer. 
rkohlensaures). (Spatheiscnstein, 

Stanlstein, Weisserz.) Sparry iron-ore. 

Fer carbonate, mine defer bkmche, mitie 

(phosphorsaures). Phoaphaie of ufon. 

Proto-phoephate de fer. 
(salpetersaures). Nitrate of iron. 

Proto-mtrate de fer. 
(salzsaures). Protommiate of iron. 

Protomuriate, proto - hydrochlorate de 

(sauerkleesaures). Protooxalaie of 

iron. Proto-oxalate de fer. 
(8chwefelsaure8)(Ei8enyitriol). Proto- 

eulphate of iron. Protosulphate de fer. 
(weinsteinsaures). Proto-tartrate of 

iron. Proto-tartrate de fer. 
(wolframsaurea). T^tngeienateofiion, 

Tungstenate de fer. 
Eisenoxyduloxyd, n. (Magneteisenstein). 

Magnetic iron-etone, magnetic iron-ore, 

Fer oxiduU; aimant, 
(blauHUires). FerrocyaMoietifperoxida 

EiaenichMim — EniUadeflchiiM. 


of iron; (^Priutiim-blue). Ferroeyanate de 
pfroxide de ter ; (bleu de Prusee). 

Eiflenachaum, m. (»d,) Toy. Gaarachamn. 

EiseiuchlBcke, f. (sid.) voj. EiseiifinBch- 

Eiaenstab, m. od. 

Eiaenstange, f. Iron-ban rod qf iron. 
Barre t defer, 

Eisenatiirke, f. (moaL) od. das Hemd. The 
thicine$$t in loam-moulding, (being the 
exact model of the object to be cast). 
Ckemiee f. d'vn moole en aigile. Toy. 

f. fart.) Toy. Metallstarke. 

f. (m. d'a.) (eines Gewehrlanfes). The 

embetanee of a barrel, or thidoiess of iron 
at the sides. J^poutetir t des parois d'nn 
canon de fusU. 

Eisenstarkememer, m. (art) (der HohDm. 
geln^. Cattipere for taking the thidcness 
at the side; wide'Callipere ; Memal and 
external eallipere. Compae m. eowrbe 
serrsnt k mesnrer T^paissear des porou 
des projectiles creox ; compaa ffipaiamwr. 

fisenstein, m. Iron^one. liine t defer, 

(kalkhaftiger). Caleareoua iron-etone, 

Min^ai m. defer ealcaire, 

(magnetischer) Magneteisenstein. 

Magnetic iron-etonef magnetic tron-ore, 
Fer magn/tique ; — oxiduU. 

— ^ (Roth-). Red iron-ore, Fer oxidi 

(Bnnrn-). Broum iron-ore. Fer oxid4 


(Rasen-) (Smnpf-, Morast-^Wiesenerz). 

Bog iron-ore f twomp-ore. Fer oxid^brun 
limoneux ; fer hydrate limoneux; mine de 

' (Blan-). Blue iron-ore. Fer pkoe- 

Eisentasche, f. (cav.) Horee-ehoe eaee. 

Porte-fer m. 
Eisenverlast, m. (sid.) (bei der Frischarbeit). 

The lo98 qfiron or loss of metaL Docket 

m. ; perte f. de m^tal. 
Eisenwerk, n. Iron-work, emelting^work, or 

iron-eetabliehment. Forge f.; usine f., 

^ablieeement m. oii I'on prepare le fer. 
Eisemer Piston, (m. d'a.) voy. Piston. 
Eisgriffe, m. pL (m. f.) Calkhu of horse- 
shoes. Crampons m. pi. de fers k 

Eiskluftiff. Frost-cleft, {pi trees); blasted 

by the m>st. (ril\f. 
Eisnagel, m. (m. f.) Frost-nail, for roughing 

horses in frosty weather. Clou m. ^ glace, 

voy. Beschlagen. 
EisschoUen, f. pi. Dr\fting-ice or drift-ice, 

Glafons flottants. 
Eiter, m. (v^t.) Pus: matter, corruption. 

Pus m. 
£llbogen,.m. (min.) od. das Knie (der Leit- 

rinne einer Mine). The elbow or torn of 

the hose-trough. Coude m. de I'anget. 
Elektricitiit, f. ElectricUy, ^ectricit^f. 
— — (gahranischc). Voltaic or galvanic - 

electricity . ^leeirieii/ gahanique, gal- 
vanisme m. 

Elektricitat, (magnetische). Electro-mag- 
netism. £lectrieit^ magn^tigue, ilectro- 
magnitisme m. 

Elektricitatsleiter, m. A conductor or 
non-eleetric ; (body, through which the 
electric fluid passes freely). Conducteur 
m. dUleetrieii/ on du fluide ^ectrique. 

Elektricitatsinesser, m. An electrometer; 
an instrument for asoertsining the presence 
and intensity of electric excitation. jSlectro- 

Elektrische Saule, f. voy. Saule. 

Eiektriacher Apparat, m. Electrical-ma- 
chine. Appareil m. ilecirique. 

Elektrischer Funken, m. Toy. Fimken. 

Elektrischer Telegraph, m. Toy. Telegraph. 

Elektrochemie, f. Electro - ckymistry^ 
£lectro-chimie f. 

Elektromagnetisch, adj. Electro-magnetic, 

Elektromagnetismus, m. Electro -mag- 
netism, ^leetro-magn^isme m. 

Elementartaktik, f. Toy. Taktik. 

Elevation, f. (art.) (bei Geschiitzen.) The 
elevation, (degree of eleration), given in 
laying guns, etc £l4vaHon f. 

Elevationaschuss, m. (art.) Toy. Erhohter 
Schuss; Schuss. 

der grosste (eines Gresdiutzes). Firing 

at the greatest eleration of which a car- 
riage mil admit THr m. a toute voUe, 
Toy. Schusa. 

Elevationswinkel, m. (art.) Angle of ele- 
vation. Angle m. d*ilAation. 

Eleviren, t. (art.) (das Geschiitzrohr). To 
elevate or give the elevation, in. laying 
ordnance. Hausser ou ilever I'axe d'une 
piece, lui donner Vilivation oouTenable. 

Elstemnest, n. od. (Logement auf der 
oberen Kante der Bresche). The lodge- 
ment made upon the summit of the breach 
when carrying on the attack by the sap. 
Nid m. de pie; oouronnement du sommet 
de la br^che. 

Enceinte, f. (fort.) (Umfassung od. Ein« 
schliessung). The enceinte, body qf the 
place, or nunn^enclosure of a fortress; 
(the continued wall or rampart, which en- 
closes a regular fortress all round). En- 
ceinte f. ou corps m. de place. 

Ende, n. (tact.) od. die Queue (einer Co- 
lonne). The rear of a column. Queue 
d'une colonne. 

n. od. Eingang, m. (der Laufgraben). 

The tail or rear of the trenches. Queue 
i, de la tranche 

Endgeschwindigkeit, f. (der Geschosse). 
llie terminal velocity of projectiles. Vi- 
tesse f, finale des projectiles. 

Endkappe, f. (v. d'a.) (des Ortscheites). 
Swingle -tree socket, {end swingle -tree 
socket). Lamette f. de bout de palonnier. 

Enfilade, f. Enfilade. Enfilade f. 

Enfiladeschuss, m. (art.) (Streich- od. En- 
id 2 


Enfilirbatterie — Enveloppe. 

filirschuss). Eufiladinf-fire or et^Uade- 
fire. Tir m. d^ enfilade. 

Enfilirbatterie, f. voy. Batterie. 

£nfiliren, v. voy. Bestreichen. 

Enfilirschuss, m. ¥oy. Enfiladeschuss. 

Engagement, n. (tact.) (allgemeines). A 
general engagement. Engagement gmA'aL 

Engagiren, v. (tact.) (ein Gefecht). To 
commence or open tbe attack ; to bring-on 
an actiou or engagement. Bngagerj en- 
tamer un combat. 

Engbriistigkeit, f. fv^t.) Toy. Dampfigkcit. 

Englisiren, v. (vet) voy. Anglisiren. 

Engpass, m. (enger Pass) Denl^. Defile; 
(any narrow passage or way, in mardiing 
through which, troops can present only a 
snail front). D^fiUm, voy. Ausgang; 

Entblossen, v. (eine Landcsstrecke, etc. von 
Truppen). To ejcpose, leave unprotected, 
or lay-open, any country, frontier, etc. by 
draining it of its troops. D^couvrir un 
pays, etc. 

V. (eine Festung von Mannschaft, 

Kriegsbediirfoissen, etc.) To trt/A Jroic; the 
ganison and the greater part of the stores 
from a place ; to leave it without the ne- 
cetearg metme of drfence. D^gamir, oter 
d'une place sa gamison, son materiel, etc. ; 
d^couvrir une forteresse. 

Entebrende Strafe, f. voy. Strafe. 

Entfemung, f. die gehorige der Minen (in 
Bezug auf ihre Wirkungsqphare). Tne 
distance at which mines, intended to act 
successively or simultaneously, should have 
their chambers from one another, with re- 
ference to their several spheres of action. 
Portie f., ou distance des mines entre elles 
rdativement k leor sphere d'action. 

(eine — messen, ▼.) To measure (or 

take-up) any distance. Memrer une dis- 

(eine — scbatzen, ▼.) To judge or cal- 
culate a distance. Estimer,jugerf Valuer 
une distance quelconq. 

f. (aus dem Offiderstande). voy. Ver- 


Entbemmcn, ▼. (art.) (die Rader). To un- 
9C0tch the wheels. D^caler les roues. 

Entkohlen, ▼. (sid.) (das Roheisen^. To de- 
carburate iron ; (to prepare it for oeooming 
malleable). lUcarburer la fbnte. 

Entkoblung, f. (sid.) (des Roheisens). The 
decarburation of cast-iron. D^carburation 
f. de la fonte. 

Entladen, ▼. (art.) To unload. D^charger. 

Entlassen, ▼. die Mannschaft (nach beende- 
temDienste). To difmtM a drill or parade. 
Rompre les rangs. 

V. (Truppen). To reduce or ditband 

troops ; to discharge from the service. 
Licencier; cong4dier, 

V. (Jemanden seines Arrestes). To re- 
lease any one from arrest or confinement. 
Lever les arrets, /aire cesser les arrets 
do qn. 

Entlassung, f. (der Truppen). The reduc- 
tion or disbandment of troops after a war ; 
discharge from the service; also, resig- 
nation : retirement. Licenciement m. ; 
renvoi d^nitifdea troupes ; cong^ absolu; 
demission f . 

Entlassungsscbein, m. Certificate of dis- 
charge. Cong4; cong4 imprim^, cartouche 
imprimfe, cartouche de cong4; d^daration 
qui constate le cong^. 

Entnageln, t. (art^ (ein Geschittz). To ten- 
spike a gun. iMsencloutr une piece. 

Entsatz, m. (einer belagerten Festung). The 
relirfoi a besieged fortress. Secours m> 
d'une place assi^^^. 

m. (Truppen, die eine Festung entsetsen 

sollen). voy. Entsatzcorps; Entsatz- 

Entaatzcorps, n. Relieving-force, army of 
succour. Corps m* de secours ; arm^ de 
secours i troupes destin^ k en secourir 

Entsatztruppen, f. pi. Succours of men, 
or force sent to relieve a place. Secours 
m. ; (troupes destin^ h. delivrer une place 
assi^dc, a en secourir d'antzes). 

Entschadigungj f. Indemnificatum; indem- 
nity i compensation. Indemnity f. 

Entsenden, v. To detach (any party or body 
of men). D/tacher. 

Entsetzen, ▼. (eine Festung). To relieve a 
place; to raise the siege of a place by 
forcing the enemy from before it. Delivrer 
une place assi^g^, enfaire lever le siege, 
le blocus. 

Entwafiiien, ▼. (Gefangene). To disarm 
prisoners. Disarmer des prisonniers. 

V. (eine Festung). To take-away the 

armament of a place, or withdraw the 
guns. D^sarmer une place, en rethrer 

Entwassem, v. (den Graben). To drain the 
(titeh ; dr€tw or let-of the water of the 
ditch. JP'atre^c(m/erreaudufoas^;a«t^ner 
le foss^. 

Entw'assenmg, f. der Strassen (beim Wege^ 
bau). The droina^tf of roads. Manicredont 
on op^re Tcooulement des eaux le long des 

Entwickeln (sich), v. (tact) voy. De- 

Entwickelung, f. (tact.) (aus der Colonne). 
D^/oymen/ from column. D^loiementm. 

Entwnrf, m. (der allgemeine) fur den An- 
griff. The plan of attack fixed upon at a 
siege, or prefect of attack. Plan m. gM- 
ral des attaques. 

m. voy. Projection. 

Entziindung, f. (des Pulvers). The ignition 
of powder. Inflammation f. ^de la poudre^. 

Entziindungsmoment, m. (des Pulvers). 
The moment of ignition. Moment oil 
Tinflammation commence. 

Enveloppe, f. (fort.) od. Mantel, m. A 
continued-counterguard, carried round in 
front of a fortified endosure ; an envelope 

EnTeloppengallerie — Erdwinde. 


Enveloppe t ; 
eomtrt^arde etmtinve, 

EmreloppeiigBllerie, f. (min.) voj. Um- 

Epanlement, n. (fort) yoj, Schulterwehr. 

ElMuiktt. n. Epaulet od. Epaulette, f. & 
n. (Aduelstiick, Schultentiick). The 
tMomidff'Mirtqf or scale. Roulette tila 
jprtutietme: eonire " ^tauUtte t (dauB 
d'antret pays). 

— - n. (Generals-) od. mit Candillen. Oe- 
nenU-oJfeer^g qtauMte, fyauUiU f. de 
f4nirul \ groflses torsades, k gros bomlions. 

n. Bpauleite (of officers); gkouider- 

»trt^, and woniea-epaulette of priyates, 
etc. fyauMtef. 

n. rtnit Quasten). Epaulette; field- 

offieerr epaulette (in those sendees m 
which company -officers wear shoulder- 
stn^M onM. £paulette h /range ,- — d 
tonades ; ^umlette d'ojleier eup^rieur. 

n. (Schuppen-). Scale ; brase tcale- 

ekoulder'-etrap (worn in the Bavarian ser- 
vice). JSpaulette h ^caillet en cmvre jaone, 
etc. ; ^laulette h la bavaroiee. 

Epauletthalter, m. The lace-binder of the 
epaulette. Paeeant m. d'^aulette; bride f. 
Jt^pitulette d'offider. voy. Achseltresse; 

Epaulettstrippen, f. pi. voy. Paasanten; 
Epauletthalter, Achseltresse, Schulter- 

Equipeur, m. (m. d'a.) Stripper KoAfimther 
m a small-arm manufactory. (In some es- 
tablishments this workman corresponds to 
iheeerewer-together.) £quipeur; /quipeur- 

Equipinmg, f. (der Truppen). The equip- 
ment of droops. £quipement m. 

Equitationsscnule, f. (der Oestrcicher). 
Riding-ewtabliehment (in Austria), for main- 
taining a system of imiformity in training 
both men and horses in the cavalry ser- 
vice. £cole d*4quitation (en Autriche^, 
ayant pour but de perfectionner Tart ae 
Tequitation, et de former de bons instruc- 
teurs. voy. Lehrescadron. 

—• — f. School of military eouitation; riding- 
eetablishment, £cole d'equitation. 

firbauen, v. (eine Batterie) od. errichten. 
voy. Anlegen. 

— V. (eine Schanxe). To throw -up a 
work. Conetruire un ouvrage de cam- 

Erdabdacbung, f. od. Erdboschung (die 
natiirliche). The natural elope of loose 
earth. Talus naturel. 

Erdanschiittung, f. Mass or quantity of 
earth obtained by excavation, and applied 
to the construction of ramparts and para- 
pets in fortification, as well as to the for- 
mation of embankments in engineering 
generally; the remblai. Les tcrres qui 
servent k exhausser certaines parties du 
terrain ; remblai m. 

Erdarbeit, f. voy. Erdbau. 

Erdart, f. (Bodenart). Sort qfeoil; nature 
of ground. Nature f., eapece de terre. 

Erdbau, m. The executing qf earth-work ; 
the amount of earth-work so executed, as 
the remblai and deblai. Terraseement m. ; 
se dit aussi des d^blais et des remblais pro- 
venants d'un terrassement quelconque. 

m. Subterraneous construction or build- 
ing of any sort under-ground. Souter- 
rain m. 

Erdbogen, m. Arch employed in the found- 
ations of buildings; (a drg-arch for the 
purpose of excluding water, etc. ; some- 
times also, a retaining-arch). VoUte en 
d^charge des fondations. 

Erdbohren, n. Boring^ sounding, or examin- 
ing soil by means of boring tools. Son- 
dage m. du terrain ; sonder le terrain. 

Erdbohrer, m. (min.) A ground-auger^ 
earth-borer^ miner^e auger or miner^e 
borer. Tripan m. du mineur. voy. 
Stange; Mittelstiicke ; Kopfstuck. 

Erdboschung, f. voy. Enlaboachung. 

Erddruck, m. od. Druck (der hinter Futter- 
mauem liegenden Erde, etc.). TYie pressure 
qf earth against revetment-walls, or pres- 
sure on the back of revetment-walls, etc. 
E^ort m., pouss^e f. des terres centre dea 
murs de rcvctements, etc. 

Erde, f. (gestampfte) zum Bauen (Pise). 
Rammed-earth ; tapia. Pis/m. 

Erdformerei, f. voy. Lehmformerei. 

Erdgarbe, f. (min.) The solid of earth 
raised by the explosion of a mine. Gerbe 
f. de terre ; solide enleve par le jeu d*un 
foumeau de mine. 

Erdhauc, f. (od. Radchaue). Mattock; hoe. 
Hoyau m. 

f. (min.) (od. Hammerhaue). A sort 

of poll-pick. Bee m. de canne a tSte. voy. 

Erdkarren, m. (Erdschubkarren). Com- 
mon wheelbarrow for removing earth. 
Brouette f. ordinaire, employee pour le 
transport des deblais, etc 

Erdkorb, m. (min.) Miner's basket for re- 
moving earth out of galleries. Panier m. 

Erdmauer, f. Mud or tapia-walL Mur m. 
de pis^ou enpis4. voy. Erde. 

Erdmorser, m. (Steinmine). A rock-mortar, 
or kind of fongass formeid at an angle of 
45** with the horizon, for thro¥ring out a 
shower of stones ; called also a stone- 
fougasse. Fougasse-pierrier f. voy. Stein- 

Erdraumer, m. od. Bodenscharre. A 
scraper used by sappers. Drogue f. 

m. od. Erdschaber. voy. Erdscharre. 

flrdscharre, f. (min.^ Crooked-shorel used 
by miners; miners drag or bent-shovel. 

Erdsack, m. od. Sandsack. A sand-bag. 
Sac m. a terre. 

Erdsucher, m. Auger for boring soil; 
earth-borer. Sonde f. a tariere. 

Erdwinde, f. (Winde mit verticaler Welle). 


Erdwinde — Erobeni. 

Field-eapHant cnib-eaptttm, Vindax ou 
frindas m. ; (cabestan m. vertical). 

Erdwinde, f. ^min.) (zum Heraufbringon der 
Erde aus uem 8chachte). Windlass to 
draw the excavated earth out of the shaft, 
in constmoting mines. Dreuil m. pour les 
pnits de mines. 

Eniwurf, voy. Erdmorser. 

Erdzimmerung, f. (h. f.) (fur Hohofien). 
Rammed-earth or tapia (pis^), applied 
sometimes to the outer-stack or wall of 
Uast-fumaoes, (as in Sweden). Pis^ m.; 
ma^onnerie en terre m^langee qui rem- 
place le mur exterienr des hauts-foumeaux 
(en Suede). 

Eraischungsquartier, n. Quarters <if re- 
Jreshmentf or quarters in which troops are 
placed to recover themselves. Quartier m. 
de rqfratchissement. 

Enmiizen,v.Regimenter,(voll2iUdig madien). 
To complete regiments to their establish- 
ment. Completer Tefiectif des regiments. 

V. (die Armee, die Truppen wieder-). 

To recruit the army or bring it up to a 
prescribed number of effectives. Recruter 
i'armee ou les troupes. 

Erganzung, f. (eines Regiments). The com- 
pktinff or recruiting a regiment to its esta- 
blishtnent. CompUtement, recrutement m. 
au complet d'un r^ment. 

Erganzungsart, f. (der Truppen). The re- 
eruiting -system of an army ; mode or man- 
lier qf recruiting. Mode m. de recrute- 

Eri^inzirngsgeschiitz, n. (art.) Reserve-gun 
of the park ; piece of reserve -artillery. 
Piice f. de reserve, 

n. (art) Artillery of the park or re- 
serve-artillery. Artillerie f. de reserve. 

Er^nzungsquellen, f. pi. (ciner im Felde 
stehenden Armcc). The sources of supply 
to an army operating in the field. Res- 
sources f. pi. 

Ergeben, v. (sidi). To surrender; to lay- 
doum one's arms, Se rendre .- mettre bas 
les armes. 

V. (sich als Kriegsgefigmgen — ). To sur- 
render or give one^s setfup as prisoner qf 
war. Se rendre prisonnier de guerre. 

' V. (sich auf Gnade und Ungnade — ). — 

mi discretion. — a discretion. 

V. (sich auf Accord — ). To surrender 

on terms; (to capitulate). — par capittUa- 

Erhalten, v. (vollzablig — ). To keep com- 
plete or keep up to the Jull establishment. 
Tenir au complet. 

Erhaltung, f. (der Briickcn). The preserva- 
tion of bridges. Conservation f. des ponts. 

Erhohtc Battcric, voy. Batt«rie. 

Erhohter Schuss, (eluvirter Schuss). Any 
fire of artillery in which the gun has ele- 
vation, (as a general term). When the 
pradiiv is particularized, there arc two 
kmdM of " Krluilite Sehiisse," via. the " Vi- 
airschuss " (or ** line of metal devalion "), 

with guns which have no dispart or piece 
of metal cast on the muzzle so called, and 
the '* Aufsatzschuss " (or '* elevation above 
the line of metal''), or that for which actual 
use is made of the tangent-scale. Denomi- 
nation g^n^rale pour tout coup fir^ avec 
hausse ; (tir ilefk ou ST novation). (Le tir 
de but en blanc naturel [Visirschuss], jwur 
les canons dont le diametre du bounelet 
est moindre que oelui de la plate-bande de 
culasse, appaitient aussi, en Allemagne, & 
la oat^orie des coups Aleves.) 

Erhohung, f. (art.) des Kopfes (an einem 
Gescfaiitzrohre). The swell of the muzzle 
of a gun. Renfiement m. du bourlet 

f. (art) od. Elevation. Elevation; 

(degree qf elevation). ^Mmtumf.; {dSgr^ 

Erhohungen, f. pi. (top.) (auf der Erdober- 
flfiche). The elevations on the earth's sur- 
&oe, (mountains and hills). £l/vations, 
^minenees, qui se trouvent sur la surfiM» 
de la terre. 

Erhohungsgrad, m. (art) The degree of 
elevation given to a gun. D^gr^ m. d'elt' 
vation donnc k nne piece. 

Erhohungswinkcl^ m. (art) (Elevations- 
winkel). Angle of elevation in gimnery. 
Angle m. d'ilfvation, voy. Winkcl. 

m. (natiirlicher). voy. Visirwinkel. 

Erholungsquartier, n. voy. Erfirischungs- 

Erkennunsszeichen, n. voy. Zeichen. 

Erlaubnisskarte, f. A pass, or certificate 
of leave given to the soldier for the day or 
for a short period. Billet dit permission; 
(permission f. pour la joumee ; permission 
pour quitter la gamison). 

Erlcgen, v.denAch3schenkel, (stiirker machcn) 
(ba zu gross gewordcner Spiolung). To 
line the arm; to steel or n^sh-atoel the 
axle-tree arm, in order to remove the play. 
Recharger un essieu. 

Erlenholz, n. Alder, alder-wood. Bois ni. 

Ermel, m. (art) voy. Aermel ; Lftd^umel. 

Ermelweste, f. voy. Spenser, Jacke. 

Emstfeuer, n. pi. Mtlitary-Jlreworkst as 
those used at sieges and in iSie field ; com- 
bustibles or laboratory -preparations for 
destructive purposes, in distinction to 
** Lustfeuer '' or artificial fireworks for dis- 
play, etc Artifices m. pL de guerre. 

Erobem, v. (eine Festung mit Sturm — ). To 
take or carry a place by storm, or take it 
by assault. Bmporter, prendre d'assaut. 

V. (einen Posten). To carry or force a 

post, or take it by open force. Rmporier 
un poste, le forcer. 

V. (Fahnen, etc.). To take or capture 

colours, standards, etc. Prendre des dra- 
peaux, etc li Tcnncmi. 

V. (ein Land). To conquer, or ejfect 

the conquest of a cowitry. Conquerir, 
faire la conque'te, se rendre maftre, s*em- 
parer d'un pays. 

Erobenmg — Erzgaiig. 


Erobenmg, f. (einer Feshing). The iakmff 
or ctqfture of a fortress. Priae f. d'une 

f. (dea gedeckten Wegee). The m^)- 

tnre of the ooyered-way. Prige f. da che- 
min couvert. 

Erofihen, ▼. (das Feuer) (von Batterien, etc). 
To open ; or o^m their ^r«, (as batteries, 
when armed). Oworir lewrfen^ (se dit des 
batteries de si^, etc.). 

T. (die Lwifgraben). To op«i the 

trenches, or breaJk- ground, Oumrir U 

(Die Festong hat sich bei erofineten 
JLau^riiben N N Tage lang gehalten. 
— held oat so many days open- 
trenchet. La forteresse soatint N N 
jours de trancMe ouverie. 
V. (den Feldzag). To open the cam- 
paign. Otwrir la campagne. 
Erofi^ung, f. (der Laofgraben). The open- 
ing of the trenches ; {breaking-ground). 
Ouverture f . de la tranche. 

t (eines Feldzoges). The opening or 

commencement of a campaign. Ouneriwre 
f. d'ane campagne. 
Errichten, v. (eine Batterie). Toy. Anlegen. 

V. (Profile), vov. Profile. 

▼. (ein Regiment). To raiee a regiment. 

Cr4er, former t organieer on r^piment. 

- V. (ein liogement). To eetablieh a 
lodgement, ^ablir on logement sor le 
bastion, etc. ; couronner an ouvrage, etc. 

Ersatz, m. (der ausser Gefecht gesetzten 
Pferde^. The replacing of killed or dis- 
abled horses. Remplaeement m. des che- 
vaux bless^ on ta^ 

Ersatzgeschiitz, n« yoy. Reserrege- 

Ersatzmann, m. voy. Einsteher^ Stell- 

Ersatzmannschaft, f. (zu den verschiedenen 
Begimentem). The levies for the general 
recruiting of the anny. Len4e»y comcrip' 
Hone pour les diff^rentes armes. 

Ersatzpiston, m. (m. d'a.) (Reservepis- 
ton). A tpare-nipple or resenre-nipple. 
Chemin^ f. de rechange. 

Ersatzwesen, n. voy. Becrutirungs- 

Ersatz- od. Pferdezahne, m. pi. (v^t) voy. 

Erscbiessen lasaen, v. (einen Soldaten). To 
ehoot a soldier, (in executing a sentence of 
death). Paner un militaire par lea armea, 

Erschiittenmgslinie, f. (min.) Badiua qf 
rupture; the distance at which a loaded 
mine can blow in and destroy any neigh- 
bouring gallery. Rayon m. de rupture: 
(distance oertaine on incertaine jusqu'k 
laqoelle un foumeau peat combler et d^- 
traire une galerie de mine, situce dans son 
voisinage). voy. Trennungsradius. 

Erstarren, n. (sid.) (des Roheisens). The 
fixing^ aetting, or congelation of melted 

iron. Solid^fteaiionf congelation f. de la 

V. (aid.) To aetf become set, congeal, 

fix, or solidify on cooling from a melting 
temperaturo. Sefiger: se solidijier. 

Erstarren, n. (das plotzliche) The sudden 
cooling or nqtid congelation of melted 
metal. Solidification subite de la fonte. 

n. (das langsame). The slow cooling 

or congelation of fused metal. Congila^ 
tion lente, 

Erste Batterien, f. pi. The/r«/ batteries in 
a siege, or those for reducing the fire of 
the place. Premieres batteries de si^e. 
voy. Batterie. 

Parallele, f. The/r»/ parallel executed 

during a siege. Premiere parallHe, voy. 
. ParaUele. 

Ersteigimg, f. (mit Sturmleitem). voy. 

Erstiirmen, v. (eine Festung). To take a 
place by storm, take or carry it by assault. 
Prendre, emporter d^assaut, 

Erstiirmung, f. The capture or taking of a 
place by assault. Prise f. d*assaut. 

Eitheiluug, f. (neuer Fahnen). Presentation 
of colours to a regiment. CMmonie de la 
distribution de nouveaux drapcaux. 

Er\('eichen, v. (den ^^). voy. Weich- 
machen. ▼ 

Erweiterung, f. (moul.) des Gusslochs (beim 
Formen). The belUmouth into whidi the 
gate-holes in sand moulding are formed at 
tiie top. basement m. du jet k sa partae 
sup^rieure, afin que la fonte s'y maintienne 
plus long-temps a Tetat liquide. 

f. (art.) (des Ziindloches). Enlarge' 

ment of the vent, caused by incessant firing. 
J^asement m. de la lumiero. 

f. (art.) (der Miindung der Geschiitze). 

voy. Ausweitung. 
Erweitenmgsbohrer, m. pi. (for.) (beim 

Geschutzbohren). Widening -bits used in 

boring guns. Forets m. pL employ^ 

successivement pour ^largir T&me d'une 

bouche a feu. 
Erz, n. (m^t) Ore; mine. Minet; min^ 

rai m. 
(gerostetes). Roasted, torrefied, or co/* 

cined ore. Min^rai grille. 

(das gerostete) od. Stauberz (sid.). 

Small ore or powder, roasted and tonefied 
for smelting. Greillade f. 

(Eisen-). Iron-atone, iron-ore, Min^- 

rai m. defer. 

(reiches). Rich ore. — riche, 

(diures). Lean ore. — sec. 

Erze, pi. (die mechanische Aufbereitung 
der — ). The dressing of eras. Pr^ara- 
tion m^canique des minimis. 

Erzeugen, v. (sid.) (von Hohofen) (produ- 
ciren). To yield, produce, or furnish 
(such and such a quality of iron, as blast- 
furnaces). Donner, produire telle ou telle 
espece de fonte,rse cUt des hauts-foumeaux). 

Erzgang^ m. (expl.) Lode, mineral-vein^ or 

Erzgicht — Etape. 

fissure ; vein or deposit of ore. PiloH m. 
metallique ; veine f. miiallique, 

Erz^cht^ f. (sid.) Charge of ore or roasted 
mme ; burthen (burden) or proportion qf 
ore. Charge f. de min^ai ; quantity qu'on 
introduit a la fois dans le haut-foumeau. 

Erzkimde, f. ( Hiittenkunde^ Erzscheidekunst. 
Metallurgy, or the art or extracting metals 
from their ores. M/tallurgie f. 

f. (od. die Wissenschaft von den Mine- 

ralien.) Mineralogy. Min^alogie f. 

Erzlage, f. (min^.) od. der Floz. The pipe- 
vein. Amos m. de min^aia, 

f. (mineral.) Stratum of ore. Couche 

f. de minerals. 

Erzsatc, m. (sid.) The dose of ore given to 
the furnace. Dose f. de mindrai. 

Erzstaub, m. (sid.) The fine siflings of 
roasted ore. Greiilade f. ; poussiere de 
mineral grille. 
,£rziimsche, f. Washing-apparatus for ore. 
Patouillet m. ; lavoir m. 

f. od. rdas Wasehen der Erse). The 

washing of ores. Lavage m. des minA'ais. 

Escadron, f. (Schwadron). Squadron of 
cavalry. Eseadron m, 

Escadronschef, m. (Schwadronsfuhrer). 
Squadron-leader. Capitaine-commandant 
Vescadron. .^ 

Escadronsintervali!, f. (tact.) Squadron- 
interval. Intervalle m. des escadrons, ou 
I'espace present que les escadrons d'un 
regiment en bataille doivent oonserver entre 

EscadronslUcke, f. (tact.) voy. Escadrons- 

Esoiladc, f. voy. Leiterersteigung. 

Escarpe, f. (fort.) The escarp, or side of 
thQ ditch next to the place. Escarpe f. 

E8earpengalierie,f.(rain.) voy.Minengang. 

Escarpenmauer, f. (fort.) The escarp-re- 
vetment. Revftement d*escarpe. voy. Fut- 

Eschel, m. pL Aeschel od. Aschenlocher. 
Black spots occurring in iron. Cendrures 
f. pL 

Eschenholz, n. Ash. Bois m. de frinei 
/r^e m. 

Escorte, f. (eines Transportes). voy. Be- 
deckung ; Kommando. 

Eselsriicken, m. (arch.) Roof shelving or 
sloping on both sides, or with a sharp ridge ; 
steep-pitched roof; (dos d'dne). Dos m. 
d'dne; toil m. en dos d'dne, — a deux ver- 
sants. voy. Sattcldach. 

(fort.) (zur Ablcitung der Feuchtigkeit 

von Casematten, etc.). The capping or 
mass of masonry with which the ba(^ of 
casemates is closed in, finished on the top 
with two slopes inclining downwards, like 
the roof of a house, and rendered water- 
tight with hydraulic mortar. Dos d'dne ; 
chape en dos d'dne. 

Esplanade, f. (fort.) (der Vorplatz). Es- 
planade, or open space laid out in front of 
the citadel ofa fortified place. Esplanade f. 

Esprit de corps, voy. Corpsgeist. 

Esse, f. (eines Flammenofens). Chimney of 
a reverberatory furnace. Cheminie f. d'un 
four a r^verbere. 

Essenklappe, f. (f. a. r.) Damper-plate or 
register for regulating the heat of a rever- 
bmting-fumace. Regisire m. dont Is 
cheminee d'un four a reverbere est pourvue 
k son extr^mit^, et qui sert pour activer ou 
pour interoepter le courant d'air. 

Essenschacht, m. (f. a. r.) Chimney or stack. 
Cheminee f. 

Essstangen, f. pi. (m. d'a.) od. Seitenbiigel 
(am ^belgefasse). Bars of the basket of 
a sword-hilt. Branches f. pL lai^rales de 

Estacadc, f. od. Wasserbarrikade (feste). 
Stoceade or oblique row of piles constructed 
above a bridge, to defend it firom floating 
bodies which the current may bring down. 
Estacade {.fixe, 

(scbwimmende). A boom, anchored 

across a river, for the protection of a bridge 
of boats, consisting of masts, chains, cablM, 
etc — fiottante. 

Elstricbj n. (auf einem Gewolberucken). 
Layer or bed of hydraulic mortar witii 
which the back of arches is finished off". 
Chappe f. ; couche de mortier hydranlique 
pour garantir les voiites contre Tfaumidit^. 

Etabliren, v. (sich). voy. Festsetzen. 

Etage, f. (fort.; arch.) (Stockwerk, n.). 
Tier; stage; story. £tagem. 

Etagenfeuer, n. voy. Stockwerkfeuer. 

Etagenkasematten, f. pL (fort^ Case- 
mates or bombproofii constructed with two 
or more stories, (according to Montalem- 
bert, etc.). Casemates f. pi. a (deux, trois, 
etc.) Stages de batteries; casemates a plu- 
sieurs Stages; casemates superpose a dtf- 
ftrents Stages. 

Eta^nmine, f. (min.) voy. Stockwerks- 
mine; Mine. 

Etamin, m. (art) (su Kartuschbeuteln). A 
woollen stuff so called used for cartridges, 
(known as taminy or tammy in England). 
famine f. pour sachets. 

Etape, f. (Marschvorrath; Vorrathsmagasin). 

Rations or provisions issued to soldiers on 

the line of march ; commissariat-store or 

magazine whence such issue is made. Ro' 

tions d'^tape, vivres d^itapes vwres en 

route ; lieu oh. on les d^vre ; ^ttqfe f. 

(Man hat mehrere Vorrathsmagazine od. 

Etapen auf der und der Marschroute 

angelegt. Different commissariat - 

magazines or depots of stores have 

been established on such and such a 

line of route. On a ^bli plusieura 

Stapes sur telle et telle route.) 

f. (Raststiitte, Ruheort). HaUing- 

place or place of quarters for troops on 
the march. £tigte f.; lieu de gtte; lieu 

f. (Vorrathsplatz, Verpflegungsort). 

Halting-station where commissariat-stores 

Etapenlinie — Extraordinaria. 


or magazines have been established. Mtape 
f. ; lieu m. ^^tape ; demeure de T^tapier. 

fitapenlinie, f. Staple or commiaeariat- 
line laid down for the march of troops. 
Ldffne f. d'^tqpe. 

EtapcBort, m. od. Etapenplatz. voy.Etape. 

Etapenstrasse, f. voy. Strasse. 

Etat, m. auf dem (stehen, ▼.). To be on 
the eatabUehimenij or to be borne on the 
strength as an ^ctive of the army ; (to be 
on full-pay), Etre en actnnt4; compter 
done Vtffeet\fi ftre port^ tmr V^iat deforce 
d'un r^ment on d un corps. 

(Dieser entlassene Offider ist wieder in 
den Etat getreten. This half-pay 
officer has been brought in again upon 
full-pay, or been recalled to active- 
service, Cet offider vient d'Stre rap- 
peU a Paciimi^ de service,) 

(uber den). Beyond the establishment, 

Exc/dant le complet ; au-dessus du com- 

Etatsmassig, adj. Established; regulated, 
fixed by regulation, RfgU, fix4; d^aprh 

Etatspreis, ra. PWce as fixed by regula- 
tion ; established-price. PrixregU; prix 
du tar\f; prix d'aprh le torif. 

Evolution, f. Evolution, Solution f. 

Evolutionsschritt, m. (tact.) In some ser- 
vices, taken as synonymous with the ** ge- 
wohnlicher " or " Ordinairschritt " of 108 
paces in the minute; (quickstep). Pas 
cadencd de cent huit par minute; (pas 

m. (tact.) Step or rate of march of 

120 paces in the minute, each of 2 feet 4 
inches (Prussian). Pas de la vitesse de 
cent vingt par minute, dont on se sert 
dans toutes les circonstances ^ui exigent 
une grande c^^t^. voy. Schntt. 

Examinirtrupp, m. The escort, or non- 
commissioned officer and file of men of 
a guard, who go out to meet the rounds 
and demand the countersign. C^poral 
avec deux hommes d'une garde queU 
ronque, pour reconnaStre les rondes et les 

m. (beim Vorpostendienste). The non- 
commissioned officer and men of a piquet 
who repair to the firont, on any person 
or body of men presenting themselves be- 
fore the outpost. Sous-offider et soldats 
d'une grand garde, envoy^ pour reoon- 
naitre les troupes et les personnes qui 
s'approcheraient de hi ligne des avant- 

Excentrische Linien, f. pi. (art d. 1. g.) 
voy. Linien ; Operationslinien. 

Excentrischer Riickzug, m. voy. Riickzug. 

Executivcommando, n. Executive word 
qf command, Commandement m,d' execu- 

Exerciranzug, m. voy. Anzug. 

Exerciren, v. a. (tiben). To drill or exercise 
troops. Exercer les troupes ; faire faire 
Vexercice aux troupes. 

V. n. To drill or practise manoeuvres. 

Faire Vexercice ; mameuvrer, 

Exercirgewehr, n. Firelock for recruit- 
drill, or upon which recruits are practised 
in the cleaning and management of their 
arms ; (any unserviceable arm used for this 
purpose). Vieuxfiisil conserve par les corps 
pour armer provisoirement les hommes de 
recrue, et avec lequel ils sont exerces au 
demontage et au nettoiement de Tarme. 

ExercirhauS; n. Large building (upon the 
prindple of a riding-house), for a whole 
battalion to drill in, especially during the 
winter months and in rainy weather. Salle 
f., hangar m. d*exereice pour Tinfanterie ; 
salle d*exercice d'Allemagne et de Russie. 

Exercirlager, n. voy. Lager. 

Exercirpatrone, f. Blank-cartridge. Car- 
touche f. sans balle ou d'exercice a feu, 

Exercirplatz, m. Drill-ground; exercising - 
ground, or ground for the exerdse of troops. 
Place f., terrain m. d*exercice; champ ni. 
de manceuvre. 

Exercirreglemeut, n. voy. Reglement. 

Exercirrock, m. voy. Spenser, Ermelweste. 

Expedition, f. (mUitairische). An expedi- 
tion ; (expedition of surprise) ; enterprise 
against any particular place, etc. Expe- 
dition f. d'attaque ; expedition militaire. 

Explodirende Baumwolle, f. voy. Schiess- 

Explosionsflache, f. (min.) Horizontal plane 
passing through the upper surface of a 
enter; plane qf explosion. Plan horizontal 
dans lequel se trouve la base 8up6rieure de 

Explosionsradius, m. (min.) Radius of 
explosion. Rayon m. d^ explosion, ou ligne 
men^e du centre des poudres k un point 
quelconque du bord sup^rieur de Teuton - 

Extraordinaria. Quarterly allowance, so 
called, in aid of boots, granted to all non- 
commissioned officers in Prussia. Gratifi- 
cation f. extraordinaire accord^ sous oette 
denomination k tons les sous-offiders en 
Prusse pour la chaussure. 

Grrman Part. 


Face, f. (fort.) (cincs Festungswerkes). The 
face of a work. Fact f. d*im ouvrage de 

Facenschirm, m. (fort.) Cotnfaee. Cownre- 
face m. vov. Gegenwehre. 

Faeh, n. (min.) voy. Getriebe; Wendungs- 

(art.) (pi. Facher). DtvUion of a parti- 
tion for single shells; pigeon-hole for a 
single round of fixed -ammunition. Case f. 
particuliere pour chaque cartouche k boulet 
ou a balles dans un caisson a munitions. 

Faden, m. (im Seilwerkc). The yam or 
thread in rope-maldng, two or more of 
which form a strand (litze). Fil; fil de 

Fahlcrz, n. Grey and black copper-ore, 
Cuivre gris. 

Fabnclien, n. (einer Lan7.e). voy. Flagge. 

Fahndrich, m. voy. Fahnricb. 

Fabne, f. The colours (pi.) of a regiment ; 
the colour. Drapeau m. 

f. od. Fiibnlem (Abtheilung Infimterie 

od. Cavallerie zur Zeit des Mittelalters). 
Obsolete term for company^ troop, and 
which bears analogy to the equally obso- 
lete term of bandf train-band. Vieux mot 
qui signifiait compagnie f. ; escadron m. ; 
comette f. ; enseigne f. ; bande f. 

Fahnen, f. pi. (mit fliegenden). W\t\i flying- 
colours. Enseignes d^loy^es. 

Fabneirbedeckuug, f. voy. Fahntrupp, 
Falmenpeloton, Fabnenunterofficiere. 

Fahiicnblatt, n. (artif.) (od. letztes Winder- 
blatt zu ciner Raketcnhiilse). The outer- 
ply of paper or outermost'Sheet, in making 
the rocket-caso. Demiere feuille de papier, 
coup^ suivant un pli oblique, avec laquelle 
on rccouvre la cartouche a fu$6e. 

n. (zur Fertigung von Flintenpatronen). 

Forming-paper for small-arm cartridges. 
Trapeze m. de papier pour cartouche a 

Fabneneid, m. The oath of allegiance and 
fidelity^ (taken by recruits over the colours). 
Serment m. au drapeau. 

Fahneneid, (den — leisten, v.) voy. Eid 
Tauf die Fahne schworen). 

Fannenfutter, n. The case for the colours. 
£tui m. de drapeau. 

Fabne^junker, m. Fabiojunkcr, Fahnen- 
trager. The noncommissioned-officer who 
carries the colour. Sous-offider qui porte 
le drapeau; {porte-drapeau m.); ^remplace 
Toffider porte-drapeau en France). 

Fahnenpeloton, n. Fabnpeloton, Fahn- 
trupp,FabnenunterofBciere. Thec«ii/re- 
serjeants. Garde f. du drapeau, 

Fabnenposten, m. Sentry over the colours, 
Sentinelle f. de drapeau, (pour veiller au 

Fabnenscbmied, m. (Curscbmied). JVoop)- 
farrier. Mar^chal-ferrant m. voy. Huf- 

Fahnenscbub, m. The colour-bucket, called 
also the frog of the colour-belt. Botte a 
drapeau ou botte f. de banderole de dra- 

Fabnensenken, n. Dropping the colours ; 
(honour paid by troops to crowned-beads). 
Salut m. de drapeau, 

Fabnenstange, f. od. Fabneustock, m. The 
pike of the colours. Hampe f. du drapeau. 

Fabnentrager, m. voy. Fabnciguiiker. 

Fabnentrupp scblagen, v. To perform the 
beat so called, when the colours are being 
lodged, etc.; (to beat the three-camps). 
(See "Tliree-camps** [Engjisb Part]). 
Battre aux dreq^eaux, 

Fabneniiberzujj. m. voy. Fabnenfutter. 

Fabnenunteromciere, m. pL The centre- 
Serjeants told off to the colours. Oiurde f . 
du drapeau. 

Fabnenweibe, f. The consecration of the 
colours. BMdietion f. de drapeau. 

Fabnenzug, m. (tact.) The proper centre- 
company or division, to the different move- 
ments of which in the drill of the battalion 
the colours conform. Peloton m. du dra- 
peau; peloton attenant an drapean, k droite 
ou k gauche du draneau. (In FraMda, the 
l^ centre division^ 

Fahigunker — Fallig v. erden. 


PahiMiiiiker, m. voy. Fahne^juiiker. 

Fahnleiii, (a), voy. Fahne. 

Fahnofficier, m. The officer told off to the 
ooloiin or oentre-serjeants. (Whenever 
the battalion moves in line, the ousinesa of 
this officer is to move out in conjunction 
with two aeijeanta, and direct the march.) 
Officier qtd acoompagne le drapean. 

Fahnrich, m. Enaign; (entign-hearer of 
former times) ; in some services, the junior 
officer of a company of infimtry ; in others, 
obsolete^ and unknown as a commissioned 
rank. Bnteigne m. (a), originairement 

(Port^p^e-). Nonoommissioned-offioer 

in the Prussian and Saxon services, be- 
longing to that class of noncommissioned 
officers from amongst whom alone selec- 
tions are made for commissions. Bfueigne 
m., qui dans Tarmee prussienne tient le 
milieu enfare le sergent-major et les sous- 
offiders d'une compagnie. voy. Port^p^e- 

Fahnschmied, m. voy. Fahnenschmied. 

Fahrbahn, f. (pont.; voy. Briickenbahn. 

f. voy. Fahrwasser. 

Fahrbarer Weg, m. voy. Weg. 

Fahrdamm, m. Causeway, Digue f. pra- 
ticable au voiture. 

Fahre, f. Ferry-boat^ or large flat-bottomed 
boat for crossing rivers; ferry-boat for 
horses ; korte-ferry or horse-boat, Baem, ; 
traille f. ; pasee-cheval m, voy. Gierfahre; 
Seilfahre; Zugfahre; Ponton-Gieifahre; 

f. Ferry f or place where men, horses, 

carriages, etc., are carried or ferried over. 
Passage m. ; endroit m. du passage. 

^doppelte Oder fliegende) (flicgende 

Briidce). A swing- or Jlying-bridge. Pont 

Fahren, n. (art.) Driving, Conduite f. des 

Fahrende Artillerie, f. Horse-artillery^ 
according to those systems in which the 
" WursUaffete ** and " Wurstmunitions- 
wagen '' are in vogue, (the former in Aus- 
tria, the hitter in Bavaria), and called 
** fshrende," to distinguish it from ** rei- 
tende," the detachments with the latter 
being mounted, whilst with the former they 
are carried on the waggon and gun-car- 
riage. Artillerie f, ^ voiture ou d Wurst, 
voy. Artillerie ; Kavalleriegeschiitz. 

Fahrender Artillerist, m. voy. Artillerist. 

Fahrseleise, n. voy. Geleise ; Spur. 

Fahrkahn, m. Ferry-boat, Bacm.; bateau 
m. de passage, 

Fahrseil, n. Cable stretched across a river 
on which a ferry-boat moves; a warp, 
Cdble m, ; edble de traille, 

Fahrunterricht, m. (art) Driving-drill, 
Instruction sur la conduite des voitures, 

Fahrwasser, n. Navigable water; the fair- 
way or channel of a river. Eau navigable; 
chenal m. 

Fahrweg, m. Carriage-road ,- high-road or 
way ; main-road. Grand chemin ; graude 

Fahrzeug, n. Carriage ; waggon. Voi- 
ture t 

^Artillerie-). Any carriage belonging 

to tbe ordnance-service ; artillery -carriage 
of any kind. Voiture f. d* artillerie, voy. 

(Handels-). voy. Handelsfahrzeuge, 


(FluBS-). River-boat of any kind. 

Bateau m. 

FaU, m. (schwerer Korper). The descent or 
fall of heavy bodies. Chute f. des corps 

m. (eines Flosses). The fall of the 

stream or water of a river. Penie f. voy. 

m. (expl.) (eines Ganges). The hade, 

slope, or inclination of a mineral vein. In- 
clinaison f. d'un filon. 

natiirlicher (der Erde). voy. Boschung ; 

Dossinmg (natiirliche). 

m. (fort.) der Brustwehrkrone, TKronen- 

£edl). The dip of the parapet ; {svperior 
slope of the parapet) . Pente ou inclinaison 
de la plough ; piong^e f. du parapet, voy. 

m. (einer Festung), The fall or reduc- 
tion of a fortress (fig.). Chute f., reddi- 
tion d*une forteresse. 

m. (sid.) od. die Neigung (der Gcblase- 

form). The dip of the tuyere. IttcUnaison 
f. de la tuyere. 

m. (v. d'a.) (der Nabe). voy. Veijiin- 

sung ; Aushoblung der Nabe. 

Fallbaume, m. pL (fort, a.) rPaUpfahle). 
Orgues, used formerly instead of a port- 
cullis, consisting of separate beams of wood 
hanging perpendicularly by a rope over 
the entrance of a place, to be dropped in 
case of emergency. Orgues f. pL 

Fallblatt, n. voy. Kranz. 

Fallbriicke, f. voy. Aufziehbriicke, Zug- 

Fallen, n. (des Bauholzes). The felling of 
trees for timber. Abaltage m. du bois. 

V. (Baume). To fell or cut timber. 

Abattre des arbres. 

V. (das Gewehr). To charge bayonets. 

Croiser la baionnette. 

Fallende Kdrper, m. pi. (m^.) Falling 
bodies. Corps tombants, 

Fallender Minengang. Inclined-gallery in 
mining, for gaining the necessary depth or 
level without using a shi^ ; ascending or 
descending-gallery, Gallerie inclinie; gal- 
lerie en pente, 

Fallgatter, n. (fort, a.) Portcullis. Herse f. 

Fallhohe, f. (mec.) The height through 
which fidling-bodies descend, or height 
through which a body falls freely. Hau- 
teur f. de chute, 

Fallig werden, v. (von Montimngsstucken, 
etc^. To become due, (as any article of 


Fallklotz — Faschinirer. 

regimental clothing, appointments, etc.). 
£choir : se dit des efTets qu'on doit rece- 
voir a certains termes. 

Fallklotz, voy. Bar ; Rammklotz. 

Fallschirm, m. (einer Fallschirmrakete). 
The parachute of certain rockets, (as the 
rocket light-ball and floating rocket-carcass 
of Congreve). Parachute m. d'une fiis^ 
a parachute. 

Fallschirmrakete, f. Rocket furnished with 
a parachute, (upon the principle of the 
rocket light-ball and floating rocket-car- 
casi). Fu9^e f. a parachute. 

Fallsclmtz, m. (constr. hydr.) (od. Schutz- 
falle). Valve or gate of a sluice. Vanne f. 

FaHt's Gewehr ! Charge bayonete I Croisez 
= la bdionnette / 

Fallweik, n. (zum Probiren der eisemen 
Achsen, etc.) A monkey ^ (frame and mon- 
key), for trying the iron of axle-trees, etc. 
Sonnet te f., (mouton m.), pour eprouver les 

Fallwinkel, m. (art.) od. Einfallswiiikel. 
Angle of descent, or angle of incidence. 
Angle m. de chute d'un projectile. 

Fallzeit, f. (fellender Korper). Time of 
descent, time qf falling; (time of bodies 
falling or descending by the natural force 
of gravity). Temps m. de chute. 

Fallzeit, f. od. Wadelzeit (zum Schlagen der 
Holzer). Season for felling timber. :$poque 
f. de Vabattage des bois. 

Falscher Angiiff, (Scheinangriff). FalsC' 

attack. Fausse attaque. 
Larm. False alarm. Fausse alerte. 

Falz, m. od. Fuge f. Groove. Rainure f. 

m. (men.). A rebate or semi-groove 

formed close to the edge of a piece of stuff; 
the groove formed by the rebating-plane. 
Feuillure f., ou rainure k angle droit dans 
le sens de Tarete d'une piece, pour en re- 
cevoir une autre. 

Falzhobel, m. ( men. ) Rabbet-plane or 
rebating-plane ; pannel-plane ; plough for 
rebating ; bevel-rabbet. Feuilleret ; bouvet 
m. ; guillaume m. 

m. (ton.) Notching-tool, croe or notcher; 

oooper's rose, Jabloire f. 

Faiuu, m. voy. L'armstange. 

Fanfaro, (cav.) (bei der Attaque). The 
charge, (or trumpet-sounding so called). 
Charge ; (sonnerie de cavalerie). 

Faugdamm, m. (constr. hydr.) A coffer- 
dam or batterdeau; (watertight enclo- 
sure used in putting in the foundations of 
bridges, sea and river-walls, etc.). Bdtar- 
deau m. ; construction destin^ k ddtoumor 
un cours d'eau pendant qu'on b&tit les 

m. Dike or dam, sometimes for par- 
tially obstructing, and at other times for 
completely damming up the stream, etc. 
Digue f. de barrage ; bdtardeau m., pour 
partager une masse d'eau en dlffdrents 

Fangen, v. (die Schercn). To take the leg 

or lower part of the branch in the mouth, 
as a defence against the bit. Saisir avec 
les levres ou avec les dents le has des 
branches; s*armer de la Ihre ou des dents, 
(se fait par les chevaox). 

Fangkiste, f. voy. Kistendamm. 

Fascnine, f. Fascine. Fascine f. voy. 
Ankerfaschine ; Batteriefaschine ; Be- 
kleidungsfaschine ; Deckfaschine ; 
Grundfaschine ; Ropfiaschine ; Rro- 
nungflfaschine ; Sappirfascbine ; Tracir- 
fascnine; SenJc- od. Wasserfaachine ; 

Faschinenband, n. voy. Faschineubuud. 

Faschiuenbank, f. The fascine-bench ; 
cradle or bed qf trestles in which fascines 
are made. Chantier m. de chevalets pour 

(dne — aufschlagen, v.) To place or 

fljp the trestles for fuone-making. jStablir 
les chevalets formant le chantier. 

Fa8chiiienbekleidung,f. Faseine'revetment; 
reveling or lining any work with fascines. 
RevStement en fascines, — enfascinage. 

Faschinenblendung, f. voy. Mantelet. 

Faschinenbock, m. Bindebock od. Kreuz- 
bock. Fascine-trestle, fascine-horse, cross 
or trestle upon which the brushwood is 
laid in £EWcine-making. Chevalet m. pour 

Faschinenbund, m. Fascine-band i withe, 
binder, or gad with which the fasdne is 
bound. Hart f. 

Faschineudamm, m. (tm dem Grrabeniiber- 
gange). Causeway of fascines for the pas- 
sage of a wet ditch. Digue f. en fascines, 
pour le passage d*un fos»^ plein d'eau. 

Faschinenleere, f. od. 

Faschineulehre, f. A gauge to prove the 
diameter of a fiasdne. Objet (boat de 
corde) servant k verifier hi grosseur du 

Faschinenmesser, n. Hand-bill or bill- 
hook for fiisdnc-making. Serpe f. 

n. (bei den Pionnieren). voy. Pionnier- 


FaschinenpfEdil, m. (urn die Faschinen zu 
befestigen). Fascine-picket. Piquet m. 
pour fixer les fasdnes ; piquet pour piqueter 
les revStements en fiisduage. 

Faschinensage, f. Saw, (common English 
hand-saw), for sawing the brushwood, etc. 
in fasdne-making. Scie f. servant ii U 
confection des fasdnes. 

Fa8chinenschicht,f.(bei einer Faschinimng). 
Row qf fascines in a revetment. Rang m. 
de saucissons. 

(die erste) (Grundfaschinen). The 

flrst or lowest course of a fasdne-revetment. 
Premier rang de saucissons d'une batterie, 
ou oelui qui est enterr^ dans une rigole 
creus^ au pied du talus, voy. Gnind- 

Fanchiniren, n. voy. Bekleidung mit Fa- 
schinen, Fa5chinenbekleulun|(. 

Favchitiirer, m. pi. (Arbdter) (beun Batterie- 

Faflchininmg — Fedem. 


bane). The Mlders, or workmen told off 
as such, in the oonstraction of fascine- 
batteries. TraTailleurs charg^ des revSte- 
ments dans relocation des batteries. 

Faschininmff, f. FMcme-wwi, Fucinoffe 
m. Toy. Faschinenbekleidung. 

Faserig, ^vom Eisen). Fibrous, Fibretue, 

Faserkohle, f. (miner.) (faseriger Anthradt 
od. mineralische HoUkohle). Antkraeite 
or 9ione-coal: mineral carbon ; (a difficultly 
combustible species of coal). Antkraeite 
fibreux ; ekarbon de bote mineral, 

Fasem, f. pi. (des Holzes). Thafibree of 
wood. Fibres f. pL du bois. 

f. pL (sid.) (des Eisens). The fibre of 

iron. Fibree du fer. 

Fassblech, n. od. Kistenblech. Tin-plate, 
(called " Kisten. and Fassblech/' from its 
mode of being packed in boxes, etc). Fer- 

Fassbriicke, f. voy. Briicke (Tonnenbriicke). 

(pont.) englische od. Uylinderbriicke 

nach Colleton). Cylinder-pontoon bridge 
(according to Colleton^ Pont m. de ton- 
neaux k Tanglaise ou a la Colleton. 

Faasen, n. & t. (Fourrage, etc.) Drawing 
forage ; to draw forage, rations, etc. Priee 
f . de rations ; reception de see vivres, etc ; 
aatieter, prendre part k une distribution 

Fassponton, m. (pont.) (englischer Cylinder- 
ponton). Cylindrical wooden pontoon 
(Colleton's). Ponton m. eylindrique ou 
de ionneaux. 

Fassreif, m. Caek-hoop. Cerceau, eercle m. 

Fassstahl, m. od. Tonnenstahl. A kind of 
natural-eteel of Carinthia. Acier m. de 

Fasst das Gewehr an ! (beim Gewehr ab). 
Handle arme ! Se &it par un factionnaire 
en saisissant de la main droite le coude de 
la baionnette, Tarme etant au pied. 

! (vom Gewehr iiber). Advance arme I 

(from the slope, in order to pay the corre- 
sponding compliment of " carrying arms " 
in EngUnd). Fortes = vos armesl (de 
I'arme k volonte). 

Fassung, f. voy. Fassen. 

Fatiken, pi. voy. Frohndienst, Herren- 
dienst, Touren (kldne), Nebendienst^ 
Dienst (kleiner). 

Faulbaumbolz, n. Black-alder, (used espe- 
cially for gunpowder-charcoal). Boie m. 
de bourdaine, 

Fauler Satz, m. (artif.) Slow-composition, 
slow-burning composition. Composition 

Faussebraye, f. (fort.) Unterwall od. Nie- 
derwall. Faussebray or fausse-braye, 
Fausse-braie f. ; basse enceinte en avant de 
la prindpale. 

(angehangene). — attached to the 

enceinte or main-indosure. — attack^. 

(abgesondert« od. detaschirte). — 

separated from the main-indosure by an 
inter\'euing ditdi. — detachee. 

Faust, f. (man.) (Zugelhand). The bridle- 
hand, as applicable to the riding-school. 
Main f. de la bride ; main. 

Faustel, m. (min.) Miner's hammer. Masse 
f. h main. voy. Handfaustel; Treibe- 
faustel; Bohrfaustel. 

Fausthammer^ m. Hand-hammer. Marteau 
m. i main. 

Fausthiilfe, f. (man.) The aid of the hand 
in riding ; aid qfthe bridle-hand. Aide f. 
ou action de la main de la bride snr le 

Fausthiilfen, f. pL (man.) The aids or 
indications of the hands; (the applica- 
tion of the hands, [in conjunction with 
the legs and whip], to direct and deter- 
mine tiie paces, movement, and carriage 
of the horse). Aides des mains; {aides 

Faustriemen, m. (cav.) Leathern sword- 
knot. Dragonne f. en cuir. 

Fauststellung, f. (man.) Position qf the 
hand, i. e. position of the bridle-hand; 
position qfthe hands (with the bridoon). 
Position i. de la main de la bride; posi- 
tion des mains. 

Fechtartj, f. (einer Truppe). The acting of 
troops in any particular order, their mode 
or order of engaging; their manner, also, 
of fighting or using their arms. ManUre 
de combattre; mani^ dont une troupe se 
sert de ses armea. 

(geschlossene). — in close order or 

in ranks. — i rangs serr4s. 

(zerstreute). Skirmishing, acting in 

dispersed or extended-order. — en tirail- 

Feder, f. (o. e. b.^ (eines Brettes) (od. der 
Spund, mit welcher sie in die Nuthe passt). 
Tongue formed on the edges of boards, 
(when very thin, termed feather-tongue), 
to fit the groove (Nuthe) run in the fitoe of 
another to recdve it. Languette f. 

f. (art) (der Riegel). The housing of 

the transoms ; (when '* schriig,'' this part 
is called by workmen the chip- lap of the 
transom-tenon). Partie embrMe d'une 
entre-toise dans une flasque. 

f. (m. d'a.) (am Gewehrschlosse). Lock- 
spring. Ressort m. de platine. 

f. (m. d'a.) (am Sabelgefasse). The 

languet on the sword-hilt which turns down 
over the mouth-piece of the scabbard. 
Oreillon m. de la garde d'un sabre. 

f. (art) (an einer Ziindermaschine). 

Spring in a fuze-engine, to keep the jaws 
dose up to the fuze in fuze-drawing. Maille 
f. d'un tire-fus^. 

f. (des spanischen Reiters) (Scbweins- 

feder). The spear or pointed stake fixed 
perpendicularly in each of the faces of the 
beam ofa stand of chevaux-de-frise. Lance 
f. d'un cheval de frise. 

Fedem, f. pi. (art.) (einer Kartatschbiichse). 
The clipts or clippings of the tin-canister 
for case-shot. Plis m. pi. d'une boite k 


Fedem — Feineisenfeuer. 

bddes ; firanget; d^coupurta frang^ei fiutes 
an haut da cylindre. 

Fedem, f. pi. (zur Befestigung des Lanzen- 
euens). The prongs of the lance-head, 
which are let into the wood of the shaft 
and fiwtened by rivets (Niethe, prong- 
rivets). AttacheSf branches f. pL de la 
douille d'uno lance, pour fixer le fer sur la 

Federbusch, m. Feather; plume. Panache; 
plumet m. 

Federeisen, n. (m. d'a.") Spring-iron, or 
tool for turning lock-springs. PtoiC' 
reuort m. 

Federhaken, m. (m. d'a.) Lock»cramp or 
spring-cramp for main-springs of locks, 
called also a spring-hook or lock-tool, 
Monte-ressort, For some of its parts» ▼oy. 
Dnickschraube ; Haken ; Schieber ; 

Federharz, n. (Caoutchouc). Caoutchouc, 
gum-elastic or Indian-rubber, Gomme t 
ilastique; caoutchouc m. 

Federkraftmesser^ m. voy. Federspanner. 

Federposeschlagrohre, f. (art.) (zur Per- 
cussionsziindung). Detonating quill-tube, 
itoupille f. a percussion en tuyau de 

Federschraube, f. (m. d'a.) voy. Feder- 

Fedenpanner, m. (m. d'a.) A spring-trier 
or instrument for trying the strength of 
springs ; (spring-balance, spring steel- 
yard^, BiAnonUtre m. ; instrument qui 
fiut oonnaitre la force des ressorts d'une 

Federstahl, m. A kind of natural-steel 
used for carriage-springs, lock-springs, etc. ; 
(spring-steel). Acier m, ^ ressort, 

Federzirkely m. Spring-dividers; hair- 
dimders, Compas m. h ressort. 

Fehlflchuss, m. (^art.) Shot which did not 
take effect (ii in action) ; shot which 
missed the target (in practice). Coup 
d^vU, — qui n'a pas atteint son but. 

Feifel, f. (t^*) Fivet or ives, Avives 
i, pi. 

Feile, f. File, Lime f, 

(Ann-). Heavy square-file; rubber, 

Carreau m. 

(Bastard-), voy. (Mittel- od. Vor-). 

(dreieckige). Three-sguare — , three- 
sided — . — en tiers-point, — triangu- 

(dreieckige und spitzi^). Three- 
sguare tapering — . — en tiers-point. 

(dreikantige). voy. (dreieckige — ). 

(flache). Flat — . — plate, 

(Gewicnts-). voy. (Arm-). 

(Glatt- od. Schhcht-). Smooth^; 

dead-smooth — . — • douce, 

rGrob-). Coarse — , rough — . — rude, 

(halb nmde). Haff-round — . — denti- 

(kleine nmde). Rat-tail, or — taper- 

ing to the point. — en queue de rat. 

Feile, (Messer-). Hacksaw file, — a cou- 
j teau ou afendre les vis, 

■ (Mittel- od. Vor-). The bastard-cut, 

bastard — , bastard-toothed — . — bdtarde, 

(platte). voy. (flache — ). 

(nmde). Round — . — ronde, 

(nmde u. spitzige). Rat-tail /ile, 

— i queue de rat, 

^Schlicht-). voy. (Glatt-). 

(Schneide-). voy. (Messer-). 

(spitzige und dreieckige). voy. (drei- 

(vierseitige). Foursquare — . — 


(Vor-). voy. Mittelfeile. 

(zweischneidige). Kn^e-fUe; hack- 
saw file, — tranchante ; — a couteau. 

Feileimauen, n. File-cutting, or operation 
Taille f, de limes. 
File-cutter, Tailleur m. 

of cutting files. 
Feilenhauer, m. 

de limes, 
Feilkloben, m, 

Hand-vice, £ta!U m. a 
main ; tenaille f. h vis. 

Feilspane, m. pi. od. Feilstaub, m. Filings, 
JUe-dust, Limailie f. 

Feind, m. Enemy ; the enemy, Ennemi m.; 
• ennemi. 

Feindliche Truppe, f. Party qfthe enemy ; 
troops qf or belonging to the enemy. 
Troupe ennemie. 

(das — Ufer). The bank in possession 

qfthe enemy, ^ve ennemie, 

Feindseligkeit, f. (feindliche Handlung). Act 
qfhostSity, Acte m. d* hostility, 

Femdseligkeiten, f. pi. Hostilities; acts 
qf hostility. Hostility f. pL; aetes m. pi. 

(anfangen, v.) To commence hostili- 
ties. Commencer, entamer les hostilites. 

(einstellen, v.) To suspend hostilities ; 

cease all acts of hostilily. Suspendre, 
cesser les hostility. 

(ausUben, veriiben, v.) To commit 

acts of hostiUty. Commettre des hostilites, 
des actes d 'hostility 

Feineisen, n. (sid.) od. Feinmetall. Finery- 
metal, plate-metal, fine-metal, fine-iron ; 
(pig-metal deprived of its carbon, and pre- 
pared for the puddling-fumace^. Fin m/- 
tal; fonte d6carbur6e dans un fer de finerie, 
et coulee en plaques minces. 

Feiueisenbereitung, f. (sid.) Preparing the 
metal ; process o/* preparing the metal ; 
finery-process ; (the operation of fusing 
and then, cooling gray cast-iron in a pecu- 
liar manner, and thereby converting it into 
white cast-iron, called '* fine iron " or " fine 
metal," of the quality of forge-pig, for 
making malleable iron by the puddling- 
process^. Preparation f. du fin m4tai; 
proc^e m. pour obtenir le fin m^taL 

Femeisenfeuer, n. (sid.) od. RaflSnirfeuer. 
R»mning-out fire, refining-fumace, finery - 
furnace, in which the finery of cast-iron is 
executed. Finerie t, feu m. de finerie ou 
foyer m. de finerie. 

Feineiscnmachen — Feldequipage. 

Feineisenmacben, n. (aid.) The finery of 
gray cast-iron in a ftnery-fumaoe or mn- 
ning-ont fire, preparatory to its conversion 
into malleable iron. Phutge m.; opera- 
tion da finage ; (blan(^ment et dtarbu- 
ration de la fonte giise dauB on feu de 

Feines Kom nehmen, ▼. To aim so much 
below the object, that the top of the muz- 
zle-sight may cut the bottom of the object 
aimed at. (The term ** ToUes Kom neh- 
men" signifies, **to ooTer the object/') 
Viier h la potute du guidon; rattr It gui^ 
don. voy. voiles Kom. 

Feines Pulver, n. Fhu^grained powder. 
Poudre fine. 

Feinraspel, f. Ptne^raap for finishing-off 
and smoothing-up wood-work, icouane, 

Feld, n. Counirg, Champ m. ; campagne f. 

n. (fort) The country. Campagn/t f. 

n. The field. Campagne t ; champ m. 

de baiaille. 

n. (min.) voy. Getriebe ; Faeh. 

dBort^i (das lange) (eines Gesdiiitzroh- 

res). The chace of a gun. VoUe d'un 

n. (m. d'a.) od. Balken (im Dralle eines 

gezogenen Rohres). A land, or original 
sur&ce left in rifling barrels; (the sunk- 
parts or grooves being termed "farrows"). 
Filet m. de rayure. 

n. (des Epauletts). The strap of the 

epaulette inside the crescent, ^cmnon m. 
de r^paulette. 

n. (eines Femrohres). The field qf 

view of a telescope. Champ m. de vieion 
(d'une lunette d'approche). 

geben, v. (links od. rechts) (tatt.) To 

open-out or ea»e-of to the rigbt or left, 
when any dosing or crowding takes place 
in the ranks on either flank. Deuerrer 
du cdt^ oppose au pivot, quand U y a res- 
serrement vers ce cdt^. 

(eme Araee in's — stellen, v.) To »end 

an army into the field. Mettre une arm^e 
en campagne. 

(in's — riicken, v.) To take the field. 

Se mettre en campagne. 

(das — raumen, v.) To quit the field. 

Q^itter, abandonner le champ de bataille. 

(das — behaupten, v. od. behalten, v.) 

To remain martert of the field. Demeu re r 
mattre du champ de bataille. 

(das— hahen, v.) To keep the field. 

Tenir la campagne. 

Felde, (den Feind aos dem — sdilagen, v.) 
To beat the enemv ; to drive him horn the 
field. Battre, d^faire Tennemi. 

(im oflenen — ) sich halten, v. To keep 

the field in open-camp. Tenir la cam- 

(im — stehen, v.) To be in the field or 

on active eerviee; to be engaged in active- 
operations before the enemy. Etre en cam- 

Felde, (im — ). In the field ; on iervice ; on 
active-eervice. En campagne. 

— -- (zu — sein, v.) To be with the army. 
Etre a farm^e. 

Feldabdachung, f. (Ibrt.) (Glacis). The 
glaeie. Olaeie m. voy. Glacis. 

FeltUpotheke, f. Hoepital medicine-ehmt. 
Caieee depharmacie f. ; caisse de m^dioa- 

FeldartUlene, f. FMd-artiUery. AHiOerie 
f. de canyfagne. 

Feldausriistung, f. Field-equipment. Ap- 
provinonmemeni de campagne; {^4qmpage 
de campagne). 

(Artillerie-), f. Field-artillery eqmp- 

ment; (field-train). Equipage d'artuierie 
de campaane; {^qu^ifage de campagne). 

Feldbackofen, m. Portable or field-oven. 
Four m. de campagne; four portattf. 

Feldbataillon, n. Battalion qf the Hne; 
(marching regiment) ; one liable to any 
sort of service required of it, in distinctfon 
to " Gamisonbataillon '* (a description of 
veteran-battalioa doing only ganison-duty); 
term also i^lied to a battalion on foreign 
or active terviee, eerviee-battalion, or eer- 
mce-com/Mimet of any regiment. Bataitlon 
appartenant soit k rarm^e active, soit k 
une arm^e iu;i8sante on en campagne ; (ba- 
taillon de campagne). 

Feldbatterie, f. Battery qf field-artillery. 
Batterie f. de campagne. 

Feldbefestigimg, f. Temporary or field- 
work; field-fortification. Outrage m. de 
campagne ; fortification f. de campagne. 

Feldbefestigimgskunst, f. (Verschanzungs- 
kunst). Field-fortification, or the art of 
oonstracting temporary or fidd- works. 
Fortification pauagh-e ou de campagne. 

Feldbeil, n. Small axe carried by cavalry. 
Hache f. de cavalerie. 

Feldbeitrag, m. voy. Feldzulage. 

Feldbett, n. Camp-bedetead ; camp-bed; 
(camp-bedding). Lit portattf de cam- 

Feldbindet f. voy. Scbarpe. 

Feldbriicke, f. Military-bridge,field-bridge. 
Pont m. militaire. 

Feldbrustwehr, f. (fort.) Partqtet </ the 
covered-way. Parapet m. du chemin con- 

Feldcompagnie^ f. Term used in distinction 
to " Garnisoncompagnie," implying any 
company of a marching-regiment or of a 
** FeldbataiUon" (as explained under that 
word). Con^agnie appartenante k one 
arm^e active ou en campagne. 

Felddienst, m. Field-service; terviee in 
the field; dutiee in the field, field-dutiee 
pi. ; dutiee qf the field. Service m. en 
campagnet service des troupes en cam- 

Feldequipage, f. Camp-equipage, (com- 
prising idtchen-fiumiture, baggage-waggons, 
etc), ^quipagee m. pL des corps en cam- 


Feldeqtiipftge — Feldportion. 

Feldequipage, f. (des Soldaton). Soldier's 
kit. Bagage m. du soldat. 

Feldetat, m. (eines Regiinents). The war- 
ettablUhmmt of a regiment. Pied m. de 
guerre d'un regiment. 

Feldflagge, f. Camp-colour. Fanion m. 
servant au trac^ d'tin camp; fanion de 

Feldflasche, f. The canteen or mese-tin, 
Bidon m. en fer-blanc. 

Feldgepack, n. The baggage of an army. 
Bagagee m. pi. d'arm^. 

Feldgerath, n. Camp -equipage; canyj- 
uteneiie ; camp-neceteariee. Effete m. pi. 
de campement .* uetenrilee f. pL de campe- 

Feldgeschrei, n. The eountereign. Mot m. 
de raUiement. 

n. od. Kriegflgeschrei (a.) The war- 
cry or rallfing-cry of former times, (as 
"San Jago" of the Spaniards, "St. 
(3eorge *' of the English, and " St. Denis '^ 
of the French, etc.) Cri m. de guerre: 
eri d'armee, voy. SchUchtgeschrei. 

Feldgeschiitz, n. Field-artillery; field- 
gunt; field-piecee ; field-gun; piece qf 
field-artillery; field-piece. Artilkrie f. 
ou pi^cee f. pi. de campagne; piece de 
campagne; bouche a feu de campagne. 

Feldgeschiitzrohr, n. (art.) Field-gun. 
Canon m. de campagne. 

Feldgewaltiger, m. Ca.) Provost-marehal. 
Pr6y6i m. de Tarmee. 

Feldgratifikation, f. Outfit-money; (al- 
lowance nearly synonymous with bdi^ bag- 
gage and forage-allowance issued to an 
officer first joining an army on foreign- 
service). Gratification f. d'entr/e en cam- 

Feldliaubitze, f. Field-howitzer. Obueier m. 
de campagne. 

Fddbebezeug, n. (art.) A field or portable- 
gyn, Chevre f. de campagne. 

Feldherr, m. The general commanding-in- 
chirf. G^n^al m. en chrf. 

m. Hero; leader; general; captain. 

Capitaine m. (au figur^. 

Feldhospita], n. (stehendes). Stationary 
field-hoepitalf or general -hospital esta- 
blished at any appropriate and convenient 
place for an army in the field. H6pital m. 
fixe, — e^dentaire d'une arm^ en cam- 
^gne, ^tabli en un lieu quelconque. voy. 
reldlazareth (bewegliches). 

Feldingenieur, m. Field-engineer. Ing^- 
nieur de campagne. 

Feldiager, m. (preussischer). One of the 
" Feldjiigeroorps '' in Prussia. Chasseur k 
cheval en Prufue, ou celui dn corps intitule 
" Pel^jagercorps.'' voy. Fel^jagcrcorps. 

Fel^jagercorps, n. (das reitende). A 
mounted-corps so called, originally raised 
by Frederick the Great, furnishing " cou- 
riers " for the army, etc. in Pk7u«ia (and 
in Russia), as well as candidates for the 
situation of " Oberforstcr " (under the 

Woods and Forests of the former country). 
This latter would appear to be an extension 
of their original calling, but the only light 
in which the corps could be oonsidned by 
foreigners (not Germans), would be in that 
of couriers or government -menengere. 
Corps ainsi nomme, que Ton emploie en 
Prusse pour le service de courier, des mes- 
sages militaires et du gouvemement. lis 
s'appellent chasseurs a cheval, mais n'ont 
d'aiUeurs aucun rapport avec les fonctions 
de cette arme. 

Feldkanone, f. (art) Field-gun. Canon m. 
de campagne. 

Feldkasse^f. The nnlitary-cheet. Caietef. 
d'arm^ ; caisee militaire. 

Feldkessel, m. Camp-kettle; cooking-kettle. 
Marmite f. 

Feldkramer, m. voy. Marketender. 

Feldkrankheit, f. Camp-fever; military - 
fever or any disease to which soldiers are 
liable on service. Maladie commune auz 
soldats en campagne. 

Feldkriegsmassiger Anzue, m. Heavy 
marching-order. Tenue t. de route avec 
armee et bagagee. 

Feldlaboratonum, n. Laboratory accompa- 
nying the artillery into the field. Atelier 
m. dTartificee en campagne; laboratoire 

Feldladung, f. (art.) Service-charge or full- 
charge. Charge f. de guerre. 

Feldlaffete, f. (art.) Field-carriage; field 
gun-carriage. Afjf^ m. de campagne. 

f. (art) (die Congrevische) (xn den 

Brandraketen). voy. Raketengestell. 

Feldlazaretb, n. (bewegliches) (Ambu- 
lance, f.) The " ambuUmce" (as introduced 
by the French), or field-hospital which 
follows the different divisions of an army ; 
a sort of regimental or brigade-hospital for 
slight cases, and such as are only temporarily 
treated, before being sent to some fixed or 
stationary-hospital. Ambulance f. ; ambu- 
lance de campagne ; hdpitat ambulant ou 
petit hdpital. voy. Feldhospital. 

Feldmarscball, m. Field-marshal. Feld- 
mar^hal onfeld-marschall; (mar^chal). 

Feldmarschalllieutenant, m. lAeutenani- 
general (in the Austrian service). lAeu- 
tenant-gMral (en Autriche). voy. Of- 

Feldma8sig[, voy. Feldkriegsmassig. (Das 
feldmassige Kolien des Mantels. Rolling 
the co&t for heavy marching-order. Bou- 
lement de la capote pour la marehe.) 

gerollter Mantel, voy. Mantel. 

Feldmessen, n. Surveyiri^. G^odSsie f. 

Feldmesskunstj f. (Geodasie). Art qf sur- 

veying. G^oddsie (. 
''eldmusik, f. (Militairmusik). 

Feldmusik, f. (Militairmusik). Military- 
music. Musigue f. militaire. 

Feldmiitze, f. Forage-ee^. Bonnet m. de 

Feldnachtwache, f. voy. Piket. 

Feldportion, f. Diily ration tf provisions 

Feldposten — Feldwebel. 


for A soldier on active serrioe. Ration de 
vtvTCt d€ cofHpaffn€» 

Feldposten, m. voy. Vorposten. 

Feldprediger, m. (Feldpriester, Feld- 
kaplan). The priest of Catholic armies; 
the ehapUnn in armies composed of Pro- 
testants; military-chaplain, or officiating- 
clergyman in camp. Aum6nier m. ; pritre 

Feldpriester, voy. Feldprediger. 

Feldprotze, f. (art.) Field-limber ; field-gun 
limber, Avant-train m. de campagne, 

Feldproviantwesen, n. The commissariat. 
Iniendance f . 

Feldration, f. voy. Ration. 

Feldregiment, n. (Linienregiment). Regi- 
ment of the line J marching-regiment. Re- 
giment m. de ligne, Toy. Feldtruppen; 

— ^ n. Regiment upon the war-establish- 
ment. Regiment m. sur pied de guerre. 

Feldnif, m. voy. Feldgeschrei. 

Feldschafiner, m. Commissariat -officer , 
or officer belonging to the commissariat- 
department. Intendant m. 

Feldscbanze, f. (fort.) Field-work ; fort : 
redoubt. Out/rage m. de campagne; fort 
m. de campagne ; redoute f. ; fortin m. 

Feldscberer, m. (a.) Obsolete term for 
" Militairarzt '' or army medical officer. 
Yieux mot pour indiquer un m^decin mili" 

FeldscbUcht, f. Pitched-battle. Bataille 
rangie ; bataille decisive. 

f. An action or engagement between 

armies, in distinction to " Seeschlacht " 
(naval action or engagement). Bataille 
sur terre en opposition avec un combat 
naval (Seeschlacht). 

Feldschmiede, f. (art.) Travelling-forge, 
forge-waggon, or field-forge, accompanying 
a battery. Forge f. de campagne. 

Feldschritt, m. The pace or step of troops 
when " marching at ease** or '* at liberty" 
in column of march. Pas m. de route. 
[In some armies this pace has been 
adopted as a manoeuvring-pace.] 

Feldschiitzen, m. pi. (a.) Obsolete term for 
"ArtiUeristen." voy. Artillerist. 

Feldseite, f. od. Riickseite (der LaufgrabenV 
The reverse of the trenches. Revers m. oe 
la tranchee. 

Feldsessel, m. (od. Feldstubl). Portable 
field or camp-chair. Chaise f. de cam- 
pagne; (si^ge pliant). 

Feldsoldat, m. Soldier, not only liable 
to be ordered on active service in the 
field, but fit also to undergo the fa- 
tigue of such service. The term is used 
with reference to such a soldier in distinc- 
tion to *< Stadtsoldat, Invalide, Gamison- 
soldat/' who in time of war does merely 
garrison-duty. Such a soldier in the British 
service wotdd be any soldier of the line, 
and therefore a linesman, a regular, in 
distinction to a militiaman. Soldat m. de 
German Part. 

Varm4e active, pour le distinguer du s^- 
den taire. voy. Feldtruppen. 

Feldspital, n. voy. Feldlfu^areth. 

Feldstiick, n. (a.) Obsolete term for " Feld- 
geschiitz.'' voy. Feldgescbiitz. 

Feldtruppen, f. pi. Marching-regiments, or 
troops liable to be ordered upon any service 
in the field, in distinction to ** Gamison- 
truppen'' (a sort of veteran-battalions) who 
have stationary or permanent quarters, and 
do merely garrison-duty. In the British- 
service the regiments of the line or re- 
gulars would be considered as ** Feldtrup- 
pen,'' in distinction to the ''militia." 
Troupes f. pi. de Varm4e active, en oppo- 
sition aux troupes s^entaires (Gramison- 

Feldverpflegungsamt, n. The commissariat' 
department. Intendance f. 

Felaverschanzung, f. voy. Feldscbanze. 

Feldverschanzungskunst, f. voy. Ver- 
scbanzungskunstj Feldbefestigungs- 

Feldwache, f. (beim Vorpostendienste). An 
outlying -piquet ; advanced -piquet which 
either itself furnishes the sentries to the 
chain, or detaches parties (Zwischenposten) 
in advance to do so ^). Grand* garde f. ; 
(premier poste de ralhement). 

f. voy. Soutien; Repli*). 

(detaschirte) od. detaschurter Unter- 

officierposten (beim Vorpostendienste). 
Noncommissioned officer^ s party or piquet, 
detached from the main> piquet to occupy 
any elevated spot which might overlook 
the communications in the rear, or some 
other important point which could not be 
taken within the chain of sentries. Posts 
d4tach4 d'une grand'garde ; poste d'obser* 

(Neben-). Adjoining-post or piquet. 

Poste voisin ; gravid* garde voisine. 

f. (od. die Wache, welche 100 bis 150 

Schritte vor der Mitte der Lagerfironte auf- 
gestellt ist). The quarter-guard in camp. 
Garde f. du camp; garde ^blie k cent 
dnquante pas en avant des faisceaux, vis-k- 
vis le centre du regiment auquel elle ap-* 

Feldwachcommandant, m. Commander qf 
a piquet; officer in command of a piquet. 
Ch^m. de grand^ garde; commandant de 
grand^ garde. 

Feldwachpatrouille, f. voy. Visitirpa- 
trouille ; Chainepatrouille. I 

Feldwacht, f. voy. Feldwache. 

Feldwachtcommandant, m. voy. Feldwach- 

Feldwachtmeister, m. (a.) (od. Oberst- 

Feldwebel, m. The " senior non-com- 
missioned-officer " of a company of in- 
fitntry, answering to the English colour- 
sergeant, with &e exception of his not 
being called upon to attend the colours in 
the field. Sergent-rnqjor d'une oompagnie. 


Feldwebel — Festungsarrest. 

Fcldwebel, m. Sometimes the sergeant or 
platoon-sergeant only. Sergent m. 

Feldweg, m. voy. Ackerweg. 

Feldzeichen, n. National-emblem or badge, 
military-mark, dUtingiushing-coloiir adopt- 
ed by nations, as seen in the cockade, sash, 
sword-knot, miiform, etc. Marque, couleur, 
emblcme distinctif, national; (cocarde, 
^charpe, dragonne, etc.). 

Feldzeugmeister, m. (in der cistreichischen 
und bayerischen Armee). General (in the 
Austrian and Bavarian services), being 
sometimes general of cavalry or if^fantrg, 
sometimes general of artillery. Grade qui 
dans Tarm^ autricMenne et bavaroise rd- 
pond quelquefois a celui de g^n&al d^in- 
fanierie et de cavalerie, parfois aussi k 
celui de gMral d'artillerie. Le grade de 
** Feldzeugmeister " est, dans I'armee au- 
trichienne, interm^aire entre le feld- 
marshal et le feldmarschall-lieutenant. 

Feldzug, m. A campaign. Campagne f. 

(den — erofinen, v.). To open or 

commence the campaign. Ouvrir la cam- 

(scinem ersten — e beiwohnen, v.) To 

make one's first campaign. Faire sa pre- 
miere campagne. 

(einen — mitmachen, v.) To go 

through^ make, or be present during a 
campaign. Faire une campagne. 

(Plan, m. des — es). Plan of the cam- 
paign. Plan m. de campagne. 

Feidzulage, f. Field-allowance, or field- 
allowances (pi.) Supplement m. de guerre 
ou supplement de solde sur le pied de 

Felge, f. (v. d'a.) (eines Rades). The felly 
or felloe of a wheel ; (fellies pi.). Jante f. 
de roue. 

Feleen, v. (v. d'a.) (ein Rad). To rim a 
wbeel. Janter une roue; y mettre des 

Felgenkranz, m. (v. d'a.) The rim of a 
wheel, or outside ring formed by the fellies. 
Couronne f. drculaire d'unc roue, formee 
par les jantes. 

Felgenzapfen, m. (v. d'a.) (an der Speiche 
eines Rades). The tongue, tenant or tenon 
of the spoke which enters the felly. Broche 
f. de rais ; jiartie qui entre dans la jante. 

Felgenziehband, n. A gripe round fellies ; 
tire-clip. Lien m. de jante. 

Felsensprengen, n. voy. Steiusprengcn ; 

n. (unter Wasser). Blasting under 

water. Pilar der sous Veau; pitardement 
sous Veau. 

Femrohr, n. Telescope. Lunette f. d'ap- 

Ferse, f. (am Pferdefusse). The heel of the 
horse's foot. Talon m. 

f. (m. d'a.) (eines Flintenkolbens). The 

heel of the butt or heel-plate with which 
the butt is tipped. Talon m. de crosse ; 
rul-de-po*Ue m. 

Fertig ! Ready ! Appr^tez = vos armes / 

Fertigmachen, n. Making-ready or cock- 
ing, in the platoon-ezerdse. Action d'a/i- 
priter les armes. 

Fertigmacher, m. (m. d'a.) T^efine-horer, 
or workman who finishes and sets the 
barrel before it goes to view. Polisseurm. 

Fessel, f. (eines Pferdes). The pastern. 
Paturon m. 

(Ein Pferd mit kurzen, mit langen — ^n. 
Long or short-pastemed horse ; horse 
with long or short pasterns. — court- 
joint^; — long-jointe.) 

Fesaelgelenk, n. (vet.) (od. Kothengelenk). 
Thefetlock-joint. Boulet m. 

Fest, adj. (Feste Stadt, — er PUtz. Forti- 
fied town ; strong place. ViUe, piace forte.) 
(Die Festung ist von Natur sehr — . 
— is very strong by nature, or natu- 
rally strong. — est hien fortifi^e par 
la nature, naturellement^r/e.) 
(Festes Lager. Fortified or retrenched 
camp. Camp /or/i/iV, retranch/.^ 

Feste, f. Stronghold; fastness. Chdteau 

Feste Briieke, voy. Briicke. 

Festigkeit, f. (der Materialien). The strength 
of materials, or the resistance which they 
offer to a force acting upon them. Resis- 
tance f. des matcriaux. 

f. (der Holzer, etc.) The strength of 

timber, etc. Resistance f. des bois, etc. 

Festsetzen, v. (sich). To establish one*s 
se{f; establish a position; lodge one's 
se{f; form or establish a lodgement. 
S^etablir ; se loger. 

Feststampfen, v. die Erde, (beim Batterie- 
baue). To ram (or well ram) the earth in 
battery-building. Darner ou fouler lea 
terres a Vaide de dames en bois ; se fidt par 
les dameurs dans I'ex^cution des batteries. 

Feststebender Kloben, m. (m^.) voy. 

Festung, f. (fester Platz; Kriegsplatz). 
Fortress; fortified -place ; fortification. 
Forteresse; place de guerre; place forte; 
place f. 

(regelmassige). Regular-fortification, 

— reguliere. 

(unregelmassige). Irregular fortifi- 
cation. — irreguliere. 

(Bundes-). Federal-fortress. For- 
teresse federate, voy. Biindesfestimg. 

(Grenz-). voy. Grenzfestung. 

(des ersten Ranges). A first-rate for- 
tress, or fortress of the first-class. Place 
f. du premier ordre. 

(des zTi-eiten Ranges). K fortress of 

the second-class. Place du second ordre. 

(des dritten Ranges). A third-rate 

fortress. Place du troisieme ordre. 

Festungsangriff, m. voy. Angriff der 

Festungsarrest, m. Imprisonment or con- 
finement in a fortress ; the punishment of 
" fortress-arrest " inflicted on officers. De'- 

Festungsartiilerie — Feuer. 


teniioH f. ; peine qui oonsiste k d^nir le 
oondamn^ dans one forteresae. 

Festungsartiilerie, f. Garriton or BioHding- 
artillery for the defence of fortresses. Ar- 
tiUerie t de place, 

Festungsbatterie, f. A fxed-battery in a 
fortification or permanent-work ; the bat- 
tery of a fortress, in distinction to one con- 
structed in the field; permanent-battery, 
Batterie f. de place ou batterie de forte- 
reeae; batterie permanente, 

Festungsgeschiitz, n. (art.) GarrUon-ffuns 
(pi.) ; ffune/or ganruon service ; garrieon- 
gun, Canont m. pi. de place; piecn f. pi. 
de place; canon de place, 

Festimgslaboratorium, n. voj. Labora- 

Festimgslaffete, f. (art.) Garrison or stand- 
irw-carriage, Aff^ m. de place, voj, 
Walllaffete; Hobe Rabmlaffete; Kase- 
mattenlafifete ; Bombenkanonenlaffete ; 

Festungskrieg, m. The attack and drfence 
of fortresses, Attaque et d^ense f. des 
places de guerre, 

Festungslinie, f. (fort.) voy. Magis- 

Festungsstrafe, f. voy. Strafe. 

Festungssystem, n. voy. Befestigimgs- 
manier; Svstem. 

Festungswerke, n. pi. The works; for- 
tificoHons; works of fortification. For- 
tifications f. pi. ; ouvrages m. pi. de forti- 

Fettbiicbse, f. voy. Acbsscbmierbiichae, 

Fette Sand- od. Massenfdrmerei, f. (moul.) 
voy. Massenfonnerei. 

Fetter Sand, m. (moul.) voy. Masse. 

Fettgares Leder, n. Curried leather dubbed 
(daubed) or stuffed with oil or greasy sub- 
stances. Peau f, corroy4e et passie h 
Vhuile ; cuir a Vhuile, 

FettscbmebEen, n. (v^t.) (Durcbfall, m. od. 
Bauchfluss, m.) Molten-grease in horses. 
Gras-fondu m, ; gras-fondure f. 

Feuer, n. (sid.) od. Herd, m. Smelting- 
hearth ; forge-hearth ; hearth, Basfour- 
neau ; feu m. ; forge f, ; foyer m. 

n. (sid.) od. Herd, m. (bci den 

Frischfeuem). The hearth of the different 
refining-forges or refinery-furnaces of the 
Continent. Feu m.; creuset m. 

Feuer, n. Fire; firing. Feu m. 

n. (der Infimterie). The firing of in- 
fantry, infantry-firing; the firings of inf. 
Feu m. dtittfanterie ; feux d'if\fanterie, 

n. (der Artillerie). The fire of artillery, 

artillery-fire; kind or species of firing; 
(artillery-practice). Feu d* artillerie; feus 
m. pi. d*artillerie. 

! Fire I Feu I 

(Bataillen-). voy. Bataillenfeuer. 

(Bataillons-). The^nn^ by battalion 

(when in brigade) ; the fire ^f the bat- 
talion (when drilling singly) ; . the volley or 

general discharge of a battalion in line. 
Feu m. par bataillon ; feu de bataillon, 

Feuer, (bestreicbcndes). Grazing -fire, 
which sweeps close to the surface it de- 
fends, whether it be the level ground or 
the fi&ce of a wall or bank. Feux rasants ; 
feu rasant. 

rblindes). voy. Blindes Feuer. 

(bohrendes). Plunging-fire, — plon- 

geant ; — fichant, 

(Carr^-). voy. Carrefeuer; Salve. 

(Chauss^-). Street-firing, Feu de 

chauss^e; feu de colonne, voy. Defilc- 

(convergirendes). Converging — . Feux 


(Defil^-) (Feuer einer,im Defil^ zuriick- 

gehenden Colonne). Street-firing or firing 
in narrow ground retiring. Feux de 
chauss/e en retraite, 

(directes). Direct or perpendicular- 
fire, — directs; — direct, 

— : — (divergirendes). Diverging — . Feux 
divergents; feu divergent. 

(einbobrendes). Plunging — . — fi- 

chants ; feu fichant : ( — plongeant), 

(enfilirendes). EnfUade-fire. Feu 


(Etagen-). voy. Etagenfeuer, Stock- 


The enemy* s fire. Feu 


de VennenU. 

(Flanken-). Flanking-fire, Feufian- 


(flankirendes). Flanking-fire, — fian- 


(Frontal-). Direct-fire, Feu deface; 

feu de front. 

(gerades). Point-blank fire; horizontal 

fire, — droits; — droit; — horizontal, 

(gesenktes). Plunging-fire, — plon- 

(Glieder-). Firing by ranks. — par 

rang o^feux de range, 

(griechiscbes) (artif. d. r.). Greek-fire. 

— gr^eois. 

(Haubitz-). Howitzer-practice, Tir 

des obusiers, 
(borizontales). Horizontal—, — droits; 

— droit; — horizontal; — horizontaux, 

(Kreuz-). Cross-fire. Feu crois/. 

(lebbaftes). Animated ^ brisk-fire. Feu 

v\f, nourri. 
(Linien-). Fire of the line; firing in 

line. Feu m. de ligne; (feu de brigade), 
' (Peloton-). Firing by sub-divisions 

(divisions); (platoon -firing [a]). — de 

(rasirendes). Grazing — . — rasants ; 

feu rasant, 
(Rotten-). File-firing, Feu de deux 

range, voy. Rottenfeuer. 
(scbrages). Oblique — . — obliques ; 

— oblique. 

'. (scbrages). Oblique — ; slant — . 

— d*ifcharpe, 



Fmer — FearfruiiB. 

imif'f.T^,. />« k Im d^kmtdmdt ; — at /i- 
ridUfmm f^M d* tirmUlemrt. 

'JHockwerit-,. TOT. Scorkwerk- 


NnrauiJetir-".. tot. Scfautzmfeuer. 

— ■ 'VtTUad- oid. Wmf — ;. VeriiemJ'/frt, 
M tjurt of ^IttJk tJuvvn from mottan at 
gpfcst <rl«tatkffkf. Fnur rertieamx; feu 
rtriunU : (feu cvmrlt). 

^wohJljedienUn, put ttnterfaaltflies ». 

WetU^errtd^ wtlUkept mp or wtU-tauftmrntd 
fkrt. — Ifiem »«Tt, bum wmrri. 

i\m — stebMi^ T.) ^Too Pfietden;. To 

ttamd /re, ^mmI of bonei; ; to he tiemdy 
to armn and ftriu§, ^re drew^ H mft 
mm feu ; (%t dit de» ciieraiixj. 

(das — aufangeu, t.^ Ctoo Batterien). 

To open, €jt uprn Ikeir fire, as batteries. 
Ouxrir Ufeu ; ouvrir Uur/eu; tuner ponr 
la pnmim foil ; (te dit dec batteries). 

— (anfaogen, t.). To eommenee firing. 
Onnnumeer It feu. 

— (^*!)K:n, T.) To fire. Fnre/em. 

— (im feibdlichen — ftehen, t.) To 
$land or Ae aiu/er fire ; to ^ Muier the 
fire trr remain exposed to the fire of the 
enemy. Eire tKnis lefeu de rennemL 

(ein Pferd an das — gewohnen, t.) To 

train or tning a honte to etand-fire; to 
tue him to firing, Halntuer on dkeral 

(im). Under fire. Sou* le/eu; aufeu. 

— (gegen da« — gedcckt sein, t.) To be 
under cover from the enemy* afire; to be 
covered from fire. Ktre a couvert dufeu, 
— con f re lefeu. 

Feuerbailen, m. (art) Fire-ball, Balle f. 
a feu. 

m. pi. (art.) Obsolete term for " Brand- 

geschosse." voy. Brandgeschosse. 

m. (art.) Light-ball (in the Austrian 

artiller) ;. Balle f. a iclairer (en Autriche). 
▼oy. Leuchtkugel. 

Feuerbriieke, f. (f. a. r.) (eines Flammen- 
ofens). The fire-bridge of a reverberatory 
furnace. Pont m. de la chauffe. 

Fenerform, f. (art.) (einer Feldschmiede). 
The tue-iron of travelling-forge, for bel- 
lows-nozzle. Tuyhre f. de forge de cam- 

Feuergewehr, n. A fire-arm; email-arms, 
(pi.) Armekfeu; armee afeuportativee. 

Feuergewehre, n. pi. Small-arms. Armee 
hfeu portatives. 

■ pi. Men under arms, or bayonets 

! figuratively). Combattants; baionnettes 
au figure). 
Feuergnibe, f. (sid.) (der deutschen Frisch- 
scliniiiHlc). Tlie hearth of German refining- 
forgo. Fpti m. ou creuset m. de la renar- 
dierc ou du fru d'afiinerie a Tallemande. 
Fcuerholus f. (fort.) (Anschlagshohe od. 
Vcrthcidigungshohe der Brustwehr). The 
interior elevation or height of the parapet 

above the ticad of the I 
t d'a^pui ; halgf de la crete 
dm parapet aa-deaw de la I 
FenrrkatEe. £. fart, a.) A aott of picnicr or 
mortar for pi uj c Uin g slOHa. Espece de 

Fraerkitt. m. (aitit) iSi for kittnig can- 
vass to place orcr the tcbIs of carcaases ; 
tii-eom^oeUiam for the bead of carcaas- 
rockets to keep o«t die damp. Mmaiie m. 
employ^ cbaad pov endaire CBtuieucnt 
oa en' partie certains artifioes, ate de lea 
garantir de llnuniditr. 

Feuerkiiaiil, m. od. 

Feoerknaoel, m. (art.) (BnadkiigeU t) 
Sort of smaO fire kali thrown by band. 
Pelote on petotte t a feu. 

Feuerkugel, f. (artif.) tot. Fenaballen. 

f. TOT. FeuerknaneL 

Fenerlami schbgeu, t. To bemt io mrma 
on an alarm of fire (fire-alarm) in ganiaon, 
etc Battre ta gMrale. 

Feoerleiter, m. pL (min., etc) (gahraniM^). 
TOT. Leiter, Leitungidraihte. 

Feuerleitung, f. (min.) The tram^pnmasg 
of mines. Porte-feu des fouseanz da 
mines ; comataairo/toa dufeu anx mines. 

Feuerlinie, f. (fort. p»«^.) (die crste linie, 
diebeim Bane auf dem Terrain a««ga8teckt 
wird). The base-line of a work, tmierior 
base-tine of the parapet, as first marked in 
the tracing of works. Crelfe mt^irieure dn 
parapet; ligne defeu; premiere hgne k 
tracer quand Templacement d'un oarmge a 
4ie determine. 

(fort.) (innere Kretenlinie, Deddinie, 

od. Kammlinie). The erest or interior- 
erest of the parapet; the intersection of 
the superior and interior slopes. lAgne f. 
defeu ; crfte intMeure; ligue eomnramie. 

(tacL) (Tirailleur- od. SchiitEen- 

linie). A line of skirmishers. Ugme f. 
de tirailleurs. 

(tact.) Any " line of troops firiaj/*' 

whether in dose or extended order. LignM 
engagie aufeu, dans le combat. 

Feuera, t. To Jfire. Fairefeu ; /trer. 

T. (iiber Bank). To fire en barietie. 

Tirer a barbette. 

V. (art.) (Lagenweise). To fire im 

salvos. Tirer par salves. 

Feuerpfanne, f. voy. WalUampe. 

Feueipiket, n. T\iB fire-piquet ; (party who 
hokl themselves in readiness to turn ont in 
case of fire, in order to render imm ediate 
assistance). Dctachement m. qui en gar- 
nison se tient pret a sortir en cas d'inoendie, 
pour empech«r le desordre et fiKaliter lea 
premiers seoours. 

Feuerrad, n. (artif. d. r.) The giremdole ; 
firework having a horizontal rotation. Gi- 
randole f . 

Feuerraum, m. (f. a. r.) (des Flammenofens). 
The fire-place. Chaiife f. dn four k r6- 
verbdre ; partie du fouarneaa o& ae met to 

Fenerregen — Flammenkohle. 


Feuerregen, m. (artif. d. r.) Gold'rain; 
shower of fiery rain. Pluie f. defeu, 

Feuerreserve, f. ▼oy. Feuerpiket. 

Feuerrohr, n. (od. Feuerwaffe, f.) Fire* 
arm, Arme f. a feu. 

Feuerschachtel, f. (min.) Toy. Zuiid- 

Feuerecheu, adj. (von Pferden). Not steady 
to fir e^ not standing fire ; (said of hoTBes). 
Craintifaufeuf (se dit des chenun); foj. 

Feuerschiff, n. voy. Brander. 

Feuerschirm, m. (m. d'a.) (a). The Aom- 
mer-shield or fire-guard at the side of the 
pan of old-pattern Prussian and other fo- 
reign fire-lodu. Garde-feu m. 

m. (m. d*a.) (an Percussionsgewehren). 

The back-fence^ shield, or broad preYentive 
fence which surrounds and projects under 
the nipple-seat Coguille f. ; partie ^rid^ 
de la culasse des fusils k percussion. 

Feuerschloss, n. (m. d'a.) (a). The old wheels 
lock of former days. Platine f. d rouet. 

n. voy. Ltmten-, Rad-, Flinten- 


Feuerschwamm, m. (min.) Agaric, spunk 
(a), amadou, {Gferman-tinder). Amadou m. 

Feuersonne, f. (artif. d. r.) Fuped-sun in 
fireworks. Soleil m. d'artifice. 

Feuerstrahl, m. (des Ziindhiitdiensatzes). 
The line or stream offiame generated by 
the percussion-prime. Jet m. de flamme 
donn^ par Tamorce fiilminante lors de son 

Feuertonne, f. voy. Sturmfass. 

Feiiertopf, m. (art.J Fire-pot, used in the 
defence of a breach, etc. Pot m. ^ feu. 

Feiierwaffe,f. voy.Feuer^ewehr; Geschiitz. 

Feuerwand, f. (art.) od. Wandblecb n. (einer 
Feldschmlede) . The back of the hearth of 
a travelling-forge. Contre-coeur m. de 
forge de campagne. 

Feuerwerk, n. Firework; fireworks (pi.) 
of any kind. (The Germans distinguish 
between those for purely military purposes 
and those used on occasions of rejoicing, 
etc. ; calling the former ** Emstfeuerwerk,'* 
and the latter " Lustfeuerwerk.") Feu m. 
d* artifice ; feux d* artifices, voj. Emst- 
feuer; Lustfeuer. 

Feuerwerker, m. (art) Laboratory-man, or 
artilleryman employed in the laboratory; 
one employed in making military-fireworks 
and laboratory-stores. Artificier m. 

m. (art.) Nonoommissioned-offioer of 

the artillery ranking with a sergeant of in- 
fantry; artillery-sergeant. Sergent-arti- 
ficier m. ; sergent d*artillerie. voy. Ober- 

Feuerwerkerei, f. (Pyrotechnik od. Pyro- 
technic, f.) Pyrotechny, or the science 
of fireworks of every description, including 
those which are purely military or intended 
for purposes of war, and which belong to 
the ** Emstfeuerwerkerei,'' as well as those 
for amusement, rejoicing, etc., or appertain- 

ing to the '' LustfeaerwerkereL'' Pyro* 
technie f.; art de composer des feux d'ar- 

Fcuerwerk8knoten,m.The double ha\f -hitch, 
(knot). Nceud m. d^ artificier. voy. Knoten. 

Feucrwerkskunst, f. voy. Feuerwerkerei. 

Feuerwerkssatz, m. voy. Satz. 

Fichte, f. (Rothtanne). The fir, fir-tree, 
orpine. Pin m. 

Fichtenholz, n. White-deal, or the wood 
of the fir. Bois m. de pin. 

Figurenwinkel, m. (fort.) voy. Poljrgon- 
winkcl (der aussere). 

Filzschuh, m. (der Pulverarbeiter, etc.). 
Magazine-slippers (pi.) Sandales f. pL ; 
patins m. pi. ; chaussons. 

Fiugerfiitter, n. (art.) voy. Daumling. 

Finnc, f. Pfinne, f. (od. die schmale Seite 
eines Hammers). The pane of a hammer. 
Panne f. 

Fimiss, m. Varnish. Vemis m. 

Firstbretter, n. pi. (min.) od. Deckbretter 
(der Minengange). Top-sheeting for gal- 
leries of mines. Planches f. pi. de del. 

Firste, f. (min.) od. Decke, f. (eines Minen- 
ganges). The roqf of a gallery, del m. 
d'une galerie de mine. 

f. Ridge; top ; summit (of mountains, 

etc.) Sommet m. ; ctme f. 

Firstenwage, f. (min.) voy. Waare. 

Fiscbhaut, f. (m. d'a.) od. Kerben f. pi. 
(am Hahne eines Percussionsgewehies). 
The chequering or engraving to catch the 
thumb, on the hammer of a percussion- 
lock. Quadrillage m. a la crete du chien 
percutant ; face carreUe de la crete, ser- 
vant a empecher les doigts de glisser quand 
on fait effort pour armer. 

f. (men.) Fish-skin for smoothing 

wood. Peau f. de chien de mer. 

Fl'ache, f. voy. Ebcne. 

Flachen, f. pi. (m. d'a.) (des Flintenhiufes). 
The squares or fiat of the barrel, (in some 
rifle- barreb). Pans ext&ieurs du canon. 

Flacheisen, n. od. Flachstabeisen. Flat 
bar-iron. Fer m. m^lat. 

Flaches Land, n. voy. Flachland. 

Flachgang, m. (expl.) Vein, the bearing of 
whidi is from, north-west to south-east. 
Filon m. de neuf heures, ou dont la direc- 
tion passe par la ligne de neuf heures. 

Flachhufig, adj. (vlt) Flat-hoofed, flat- 
soled, (of horses). Qui a le sabot plat. 

Flachland, n. Flat, open, level country ; a 
flat. Pays de plaine ; pays plat ; plat- 
pay* ni. 

Fkddermine, f. (min.) (od. Flattermine). 
Afougass, common fougass, or mine chiefly 
used in the defence of intrenchments or 
fieldworks, the hne of least resistance of 
which is usually from 4 to 6 feet, and not 
exceeding 8 feet Fougasse f. ordinaire. 

Flaffge, f. (emer Lanxe). The flag or penn. n 
of a lance. Fanion m., flamme f. de lanoe. 

Flammenkohle, f. (od. Kohlenbrand, m.). 
voy. Briinde, pi. 


Flammenofen — Flankiren. 

Flammenofen, m. Reverberaiory-fumace. 
Four m. a rherbere. voy. Aschenfall; 
Einsctzoffnung ; Einsetzthiir ; Esse ; 
Essenklappe ; Feiierbriicke ; Feuer- 
raum ; Fuchs ; Herd ; Ilerclbriicke ; 
Herdplatte ; Rost ; Schmelzraum ; 

Flammenfrischofen, m. (sid.) Puddling- 
furnace^ or furnace of the reverberatory 
form, for converting cast-iron into bar or 
malleable iron. Four m. a rioerbhre pour 
affiner la fonte ; (four-pudling), 

Flammenofenfrisebarbeit, f. (sid.) voy. 
Frischarbeit (die englische). 

Flanke, f. (tact.) (bei der Linienstellung). 
The flank of troops in line. Aile f. ; ex- 
tr^mit^ droite ou gauche d'une troupe en 

- f. (tact.) (bei der Colonnenstellung). 
The flank of a column, or of troops in co- 
lumn. Flanc m. ; cot^ droite ou gauche 
d'une colonne. 

(tact.) (eine — formiren,v.) vov. Haken. 

(Dem Feinde in die — fallen. To 

attack or take the enemy tn flank. 

Attaquer en flanc, prendre Tennemi 

en flanc.) 
(Die — en decken, entblossen. To 

cover or protect one's flanks, to open 

or ejcpose one's flanks. Assurer, 

couvrir, prater, d^couvrir ses flancs.) 
(Gegen des Fcindes — operiren ; einem 

Feinde in die Flanke manoeuvriren. 

To operate on the enemy's flank. 

Op^rer, agir sur le flanc de Tennemi.) 
(Die — en des Feindes bedroben. voy. 


f. (fort.) od. Fliigelstreiche (eines 

Bollwerkes). The flank of a bastion. 
Flanc m. d'un bastion. 

(fort.) (die gerade). The common right- 

lined flank, (in distinction to the " gebro- 
chene " or retired-flank). Flanc droit, 

(fort.) (die gebrochene od. zuriickge- 

zogene). The retired-flank. Flanc retir^. 

(fort.) (die hoble, krumme, od. einge- 

bogene). The concave-flank, concave re- 
tired-flank, or retired-flank made in the 
form of the arc of a circle ; (hollow-tower). 
T\nir creuse. 

(fort.) (die niedereV Lower-flank, in a 

construction with double-flanks. Flanc bas. 

(fort.) (die hohe). The upper-flank of 

a bastion constructed with double-flanks, 
(in distinction to the ** niedere," or lower- 
tiank). — haut. 

(fort.) (Ncben-). voy. Nebenflanke. 

f. (bei dem Pferde). (Weicbe od. 

Diinnung). The flank. Flanc m. du 

(Mit den — en schlagen. To heave 
the flanks. Battre du flanc.) 
— =— (die linke). The near-side. Montoir 

m. ; cote gauche du cheval. 
— — (dierechte). The of -side. CMhors 
du montoir. 

FlankenangrifT, m. (tact.) A flank-attack 
or attack in flank. Attagne f. en flanc, 
attaque de flanc. 

(eineu — machen, v.) To attack in 

flank, or make a flank-attack. Attaquer 
en flanc ; faire une attaque de flanc. 

Flaukenbatterie, f. (Flankir- od. Fliigel- 
batterie an den Enden der ersten Paral- 
lele). Enfilading-battery constructed on 
the flanks of the first-parallel. Batterie f. 
d'enfllade ou en rouage, plac^ aux extre- 
mity de la premiere parallele. 

f. voy. Batterie. 

f. voy. Seitenbatterie. 

Flankenbewegung, f. (tact.) (Abmarsch aus 
der FUnke). A flank-march. Marche f. 
de flanc ; mouvement m. de flanc. voy. 

f. (tact.) (Bcwegung in des Gegners 

Flanke). K flank-movement, or movement 
to a flank. Manavnre f. deflanc; mouve- 
ment m. deflanc. 

Flankendeckung, f. (tact.) (marschnrender 
Truppcu). Covering or protecting the 
flank of troops on the march. Action de 
couvrir lesflancs des troupes en marche. 

Flankenfeuer, n. Flanking-flre, Feu de 
flanc J feuflanquant. 

Fiankenmanover, n. (tact.) Movement or 
manceuvre to turn the enemy's/fan*. Ma- 
noeuvre f. tent«e pour toumer rennemi par 
le flanc ; manceuvre pour prendre Tennemi 
en flanc. 

Flankenmarscb, m. (tact.) Flank-march 
(as of companies in file or otherwise) ; 
flank-march, flank-movement, or movement 
to a flank, made by any part of an army or 
corps of troops. Marche f. de flanc.- 
mouvement m. deflanc. 

Flankenpatrouille, f. voy. Patrouille. 

Flankenrichtung, f. (tact.^ voy. Richtung. 

Flankenstellung, f. (tact.) Flank-position 
taken up for any purpose. Position f. de 

FiankenYertbeidigung, f. (fort.) Fhnk- 
defence ; flanking drfence. Defense f. de 

Flankenwinkel, m. (fort.) The angle of the 
flank or curtain-angle ; the angle formed 
by the meeting of the flank and the cur- 
tmn. Angle m. deflanc,- angle de eourtine. 

Flankeiir, m. (cav.) (Plankerer, Plankler 
od. Blanker der Cavallerie). A cavalry 
skirmisher, (formerly called flanker, [a]). 
Flanqueur, iclaireur, tirailleur m. de ca- 

Flankirbatterie, f. voy. Flankenbatterie. 

Flankiren, v. (fort.) To flank, or d^end the 
flank of a work. Flanquer. voy. Be- 

V. (cav. tact.) (plankeln od. plankem). 

To skirmish, as cavalry. THrailler. 

n. (cav. tact,) Skirmishing, as cavalry, 

(formerly called ./lonirtfi^ [a]). Action de 
tirailler; (tiraillement m.). 

n. voy. Flankenmanover. 

Flaukiren — Floss. 


Flankiren, v. (tact.) To take or attack in 
flank ; to out-flank. Prendre enflane. 

Flankirredoute, f. od. Flugelredoute (an 
den Fiugeln der ersten Parallele). Redoubt ^ 
with which the extremities or wings of the 
first-parallel are sometimes strengthened, 
to prevent it from flank-attacks. Redoute 
f. aox extremity de la premiere paral- 

Flasche^ f. (m^.) (das Gehause, in welchem 
sich eine od. mehrere RoUen befinden). 
The shell of a block ; pulley-frame in 
which the pulley or sheave is moveable on 
a pin passing through its centre. Chape f. 
d'un moufle, d'une poulie. 

f. A, pulley, Poulie f, 

f. (fond.^ voy. Formflasche. 

Flaschenhalfte, f. (fond.) Half -box, frame, 
or ha\f-flagk, for moulding in sand. Demi- 
chduit m. de moulage. 

Flaschenzug, m. (mec; art., etc.) A tackle, 

i. e. a pair of blocks (or " Kloben ") with 

the ropes fastened round them. Systeme 

de 2 moufles ^uipds avec un cordage ; 

^ (palan des pontonniers) ; mouflette f. 

Flattermine, f. (min.^ voy. FlaLddermine. 

Flattiren, v. (man.) (ein Pferd beloben, am 
Halse Idopfen, etc.) To make much of a 
horse. Careeeer un cheval; \e flatter avec 
la main ou la voix. 

Flechten, v. (Schanzkorbc). To wale, or 
form the web of the gabion in gabion- 
making. Clayonner, faire le clayonnage 
d'un gabion. 

Flechtstrange, m. pi. (beim Anfertigen der 
Schanzkorbc). The rods with which the 
);erson making the gabion works or wales. 
Clayont m. pi. ; (bois servant au clayon- 

Flechtwerk, n. The waling or web of ga- 
bions, hurdles, etc. ; the randing, waiting 
of gabions ; wicker-work or basket-work. 
Clayonnage m. 

n. od. Hurden, f. pi. voy. Hurden. 

Flechtwerkbekleidung, f. Hurdle-revet- 
ment. Rev^tement m. en clayonnage, 

Flecken, m. (vet.) (auf der Homhaut des 
Auges). Speck or spot on the cornea; 
cloudiness of the cornea. Tache f. sur la 
com^e ; taie ou tache f. sur I'oeil. 

Flegelwischer, m. (art. a.) Spunge (or 
rammer) now quite exploded, the staff of 
which was in two pieces, connected either 
by a chain or thongs of leather, and much 
resembling a common *' fiail " for thresh- 
ing, from its appearance to which it derived 
its name, j^couvillon m. a hampe mobile; 
/couvillon bris/. voy. Posaunenwischer ; 

Fleischseite, f. (des Leders). The flesh- 
side of leather. CMm. de la chair. 

Fleischsohle, f. (v^.) voy. Sohle. 

Flesche, f. (fort.) A fleche, or work con- 
sisting of two faces, forming a salient angle 
towards some object. Fleche f. 

Flicgc, f. (m. d'o.) (Miicke f. od. Kom, n.) 


Sight, front-sight, or muzzle-sight. Gui- 
don m. 

FliegendeBriicke,f. A flying-bridge, swing- 
bridge, or swing-flying-bridge, formed by 
anchoring a floating body in a river, so as 
to receive the action of the stream ob- 
liquely. Pont-wiUmt m. 

Fahre, f. voy. Gierfahre. 

Flinte, f. Musket, flrelock. Fusil m. voy. 
Gewehr : Bajonnet ; Beschlage ; Lade- 
stock; Lauf; Schsdt; Schloss. 

Flintenkugel, f. Musket-ball. Balle f. de 
fusil i balle pour fusil de munition. 

Flintenkugelfest, adj. Musket-proof, ball- 
'oof. A V^prewoe. 

tenlauf, m. (m. d*a.) od. Flintenrohr, n. 
The musket-barrel. Canon m, de fttsil. 
voy. Bwonnethaft : Bohrung ; Flachen ; 
Kom ; Miindung; Fiilversack ; Scbwanz- 
Bchraube ; Stossflache ; Vordertheil ; 
Wande; Zundstift; Ziindstollen. 

m. (m. d'a.) (gezogener). A r^led- 

barrel. — ray^. 

m. (m. d'a.) (gewiindener). Twisted- 
barrel. — tordu. 

Flintenpatrone, f. voy. Patrone. 

Flintenpatrouenkasten, m. Small -arm 
cartridge-box. Caisse f. pour cartouches 
a fusil. 

Flintenriemen, m. The flrelock-sling. Bre- 
telle f. de fusil. 

Flintenschaft, m. (m. d'a.) The stock of 
musket. Bois m. de ^usil. voy. Scbaft ; 
Anschlag; Ausschnitt; Backen; Diin- 
nung; Einschnitt; Griff; Hals; Kol- 
ben; Laufhuthe; Nase; Pfeife; Rinne; 

Flintenscbloss, n. (m. d'a.) The lock. Pla- 
tine i, voy. Percussionsschloss ; Sicher- 
heits8cbloss;Steiiischloss; Hahn; Nuss; 
Nussdeckel; Schlossblatt od. Scbloss- 
blech ; Stange ; Stangenfeder ; Schlag- 
feder; Studel; Stuhl. 

Flintenscbuss, m. A shot; musket-shot. 
Coup m. de fusil. 

Flintenstein, m. The flint, gun-flint, Pierre 
f. a fusil, pierre de fusil. 

Exercir- (der holzeme, etc.) (a). A 

snapper; {bone-driver). Pierre f. de bois; 
pierre de come ; pierre i*exercice. 

Floss, n. (sid.) A mass of cast-metal in the 
form of a cake or plate, of the quality of 
sow or pig-metal. Floss m. ; pUque de 
fonte ou fbnte coulee en plaque, voy. 

n. (sid.) (luckiges). voy. Roheisen 

(lucldges), Weichfloss. 

n. (sid.) (llart-). voy. Hartfloss, 


n. (sidO (Rohstahl-). ^oy. Robstahl- 

floss od. Rohstahleisen. 

(sid.) (Spiegel-), voy. Spiegelfloss, 


(sid.) (Welch-), voy. Weichfloss. 

Floss, n. A float ; raft of timber or tim- 
ber'rqfi, employed as an exi>edient for 


Floss — Fliigebredoute. 


transporting troops across rivers. 
deau m. 

Floss, n. (Tonnen-). Bqft of casks. Radeau 
de totmeauT; radeau compose de tonneaux. 

— n. (aus Kasten und mit Luft gefullten 
Schlauchen, etc.) Rqfi formed of different 
expedients for the passage of rivers, as air- 
tight cases, skins, etc. Radeau m. de circon- 
9iance9t — improviM/, — oonstmit avec tout 
ce que Ton trouve sous la main en cam- 

Flossbriicke, f. (pont.) A rqft^bridge (pro- 
perly so called), or bridge on rafts qftim- 
her. Pont m. de radeaux ; (pont de ra- 
deaux proprement dit). 

f. (pont.) (aus Fassem, Kasten, od. mit 

Luffc gefullten Schlauchen). Bridge on 
rqfis constructed of different expedients, as 
** air-tight cases, casks, inflated-skins,'* etc. 
Pont de radeaux de circonatances. voj. 
Fassbriicke ; Kastenbriicke ; Schlauch- 

Flossen, f. pi. (sid.) (Roheisen in Mulden- 
gestalt). Sow or pig-metal. Saumons de 

Flossgalle, f. (v^.) Windgall; pt^f. Mo- 
Mte f. simple; vessigon m. 

Flossofen, m. (sid.) voy. Blauofen. 

Flottille, f. Flotilla. Hottille f. ; {flottUle 

Flottiren, n. (tact.) (einer Truppe beim 
Frontmarsche). The waving which takes 
place in a line whilst advancing, when the 
direction is not true. Floitement m. 

V. n. (tact.) To wave; march unsteadily 

or uncollectedly, etc. Fitter. 

Flucht, f. (m^c.) od. Spielraum, m. Play. 
Jeu m. 

f. (▼. d*a.) (od. die Spielung eines 

Rades). The play or liberty in carriages 
between the stock and the shoulder. Jeu 
m. d'une roue. 

— f. (einer Batterie). The interior- line, 
interior 'base, or interior base-line of the 
parapet of a battery, or the line which, in 
the tracing of a battery, is set off at rights 
angles to the object-line or line in the 
direction of the enemy's work to be fired 
at. Ligne f. de feu d'une batterie ; ligne 
suivant laquelle on trace le parapet d'une 

Fliichtig, adj. (von einer Truppe). 
put to the rout. En diroute , 
(d'une troupe). 

Fliichtige Befestigung, f. voy, 
gungskunst (die fliichtige). 

Sappe, f. voy. Sappe. 

Fluder, n. voy. Ablauf. 

Flug, m. (art.) (bei Haubitzen und Morsem). 
The " vacant cylinder," or that part of the 
bore of howitzers and mortars from the 
seat of the shell to the mouth. Pkrtie su- 
p^rieure de Tame des obusiers et des mor- 

Flugbahn, f. (art.) (der Geschosse) od. 
Bfthn. The irtyectory or path of shot 

en fuite 


through the air ; the curve or curved-line 
in which they move. Trajectoire f. des 
Flugel, m. (tact.) (einer Truppe). T^^jUmk 
of any company, battalion, etc., in line ; 
the wing of an army ; right or left wing of 
a battalion or regiment. Aile f. d'une 
troupe; aile d'arm^ ; demi-bataillon m. 
(dans certains pays). 

(tact.) (der scbwenkende). The 

wheeling-flank. Aile marchante ; aile op- 
pose au pivot. 

(tact.) der iimere (stehende). The 

pivot- {ot standing) flank. Aile pivotante. 

pi. (Angriff auf die — ). voy. Fhmken- 


m. (fort.) (die lange Seite eines Horn- 

und Kronenwerkes, etc.). The branch f 
wing, or long side of a horn and crown- 
work, etc. Aile f. d'un ouvrage k comes, k 
oouronne, etc. voy. Fliigelseiten, Fliigel- 

m. (der Pandlele). voy. Parallelen- 


m. pi. (an einer Nabenbuchse). voy. 


Fliigelac^utant, m. King*s aide-de-camp ; 
more particularly one of the second class of 
king's aides-de-camp, in Prussia. (This class 
is composed of officers of the rank of colonel. 
The first class are styled ** Generaladju- 
tanten," and are general-officers.) Aide- 
de-camp d'un roi ; aide-de-camp de la 
deuxieme dasse du roi de Prusse, ^pour le 
distinguer des aides-de-camp g^neraux de 

Fliigelbatterie, f. voy. Batterie. 

Fliigelcompagme, f. Flank-company. Com- 
pagnie f. deflanc. 

Fliigelbom, n. voy. Signalhom. 

FUigellinien, f. pi. (fort.) od. Fliigelseiten 
(der Horn- und Kronenwerke). The long 
branches or wings of horn- and crown- 
works. Ailes ou branches f. pi. voy. 

Fliigeunann, m. (tact.) (vom ersten Gliede). 
The flank or pivot-man; the right (or Irft) 
hand man of the front rank. Premier chrf 
m. deflle de droite (ou de gauche); homme 
de droite (ou de gauche) du premier rang. 

• m. (vom zweiten Gliede). The flank 

front-rank-man^ s coverer in the rear-rank, 
(when drawn up in two ranks), or in the 
centre-rank (when in three ranks). Homme 
de droite (ou de gauche) du second rang. 

m. (beim Reihenmarsche). Leading- 

flle, in file-marching. Soldat en tfte dans 
la marche en file ou par le flanc 

Fliigclmutter, f. A thumb-screw, ^crou m. 
a deux branches. 

Fliigelposten, m. (einer Vorpostenchaine). 
A flank-vedette or sentry; one on the 
flank of a chain of sentries. Sentifielle f. 
du flanc droit (ou du flanc gauche) d'une 
chaine d'avant-postes. 

Fliigelrahmeiiy m. (min.) voy. Obrrabmen. 

F1ugirlivik>uT« — Fc«L.:' 


. Flinkinedocu 
TOT. Einfassokcv- 

Fliigelredoute, f. od. 
Flixgelredute, f. voy 
Fliigelrotten, f. pi. 

rotten; Rotte. 
Fliigelschartenzeile, t {(on.) Tl* *fij< 

merUm on the flank of a baxsesy : tua: 

solid portion of the parapet whidi if le lUf 

tisfat or left extremity ot a batzerr. Zm»- 

merion m. 
Fliigelseiten, f. pL (fort.) vox. Fliiitei- 

Flugelstreiche, f. (a.) (fort.^ tot. Fluikt.. 
Fliiselimterofficiere, m. pL vox. Unter- 

Fliigeh-edette, f. A/tanJt-redetfe. Vedert^ 

f. dm /fame droit on duflancgimcke (d'ane 

cbune d'arant-postes). 
FliigelTomehmen, n. (tact.) Bringimg-vp 

n Jla^k; (brhiging'Vp the right [or /^^ 

tkvuldtr). AAion d'orancfr une aile. 
Fliieelzug. m. X. flank-dtrution, Pehton 

dm fmte ; p^loton a la droife (on a la 

gaackt ■ d'noe troupe en bataille. 
Fluslinie, f. art. Tl*e path or trajectory 

erf a fibot m rii*- fcL-. Trajettoire f. d'un 

Flucz*"!!. 1 t-""- ^f Prije^iUe.t. 77me 

o/ ilif/h:. Iji"** i. de la trajectoire ,- 

dKT*ip dt y*^nwttuh . Umip* ou cfwiVe rfu 

FiuKK. n.. It — kfiniTiiWi. t. 'too Me- 
Ukiiii .. Ti w^ll Mr rtffc* iK^o a irfa^* of 
Huttuti.. Enl*^ th Junuh . ¥i lujuuffitr .- 

11 — inniwii-^ 'Mrtalj* .. To Oring 

atfiiw tif Jtutut. If }f*tjmuff fLf /unvH 
if nnfUUi M^tl^. «i. Jtyiisni Uifwtjyfr . 

iiuu«!( V xmii*. au'ja Juat-^i. y''i««f JimlMtif 

EL V.I- V^Ll^'iJld.*. 

.^^iicjtbii' •»■" «' ' "«'•'• ■»" InrnfM ituuii 
WtJ if'Jf V f«*»c/ Mil 'J Jr* J'MtUi 

nziiiuf.'x i.: 

n. frwir my 




'-ias- ir-.L^ 


1.4 ••'» 

It if.i^r r/i-- .I.- 

tfUl' I 

f^'jt* or 

or Irilra. 

m- Fuller 

1 ,. i._ ..r 

:if '. "hOL.* it I.'.: *^» 
n. F'iU'Ssiii»*'T:-.L::* :• 

•OMm/f n- 1*- -»-^r-^ i :«b6.-.'- ..?; -■■,-.-■.', 

FiiuHin'r. X- Tjr -17^ -.»»*.• ^'i"^ 
umu O' i TTvy. "Hrr* .. -rr^- « :_ :" _j- 
rrri-iv. i' m OHnv-. 

Fiutf^'ertiKiiii^nzis. - T^s- */f»ft'r • ■>■ 
yoMtup^ *r I -^fr -j^trfr - — «•- 
J^-M^- : r 16 sroMitjit' J -^»#-*" j'iva0 

FlUIL -. T^ . 
F>i-: *!#- a. 

Flxni.n.iau t- 

Fluihih-r*^ '. : . 

eduse. |«r Atfs.iM:]^-^ a. 
Fluthzeit. i Frj^Jt'-iX^ 

Fohlen. t. od. f-ljt^ 7i /ub > nHr.t^ 

mettre ha*. tc>t, }■ i, j*-i. 
Forciren, v. (ein Def.^r ?•. /i»-r-- « vr. > 
or pass. Forcer ui atiJu*. *• pu-i.-- * 
force outerte. 

T. Toy. I'ebersMijE. 

T. (einen BiarscL,. T*- mitr-* c /t** •;»?<. 

march. Forcer nne uubtia. 
Forciiter Marsch, m. (EilmarvcL . . K j*jf *.*<• 

march. Marche forc4e. 
Forrining, f. feines Defile^y. 7V fjrfn,g 
of a defile ; forcing thepauage 'A a dHiU ; 
pawiug a defile in contact viih «u Mn-uiy. 
Fauage m. d'un defile a force f^wprte. 
Fyrd*rni, t. (die Erie). To y:ork mijiiiii. 

JLtpUnter les mines. 
Fomi. f. ffondO 3/oiiM. Af<«/^ m. 

f. Toy. Kugelform; GeHcliiifi'.rortii 

-— 1. Rid.) (BUseforme od. GelilHM>fiH nu' 
«ier Hobofen nnd FiiadifeuiT). Tin- #»»«>*« . 
/r«rf . or iron casting with wbidi flu lin-*. 
uuf into the funaor which nnvii., t... 
blatt-pipe (or "IKise"^ » hmv o. 
tmgere^rtm or tue-irom. 7V«^ f 
, — - £ 'art.) od. Bksedniu- v., | ,.,^. 
I fonn. 

I t 'fort.) ('einw «>;i»« r»», #^.« .. .< 

a work. Fs/rmr t im cm">^%. 
FonnatioiLC 'vr Airfw,.]>,njj K.».. ,,^ 
Fonna^z. «l w.. »«-fi. .r, .r,^ ' 
Fuiiubasik. f nnoi » i,„^, \.. x 

u *iiia an ffimdif t^ w./ .* i . - . 
ABb-mmiidinc rWn^w*- t# *■/ •. ■ 

1 mnu. 'htt mr Kifc»-.- • -— • 

TW nniuibii^..7-fiii//4 «.-.« Mik«^'' ' ^- ' 

rgnniin?rL I. mr*. \"\»ii\«V'«" ' •■ ^ . 

1^ .^ 


Fonnbrett — Fonnlehmtafel. 

m., ichantilUm m. da modele du ootps 
dW canon, voy. Mantelbrett. 
Fonnbrett, n. (moul.) zum Modelle des 
Bodenstiicks (Traubenformbrett). A 
cascable-board in loam-moolding. Ga- 
barit m. de culasse, 
n. (mouL) (znm Mantel), voy. Man- 

n. (monl.) (znm verlomen Kopfe) (a) 

A diad-head board. £chantiUon droit ser- 
vant k mouler la masselotte. 

n. (moul.) od. Modellbrett (bd der An- 

fertigung der Geschosse). The mouiditiff- 
board or JUutk-board on which the box is 
placed in sand-monlding. Planche f. de 
fond pour le moulage des projectiles. 
Fonndrebbank, f. (mouL) od. Kemdreb- 
bank (zur Formung der Hohlkugelkeme). 
A core-frame. Tour de numlage ou h 
Forme, f. (sid.) The tuyere^ twerCy tue-iron, 
or tuyere-iron. Tuyere f, pour loger la 
buse du 8ouf9et. voy. Form. 
Formeisen, n. (dd^ (zur Fertigung der (5e- 
blaseformen). The maundrell or core on 
which wrought-iron tuyeres are formed or 
welded. Mandrin m. de la tuyere. 
Formen, n. (der Geschiitzrohre, etc.). The 
moulding of guns, etc. or the making of 
moulds for casting guns, shot, etc. Jfbu- 
lage m. des canons, des projectiles, etc. 
voy. Formerei. 

n. {m Sand), voy. Sandf ormerei. 

n. (in Lehm). voy. Lebmf ormerei. 

n. (sid.) od. das Nasen der Formen. 

The forming of tuyeres qf slag ; shelving 
at the tweres; throwing out shelves ^ 
slag or solidified matter immediately above 
the tweres; the growing of the tuyere. 
Formation d*un nez a la tuyh'e ; (dur- 
dssement des matieres md a lieu au-dessus 
de la tuyere, provenant d'une surcharge de 
min^rai ou d'un ^hauffement du foumeau). 
voy. Formnase ; Nasen. 
Former, m. A moulder, Mouleur m. 
Formerde, f. (moul.) voy. Formlebm; 

Formerei, f. Moulding^ or the making of 
moulds for casting; art qf moulding. 
MouUige m. It is comprised more or less 
under the following divisions, namely : 

(Kasten-). Green - sand moulding. 

Moulage en sable maigre et avec chdssis, 

(Massen-). Dry -sand moulding. Mou" 

lage en sable gras, 

(Lehm-). Loam-moulding. Moulage 

en argile ou en terre, 

(Herd-). Moulding in open sand; 

{open sand-** casting"), Moulage pra- 
Hquidans le sol de Vusine. 
Formflasche, f. (fond.) (zur Sandiormerei). 
Flask : gun-box ; box; iron case or frame 
for sand-castings. Chiksis m. de moulage. 
voy. Formkasten, Gusskasten. 
Formgewolbe, n. (h. f.) od. Blasegewolbe. 
The tuyere-arch or twere-arch, Bmbra* 

sure de tuyere; eneorbeUement m. de 
soufflets ou de tuyh-e. 

Formholz, n. od. PatronenhoU, A former 
for small -arm cartridges; ball-cartridge 
former, Mtmdrin pour cartouches a armes 

Formiren, v. (sich schlagfertig — ) (von einer 
Truppe). To form. Se former ; passer 
a Vordre de bataille; se former pour com- 
' V. (sich). To fall-in. Se ranger. 

V. (tact.) (Quarr^). To form square f 

get into square. Former le carri ; se 
former en carr^. 

V. (tact.) (Colonne). To form colunuu 

Former la colonne ; se former en colonne. 

V. To organize; form. Organiser; 


Formirt die Colonne! Brform column! 
(from square). Fbrmez la colonne I (le 
bataillon ^tant form^ en carr^. 

Formirung, f. (tact.) (einer Truppe in irgend 
einer beUebigen Ordnung). Theybmui/ion, 
drawing-upf or manner of drawing-up any 
body of men or troops. Formation d'une 
troupe dans un ordro queloonque. voy. 

Formurungslinie, f. (od. die Ldnie, auf 
welcher sich die Truppen eines Lagers 
sammeln) (Place d'armes, Waffenplatz). 
The line of parade or ground of for- 
mation in camp, on whidi troops. stand 
formed in front of their encampment. 
Front de bandiere m. ; ligne en avant des 
faisceaux sur laquelle les troupes se fbr- 
ment en bataille. voy. Place d'armes, 

Formlicher Angriff, m. A regular-attack 
or attack inform ; regtUar^eiege. Si^e; 
attaque en r^le. 

Formkasten, m. (moul.) od. Gusskasten. 
K flask or box for sand-moulding ; casting 
or moulding-box, Chdssis h mouler ou 
pour le moulage. voy. Giesslade, Guss- 

Formkcgel, m. (ust. d'artif.) (Spitzkappen- 
bolz). A cone-former^ used in maldng 
signiU-rockets. Mandrin m. pour rouler 
les chapiteaux des fus^ de signaux. 

Formkem, m. (fond.) The core of a casting. 
Noyau m. 

m. (einer Hohlkugel). The core. 

Noyau m. d'un projectile creux. 

Formlebm, m. (fond.) (grober Lehm). 
Coarse horse-dung loam used in loam- 
moulding; coarse loam OT first-modelling- 
loam. Terre ordinaire de moulage. 

m. (moul.) (feiner zur letzten Lage) 

(Zierlebm). Fine-loam^ fine -screened 
horse-dung loam, for finishing the model 
in loam-moulding; also, the loam which 
first comes on the model, called first 
coating loam, (the " pot^" of the French). 
Terre fine pour moulage ; pot4e t 

Formlehmtafel, f. (fond.) Table or trough 
for bruising and working up the loam and 

Formloch — Fouragirongsquartier. 


composition for gun-moulds. Table^bat' 

tih-e f. 
Fonnloch, n. voy. Fonnofiiiung. 
Fonnmasse, f* (moul.) (bei der Kastenfbr- 

merei). voy. Fonnsand (magerer). 

f. (moul.) (bei der Massenfbrmerei). 

▼oy. Masse, Sand (fetter). 

Formmaul, n. voy. Formoffhung. 

Formnase, f. (sid.) (einer Geblaseform). The 
/v6«, etme (fftlag, or tuyere ofelagy formed 
in blast-furnaces by iLe Aised materials 
cooling around the line of blast Nez m. 
de la tuyh-e; (voi^te ou espece de tube de 
laitier et m^tal durd oui se forme an- 
dessus de la tny^). voy. Formen; Nasen. 

Formoffnung, f. (sid.) die Miindung, das 
Auge (od. die Oieffnung im Riissel, durch 
welcfae der Wind in den Ofen stromt). 
The tuyere-hole: orifice^ mouthy or open- 
ing of the tuyere whence the blast issues 
into the furnace. Bouche t, ceil vi, de la 

Formplatte, f. voy. Formzacken. 

Formriissely nu (sid.) (od. der vordere Theil 
der Geblaseform). The noee or extremity 
of the tuyere ; furnace-end of the tuyere 
which enters tiie furnace. Muteau m. de 
la tuy^. 

Formsaal, m. (fond.) od. Formstube f. 
The apfloianent in a foundry set apart for 
moulding. Moulerie f. 

Formsand, m. (moul.) Moulding - tand. 
Sable m. de moulage. toy. Sand. 

m. (moul.) (magerer). Green-eand, 

Sable maigre, voy. Sand. 

Formschlitten, m. (fond.) (in einer Stiick- 

giesserd). A eleage-dragy truck-cart ^ or 

truck for carrying the moulds ; foundert^ 

truck. TVatneau m. 
Formscheibe, f. (art.) (der Feldschmiede). 

A sort of ring or collar supporting the tue- 

iron of a field or travelling-forge. Porte- 

tuyh^ m. 
Formseite, f. Ond.) (der Frischherde und 

Hohofen). The tuyere-side or tide qfthe 

tuyeres, CM m. de la tuyh'e, 
Formspindel, f. (moul.) The spindle on 

which the model of a loam-mould is formed. 

Trousseau m. 
(Deren Handgriffe, m. pL The spindle- 
sticks, Manivelle f.) 
(Die — mit Matten od. mit Strohaeilen 
umwickeln. To straw the spindle; 
(str awing the spindle). Natter le 
Formstecher, m. (h. f.) Clearing-iron, for 

clearing the tuyere-hole of scoriae. Stou- 

car m. 
Formstube, f. (fond.) voy. Formsaal. 
Formthon, m. Loam for moulding. Argile 

f. ou terre de moulage, 
Formtisch, m. (fond.) (zum Fertigen des 

Modelles und der Form zum Bodenstiicke). 

Cascable-frame, Chantiers m. pi. pour 

le moulage du moule et du modele de la 


Formzacken, m. (aff.) od. die Formplatte 

im Frischherde. The tuyere-plate or one 

of the cast-iron plates so called, lining the 

hearth of the German refining - forge. 

Plague f. de tuyh'e ; varme f. 
Forst, m. (eines Daches). The ridge of a 

roof. Fatte m. ; sommet d'un comble. 

m. Forest, For^. voy. Wald. 

Forstbalken, m. (charp.) (Forstbolz) (einer 

Dachverbindimg). The ridge-piece of a 

roof. Fattage m. 
Fort, n. (kleine, fiir sich allein liegende, 

vollig geschlossene Festung). A fort. 

Fort m. 
n. (bastionirtes). A bastioned fort. 

Fort bastionn/, 

n. voy. Feste. 

Fortification, f. voy. Befestigung; Fe- 

f. voy. Befestiffimgskunst ; Kriegs* 

baukunst; Scbanzkunst. 
Fourage, f. od. Fourraee. Forage, Four^ 

rage ; fourrages m. pL 
Fouragefassen, n. (cav., etc) Drawing 

forage. Prise f. defourrage, voy. Fassen. 
Fouragegeld, n. Allowance in lieu qfforage. 

Indemnity de fourrages, 
Fouragemagazin, n. Forage-bam or yard; 

forage-store, Magasin a fourrages, 
Fourageur, m. Forager; one of a foraging- 

party. Fourrageur m. 
Fouragewagen, m. voy. Leiterwagen. 
Fouragirbund, n. Truss of forage. Trousse 

f. ; botte de fourrage. 
Fouragiren, n. Foraging, Fourrage m. ; 

action defourrager dans un pays. 

V. n. To forage, Fourrager. 

V. (eine Gegend). To forage a portion 

of ground. Fourrager un pays, un terrain. 
Fouragirleine, f. A. forage-cord, Corde f. 

d fourrage, 
Fouragirmiitze, f. Forage-cap, Bonnet m. 

de police. 
Fouragirsack, m. Corn-sack, Sac m. d 

Fouragirstrang, m. Forage-cord, Corde t 

d fourrage. 
Foiiragining, f. Foraging . Fourrage m. ; 

action defourrager; op^tion par laquelle 

des troupes camp^ ou cantonn^s vont 

chercher la nourriture de leurs chevaux. 
f. (trockene). Dry foraging^ or for 

grain, and which takes place in granaries, 

bams, etc Fourrage au sec. 
f. ^griine). Green foraging, or that 

made m the fields, bdbre the grain is 

ripened. Fourrage au vert. 
(die — storen, v.) To interrupt the 

foraging of any party. Inierrompre le 

fourrage. voy. Bedeckung. 
Fouragirungsbezirk, m. District or ground 

to be foraged. Terrain, pays a fourrager 

ou d^sign^pour le fourrage, 
Fouragirung8quartier,n. For aging-quarter; 

foraging -quarters (pi.) Quartier m. de 

fourrage; quartiers de fourrage, (Die 


Fourier — Friedensfois. 

Cavalerie in — e leg^, ▼. To put, wtatkm, 
or place the caTalry m foraging'qHarien. 
Mettre la caYslerie en guartier de four- 

Fourier, m. Non-oommissioned officer or 
sergeant of a company whose duties corre- 
spond to those performed by the ** quarter- 
master-sergeant '' (as wdl as quarter- 
master), in the English service. He takes 
up quarters for his company, and has the 
distribution of all provisions, forage, etc, 
respecting which he prepares and keeps 
the necessary accounts. Fbmrrier m. 

Fourierschiitz, m. Soldier told-off to the 
^'fourier.*' (In the aasistsnce which he 
renders this non-commissioned-officer he 
may be partly compared to the pioneer of 
iJie English service, and as hie mardies 
with the " fourrier ** to take up quarters 
for his company or ground for encamp- 
ment, he answers to a can^' colour 
wum upon such occaoons.) Soldat aide- 

m. voy. Aufpasser, Bedienter, Kal- 

fiu*tor, Qmcierburscbe. 

FiBisinmg, f. od. Fraisiren, n. The 
strengthening of works by means of fraises. 
Empkn des fraises, pour augmenter la re- 
sistance des ouvrages. 

Franzosisebe Luppenfrischarbeit, f. (sid.) 
Smelting and refining by the Catalan or 
French method, (as pursued more par- 
ticularly in the smelting works of the 
Pyrenees), for obtaining malleable iron 
** from the ore direct," in a pure or neariy 
pure state. Affinage immediai d*apre» la 
meihode fnm^aite ou dans les feux Cata- 
lans, voy. Rennarbeit. 

Frei machen, v. (einen Soldaten). voy. 

Freicompagnie, f. (a.) An independeni com- 
pony ; (one which is not incorporated in a 
regiment) ; free company of former days. 

Freidrebbauk, f. (tour.) voy. Drehbank. 

Freie Lange, f. (der Balken). voy. limge. 

Freiheitss&afe, f. voy. Strafe. 

Freistehende Mauer k la Camot, (fort.) 
voy. Mauer; Rev^tement. 

Freiwillige, m. pi. Volumteere. VoUmtoirees 
engag& voloniairet. 

m. pL A.forlom'hope. Voloniairet; 

oeuz qui s'offirent de bonne volenti pour 
des expMtions tr^-p^rilleuses ; {enfanU 
perdue [a]), voy. Freiwillig^. 

Fmwilligen, m. pi. (diepreuss. einjahrigen). 
Individuab in the Prussian states who 
volunteer to equip themselves at their own 
expense and serve vrithout pay for one 
year, with a view of escaping the remaining 
period of service to which they would other- 
wise be liable. Bngagis voloniairet (en 
Prusse) qui s'^uipent et s'arment k leurs 
propres mas, afin de ne servir que pendant 
une ann^. (Cette focult^, linut^ par la 
loi, est accord^ auz jeunes gens qui veu- 

lent tenniner lemrs Etudes et snivre «ne 
autre carriere que celle des armes.) 

FreiwiUiger (ein), (od. derjenige, welcfaer 
ans eigenem Antriebe Kriegsdienste sodit). 
A volunteer f or one who voluntarily enlists 
or enters die military prdkaaon. Volon- 
taire m. ; engag^ voUmtaire, 

(Volontair) (der sich freiwiOig einem 

KriegsKuge anscolieest). A vohmteer, or 
one who attaches himsdf to any enterprise 
or army on service in the fidd, with a view 
generally of succeeding to a vacaat com- 
mission. Volontaire m. 

(der sidi ni einer besonderen gefohr- 

voUen Untemehmnng freiwillig meldet). 
A volunteer to a foriom-hope, or one 
volunteering to accompany a Jorlom-kope 
or other party on a service of danger. 
Volontaire m.; soldat de bonne voloot^ 
pour un serrice tr^p^iDeux; (etifant' 

Freiwilliges Corps, n. Volunteer eorpe, or 
body of men who assemble in time <^ war 
to defend their country. Corpe de voton- 

Fressbeutel, m. Noee-bag, Mutctte f. voy. 

Fresser, m. (ein starker, schlecbter) (von 
einem Pferde). A good (or bad)yM«r. 
Fort, grand, (petit) mangeur. 

Fresslust, f. (yerlome) (vdt). Naueea : 
(lote qf appetite or unnit qf appetite). D/- 
goiU m. ; {inapp^tence f.). 

Fresssucht, f. (vet.) Stag-evil ; voraciout 
appetite. Boulimie f. 

Friction, f. od. Reibung. FHction. IVte- 
tion f. ; frottement m. 

Frictionsrad, n. (m^) A Jrietum^wheeL 
Roue f. de frottement. 

Frictionsrohre, f. (Frictionsrohrchen, n. 
od. Frictionsschlagrohre, f.) (art.) The 
friction-tube. AoupV^ f. h friction. 

Frictionsschloss, n. voy. Steinschloss. 

Frictionsziindrohrchen, n. (art) Toy. 

Frictionsziindung, f. (art.) Friction-prim' 
*^9 • friction-eyttem or principle of prim- 
ing. Amorce d^tonant par la fiction : 
eyeteme d'Aoupillee a friction. voy. 
Percussionsziindung, Schlagziindung ; 

Frieden, m. (den — scbliessen, v.) To 
conclude peace. Faire, conclure la paix. 

(um den — unterhandehi, v.) To ne- 
gotiate a peace; to negotiate terme qf 
^eace. Negocier la paix. 

Fnedensabscnluss, m. Conclutionqf peace. 
Conclusion t de la paix. 

Friedensbedingungen, f. pi. Conditione 
qf peaces terms qf peace ; terms upon 
which peace is made. Conditions f. pi. de 

Fnedensetat, m. (eines Regiments, etc.). 
The peace-establishment of a regiment, etc 
Piedm, depaix. 

Friedensfius, m. (auf den — letien, ▼.) To 

FriedenBkger — Front. 


place upon iheptaee^eiiMishment. MeCtre 

BUT le pUd de paix, 
Friedensla^r, n. Toy. Lager. 
Fnedenspralimmarien, pi. The pre/tmina- 

ries qf peace. PriHnUnairee de paix, de 

Frieuensration, f. Toy. Ration. 
Friedens8chlii88,m. Toy.FriedensabBchluM. 
Friedenstractat^m. Treaty ^f peace, Trait4 

m. depaix. 
Friedenszeiten (in — ). In time qf peace. 

En temps depaix, 
Friesen, f. pL (art) (am Geschutzrohre). 

The mouldings of a gon. Moulures f, pi. 
(Kopf-). The mMtzzle-mtmldinffs, Mou- 
lures du bourlet, 
(Boden-). The breeek-mouldings, — 

de la etdasse, voy. Ablauf; Anlauf ; 

Bandchen; Gturt; Giirtel; Kamies; 

Plattchen ; Platte ; Rundstabchen ; 

Friesische od. frisische Reiter, m. pi. Che- 

vaux-de-frise, Chevaux dejrise, 
Frischarbeit, f. (aid.) The refining of cast- 
iron. Affinage de la fonte. 

(die deutsche). — hy the German 

method, — a Vallemande, 

(Luppen-). Toy. Rennarbeit ; Fran- 

zonsche Luppenfiiacharbeit. 

(die engliflcbe) in Riihr- od. Paddel- 

ofen. Puddling f or the process of convert- 
ing cast or pig-iron into malleable iron by 
the En^h method. Ajffinage d Vanglaise 
on aux fours pudlings, 

f. (in Flammenofen). The puddling 

process, Affi,nage dans les fours a rever- 

Frischblei, n. (m^t.)(Weicbblei,Kaufblei). 
Refined lead, obtained by the reduction of 
the litharge. Plomb raffing t — doux; — 

Frischboden, m. (sid.) (od. Boden der deut- 
schen Frisdischmiede). The bottom plate 
of the hearth or crucible of a German re- 
fining.forge. Taque de fond ou fond m. 
du creuaet d'un feu d'affinerie a TaUe- 

Frischeisenj n. Toy. Stabeisen. 

Frischen, v. (sid.) (das Roheisen). To re- 
fine the forge-pig, or convert it into malle- 
able iron. J^ner la fonte. 

n. (sid.) (des Roheisens). Ther^tttn^ 

of cast-iron. Affinage de la fonte. 

n. (m^) (der Glatte). The reduction 

of the litharge obtained in the refining of 
lead. Reduction f. de litharge en plomb. 

V. (fond.) (das Geschutzmetall). To 

revive or re-proportion the metal, in re- 
founding old cannon. Ramener la fonte 
des bouches k feu au litre prescrit, par 
Taddition d'une certaine proportion de 
m^taux neufs. 

V. (m. d'a.) (ein Biichsenrohr). To 

re-cut the grooves of a rifle-barrel. Ra- 
fraichir un canon de carabine ; en redresser 

Friscbfeuer, n. (sid^ od. Frischschmiede f. 
Forge-hearth, refining-forge, or refinery- 
fkrnaee, employed in Gennany for convert- 
ing ibrge-pig into malleable-iron. Feu m, 
de forge; feu d'ajfflnerie; renardikre f. ; 
(feu dans lequel on traite la fonte pour en 
retirer du fer ductile). 

Frischhammer, m. (sid.) voy. Eisenham- 

Friachglatte, f. (m^.) The litharge obtained 
in the refining of lead, to be further re- 
duced or converted into lead. Litharge k 
r^uire en plomb. 

Frischberd, m. (sid.) vov. Frischfeuer. 

Friscbschlackey f. (sid.) voy. £iaen- 

Frischschmiede. f. (sid.) (die deutsche) od. 
Kocbscbmiede. voy. Frischfeuer. 

Frischstahl, m. Natural-steel or German 
steel, Acier m, naturel, — de forge ou de 
fonte : acier d'Allemagne, 

FrischstUck, n. (sid.) voy. Deul, Luppe. 

Frischzacken, m. pi. (sid.) (im Frischheide). 
The cast-iron plates which line the hearth 
or crucible of the German refining-forge. 
Plaques f. pL da creuset. 

Frohndienst, m. Fatigue ; fatigues (pL) ; 
duties of fatigue or without arms, drv4e 
f. ; corvees pi. voy. Dienst. 

Fromm, adj. (man.) (von Fferden). Quiet, 
steady, (said of horses^ Sage; doux; 
docile, voy. Militairnromm ; Hand- 

Front, f. (tact) (od. die vordere Seite des 
ersten Gliedes einer Truppe). The front 
of troops in line or column. Front m. 
ou devant d'une troupe, soit en bataille, 
soit en colonne. 

f. (eines Lagers) (Lagerfinont). The 

line qf encampment or magistral-line; the 
line on which the first or head-tents of 
each row are aligned. Front m. de ban- 
diere ; (ligne sur laquelle sont align^ les 
culs-de-lampe ezt^rieurs des tentes du pre- 
mier rang). 

f. (eines Lagers). ThB front of a camp, 

or head of an encampment Front d'un 

f. (fort) (einer Befestigung) (Befesti- 

gungsfront). A front ^f fortification. 
Front m. de fortification, 

f. (fort.) (eine bastionirte). A bastion- 
front. Front bastionn^, 

machen, v. (tact) (sich herstellen). To 

front, come to one's front, or face to tho 
front, Faire face ; se remettre face en 

machen, v. (die Stim bieten). To 

front, face, show front to the enemy ; make 
head against the enemy. Faire face, 
faire front k TennemL 

(tact.) (Bewegung in — ). voy. Front- 

bewegung; Frontmarsch. 
V. (tact) (die — verandem, v.) To 

change front. Changer de front. 

{^n in — marsdiirendes Bataillon. A 


Front — Fuge. 

bttttalion advancing in line. Bataillon 
merchant en bataille.) 

Front! (tact.) (die verlassene). The original 
Jhmtf or original alignment. Ancienjrtmt 
oceup^; front qu*on a abandonn^: front 
d'oik Ton est parti ; alignement prumitf. 

1 Front I Front ! (Halt-Front I Uali, 

Front! Ualte: Front/) 

Fronte (zur — gehoren, ▼.). To be a regi- 
mental officer. Eire offieier de troupe. 
▼oy. Rein und Glied. 

(Operationslinien auf einer ans- 

gedennten — ). toj. Operationslinien. 

Frontalfeuer, n. Direct fire. Feu deface. 

Frontalvertheidigung, f. (fort.) Direct de* 
fence; (when the line of fire is perpendicular 
to the parapet). D^enae f. de fronts — de 

Frontbewegung, f. (tact.) A movement in 
advance. Mouvement m. en avant. 

Frontlinie, f. (eines Lagers) od. Lagerfront 
f. (auf welcher die erste Zeltreihe der 
Mannschaft zu stehen kommen soli). The 
magietral'line (on which the head-tents of 
a camp are aligned). Ligne f. du front de 
bandiere, voy. Front. 

— — — f. The front-line of the camp, answer- 
ing to the ** quarter-guard parade.** Ligne 
f. dee gardee de camp. 

— (tact) (die erste) (od. die verlassene 
Front). The original alignment. Aligne- 
ment primittf: front d'oii Ton est parti ; 
ancien front occup^. 

Frontmarsch, m. (tact.) The march in 
line; advance in line. Marche f. de front ; 
marche en bataille en avant; marche en 

Frontrapport, m. Afield-state ; company* s 
field-etatey (prepared whenever a battalion 
turns out ibr exercise or parade). Rap- 
port du nombre d'hommcs presents lors- 
qu'un bataillon prend les armes. 

Frontschnur, f. (Frontmessschnur od. Ab- 
■teckleine). The tracing -line used in 
marking-out or tracing the extent of front 
of an encampment. Cordeau m. de front. 

Frontverandening, f. (tact.) Changing front; 
change of front or poeition, either " to a 
flank " on a named flank-division, or, what 
fai the drill of a single battalion is more 
usual, ** on the centre " (Achsschwcnkung), 
in which case the movement is performed, 
not according to the English and French 
mode, namely, by the echelon march of 
companies, but by the entire wheel of the 
line on its centre, right thrown forward 
and left back (as the case may be), the 
wing thrown back fiidng to the right about. 
Changement de front ; (changetnent de 
front central), voy. Achsschwenkung. 

. f. (tact.) (rechts). Changing front to 

the right, or change of front to the right, 
on a right flank-division, etc. (left thrown 
forward). Changement de front perpen- 
diculaire en avant sur le premier pcloton, 
bataillon, etc. 

Frontveranderung, (e!ne — macben, ▼.) 
(tact.) To change front or position. 
Changer de front. 

Frontrerschanzungen, f. pL (fort.) (zusam* 
menbangende)(Linien). Continued-lines. 
lAgnes continues. 

f. pi. (aus abgesonderten Werken 

bestehende). Lines with intervals. lAgnes 
d intervatles. 

Frosch, m. (v. d'a.) (zur Verstiirlnuig der 
Schwungbaume in der Gregend der Adise). 
A housing -bracket for axle-tree bed. 
^hantignole f. voy. Achsstrebe. 

m. (Befestigungsholx, Erhohungshok). 

Bracket or block ; piece of wood applied 
for the purpose of affording additional 
height or support. £chantignole f.; tas- 
seau m. 

m. (art.) (an den Schenkeln eines Hebe- 

zeuges). A shoulder, cheek -piece, or 
bracket on the legs of a gyn, for the wind- 
lass to work in. ^hantignole de chevre 
(d'apres Tancien syst^me). 

m. (v^t.) The lampas in horses. Lam* 

pas m. ; feve f. 

m. (sid.) (am Hammer eines Hammer- 

werkes). voy. Frosche, pL 

Frosche, m. pi. (Hebedaumen). WiperSf 
lifting-cogs, cams, acting on the helve of a 
forge-hammer, etc Cames f. pL, poucets 
m. pi. 

Froscheisen, n. (v^t.) Hot iron for searing 
or burning out the lampas. Cauth-e m. 
pour lampas. 

Froschgeschwulst, f. ^v^t) voy. Frosch. 

Froschquadrant, m. (art) The quadrant, 
so called, for la3ring mortars, in the Aus- 
trian service. Quart de cercle autrichien. 

Froscbsattcl, m. (sell.) Saddle which has 
no tree ; sort of pad much used by the 
Poles, etc. Esp^ de panneau. 

m. (sell.) renglischer). voy. Sattel. 

Friihgang, m. (expU voy. Morgengang. 

Friihrapport, m. (Morgenrapport). voy. 

Friihstall, m. od. Morgenstall. Morning- 
stables (jp\.) Service du matin aux henries 
lors du r^eil ; {d^JeHner des chevaux ; 
pansage, etc.). 

Friibverlesen, n. Morning roll-call; (gun- 
fire roll-call). Appel m. du matin. 

Fuchs, «»•({• »• r.) od. Rauchabfiibrungs- 
kanal. The fiue leading into the chimney 
of a revcrberatory-fiimace. Rampant ou 
/chappement m. d'un four a r^verbere. 

Fucbsschwanz, m. od. 

Fuchsschwanzsage, f. (o. e. b.) od. Fuebs- 
schweifs'age. The common English pat- 
tern saw, i. e., one not furnished with a 
frame, as the bow-saw. Scie ordinaire 
anglaise (sans chassis), voy. Fuchsscbweif ; 

Fuchsscbweif, m. (o. e. b.) A hand-saw ; 
pannel-saw. Scie f. ti main oufeftillet m. 
a poing. voy. Fuchsschwanz ; Sage. 

Fuge, f. (men. ; charp.) A groove ; 

Fuge — FundAinent. 


jointing ; j(nnt, Rainure f. ; joini m. ; 
joiniure f. ; emboiture f. 

Fuge, (ton.) The Joint. Clain m. 

(ardi.) (Steimuge). The join/ or divi- 
sion between the stones in the courses. 
Joint m. ; partie ou deux pierres oontigues 
se touchent. 

Fugen, f. pi. (stebende). The jointt or 
vertical joinings in stone-work. Joints 

f. pL (rubende) od. Rubefagen. The 

beds or joinings situated horizontally, being 
the upper siirface of the stones of each 
course ; (sing, the bed or build). Joints 
de lit entre les pierres pos^ de niveau. 

(die — decken, v.) (bei der Rasenbe- 

kleidung). To break joint ; or breaJk the 
joints of the different courses, in laying 
Bod-work. Placer les gazons plein sur 

FUgebank, f. (men.) od. Langbobel (zum 
Ebenen der hohen Kante od. des Profils 
eines Brettes). A jointer or shooting- 
planCf for shooting the edges of boards 
perfectly straight. Rabot servant h. cor- 
royer 1^ tranches et les joints des parties 
Hsses ; varlope f. 

f. (o. e. b.) die kleine (Raubbank). A 

half'long or trying-plane. Demi-varlopef. 

f. (ton.) od. Bankbobel. A cooper's 

plane. Colombe f. hjoindre. 

Fugen, f. pL voy. Fuge. 

Fiigestange, f. (eiseme). A cramp or trrotn- 
ing-boli for closing joints. Davier m. ; 

Fiiffezwinge, f. voy. Zwinge. 

FUnlen, v. (tact.) leicht (den Ellbogen seines 
Nebenmannes beim Marschiren). To feel- 
in lightly towards one's riffht or left hand 
man. Appuyer; sentir Ugerement le coude 
de son voisin. 

Fiiblung, f. (tact.) (beim Frontmarsche). 
The touch or light touch of the files to the 
pivot or directing-flank in marching. Ac- 
coudement m.; tact m. des coudes. 

bebalten, v. (tact.) To preserve the 

toucht or feel towards the pivot ; to keep 
or maintain the touch. Garder^ tenir 16- 
g^rement au coude de son voisin du cdt^ 
du ffuide ; conserver le tact des coudes du 
cdte de la direction (inf.) ; sentir l^gere- 
ment la botte du cdt^ du pivot (cav.) 

nebmen, t. (tact.) To take up the 

touch, or feel lightly in towards the pivot. 
Prendre le tact des coudes du c6t^ du 
guide ; joindre le coude de son voisin du 
cote du guide. 

f. (man.) (in Bezug auf ein Pferd). 

(Das Pferd hat wenig od. keine — . The 
horse has little or no mouth. — a hk 
bouche dure, perdue, ruin^, la sensibUiU 

Fuhre, f. Carriage, conveyance, Charroi 

m. ; charriage m. 
Fiihrer, m. (tact.) eines Zuges (Zugfiibrer). 

The leader or commander of a division ; 

division-leader in the drill of the battalion, 
etc. Chrfm. depelolon. 
Fiihrer, m. (tact) Flank directing or m- 
ward-fle on the directing or pivot-flank of 
a division. Guide m. 

m. (der Colonne). The noncommis- 
sioned-officer or other on the directing or 
pivot-flank of the leading division in co- 
lumn. Guide m. de la premi^ subdivision 
de la colonne. 

(Haupt-), pi. voy. Hauptfuhrer, 


m. (art.) od. Geschiitzfuhrer. voy. 


Fuhrsoldat, m. (art.) Driver. Soldat m. 
du train ; conducteur. 

Fubrt, f. Toy. Furt. 

Fiihrung, f. moratische (eines Soldaten), 
General conduct or behaviour of a soldier. 
Conduite f. 

Fuhrwerk, n. Waggon; carriage; cart; 
conveyance, carriage. Voiture f.; chariot 
m. ; voitures pi. voy. Fahrzeug. 

n. (Land-). A country-carriage. Voi- 
ture f. du pays ; voiture agricole. 

Fubrwesen, n. Every thing connected with 
the waggon (eoid/ield-) train department of 
an army. Tout ce qui sert au dianriage ou 
au transport des Equipages d'une arm^. 

n. (Armeefuhrwesen). Waggon-train. 

Train g6i&al des Equipages militaires. 

n. voy. Train. 

Fuhrwesenssoldat, m. (art.) Driver. Sol- 
dat m. du train ; conducteur. 

Fuhrwesenskorps, n. (art.) Driver-corps, 
corps qf drivers. Corps du train d'artiUerie. 

Fiillen, n. A foal. Poulain m. 

(Stut-). A. fitly. Poulichet 

(Hengst-). A colt. Poulain m. mdle. 

V. od. foblen. To foal. Pouliner, 

mettre bas. 

Fiillen, v. (den Roll- od. Walzkorb). To 
stt^f the gabion. Farcir le gabion. 

V. & n. (Patronen ; der Patronen). To 

Jill cartridges ; {filling cartridges). Bem- 
plir les cartouches. 

Fiillenzahne, m. pL (Milcbzahne). Sucking 
or coifs teeth. Dents f. pi. de lait. 

Fiillbaar, n. (sell.) (der Sattler). St^ffing 
for saddles. Bourre f. 

Fiillsteine, m. pi. Filling, filling-in, some- 
times called also rubble-work or rubble ; 
Ihe filling-in work, chippings and pieces of 
stones of all shapes thrown in at the l»dc 
of walls, etc. Remplage m. de muraille. 

FuUung, f. (h. f.) (des Hohofens). The 
Ailing of sand or coke-dust, wiui which 
the vacancy left round the outside of 
the first lining of a bhist-iumace is filled 
up, to allow for any expansion on the 
swelling of the materials; i^e stuffing. Bern" 
plissage m. 

Fundament, n. (arch.) Foundation of build- 
ings. Fondement m. ; fondation f. 

n. ^arch.) The footing of waUs ; the 

projecting courses at the bottom of waUs^ 


Fundamentrost — Putter. 

which are laid for the purpose of resting 
the building firmly upon its base ; an off- 
9€L Empitement m.; fondatum en saillie. 

Fundamentrost, m. voy. Rest; P&hl- 
rost; Scbwellrost. 

Funken, m. (der elektrische). The electric 
epari, £iincelle f. electrique, 

Fumirsage, f. Veneering-taw. Scie f. a 

Furt, f. A/orrf. GWm. 

(eine — aufsuchen, v.) To try or 

endeavour to find a ford. Chercher un 

(eine — ermitteln, t.) To discover or 

aacertain the exittence qf^ ford. Trouver, 
dicouvrir un gu^. 

(eine — untersuchen, ▼.) To examine 

and sound a ford ; to reconnoitre a ford. 
Reconnattre un gu6. 

(eine — uubrauebbar xnachen, ▼. od. 

zerstoren). To render a ford impassable 
or impracticable, Bompre^ ditruire un 

(gangbare). — which \b passable. — 


Fiiailier, m. (bei den Preussen). Light- 
if^antry soldier in Prussia ; soldier belong- 
ing to the third-battalion of every regiment 
in Prussia, (each regiment being composed 
of three battalions, of which the third is a 
light-infantry battalion). Soldat d^irrfan- 
terie Ughre en Prusse. 

(bei den Franzosen, etc.) The batta- 
lion soldier t or soldier qfa battalion-com- 
pany. Fusilier m. 

Fiisilierbataillon^ n. lAght-ifrfantry batta- 
lion in Prussia ; the third battalion of a 
Prussian regiment of infimtry. Bataillon 
d*i^fanterie Ughre ; bataillon leger s troi- 
rieme bataillon de chaque regiment d'in- 
fimterie (en Prusse). 

FUsiliren, v. (a) einen Soldaten (erschiessen 
lassen). To shoot a soldier, in carrying 
into execution a sentence of death. Fusil- 
ier y passer par les armes un soldat. 

Fuss, m.(ust. d'artif.) (eines Raketenstockes). 
The base of a rocket-mould. Culot m. du 
moule d'une fos^ Tolante. 

m. (am Steigbiigel). The bottom (hol- 
low-bottom) of a stimip-iron. Grille f. de 

m. voy. Fiisse (pU- 

m. (m. d'a.J voy. Druck. 

m. (m. d'a.) f Untertrieb, Trug, Tra- 
cer des Pfannenaeckels). llie toe of the 
hammer. Pied m. du talon de la batterie. 

m. (art.)derdritte (eines dreischenkhgen 

HebeMuges). The pry -pole of a triangle- 
gyn. Pied m. de chcvre. 

m. (fort.) (des GUds). The foot of the 

gUds. Queue f. ou pied m, du ghids. 

m. (eines Berges). The foot of a moun- 
tain. Pied m. d'une montagne. 

Fussangeln, f. pi. (fort.) Caltrops or crows- 
feet y employed as an obstacle or obstruction 
in field-fortification. Chamsse-trapes f. pL 

Fuasartillerie, f. Foot-artillery ,- field foot- 
artillery, Artillerie f. a pied; artillerie 
d pied mont^, 

Fussbank, f. (fort.) The banquette. Ban- 
quette f. voy. Auftritt. 

Fuasbatterie, f. (art) Field-battery; {bat- 
tery qf field-foot-artillery y field-battery qf 
foot-artillery). Batterie mont^, batterie 
^ pied rnontie, 

(eine e-pfdndige ; 12 -pfundige). A 

6-potmder battery; a \2-pounder battery. 
Batterie de 6 ; batterie de 12. 

Fussbrett, n. (art) Foot-board. Planehe 
marche-pied f. 

Fussbretter, n. pL (art.) (bei den Protzen 
der Feldartillerie). The foot-board and 
pla^orm- board of a field-limber. Marche- 
pieds m. pi. ; planches f. pi. de marche- 
pied d'un avant-train de campagne. voy. 

Fussbretttrager, m. pi. (art.) od. Trager 
fur die Trittbretter (bei der englisch. und 
firanzos. Artill., etc.). Footboard-brackets. 
Tasseaux m. pi. de marche-pied. 

m. (art) (an den Protzen der preuss. 

FeldUffeten). voy. Biisel. 

Fussbiige, f. od. Strebeptosten, m. A stmt. 
Contre-fiche f. 

Fussdressur, f. ^der Cavalleristen). Dis- 
mounted-drill of the cavalry. Exercice d 
pied des cavaliers. 

Fusse, m. pi. (eines Briickenbockcs). The 
legs of a trestle. Montants ou pieds m. pL 

Fuss^mger, m. Foot-soldier; {ir^antry- 
soldier), Fantassin m. voy. Fussvolk. 

Fussmorser, m. (art. a.) A mortar formerly 
in use, having no trunnions, and cast in 
one with its bed, forming generally an angle 
from 70° to 84° with the latter. Mortier 
m, a plaque, 

Fusssteig, m. Foot-path or way, Sentierm. 

Fussstift, m. (art.) (an den Schenkeln und 
der Stiitze eines Hebezeuges). The spike 
at the foot of the cheeks and pry-pole of a 
tnangle-gyn. Pointe f. des hanchee et du 
pied d'une chcvre. 

Fusstrage, f. A hand-barrow with foet 
Civikre f. a pieds, voy. Trage. 

Fusstritt, m. fv. d'a.) voy. Tritt. 

m. (tour.) (an einer Drehb«mk). The 

treadle or treadle-frame of a lathe. Marche 
f. ou pidale f. d'un tour. 

Fussvolk, n. Itfantry; foot. Iftfanterie f. 

Fuaswecbsel, m. (tact.) (Trittwechsel). 
Change of step ; changing feet. Change- 
ment depas. 

Fussweg, m. Foot-way f foot-path ; track. 
Sentier m. 

Fusswinde, f. Common or sunple hand-jackt 
the rack of which is furnished at its lower 
end with a daw, projecting out sideways, 
to be introduced beneath a stone or any 
thing lying nearly flat upon the grouno. 
Cric m. h nuim, — h crochet. 

Futter, n. (Pferdefutter). Forage. Four- 
rage m. 

Futter — Futterzeit. 


Futter, (griines). Green forage .- {green 
food). — vert i vert m. 

• (trockenes). Dry forage^ induding 

both com, hajf and straw ; {dry food), 
— tec, 

(Hart-) (Kornerfiitter). Com; {hard 

com), Gramee f. pi. 

(rauhes) (Hea und Stroh). Hay and 

strtno, Foin m, eipaille f. 

(das — venagen, V.) (von einem Pferde). 

To refute his teed, R^wer sa nonniture, 
son avoine, etc 

n. (Kugelfutter od. Pflaster ro gesoge- 

nen Feuerrohren). ArMe'pateh, Calpin m. 

n. (h. f.) (SchachdFutter, n. od. Kem- 

schacht, nu). The lining of the blast- 
Ainiaoe, or jirst'linmgf composed of fire- 
bricks. Paroie f. pi., ou mafonnerie da 
parement int^enr de la cuTe d'un hant- 

- n. (tour, ft for.) A chuck, Manehon 
in. ; wtMndrin m. 

n. (for.) an einer Bohmmschine (in 

welcfaer das Vierkant der Tranbe befestigt 
wird^. The chuck of a boring machine, in 
wfaidi the sqaare of the gun is fixed. 
Manehon m. deetin^ k serrer ie fitnz-boa- 

n. (tour.) der Drechskr (awch Patrone 

genannt). The tathe-ehuck, or chuck med 

in turning. Mandrin m. ; boite croi re^it 

rextr^mit^ des dirers objets que Ton vent 

travaOler an tour. 
n. (tour.) (zum Ezcentriachdreben). 

The eccentric-chuck, Mandrin e^pcen- 

iriquei mandrin a excenirer, 
n. (tour.) (Universal-) . The mmvermU' 

chuck. M<mdrin umvertei. 
n. (tonr.) (einfacbes od. mit einem ein- 

fach ronden Loche yersehenes). Theplain 

chuck. Mandrin ordinaire. 
n. (tonr.) (Stacbel-). A prong-chuck, 

or chuck with a steel prong screwed into 

it ; Jlanch-chmek with points. Mandrin a 

n. (tour.) (Schrauben-). Chuck with 

9creu}8; {die-chuck with eix »crew», etc). 

Mandrin muni de plnsienrs vis an moyen 

desquelles on peut affermir Tobjet qu'on j 

adapte et le oentrer. 

n. (tonr.) (zum Ovaldrehen). The 

oval-chuck, Mandrin il toumer ovale, 

Futterbank, f. voj. Futterlade, Hackael- 

Fiitterbeutel, m. od. Fressbeutel. A noee- 
bag, Mutette f. ; moream m. 

Futterblei, n. od. Steinfiitter. The lead or 
flint-lead, Plomb m. poor pierre de fusiL 

Futterbretter, n. pi. (art.) (am Monitions* 
wagen zur Aufnahme des Potters). Plat- 
form-boardSf nde-boardsj or wmgg at the 
sides of an ammunition-waggon, on wliich 
forage is canried. Planches f. pL porie- 
fburrage k e&t6 do caisson k monitiona (en 
Phisse, etc). 

Gkrman Part. 

Futterka8ten,m. Corn-bin; oat-chest. Cqffre 

a ttvoine, 
Futterklinge, f. The knife of a chaff-cutter. 

Couteau m., lame f. de hachoir. 
Futterlade, f. od. Hacksellade, f. A chaff- 
cutter; (straw -chopper). Hachoir m., 
hache-paillef coupe-paille. 
Futtermauer, f. (fort.) (Futtermantel m., 
Bekleidungsmauer f., Revltexncnt n.). 
The revetment or wall of masonry or brick- 
work with which the scarps of a fortress 
are &ocd.* Rev^tement m. en pierres ou 
en ma^onnerie ; mur de revftement. 

Die Contrescarpenmauer. The counter- 
scarp-revetment. Rev^tement de con- 
Die Escarpenmaner. The scarp-revet- 
ment. RevStement d^escarpe. 

(ganze) (ganzes Revfitement). The 

full revetment or full scarp-revetment, 

(halbe) (balbes RevStement). Demi- 
revetment ^ half revetment ; low revetment 
or partial scarp-revetment. Demi-rev^e- 
ment. voj. Revdtement. 

(angelehnte od. inclinirte). Leaning 

revetment. ~~ d p areme nt extMeur in- 


ment. — itparemeni 

(abgeriicKte od. 


Fiittem, v. (futtem). 

(sich nicht — ). 

will not feedf who do not pick upt who 
refuse their com, and remain poor and out 
of condition. 8e dit des dievaux qui ne 
profitent point de leur nourriture, qui res- 
tent maigres. 

V. (weich-) (v^.). To mash a horse 

or put him on mashes. Mettre un cheval 
au son; donner du son mouilU k on 

Futterordnung, f. (cav.) Directions (pL) 
far feeding ; standing-orders on that head. 
Riglement aur la noorriture des chevaoz ; 
suooession, ordre k suivre dans la distribu- 
tion de la nourriture des chevaux. 

Futterraufe, f. Hay-rack. Rdtelier m. 

Futtersack, m. (art) Corn-sack in the 
equipment of field-guns. Sac it avoine. 

Futterscbwinge, f. Corn-sieve. Vanettet, 
van, cribls m. 

Futtentrob, n. Straw given as forage, in 
distinction to '' Streustroh " (bedding or 
litter). PaUle fourrageuse, employ^ 
comme nourriture. 

Fiittenmg, f. (der Pferde). The feeding of 
horses. Nourriture f. des chevaux. voy. 

Futterzeit, f. (cav.) Stables (pi.) ; stakle- 
hour ; feeding-time, Repas m.; heure du 
repas des che^aox. 


Rectangular revet- 
'« verticaux, 
detaachirte). voy. 

To feed. Donner h 

Said of horses who 


GiJU', Adj. o(L gahr (sid. & meC) tot. 

Gabel, f. (t. da.) (Gabeldeichsel Kluft- 

deichsel zom Eiiiaetzm im Ganxen). 

Skaftt (pL) (as in waggons, vnited bj a 

doas-bar), or pmr <ff ski^ framed to> 

gether. Utmonihrt L tot. GabeOMum ; 

Gabelbaume, pL 
t (art.) (an der Zabnstuige ciner 

Wagenwinde). toj. Wagenwinde. 

f. (art.) Toy. Gabeln, pL 

(jabelarm, m. od. 

Crabelbaum, m. (art.) (nadi dem engtiacben 

IVotzsysteme). Atkqff, sn^ sbaft (off 

or near) of an EngHA bmber. Brms m. 

de limomere. roj. Gabelbaume. 
(t. d'a.) The skqfi or tide of a waggon 

or cart, when in one piece, (L e. when the 

shafts are formed by the prolongation of the 

sides). Limon m. 
Gabelbaume, m. pL (art.) 5A«^« (according 

to the English system). Bras m. pL tie 

Umaniere ; (limoniire a brat mobUet). 
m. pL (t. d'a.) The thqfU (or ndet) 

of carts, etc Limon* m. pL 

Gabelbolzen, m. (art.) (od. Uabelbaumbol- 
zen). A thqft-bolt. Bouion m. de /•- 

Gabeldeichsel, f. (t. d'a.) Toy. Gabel. 

f. (art.) Toy. Gabelbaum; Gabel- 
baume, pL 

Gabeldeichselband, n. (art) Iron bar let 
into the upper part of the shaft and transom- 
bar of a siege-carnage limber. £eharpe f. 
de Umomhre. 

— n. (art.) Toy. Deichselklammer. 
Gabelflinte, f. (a.) Toy. Gabelmuskete ; 

GabeIlAffete,f.(art.a.)od. Banmlaffete. A 

galloper -carriage, or carriage made with 

shafts, so as to be drawn without limber. 

AffHt m. h fourchetie on a limonih^e; 

afftit I^ger a flasqnes formant limoniere. 
Gabelmuskete, f. (a.) The match-lock, 

Arquebute f. h mkche et h croc. 

Gabefau f. pL vaii.) (an Laffeten nr Beftati. 

gvngdes Lad(RR«p«etr.). Side-mrm koUt; 

irmu far sidev^iwa oo foreign camagea. 

CrocMett m. pL mj^mreke poor annesient. 
Gabc^fiume, t (food.) A domUe thmrnketi 

isdie for traasportiaf mritcd metal to the 

■wvUs. ParAe t i Jmarcke, servanl k 

pvber et a transporter la fonte liqiiide. 
Gabdpferd, n. ^ait.) Tl» Mk^-korte.- (qf. 

wkeeier). L it rn t m it r ai.; ( s ot w ^ wf de 

Gabehieeel. m. (t. d*a.) (od. dcr Riegel 

einer Gab(4deichsd). A sA^-iar. Emire- 

toae f. de limumiere, 
GabeLscbraubenscUiisad, a. A fork- 

wremck for screwing on inked -nuts; 

wremck, Cltff. mjtmrcke, 
Gabektange, f. Toy. (labelanii. 
Gabelstiitze, f. (t. d*a.) Sk^^pr^ or 

tkmfi'prop-ttick. Sertmmte f. 
f. i^art.) ^an der fruberen friniBwirbcn 

Bdagerangsprotze). ^il«^-«f ay od dU pat- 
tern Frendi siege-limben, etc Crt^tie f. 

d'aTant-train de si^ ^anden system^ 
Gabeltrageriemen, m. (sdL) Toy. Trtfe- 

Giabr, adj. Toy. Gar. 
Gabraufbrechen, n. (sid.) Toy. Ganmf^ 

Gahreisen, n. (sid.) Iron deprired of its 

carbon or fosible property and rendered 

malleable ; {refimed-irom ; puddied-irom fit 

for the shingting-mill). Fer afime', 
Gahrgang, m. (sid.) (des Hohofens). Hie 

good ttate of tbe fiirnaoe ; proJitmhU work- 

ing-ttate or good workH^ order of the 

furnace. Bomme aUwre f., aiareAe r^. 

Here du haut-foomeaa. 
(5ahrkupfer, n. (met.) (od. Rosettenkupfer). 

Pore refined copper; unwrought copper; 

rosette-copper. CWtrre m. ea rote/le, — 

de rotetie, 
Gahrprobe, f. (m^t) The proof of copper 

Hn the form of a cap or watch-case), taken 

Goring the process of refining, to atcertain 

its purity. Monire f. 

Graleereiiknoten — Gang. 


Galeerenknoten, m. voy. Knoten. 

Gralgen, m. (pont.") (dner fliegenden Bruck«). 
The korte of a swing-flying-bridge, ooi 
which the mooring or cable rides and tra- 
verses. It consists of two masts, with two 
horizontal beams at their heads, between 
which latter a shifting - piece (called 
"Katze/' **le chat") slides or traverses, 
carrying the cable with it as it moves from 
side to side, according to the direction 
which the bridge is made to take. Poience 
f. d'un pont-volant. voy. Portal. 

Galgengeoiss, n. (seU.) voy. Galgenmund- 
stUck; Muudstiick. 

Gralgenkandare, f. (seU.) A port-mouthed 
bit. Mora m. a gorge de pigeon a liberty 

Galgenmundstiick, n. (seU.) The port- 
mouth of a port-mouthed bit. Embou- 
chure f. a gorge de pigeon ,- (embouchure 
aoat-d'dne). voy. MundstUck. 

Galle, f. (v^.) A pt^or wind-gall about the 
fetiock-joint Molette f. ; vetsigon m. 

Grallen, f. pL (art.) (im Geschutzrohre). 
Honey-combSf flaws, cavities, or holes in 
the sur&oe of the bore. Soufflures f. pi., 
fouillesj chamhrea, 

Gallerie, f. fmin.) voy. Minenganff. 

Gallerie, f. fmin.) (Contrescarpen-). The 
gallery qT ^^ counterscarp, (called also 
ihe principal or magistral gallery). Ga- 
lerie f. de contrescarpe. 

f. (min.) (Umfassungs- od. Enve- 

lopx)en-). The envelope-gallery. Galerie 
d'enveloppe. voy. Minengang. 

f. (fort.) TKasemattirung fur Klein- 

gewehr). Gallery , loop-holed gallery for 
musket37 in a fortress, usually arched over 
like a casemate. Galerie cr^eUe ; (ga- 
lerie cr^neUe d^escarpe, de contrescarpe, 
etc.) ; esp^ de galerie voiitee destin^e i. 
recevoir des fusiliers. 

Galopp, m. (man.) The canter, or pace so 
called ; cantering or act of cantering. 
Galop m.; galop ordinaire. 

(man.) (kurzer). The short, collected 

canter, or proper canter of the manege ; 
hand-canter. Galop h trois temps, rac- 
courci et cadenc^, qu'on emploie d'habi- 
tude pour le travail du manage ; galop de 
manage ; galop d*^cole, 

(man.) (gestreckter). The gallop; 

full-gallop. Grand galop t galop de course; 
galop de charge. 

(Rechts-). Cantering by the rioht. 

— a droite. voy. Graloppiren (rechts). 
(Links-). — by the left. — h, gauche. 

(falscher). False-canter, cantering 

with the wrong leg. Faux ~~ ou sur le 
mauvais pied. 

(in den — fallen, v.) (man.) To break 

into a canter (from the trot). Passer au 
galop quand le trot est trop along^. 

Galoppiren,v.n.^man.). To canter. Galoper. 

n. (man.) Cantering. Action de galo- 
per ou dialler au galop. 

Galoppiren, v. (rechts). To canter to the 
right or by the right; cantering to the 
right, or cantering with the off fore-foot. 
Galoper sur le pied droit ; galoper a droite 
ou h main droite. 

T. (links). To canter to the Irft or 

with the near-fore. Galoper a gauche; 
galoper sur le pied gauche ou d main 

V. (Uber das Kreuz-). To canter dis- 
united, or with the near-fore, followed by 
the off-hind, or off-fore, followed by the 
near-hind. Galoper d^suni ; ^tre disuni ; 
se dit du cheval lorsqu'il ne galope pas sur 
le m^me pied du bipede ant^rieur et du 
bipede posterieur. 

V. (richtig, versammelt). To canter 

true; or canter collectedly or united. Ga- 
loper juste; galoper r^gulilrement ou tint. 

V. (falsch). To canter false or with 

the wrong leg, as a horse who in cantering 
to the right leads with the two near-legs, 
or in cantering to the left leads with both 
off-legs. Galoper faux ; se fait par le 
chevsd lorsqu'il galope sur le pied gauche 
en travaillant ou toumant a main droite, et 
sur le pied droit en toumant ou travaillant 
& main gauche. 

" V. (auf den richtigen Fuss an-). To 

take off with the right leg in cantering. 
Partir juste; oommencer Failure du galop 
sur le pied du dedans. 

Galvanisch, adj. Galvanic. Galvanique. 

Galvaniscber Apparat, m. (min., etc.) (zur 
Minenziindung, zum Steinsprengen, etc). 
Galvanic apparatus for firing mines, blast- 
ing, etc. Appareil galvanique (pour mettre 
le feu aux foumeauz de mines, etc.). 

Galvanische Batterie, f. voy. Batterie. 

Galvanische Elektricitat, f. Galvanic or 
voltaic electricity. JSlectricite galvanique ; 

Galvanische Saule, f. The voltaic or gal 
vanic pile. Pile f. galvanique ou vol- 

Galvaniscber Strom, m. (min., etc.). voy. 

Galvaniscber Telegraph, m. voy. Tele- 

Galvaniscbe Ziindung, f. (min.) Blasting 
by galvanism ; firing mines by means of 
electricity. Inflammation des mines par 
V^tincelle ilectrique; emploi de V electricity 
pour mettre lefeu auz mines. 

Galvanismus, m. Galvanism. Galvanisme. 

Galvanometer, m. od. Galvanoskop, m. A 
galvanometer; an instnmient for ascertain- 
ing the presence and measuring the in- 
tensity of a current of galvanic electricity, 
by the deviation which it occasions in the 
magnetic needle. Galvanom^tre, galva- 
noscope m. 

Ganasciie, f. (vet.) (des Pferdes). The under 
or lower jaw of a horse. Ganache f. ; 
mdchoire post^eure ou iff(frieure. 

Gang, m. (eines Pferdes). The pace of a 
horse, his paces (pi.), action, going or 


Gang — GsnnKMi. 

mode ofgoimg, Ailure L, irmm m. d'an 
cfaeral ; oUmreM i. pL 
Gmng, in.(eiiicr Scfanobe). Toy. Sefarmuben- 

m. Toy. JInieiigaiig. 

m- (expL) (Erz^uig). Vem of me- 
tallic ore. /yo« B. 

m. (zur PnlTcriuyniiier) bci einer Bat- 

terie. Toy. PnlTCTkaiiiiDer. 

— m- (h. f.) (ones Hobofent). Tlie trim 
of the fbrnaoe, its working ttaie at ctm- 
diiitm; the drtving of a farnaoe (either 
fiwt or alow, m the cme may be). AUmre 
t <m marche t qne nit le traTul d'an 

— (h. f.) der regelmamge (des Ofem). 
The rtgmlar or tmifi>rm working of the 
ftonace ; imi/&nn driving of the fiimaoe, 
(L e. neither too iast nor too slow). Marche 
rigulih'e dn foameaii. 

(h. f.) der p:iitc (des Ofens). The good 

working eondttion or working Hate of the 
Ibmaoe ; the healiky Haie of the smelting 
operation. Bonne aiimre do fonmeaii. Toy. 
Uabrguig; Rohgang. 

Qangart, f. Teines Pferdes). The pacta of a 
hcvse. Aliurea f. pL Toy. Gang. 

f. (expL) Gangue; a mineral sobstance 

osnally foimd in immediate contact with 
ore, from whidi, in subaeqaent operations, 
the latter has to be separated. Gangue f. 

Gangbar, adj. (toh einem Wege). PasMable 
(as a road). PraHeable, (se dit des 

(Ton einer Bresdie). PraciicabUf or 

fit to assault (as a breadi). Praticable, 

Cans, f. (sid.) (Roheisen-). Sow or pig- 
metal, or pig of cast-metaL Guetue f. on 
pi^e de gnense. 

(aid.) (die gereinigte). A bioom; lump 

or mass of metal to be worked into bar or 
malleable iron. Loupe f. on renard m. 

Cranzes ReT^tement, n. (fort.) Toy. Re- 

Ganzinvalide, m. (Realinvalide). Pen- 
nfjner, maimed or superannuated soldier, 
answering to the in-pennoner of Chelsea- 
Hospital. Invalide m. ; Tieux militaire in- 
capable de serrir par son grand age, ses 
blcssures, etc. Toy. Ilalbinvalide. 

(var, (sid.; m^-t.) Is said of metals when they 
have attained that state to which it has been 
the object of the operator to bring them. 
Tlius in the manufiuiure of malleable iron, 
the cast metal is said to become ** gaar,'' 
when by the process of refining it has lost 
\t» carbon (or become more or less oxid- 
ized), and is ready to enter the malleable 
xtatif. The term is taken from civil life, 
with n-ference to culinary matters, and im- 
plies as applied to meats, " done " or fit 
to l>e used as food, and in the sense above 
related may be rendered, done, purified or 
rffined. Kpur^. voy. Galir. 

(iaraufbrechcn, n. (sid.) Concluding ope- 
ration, to which, in the German refining- 

large, the hatf-refined man or fannp d. 
■ictal is fabfecied, km tiie pvpooe of 
rmdcriiig it dnctile or lefiaed. Aeaier Im 
kmpe: dcnuere opentioB de Tafllnage a 
raUemande. tot. Boh aufl f ech ciL. 

Garsehend, toj. Uarachmehfnd. 

Gannpfer, n. (m^) toj. Gahrkopfer, 

Gannacfaen, n. (met.) (des Sdiwwakapfers). 
The refimmg or iomgkemmg oi the eoarw- 
eoppcr. Ra^fmmge m. da cairre. 

Gaarschaam, ai. (aid.) od. "Knenarhanm. 
Kuk; the sobstanoe whkh floata on the 
svrfhce of Kqaid metal as it iiw i M a from 
the smelting-liimaoe, baring the ahining 
appeaianoe of phunhago, the praaence of 
which indicates that the metal is ntonted 
with carbon. LmmlU t, 4cmme f. de 

GarBchlacke, f. (sid.) IZe^aery-enuler, oon- 
taining a consderable pooentage of iron. 
Seorie donee, rieke. 

Garsebmelzend, (sid.) Toy. Bolieifleii. 

Garde, t The guard, gmmrdt, (pL) (or 
kouMehold-iroope) of any nation. Gwrdet ; 
corps de troupe spedalement dtarg^ de 
garder, de d^fimdre on soorenin, etc 

f. (Kemtrappen im Heere). The gmmrd» 

(pL), or pidLed regiments of an anny. 
Garde f. ; troiqpes d'elite. 

Gardecorps, n. (das preuss.) The corps so 
called in Prussia, forming one of the nine 
corps d'arm^ into w^ch the Pknasian 
army is divided. (A corps d'arm^ con- 
sists of about 30,000 men.) C&rpt m. de 
la garde en Prusse, formant Tun des neois 
corps d*armce dans lesqnela Tarmee en- 
tierc est divisce. 

Granle-du-corps, f. (Leibgarde in Pferde). 
Life-guard; Itfe-guardt (pi.) ; bodg-guard 
about the person of a sovereign. Gordiei- 
du-corpt ; {garde royale a ckeoaf). 

Garde - du - Corps - Regiment, n. Lffe^ 
guards ; Morse-guards ; regiment ef ^fe 
or horse-guards. Regiment m. de gardes- 

Gardeofficier, m. Officer of the gwsrds, 
officer belonging to the gutards, Offieier m. 
de la garde. 

Garderegiment, n. Regiment tff guards. 
Regiment m. de la garde. 

n. (zuFuss). Regiment of foot-guards ; 

{regiment of the guards). Regiment 
tTinfanterie de la garde : (regiment de la 

Gardetruppen, f. pL Guards; (household- 
troops). Gardes f. pL ; troupes de la 

Gamison, f. (Standquartier). A garrison, 
garrison-town: quarters or station of 
troops. Gamison f. ; viUe de gamison ; 
lieu d'emplaoement des troupes. 

f. (Besatzung). The garrison or troops 

placed or stationed in any quarter; toe 
troops composing the garrison, Gamison 
f. ; troupes de la gamison. 

GUumisonlMitailloii -— Geblaie. 


GamisonbataiUon, n. Sort of vetermt- 
battaUtm, Baiaillon m. de getmUon ; ba« 
taillon de troupes qui n'appartiennent pea 
k I'ami^ actiTe ; {batailUm de v^i&ani), 

Gamisonbefehl, vk. Garrwrn-ordert (pi.) ; 
garrison-girder. Ordre m, de la place; 
ordre dujour pour la gamiaon. 

Gamiionconiinandaiit, m. The eonmum^ 
dani or officer in command of a garrison. 
Commandant m. de place, 

Gamiaoiicompagiiie, f. A sort of unalid 
or veteran cov^any ; (Mie composed of 
men not fit for active service, having per- 
manent or fixed-quarters and doing only 
garrisoo^duty. Compagnie e^dentaira com- 
pagme de gamieon ; compagnie qui n'ap- 
partient pas k Tarm^ active. 

Gamisondieiist, m. Garrieon-duiy ; dutiet 
(pL) m garrison. Sertdce m. dans les 
plaeee et dans les quartiers ; service de gar- 

Gamisoniren, v. n. To lie ^ any place or be 
in garrison at Bnj place. Etre en gamison. 

V. a. To garrison a place. Tenir gami- 
son dans une place. 

Gamisonspital, n. General hospital; regi- 
mental hospital^ (called more particularly 
'' allgemeines'' when the former, and " Re- 
gimentshospital^'when the latter). Hdpital 
militaire de la gamison ; hdpital de gar- 

Cramisonstadt, t Garrison-town. Ville f. 
de gamison, 

Gamiaonwechsel, m. Change qf garrison; 
change qf quarters. Changement de gar- 

Gamitur, f. (m. d'a.) eines Gewehres (auch 
Montirung). The /umituref mounting^ 
or brass-mountings (pL) of a fire-lock. 
Garniture f. d'un fusil ; pieces de garni- 
ture (pi.), voy. Beschlage. 

f. (m. d'a.) od. Satz Flintenbohrer 

od. Neber in einer Gewehrfabrik. voy. 

t (sid.) Walzen (bei Eisenwalzwerken). 

Set or sets (pi.) of rollers in iron-mills for 
every variety of work. Assortiment m. de 

Gamiturmacber, m. (m. d'a.) od. Zeug- 
macher. The brass-founder in a small- 
arm manufactory. Fondeur m. (pour les 
garnitures en cuivre). 

Gas, n. Gas, Gaz m. 

Gasse, f. (im Lager). The street or space 
between the several rows of tents in camp. 
Rue f. de camp. vo^. Bataillonsgasse ; 
Brand- ; Compagnie- ; Regiments- ; 

f. vov. Spalier. 

Gassenlaufcu, n. (a.) od. Spiessruthenlau- 
fen (Strafe). Running the gantelope, gaun- 
ielope or gauntlet. Baguettes f. pi. cor- 
rectiownelles ; peine f. des baguettes, voy. 

Gassenpatrouille, f. (Polizeipatrouille, 
Strassenpatrouille). Pa/ro/ or party told- 

off in ganriflOB-towns to patiol the streets 
after tatoo-beating. Pairouille f. de poUee, 
qui parcourt les rues de la place i^r^ la 

Gatter, n. (fort.) voy. Gatterthor. 

Gattem, v. (m^t.) (das Zism). To r^ne 
tin. Corroger retain. 

Gatterthor, n. (fort.) (Barriere.) A spar- 
gatCt barrier, or barrier-gate. Barriere i. 
de fortification paasagere ; barri^ en pa- 
lissades. voy. Ausfallgatter. 

(fort.) (emfliigeliges). A one-leaved 

gate. Barrihre h un vantaiL 

(fort.) (zweifliigeliges). A two-leaved 

gate. Barriere ^ deux vantaux, 

Gebaude, n. (befestigtes). A fortified 
building, or one prepared for drfenee, 
Bdtiment retranch^, -- fortify. 

Gebautes Land, n. voy. Land. 

Gebirgsartillerie, f.(art.) (Gebirgsgescbiitz, 
n.) Mountain-artillery; mountain-serviee 
artillery; mountain-guns, 

Gebirgsbattene, f. (art) A mountain-ar- 
tillery battery, Batterie f. de montagne, 

Gebirgshaubitze, f. (art) Mountain-how- 
itzer, mountain-service howitzer, or how- 
itzer qf the mountain-train, Obusier m. 
de montagne, 

Gebirgsjoch, n. Mountain-pass. Col m. 
de montagnes. 

Gebirgskanone, f. (art.) Mountain-service 
gun, or mountain-gun. Canon m. onpi^ 
f. de montagne, 

f. (art.) (eine 3-pfundige). A H-pounder 

mountetin-gun. Piece de trots de mon- 

Gebirgskrieg^m. lfo«n/atn-traf/artf. Guerre 
f. de montagne, 

Gebirgslaffete, f. (art.) Mountain-gun car- 
riage, or mountain-service carriage. AffiU 
m. de montagne, 

Gebirgspass, m. A mountain-pass or motm- 
tain-defile. Col m. de montagnes. voy. 

Gebirgsschleife, f. (art.) od. Gebirgs- 
schleppe. Sledge for mountain-service. 
Traineau m. de montagne, employ^ dans 
le passage des montagnes. 

Gebirgssee, m. A mountain-lake, Lae m. 
de montagne, 

Gebirgsweg, m. A mountain-road. Chemin ' 
en pays de montagnes. 

Gebiss, n. (Stangen-). The bit, curb-bit, 
or bridle-bit. Mors m. de in bride. 

n. (Trensen-). The bridoon-bit. Mors 

m. du filet. 

n. (Knebel-). The snaffle-bit; (water- 
ing-bit,^ Mors du bridon. 

n. (mit einem gebrocbenen Mimd- 

stiicke). A jointed -bit, (either with a. 
jointed port as the Cierman-mouthed bit, 
or as a snaffle-bit). — h canon brisi. 

Geblase^ n. (sid.) Blowing -engine ; blast- 
engine; blowing -machine; blower; appa- 
ratus for blowing. Machine so^fflante. voy. 


Gebl&se — Gegenbatteiie. 

BalgengebVase ; Cylindergeblase: Kas- 
tengeblase: Kettengeblase ; Wasser- 

Geblase, n. (sid.) (Wind). Blast; the air 
discharged into a furnace. Vent m. 

n. (sid.) (ein schwacbes). A tempered 

or moderate blast; soft blast. Vent foible. 
▼oy. Wind. 

n. (sid.) (das — anlassen, t.) To in- 
troduce the blasts (after the blast-furnace 
has been sufficiently heated or prepared for 
use) ; to blow-off or set the blast to work, 
Dvnner le vent ; (faire agir les soufflets). 

n. (min.) (Minengeblase) (mittelst 

dessen man frische Luft in die Minen- 
gange hineintreibt). Miner's bellows; bel- 
lows or machine for renewing finesh air in 
mines. Soufflet m. {de forge) ^ pour en- 
▼oyer de Tair au fond d'une galerie. Toy. 

Qeblaseforme, f. (sid.) (der Hohdfen und 
FVischfeuer). The tnyerej by which the 
blast enters the furnace, called also, the 
iue'iron. Tuyere t voy. Forme. 

Geblaseluft, f. (sid.) The blast or air for 
the supply of a blaat-fumaoe. Vent m. des 

f. (sid.) (erbitzte) (zum Hohoienbe- 

triebe). Heated air; hot blast. Air 

f. (sid.) (kalte). Cold-air; cold-air- 
blast or cold-blast. Air/roid. 

Qeblasenagel, m. voy. Blasebalgnagel. 

Geblasewerk, n. (sid.) voy. Bla»ewerk. 

Geblendet, voy. Blenden. 

Geblendete Batterie, f. A blinded-battery. 
Batterie blind/e. voy. Batterie (bedeckte, 

Gebrochene Batterie, voy. Batterie (ge- 

Flanke, (fort.) voy. Flanke. 

Schiessscharte, voy. Schiessscbarte. 

Gedeckt sein, v. (vor dem feindlichen Bbcke 
od. Angriffe durch Terraingegenstande od. 
Vordertruppen). To be under cover, Stre 
d couvertf itre h Vabri, 

(von einer Stute, die in tragenden Zu- 

•tand versetzt ist). Covered^ (as a mare, 
after she has had the horse). Saillie; (se 
dit de la jument aprcs avoir 6i6 crois^ 
par Tetalon). 

Gedeckter Weg, m. (fort.) The covered- 
way (or covert-way) of the body of the 
plaice, extending round the counterscarp of 
the ditch. Chemin convert; (chemin con- 
vert de Tenceinte). 

— m. (fort.) (zweiter). The second or ad- 
vanced covert-way f parallel to that of the 
body of the phice. Avant-chemin convert, 
voy. Vorgraben. 

Gedriickt, (man.) (von Pferden). Saddle- 
galled, sore-backed, galled or chafed by 
the saddle, etc. Bless4 sous la selle ou 
par Thamachement. 

Gefalle, n. (eincs Flusses, etc.) The slope of 
a river ; the fall of the stream in a river. 

Ckute, pente f. d'une miere, d'un oours 

Gefalle, n. (hydr.) Fall, Ckmte t 

Ge&ngen wei^en, t. To be made or taken 
prisoner, Eire fait prisonnier. 

Ge&ngener (ein). A prisoner, Prison- 
nier m. 

Gefangenschaft, f. Toy. Kriegsgefangen- 

Gefangniss, n. (der Soldaten). Prisoners' 
cells, or barrack-cells, where soldiers un- 
dergo confinement, soUtary or otherwise; 
the black-hole. Prison f . ; cachot m.; 
(cachot en ville on a la caserne). 

n. (Civil-). The gaol, town-gaol, civil- 
gaol or public-prison. Prison de ville; 
prison du lieu, 

n. (Militair-). A military-prison, mi- 
litary provost-pirison ; (garrison and bar- 
rack-cells). Prison militaire; prison de 
gamison ; {cqchots de la caserne). 

Gefass, n. (m. d'a.) voy. Sabelgefass. 

n. (verschlossenes) (diim.) A close 

vessel. Vase clos, 

Gefecbt, n. An engagement; partial action 
or engagement, Gmtbat m. ; action par- 
tielle; engagement m. 

n. (kleines) od. Scharmiitzel. An 

affair of out-posts, etc; skirmish with 
the enemy. Affaire f. ; (affaire d'avant- 
poste, d*arriere-garde, etc). 

n. (unvermuthetes). A sudden and un- 
expected rencontre, as in the case of an 
advanced-guard " falling-in " with the ene- 
my. Rencontre f. ; engagement fortuit. 

(sich in ein — einh^sen, t.) (tact.) 

voy. Einlassen. 

(das — einleiten, t.) (tact) To open 

the attack; commence the engagement; 
prepare or open the action. Engager, en- 
tamer le combat, 

(das zerstreute) (tact) Skirmishing, 

acting in dispersed or extended-order; 
{skirmishing warfare), Attaquef,, com- 
bat m. en tirailleurs ; guerre f. de ttraH- 

(ausser). Hors de combat (i. e. placed). 

Hors de combat. 

n. Action ; (zum (Sefecht aufinar- 

schiren, v. (art. tact.) To form line for ac- 
tion to the front. Se mettre en batterie), 

Gefecbtssignale, n. pL voy. Signale. 

Geflecbt, n. (des Schanzkorbes). The rand- 
ing or basket-work of the gabion. Clayon- 
nage m. voy. Flecbtwerk. 

Gefreiter, m. (ViceunteroflScier, auch 
Vicecorporal). Lance-corporal; acting- 
corporal, Caporal posiiche ; (appointe); 
homme de rang destin^ a seconder et i^ 
remplacer un caporal effectif. 

Gefrischtes Eisen, n. voy. Stabeisen. 

GefUge, n. (sid.) das komige (des grauen 
Roheisens). The granular texture of grey 
cast-iron. Texture grenuc de la fonte grise. 

Gegenbatterie, f. Counter-battery, or bat- 
tery pUoed on the crest of the glads to 

Gegenbefehl — Geldvergiitigung. 


support the breaching-batteries, and rilence 
the fire of the flanks or works which might 
act against the storming-parties and the 
passage of the ditch. Contre-baiterie f., 
destin^ a r^uire et a ^eindre les feuz 
que I'assi^ emploierait contre \& batterie 
de bredie, et contre le passage du foss^ et 

Gegenbefehl, m. A counterorder. Contre- 
ordre m. 

(jegend, f. Region; country: tract of land. 
Contr4e: region f. 

f. (die umliegende). The country round- 
about ; the environM or adjacent parts. 
Environs m. pi. 

f. Country ; ground ; district; pari or 

parts of a town or country. Pays m. ; 
terrain: eontr^t; quartier; partie, 

(offene). Open-country, Pays ouvert ; 

terrain ouoert, — de plaine ou pen acci- 

f. (diirchschnittene, beschwerliche). 

Intersected country; intricately broken 
country: (difficult marching-ground). Pays 
coup4: terrain difficile^ — accident/, 

Gegengesenke, n. (o. e. f.) An upper or 
counter-die; top-tool or stamp, Contre- 
/iampe f, 

G^egengewicbt, n. A counterweight or coun- 
terpoise, Contre-poids m. 

Gegengurt, m. (seU.) od. Strippe am Sattel. 
Tlie girth-strap. Contre-sanglon m. 

Gegenkufgrilbeny m. pi. voy. Contreap- 

Cregenlosung, f, A sort of additional test 
or countersign given out to their sentries 
by officers on out-post. Espcce de contre- 
signal (ou conire-mot^ que les chefs des 
avant-postes donnent a leurs sentinelles et 
vedettes en outre du mot de ralliement. 

Gegenminen, f. pi. (min.) od. Vertheidi- 
gungsminen. Countermines^ or defensive- 
mines prepared beforehand, in a perma- 
nent manner, to counteract, in the course 
of a siege, the operations of the enemy. 
Contremines f. pi. des forteresses ou mines 

Gegenninde, f. Check-rounds (pi.). Con- 
tre-ronde f., ayant pour objet de constater 
que les rondes ordinaires ont march^ 
d'apres les ordres donnes. 

Gegenwehre,f. (fort.)(od. Bollwerkswebre). 
A counterguard or coverface ; an outwork 
consisting of two faces, constructed in front 
of some other work of greater importance, 
which it is intended to cover. (The term 
** Gegenwehre " is ap[)lied to such a work, 
when defended by a tire of musketry, and 
** Bollwerkswebre " when by that of artil- 
lery.) Cow)re-face ; contre-garde f. 

Gehage, n. An enclosure or place fenced 
in ; preserve; warren ; park, Enclos m. ; 
varenne f.; pare m, 

G^halt, m. & n. The pay of officers, non- 
commissioned officers, and privates. Ap- 
pointements m. pi., solde f. des officiers ; 

pr^t m. ou solde des sous-officiers et sol- 
dats. voy. Lohnuug. 

Gehaltabzug, m. Deductions (pi.) /rom 
pay: stoppages to which soldiers are liable ; 
amount of pay kept-back from the soldier. 
Retenues f. pi. sur la solde. 

Gehaltserhohung, f. Increase of pay ; in- 
creased rate of pay, Haute-paye; haute- 
paye d'anciennet/, 

Gehaltszulage, f. Allowances (pi.) to men 
and officers, in addition to their pay. Sup- 
plement m, de solde ; accessoires m, pi. de 
solde, voy. Soldzulage. 

Grehen, v. (m^) (von einer Maschine). To 
work, act, perform, or go, (as any part of 
machinery). Fonctionner, 

V. (tact.) auseinander — (von einer 

. Truppe). To break, disperse; (to be dis- 
missed) (as men after parade). Se rompre, 
se d/sumr; rompre les range, 

Gehenk, n. (des In&nteristen). Shoulder- 
belt or sword-belt, (answering to the Eng- 
lish bayonet-belt). Baudrier m. de sabre 
de I'infanterie. voy. Degengehenk ; 

Gehoft, n. (Gehofde). A farm, farmery; 
farm-buildings, M/tairie f.; ferme, 

Gehoftebefestigung, f. The placing farms 
or farm-buildings in a state of d(tfence, 
Mise f. en /tat de defense desfermes, 

Geholz, n. Small wood; copse: grove; 
plantation. Petit bois; bosquet, 

Gehoren, v. (zur Fronte — ). voy. Fronte. 

Geborig geladene Mine, voy. Mine (ge- 

Gehrmass, n. (o. e. b.) (Schragemass). A 
moveable-bevel or shafting-square, guerre 
pliante; fausse-Zquerre, voy. Sclimiege. 

Gebiilfe, m. (art.) One of the detachment ; 
man of the gun-detachment. Servant m. 

m. (art.) voy. Uandlanger. 

m. (m. d'a.) (des Rohrschmiedes). The 

hammerman; the striker who alternates 
strokes with the maker. Frappeur m. 

Gehweg, m. voy. Fusswcg. 

Geigenbohrer, m. (o. e. f. & o. e. b.) A 
piercer (or parser) for boring ; drill-stocky 
drill, or borer which has motion imparted 
to it by a drill-bow. Tr^an a archet : 
drille f. 

Geissel, m. od. Geisel. K hostage, Utagem. 

Greissfuss, m. A crow-bar, Pince f. en 
fer ou. pied m. de chevre, 

m. (min.) (Brechstange). A miner's 

pinching-bar, Pince f. a pied de biche. 

Geist, m. (der kameradschaftliche). Esprit 
de corps. Esprit m. de corps, 

Gekratz, n. od. das Kratzmetall. voy. 

Gelander, n. (pont.) (einer Pfahlbriicke). 
Side-railoT hand-railing on timber-bridges. 
Garde -fou m, 

n. (durchbrocbenes). A balustrade, 

called also a balustrade-parapet. Balus- 
trade f. 

Geldvergiitigung, f. (dem Soldaten fur Na- 


Gcleite — Greneralfeldwachtmeister. 

tuitlien). AiiowaMce in Heu o/* issues in 
land ; compensation, eompengation-money. 
Indemnity f. de vivrea, etc. 
Geleise, n. (be! den Fahrzeugen). The track, 
widih on the track, breadth at width on 
the ground, gauge or width between the 
wheele of csrriagee ; called also by some, 
tbe tread of callages, or width qf tread; 
(being the transverse distance of the wheels 
or triMsks when standing on level ground '). 
Vote f . des voitnres. 

— n. fdas Fahrgeleise, die Wagenspur 
od. Raospur). A rut, wheel-rut, or track 
of a wheeL Ormh'e f.; trace creos^ par 
lea rones. 

halten, v. voy. Spturen. 

Geleit, n. (Geleitsbrief). S^fe-guard, {atdve* 
guard [a.] ), eqfe-conduct, or paitport, 
granted in writing and under seal to an 
individual, for his safe entry and passage 
through a country in time of hostilities. 
Seatf'Condmt m. 

— n. (Begleitung) A etfe^guetrd or etfe- 
condueti the escort or party granted to 
give safety or efficacy to Uie above licence. 

(das — brecben, v.J To Joree, break, 

or violate a safe-guard. Violer le sanf- 

Geleitsbrief, m. Sqfe-guard, eqfe-conduct, 
or paseport, Sat^-eonduit m., nawe-garde 
f. ; pasteport m. voy. Geleit. 

Gelenk, n. (sell.) (am gebrochenen Mund- 
Btiidce). The joint of the jointed-part of a 
German-mouthed bit, Hanoverian-bit, etc. 
Chamihre f. h pU, au moyen de laque l le le 
mors est mobile dans le centre. 

— n. (m^c) (Universal-) od. allgemeincs. 
The univereal'joint, (single and double), 
for transferring rotation from one axis to 
another, /om/ tmtttfrfe/; (rotation simul- 
tnn6e de deux aibres formant ensemble un 
an^ obtus). 

n. (art.) (am IVotzkasten, etc.^. The 

hinge or lid-hinge of an ammunition-box. 
Chami^e f. 

n. od. Glied (einer Kette). The link 

of a chain. Chamon m. d'une diaine. 

— — n. (v. d'a.) od. die Kahre (der Fuhr- 
werke). The lock whidi a carnage has ; 
the locking of a carriage ; the lock or turn 
in carriages. Tbumant m. des voitures. 

Gelenkband, n. (art.^ (am IVotzkasten). The 
joint or hinge-band ci esk ammunition-box. 
Chamiire f. 

Gelenkwischer, m. (art.) A joint-eiqf (or 
joint-ttttve) epunge, used similarly wil^ the 
Bnglish ** spunge with rope-stave ** (Tkm- 
wischer) for confined situations, such as 
casemates, behind breastworks, etc £cou- 
Villon m. k chamihre, 

G^Uschuss, m. (art.) In the Austrian ar- 
tillery, synonymous with** Rollsdiuss." voy. 

Gemeiner, (Soldat). Thi^ private, private- 
wolHer, common-ioldier. Simple eoldat. 

Gemeinenzelt, n. Common if^antrg-tent ,* 
(in the English service, the circular or 
bell-tent). Tente f. de soldat, voy. Zelt. 

Gemeingeist, m. (der militairische). voy. 

Gemengte Pulverladung, f. (beim Stein- 
sprengen). Charge of powder for blast- 
ing, mixed with a proportion of fine and 
diy sawdust. Charge f. du petard m^- 
lang^ avee de la sdure. 

Gemessener Winkel, m. (topogr.) voy. 

General, m. General ; general-officer, (re- 
nA^l m.; officier gMral, voy. Officier. 

m. der dienstthuende (im Lager) od. 

General du jour. The general of the 
dag in camp. Officier g^n^al de jour, 
gMral dejour, 

— - m. commandirender (eines Armee- 
oorps). General commanding the troops 
(in such and such a district) ; general in 
command of a district. G^nlfral common- 
dant un corps d'arm^ ; {gMral comman- 
dant de province, de division territoriale). 

Generala^utant, m. (Adjutant des Regen- 
ten). King* 8 aide-de-camp, (being a gene- 
ral-officer in Prussia, and seldom under 
the rank of colonel). Aide-de-camp du 
roi : officier g^n^ral ou sup^rieur attadi^ 
& la personne d'un roi. voy. Fliigel- 

m. Adjutant-general, Adjudant-gM- 

ral; officier d'etat-major g^n^ral, qui dirige 
sp^dalement un departement, un bureau, 

—^ m. ^Adjutant eines commandirenden 
Generals). Aide-de-camp to a general- 
officer. Aide-de-camp d'offider g6n^ral. 

Generalauditeur, m. Judge-advocate gene- 
ral, Auditeur-gMral m, 

Generalbefehl, m. General-order; general- 
orders (pi.) . Ordre gMral ; ordre g4n^ral 
dujour; ordre dujour, 

Greneralcommandant, m. (einer Provins). 
General commanding a district; general 
officer in command of a district G^A-al 
commandant de division territoriale ; g^n/- 
ral commandant de province, commandant 
en chtfde la province. 

Generalcommando, n. The chief command; 
command qf a district, Commandement 
m, en chrfde province, 

Generaldecharge. f. (a.) Obsolete term for 
'* Massenfeuer ** the volley or general dis- 
charge of the line. Feu de sahe; feux en 
salve; ddchai^ simultan^ de toutes les 
armes ^ feu d'une ligne. 

General en chef, m. General commanding- 
in-chirf, G4iUral m. en chrf, 

Generalfeldmarschall, m. od. Feldmar- 
schall. Field-marshal, Feld-mar^chal 
m. ; marshal, voy. Officier ; Feldmar- 

Generalfeldwachtmeister, m. Major-gene- 
ral, GMral-major; marshal de camp ; 
ijf^niral de brigade), voy. Officier. 

Generalfeldzeugmeister — Gerinne. 


Generalfeldzeiigmeister, m. (im Oest- 
relchuchen). One of the two senior gene- 
raU (of infiintry or cavalry) in the Austrian 
flervioe. Grade des deux plus andens g4ni- 
raux d'infitnterie et de cayalerie en Au- 
triche. voy. Officier. 

Generalgewfdtiger, m. (a.)(G^neralprofo8}. 
The provoMt-marshal, Grand-prMt de 

Generalinspector, m. (der Artillerie). In- 
spector-general of artillery. Inapecteur 
p^nirtU dCarHUerie, 

CreneralisaimuSy m. Gtnertdmimo, GM' 
mUMtrme m. voy. Officier. 

Generalitat, f. The general offictra (pi.) of 
an army. (Umh^xuaCy ojieiere ginh'oux 
d'une arm^ 

Generalkriegskassirer, m. roy. Kriegs- 
zahlmeister; GeneralkriegszahlmeiBter. 

Generalkriegszahlmeister, m. PaymoMter- 
getterat qf the forces. Reeeffeur-gMiral 

Genemllieutenant, m. Lieutenant-general. 
Lieutemmt-g^n^rtU m. Yoy. Officier. 

Generalnuyor, m. Major-general. Mar^- 
ehal de camp m.; gintfral-nuyor; (gMral 
de brig tide), voy. Officier. 

Generalmarsch, m. The general^ or beat so 
called, for troops to assemble at their alarm- 
posts, etc G^n&ale f. 

schUigen, y. To beat the general; 

(also, to beat to arms in case of alarm). 
Battre la ^^i^Yiitf. 

(Anzug scum — . Heatty marching 
order. Tenue de route avec armet et 

General-Militair-Kasse, f. voy. Kriegs- 
zahlamt, Kriegskasse. 

Generalordre, f. voy. Generalbefehl. 

Genendpardon, m. General pardon in 
ikvonr of certain persons (deserters) ; om- 
ne$ty or freedom from penalty granted 
to individuals guUty of offences of a political 
nature, as rebellion, etc. Amnistie f. ou 
pardon g^n^al a certaines conditions, en 
faveur des d^serteurs k T^tranger, ou de 
ceux oui se sont rcndus coupables de crimes. 

Generalquartiermeister, m. (Chef des Ge- 
neralstabes). Chief of the ^taff of an 
army. Chrfd'^tat-mn^or general ; nu^or- 

m. Quarter-nuuter-general. Quar- 

tier-maitre g^n^raL 

Generalseimulett, n. voy. Epaulett. 
Generalstab, m. The stqf of the army; 

generalstqj^. ' £tat-major d'arm^ ou ^tat- 

major gMral. 
Generalstabsarzt, m. (der Armee). The 

director-general of the medical department 

in Prussia. Officier de sant6 en chef de 

I'arm^ prussienne. 
Gencralstabsofficier, m. Stqf-officer, or 

officer employed upon the staff of the army. 

Officier dUtat-nu^or gMral ou d^armie. 
Generalsturm, m. A general aaeault. At- 

taut gMral. 
Grrman Part. 

Generalwache, f. Generat-offleer's guard, 
or guard of honour 'for a general-officer. 
Gtu^e f. d*honneur d*qfflcier g^n^l. 

Generalwachtmeister, m. Obsolete appel- 
lation of mqjor-generaL voy. General- 
msgor ; Officier. 

Genick, n. (v6t.) (des Pferdes). The poll of 
the horse's head. Nugue f. 

Genickbeule, f. (v^t) od. Maulwurfsge- 
Bchwulst. The poll-evil. Mai m. de 
nugue, mal de taupe ou teatudo. 

Genickkissen, n. (seU.) (am Kummte). The 
wither of the collar. Partie rembourr^ 
du collier qui porte sur le cou du chevaL 

Geniecorps, n. voy. Insenieurcorps. 

Genieofficier, m. voy. Ingenieiirofficier. 

Genietruppen, f. pi. Sappere and miners 
(as a general term). Foreigners include their 
corps of ** pioneers " and " pontoneers " 
under this head. TYoupee f. pi. du g^nie. 

Geodasie, f. voy. Feldmeaakunst. 

Gepack, n. (Bagage.) The baggage of an 
army. Bagage m. d'arm^e ; bagagea (pL) 
d'arm^ en campagne. 

n. (cav.) The baggage. Charge f. 

Gerade — aus ! (tact.) Steady! (command 
given after dressing points); eyea front! 
(after dressing a company). Fixe ! (com- 
mandementd'ex^tionapres Talignement). 

! (tact.) Forward! (when men, after the 

completion of a wheel, are to move straight 
to their front). En avant! (commande- 
ment qui a lieu apres Tach^vement d'une 
conversion en marchant). 

Gerade Echelons, pi. (tact.) voy. Echelons. 

Gerade Flanke, f. (fort.) voy. Flanke. 

Geraderichten, n. od. Gerademacben (eines 
Dinge8)(o.e.f.) Smithing; »etting;atraight- 
ening accurately; correcting the ahape 
of any thing. Dreaaage m. 

Gerade Sappc, f. voy. Sapi)e. 

Gerade Scmessscharte, f. voy. Schiess- 

Gerath, n. (Lagergerath). Camp-equipage; 
camp-neceaaariea ; camp-utenaiU. Effeta 
m. pi. de campement. 

Geratnschaften, f. pi. (art., etc.) Jmple- 
menta (pi.) ; toola ; utenaila. Agrh m. pi. ; 
outila ; uatenai/es m. pi. 

Grerben, n. (sid.) od. Raffiniren des Stahles. 
Shearing, or the procesa qf producing 
ahear-ateel, by heating and welding bars of 
blistered-steeJL Affinage, corroyage m. de 

Gerbstahl, m. (sid.) od. raffinirter Stahl. 
Shear-ateel; tilted ateel. Acier raff^mi; 
acier corroy4. 

Grergelkamm, m. (tonn.) (der Bottcher). 
Notcher, croe, or notching -tool. Jabloiref. 

Gergeln, v. (tonn.) (ein Pass). To notch or 
make the croea in the staves of casks. Jabler. 

Grerinne,n. (fond.)(zur Leitung des geschmol- 
zenen Metalles in die Formen). The drain 
or trench of sand to conduct the metal 
into the moulds ; gutter for running-in the 
metal. Rigole f. 



Gciimie — Gcaefautz. 

Gcriime, n. (tmn^wmk i iiilifc ). TYktrmet, \ 
rme^-^tmne, (wtilUrmet)^ or caiMl alon^ | 
which the wvtcr is conrrf ed to and froB a j 
wCcr-vhccL CmaiAtr m. t 

GcrimieiL, ▼. To mi^ JU^ kenme JUed; 
mettU^ Cfm^tml. Seji§er ; $e mlidifier. 

Gerimistacke, n. pL (fcnd.) Drmim-maeiml, 
or the metal left m the drain after casting. 
BAidm m. de metal; emtai; metal res- 
fast dana hi rigole apre« hi fioote. 

Goippe, n. (art.) eisemes (zn Brand- and 
Levcfatkiifeln). The tkeUiom of the old 
rwiMH or fight-balL Carcma$e f. en/er. 

n. ^pont.) Ceine« maaschen Segehnch- 

pootont). The frame of a Rnasian sail- 
doth pontoon. Csrcosse t d*un ponton 
nusc k toile goodronnee. 

n. (eines Gebaodes). The skeU ot a 

hvilding. Carratse t, $qmeiette d*un bati- 

n. (aeO.) (eines Sattels). A tkeietom-tret, 

or saddle-tree without iron or canraas. 

CsreoMe t d'mi ar^on. 
n. (znm Pkofiliren einer Yersdianzmg). 

Toy. Profile, pL ; Lattenprofil. 
Gerste, t Bmrtey. Orge f. 
Geriist, n. (znm Fenergewefar). Arm-rack 

in armouries. RaieUer m. itanmet. Toy. 


n. (nd-) rWalzen-) (znm Ansredcen 

des Stabeisens). The houtkikg-framet (pL), 
in whidi the rollers for drawing out the 
massnre iron into bars are supported and 
revolve. Cagt f. on chd$sis m. dans lequel 
aont pratiquees lea crapandines des cyhn- 

Geriiststangeii, f. pL (art.) (einer Feld- 
sdimiede). The ttandardi of the bellows- 
frame of a traveliing-forge. MontanU m. 
pL de branloire. 

Geriiststiitze, f. (tft.) (einer Feldschmiede). 
The standard or beliows-frame stay of a 
travelling-forge. Arc-boutaiU m. de mon- 
tants de branlobe. 

dkschiiT, n- (art.) (Zuggeachirr). Hameu. 
Hamau; harnait (tattelage; kamache' 
meni m. 

n. (seU.) (Kummt-). 

Hamaia m. a colliert. 

n. (aelL)^ (Sielen-). 

Hamau m. a poitraiU. 

n. (seU.) (Uinter-). 

Harnait m. de derriere, 
schirr, Ilintergeschirr. 

n. (sell.) (Vordcr-). Leading-hamest, 

for front- and centre-leaders (Mittel- and 
Vorderpferde). Harnait de derant, 

n. (art.) (Hiilfs-). voy. Hiilfsgeschirr. 

Toy. llalfter; Stangenzaum ; Unterlege- 
trense ; Kummt ; Vorder- ; Hinter- 
zeug ; Sattel ; Sattelbaum ; Kamm- 
kissen ; Packkissen; Umlauf; Zugtau; 

Geschirrbiirste, f. Hamett-brutk. Brasse 
a kamaie. 

Geschirrholz, n. (art.) (Vorrathsnutzbolz). 

Collar 'kamete. 


Toy. Stangenge- 

Carrtafe-Hmker m the r9m§k ; abo, ear- 

rimge^hmker m»mde^-mp. Bait dHii^t et 

degrfitttt povr repantioiis. 
Gesdiirrholz, n. (art.) Siore-Hatker. Bait 

de eomttruetiam. 
n. (art.) Comrerted'iitmker .- carriage- 

timber biocked-ami or tatted-ap. Bait 

Gesehirrkammery f. JST ai a e M -rsoi. SeUe- 

Gescfairrkammem, t pL (art.) (xvr Avfbe- 

wahmng der Geschirre). A kmrmatt-tiare. 

Magatin m. pour kantackeatemi, 
Gesehirrleder. n. (saO.) voy. Blankleder. 
Gescfairrmeister, m. A non-comnMasJoiwd 

officer belonging to the ** Armeelnhnresen'' 

or waggon-train ; (comdmctor of ordmamctf 

comductor ofttoret). Soos-offider do train ; 
amdmetemr dea 

(tact.) Caote- 
▼oy. Coknmey 

(comduciemr ^artiilerie; 

igmipaget de rartilierie). 
Geschk)8sene Colonne, L 

column, CoUmme terr^, 

Schanze, (Ibrt.) An i 

fidd-fortification. Omcrage fermf. 

Ordnimg, (tact.) voy. Ordnung. 

Fecbtart, voy. Fechtart. 

Geschmeidig, (von Metallen). MtdletMear 

ductile, in speaking of metals. Domx: 

Geschmeidigkeit, f. (m^.) MaUeakiUtg : 

(the property belonging to metals of befaig 

extended uider the blows of a hammer). 

Malleability; duetHit^t 
Geschmelzter Zeug, m. (art.) voy. €ie- 

Geschmolzenzeug, m. (art.) (audi, das ge- 

schmolzene Zeug). Gorcasf-eoMywit- 

tion: Valenciennet compotUUm. Rocket 

a feu; {competition de Valendemnet), 
Geschnittenes Holz, n. Sawed -timber ; 

timber tawed into suitable teantHng. Bait 

m. de tciage; — refendn a hi sde. 
Geschoss, n. (art.) od. Projectil. A pn^ec' 

tile. Projectile m. 

n. (art.) voy. Gescbosse (pL). 

Geschosse, n. pL (art.) ProjectHet, Pro- 

jectilet m, pL 
Geschiitz, n. A gnn, piece ^f ttrtillery, 

Boucke f. afeUf piece iTartillerie, 

n. Ordnance, gunt (pL), artillerg. 

Artillerie f. ; piecet d'artUlerie ; boucket 
a feu. 

n. (grobes, grosses). Hetwg ordnamee, 

keavg artillery. Grotte artillerie. 

n. (leichtes). Ligkt-gunt ; field-pieeet. 

Artillerie l/gere ; piecet de campagne. 

n. (Belagenmgs-). Siege-artillery. 

Artillerie de ti^ge; artillerie de tifye off en- 

n. (Feld-). Field-artillery. Artillerie 

de campagne. 

n. (Festungs-) . Garriton or ttanding- 

artillery for the armament of places. Ar- 
tillerie f. de place; artillerie de tiSge di- 
fentifou artillerie defbrterette. 

Geflchiitz — Geflchwindigkeit. 


Geachuti, n. (Gebirgs-). Minmiom'miU' 
lery: mouniaitt-^fum (pL) Artilierie de 

n. (Positioiis-). Artillery qfpotitUm ; 

(heaTj field-artillery in defensiTe operations 
for tlie oocapation of prominent points in 
the field of battle). Artilierie f. de po- 

n. (Reserve-). Artillery ^f reaeree; 

(heavy field-artillery to be brought forward 
in critical periods of the battle). Artil- 
ierie de reserve, 

n. rReserve-J. voy. Reservegeschiitz. 

n. (Reserve-), voy. Reserveaurtillerie ; 


n. (Schiffs-). Marine-artillery ; tea- 

eerviee gutu (pL), eea-tertnce ordnance, 
Artilierie de marine; artilierie de men 
yiieee d'artillerie de mer. 

n. (Yertheidigungs-). voy. Festungs- 


n. (Wall-), voy. Festungsffescbiitz. 

n. (Wurf-). Howitzers (pi.) and mor^ 

tare (pL). Bouchet h feu a trqjectoire 
eourbe; (mortiert et obutiere pi.). 

Geschutzacbse, f. (art.) The yun axle-tree 
or ovn'-axle. Bteieu m. d'qffiil, 

Gescbutzaufnahme, f. (art) The recep- 
tion of ordnance. Reception f. des bouches 

Geschiitzbank, f. Tfort) A barbel, barbette, 
or mound formed in rear of the parapet of 
a battery, to permit the gun to be run-out 
over the crest of it. Barbette f. voy. 
Bank, StUckbank. 

Gescbiitzbedieniing, f. (art.) The service 
and exercise qf ordnance ; exercise qfyuns. 
Service m. des bouches hfeu, 

f. (art.) vov. Bedienuugsmannscbaft. 

Gescbiitzberekhe (im). Within range qf 
artillery. Aportie d^ artilierie, 

Gescbiitzbettung, f. voy. Bettung. 

Gescbiitzbohnnascbine, f. (for.) Boring- 
engine or boring-machine for boring guns. 
Machine f. aforer les bouches k feu. 

Gescbiitzeimer, m. (art.) voy. Kiihleimer. 

Geacbiitzfeuer, n. (art.) The f re of artillery: 
artiUery-practice, (practice), T\r m. des 
bouches afnT; feu d* artilierie, 

Gescbiitzform, f. (moul.) The mould in 
which the gun is cast. Moule m. de bouche 
k feu. 

Gescbiitzfubrer, m. (art.) Mounted non- 
commissioned officer with a battery com- 
manding a subdivision ; (the marker qf a 
sub-division). Guide m. de la marches 
sous-officier chrf de pi^ce, 

Gescbiitzgattung, f. Nature q/* ordnance ; 
nature or kind of gun, Espece f. de bouches 
a feu ; espkce de canon, 

Gescbiitzintervallc, f. (art. tact.) (beim 
Manovriren mit den Battericn). Interval 
between guns in battery ; interval between 
sub-divisions, Intervalle enlre les bouches 
a feu (dans la formation en batterie). 

Gcscbtitzkunst, f. Gunnery: science qf 

artillery. Artilierie f. ; science de Partil- 

Gescbiitzmetall, n. (art) (Stiickgut, 
Bronze). Gun-metal, Bronze m. ; m^i<U 
a canon, 

Grescbiitzmunition, f. voy. Munition. 

Gescbiitzpatrone, f. voy. Kartusebe ; Pa- 

Gescbiitzprobe, f. (art.) The proqf qf ord- 
nance, £preuve f. de bouches a feu, voy. 

Gescbiitzprotze, f. (art) Gun -limber, 
Avant-train m. d^qffut, 

Gescbiitzpulver, n. (Gesch. P.) (poudr.) 
Cannon-powder, Poudr e i canon; {pou- 
dre f. de guerre) (P. C). voy. Pulver. 

Gescbiitzquadrant, m. (art.) voy. Quad- 

Gescbiitzrad, n. (art.) A gun-wheel, gun" 
carriage wheel. Roue f, (TqffiU. 

Gescbiitzreibe, f. (eines Artillerielagers). 
The line of guns, in an encampment of 
artillery. Ligne f. des pieces (d'un camp 

Geschiitzreserve, f. voy. Reserveartillerie. 

Geschiitzrobr, n. (art.) A piece qf ord- 
nance. Canon m. ; bouche f. a feu ; piice 
de canon, 

GescbUtzverscbraubmascbine, f. (art.) voy. 

Gescbiitzwinde, f. (art.^ voy. Wagenwinde. 

Gescbiitzzubehor, n. (art.) Side-arms, as 
well as the small-stores carried for the ser- 
vice of the gun. Armements et assorti- 
ments m. pi. des bouches k feu. 

Gescbiitzzug, m. A convoy qf artillery, or 
number of guns, etc., travelling in convoy. 
Train m., convoi d'artillerie. 

Gescbwacbtes Gut, n. (art.) (a.^ voy. Gut. 

Grescbwinde Cbargirung, f. (tact.) voy. 

Gescbwmdigkeit, f. (der Geschosse). The 
velocity of projectiles. Vitesse f. des pro- 
jectiles. « 

f. (hydr.) (des fiiessenden Wassers). 

The velocity of a current of water. Vitesse 
d'un cours d'eau. 

f. (m6c) (fidlender Korper). The velo- 
city of falling bodies. Vitesse f. des corps 

f. (des Schalles). The velocity of sound. 

Vitesse du son. 

f. die grusste (eines Pfcrdes). The 

greatest speed of a horse. Vitesse la plus 
accclcree d'un chevaL 

f. (tact.) (militairischer Bewegungen). 

The rate at which troops march and ma- 
noeuvre. Vitesse des troupes en mouve- 

f. (art.) (des Fcuems). Rapidity of fire. 

Rapidity du feu ; vitesse t du tir. 

f. (mec.) (die anfanglicbc). The ini- 
tial velocity. Vitesse initiate, voy. An- 
fangsgeseh windiekeit . 

f. (die bescblcunigte). Accelerated 

velocity, — accvler/e, 



Geschwindigkeit — Getriebc. 

Ge8chi>(indigkeit, f. (dieverminderte). Re- 
tarded velocity, — retard^e. 
f. ( Anfangs- ; End-). Initial velocity: 

final velocity. Vitesse initiate; vitesse 

Geschwindpfeife, f. (art.) voy. Greschwind- 

Geschwindrohrcben, n. (art) voy. Schlag- 

Greschwindschritt, m. (tact.) The qvick- 

^tepf or marching-paoe in quick-time ; 

(quici-march ; quick-time). Pas accelM. 

Toy. Evolutions-; Ordinairschritt. 
G^eschwindscbuss, m. (art) Rapid-firing, 

Tir accelM, 
Gescbwulst, f. (v^t.) Swelling; tumour, 

Et^ure f, ; tumeur i, 
(Knochen-). A bony-tumour; (splent), 

Orosseur ou excroissance dure; tumeur 

osseuse; (psselet). 
Gesenke, n. od. Matrize. A die; lower or 

bed-die of stamping-machinery ; boss. Ma- 
trice f. 

n. A lower-tool; bottom-swage. 

JStampe; ^tampe if\fMeure. 

n. (das obere). A stamp or top-tool ; 

swage. Chasse f. voy. Gegengesenke. 

n. (m. d'a.) das obere (zur Fertigung 

der Bajonnetklingen). A top-tool or fuHer- 
ing-toolf for forming the bayonet-blade. 
Chasse f. ; (raoule de dessus avec lequel on 
^tampe la lame de la baionnette). 
(In Gesenken Schmieden, v. To stamp 
in dies; swage; hammer or forge 
in bosses^ or give the requisite form to 
any thing by means of toob for stamp- 
ing. :Stamper.) 

G^enkbammer, m. A swage, swage- 
hammer; an upper-tool or upper-swage, 
^ampe sup&ieure; forte chasse ou masse; 
(espece de marteau ayant sur Tune de ses 
tctes le dessin qu'on veut Stamper). 

Gesenkte Batterie, voy. Batterie (ver- 
senkte, einffegrabene). 

Gresenkter Senuss, (art.) voy. Senk-, Plon- 
gir-, Depressionsscbuss. 

Gesenktes Feuer, n. (art.) voy. Feuer. 

Gesiebt, n. {m. d'a.) voy. Visir. 

Glesicbtsfela, n. The scope of fire of guns 
in battery. (In speaking with reference to 
guns placed en barbette, one would say, 
" man erlangt dadurch ein grosseres 
Gesichtsfeld/' i. e. '*guns so placed are 
less limited in their scope of fire :" ** on 
augmcnte ainsi le champ de tir des 
pieces.") Champ m. de tir. 

n. (eines Femrohres). The field of 

view in a telescope. Champ de vision d'une 
lunette d'approche. 

Gesicbtslinie, f. (fort.) (Face). The face 
of any work of fortification. Face f. d*un 
ouvragc de fortification. 

Gesicbtspunkt, m. (tact.) (beim Front- 
marsche). A point of march, directing- 
point, or point to march or move ui)on; 
distant otyect of march. Point m. de vue; 

point de direction dans la marche en ba- 

taille. voy. Ricbtpunkt ; Directions- 

Grespann, n. od. der Zug. The horsing, mode 

of horsing artillery, etc. ; draught, Atte- 

lage m.; mode d'attelage. 
n. (zu einem). Single-draught. Atte- 

lage enfile, — sur unde front, voy. Be- 

spannung; Spannig; Doppel^espann. 
Gestamme (ein Rad auf 's — treiben, v.) 

(v. d'a.) voy. Treiben. 

voy. Gestemme. 

Gestarktes Gut, (art.) (a.) voy. Gut. 
Gestell, n. (h. f.) (im Hohofen). The hearth 

of a smelting or blast-furnace. Ottvrage m. 

n. (art.) zum Raketenwerfen (Ra- 

ketengestell). A rocket-stand; rocket- 
frame. Chevalet m. ou tr^ied m. pour 
lancer les fusees ; affHt-tr^ied ou trepied 

n. voy. Protzgestell ; Wagengestell. 

n. (art.) (nach Art der Salvenlaffete von 

Congreve). voy. Raketengestell ; Salven- 

n. od. Stativ (des Messtisches, etc.). 

The stand of the plane-table, etc 2W- 
pied m. de la planchette, etc 

Gestellsteine, m. pi. (h. f.) The rffractory 
sandstone, (fire-stone) or sandstone grit, 
refractory grit-stone or millstone-orit, of 
which the sides of the hearths of blast- 
furnaces consist. Chemise f. de I'oavrage 
d'un haut-foumeau. 

Gtesterame, n. (v. d'a.) (einer Spdche). The 
shoulder of a wheel-spoke, ^paulement 
m. de U patto d'un rab de voiture. voy. 

Gtestraucb, n. Briars; brambles; shrubs; 
bushes; copse; thicket; covert, Brous- 
sailles f. pi. ; arbrisseaux ; buissons m. pi. 

Gestriinpe, n. voy. Gestrauch. 

Gestiiboe, n. (sid.) ( Koblengestiibbe ). 
Charcoal-dust. Brasgue f.'; (poussiere de 

Gestiite, n. (Stuterei, f.) A breeding - 
establishment or stud. Haras m. 

Gesucb, n. An application ; requisition (fbr 
leave or permission for Qprtain purposes, 
also for arms, ammunition, etc.). Demande 
f. ; {demande de cong/, d'armes, de mum- 
tions, etc.). 

(ein — einreicben, v.). To send in an 

application for, etc. ; to send in a requisi- 
tion for (articles of store, etc.) ; (to indent 
for). Adresser une demande k, etc 

Getriebe, n. (m6c.) A pinion, or small 
toothed-wheel working in the teeth of a 
larger wheel. Pignon m. 

n. (m^.) (Trilling). A lantern, or 

pinion in large machines. Lanteme f. voy. 

(m^ct) (ein istabiges). A pinion of 

4 leaves. Pignon m. a quatre ailes, 

(ra^.) (ein Rad ausser dem — bfingen* 

v.). To throw-out qfgear, throw-out qf 
play, or disengage any wheel or wheels. 

Getriebe — Gewehr. 


JD A mgre n er vne rone ; {d4gager, d^faire 

Gtetriebe, n. (min.) An interval or bay in 
mining; the distanoe in the dear between 
two frames. Intervalle m. d'nne galerie; 
(distance enti« deux ch&ssis oon^catift, 
mesnr^ horizontalement dn derant d'nne 
semeile an devant de I'antre, en sorte que 
dans oette mesnre U y ait tonjours one 
semeile comprise). toj. Wendungs- 

(min.) ^eines Schachtes od. Bnmnens). 

Interval ot a shaft. Intervalle d'on puits 

Greyiere, n. Afiwne, Chdseit m. 

— - n. (min.) (das verlorene). voy. Noth- 

Gevierte (in's.) Square or in the equarej 
as (''so many feet square; so viel Fuss 
in's Gerierte "). jy^qtutrrinaget en carri, 

Grewaltiger, m. (a.) (Profos.). Provoet- 
marehal. PrMt m. 

Gewaltmanch, m. Forced-march. Marche 

Gewaltsam, By open force, De vive force; 
h force ouverte. 

Gewaltsamer Angriff, m. (der Festungen, 
Fddwerke, etc.). Attack by open force of 
posts, works, etc. ; sudden assault; attack 
by storm or " de viveforce,^* Attaque de 
vive force, 

(Jewaltstreich, m. A coup-de-main. Coup 
demain m. 

— (eine Festung durch einen — nehmen, 
T.). To taJte or carry a place by a coup- 
de-main. Prendre une place par un coup 
de main, 

(eine Festung vor einem — e sicber 

steUen, ▼.). To secure a place yrom a 
coup-de-main, Mettre une place a Vabri 
d'un coup de mainy d*une insulte, 

Gewebe, n. (min.) (der Minengange vor einer 
Festung). Countermined system^ or system 
of countermines prepared in a permanent 
manner upon the weak fronts of a fortress. 
Systkme m. de contre-mines; (araiyn/e f.) ; 
(disposition de yaUries Stabile sous les 
aehors d'une place et dans Tinterieur des 
ouvrages de fortifications, pour y oonstruire 
au besotn des foumeaux capables de faire 
sauter les ^tablissements de Tassi^geant et 
le forcer a une guerre souterraine). roy. 
Minengewebe, Minensystem. 

Gewehr, n. Firelock or musket (musquet) ; 
arms (pi.) ; arm generally, in the sense 
of ** Waffe," (whether sword, bayonet or 
lance). (The word ** Gewehr " however, 
is more particularly considered under 2 
heads, viz. ** Feuergewehr " (Fire-arms; 
Armes h feu portatives) and *' blankes 
Gewehr" (Side-arms; Armes a lame, armes 
blanches) J the former being again desig- 
nated as " Obergewehr " and tibe Utter as 
** Untergewehr." Fusil m. ; armes f. pi.; 
arme f. (soit II, feu, soit a lame). 

(Feuer-). Fire-ar^n; fire-arms (\A.), 

Arme f. h feu portative ; armes pi. h feu 

Gewehr, (Feuerscbloss-). voy. Infanterie- 

(Infanterie-). Infantry-musket or fire- 
lock. Fusil m. d'inftmterie; arme d'iffan- 

^Jager-). A rifie. Carabine f. 

(Kammer-). Patent-breeched musket. 

Arme a culasse a chambre, 

(Klein-). Small-arms (pL). Petites 

armes ; armes it feu portatives, 

(Percussions-). Percussion-firelockt 

percussion-musquet ; percussion-firelocks; 
p.-arms. Fusil a percussion ; (fitsil a pis- 
ton); arme ^percussion; armes a percussion. 

— ;- (Percussionsfeuer-). voy. Percus- 

(Percussions- mit Pfttentschraube). 

voy. Kammergewehr. 

(Percussions-) nach Consorsdier Art. 

The Console-musket (with tube), (in the 
Austrian service). fStsil ^ la Console, 

(umgeandertes Percussions-). Re- 
modelled musket J or one '' altered from 
fiint to percussion." Arme h silex trans- 
form^e d'apr^ le systeme percutant; arme 
a silex trantform^e en arme a percussion: 
fusil de transition ; fusil transform^. 

(Pionirseiten-). voy. Pionirseiten- 


(Seiten-). Side-arm; side-arms. Arme 

blanche; arme a lame; armes blanches; 
armes a lame. 

— ^ (Steinschloss-). Flint-musket. Fusil 

. a sileXf fusil d^infanterie a silex ; armed 

(Ziindhiitchen-). voy. Ziindhiitchen- 


(Ziindnadel-). voy. Ziindnadelge- 


(das — abnehmen, v.) To order arms ; 

(to order). Mettre I'arme au pied. 
(Gewehr — ab! Order-arms! Reposex- 
vous = (sur vos) armes /) 

(das — anfassen, v.) (mit Gewehr beim 

Fusse). To handle arms (at the order). 
Saisir I'arme par le haut du canon, en 
ayant I'arme au pied. 

(Fasst das Gewehr — an! Handle-arms!) 

(das — anfassen, v.) (vom Gewelur 

iiber). To advance arms (from the slope) ^\ 
Porter Tarme dans le bras droit*), (oe 
U position de Tarme sur T^paule gauche). 

(Fasst das Gewehr — an! Advance- 
arms I (Portez Varme !) Portez = 
(vos) armes !) 

(das — aufhchmen, v.) To advance 

arms (from tiie order"). Porter I'arme 
dans le bras droit ^), (de la position du 
soldat repos^ sur rarme). 

(Gewehr — auf! Advance-arms ! (Portex 
Varme !) Portez = (vos) armes !). 

(das — fallen, v.) To charge bayonets, 

Croiser la baionneite. 


Gcvckr — 

(not dm Gem^tml 

Crrtiaex "=■ Im hmnmmtite ') 
Ctewehr, (daa — zar Seite nefameii, t.) To 
traii arms. Pmndre Varvae k k mmn, 

(dm — pfrasentxren, ▼.) To prmemi 

mu. Pr&mier 1m amies. 

{JLdittang ! — Pribentirt dau Gewdir ! 
Preaeui - «nn» / Pretentes = ( ro#) 

(dm — reridireii^T.) ToejcmmMewgvm. 

Pmire Cimtp^etitm dm armes. 

(dad — schuheni^T.) To mdrmmettnm*) 

(from the present}. Porttr Tanne dsBS le 
braa droit '), (de k positioii de praentez 
worn amies). 

(Acfatong !— Gewdir anf Sdmhcr ! Ad- 
tamtt-^mu / Poriez = (rot) arwMr .') 

(das — streckeiL, ▼.) Toy. Screcken. 

(das — strecken, ▼.) To ^ dmrm ooe'a 

Mettre bm les amies. 
- (das — ubernebmen, ▼.) To «lope 

Porttr Tanne sur fipamU. 
(Dm Gewefar — aber ! Slo^pe-mnm !) 

CV'crdeckt'i— !) Seeurt mrm»: Vmnme 

mma U brm zz ymteke! 
boch ! Renmer-mnm ! HmU zz {let) 


I Vanme = 

— in Arm! 
Ml hrtu! 

(Zar Attaqne — rechts I) Word of com- 
mand in Prussia for brins^ the firek)ck 
to the ** Mkort-traUy^ preparatory to cfaarg- 
ing bayonets on the march. Detetndez =z 

(in's — treten, ▼.) To pet umder mrmt; 

to tum-^mi (as a gnard, etc") Prendre lee 

Gewehre, (pL) (die — zusammensetzeiiy ▼.) 
To pile arms. Former leefnacemmx. 
(SeCzt die Gewehre xnsammen! Pile 
armu ! Formei = leefmaceoMX /) 

(die — in die H^nd nehmen, t.) To 

wtfUe arms. Bompre let faitcemuc. 
(An die Gewehre ! Stand to your armt! 
Gewehr in die Hand ! Unpile-amuS 
Bompez = leefaieeeoMX f) 

(nnter dem — stehen, t.) To be under 

ormMf or stand under arms. Etre torn let 

(Stellimg unter dem — ). Poiition (of 

the soldier) unth armt, (also, under arms). 
Port m. d'armet; poeition da soldat «ot» 
lee armee, 

— (Griffe mit dem — ), The manual 
and platoon-exercieee. Mamement m. dee 

Gewehr auf ! (car.) (Aus Gewebr !). Draw 

eworde f Sabre = (a la) main ! 
ein ! (cav.) (Ein s Gewehr !) Return 

awordt ! Remettez = (le) eabre ! 
iiber ! (cav.) (Ruht's Gewehr !) Slope 

eworde! (>>mmandement pour faire mettre 

le sabre au repos. 

(Fasst das — an!) (car.) (Ricbt's 

Gewehr !) Carry sworde ! Portez = (Jle) 

Gewehr, (das ~ lioch BC^mni, ▼.) (car.) 
To r e toe e r swords. P r m e ni er le aafave. 

(das — anfiifhmm od. neben, ▼.) 

^eair.) To drmv swwda^ Mettre le aafare 

(das — einrteeken od. becrtceken, ▼.). 

To return swords. Remettre le sabre dans 

le fowrrean. 
Gewefarfabrik, 1 Sumil.4Brm mmmmfoHmy ; 

mmnu/wiory ^ arms, Jimn^mtiure f. 

GewehHemer, n. I^re ^ emmH^mmu ; /he 

^ nmaJketry. />■ m. de mmmmutttrie ; 

Gewehrgerust, n. (in Zewgkansem). An 

arm-rack in arsenals^ Rdteiier m. d'mrmee, 
Gewehrkammer, t tot. Gewefarsaal. 
Gewehrkmste]i,m.od.Gewehrkisle. Small- 
arm pmdtinf'emee, eAeet for cooreying 

arms ; {arm-cJkeet). Ckisee t pour armea 

Gewehrkreuz. n. Toy. Gewehrpynumde^f. 
Gcwehrlange (anf eine — ). Witt the moa- 

kei reining on or close to the obfect fired 

at. JbomtpoHant. 
Gewehrlinie, f. od. die Linie der Gewehre 

(in einem Lager). Une ofarmty in camp. 

liyme f. deefaiaeemux. 
Gewehrmantel, m. Sort of Ml ^arme or 

heU-tent (a.), in which the ara» of eadi 

company are lodged in camp. Mamteam 

m. ^snn«f ; espeoe de tente en toile en 

forme de cone tronque, servant ^ garantir 

ks armes de la phne. 
Gewehrmantel, pL (die Lime der — \ The 

line of armt in camp, lifme £. dia fma- 

eeaux ; {liyne dee ekeralete). 
Gewehrmicke, f. voy. Gewehrmiicke. 
Gewehrmiicke, t Sort of *' stand " against 

which men rest their arms on gvard. CAe- 

valet m. 
Gewehrmunition, f. (od. Tasdien- 

mmiition ). Sumll - arm - ammunit ion ; 

(small-arm cartridges). Munitione f. pL 

poor armes portatives; (caitooches poor 

armes a fen portatives). 
Gewehrpatrone, f. Toy. Patrone. 
Gewehrpfropf, m. (Resenpfiropfen). The 

muzzle^topper^ called abo, yun-atopper. 

T\nnpon m. de bois poor boadier le canon 

da fusil. 
Gewehrpuhrer, n. (Gtew. P.) (poodr.) Mueket- 

powder. Poudre f. a mousquet; (P. M.). 

Toy. Pulver. 
GewehrpjTamide, f. Pile ofarmty formed 

by the different firelocks in piling arms. 

Faieceau m. d'armet. 
Gewehrriemen, m. The Jireloek-eliny. Bre- 

telle f. de,^. 
Gewehrriicken, m. voy. Gewehrmiicke. 
Gewehrsaal, m. Armoury for small-arms. 

Salle f. d'armee. 
G^wehrschaft, m. voy. Schaft. 
Gewehrscharte, f. od. 
Gcwehrschiessscbarte, f. (in Wanden und 

Maucm). A loop-hole (or crennel [a.]). 

G^ehnchiessscharte — Gierwinde. 


pierced tfanragli timber or the body of a 
wbU, etc. for the nee of musketry. CV^- 
neau m. ; (meurMhre f.) 

Gewebrschiessscbarte, f. (von Sandsacken) 
(Sandaackscharte). The opening or loop- 
hole formed by sand-bags laid on the top 
of a wall or parapet. Cr^uau m. 

Gewebrschloss, n. (m. d'a.) voy. Flinten- 

Gewehrzundbutchen, n. voy. Ziind- 

Gewicht, n. (art) (des Rohres). The weight 
o/metal, Poide m. dn canon. 

Grewinde, n. Hinge. Chamiere f. 

— n. (seU^ (Gtelenk) (an einem Mnnd- 
stiidce). The joint of the jointed-port of a 
German-moutiied bit, Hanoverian-bit, etc. 
Chiimihre f. a pli; pli m. ; esp^ de 
chami^ an moyen de laqnelle le mors est 
mobile dans le centre. 

n. (an einer Schraube). voy. Scbrau- 


Gewindebobrer, m. (fur die Muttergewinde). 
A te/7 for the female-screw. Taraud m. 

Grewindetbeil, m. (m. d'a.) (der Schwanz- 
schranbe). voy. Schwanzschraube. 

Gewinnen, v. (sid.) voy. Gewonnene (das). 

V. voy. Scblacht. 

Gewobnlicne Mine, f. (min.) A common- 
mine, the charge of which produces a 
crater of a superior radius equal to the line 
of least resistance; (ordinary-charge). Mine 
ordinaire, voy. Mine. 

Gtewolbbogen, m. (arch^ An arch. Arc 
m. d'une vodte. voy. Uobe ; Spannimg. 

Gewolbe, n. Vault: arch. Voile f. 

n. (artif.) (der Napf oder die Capelle 

einer Rakete). The cup of the rocket- 
case, or priming-cup of the rocket; (that 
part of the vent-end of rockets made by 
the nipple-former). Espece dli^misphere 
concave qui sert k appliquer Tamorce k 
une ftts^ de signaux ; ecuelle f. 

n. (artif.) (eines Ziinders od. Brandos). 

The cup of a raze. Calice m., godel m. 

n. pi. (imter dem Hauptwalle zur Auf- 

bewahrung der Vorrathe). Caeemates or 
bombproof 8 for stores i under the rampart 
of a fortress. Souterraina m. pi. sous la 
masse du rempart d'une ville, servant k 
renfermer les munitions et les vivres en 
temps de si^e. 

Gewotbbobe, f. voy. Hobe. 

Gewolbrad. n. (Bogenrad) (Rad mit me- 
tallener Nabe). Wheel with a ** metal 
nave " which also forms the bush. Roue f. 
h voussoirs ou k moyeu m^tallique. 

Gewolbsteine, m. pi. (arch.) Arch-stones or 
voussoirs ; the stones which form the in- 
tradus or concave surface of a stone-arch. 
Voussoirs m. pi. 

Gewonnene (das) (sid.) (das Ausgebracbte 
od. Product). The product. Pro- 
duit m. 

Gezahnt,(mit Zahnen ver8ehen)beim Rader- 
werke, etc. Fluted with teeth. 

indented, dented wi& teeth, as wheels or 
rackwork. Dent/, denteU, endenti, 

Gezogenes Rohr, n. (m. d'a.^ A ri/led bar- 
reL Canon ray/, carabine. 

Giebt, f. (h. f.) The furnace-top, mouth, 
or filling-place at which the materials 
are charged. Gueulard m. d'un haut- 

f. (h. f^ The charge, furnace-charge, 

or materials with which the furnace is filled. 
Charge f. voy. Gicbten, pi. 

(h. f.) (aufgeben od. aufsetzen, v.). 

To charge the materials ; to serve the fur- 
nace. Charger le foumeau. 

Gicbtaufzug, m. (h. f.) Lifting-apparatus 
for the service of a blast-furnace. Machine 
f. pour transporter les matieres sur la 
plate-forme du gueulard. 

Gichtbriicke, f. (h. f.) Bridge for conveying 
materiab to funiace-top. Pont pour com- 
muniquer avec le gueulard. 

Gicbtbiibne, f. (h. f.) The platform erected 
at the mouth of the blast-furnace. Plate- 
forme f. d'un haut-foumeau. 

Gichten, f. pL stille (od. die, ohne Gebliise 
niedergehenden Erzgichten). The first 
charges of a blast-furnace ; those which it 
receives before the blast is introduced. 
Premihres charges d*\m haut-foumeau, on 
celles qu'on introduit apres le s^chage et 
avant de donner le vent. 

Gicbtengang, m. (h. f.) The descent qf 
the charge or burden, Descente f. des 

Gicbtflamme, f. (h. f.) The fiame of the 
furnace-mouth. Flamme f. du gueulard. 

Gicbtmass, n. (h. f.) Crooked rod of iron 
by which the descent of the charges is 
measured. B/casse f. ou sonde. 

Gichtmauer, f. (h. f.) od. Gicbtmantel, m. 
Wall round the timnel-head or furnace-top, 
for the purpose of preventing the wind 
from blowing the flame upon the men or 
the machinery, in serving the furnace. 
Mur m. de bataille. 

Gieren, v. (pont.) voy. Giertau, etc. 

Gierfanre, f. (pont.) (fliegende Fahre am 
Spanntaue). A trailflging-bridge. Traillef. 

Giermast, m. (pont.) (einer fliegenden 
Briicke). voy. Portal. 

Giertau, n. (pont.) (einer fliegenden Briicke). 
The mooring or hawser of a swing- or 
flying-bridge, one end of which is fixed 
and anchored in the centre of the stream, 
whilst at the lower end of it the bridge or 
boats swing from side to side of the 
river ^®). Cdble m. d'un pont volant, voy. 

(eine fliegende Briicke am — ). A 

swing-bridge or sunng-figing-bridge, Pont 

Gierwinde, f. (pont.) (einer fliegenden 
Briicke). The a^usting windlass for the 
end of the mooring or cable on which a 
flying-bridge swings. Cabestan m. d'un 
pont volant, autour duquel s^enroule le 


Afi£>. -.r JT'.a 4A&«f iir 

G3e««"i_ ■». i'-iiiL T; r«c jnmmi Cjm- iar> 

.^ /!iii£*? ^^«- n arr«w« mmamtg-^tasm a CK»ac'» mteM . Giant 

L i-L i-r:. 

L- 7: rtar «ruij£. C^'ii^*^ SMra. jet^j 

•». i:cii- i-Tttr i»SL S-trr - Ti capic rntr»?-r Af 

I c nrr. — c »r/i'rt. «ai riii 

IM vurrum nr ' lie xusa*. ^nrxskSf - Ax ( 

or rifT 'ui£7\m- — c ir^^cirML pucaiL 

2. ac> &£» Liiiiietseatf a. mm ii t Jnr- J "Vifc^^—tt ."Vt*^^ n. icrL 7^ «li^ f^ <Ac 

Bcs. . T-TT. ^f.^iiJeairsM^ ptarm. loot 1 oa fi'nrw ven li cmi> 

1 difr ILimic - FimMca^ ratrmf Zht Li^atsstt. 

cunnf if w^BMA. Ar: tl, it jKtr <m mr zlus^ ^ 1^ ote'-Mr aJapf f^ 

GaeaftfiX^ *- Jkf mu£ fir '^ymc Jtfni> n.. ' nb;f"ne«r r« 9*erc^t!S i 

GkCMCJcftc^ at- irciL -rrr. GT^*iwcei.. Gcuo^j*:^. i Tit mrfatx ^ tke fUtm, 

ca ruti f =. CK F .tc X>»i-Ja£>. .t i Tii.r^?<j K-mr si. i.'TL 7^ i t m t ^ ike 

<"«a->r<f i cjc f»a--f- ei jtr. jtxht i :v:<cj:r , r-'^£P«£r-'w^T. C-^ ib pim:m .- erAf 1. db 

it ju'.m.*. rJbnKTt niw»?«^. 

CifactML^-MieL SL. C:$7«^ ine- x:^j±ar jac Gctfixxlctije. 1 nana'. 'KolikBUaidtod. 

2t inrmig iiiaoEs. baZ_ e^-. . CJuck&f-^ i ner AmrrfcSl - Gi— rr ftiaf or «ilAr«- 

Gx«i«A><i^, 1 i-M»L KftfCe^ >£. Ft:r=.> li^ - ':iczii.^-ok ~ i£ SaC3ib£. ikt ~ Mill- 

Crj^j^ti'L-**-!- s- i:oi Irr-r ."cirf f:c cktt- H'^^-^y i. vrt. cna H^ A u u 7W 

SKT ab«cv< xunL P>rbf f. s »«>r. r^:.-m or nJrp^-fye iHf «i& b Wnei). 

Gj»>r=rfaK«T. =- Ti* mcHfr-futakiifr. (E— T»esrr.-» . twx^^rs. 

f jrjttiV/;*?^ =_ A f'JWMdry-fKra^ii cr .i*«r- Gitnei' RfCJ*. 2- »- ^»- fhillfi « 

GjrtrM^^x£.'.rxt. f . i'.od. T rr. HjLZidpfume : htm csbob :«^3aaKi« 

ig^j^zi^atzsi^. rrrrrr*. 

ilr^imftzz:^., t i'xA. rvj. GnssTzme. GUn^. L mrt. & c^MHtacr ScUk^ 4ei 

0=pt. n- '^ Gt7/» tti=Kr- Gy-pnm, tml- Giin«u :u jvo^. od. PbhrtB 4ei PaKcn. 
/4«/^ </ <nk^. eic««j{^ or PeriA-fUttrr. . Tie ^.rrw/ vY cvBp9«^er. or ike o|Mflm. 
0]f^** a, : pUtrt fiKi&se de ciwa ; i o.ts .rf aLfmrtai a rB>x<tiwpw nd poiiik 

tftw * ;,j£r% . to Ti* sa^-* rf ii»e cnan. Liiiiff B-de 

PUMUr^m^AiU i^M Tnirs^.w. O-pcui^f f. GUtrfw*.!!. ««&- oder G&ntOBne. Tojr. 

'j\ ^/^U^y^tJUA au. ;r.nir v.«crZi-jai. Poiirfai*. 

€,ir%.. V. ••<•. ^'^ L»n::. ^'^e, jC GknfcTle, 1 ^xn. Fnle. 

Gi*/-,. f., i'^ f*:.Oi-.oi^,:ir •« Giinfn$cbeii.n.'od.GitnnfrwkcB. TWe 

•-^^u^j^TL f>4^arv-aK.4 Ti* fi«n«. r*(f «rfK» of KtbsnE* izoo kwL Adbctf i 

Glatthobel — Grabenarbeiter. 


Glatthobel, m. Toy. Schlichthobel. 
Glattpktte, f. (fond.) (zum Formen der 

Bomben nnd Granaten). A round sleeker 

for shot-moulds. Champignon m. 
Gleichartig, (sid.). Homogeneous; equable 

in texture. Homoghte; (d'une composition 

Gleichaitigkeit, f. (sid.) (des Stahles). The 

umtformity of qnality or equality q/* /«*- 

fvreinsteeL /Tomoff^tV/f., uniformity 

(de Fader). 
Gleicbgewicbt, n. Equilibrium, tqmlibre m. 
Gleichtritt, m. (tact) (beim Marsdiiren). 

Cadence t cadence qfmarchingt cadence of 

ike march; (the proper time in marching). 

Cadence t; cadence dupat de Vnrfanterie; 

cadence iaciique. 
Gleis, n. od. Geleiae. voy. Geleise. 
Glie^ n. (tact.) A rank, or line of men 

drawn up side by side. Rang m. voy. 

Glieder (pi.) 
n. (tact) (das erste, zweite, dritte). 

The Jiret, second and third or rear-rank 

(of foreign infontry). Premiery second et 

troisikme rang, 
n. (tact) (das vordere). The front 

rank. Premier rang. 

n. (caT. tact) (das bintere). The 

rear rank. Deuxieme rang. 

- n. (pont.) (BrUdcenglied). A rqft. 
Portiere f. voy. Briickenglied. 

n. (pont.) (einer Briicke). A bay, 

Dratf/ie f. d'un pont voy. Briickenfeld, 

(in Reih und — stehen, v.) voy. 


Glieder, n. pi. (tact.) Ranks. Rangs m. pi. 
• (einer Kette). The links of a chain. 

Chainons m. pi. d'une chaine. 
Gliederfeuer, n. voy. Feuer. 
Gliederweise Bau ; gliederweise Abbnicb 

(einer Briicke) (pont.) voy. Abbriickeu ; 

Aufbriieken ; Briickenbau ; Briicken- 


Salve (die) voy. Salve; Quarree- 


Gliedmasaen, n. pi. (v^t.) die vorderen und 
die hinteren (eines I^erdes). The fore 
and hind limbs, (anterior and posterior 
extremities) of a norse. Membres ant/' 
rieurs et post4rieurs d'un cheval. 
Glockenmetal], n. od. Glockengut. Bell- 
metal, (sometimes taken in the sense of 
gun-metal.) Bronze; airain m. 
Gliiben, v. To heat; or expose to heat 
(of different degrees) ; to make red-hot. 
Rougir; faire rougir au feu; donner la 
Gliibend (machen, v.) (Kanonenkugeln). 

To heat shot. Chauffer les boulets. 
Glubende Kugein, f. pi. (art.) Hotshot, 
red-hot shot. Boulets m. pi. rouges. 
(Mit — ^n Kugeln schiesscn, v. To fire 

hot-shot. Tirer a boulets rouges.) 
(Das Schiessen mit — n Kugeln. Firing 

hotshot, Tir m. a boulets rouges.) 
GsRMAN Part. ' 

GlUbofen, m. voy. Flammenofen. 

m. (sid.) (zum Gliihen der auszu- 

reckenden Kolben). voy. Schweissofen. 

m. (art.) (zum Kugelgliihen). A shot- 

fumace, Fourneau m. a rougir les boulets, 

GlUhraum, m. (f. a. r.) voy. Schmelz- 

Gliihspan, m. (sid.) Hammerschlag od. 
Scbmiedesinter. Scales, arising on the 
surface of metal by heat and flattening, 
whether by the forge or rollers. Batti' 
tures, /cailles ou paillettes f. pi. 

Gliihung, f. Heating ; heat ; a heat. 
Chttude f. 

Gnade, f. (sich auf — und Ungnade er- 
geben, v.). To surrender at discretion, 
Se rendre ^ discretion, 

Gopel, m. (Winde, bei der die Welle senk- 
i«cht steht). Sort of capstan, (used more 
particularly in arsenals). Vindas m. ; ca- 
bestan vertical, 

Gormass, n. (o. e. b.) A mitresquare, sta- 
tionary-bevel, or bevel for an angle of 45". 
guerre f. a onglets. voy. Gehrmass. 

Gouvemeur, m. Governor, Gouvemeur 
m. (de forteresse, etc.) 

Graben, m. (fort.) The ditch, or excavation 
surrounding the rampart of a fortress. 
Foss4 m. d'une forteresse. 

m. (fort.) (trockener). A dry ditch, 


m. (fort.) (nasser). A wet ditch, 

— piein d'eau ; — inond/, 

m. (fort.) (mit Wasaermanover). 

Ditch which may be made wet when oc- 
casion requires. Foss/a manceuvre d*eau; 
{osa6 qu'on peut tenir plein ou sec k vo- 

m. pi. (fort.) (vor den Aussenwerken). 

The ditches qf outworks, Foss/s des 

m. rfort.^ (Diamant-). voy. Diamant. 

m. (fort.) (Haupt-). The main-ditch. 

Foss4 m. du corps de place, 

m. (fort.) (Kessel-). voy. Kessel- 

graben od. Abzuggraben. 

m. (fort.) (Ravelin-). The ditch of the 

ravelin. Fbssede la demi-lune. 

m. (fortj (Spitz-), voy. Spitzgraben. 

m. (fort.) (Vor-). The second or arf- 

vanced ditch. Avant-foss/ m. 

m. pi. (fort.) (Gruben) (bei einer ange- 

legten Ueberschwemmung). Ditches or 
cuts, made when an inundation is shallow, 
in order to render the access to a work in- 
secure and difficult. Criques f. pi. ; petits 
fo9s^ pour arreter la marche d'un ennemi 
qui voudrait profiter du peu de profondeur 
d'une inondation. 

m. (toiwgr.) Ditch ; drain ; trench ; 

moat. Fbss^: canal m. ; tranch/e f. 

Grabenarbeiter, m. pi. (beim Batteriebaue). 
The diggers, excavators, or labourers 
told-off as such in the oonstruction of 
batteries. Travailleurs; fouilleurs, m. pi. 
dufoss4; travailieurs au deblai. 


Onbenboschang — Granzeisen. 

Grabenboschmig, f. (fort) die innere (od. 
Escarpe). The etearpf or side of the 
ditdi next the place. Etearpe f. 

f. (fort.) die aussere' (od. Contre- 

scarpe). The countencarp of the ditch, 
or side opposite the escarp next the 
country. Ckmiretcarpe f. 

f. (fort.) (die ausaere nnd innere). 

The slopes of the ditch. Talus d'escarpe 
et de oontrescarpe. 

Grabenbreite, f. (fort.) The width qf the 
ditch. Lorgeur f. dufoss4. 

(die obcre). The width at the top, 

Largeur du-foss^ en haul. 

(die untere). voy. Grabenaohle. 

Grabenbriieke, f. (bd geschlossenen Schan- 
zen). The bridge of comimtnicationy formed 
across the ditches of enclosed-works to 
oommnnicate with the interior. Pont m. 
poor traverser les foss^ des ouvrages de 

Grabendescente, f. The descent into the 
ditch, Descenie f. defossi, yoj. Nieder- 

(die unterirdiscbe). A subterranean 

descent or descent by a descending sub- 
terranean-gallery. Descente souterraine. 

-^— (die bUndirte). The blinded-descent 
or by a blinded-gallery. Descente blind^e. 
▼oy. Descente. 

Grabengallerie, f. (fort.) voy. Halbe Ca- 

Grabenhinabsteigung, f. voy. Descente, 

Grabenmauer, f. (fort.) Toy. Futtermauer, 

(freistehende) (fort.) The detached 

revetment of Camot, knovm also as Car- 
not's wall. Escarpe ditach^e; mur cr^neU 
d'apres le systeme de Camot ct d'antree. 

Grabenniedergang, m. voy. Grabende- 

fbedeckter). voy. Grabendescente 

(die blinilirte). 

Grrabenpassage, f. voy. Grabeniibergang. 
Grabenrand, m. (fort.) The brink of the 

ditch. Bord m. dufoss/. 
Grabenschere, f. (fort.) (Tenaille od. 

Zange). The tenaille or tenail. Tenaille f. 

(cinfache) (fort.) A simple tenail. 

— simple. 

(verstarkte). The tenaille of Vaaban's 

first-method, formed with small faces, 

flanks and a curtain. — rer\forc^e. 
Grabeusohle, f. (fort.) The bottom of the 

ditch. Fond m. dufoss^. 
f. (bci einer Batterie). The sole of the 

ditch. JFbn^ rfttybw/d'une batterie. 
Grabentiefe, f. (fort.) The depth of the 

ditch. Profondeur f. dufoss4. 
Grabeniibergang, m. The passage of the 

ditch. Paftmue m. dufoss4. 
Grabeiivertliei(figung, f. The defence of 

the ditch. Dt^feme f. dv fosse. 
Grabsclieit, n. A xpade. Beche f. ; pelle 


Grabsticbel, m. An engraver, grmer or 
graving-tool. Burin m. ; pomffnu 

m. (spitadger). Diamond-poimied en- 
graver, Potnfon a gratn aorge* 

m. (flacher). Aflat-graver, Poinftm 


Grad, m. (eines Kreises). A degree, or the 
S60^ part of a drde. Degr^ m. 

m. (der Breite). Degree qf latiimdt. 

Degr4 de latitude, 

m. (der Lange). Degree of longitude. 

Degrade longitude, 

Gradbogen, m. (Kjreisbogen od. Limbiis 
an Winkelinstrumenten). The graduated 
arc or limb of different surveying in- 
struments. lAmbe m. ou arc de eerele 

Granate, f. (art.) (Haubitzgranate). Tlie 
howitzer -shell or shell for howitzers, 
(Shells projected from mortarB are called 
" Bomben.") Obus m, voy. Bombe. 

Granateinsetzer, m. (art) Sort of " shell- 
pincers " for howitzers, or instrument used 
in the Prussian service for putting-up the 
shell. Instrument servant k placer les 
obus dans Tobusier. 

Gra^ateisen, n. (art.) Side-callipers ; cal- 
lipers for taking the thickness of metal at 
the sides of the sheU. Compas m. courbe ; 
eompas d*^paisseur ; (sert ik mesurer 
r^paisseur des parois des bombes, des 
obus, etc). 

Granatenleere, f. (art.) A shell-gauge or 
ring-gauge, for gauging shells. lAtnette f. 
a calibrer les obus. 

Granatfeuer, n. (art.) (aus Hanhitxen). 
Howitzer-practice; shell-practice. Thr 
m. a obus. 

Granathagel, m. (art.) od. Grenadhagel fur 
Haubitzen. Projectile bearing the same 
relation to howitzers which the " Transchee- 
kugel" bears to mortars, voy. Transchee- 
kugel; Grenadhagel. 

Granathaken, m. pi. (art.) Hand'hooks or 
shell-hooks, for putting-up the shell in the 
service of howitzers. Crochets m. pL pour 
placer les obus, (plus petits que oeux ser- 
vant au placement des bombes) ; (crochets 
a obus). voy. Bombenhaken. 

Granatkartatsche, f. (art.) (Bomben- 
kartatsche, Shrapnellgranate). voy. 

Granatmodell, n. (fond.J Shell-pattern, in 
shell-moulding. Modele m, ou globe m. 
pour le moulage des obus. 

Granatraketc, f. (art.) Shell-rocket or shell- 
headed rocket; rocket armed at the head 
with a shell of peculiar shape. Fus^e f. a 

Granatspiegcl, m. (art.) A shell-bottom or 
wood-bottom for snells. Sabot m. d'obus. 

Granatveageu, m. (art.) A howitzer-waggon; 
(f eld - howitzer waggon). Caisson m. 

Granzeisen, n. (fond.) (a.) (Kranzeisen oil. 
Kreiizeisen). The crown-iron, used for- 

Griinzfestung — Grube. 


merlj in casting guns for the purpose of 
steadying the core. It was placed in the 
breech sjod remained in the metal. Cha- 
peiei m. 

Granzfestun^, f. Toy. Grenzfettung. 

Grapen, m. (ast d'artif.) A munng'pot, or 
iroH'pot for melting composition. ChaU' 
dihre f. de fusion. 

m. (ust. d'artif.) (znm Bleigiessen). 

The lead'pot of a fiiniAce for melting lead. 
Chaudihre f. k fondre le plomb. 

Graphit, m. (min^r.) Graphitet plumbago ; 
bUici-lead, Graphite m. ; pUmbagine f. ; 
(sur-carbnre de fer). 

Graphittiegel, m. (Keissbleitiegel). EUtck- 
lead crucible. Creuaet en graphite ;{crexuiet 

Grate, f. (fort.) (des Glacis), voy. Kamm. 

Greifen, v. (m^.) (vom Raderwerke). 
(Diese Rader greifen gat in einander. These 
wheels taJke well into gear with one 
another. Ces roues s*engrknent hien,) 

n. (expl.) (die schriige Richtung). The 

hade or hading of a mineral vein ; slope 
or inclination; bearing of a vein in a 
elanting or sloping direction, Biaia m. ; 
direction oblique^ — biaise, - 

Grenade, f. voy. Granate. 

Grenadenlehre,f.(art.^ voy.Granatenleere. 

Grenadhagel, m. (art.) A number of hand- 
grenades enclosed in a casing of wood, 
forming a projectile to be thrown from 
howitzers of large calibre, and employed at 
sieges. Ballon m. it grenades ^ kperdreaux; 
caisse d grenades, voy. Granathagel. 

Ghrenadier, m. Grenadier, Grenadier m. 

m. (zu Pferde). Horse-grenadier, Gre- 
nadier ei cheval, 

GrenatstUck, n. (art.) (von Paixhans). voy. 

Grenseisen, n. yoy. Granzeisen. 

Grenzblatt, n. (art.) (zum Protzkasten). A 
stop-plate for limber-box; keep-plate or 
friction-plate to keep the ammunition-boz 
from shifting. Arritoir m. de coffre; 
(plaque d'arrct). 

n. (art.^ zum Wischer (an der franzos. 

Feldlaffete). Stopper or butt for rammer- 
head. Arritoir m. d'^couYillon. 

Grenzcordon, m. A cordon; chain of posts 
along a frontier. Cordon m. de troupes ; 
cordon de postes sur les fronti^res. 

Grenze, f. Frontier; boundary between two 
countries ; border. Frontieref.; limitestpL 

Grenzfestung, f. Frontier-fortress, Place 
f. frontiers 

Grenzschiene, f. (art.) Yoy. Grenzblatt. 

Grenzstadt, f. Frontier-toum. Villetfron- 

Grenztruppen, Frontier-troops; border* 
troops ; troops stationed on the frontiers. 
Troupes frontih'es. 

Griesig, (sid.) (auf dem Bruche). With a 
granulated fracture, (said of cast-iron). 
Grenu dans la caasure, (s'obsenre dans la 
fonte tendre). 

GriflF, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Sabel. 

m. (m. d'a.) Ilaken od. Kamm (des 

Hahnes eines Percussionsschlosses). The 
comb of the cock of percussion-muskets. 
Cr^te f. du chien percutant. 

m. (marech.) (am Hofcisen). A clip 

on the toe (with which a horse-shoe is 
provided). Pinfon d'un fer a chevaL 

m. A handle ; hqft, Manche m. 

m. (der Batterie- und Riegelbohrer). 

A thrifty or cross-handle which passes 
through the cnre of some augers. Manche m. 

m. (art.) ^am Laffetenschwanze). voy. 

Handhabe, Handgriff. 

Griffe, m. pi. (art.^ (an den Seiten eines 
lAffetenschwanzes). Trail-handles (pi.) 
Poignies f. pi. de crosse. voy. Handhabe* 

m. pi. (tact.) (zur Handhabung und 

Filhrung der Waffen). voy. Gewehr; 

Griffen, v. (marech.) (ein Pferd). To calk 
a horse or shoe him with calkins; turn-up 
or rough a horse ; rough-shoe a horse ; to 
frost or provide with frost-nails. Cram- 
ponner un cheval; leferrer ^ crampons; 
leferrer a glace. 

Griffschloss, n. (m. d'a.") voy. Ilalbscbloss. 

Grifltriebel, m. (m. d*a.) Piece of wood 
used for driving the pommel on the tang 
of the blade, (replacing the *^ driving- 
punch ** used in England for this purpose). 
Chasse-poign^e m. 

Grippe, f. voy. Gruppe. 

Groben, (aus dem — abschroppen, v.) 
(o. e. b.) To jack-down a piece of stuff. 
D^rofWrTouvrage; en commencer le cor- 

Grobes Geschiitz, n. (art.) voy. Geschiitz. 

Grobfeile, f. Rough or coarse file; rubber. 
Lime rude, 

Grobkohle, f. (mindr.) Coarse-coal; (a 
kind of splint-coal). Houille grossihre. 

Grobschmied, m. Blacksmith, Forgeron 

Groppe, f. (vet.) voy. Gruppe. 

Gros, n. (eines Ck>rps od. einer Armee). 
(Hauptstarke). The main-body of an 
army ; main-force, Gros m. d'lme arm^. 

Grosse (der) Perpendikel, m. (fort.) voy. 

yer) Radius, m. (fort.) voy. Radius. 

Befestigung, f. voy. Befestigung. 

Grosse, f. (des Soldaten). The size or height 
of a soldier. Taille f. du soldat. 

(von vorschriftsmassiger — sein, v.) 

To be correct, true, or according to pat- 
tern; to be of true gauge, Etre d^/chantiU 
Ion, —des dimensions voulues,—de calibre. 

(die wahre). Full-size. Grandeur lui- 


Grube, f. Pit; excavation; hole; trench, 
Ejpcttvation artifidelle ; creux m. ; fosse f. 

f. (expl.) Mine; quarry, Minihre; 

mine f. 

f. (zur Verkohlung des Uolzes). voy. 



Gruben — Griiner Sand. 

Gniben, f. pi. (art.) Honey -combat flawsy 
cavities or defects in the bore of ordnance. 
Chambres f. pL ; fouUles, 

Grubencompass, m. (expl., etc.). A miner* s 
compass; magnetic compass employed to 
measure the direction of a metallic ore. 
BouMole f. de mineur. 

Grubenkohle, f. Pit-burnt charcoal. Char- 
bon obtenu par carbonisation dans des 

Gnibenlampe, f. (expl., etc.) (Gruben- 
lateme). Miner's safety-lamp; (Davy's 
lamp). Lampe f. de Davy, — de mineur , 
— de sHret^. 

Grubenpulver, n. voy. Sprengpulver. 

Gnibenstock, ra. (poudr.) (einer Pulvermiihle 
mit StampfWerke). Great wooden block 
(the ** bed "), in a pilon-mill for powder, 
out of which the mortars for the stampers 
to work-in are formed or hollowed. Pile 
f. d'un moulin a poudre. 

Grubenverkohlung, f. Charring in pits. 
Carbonisation f. dans des fosses, — en 
fosses, voy. Verkohlung. 

Gnind, m. (eines Flusses). The bottom or 
bed. Fond m. d'une riviere. 

fester (eines Flusses). A firm, solid 

bed in a river. Fond solide d'une riviere. 

m. (arch.) (eines Gebaudes). The found- 
ation of a building. Fondement m.,fond' 
ation f. d'une construction. 

m. A bottom; hollow; valley. Fond 

m. ; terrain bas; fond d'une vallee. 

m. (Boden). Soil; land, Sol; terrain m. 

Grundbohrer, m. (um die Beschaffenheit des 
Bodens zu untersuchen). An auger for 
boring soil. Sonde f. 

Grundebene, f. voy. Bauborizont. 

Grundfaschine, f. The first fascine of a re- 
vetment, being one-half buried in the ban- 
quette ; fascine of the first or lowest course, 
Saucisson m. du premier rang d'un rev^te- 
ment de batterie. 

Grundfascbinen, f. pi. The foundation- 
course ; first or lowest course of a f&scine- 
revetment. Saucissons m. pi. du premier 
rang; premier rang de saucissons d'une 

Grundflache, f. (eines Korpers). Base, 

Grundhobel, m. (men.) A. plough (plow), 
for forming a groove in a piece of stuff. 
Bouvet m.femelle; bouvet a rainures. 

• m. (men.) An old woman's tooth, used 
for cleaning out grooves. Guimbarde f. ; 
outil qui sert k egaliser le fond des refouil- 
lements qui doivent etre paralleles aux faces 
planes dans lesquelles on les a creus^s. 

Gnin(^joch, n. (constr. des ponts). Founda- 
tion-piles (pi.), piles qf substructure, or 
the several foundation-piles of a pier. 
Basse-paUe; pal4es basses; (pUots recep^ 
de niveau plus ou moins au-dessous du 

Gnindlage, f. (chim.) (die salzfahige). 
Salifiable base. Base salifiable. 

Gnindlage, f. (chim.) (die sauerfahige). 
AcidiJUible base, or substance convertible 
into an add by an acidifying principle. 
Base acidifiable, 

Grundlinie, f. (topogr.) A base or base-line. 
Base f. d'un Icvd topographique. 

f. (tact.) (die verlassene). The original- 
alignment ; original or former front. 
Front d'oii Von est parti ; base d*aligne- 
ment primitive ; ancien front occupi. 

Grundmauer, f. The foundation of a buOd- 
ing; foundation -wall, Fondement m., 
fondation f. 

f. The footings of walls ; the projecting 

courses at the bottom of walls. Em- 
pdtement m. ; saillie f. des fondations; 
fondation en saillie. 

Gnmdmortel, m. od. Steinmortel (arch, 
hydr.) Beton, concrete, or grub -stone 
mortar; a sort of concrete or mortar used 
in the foundation of hydraulic-works. Bi- 
ton m. 

Grundpfabl, m. (constr. des ponts). A 
foundation-pile, or pile of substructure. 
Pilotis m. ; pilot m. 

Grundpfable, m. pi. (constr. des ponts). 
voy. Grundfiocb ; Gnindpfabl. 

m. pi. (charp.) (zum Ptahhroste). The 

foundation-piles driven to receive a grillage 
and platform. Pilots m. pi. de support ; 
ceux sur la tete desquels le grillage ou la 
plate-forme est pos^. 

Grundriss, m. (einer Festung). The plan 
of a regular fortress, etc., by which the 
horizontal lengths and breadths of the 
works and ditches are shown ; finished 
plan, Trac^m. ; plan m. 

Grundschicht, f. (arch.) The course of 
large stones at the base of a foundation ; 
the footings (pi.) of waUs. Assise i, en 
pierres dures, qu'on emploie dans les 
fondations, jusqu'a hauteur de la re- 

Grundschuss, m. Shot between wind and 
water. Coup m. dans Pteuvre vice, — d 
fieur d'eau. 

Grundschwelle, f. (min.) voy. Scbwelle. 

f. (zur Befestigung der Pallisaden). 

The riband, to which pallisades are some- 
times nailed at their lower end, to prevent 
them being pulled up singly. Liteau m. 
servant k reunir les palissadcs a leur partie 

f. (arch.) Beam, ground-timber, or 

sleeper for the foundations of buildhigs. 
Racinal m. 

Grundsitz, m. (sell.) (eines Sattels). The 
webs (pi.) of a saddle-tree. Faujp-siege m. 
voy. Sitzriemen. 

Grundwage, f. (Setzwage). The common 
plummet-level, or mason's level. Niveau 
m. de mafon, 

Grundwasser, n. Water met with under- 
ground. Eixu souterraine, 

Griiner Sand, m. (moul.) Moist or green- 
sand, employed as it comes from its native 

Griinspan — Guasschale. 


bed, new and damp. Sabie mature, voy. 

Formsand; Sana. 
Griinspan, m. Verdigrh. Vert-de-grU m. 

▼oy. Kupferoxyd (halbeasigsaiires). 
Gntppe, f. (der hochste Punkt an der 

Schwanzschraobe) (bei dem ostreichiachen 

Gewehre). The eletfotion of the breech-pin; 

(term in use in the Austrian service). 

Point le plus €lev6 de la partie de der- 

ri^ du canon du fusil ; (d^omination en 

f. (des Pferdes). The croup or run^ of 

the hone. CVimj^tf f.ducheval. voy. Kreuz. 
Guayakholz, n. Ldgnum-tnta, Boi» m. 

de gayae, 
CHidae, f. A gouge. Gouge f. 
Gummi, n. Toy. Kautachuk. 
Gummiponton, m. yoy. Ponton. 
Guit, m. (seU.) Saddle-girth, Bangle f. 
(art) voy. Halskoppel. 

— m. (art.) am Rohre; (ein, zwischen zwei 
Pliittchen eingeschlossenes Rundstabchen). 
Astragal andfilUtt on a piece of ordnance. 
Aitragale m. et listeU attenants d'une 
pi^ de canon. 

Gurte, (conslr. des ponts) od. Guithol- 
zer (nur Verbindung der Pfahle). Hori- 
zontal -tiet oocorring in wooden - piers, 
notched and bolted in pairs on the uprights, 
in order to brace the whole system firmly. 
Moisee horiiontales d'une palee, servant k 
en augmenter la force et a maintenir le 
paralleliame des pilots. 

Giirtel, m. voy. Mauerband. 

m. (art.) (am Geachiitzrohre). Astragal^ 

or moulding so called. Aatragale m. 

Giirtellinie, f. (fort.) The magistral or 
nuuter-line of a fortress ; outline of the 
body of the place, Ligne f. magittrale. 
voy. Magistrale. 

Guitholz, n. (constr. des ponts). A hori- 
zontal'tie, or piece bolted on to the up- 
rights of wooden piers, etc. Moise hori" 
zontale, voy. Gurte, pL 

n. (eines Bnickenkahnes). A wale, 

Ceinture f. 

Guss, m. The catting of metals ; the catt, 
Fonte f. ; couUe f. ; coulage m. 

— m. (art) (der Geschiitze). The casting 
of guns. Fonte f. des boudies k feu ; coti- 
lage m. 

m. (art.) (den — beaufsichtigcn, v.) 

(von Artillerieofiicieren). To superintend 
the cast, Surveiller la/on/e, le coulage, 

(fond.)(zum — e schreiten, v.) ^od. zum 

Abgusse sebreiten). To proceea to the 
pouring of tbe iron, (in casting). Pro- 
c/der a la couUe, 

m. (einen — macben, v.) (fond.) To 

make a catt. Faire yme fonte, 

• m. (fond.) (der massive). Catting 

solid, Coulage pleinf — massif. 

m. (fond.) (iiber einen Kem). Cast- 
ing on a core, Coulage a noyau, 

Gussblase. f. (fond.) A flaw in castings. 
Souffiure f. de fonte. 

Gusseisen, n. (sid.) Foundry-iron orfbun- 
dry-pig : {cast-iron, pig-iron, sow or pig- 
metal), Fonte f. ; fer couU; fer m. de 
fonte, voy. Roheisen. 

— - (art.) (unbrauchbares). voy. Guss- 
eisenstiicke, pi. 

Gusseisenschlacke, f. (sid.) Blast-furnace 
cinder, scoria or cinder qfthe blast-fur- 
nace, Scorie f. de fonte. 

Gusseisenstiicke, n. pi. (art.) (kassirten). 
Unserviceable or condemned ordnance,- — 
stores (iron) ; condemned-shells , etc. Cqf- 
fSUs m. pi. 

Gussflascne, f. (fond.) voy. Formkasten. 

Gussflascbenrahmen, m. voy. Guss-, Form- 

Gusshaut, f. voy. Gusskniste, Gussrinde. 

Gusskasten, m. (fond.) A casting-box, 
mould-box, flash ; box, gun-box. Chdssis 
carr^ en fonte pour le moulage ; chdssis 
pour le moulage en sable des bouches & 
feu. voy. Formkasten. 

Gusskniste, f. (ibnd.) voy. Gussrinde. 

Gussloch, n. (fond.) (bei Sandformen). A 
gate, runner, or filliug-in aperture in sand- 
moulds. Jet m. d'un moule. voy. £in- 

n. (fond.) (bei Lehmformen). The pipe 

in loam-moulds, which conducts the metal 
from the drain into the mould. TVompe 
f. ou trou de coulage des monies en terre. 
voy. Einguss. 

n. (fond.) od. Sticblocb (eines Griess- 

ofens). The tap-hole, Trou m. de coulage 
d'un foumeau. 

Gusslocbzapfen, m. (fond.) (od. Griess- 
zapfen). The j!?/tt^ of wrought-iron to stop 
the tap-hole. Tampon m. dans les fonde- 

m. (monlji od. das Stabchen fur das 

Gussloch. The runner, wooden-runner^ 
used in moulding. Modele m. dujet, 

Gussloffel, m. (ust. d'artif.) voy. Giesskelle. 

Gussnaht, f. od. der Bart, (fond.) The fash 
or jagged excrescence with wluch castings 
are sometimes surrounded ; the seam, Ba- 
vures f. pi. ou inegalit^s du jet ; toile f, ; 
couture f. 

Gussreif, voy. Gussnaht. 

Gussrinde, f. (fond.) (Gusshaut od. Gufls- 
kruste). The outer-coating, hard black 
scurf or rind of castings taken rough from 
the foundry; outerskin,outside or external 
crust of castings ; (the thickness of metal 
allowed for tuming-off). CroUte f. dure, 
k la Burfiaoe des pieces coulees. 

Gussrinne, f. (fond.) (zur Leitung des ge- 
schmolzenen Metalles). The drain which 
conducts the melted metal to the pipe of 
the mould. Canal m. de coulage, destin^ 
k conduire le mdtal dans les monies. 

Gussriunen, f. pi. (fond.) (die besonderen^ 
nach dem Gussloche jeder Form. The ofl^- 
sets or sets-off from the principal or main- 
drain. £cheneaux m. pi. 

Gussschale, f. (fond.) voy. Schalenform. 


Gussstahl — Qypskam. 

Ghusstahl, m. Ctut-iieeL Aeierfmdu, 

(geschmiedeter). Tilted catt-^ttel. 

Acier fondu forgi, 

Chissstuck, n. (fond^ A eatiing. Okjtt m. 

Gusswaaren, f. pi. (ciseme). PauBdry- 

good*; catt'iron ware ; te^iref (pi.) ; eatt' 

work: c(uting$: iron-caatinge. Fere couUe; 

outrages m. pL, olfjete m. pL en /<nUe ; 

foniee moul^ee, 
Gusszapfen, m. ^fond.) od. Giesszapfen. yoj. 


m. (fond.) (der gegossenen Kugeln, 

etc.). The head on a casting after it leaves 
the mould, and which is knocked or taken 
off; waster or connecting-piece of casdngi. 
Jet m. ; cotil^ f. 

Gut, n. (art. a.) od. (die Metallstarke am 
Bodenstiicke). Term formerlj in use 

signi^ring the thickness of metal at ike 
breech, fyaisseur du metal h la eulasse 
des pieces. (Quand elle ^tait ^gale aa 
calibre de la piece, on Tappellait ''toU- 
giitig " or " one calibre in thickness,** 
^tait-elle moindre, " geschwiichtes Gut ** 
or "*o many diameters less" l^* piece al- 
Ug^e ''], et enfin surpassait-elle le calibre, 
on I'appeUait ** iibcrgiitiges " od. " Ter- 
starktes Guf or **so many diameters 

Ojps, m. (mki^r.) Gypsum; sulphate qf 
Itme; alabaster or Paris-plaster. Gypse 
m. ; pldtre; (sulfate de chauz; pierre ii 

Gypsform, f. (fond.) (zu den Schildzapfen). 
Plaster-mould for trunnions. Coquille t 
oa moule-coquille m. (pour tourillons). 


Haakenscheibe, f. (art) A drag-wiuker, 
Ftotfe f. a crochet, voy. Hokenscheibe. 

Haakenschwanzschraube, f. (m. d'a.) A 
huii'jnn, Cukute hrU^e ou d bascule, yoj, 
Scheibe; Hakenschwanzscbraube. 

Haar, n. (der Pferde). The coat of hones. 
Boief,; ensemble des poils qui leoouT- 
rent le corps du cheiraL 

Haarbuscb, m. Hair-plume, horse-hair 
plume, or plume, Plumet droit, 

m. (fliegender). A hanging-plume, 

Plumet tombant, 

Haardecke, f. (in PolTermagazinen). Hair- 
cloth for the floors of powder-magazines. 
Prilat m. en crin pour plancher de maga- 
sins k pondre. 

Haaren, v. & n. od. haren (v^t). To moult , 
lose the coat, change or ehed the coat; the 
changing qfthe coat or moulting. Chan- 
ger depoil; muer; action de muer; mue f, 

Haarschlachti^eit, f. (y6t) voy. Herz- 

Haarscblacntig sein, v. (v^t.) To be short 
or broken-unnded : to be thick m the wind. 
Battre desflancs ; Stre poussif, 

Haarschopf, m. The top-knot, fore-top, or 
frontlet on the horse's head. 7\)upet m, 

Haarsieb, n. (ust. d'artif.) Laboratory hair- 
sieve, Tamis m. en crin pour artifices. 

Haarstutz, m. voy. Haarbuscb. 

Haarzotte, f. od.das Kothhaar (des Pferdes). 
The hair on the heel. Fanon m. voy. 

Haarziige, m. pi. (m. d'a.) HaHr-rifUmg, 
Rayures a cheveux on merveilleuses. 

Haber, m. voy. Hafer. 

Hachse^ f. (v^t.) voy. Hackse. 

Hacke, f. A pick; (pick- axe). Pic m. ; 
(pioche f.). 

Hacken, m. voy. Haken. 

Hackcnzabne, m. pi. (vet) voy. Haken- 

Hackerling, m. Chopped -straw; chqff^, 
Paille hachie. voy. Uacksel. 

Hackerlingsbank, f. A chaff-cutter, Ha- 
choir, coupe-paille m.y hache-paille. 

Hackse, f. (v^.) od. Hachse. The hock. 

Jarret m. voy. Spnmggelenk. 
Hacksel, m. Chqff; chopped-straw, Paille 

Hackselklinge, f. The kntfe of a chaff- 

cntter. I^ane f. d'un coupe-paille. 
H'acksellade, f. A chaff-cutter, Hachoir, 

coupe-paille m,, hache-paille. 
Hafen, m. Harbour; port; {sea-port), 

(FluM-). River-harbour. Port de 

(Handela-). Harbour for merchant- 
ships; trading-port. Port de commerce; 

port marchand, 
(Knew-). Harbour for men-qf-war. 

Port de rstat, 
(See-). Harbour ; sea-port, Portde 


m. Tpoudr.) voy. Stampfhafen. 

Hafenanker, m. Moorings, Ancre h de- 

meure; ancre d'amarrage, 
Hafenbefestigungen, f. pi. Drfences for 

the entrance, etc, of harbours. Fortifica- 
tions f. pL ou dffenses de port. 
Hafendamm, m. A mole; pier. M6lem,; 

jet^e f. 
Hafer, m. Oats (pi.) Avoine f. 

(Ration-), voy. Ration. 

Haft, f. (m. d'a.) am Flintenlaufe (mit 

welcher er im Schafte befestigt wird). The 

barrel-loop or bolt-loop; loop or eye on 

the barrel to receive the bolt which fastens 

it into the stock. TVnon m. du canon de 

f. (m. d'a.) (Bigonnet-). voy. Bajon- 

Hafteinschnitt, m. voy. Bajonnet (Dille). 
Haftschlitze, f. (m. d'a.) voy. Bajonnet 

Hag, m. An enclosure, Cl6ture f. 
m. (um einer Wiese). Hedge or fence, 

Haie f. 
(lebendiger). A quickset-hedge, — 

m. voy. Gehage. 


Hagel — Haken. 

Hagel, m. (dsemer) (art. a.) Small pieces 
of old iron, heads of nails, etc., disduirged 
formerly from ordnance. Mitraille f. de 
vieux fers. 
Hahn, m. (m. d'a.) (des Percussionsgeweh- 
res) (Hammer). The cock of the percus- 
sion-musket, (called also, the hammer). 
Chien m. ou marteau du fiisil a percussion. 
Its parts are : 
Der Kopf, (Hammerkopf). The head, 

T^te f. 
Der Haken, (Hebel, Daumenstiick od. 

Griff). The comb, Cr^te f. 
Die Kerben, pi. (Fischhaut) am Haken. 
The chequering of the comb, or «»- 
graving to catch the thumb. Quadril- 
lage m. oxxface carreUe de la crete. 
Die Schlagflache (der Hahnaushohlung). 
The " striking surface'' of the mouth 
or concave of the cock. Fond m. de 
U fraisure ou de Tevidement de U 
tete, qui s'appuie sur le sommet de la 
chemin^ ; face percutante. 
Der Hahnmantel, (die Hahnaushohlung), 
(Bohrung). The mouth of the cock- 
head. Evidement m. de la tcte. 
Die Kehle. The neck. Gorge f. 
Die Brust. The breast. Ventre m. 
Der Leib. The body. Corps m. 
Der Ansatz. TYie shoulder. Espaletm.f 
donnant appui au chien sur le corps, 
quand la cheminee est enlcT^. 
Das Gevierte, (das Hammerviereck). The 
square of the tumbler-hole, or the 
tumbler-hole itself. Trou carr^ pour 
Tarbre de la noiz. 

m. (m. d'a.) (des Steinschlossgewehres). 

The cock of the flint firelock. Chien m. 
du fiisil a silex. 
Its parts are : 

Der Ansatz, (Verstarkung, f. od. Auf- 

schlag, m.). The shoulder. Espalet 

m., support t coude ou ^paulement m. 

Der Bauch, (Brust, f.). The breast. 

Ventre m. 
Der Griff, (Hahnstift, Hahnstangel, od. 

Horn, n.). The comb. Crete f. 
Die Oberlippe. The upper jaw. Md- 

choire supMeure. 
Die Unterhppe. The lower jaw, Md^ 

choire inf&ieure. 
Pas Herz od. Auge. The throat-hole^ 
(not in English pattern). Cceur ou 
anneau m. 
Der Hals. The throat. Gorge f. ou 

Der Leib, (Rumpf od. Fuss). The body 

of the cock. Corps m. 
Das Gevierte, (Vierung f., Viereck n., 
Hahnnuth, f.) The tumbler-pin- or 
asle-hole. Carr4 m. 

^ m. (a.) (eines Luntenschlosses). The 

cock or lever of the ancient match-lock, the 
head of which was split to receive the 
lighted match. Serpentin m. ou chien de 
rartjuebuse a meche. 

Hahn, (den — in Ruh setzen, v.) (bei 
preussischen Percussionsgewehren). To 
half-cock arms. Mettre le chien au eran 
du repos (chez les Prussiens), dans le 
maniement des armes a percussion. 

(den — in Ruh setzen) (bei franzod- 

schen Percussionsgewehren).To«a«e springs 
or let-down the cock on the nipple^ also to 
bring down the cock to the sqf'ety-benif (as 
practised by the French). Conduire le 
chien d Vabattu (chez les Franfais), ou 
bien le mettre au cran de sHreti. 

(den — spannen, v.) To cock the 

piece, make ready or bring the piece to the 
full-cock. Armer : mettre le chien au 
cran du d^art ou au band/, 

m. (salp.) A stop-cock, spigot. Pi- 

sotte {. 

Hahnaushohlung, f. (m. d'a.) od. Hahn- 
mantel, m. voy. Hsihn (der Percosaions- 

Hahnausschnitt, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Mittel- 

Hahndom, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Dorn. 

m. (m. d'a.) voy. Hahneisen. 

Hahneisen, n. (m. d'a.) A cock-stake, which 
fits into the square of the cock, and is held 
in the vice when filing the cock. Bouie f, 
de chien. 

Hahnentritt, m. (v^t.) (der trockene Spat, 
auch Zuckf uss) . The string-halt (or bUnd- 
spavin). fyarvin sec. 

Hahnhals, m. (m. d'a.) The throat of the 
cock. Gorge f. du chien. 

Hahnhalt, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Hahn (An- 

Hahnmantel, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Hahn. 

Hahnmaul, n. (m. d'a.) The upper and lower 
jaws of the old flint-lock. Mdchoiret du 
chien a silex. 

n. The lower jaw of old Austrian flint- 
lock. Mdchoire it^f^eure du ci-devant 
fusil a silex (en Autriche). 

Hahnnuth, f. (m. d'a.) voy. Hahn. 

Hahnsehraube, f. (m. d'a.) (Steinschraube, 
Lippenschraube). The cock-pin or cock- 
nail. Vis f. de chien, 

Hahnstift, m. od. Hahnstang;el. voy. Hahn. 

Haide, f. (topogr.) voy. Heide. 

Haken, m. (m. d'a.) (Daumenstiick od. 
Griff) (eines Percussionsschlosses). voy. 

m. pi. (v^t.) od. Hackenzahne. voy, 


m. od. Crochet (an jedem Schlage der 

Zickzacks). The return at the angles of the 
zigzags. Crochet m. de retour ou crocket 
de tranche. 

m. (tact) (a.) (bei der Truppenstellnng). 

A crotchet or order enpotence; (formation 
which occurs when the extremity of a 
wing is refused or thrown back in rear of 
a hne). Ordre en potence, 

(einen — bilden, v.) (tact.) (sioh im 

Haken aufstellen od. sich en potence 
setzen). To form an army or troops ai 

Haken — Halber Abstand. 


poieneet to/wrma crotchet. Ranger en 

potemce one ami^, one troupe. 
Haken, m. (m. d'a.) (am Bandelier). toj. 

m. (a.) Tdes deutschen Feuenchlosaes). 

The cock or the wheel-lock of former days. 

(Mem m. de la Ratine k rooet. 

m. (a.) od. Uakenbiichse. voy. Ha- 


m. (art) (ro gluhenden Kugeln). A 

sort of hook or fork for drawing hot-shot 
from the grate. Fouref^e f. en fer pour 
retirer les boulets rouges. 

Hakenblatt, n. ^c^arp.) od. der Haken- 
kamm. An obligue-eeatfwUh tabling or 
tabled-scoff to reaat longitudinal strains, 
formed of a single table or one abutting part 
of resistanoe. Trait m. de Jupiter eimple. 

n. (charp.) (mit dem Keile). A ecarf 

joggled and wedged together. Droit de 
Jupiter wimple avec cltf, 

n. (chaip.) (das gerade). Scarf with 

parallel jointe and tabling. Trait de Ju- 
piter kjoinie droits, 

n. (charp.) (das gerade mit dem Keile). 

A wedged-eearf with parallel jointe and a 
aingle table upon each pieoe. Trait de 
Jupiter ei joints droits et a cl^, 

Hakenbolzen, m. (art) A lip-head bolt. 
Chenille f. h mentonnet, voy. Docken- 

Hakenbolzenkopf, m. (art) The lip-head 
of a lip-head bolt. T^e f. de cherille k 

Hakenbiichse, f. (a.) The arquebuse of 
former times, (called also, haquebut or 
hagbut), Arquebuse a croc, et rouet, etc. 

Hakenfbrmiger Bolzen, m. (art.) voy. Ha- 

Hakeukamm, m. ^charp.) toy. Hakenblatt 

Hakenklammer, r. voy. Rlammerhaken. 

Hakenkrampe, f. (auf der Deichsel). Wrap- 
ping-plate and hook upon the fore-end of 
a pole. Happe f. a crochet, 

Hakenmorser, m. (art. a.) A sort of hand- 
mortar formerly in use. Esp^ de moriier 
^ main dont on se servait autrefois. 

Hakenpulver, n. (poudr.) Service-powder, 
so named in Saxony in distinction to 
" Pirschpulver " or " nfle-powder.'' Poudre 
i. de guerre (en Sazc). 

n. (poudr.) Large-grained powder, 

Grosse poudre a grains anguleux, 

Hakenscheibe, f. (art.) A drag-washer, 
FTotte f. a crochet: rondelle f. h crochet, 

Hakenachiitze, m. (a.) The arquebusier, 
or soldier of former days armed with the 
arquebuse (haquebut or hagbut). Arque- 
busier m. 

Uakenscbwanzschraube, f. (m. d'a.) A 
hutt-pin. (In fire-arms, that sort of 
breech-pin used with the false-breech or 
break-off, called in German '* Scheibe ** or 
*' BasctUe,'' and the kind uniformly em- 
ployed for fowling-pieces ; it is also called 
the hutt of the barrel.) Culasse bris/e 
Gbrm AN Part. 

ou ^ bascule ; culasse termini en forme 
de crochet qui s'engage dans la fausse cu- 
lasse. voy. Scheibe. 

Hakenzahne, m. pi. (v^t) (eines Pferdes) od. 
Hackenzstoe. The tushes or tusks of a 
horse. Crochets, crocs m. pi. voy. Backen- 
zahne; Scbueidezahne. 

Haket, n. voy. Haquet. 

Hakse, f. (v^t.) The hock, Jarret m. 

Halbbataillon, n. A ha\f-battalion ,- wing 
of a battalion. Demi-bataillon m.; (demi- 
bataillon de droite ; demi - bataUlon de 
gauche ; [right wing ; left wing]). 

Hwb links ! (inf. tact.) (balb reehts !) (bdm 
Marsche auf der Diagonale). L^ (or right 
half -turn !; (word of command for the dia- 
gonal-mardi, to any body in motion). Com- 
mandement pour faire obliquer une troupe, 
par un demi-a-droite ou un demi-k-gauche; 
(remplace la mardie oblique de Tinfimterie 

! (inf. tact.) (bei Bewegungen in zer- 

streuter linie). Incline to the l^ f (in- 
cline to the right/) (for infontry in ex- 
tended^rder). Commandement pour fidre 
obliquer une ligne de tirailleurs, par un 
demi-a-droite ou un demi-a-gauche. 

! (tact, cav.) L^t incline I {right in- 
cline /) Oblique a gauche! (ou a droite!) 

Halbe Batterie, f. (art.) Hay-battery. 
Demi-batterie f. 

Halbe Caponni^re, f. (fort) (Grabengalle- 
rie). A demi-caponier or half-caponier ; 
(communication in the dry ditch of a for- 
tress, constructed only with one parapet 
and glacis). Demi-caponnih'e i, voy. 

Halbe Kehle, f. (fort.) (halbe Kehllinie) 
eines Bastions. The demi-gorge of a bas- 
tion ; the line formed by the prolongation 
of the curtain to the centre of the bastion. 
Demi-gorge f. d'un bastion. 

Halbe Parallele, f. The demi-parallel, or 
portion projecting from the different angles 
of the zigzag-approaches for lodging, to 
contain strong guards for opposing sorties, 
etc. Demi-parallele f.; demi-place d'armes, 

Halbe Ration ; halbe Portion, voy. Ra- 
tion: Portion. 

Halbe Wendung, f. (tact.) Turning to the 
right (or l^t) about, or turn to the 
right (or left) about when on the move 
(wahrend des Marsches) ; facing or face 
to the right (or l^) about when halted 
(auf der StelleV Demi-tour; (demi-con- 
version). (This is laid down in the Prus- 
sian exercise of 1812 as a '* ganze Wen- 
dung.") voy. Wendung. 

f. (tact.) (nach dem preuss. Reglement 

von 1812) od. die Wendung reehts — od. 
links um. The face (or turn) to the right 
(or left), according to the Prussian regida- 
tions ot 1812. A-droite (ou a-gauche) f.; 
(quart de conversion), voy. Wendung. 

Halber Abstand, m. (tact.) Hay-distance 
(in column). Demi-distance f. 

I ?r. T — S— }?- 

i«f :** \jh. acr^^ nsi£3cir^ ■; -tzc ^ls xi^ 

* - Lf!«— Titr 

«v/«r v3wc^ T^ Bigagmc Hir -oasur 

ft* i*«t'.'^iu Tift ti^muMn^ ir -rcia. 
— ijr. tar. /*auM*fi i rD^m rri 
— "^^^ 'sudwii^ i «n>ti««f mnun. 

^- - i.»^. ^i. <im. 7^.*»i ^ <>.* ^ ? - ,«■' . i -»« 

uuf-t'.jf.vw^ am \i tSL'j r.uiam. . _/ 

/:.k..'. •*-•;•-» ".7 H-i-I*. —. "tf 

^ i*ii»*--r.**i;»t *;»•< -.r I'Cr; <-«-<:■*« -iicc. 

Tibtn at mcvaa^^ 

— 31. mt i v * .cM . T^ wear it nir if^- 

— 3L s. 1 k nr» siixiM» . m*. Halnu 

— n. s. i A. rtL AriL aa 

*f /«r<. 0?* St. /f -"Via* «* fomr 1 
jeoers.-* >i» S.iij" 

Ualsfeifel — Hammerhutte. 


Ilalsfeifel, f. (v^) Jn/lammaiion qf the 
glands of the neck. Avwes f. pi. 

Halsgiirtel, m. voy. Halsband. 

Ilalskniestiick, n. (pont.) (eines Briicken- 
kahnes). A top or rinng-Umber in a pon- 
toon-boat. Mtmtant m, de semelle. 

Halskoppel, f. (art.) (Zughulfe). The 
Mhoulaer-sirap of men's harness. Bande^ 
role f. de bricole. voy. Zughulfe. 

f. rpont^ voy. Halskuppel. 

f. nnit Zugtane) (art.) Men*» hameee. 

BrieoU f. de canonnier. 

f. (sell.) Neck'hameee; neek-etrap, 

CoUeroH m. voy. Nothhalskoppel. 

Halskuppel, f. (pont.) (zum Schiffziehen). 
Men's hamesa for towing boats. Bre- 

f. (pont) The web shoulder-strap of 

men's harness for towing. Sangle f. de 

Halsriemen, m. (sell.^ (am Sielengeschirre). 
The wither-strap of a breast-collar. Sur- 
cou on sur-col m. 

HalsstUck, n. (des Spomes) (deijenigeTheil, 
welcher die Ferse umschliesst). The rim 
of the spur ; (the part which encloses the 
heel). Collier m. ou corps m. de I'^peron. 

Halt! (tact^ Halt! Halte! 

Haltbar. Tenable, capable qf being held or 
defended, (as a post, etc.). Tenable, <f/- 
fendablcf se dit d'une place ou d'un poste 

Halten, ▼. (sidi) (sich mit Erfolg Tertheidi- 
gen). To hold one's position ,- keep a po- 
sition ; maintain or dtfend one's se\f : 
keep, hold, or stand one's ground; hold- 
out ; hold-on, Tenir; r^sister ; se d^- 

V. (einen Platz eingcschlossen — ). 

To blockade a pUu»» or keep a place block- 
aded. Bloquer ,- tenir bloqu^. 

▼. Mas Feld — ). Toy. Feld. 

V. (Kriegsrath — ). voy. Kriegsrath. 

V. TMusterung — ). voy. Musterung. 

• V. (Rasttag — -). voy. Rasttag. 

V. (Appell — ). To call the roll: (to 

parade). Faire fappel. 

V. (Tritt — ) (tact.) To keep the step 

or the proper time in marching. Cadencer 
le pas. 

V. (tact.) (Colonne — ). To cover in 

column, (as the pivots). Observer la di- 
rection du guide; tenir le guide, 

V. (tact.) (Vordennann — )• To cover 

or preserve the covering, Couvrir son 
ch^ defile. 

Halter, m. (art.) (Widerhalter od. Stiitz- 
eisen) an den Handspeichen einiger Ar- 
tillerien. voy. Stiitzeisen. 

Halttau, n. (art.) (RUsttau). A guy, Hau- 
ban m. 

Haltung, f. (zu Pferde). Seat; correct mili- 
tary seat on horseback. Tenue f. a cheval ; . 
assiette ; (mani^e dont le cavalier est pos^ 
sur la seUe). 

f. (Schluss) (eines Reitcrs). Firm seat. 

good seat on horseback. Assiette ferme ; 
bonne assiette, 

Haltung, f. (einer Truppe, etc.). General 
bearing or carriage of soldiers; way in 
which they are set-up and drilled, etc. 
Tenue f., maintien (bon ou mauvais) d'une 
troupe, d'un regiment, d'un soldat. 

Hammer, m. Hammer, Marteau m. 

m. (m. d'a.) od. Hahn (der Percussions- 

gewehre). voy. Hahn. 

m. (art) eines Hammerschlosses (zur 

PercussionszUndung fur Geschiitze). The 
percussion-hammer of a percussion-lock for 
ordnance, one end of which works upon a 
steel pin in a joint attached to the cascable 
of the gun. Marteau m. de Tappareil per- 
cutant des bouches a feu ; martelet m. 

• m. (gespaltener). A claw-hammer. 

Marteau a panne /endue, 

m. (sid.) (im Hammerwerke). Forge- 
hammer, Gros marteau de forge, voy. 
Aufwerfhammer ; Schwanzhammer ; 

f. A forge, or establishment in which 

iron is made malleable. Forge t; usine 
oil Ton travaiUe le fer. voy. Hammer- 
fa iitte. 

Hammeraxt, f. (charp.) A hammer-adze, 
Essetie ou aisette f. 

Hammerl)ahn, f. (sid.) The face of the 
hammer ; hammer-face. Panne f. du mar- 
teau; partie inferieure du marteau qui 
frappe 1 objet. 

Hammerbar, Malleable. Malleable, 

Hammerbarkeit, f. Malleabiliiy, Mallea- 
bility {. 

Hammerbeilchen, n. Sort of small hat- 
chet. Hachette f. a marteau. 

Hammergeriist, n. (sid.) eines Schwanz- 
hammers (in Eisenhammem). The hirst- 
frame, hirst, or frame- work in which a 
tilt-hammer is supported. Ordon m. d'un 
marteau a bascule ; (charpente qui sou- 
tient le marteau). 

Hammerhaue, f. (min.) Tool used by mi- 
ners in earth and gravel, as well as for 
driving wedges in setting-up gallery-frames ; 
sort of poll-pick. Bee m. de canne a tSte; 
hoyau a fete. 

f. (min. & expl.) (gespitzte) (zu Felsen 

und Mauerwerk) A miner's poll-pick, 
Pointerolle f. 

Hammerhelmt m. (sid.) The shqfl or helve 
of the large forge-hammer. Manche m. 
du gros marteau de forge. 

m. od. Hammerstiel, m. The handle 

of a hammer. Manche m. 

m. (sid.) eisemer (des Stimhammers). 

A metal helve. Manche m. en font e, 

Hammerhiilse, f. (sid.) voy. HUlse. 

Uammerhiitte, f. (Hammerwerk n., Eisen- 
hammer m., Fnschhiitte f. od. Hammer 
m.). A forge or shingling-mill ; the great 
workshop in which iron is made malleable ; 
an iron-forge. Forge f.; usine ou Ton 
travaiile le fer. 



Hammerkopf — Uaudhabe. 

Hammerkopf, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Hahn I 
(Kopf). I 

Hammermeissel, m. A caulking or ceUking- 
iron, Fer m. a calfater. 

Hammermeister, m. (sid.) Kforge^nuuttr; 
iron-master. Maitre m. de forge. 

m. 'TYic foreman of the fire. Chrfm, 

de forge. 

Hammem, v. (das Eisen kalt — ). To 
hammer -harden ; smith or planish on the 
anvil by means of hammers. £crouir ,- 
battre le fer afroid. 

Hammerpickel, m. (min.) A miner's jfoll- 
pick. Pic m. a roc a t^te. 

Hammerschlacke, f. (sid.) voy. Eisen- 
Bchlacke; Frischschlacke. 

Hammcrschlag, m. (sid.) (Schmiedesintor, 
Gliihspan, m.). Forgesealet (pL), scales 
of iron; or iron-scales from the forge; scale 
or crust of iron; shale produced in the 
forge; (smithy-slack). Battitures f. pi., 
^cailles ou paillettes de fer qui se detachent 
pendant I'^tirage. 

Hammerschloss, n. (art.) (zur Percussions- 
aiindung fiir Geschiitzc). Percussion-lock 
for firing ordnance. Platine f. a percus- 
sion; appareil percutant ; per cuteur m.des 
bouches a feu. 

Hammerschmied, m. (sid.) A forgeman, 
or workman in an iron-forge. Forgeron 
m.; ouvrier de forge. 

m. Hammerman. Marteleur m. 

Hammerstiel, m. The hammer-handle. 
Manehe m. de marteau. 

Hammerviereck, n. (m. d'a.) voy. Hahn 

Hammerwerk, voy. Hammerhiitte. 

Hanchc, f. (v^t.) voy. Hanke. 

Hand (iiber od. vor der — arbeiten, v.) 
voy. Ueber, etc. 

Hand, f. (man.) (ZUgelhand). The bridle- 
hand. Main f. de la bride, voy. Faust. 

f. (man.) (eine leichte — haben, v.). 

To have a light hand. Avoir la main 

f. (man.) (eine harte ; schwere). A 

rought heavy {bad) hand. Main rude^ 
mal assur^e, tropferme. 

f. (man.) (keine — haben, v.) To have 

no hand on a horse. N* avoir point de main, 

f. (auf die — dr'angen, v.) (vom Pferde). 

To pull. Tirer a la main. 

Handbag^r, m. Any tool or utensil used 
by hand in " dredging " or removing the 
mud or silt from the beds of rivers, docks, 
etc., (such as the " Baggerbeutel " or lea- 
thern bag sewn round tibe edge of an iron 
hoop, and fixed to the end of a long pole). 
Tout instrument pour curer mu avec la 

Handbtnl, n. voy. Feldbeil. 

n. A joiner* s are; hatchet. Hache 

f. a main. 

Handbrandkiigel, f. (artif.) 8ort oi fire- 
ball or small carcass thrown by hand. 
Pehte f. a feu ; balle a main. 

Handbiigel, m. (m. d'a.) (am Gewehndiafte). 
The trigger-guard. Sous-garde f. voy. 
I Biigel. 

, m. voy. Sabelgefaas. 

I m. pi. (art.) od. Seitenlehnen, f. pL 

(am Munitionskasten). Chtard-irons (pL). 
Poign/es f. pL da cofl^ a munitionai voy. 

m. pi. (art.) od. Handhaben, f. pL voy. 


Handdepot, n. Entrepot ; intermediate 
depot, store f etc. D^t interm^diaire, 

Handeimer, m. (zum Wasseracfaopfen). 
Bucket for baling-out water. Seau m. de 

Handeisen, n. pL Handcuffs (pL). Menottes 

(anlegen, v.). To kamdcvff any 

person. Emmenotter qn. 

Handelseisen, n. Merchani-iron, Fer mar- 

Handelafahrzeuge, n. pL Country-ear^ 
riaaes. Voitures f. pL du co mme rce. 

Handelshafen, m. voy. Hafen. 

HandTaustel, m. (min.) Miner's hammer 
for striking the borer. Masse f. de fer, 
pour frapper le pistolet. voy. BohrfausteL 

Handfeuergewehr, n. Small arm, portable 
fire-arm. Arme f. a feu portative. 

mmdfeuerwaffen, pi. voy. Waffen. 

Handfromm, (vom Pferde). Q^iet to groom 
or look after. Docile, de bonne nature ; 
ob^issant au pansage, etc (d'un cheval). 

Uandgeld, n. (a.) (Laufgeld). The bounty 
on first enlistment or or recmita, ex- 
isting in Enghmd, but obsolete in Ger- 
many, where troops are now raiaed by con- 
scription, and no longer by voluntary en- 
listment. Prime f. d^ engagement. 

n. (eines Recapitulanten). The bounty 

of a soldier re-enlisting ; bounty accompa- 
n3ring re-enlistment or renewal of service ; 
(Jresh-bounty). Prime f. de rengage- 

Handgemein werden, v. To cosne to dose- 
action; to engage; (vulgo, to oome to 
blows). En venir aux mains, 

sein, V. To be actwiUy engaged or to 

have joined battle. Etre, en Strt mux 

Handgemcnge, n. Hand-to-hand fight, 
hand-to-hand encounter, close-encounter 
man-to-man. MiUe f.; combat m. corps 
a corps. 

Handgewehr, n. voy. Gewehr. 

Handgranate, f. Hand-grenade. Grenade 
f. a main. voy. Wallgranate ; Spiegel* 
granate; Transcheekugel; Granatkugel. 

Handgritf, m. (des Bohrers). A tap-wrench. 
Porte-taraud m. voy. Griff. 

Uandgriffe, m. pi. (inf.) (mit dem Gewebre). 
The manual and platoon-exercise. Manie* 
ment m. des armes. voy. Grifie. 

Handhabe, f. (art.) voy. Delphin, Henkel. 

f.od.Handgnff,m. A handle. Manckt 

m. ; anse f. 

Handhaben — Handwerkercompagnie. 


Handhaben, f. pL (art) od. Handbiigel, m. 
pL (am Laffetenschwanze). Trail or /im- 
btnng-handlet, limbering-iront (pi.). Poi- 
ffn^ea f. pi. de crosse d'un afitkt. 

Handhabung, f. (art) (der Geschiitze). The 
exereite and management of ordnance. 
Service et m^untvree deforce des bouches 

f. (der Handwaffen). The eserciee of 

fire-anuB, as well as of the sword and 
lanoe; (manual and platoon, eword and 
lance exerciaea), Maniement m. 

Handbammer, m. A hand-hammer. Mar- 
teau m. a main, 

Handbobel, m. Bench-plane, or any other 
plane moved by hand, to distinguish it 
from " liaschinenhobel." Tout rabot mu 
avec les mains, pour le distinguer d'une 
machine k raboter. 

Handbiilfe, f. (man.J voy. Faustbiilfe. 

Ilandkiasen, n. (art.) Pad, Cotminetm,; 
coueainet de charge. 

Handkummt, n. (art.) Qff-horae*a collar, 
(that of the riding-horae being called ** Sat- 
telkummt"). Collier m. de aoua-verge. 

Handlanger, m. (art.) One of the gun- 
detachment, but more particularly one qf 
the rear-numbera or ** Nebennummem;" 
i. e. not pointing or doing the duties of 
No. 1 of the detachment or of those gun- 
ners told-off as " Hauptnummem.'' Ser- 
vant m. d'artillerie ; {canonnier de detunhne 
claaae); auMliaire. 

m. (art) Gunner told-off to assist in 

bringing-up ammunition. Servant-pour- 

m. (beim Rasenlegen). Builder' a aa- 

aiatant, or aaaiatant to the builder of a 
revetment Manoeuvre m. du gazonneur. 

m. An aaaiatant (generaUy). Aide m. ; 

celui qui assiste un autre dans son travail. 

Handmorser, m. (art.) (od. Coehom- 
morser). Coehom-mortar. Mortier a la 
Coehom; mortier h main. 

Handmiihle, f. A hand-mill. Moulin m. ^ 

Handpfanne, f. (fond.) A aingle-ahanked 
ladle for carrying melted metal. Simple 
cuiller f. en fer pour puiser le m^tal. 

Handpferd, n. (art.) The ojfor led-horae. 
Soua-verge m. 
Das Stangenhandpferd. The off- 
wheeler; (ahqft-horae in England). 
Soua-verge de derriere. 
Das vordere od. Riemenbandpferd. 
The off-leader. Soua-verge de devant. 

n. A led-horae. Cheval m. de main. 

Handprotzwagen, m. (art.) A description 
of devil-carriage used for conveying heavy 
ordnance in garrisons, arsenals, etc. 7Vi- 
queballe m. 

Handramme, f. (beim Batteriebaue) 
(Stampfe). An earth-rammer or rammer 
for ramming earth in battery -building. 
Dame f. de batterie. voy. Stampfe. 

f. (pont) (vierstielige). voy. Hamme. 

Handramme, f. A beetle, paving-beetle or 
rammer, for driving stones into Ihe ground. 
Hie f. ; demoiaelle ; dame. 

Handsage, f. (men. & jcharp.) Saw made 
for a single man's use ; (hand-saw). (Upon 
the continent such a saw is generally a 
bow-aaw, and does not correspond to the 
English "hand-saw'' properly so called.) 
Scie h main; acie f. a debit er; acie alle- 
mande ; acie de menuiaier. voy. Sage. 

f. Saw, whether two-handed or smgle- 

handed, used by workmen or by force of 
hand, in distinction to those used in saw- 
mills (or " Sagemaschinen "). Sde mue k 
force de main, par opposition a une sde de 

Handsattel, m. (art.) (nach englischer Art). 
Qff-aaddle, pad, or luggage-aaddle. Petite 
selle de sous-verge (modcle anglais) ; ael- 
lette f. 

m. (art.) voy. Packkissen. 

Handscheidung, f. (m^t.) (der Erzc). The 
picking and aorting of ores. Triage m. h 
la main. 

Handschlagel, m. A mallet or maul. Mail- 
let m. 

m. (der Minirer). voy. Handfaustel. 

Handschmiede, f. voy. Schmiedeherd. 

Handseite, f. (eines Zuges). The off-aide. 
C6t^m. de aoua-verge; c6ti droit du oon- 

f. (art.) (des Geschiitzes). The off-aide 

or the right side of the carriage when the 
gun is limbered-up, (the horses giving the 
direction); the left side being called ** Si^l- 
seite" or near-side. C6t4 droit de la 
piece charg^ sur I'avant-train. 

Handspeiche, f. (art.) Common hand-apike 
or lever ; traveraing-handapike. Levier m. 
de mancntvre; levier de pointage. 

f. (art.)(Richtbaum^ fiirFeldgeschiitze. 

TVaveraing-handapike for field-guns. Le- 
vier ro. de pointage pour campagne. 

Handstock, m. (Feilkloben). A hand-vice, 
itau m. a main. 

Handstreich, m. Coup-de-main. Coup m. 
de main. voy. Gewaltstreich. 

Handstiitzen, f. pi. (art.) (am Protzkasten). 
Guard-irona. Poign^ea f. pL de cofire a 

Handwagen, m. A hand-cart. Charrette f. 
a braa. 

m. (art.) A truck-cart. Diable m. ; 

chariot a petites roues. 

m. A wheel-barrow. Brouette f. 

Handwarze, f. (ust. d'artif.) voy. Warze 

Handwerker, m. (Handwerkersoldat). A 
military artificer. Ouvrier m. voy. Artil- 

m. pi. (eines Regiments). The autho- 
rized workmen of a corps; {regimental 
tailora and ahoemakera). Ouvriera m. pi. 

Handwerkercompagnie, f. Company qf 
military-artifieera. Compagnie f. d^ouv- 


Handwerkenneister — Harten. 

Handwerkenneister, m. voy. Ilandwerks- 

Handwerkerwagen, m. (art.) Siore-waggon 
of the park, for artificers tools and materials. 
Caisson m., chariot d*ovtiU. 

Handwerkameister, m. (art.) voy. Ober- 
handwerker, Obenneister. 

£[andwerks8tatte, f. (bei Belagerungen). 
The places of work^ forges, etc. or space 
set-off adjoining the park of artillery for re- 
pairs of every kind. Atelier m. d'ouvriers 
d'un pare de si^. 

Handwerkszeug, n. Tools, implements (pi.) 
Ouiils m. pi. 

Haiidziinder,m. (art. a.) voy. Luntenstock. 

Hangbriicke, f. voy. Haugebrucke. 

Hangebauch, m. od. Heubauch (eines Pfer- 
des). Cotp-belly, pot-belly : (cow-bellied, 
pot-bellied). Ventre de vache, 

Ilangebriicke, f. A suspension-bridge. Pont 

f. od. Briicke mit Hangewerke. voy. 


Hangegurt, m. (zum Ein- and Ansschiffen 
der ^erde). Sling for embarking and dis- 
embarking horses, passed under the belly 
of the horse. Ventriere f. ou sangle pour 
Tembarquement des chevaux. 

Hangekompass, m. (min.) (Grubenkom- 
pass). A miner's compass ; compass em- 
ployed to measure the direction of a me- 
tallic-ore. Boussole f. de mineur, 

Hangekreiiz, n. voy. Kreuz. 

Hangesaule,f. (charp.) (eines Hangewerkes). 
The crottm-postf king-post , or joggle-piece 
in truss -roofing, cdled also, the truss- 
post; the upright piece of timber in the 
middle of a truss. Poinfon m. ; piece du 
miUeu d'une ferme de comble, dans laquelle 
s'assemblent les arbaletriers. 

Hangesaulen, f. pi. (constr. des ponts) (eines 
Hangewerkes). The queen-posts or stirrup- 
pieces, from which the tie-beam and road- 
way of a bridge are suspended. Poinfons 
d'une armature. 

Hangetramen, m. (charp.) (krumm gewach- 
sener Balken). Naturally curved beam or 
piece of timber, (used especially in bridge- 
building). Poutre cintr^e naturellement 
ou naturellement courbe. 

m. (constr. des ponts) (krummer Balken 

od. Tramen). Bent-beam occupying the 
space of the parapet- walls, from which in 
some systems the string-pieces of a bridge 
are suspended, and used in place of trussed- 
ribs or girders. Poutre cintr^e ou piece 
courb^e naturellement, employee pour les 
ponts suspendus k des dntres dans certains 

Hangewerk, n. (charp.) A truss; truss- 
roofing. Armature f. ; ferme f. 

n. (charp.) (mit zwei Hangesaulen) 

od. ein Bock. TVuss composed of two 
queen-posts, struts, and straining-beam. 
Armature f., composoe de deux arbaletriers 
formant dccharges, soutenant par le haut 

deux poin^ns contre leaqnels ils s'aboatent, 
et qui sont li^ par une Usse horizontale 
pour maintenir leur ^cartement et roister 
a Teffort de contraction. 

Hangewerk, n. (constr. des ponts). A 
truss -frame or truss, as applicable to 
bridges. Armature f. ^tablie war les pou- 
tres ou longerons des ponts pour en aug- 
menter la force. 

n. (constr. des ponts) (das einfacbe). 

A simple truss-frame. Armature single. 

(Briicke mit e). voy. Briicke. 

Hanken, f. pi. (vet.) The haunches of the 
horse. Hanches f. pi. du cheval. 

(ein Pferd auf die — setzen, v.) To 

throw or put a horse upon his haunches; 
to collect him. Asseoir un cheval sur ses 

(Ein Pferd, das gut auf den Hanken ist. 
A horse that is well upon his haunches. 
Cheval bien assis sur ses hanches.) 

Haquet, m. & n. (Pontonwagen). Pontoon- 
carriage ; (boat or pontoon-waggon of the 
Prussian pontoon-train). Haquet m. a 
ponton ; {haquet h bateau et a nacelle.) 

Harceliren, v. (den Feind). To harass 
the enemy; (to hover about his flanks, 
to hang upon his rear). HarceUr Ten- 

Haren, v. {v6i.) voy. Haareii. 

Hamhaspel, m. & f. A hand-windlass. 
Treuil m. horizontaL 

m. (min.) Windlass for drawing the 

excavated earth out of the shafts of mines. 
TVeuil m. pour puits de mines. 

Hamstrenge, f. od. Hamverbaltiing (v^t.) 
Stoppage or retention of urine. Ritention 
f. d'urine. 

Ilart, (man.) (gefiihllos im Maole) (vom 
Pferde). Hard in the mouth. Dur k la 
main ; se dit de la bouche du chevaL 

(man.) (von der Faust des Reiters). 

Rough, stiff, bad, unyielding, (as the hand 
of some riders). Rude, trop ferme, (en 
parlant de la main du cavalier). 

Hart gegossen, (schalenhart, gUsbart) 
(von Walzen, etc.). Casehardenea, chUiea, 
or hardened upon the sur&ce, (as the rollers 
or cylinders of plate-rolling mills, from being 
cast in iron-moulds instead of sand). Durci 
ou blanchi a la surface par un refroidiase- 
ment subit, pour avoir 4t6 ooul^ dans des 
monies en fonte, comme les cylindres de 
laminoirs, etc. 

Hartborste, f. (sid.) (im Stable). Crack or 
fissure occurring in the hardening of steel. 
Crique ou gerfure f. oocasionn^ par la 

Harte, f. Hardness. Duret^i. 

Harteinsctzen, n. (sid.) (bei der Stahlfabri- 
cation). voy. Harten (durch Cementation). 

Harten, n. (des Stables). The hardening of 
steel. Trempe f. de Tader. 

V. (den Stahl). To harden sted. Trem- 

per, downer la trempe k Fader. 

. — n. (durcb Cementation) od. die Ein- 

Harten — Ilaubitzkartiische. 


■fttzbiirtimg. Caae^htardening, Trempef. 
enpaquet on. par eAmeniation. 
Harten, n. (in kaltem Wasser) Harden- 
ing in the usual maimer, by suddenly 
phmgmg or immflrsing the mass when 
red-hot in cold water. Trempe a la 

n. (indem man das Metall kalt bam- 

mert). H amme r-hardef\ing or hardening 
frvm the annfilf by beating the article in 
the cold state, so as to dose the pores 
and condense the texture of the metal. 
Arouueemeni m. des m^ux. 

Hartfloi^ n. (sid.) White caet-iron, white- 
troii. Fbnie mure; (Jlou dur). voy. 

liartfutter, n. roy. Putter. 

Hartgusa, m. AUoy so called, {hard-brats), 
composed of 8 parts of copper and 1 of 
tin, used for the bushes, steps, or bearings 
of axles and spindles in machinery. Alliage 
employ^ k la &brication des coussinets et 
antres pieces de firottement, dans la pro- 
portion en poids de 8 parties de cuivre et 
1 d'^tain ; (esp^ce de bronze). 

Hartbammem, ▼. & n. Hammer-hardening; 
to hammer 'harden. £eroui$8ement m. ; 
^ertmir le m^tal ; le battre ^ froid, Yoy. 

Hartbobel, m. Plane for deaning-off hard 
wood, in which the angle of the bed is at 
30^ with a line perpendicuUir to the sole. 
Rabat dont Tindinaison du fer avec la 
perpendicnlaire k la semelle est de 30 de- 
gr^ ; {robot debout). 

Hartlotb, n. (Schlagloth). Hard-wider, 
etrong-wlder, spelter for brazing ; (brassy 
alloy for soldering or brazing). Soudure 

Hartmaulig, (vom Pferde). Hard-mouthed; 
heavy m handy or with a dead-bearing on 
the hand. Qui a la bouehe dure, forte; 
qui a Pappui lourd, 

Hartmeiasel, m. od. Kaltmeissel. A smith's 
cold-chisel. Ciseaum, afroid; tranche f, 
a froid, 

Harttrog, m. (m. d'a.) (zum Harten der Sei- 
tengewehrklingen). A hardening -tub, or 
water-trough for hardening. Auge f. pour 
la trempe des lames de sabre. 

Hartung, f. (des Stables). The hardening 
of steel. Trempe f. 

f. die fliichtige (durch Eintauchung 

des gliihenden Stahles in eine Fliissigkeit). 
Hardening by heating to redness and then 
quenching in cold water. TVempe f. a la 

f. (durcb Cementation). Case-harden- 
ing. TVempe f. en paquet. 
Harz, n. Rosin. R/sine f. 
Hasenspat, m. (vdt.) voy. Rebbein. 
Haspe, f. A cramp-iron. Happe f. 

voy. Krampe ; Ringhaspe. 

Haspel, f. & m. A windlass. Treuil m. 
f. (expl. & min.) voy. Hamhaspel. 

f. (m^., etc.) (Horn-) (Winde mit 

wagerechtcr Welle, welche durch eine 
Kurbel gedrcht wird). The common wind- 
lass, to which the power is applied by 
means of a winch '* Kurbel " or ** Haspel- 
arm,'' in distinction to " Kreuzhaspel," 
with which levers or handspikes are used, 
as in the gyn-windlass, etc. Dreuil m. a 

Haspel, f. (m^c, etc.) (Kreuz-) (Winde mit 
wagerechter Welle, welche durch Hebel 
od. Speichen gedreht wird). Windlass, (as 
the gyn-windlass, Spanish-windlass, etc.) 
worked by means of levers or handspikes, 
in distinction to *' Homhaspd,'' in which 
the power is applied by means of a winch 
or "Kurbd." Treuil m. h leviers; 
{tnrevau m.). 

Haspelarm, m. (Kurbel) od. 

Haspelbom, n. (zum Drehen der Wdle einer 
Winde). The winch or handle of a wind- 
lass ; winch-handle. Manivelle f. (en fer 
ou en bois) d'un treuil a manivelle. 

Hauamboss, m. (der Feilenhauer). File- 
cutter's anvil. Enclume f. a tailler les 

Haubajonuet, n. (m. d'a.) (od. Sabel- 
bajounet). Sword-bayonet, rifle-sword, 
or rifle-sir ord-bayonet. Sabre -bdionnette 
des chasseurs ; batonnette-sabre f. 

Hau- und Stossgewebr, n. Arms for cut 
and thrust. Armes f. pi. d'estoc et de 

Haube, f. (artif.) od. Kappe (eines Ziinders). 
The cap of a fuze. Coife f. d'une fii^ 

f. (l>ontJi od. Kappe (eines Bnicken- 

bockes). The head or head-beam, ridge- 
piece or ridge-beam of a trestle for bridges. 
Chapeau m. d'un chevalet de pont. voy. 

Haubitzarmel, pi. (art.) voy. Aermcl. 

Haubitzbatterie, f. A howitzer-battery. 
Batterie f. d'obusiers. 

Uaubitzbettung, f. Howitzer -pk^orm. 
Plate-forme f. pour obusier de siige. 

Haubitze, f. Howitzer. Obusier m. voy. 

24-pfiindige (nach Eisenmassstab). A 

24-pounder howitzer or bl-inch howitzer. 
Obusier de 5^-p'*. 

(lO-zollige). A 10 -inch howitzer. 

Obusier de lO-po. 

(Belageruugs-). Siege-howitzer. Obu- 
sier de sUye. 

(Feld-). Field-howitzer. Obusier de 


Haubitzfeuer, n. (art.) Howitzer-practice; 
shell-practice. Tir des obusiers; tir m. 
a obus. 

Ilaubitzgranatc, f. (art.) Howitzer-shell, 
Obus m. 

Haubitzkartatscben, f. pi. (art.) voy. 

Haubitzkartuscbe, f. (art.) Cartridge for 
howitzers or howitzer-cartridge. Gar- 
gousse f. a obusiers. 


Haubitzlaffete — Hauptrichtpunkt. 

Haubitzlaffete,f.(art.) \ kountzer-Cttrriage, 
AffiU m. eTobtuier, 

Haubitzscharte, f. A howitzer-embrature, 
counterslopiitg howHzer-embrtuure ; (an 
embrasure constructed only for ricochet- 
firing^. Embrtuuref. d^obutiert; embra- 
ture a contre-pente pour obuners, 

Haueu und stechen, v. To cut end thrust. 
Frapper d*estoc et de tattle, 

Hauen n. (der Feilen). FUe-cutting. Taille 
f. de limea. 

V. (in die Eisen — ) (von Pferden). 

To dicky or strike the shoe of the fore- 
foot with the toe of the hind ; (not to be 
confounded with ** over-reaching, over- 
lashing or over-stepping/' known as " at- 
teintes " in French). Forger. 

Haufen, m. (v. d'a.) (der Nabe). The swell 
or bulge of the nave, breast or middle of 
the nave; (the thickest part where the 
spokes are inserted). Bouge m. de moyeu. 
voy. Mittelnabe. 

m. (art.) voy. Kugelhaufen, Kugel- 


Haufenringe, m. pi. (v. d'a.) (der Nabe). 
The breast and heeUhoops of the nave, or 
middle nave-hoops. Cordons m. pL de 

Hauptangriff, m. Main attack^ chief or 
principal attack. Attaque f. principale. 

Hauptarm, m. (eines Flusses). The princi- 
pal branch of a river. Etnbranchement m. 
ou bras principal d'une riviere. 

Hauptautgebot, n. voy. Aufgebot. 

Hauptcolonne, f. The main-column. Co- 
tonne principale. 

Hauptcorps, n. (einer Armee). The main- 
body. Gros m. d'une hrmee ; corps prin- 

Hauptfachbaum, m. (constr. hydr.) (eines 
Schleusendrempels). Part of the mitre-sill 
of a lock, constituting the base of the 
triangle formed by it and the two branches 
of the framing. Seuil m. voy. Drempel. 

Hauptfestung, f. An important -fortress ; 
principal -fortress. Forteresse f., place 
principale. voy. Festung (ersten Ranges). 

HauptfUhrer, m. pi. (tact.) voy. Points. 

Hauptgallerien, f. pi. od. 

Hauptgange, m. pi. (min.) The main- 
galleries of a system of countermines. 
Galeries principales. 

Uauptgestell, n. (sell.) (des Zaumcs). The 
headstall of the bridle, or bridle-head- 
stall. Teiiere f. de la bride. 
Its parts are: 
Das Kopfetiick. The head or split-head 
of the bridle. Dessus-de-t£te m. (a 
bouts fendus). 
Der Stirnriemen. The front or brow- 
band. Frontal m. 
Der Kehlriemen. The throat-lash. Sous- 
gorge f. 
DerNasenriemen. The nose-band. Muse- 

rolle f. 
Die Backenstiicke od. 

Die Backenriemen. The cheeks (pi.) 

Montants m. pL 
Die Ziigel. The reins. RAus f. pL 

Hauptglacis, n. (fort.) voy. Glacis. 

Hauptgraben, m. (fort.) The prineipai or 
main-ditch of a fortress, or ditch ^f the 
body qf the place. Foss^m. du corps de 
place : fosmf de V enceinte. 

Hauptheer, n. The main-body ixr main- 
force. Gros m. de Tarm^e. 

Hauptleitungsdrahte, m. pi. (min., etc) 
(eines galvanischen Apparates). The main 
conducting -wires of galvanic-apparatus, 
in distinction to the *' Ziinddrahte " (or 
priming- wires). Principaux JUs conduc- 
teurs d'un appareil galvanique. voy. 

Hauptleute, m. pi. voy. Hauptmann. 

Hauptlinie, f. (fort.) (od. Cfapitallinie). 
The capital^ or line drawn bisecting the 
salient-angle of a work. Capitals f. ou 
ligne capitate d'un ouvrage de fortification. 

f. (fort.) (od. Magistrale). The ma- 

gistral-1 master- or cordon-line of a for- 
tress. Ligne magistrale; ligne du cordon. 

f. ^tact.) voy. Haupttreffen. 

f. (art d. 1. g.) voy. Linie. 

Hauptmagazin, n. (bei Belagerungen). The 
park or principal magazine of a bewcging 
force. Grand pare de siege. 

n. (eines Kriegshafens). Naval maga- 
zine or store in a dock-yard. Magasin 
gMral d'un arsenal de marine. 

Ilauptmann, m. (Uauptleute, pL) Ctqftain 
of infimtry ; captain. Capitaine m. d'infiui- 
terie. voy. Rittmeister. 

Hauptmaterialiendepot, n. voy. Materia- 

Hauptminengang, m. (min.) Theprineipal 
or magistral-gallery f (gallery qfthe coun- 
terscarp), which serves as the base of a sys- 
tem of countermines. Galerie majeure ou 
magistrale ; {galerie de contrescarpe) ; 
galerie majeure de la contrescarpe. 

Hauptnummem, pL (art.) .FVon/ or Jlrsi 
numbers; those of a gun-detachment told- 
off as principal or essential numbers, in 
distinction to the ** Nebennumem " or 
rear-numbers. Servants qui rempUssent 
les fonctions principales dans le service 
d'une bouche k feu ; (canonniers de pre* 
mikre classe). 

Hauptpark, m. (bei Belagerungen). The 
park of artillery at sieges, or great park 
of artillery to receive all ordnanoe-stores. 
Grand pare de siege. 

Hauptpiket, n. (beim Vorpostendienste). 
voy. Piket. 

Hauptquartier, n. Head-quarters (pi.) 

of an army in the field; head-quarters, 

Quartier-g^n^al m. 

(Sometimes tliis expression is improperly 

applied to the head-quarters of a 

regiment, for which '* Stab *' is the 

• correct term.) 

Hauptrichtpunkt, m. (tact) (bei der In&n- 

Hauptriemen — Hebeeiten. 


tone) (Jalonneur). Pomt, hate-pomt, 
or marker employed in the drill of the 
battilion, alao an aidf battalion-aid or bat- 
taUtm^pahU. JaUnmeur m. 

Hauptriemen, m. (flelL)ram Schwiinzriemen) . 
Tlie bueilimg'pieee m cropper. Longe f. 

m. (mIL) (am Schwanzriemen). Crup- 
per tmrn-baeki occasionally the body -part 
ofempper in one with the crupper torn- 
badL. Longe f. de croupiere. 

Hauptrhme, t (fond.) (znr Leitimg dea ge- 
adunolzenen Metalles). The mUn-draint 
prinewal or centre ehan$tel, which con- 
dncfeB the metal to the moulds. Canal m. 
on riffole mili eu f. de ooulage. 

1 (mouL) (der Formen). The midrib 

or perpendicular gutter for the castings. 
Jet prineipali Jet central dea monies ; ri- 

Hauptronde, f. od. Hauptninde. Grand- 
rounde (pL). Ronde tup^rieure ; ronde 

Haupt8cbeidewand,f. (art.) (eines Munitions- 
kastens). The principal partition of an 
ammunition-box. Principale e^aration 
d'un oo&e k munitions. 

Hauptscblacht, f. A general action; general 
engagement. Combat g^n&al, 

f. (eines Feldxuges). The principal or 

decisive action^ or important battle of a 
campaign. Action^ bataille d^cieivCf prin- 

Hauptspital, n. (Gramisonspital). General- 
koipital. H6pital militaire de la gamison. 

n. (stehendes Feldhospital). Stationary- 

kotpitalf or military hospital fixed in some 
place. H6pital fixe^ — e^dentaire. 

Haupta^ke, f. Yoy. Hauptcorps, Haupt- 
beer, Gros. 

Hauptstrasse, f. (Landstrasse) . Main road, 
high-road. Grande route ; grand chemin, 
▼oy. Chauss^e. 

Hauptstrassenknoten, m. Point whence 
several main-roads radiate as from a com- 
mon oentre, or in which they unite, (as in 
any prindpal-town, capital, etc.) Nceud 
m. de plnsieurs grandes routes. 

Hairptsturm, m. General assault, Assaut 

Hauptsysteme, n. pi Jfort) (Hauptbefesti- 
gungssysteme). Tlie principal methods 
or systems of fortification. Systhnes prin- 
cipaux de fortification. 

Hauptthor, n. (fort.) (einer Festung). The 
principal or main-gate of a fortress. Porte 
principale d'une place. 

Haupttreffen, n. od. (Hauptlinie). The 
main-body formed in order of battle ; in 
distinction to " Vordertreffen," it implies 
a second-linCy or that disposition of troops 
in an order of battle which supports the at- 
tack. Gros d'une arm^ en ordre de ba- 
taille ; seconde ligne, voy. Vordertreffen, 

n. voy. Hauptscblacbt. 

GaaMAN Pabt. 

Haupttrupp, m. (einer Avantgarde). The 
reserve of the van or advance ; reserve or 
main-column of an advanced-guard. Gros 
m. d'une avant-garde. 

Hauptverbrechen, n. voy. Verbrecben. 

Hauptwache, f. The main-guard or princi- 
pal guard in a garrison. Garde f. de la 
place ou garde de place d*armes. 

f. (das Wachthaus). Main- guard- 
house ; (main-guard). Corps m. de garde 
de la place d*armes; corps de garde prin- 

Hauptwall, m. (fort.) The rampart of the 
body of the place. Rempart m. de I'en- 
oeinte d'une forteresse. 

Ilauptwelle, f. (m^.) (einer Maschine). 
Main-shaft, Arbre pritunpal. 

Hauptwerke, n. pi. (fort.) feiner Festung). 
Main-workSj or those formmg the enceinte 
or body of the place. Outrages prinei- 
paux de Tenceinte. 

Haus, (befestigtes — ) n. Fortified house 
or building, ^ifice fortifi^, retranchi. 

Hausarrest, m. (Stubenarrest), voy. Arrest. 

Ilaushalten, v. (art.) (mit der Munition). To 
husband one's fire. M4nager, 4conomiser 
scs munitions, son feu. 

Ilaustruppen, f. pi. Troops doing duty 
only about the person of the sovereign, 
and not liable to be sent against the enemy ; 
(such troops are household-troops, consi- 
dered apart from their liability to foreign 
service). Corps s^entaires attach^ k un 
palais et composes de gardes h. pied et k 
cheval ; (maison militaire). 

Hebearme, m. pi. (m^.) voy. Hebedaumen. 

Ilebebalken, m. (an Zugbriicken). The beam, 
(sfPipe), or counterpoise of a draw-bridge. 
Fleche f. de pont-levis. 

Hebebaum, m. (art. & m^.) The lever. 

Hebebock, m. A gyn. Chhfre f. 

m. Sort of shears. Cabre m. 

m. A sort of I\f1ing-Jack. Chhre f. 

Hebebolzen, m. (art.) od. Armbolzen (an 
einer Morserlaffete). TYaversing-bolt or 
running-up bolt of a mortar-bed. Boulon 
m. de manoeuvre, voy. Armbolzen. 

Hebebiigel, m. (art.) od. Richtbiigel (am 
Schwanzriegel). The handspike-ring. Jln- 
neau m. de pointage d^arrikre sur Tentre- 
toise de lunette. 

m. (art.^ (Hebering, Tragebiigel, 

Tragering) (a.) Limbering-up loop, or 
limbering-up handle ; (iron bracket in the 
form of a stirrup, for limbering and un- 
limbering, fixed to the cheeks of the car- 
riage). Anneau carr^ (ou rond) de man- 

Hebedaumen, m. pi. (mec.) (Hebearme, 
Hebezapfen, Frosche od. Diiumlinge). 
Cams, wipers, l\flers, arms, or knobs of 
wood shod with iron, which cause the rise 
and fall of some parts of machinery. Comes 
f. pi., poucets m. pi. 

Hebeeisen, n. voy. Hebestange. 


Hebel — Hechielbank. 

Hebel, m. (m^.) The lerert or one of the 
seven mechanioil powers. Levier m. 
(Die Achse, Stiitzpunkt, Unterstiitzungs- 
punkt od. Ruhepunkt des — 8. The 
fulcrum or prop. Point m. tTappui 
d'un levier.) 
(Die Arme des — s. The amu of the 
lever. Bras m. du levier.) 

— m. (m^c.) der ersten Art (od. der 
zweiarmige Hebel). A lever of the 

firtt order or kind. Lemer du premier 

genre. » 
m. der zweiten Art (od. der einarmige 

Hebel). Lever of the second order. — 

du second genre. 
m. der dritten Art. Lever qfthe third 

order. — du troisihne genre. 

m. (m. d'a.) od. Druckhebel (einer 

Flintenbohrbank). voy. Druckhebel. 

■ m. (m. d'a.) des Hammers (der Per- 
cussionsgewehre). voj. Hahn (Haken). 

Hebelade, f. (art.) A ** frame-fiilcnim " for 
a lever ; upright stand or fulcrum pierced 
at different heights, to admit a lever for 
raising weights. Chevreite f. pour man- 
oeuvres de force. 

f. voy. Daiimkraft. 

Hebelarme, m. pi. (mec.) voy. Hebel. 

Hebelatte, f. (eines Pochstempels, einer 
Stampfe, etc.) Lift or tappet of a stamper, 
upon which the cam or wiper acts. Men- 
tonnet m. 

Hebeleiter, f. A " frame-fulcrum and lever, ' ' 
or machine for taking a purchase, consist- 
ing of a lever with a frame-fulcrum (as de- 
scribed under Ilcbclade). Chevrette f. 

Hebelmaschine, f. (zum Ausziehen einge- 
rammter Pfahle). A pile-unthdraioing' 
machine^ consisting of a long beam or 
lever phiced upon a fulcrum, £utened at 
one end to the pile, and worked downwards 
by workmen at the other. Levier arrache- 
pieux m. 

Hebemaschine, f. Any machine for raising 
or lifting weights. Toute machine servant 
a soulever et k ^ever de grands poids. 

Hebcn, v. (man. de force) (mit dem Endc 
eines Hebcls) od. umlegen, v. To take a 
purchase with a lever. Faire un abatage. 

Hebcring, m. od. Hcbebiigel. voy. Hebe- 
biigel ; Richtring. 

Hebeschraube, f. A screw-jack or jack- 
screw : machine for raising any heavy 
body. VMn m. ; machine pour soulever 
de grands poids. 

Hebespiegel, m. (art.) A 6o//om for pound- 
shot, as well as for the service of stone- 
mortars. Plateau m. pour pierrier, pour 

m. (artif.) Wood blocks for separating 

the stars from the composition, in signal- 
rockets. Rondelle f. en bois mise sur la 
composition quand la fiisee doit avoir une 

Hebe8piegelgranaten, (art.) od. Wach- 
teln. Grenades thrown from mortars; 

hand-grenadm. Grenades lancte avec 
des mortiers. 
Hebestange, f. (ma^.) (Hebeeisen). A 

crow-bar. Pinee f. 
Hebestock, m. (der Wagenwinde od. Daum- 
kraft). The rack of the tooth and pinion- 
jack. Cr^maillhre f. du eric. 
Hebestiitze, f. (art.) (am Laifetenschwanze). 
The handspike-shoe ; {front traversing- 
ring). Anneau m. de pointage d^avoftt sur 
Tentretoise de lunette. 
Hebewagen, m. (fond.) od. Scbleppe f. (in 
emer Stiickgiesserei). A founders truck, 
stove-truckf or truck-cart in cannon-foun- 
dries. Chariot m. dans las fonderies. 
Hebezapfen, m. (m^.) voy. Hebedaumen. 
Hebezeug, n. (art.) (mit Flaachenzug) (od. 
das dreischenkbge). The triangU-gyn, 
or gyn wrought with windlass and lev«8. 
Chevre f. d^artillerie, compost d'an sys- 
t^me de poulies et d'un treufl i leviers 
(Kreuzhaspel) ; {chevre de place en Panisse). 
Its parts are : 
Die Schenkel (pi.). The cheeks (right 

and left). Hanches f. pi. de cheviie. 
Die Ruthe od. Stiitze. The prg-pole. 

Pied m. 
Die Riegel (pi.). The cross-bars or 
transoms. Epars m. pL ; being : 
Der obere Riegel. The upner 
cross-bar or transom, Troisieme 
Der mittlere Riegel. The nUddle 

transom. Deuxihne ipars, 
Der untere Riegel. The Uneer bar 
or transom. Premier 4pars, 
Die Wcllc. The windlass. DreuU m. 
Die Wellenlocher, n. pL The mortise- 
holes for the levers, in the square of 
the windlass. Mortaises f, pi. des 
renforts de treuil. 
Das Tau. The faU. Cdble m. 
Die Handspeichen, f. pi. The levers, 

Leviers m. pi. de manoeuvre, 
Der Flaschenzug. The tackle. Pakm 
m. ; mouflette f. 
voy. Kloben; Sperrrad; Sperrklinke ; 
Splintbolzen ; Flaschenzuff. 

n. (art.) (mit Raderwerk) (der preuas. 

Artill.) Ggn wrought with winch-handles, 
wheel and pinion ; ggn (similar to the 
** Gibraltar-gyn "), for mounting guns in 
low casemates, and used as a fidd-gyn. 
Chevre f. a treuil a manivelle et a engre- 
nage, dont on se sert en Prusse cxmime 
chevre de place et de campagne. 
Hebezeugriegel, m. (art.) voy. Hebezeug. 
Hebezeugschenkel, m. (art.) voy. Hebe- 
Hebczeugstiitze, f. (art.) voy Hebezeug. 
Hebezeugtau, n. (art.) The fall or gyn- 

fall. Cdble m. de chevre. 
Heblinge, m. pi. (mec.) voy. Hebedaumen. 
Hechse, f. (vet.) voy. Hackse. 
H^chsel, m. voy. Uacksel. 
Hechselbank, f. od. HeehseUade. voy. 

Hechtbauch — Herantragen. 


HaekieUade, HackerlingslMmk, Futter- 

Hechtbauch, m. od. hinchleibiger Bauch 
(eines Pferdes). Said of a horse who is 
tueieed'tqf in hit belly or herring-gutted. 
Venire levretU ou retrmus^, (When this 
term is only appHed to a horse " who car- 
ries a poor middle-pieoe " [in the language 
of grooms], the French then say that the 
horse is **^troit de boyatupf count"). 

Hecke, f. Hedge; kedge-row, Haief, 

Heckenfeuer, n. (a.) Obsolete kind oi" in- 
dependent firing/' which dates to the time 
when infimtry were first drawn up in three 
ranks. Feu m. de haie ou feu de parapet. 

Hecker, Toy. Hackerling. 

Hede, f. voy. Werg. 

Heer, n. The armed or military force of a 
country. Force arm^e; force milUaire. 

n. voy. Armee. 

n. (das stehende). The standing-army ^ 

or forces continued in pay for the safety of 
a kingdom, and at all times ready to take 
the field. Arm^e permanente ou arm4e 
r4gulikre. Toy. Stebende Heer (das). 

Heerabtheilimg, f. voy. Division. 

Heerbann, m. (a.) The ban, or national 
army of a people, levied by proclamation 
under the old feudal system. (The Prus- 
sian ** Landsturm " of the present day may 
be said to be analogous to this force.) 
Ban ou arrihre-ban m. 

Heerfiihrer, m. voy. Feldherr. 

Heergerath, n. Military equipage ; all man- 
ner of accoutrements, fiimiture, vehicles, 
wei^ns of war&re, attendance, retinue, 
etc., required to fit out an army or troops. 
Attirail m. de guerre ; Equipage, materiel 
m. d'une arm^. 

Heerscbau, f. The review of an army. 
Revue f. d'une arm^. 

Heerstrasse, f. A mUitary-road ; road cal- 
culated for the passage of troops and their 
equipage. ChenUn nUlitaire. 

f. voy. Chaussee ; Hauptstrasse. 

Heerzug, m. The passage or march of 
troops through a country. Marche f. 

Heft, n. A handle ; hqfl. Manche m. 

Heftlatten, f. pL (min.) Battens to secure 
the stanchions of gallery-firames to each 
other. Tringles f. pi. ; pattes. 

Heide, f. (Ueideland). Heath,- moor; 
moorland; common or waste-land. Bru- 
yhre ; lande f. ; brande f. ; pays m. de 

Heiduck, m. (Haiduck, Hayduck) (a.). 
Term formerly applied to an Hungarian 
foot-soldier, or one belonging to a sort of 
light-troops so called, which were disbanded 
in 1741. Heiduque m. 

Heissbriichiges Eisen. voy. Eisen (roth- 

Heitzraum, m. (f. a. r.) The fire-place. 
Cha%fe f. 

Helfbhiirgerust, n. (min.) False-frame^ in 
military-mining, introduced in the middle 

of each interval in unfitvourable soil, to 
take the ends of the sheeting. Faux- 
Helm, m. Helmet. Casque m. 

m. voy. Sappeurhelm ; Kaiket; 


m. (bei den preussischen und russischen 

Tnippen, etc.). The helmet worn by the 
Prussian, Russian, and other troops, in the 
style of the ancient morion or head-piece. 
Casque m., (espece de pot en tete), k 
Tusage des troupes prussiennes, .etc. 
Hemd, n. (mouL) od. die Eisenstarke (bei 
der Lehmformerei). The thickness ; (tbat 
part of the model in loam-moulding which 
is broken to pieces and taken out of the 
mould). Chemise f. voy. Mantel. 

Hemdbrett, n. (moul.) (der Lehmfbrmer). 
The thickness-board in loam-moulding, the 
edge of which describes the external sur- 
face of the object to be cast. £chantiUon 
m. de chemise. 

Hemmen, v. (ein Rad). To lock or shid a 
wheel. Enrayer une roue. 

V. (art.) (die Riider durch eine Unter- 

lage — oa. bremsen, v.) To chock or 
scotch wheels, by applying a wedge or 
other means. Caler les roues. 

Hemmhebel, m. (art.) (der englischen Be- 
lagerungshaubitzlaffetc). voy. Druck- 

Hemmkeil, m. (art.) Quoin or wedge of 
garrison-guns on traversing-platforms for 
stopping the recoil. Coin m. d*arrit' ou 
de recul pour afiuts de place, etc. 

Hemmkette, f. (art.) Skid or locking-chain^ 
wheel-chain, or wheel-skid-chain. ChaSne 
f. a enrayer ou d^enrayage. 

f. (am Pferdegeschure). Breeching- 

ehain or chain of harness-breeching. Re- 
culement m. 

Hemmrad, n. (m^.) voy. Spenrad. 

Hemmschuh, m. Skid-shoe or pan for 
locking the wheel. Sabot m. d*enrayage. 

HemmstUtze, f. A stajf, prop, or drag- 
staff in carts and waggons. Servante f. 

Hemmtau, n. Rope for locking the wheel, 
used as a substitute for the wheel-chain ; 
rope-drag. Enrayure f. ; cordage h en- 

Hengst, m. Stallion, entire-horse, stone- 
horse. JStalon m.; cheval entier. 

HengstfuUen, n. voy. Fiillen. 

HenkeU m. (art.) od. Delphin. voy. Del- 
phine, pi. 

Henkeltraube, f. (art.) The breeching-loop, 
or loop of the cascable of some heavy 
ordnance and ship-guns. Anneau m. de 
brague, place au-dessus du bouton de la 

Herabbrinf?en, v. (art) (eine Rahmenlaffete 
mit dem Rohre). To dismount a gun on 
its carriage from a traversing-platform. 
Descendre de son ch&ssis Tafitit de place 
charg^ de sa pi^oe. 

Herantragen, v. (art.) (die Munition). To 


Hcnoiftrctcii *— ~ HiHttnippcMi. 


Herantreten, n. (einer Coin|Mf;iiie>. Tbe 
formatitm of a oompuj in two or dvee 
ranks ; ibefaUmg-im of a oompany. Pur- 
wuEtion f. d'une coinpag;nie mr dmx on 
trois rangs. 

Henuu ! Gnard /am-oii/ / Aux trwta .' 

Heraiumanchireii, ▼. n. To dek^meke; to 
marcfa-ont or emerge from a pMB, etc. J)^ ' 
bomeker ; aortir d'on difil^ ' 

Hermosmfen, t. (die Wacfae). To tMrm-cmi 
the gnard. Crier amx trwta ! 

Herb^manorres, n. pL Auhammmi rcrinrt 
or wumcewvret. Mauemrret t pL dTmm^ 

Herbstubungen, t pL Tbe^ 
AWt and driiU; mutwmmml 
Ejferciet9 L pL itmmio 
L }A. d^gmiomme. 

Herd, m. (min.) (Minenherd) (der Ort, an 
weldkem das Leitieoer gesondei wird). Tbe 
/beu9 ofigniium or focmi of a mine; (the 
point in which the trains of a conjunct- 
mine nnite, and from irtience the fire is 
eommmiicated to the whole sjstem). 
Eofer m. de mine. 

m. (f. a. r.) (eines Rererberir- od. Flam- 

menofens). The woie or heart A of a rercr- 
beratorj-fnmace. /byer m. d'on four a re- 
▼crbere. toj. Gliihrmum, SchmebEimiiin. 

m. (h. f.) (bei den Hohofen). The 

kemrth of the Uast-fdmace. Cremtet m. 
dn haat-foameaa. toj. 'Hegel, Spohr, 

m. (aff.) (eines Fftnrisenfeoers). Hie 

kemrth of a finery-frnnaoe. Cremeet m. 
d'vn fen de finerie. 

m. (lid.) od. Feoer. toj. Feoer. 

m. (fond.) (bei der Formerd). That 

part of the Jlocr of the foondrj, formed of 
mod and charooal-powder, whkfa is used 
for open-Mnd-casting. 8ol m. de Tnaine, 
oapartie dn serf on ae pratique le mrnibge 
ik d^covrert. 

m. (art.) (einer Feldsduniede). The 

het ut k orjtrt'plaee of the forge-w a gg on or 
tmvelfing-foffge. ^re m. d'nne forge de 

m. (\m Lager), toj. Kocbherd. 

Herdble«rh, n. (art.) (des Uerdes einer Fdd- 
schmiede;. Th^ heart h^laie. Plaque tde 
mAe fonnant le fond de I'atre d'lme forge. I 

Herdbriicke, f. (f. a. r.) (eines Flammen- ) 
oliens;. Tbe ftre-bridge. Pont m. de la 
chaaffe, rfixi scpare la grille dn fojer. 

Herdfbrmerei, f. ^mouL; Moulding in open- 
$and : (opefi-^and'CaMting). Moulage a 
d/couvert ; numlage en sable maigre, pra- 
iigu/dane le »ol de Fueine. 

Ilenlfriscben, n. (tid.) Tbe refining of 
cast-iron in a forge-hcsuth or refinerj-fbr- 
naoe, Affinage m. de la fonte dans un fea 
de firifge. TOJ. Frischfetier. 

Herdplaitte, f. (t a. r.) gnsseiseme (eines 
Flammenofeiis). Cak-^on hearth^laie 

of a RTcrbcratoTf foraaee. Sole t d'vn four 
a rvferbcre, foraaee d*nne plaque en foote. 

Heringe, pL toj. ZekpHodke. 

HerTCD^ensI, m. IhUg (dmiiet pL) qf 
fmhgme or wiikma mrme. 0»rWet;(eor. 

HenteUen, t. (Festangswcrke, Landstrasaen, 
wieder-). To repair, ae puiim m aiaie qf 
repair, foitificatiooa, ioads,etc. Rfpmrer: 

T. (cine Brcsche). To repair a fateadi. 

A^parer nne bredie. 

n. (die Coaunnnication ober gesptcngte 

Brtkrkenhngen, etc). To restore the com- 
annicatkm across broken arches, etc Bf- 
tahlir la oomm wiiiratinw , etc 

T. (sich) (tKt.) To Jromi or eoaee 
#s one* 9 frmt (after fodng or going to 
the right-abovt). Se mmetirt face em 

Herrtdhmgr, f. (der Brcsche). Tlie repair 
or repairing kA the breach. B dp m rmii o m t 

HersteDimgsarbeiten, t pL (art.) The 
JUOmg-mp eftx. ay si nvj-expedAemia^ for dis- 
abled carriagea, etc RfparmHemM feemtm' 
ellet da materieL 

Hemmdrehen, t. (art.) (ein Geadints). toj. 

Hen, n. toj. Hahn (Hera). 

HeTzgesdiwiilst,l(T^) .^la/icor; painfid 
swdhng of the breast and beOj. uAndi/- 
eetuT on aatieeewr m. 

Hemrhlarhtigkeit, 1 (tcL) toj. IXun- 

Hessischer "Hegel, m. (food., etc) (Thon- 
tiegel). Ilieilesmni-crMtMe.orMie-^ 
from Gcrmanj, made of rcfraetoij-claj and 
sand. CreuMei de Heue, ecmJeetitmnfi wnc 
de Targile r^fractaire. 

Heii, n. Hag, Fun m. toj. Ration. 

spinnen, t. (car.) To iwiai or rpO 

haj into bundles for mardiing-crder ; to 
heist into bundles. Oorder et earaller en 
roKi!Miu> les bottiUons de fonm^e. 

Heuboden, m. A hag-Uffi. Grmier m. k 

deabund, n. 7Vii» i^ hag. Batie t da 

Heumagazin, n. Fixrage-kanu M agm t t M 

m. aujoin. 
Hexel, Toy. Hackerling. 
Heye, f. (Hoye od. Jungfer). A beetle^ 

paring-beetle or raaumer. Hie: iltasoi- 

Hieb, m. (caT.) (mit dem Seitengewehre). 

A cm/ in the sword-exercise. Cotf m. de 

sabre ; coup de taiUe. 
m. A sabre-cui or eword'emi. Oomp 

de eabre, 

m. Blow. Coup, 

Hiebwaffen, f. pL toj. Waffen. 
Hilfen, (man.) Toy. Hiilfen. 
Hilfsgelder, Toy. Subsidien. 
Hilfsquellen, f. pL Toy. HiilfaqueUen. 
Hilfotrapiien, f. pL toj. Hiilfotnqipcii. 

Hinabttdgen — Hintertreffen. 


Hinabsteigen, n. od. 

Hinabsteigung, f. (in den Graben) (Nieder- 

gang). The descent into the ditch. Dee-^, voy. Descente, Graben- 

Hindemiss, n. (tact) (TeirainhinderniBs). 

Obetaele. Obstacle m. 

(Passinmg eines — esV Toy. Passining. 

Hindemissey n.pL (fort.^ (der Annahenin^. 

TOT. Hindemissmittel. 
Hindernissmittel, n. pL (fort) (od. Ver- 

starkungsmittel). OAt/oc/et to strengthen 

field-woKs; obeiructiona. Defenses ae- 

ceeatrirea ; obstacles m. pL additionnels. 
Hinteracbse, f. (t. d'a.) Hind axle-tree. 

Essieu m. de derrihre. 
Hinteracbsflcbemel, m. (t. d'a.). Hind 

axle-tree-bolster, Sellette d^ essieu de der- 

Hinterbacken, f. pi. (des Pferdes). The 

buttocks, Fesses f. pL du cheral. 
Hinterblecb, n. (sell.) od. Hintereiaen (am 

Sattelbanme). The cantle-pUUe, Bande 

f. de rognon, 
Hinterbracke, f. (t. d'a.) (feststebende). 

A splinter-bar (properly so called). Volee 

Jixe de derrihre d'un aTant-tndn. 

f. (t. d'a.) (beweglicbe). A swing 

splinter-bar (or rear master-bar), Volee 
mobile de derrih^, 

Hintereisen, n. (sell.) (am Sattelbaume). 
Toy. Hinterblech. 

n. (mar(kh.) (des Pferdes). A hind- 
shoe. Fer m de derrihref/er a derrikre, 

Hinterfessel, f. (des Pferdes). The hind- 
pastern. Paturon m. de derrih'e. 

Hintergeschirr, n. (sell.) od. Stangenge- 
achirr. Wheel-harness. Hamais m. de 
derrih'e. Toy. Mittelgeacbirr ; Vorder- 

n. (sell.) Toy. Hinterzeug (des Stan- 


Hintergeschirrtau, n. Toy. Hintertau, 

HintergesteU, n. (t. d'a.) Toy. Hinter- 

n. (des Pferdes) Toy. Hintertheil. 

Hintergewicbt, n. (art.) (Hinterwicbtig- 
keit, Hinterwucbt). Toy. Hinterwicb- 

Hinterglied, n. I2«ar-rani^. Deusihne rang. 
Toy. Hinterglieder. 

Hinterglieder, n. pi. The rear-ranks (or 
second and third ranks) of foreign infantry. 
Deuxihnes et troisihnes range de I'infan- 

Hinterhalt, m. (od. Versteck). Ambus- 
cade; ambush. Embuscadef. 

(einen) (dem Feinde legen, t.) To 

prepare an ambuscade. Preparer, foire, 
tendrCf dresser une embnscade. 

(in einem — e liegen, t.). To be or 

lie in ambuscade, or lie in ambush. Etre 
en embuscade ; Stre embusqu^. 

(Truppen in einen — stellen, t.). To 

place, post, or station troops in ambuscade. 

Mettre des troupes en embuscade; embuS' 
^uerdea laronpes. 
Hinterhalt, (in dnen — geratben, t. od. 
follen, T.) To fall into an ambuscade. 
Donner, tomber dans une embuscade. 
Hinterband, f. od. Nacbband (des Pferdes). 

Toy. Hintertheil. 
Hinterkummt, n. (selL) Toy. Kummt. 
Hintermann, m. (caT.) Retar-rank man or 
coverer in the rear-rank. Homme du 
deuxihne rang. 

m. Any man who coTers or is in rear 

of another, either in the centre or third 

rank (of foreign infantry). Homme qui 

marche ou qui est plac^ derri^ un autro. 

Hintemabe, f. (r.d'a.) Toy. Hintertheil am 

Stosse der Nabe. 
Hinterpauscbe, f. (sell.) (des Sattels). The 

cantle of the saddle. Troussequin m. 
Hinterrad, n. (v. d'a.) A hind-wheel; (hind 
waggon-wheel). Roue f. de derrihre a'une 
Hinterrast, f* (i>^* ^*^) (bei Percussions- 
gewehren). Tne whole-bent. Cran m. du 

f. (m. d'a.) od. Hintemib. Toy. Nuaa. 

Hinterscbaft, m. (m. d'a.) That pairt of the 
stock comprising the butt -end and the 
handle. Bos m. du bois; poign^ et 

Its parts are: 
Die Senkung. The/all in the handle ; 

bend or crook. Pente f. 
Der Hals, Griff od. Diinnung, f. The 
small of the stock ; hand or handle. 
Poign^e f . 
Der Kolben od. Kolhe, f. The butt. 

Crosse f . 
Die Kappe od. Kolbenblech, n. The 

heel-plate. Plaque f. de couche. 
Der Backenausschnitt. The cheek-piece. 

Die innere Seite od. Flache. The brass- 
side. Plat intAieur. 
Die aussere Seite od. Flache. The lock- 
side. Plat ext^rieur. 
Die Ferse od. der Hinterkolben. The 
heel. Talon m. 
Hintertau, n. (sell.) (Stangentau). Hind- 
trace (off or near) ; {shqft-trace). Trait 
m. de derrih'e. 
Hintertheil am Stosse, m. & n. (der Nabe). 
The back or hind-end of the nave. Gros 
bout du moyeu. voy. Vordemabe. 

m. & n. (des Pfiordes). The hind- 

quarters of the horse. Arrihe-main m. 
du cheval. 

m. (der Laufgraben^. Toy. Anfang 

(der Laufgraben) ; Lautgrilben. 
Hintertreffen, n. (tact) Third or second- 
line of an order of battle, according to the 
number of lines in which an army may be 
formed ; generally it is taken in the sense 
of the reserve (** ReserTe "), but con- 
sidered as " die zweite Hauptiinie der in 
Schlachtovdnung stehenden Thippen," it 


Hinterwache — Hobel. 

is a line qf support or seeond^Une. Seconde 
{troisihne) ligne ou Hgne de reserve t 
Hinterwache, f. (Nachbitt, Nachtrab, 
Nachtrupp). Rear-gtuurd. Arriere-garde 
f. Toy. Arri^regarde. 
Hinterwage, f. (v. d'a.) voy. Ilinterforacke. 
Hinterwagen, m. (v. d'a.) The hind-car- 
riage, or hind-wheels, tale and perch of a 
four-wheeled carriage. Arriere-train m. ; 
train de derriere, 
Hinterwagenrad, n. (v. d'a.) voy. Hinter- 

Hinterwichtigkeit, f. (art.) od. das Ilinter- 
gewicht (tier Geschiitie). The prepon- 
derance of the breech over the muzzle of a 
gun when mounted ; the weight with which 
a gun presses on the elevating-screw when 
laid horizontally. Preponderance f. de la 
cukuse sur la vol^ ; pression de la culasse 
sur la vis de pointage. 
Hinterzacken, m. (sid.) In the German re- 
fining-forge, the plate of cast-iron which 
lines the side of the hearth called ** Riidc- 
stein.'' Haire, rustine; plaque f. de rue- 
Hinterzeug, n. (sell.) mit Umlaof (des Stan- 
gen- od. Uintergeschirres) (hei der preuss. 
Artillerie). The breeching of wheel-harness, 
(in Prussia). Avaloire avec croupiere du 
hamais de derriere (en Prusse). 
To which belong : 

Der Umlauf (Umgang). The breech- 
part ^ or bodg-part of breeching. Brae 
m. du baa ; reculement m. 
Die Umlaufstrippen. Turn-back etraps, 
or breeching tum-backe. Bouts du 
brae du bas. 
Die Schweberiemen (pL). The hip or 
bearing-strape of hreeMag. Branches 
d^ avaloire f. pL; barres de derrihre 
ou def esses. 
Die Schwebestossel (pi.) The hip-strap- 
tugs, Boucleteaux m. pL pcit^rieurs 
du bras du bas. 
Der Ruckriemen. The loin-sirap. Bras 

du fiaut. 
Der Riickstoasel. The tug of loin-strap. 
Boucleteau antirieur du bras du bas. 
Die Strangschlaufen. The trace-bearers. 

Der Schwanzriemcn. The crupper. 

Croupih'e f. 
Die Pausche. The dock. Culeron m. 
Die Strippe. The turn-back strap or 
crupper turn-back. Longe f. de crou- 
Der Kammring am Ringstossel (um die 
Tauliaken einzuhakeu). A D ring to 
hook the traces to in travelling. D4 
m. k la fourcbe de croupiere, servant 
a trouBser les traits. 

n. (sell.) The crupper and buekling- 

piece qf crupper of the leaders. Crotqtiere 
f. avec culeron du hamais de devant. 
Hinterzwiesel, m. (sell.) (des ungarischen 
Sattelbockes). The reor/orifc of the Hun- 

garian or hussar saddle-tree. Fburekepos- 
tf^rteuredelaselleklahongroiae; arcade t 
de derrihre. voy. Vorderzwiesel. 
Him, n. (charp.) (iiber). ^crost the grain 
or against the grain. En trovers. 

(o. e. b.) iiber (das Holz sagen, v.) To 

cross-cut wood, L e. opposed to the length 
of the fibres. Couper, scier le bcHs en 
trovers ; le couper transversedemeni. 
Himholz, n. (men.) Cross-grained stuiT: 
that which has its fibres mnmng in con- 
trary directions to the saihces. Bois re- 
bours; bois que rentre-croiaement des 
fibres rend diffidle a travailler. 

n. (men.) (iiber Him geBcfanitteoea 

Holz). Cross-cut stuff. Bois tronek/; 
bois debite perpendiculairement aox fi- 
Himseite, f. (des Holzes). The cross-groin, 
or end-grain of wood ; end-wag or pin- 
way of the grain. Cdt^m. de la moeUe; 
coupe transversals d'un arbre. 
Hiracnfanger, m. (m. d'a.) The sword- 
bayonet, rifle-sword, or rifle sword-bayonet. 
Sabre-bdionnette des chasseurs. 
Hirschkrankheit, f. (v^.) Tetanus; loeked- 
jttw or lock-jaw. Titanos m.; nuU de 
Hitze, f. (forg.) A heai; heating, heat which 

iron receives in forging. Chaude f. 
f. (Schweiss-) (des Eisens). Welding- 
heat or sparkling - heat, by which the 
metal is brought nearly to a state of fusion. 
Chaude soudante ou suante. 

f. (Weissgliih-). White flame heai, 

employed in changing the form of iron. 
Chaude grasse ou au rouge-bUme (poor 
^tirer le fer). 

f. (Rothgliih-)- Cherry-red heai, used 

when it is only intended to smooth the 
surfisoe of iron, or stiffen it in a small de- 
gree. Chaude au rouge-cerise, pomr TeBare 
le fer et lui rendre sa t^nacit^. 
Hitzgrad, m. (beim Gliihen des Eisens). The 
degree qf heat given to iron, for forging, 
welding, etc. Degr^ m. de chalemr qv'oD 
donne au fer. 
Hobel, m. (o. e. b.) (Handhobel). Plane. 
Robot m. ; outil a fut servant a con oy CT 
le bois. 
Its parts are : 

Der Kasten. The stock. FQi m. 
Die untere Flache od. Bahn. The toU. 
Surface de dessous ; sur&ce inf^rieure 
Das Maul. The orifice for the shsYings. 

Lumiere f. 
Die Eisenanlage. The bed, upon whidi 
the iron is laid and secured by the 
wedge. Parol f. de derri^ de la 
lumiere, contre laquelle le for est 
Das Eisen, (Hobeleisen). The mm. 

Fer m. 
Der Keil. The wedge. Coin m. 
Der Griff od. die Nase. The Met or 

Hobel — Hohlbohrer. 


kmuUe. Etpto de poignie on d'an- 
iteau servant k poaner le nbot. 
Toj, Bank- ; Carnieaa- ; Doppel- ; Glatt* ; 
Grund-; Hand-; Hart-; Uohlkehlen-; 
Kaniiess- ; Kehl- ; Lang- ; Leisten- ; 
Nuth- ; Pfalz- ; Schlicht- ; Schrobb- ; 
Sims-; Zahnhobel; Fiigebank; Rauh- 
bank; Spund-; Spunde-; Stabhobel. 

Hobel, m. (Maschinen-). Toy. Hobelma- 

Hobelbank, f. (o. e. b.) AJamer^t bench or 
wori-'benek, J^abli m. de metnneier, etc. 

f. (toon.) (Fiigebank). voy. Fiige- 

Hobeleiaen, n. (o. e. b.) The pkme^ron, 
Fer m. de rabot, de yarlopei etc. 

n. (o. e. b.) (doppeltes). The double- 

iron of the double-iron smoothing-plane. 

Hobelgebause, n. Toy. Hobel (Kasten). 

Hobelmaacbine, f. (od. Maacfaineznm Hobeln 
desHohes). Aplarnng-maehine. Machine 
f. h raboter le bois. 

f. (zum Hobeln der Metalle) (Eiaen- 

hobelmascbine). Planing -machine for 
metals; (ee^f' acting planing - ntachine ; 
ee(f-acting bench planing-machine). Ma- 
chine f. a planer le fer; machine h ra- 
boter le fer, la fonte, etc. 

Hobehi, ▼. (o. e. b.) (das Holz). To plane, 
or reduce wood to a smooth surface. Ra- 
boteri doler; aplanir; rendre uni ; fii9on- 
ner avec la varlope ou d'autres rabota. 

▼. (o. e. b.) (das Holz glatt—). To 

plancy emooth'Off wood, or finieh-off the 
surfince of wood. Terminer le corrogage ; 
terminer avec la variape; replamr, 

Hocb stehen, v. od. tief steben, ▼. (zwei 
od. drei Mann). To be drown-up or 
formed two or three deep, or m two or 
three ranks, Etre form4 ou plac4 eur 
trots rangSf etc. 

(1 Mann hocb hinter einander folgen, ▼. 
To advance in Indian file or tingle-filet 

Hochdruck, m. (m^.) (Dampfmascbine 
mit-). High-pressure or non-condensing 
engine. Machine h haute pression. 

Hochebene, f. (topogr.) A plateau; table- 
land. Plateau m. 

Hochgebirge, n. Highlands (pi.) ; alpine- 
land; central or high mowUain- chain. 
Hautes montagnes. 

Hocbland od. Iloohgebirgsland, n. High- 
land; alpine land; the alpine part of a 
high-land. Pays haul, eleve s contr/e mon- 
tagneuse, ilevie. 

Hof, m. Farm; farm-house; country- 
house ; isolated building ; separate or in- 
dependent building. Ferme f. ; maison f. 
decampagne; maison isol/e. 

m. (eines Werkes). voy. Hofraum. 

Hof kriegsrath, m. A sort of military council 
or board in Austria, forming a branch of 
the legislature in military matters quite 
unknown in England, directing, controlling, 

and regulating cfvery thing connected with 
the military service. Coneeii m. de la 
guerre; conseil d'adminietrution de la 
guerre; (conseil de guerre minist^d ou 

Hofknegsratbprasident, m. Name by 
which the Austrian ** minister of war " is 
known. Prisideni du conseil auHque de 
guerre, voy. Kriegsminister. 

Hofraum, m. (von geschlossenen Werken). 
The interior of a work ; area or space 
within a work. Int^rieur m., (terre-pMn) 
d'un ouvrage. 

Hobe, f. (fort.) (die absolute). The reHrf 
of a work in fortification, or the height cf 
the interior crest of the parapet above the 
bottom of the ditch. Reli^m. 

f. (die relative^ (fort) The command 

of a work ; its height above the ground, if 
constructed on a plain, or above the plane 
of site, if on an irregular surfiu». Com- 
mandemeni m. d'un ouvrage ; hauteur ver- 
ticale de la ligne de feu au-dessus du plan 
de site. 

f. (fort.) (der Brustwehr). The exterior 

height of the parapet. Hauteur f. du pa- 

f. (eines Pferdes). The height of a 

horse or number qf hands which he 
measures. Taille f. d'un cheval ; sa hauteur, 

f. (eines Gewolbbogens). The height or 

rise of an arch. Hauteur sous-clrf d'une 

f. (tact.) od. Tiefe (einer rangirten 

Truppe). The depth of troops drawn-up, 
or number of ranks in which they are 
formed. Hauteur f. d'une troupe rang^. 

f. (topogr.) A height; eminence. Hau- 
teur f. ; Aninence. 

Hobe Kante, f. (eines Brettes). voy. 

Hobeofen, m. voy. Hobofen. 

Uobenricbtung, f. (art.) The elevation ghren 
to a gun. Elevation f. donn^ a une pi^ 
d'artillerie. voy. Seitemicbtung ; Ricbt- 

f. ^ort) (einem Geschiitze die — geben, 

Y.). To give the elevation, in laying ord- 
nance. Ztonn«r /'tf^^iMi/um convenable k une 
bouche k feu. 

Hobe Rabmenloffete, f. (art) (die Gribeau- 
val'sche). Travelling garrison-carriage; 
carriage furnished with four wheels and 
capable of being limbered-up and moved 
to any part of a fortification ; garrison- 
carriage of Gribeauval's system. Afi^t 
m. de place; {affHt de place Gribeauval) ; 
qff^ a chdssis pour cdtes, places, etc. 

Hohl giessen, v. (fond.) To cast upon a 
core, or cast hollow, Couler creux; couler 
a noyau. 

Hohlbeil, n. (charp.) A carpenter's adze. 
Herminette f. voy. Hohldacbsel. 

n. A hollow-adze. Herminette courbe. 

Hohlbohrer, m. (mit gewundener Spitze). 
A worm-auger. Tarih'e f. 


Hohlbobrer — Hdiofen. 

Hoblbohrer, m. \oj, LoffeHwhrer. 

m. (o. e. b.) (beim TiscblerbohrgMtdUe). 

▼oy. Lbffelbohrer. 

m. (o. e. b.J (coniscber) (beim Tisch- 

lerbohrgestelle). A taper-lnt, or t«q>er- 
thell'bit, used with the brace for widening 
holes. Espeoe de mcche angliuse qui 
t'adapte dans le ▼ilebreqoin et sert a 
agrandir des troos. 

Honldachsel, m. (charp^ CarpetUer^t adze, 
Herminette f. Toy. Hohlbeil. 

Hobldocke, f. (tour.^ voy. Dockenstocke, 
pL (einer Drehbank). 

f. voy. Docke. 

Hobleisen, n. voy. Hoblmeissel. 

Hohle Flanke, f. (fort.) The hollow 
tower. Tour creute, voy. Fkmke (die 

Hohles Bollwerk, n. (fort) An en^ty or 
hollow bastion ; one, in which the interior 
ground is lower than the terre-plein of the 
rampart. Bastion vide, bastion creux, 

Uarr^, n. voy. Carr^. 

Hoblgeschosse, n. pi. (art) Yoy. Hohl- 

Hoh^ss, m. (fond.) Casting upon a core ; 
easting hollow, Fonte f. en creux ; cou- 
lage m. a noyau, 

Hohlkehle, f. The cavetto or hollow (mould- 
ing). Covet m. ; gorge f. de moulure ; 
moulure concave. 

f. Tmen.) voy. Hohlkehlenhobel. 

Uoblkenlen, f. pi. (m. d'a.) od. Rinnen. 
The fullers (pi.) or fullering (singL) of a 
blade, (as of the bayonet-blade) ; the part 
hollowed-out. Gouttieres f. pL de la lame 
d'une arme blanche. 

Hohlkehlenhobel, m. (men.) A joiner's 
hollowing -plane i round-sole or round; 
the iron of which is convex. Robot cinir^ 
convexe; robot rond, voy. Kehlhobel. 

Hoblkem, m. od. Kerbe. voy. Kerbe. 

Hohlklinge, f. (m. d'a.) A hollowed-blade. 
Lame vid/e, nid/e. 

Hohlkugel, f. (art.) Hollow-shot, hollow 
iron-shot, Boulet creux, 

f. (art.) (eine mit Blei ausgegossene — ) 

(bei der englischen Artill.). A compound- 
shot; shell filled with lend for obtaining 
an increase of range. Boulet compost. 

Hoblkugeln, f. pi. (art.) Hollow-projectiles; 
general term for shells, carcasses and 
other hollow iron shot. Projectiles creux ; 
terme general pour d^igner Ics bombes, 
les obus et les grenades. (As this word is 
used much more with reference to shelb, 
than anv other hollow projectile, the term 
'* shells might generally be employed.) 
Hoblmeissel, m. (o. e. b.) The gouge, or 
chisel for paring concave surfaces. Gouge f. 

m. (m. d'a.) (gekropfter) (Raben- 

sobnabel). A bent -neck gouge; chisel 
bent or crooked towards the basil for 
hollowing out particular parts of musket- 
stocks. Bec-a-corbin m. 
m. (m. d'a.) der Biichsenschiifter (xur 

LaofrinneV A haJff-rmmd barrei^gouge. 
Gouge f . ^ canon. 
Hoblmeissel, m. (knimmer). A crooked 
dkisel so called. Femurir m. a nez, 

m. (tour.^ (der Drecfasler). voy. 

Scbrotmeissel, Rohre. 
Hoblrohre, f. (tour.) (der Drechsler). voy. 

Hohlsetzer, m. (ust. d'artif.) (zum Schlagen 
der Raketen). A hollow-dri/i. Baguette 
ereuse, pour diaiger les fusees volantes. 
HobUtempel, m. (ust d'artif.) HoUow- 
dr\ft, for driving signal rockets. Baguette 
ereuse, pour duoger les fus^ de signanx. 
Hohltexel, m. Carpenter's adze, Her- 
minette f. du charpentier. 
Hohlung, f. (Gewolbe) (des Zunderkofpfes). 
The cup of a fuze. Caliee m. ; godet m. 

voy. Loffelbobrer. 

voy. Hiifeisen. 

Hoblweg, m. Hollow-way: rmtme; defile. 

Chemin creux ; ravin ; defil^ m. 
Hohofen, m. (Hoheofen, Hochofen od. 
Schachtofen). A smelting or blast-fur- 
nace, for smelting iron finom the ore. 
Haut-foumeau m. ; foumean k cove, dans 
lequel on r^uit le mindrai de fer. 
Its parts are: 

Das Arbeitsgewolbe. The tyn^-areh, 
working-arch, Bneorbellement m. de 
la tympe; embrasure f. du travail. 
Das Blasegewolbe. voy. Formgewolbe. 
Der Boden. The bottom of the hearth, 
or sole of the hearth. Sole f. oa 
pierre de fond. 
Der Dammstein. voy. Wallstein. 
Der Eisenkasten. The ervct^^ or hearth 
in which the cast-iron collects. CVeti- 
set m. ; espaoe destin^ k reoevoir les 
mati^res fondues. 
Das Form- od. Blasegewolbe. The iwere- 
or tuyere-arch. Embrasure f. de 
tuyh'e : encorbeUement m. de so^f- 
flets ou de tuyere, 
DieFiillu^g. The stuffing, Rew^Ussage 

m. voy. Fiillung. 
Das Gestell. The hearth ; the pipe or 
pit by which the melted metal de- 
scends. Ouvrage m. 
Die Gicht. The furnace-top or mouth, 
the filing-place or orifice of Uie stadc, 
at which the materials are diarged. 
Gueulard m. ; ouverture sup^eore 
par laquelle on introduit la charge. 
Die Gichtmauer od. GichtmanteL voy. 

Der Herd. voy. Gestell. 
Der Kemschacht od. das Schachtftitter. 
The lining or shirt of the fumaoe; 
the first-lining or coating of fire- 
bricks. Parois f. pL de la cave ; re- 
vctement int^eur en briques ou en 
pierres rdfi-actaires ; paroi jM-tnct- 
Der Kohlensack od. Bauch. Tlie belfy, 
or widest phuse. Ventre m. ; (ptrtie 

Hohofen — Holz. 


la phu large da foyer oa de la die- 
min^ sap^enie). 
Der Mantel od. Raahmauer. The outer- 
stack or buUdrng; outside work, or 
outer-wall of asUar-stone or brick. 
Double muraillement; numteau; nuu- 

Die Hasten, f. pL The bothee (pU. 
£talage» m. pL ; partie sup^enre de 
rouyrage, oomposant le grand foyer. 

Die Ranhmaiieri voy. Mantel. 

Der Ranhschacht od. die Raohachachte, 
pL The second liming or casing of 
brick, bmh round the former (Kem- 
Bchacht), as well as sometimes the 
third or inner-casinfff with a distance 
of about six inches between them. 
Fausses parois; contre-parois ; che- 
mises f. pi. 

Der Schacht. The shqft, fire-room or 
tuttnel; internal cavity of the fur- 
nace. Cuve ou chemin4e f. du four- 

Das Schkdienblech. The dam-plate. 
Plaque f. de dame; (dessen Ausrund- 
ung zum Ablaufen der Schlacke. The 
Der Stich od. das Stichloch. The open- 
ing cut away in the hardened loam of 
the&uld; (the/au/^f). Trou m. de 
tympe; trou de coul/e. 
Der Tiimpelstein. The tymp- stone, 

Tympe i, 
Der Wall- od. Dammstein. The dam- 
stone. Dame f. 
Hohofen, m. THolzkohlen-). voy. Holz- 

m. (Koaks-). voy. Koakshobofen. 

m . (ein mit erhitzter Luft betriebener — ). 

Blast-furnace blown with heated air, 
Foumeau a air chaud, 
Hobofenarbeiten, f. pi. Blast-furnace 
operations, TratHiil m, des hauts-four- 
IlT)bofencampague, f. (aid.) yoy. Cam- 

Hohofenschlacke, f. (sid.) Blast-fumace 
cinder. Laitier m. ou scorie du haut- 
Ilohofner, m. (h. f.) The furnace-keeper ; 

furnace-manager, Fondeur m. 
Ilolbe, f. (const, des ponts). voy. Kron- 

HoUandische Rahmen, m. pi. (min.) (zur 
Verkleidung der Gallerien). Dutch-cases, 
mining-cases, or cases, composed of four 
pieces of plank and answering the pur- 
pose of frames and sheeting. Ckdssis 
m. pi. hollandais ou ^ la hollandaise ; 
chdssis en planches, jointifs ou tant plein 
que vide, servant eux-m^mes de cofira^. 
Ilollenmaschine, f. voy. Brandmaschme. 
Holm, m. od. Langscbwelle f. (xu einem 
Fundamentroste). The capping or capping- 
piece, placed on the heads of a row of piles 
in piled-foundations ; sometimes, a string^ 
Gebm AN Part. 


piece, or beam laid lengthwise on the heads 
of each row, forming part of the timber- 
grating of a founda^on. Chapeau m, ; 
longrine f, voy. Zange, Querschwelle. 

Holm, m. (constr. des ponts). The cap or 
capping of the piles of a wooden or pile- 
bridge; the cap of a wooden-pier; hori- 
zontel beam connecting the heaids of piles 
in bridge-building. Chapeau m, qui cou- 
ronne une pal^ ou une file de pieux d'une 
palee de pont. 

m. foonstr. des ponts) scbrager (eines 

Eisbreoiers). The inclined fender-beam 
of an ioe-breaker. Chapeau indin^. voy. 

m. od. die Kappe (eines Briickenbockes) 

od. Bockholm. The head, head-beam, 
ridge-beam or ridge-piece of a Ixestle for 
bridges. Chapeau m. d*un chevalet de 

Holz, n. Wood; timber; stuff, Bois m. 
voy. Holzer, pi. 

(aus dem Groben abgebobeltes od. 

abgestossenes). Wrought timber and 
edges shot, Bois corroyi, 

abgerindetes). voy. entrindetes. 
labgestorbenes od. abgestandenes). 
Dead-wood, fallen-wood, — mart, 

(auf dem Stamme abgestorbenes). 

Standing dead-tree, — mort sur pied. 

(astiges). voy. knoti^s. 

— ;- (vom Froste aufgeruaenes). voy. 

(ausgetrocknetes). Seasoned timber, 

—fit for use. — dess4ch4, 

(bebauenes od. bewaldrecbtetes). 

Squared timber, square or 4-sided-timber, 

— de brin ; — quarr4; — 4quarri, 
(entrindetes). — stripped qfits bark, 

barked, — 4corc4, 

(eiskliiftiges). Frost cleft — . — 


(frisches). Sound wood, sound st%iff, 

(well-seasoned), clean, free from any de- 
fect. — sain, 

(sefalltes). voy. geschlaeenes. 

(geringes od. scnlechtes). Wood 

whidi cannot be worked; briars, brambles, 
etc. Mort — . 

^ die Quere eesagtes). Cross-cut 

sti^, Bois tranche, 

(geschlagenes). Felled—, —abattu; 


(geschnittenes). Sawed - timber; — 

blocked-out, cut-up, sawed, cut into scant- 
lings, — de sciage ; — r^endu a la scie; 

— d4bit4, 

(gespaltenes). Split or clrfl timber, 

— de rtfend, 

(glatt gebobeltes). — worked smooth, 

planed, — corroye, dress^ ^ la var- 

(Him-), voy. Himholz. 

(kemnssiges). Shaken-stt^, — ca- 

drtm^ au ccntr. 


Knotty — . *- noueujt, 


Holz — Homontalachuss. 

Holz, (krummes). Warped — , coat —, 

— d4jet4, 

— (krummes). Bulged; naturally cuired. 

— bornb^. 

rkrummgewachaenes). voy. Holzer. 

— rkyanisirtes). Toy. Kvanisirtes Holz. 

— (LAng-). voy. Lan^uolz. 

— (niasenges) voy. wimmeriges. 
(Nutz-). Toy.Nutzholz,Ge8chirrbolz. 

(in die Quere gesagtes). voy. ge- 


— (riickgangiges). Tree beginning to 
decay. — tur le retour. 

(nindes). Timber in the tree (as it 

is when felled) ; round - timber. — en 

grume ; boia rond, 
(Schirr-^. voy. Schirrliolz, Geschirr- 

holz, Nutznolz. 
(welches in der Mitte Spalten hat). 

▼oy. kemrissiges. 

— (unbeschlagenes). The rough tree ; 
round-timber. — en grume; — non equarri, 

(verstocktes od. yerbuttetes). Stun- 

ted — , crooked — . — rabougrif tortu, de 
mauvaise venue. 

n. (vierkantiges). Square - timber, 

Asided timber. — d^^quarriaeage ; — 

(wahnkantiges). — which cannot be 

squared or worked without considerable 
waste. —Jlaeheux. 

fwasserleeres). voy. ausgetrocknetes. 

(sicb werfendes). Wood that warpe. 

— qui ee tourmente, qui ae tracaille et ae 

(wimmeriges). Croaa • grained atuff, 

Twhich has its fibres ronning in contrary 
directions to the surfaces). — reboura, 

(wurmsticbiges). Worm-eaten — . 

— vermotdu, — moulini. 

(zugericbtetes). Converted timber, 

Boia dibitia. 
Holzaxt, f. (Ilolzhaueraxt od. Baumaxt). 

Felling-axe. Cogn^e f. de bUcheron. 
Holzbau, m. Timber-work, or wooden con- 

atruetion of any Idnd. Charpente; con- 

atruction f. en boia. 
Holzer, n. pL Timber, wood, beama. Boia 

m. pi. ; piecea f. pi. de boia. 
(gekriimmte). Curved -wood, bent- 

beama (pi.) Boia courbea; boia cintrA. 
(kiinstlich gebogene). Artificially 

curved — . Boia courb^ artificiellement. 

(krumm gewacbsene). Naturally 

curved wood. Boia cintret naturellement 
ou naturellement courbea. 

Holzeme Briicke, f. voy. Brucke. 

Holzemer Ponton, m. voy. Ponton. 

Holzkappe, f. voy. llolzmiitze. 

Holzkonle, f. Wood-charcoal or charcoal 
properly so called. Charbon m. de boia. 

(mineralische). voy. Faserkoble. 

■ f. (in Cylindan verkohlte). Cylinder- 
charcoal, cylinder-burnt charcoal; char- 
coal burned in cylinders or prepared by 
distillation in krge cylindrical iron retorts. 

Charbon m. de cylindre; charbon diatill/ 
dana dea cyJindrea enfonte defer, 

Hokkoble, f. (in Gruben verkohlte). Pit- 
charcoal, pit-burnt charcoal or charcoal 
burned in pits. Charbon obtenu par la 
carbonisation dans des fosses. 

Holzkohlenbohofen, m. (sid.) A charcoal- 
Jumace, or charcoal blaat-fumace. Four- 
neau m. a charbon de boia; haut-foumemt 
aliments avec du charbon de boia ou qui 
travaille au charbon de boia, voy. Koaks- 

Holzmiitze, f. od. Holzkappe, f. Forage- 
cap. Bonnet m. de police, 

Holzraapel, f. A raap; wood-raap, R^e f. 
a boia. 

Holzsaure, f. (die brandige). Pyrolignoua 
acid. Acide pyroligneux, 

Holzscliraube, f. Wood-acrew; aerew-nail. 
Via f. a boia. 

f. (m. d'a.). voy. Biigelscbraube ; 

Kappenschrauben, pL 

Holzspindel, f. (fond.) voy. Modellapindel. 

Holzwande, f. pL (m. d'a.) (einer Sabel- 
scheide). The lining of a brass or steel- 
scabbard. Alaiaea f. pi. ou alexea, 

Holzzinn, n. (faseriges Zinnerz). Wood- 
tin, Comiah tin-ore. £tain oxidS concr4- 
tionn^; etain de boia. 

Honneurs, m. pi. (Ehrenbezeigimgen). 
Honoura, aalutea (paid to princes of the 
blood, general-officers, etc.^ ; complimenta, 
complimentary -honoura (paid by troops 
to officers generally). Honneura mUi- 

(Jemandem die — machen, v.). To 

pay the compliment due to the rank of 
any one, or take complimentary notice oi 
any officer. Rendre lea hmmeura. 

(Nach dem Zapfenstreiche werden keine 
Uonneurs gemacht. No compliment 
is paid to, or complimentary notiet 
taken of any one, after tattoo. On 
ne rend point d*honnemra aprtM la 
(Honneurs fidlen in den Tranch^en fort. 
No complimenta of any kind are paid 
by troops on duty in the tanenoiM. 
On ne rend point d* honneura dans la 

Horch^nge, m. pi. (min.) JUatenera or 
liatening-galleriea in a countermined sys- 
tem; the most advanced galleries under 
the glacis towards the country. Mcoutea 
f. pi., galeriea d*^coutea. 

Horden, f. pi. voy. Hurden. 

Horizont, m. (der scheinbare) od. die 
scheinbare Horizontallinie. The ^g^pa- 
rent level. Niveau apparent, 

m. (der wahre) od. wahre Horizontal- 
linie. The true level. Niveau vrai. 

Horizontalebene, f. A horiiontal plane. 
Plan m. horizontal. 

Horizontales Defilement, n. (fort) Yoy. 

Horizontalachuas, m. (art.) Sh^ fifd 

HorizontaltchuMweite — HufSeisen. 


pomi'hUmJt or m a horizontal or point- 
bUmk direetumi firmg within point-blank 
fvnffe at any object witlioirt grazing. 7%r 
horizontal oa HrparaUilet Or horizontal 
de pleinfouet, 

Hoiizontidsehusswdte, f. (art) The hori- 
zontal or point-blank range of a pieoe of 
oidnanoe. PorUe t da tirparalUle, 

Hoiizontalwinde, f. yoj. Haspel. 

Horn, n. (m, d'a.) yoj, Hahn (Griff). 

n. The bttgle. Clairon m. ; cor d'in- 

fimterie 1^^ et de tiraillBiin. 

n. od. Haspelhom. voy. Haspel- 


n. (dea Amboasea). The betde or pro- 

jecting-arm of the anriL Bigome t de 

Hornblaaer, m. Toy. Homist. 

HomamboM, m. A beak-iron, or amril with 
biek-iron. Bigome f. roy. Sperrbom. 

Homhaspel, f. The common windUut. 
Treml m. k manwelle. Yoy. Haspd. 

Homhaut, f. (t^.) (des Anges). The cornea, 
or glan of the eye, which forma the anterior 
coat or siirfiM» of the eye. Comie tram- 

Homhautblatter, f. (vet.) (od. Flecken 
der Hombnut). A epeck on the cornea ; 
epeek or tpot on the lens; cUmdmeee pf 
the cornea. Taie f. ; peQicole on tache 
opaque stir la oom^ ludde. 

Homist, m. (HomUaaer). A bugler. Clai- 
ron m. ou soldat ainsi nomm^. 

Homkluft, f. Toy. Homspalte. 

Homldm, m. od. Tischlerleim. Joiner^e 
glue, or that of the strongest land. CoUe 

BTomsalbe, f. (v^t.) Hoqf-ointmeni ; oint- 
ment or hoqf-Mlve for the cure of false- 
quarter, etc lUmolade t ; emmiellure f. 

Homsignal, n. A bugle-eound. Sonnerie f. 
de clairon, — au cktiron, 

Homsohle, f. (am Hofe). The homy-sole, 
coTering the inferior surface of the coffin- 
bone and protecting the feeling-sole. Sole 
com/e. voy. Soble. 

Homspalte, f.(T^) (Homkluftod. Ocbsen- 
spalt). Falee-quarter. Seime f. ; seime 
en pied de btettf, 

Homwand, f. voy. Hnf. 

Homwarze, f. od. Homzotte (x^O* '^^ 
cheenut. Chdtaigne f. voy. Warze. 

Homwerk, n. (fort.) A homwork, or work 
consisting of two half-bastions, a cur- 
tain, and two long sides called '* Flfigel " 
(" branches or wings "). Oworage m. h 

Homzotte, f. voy. Homwarze, Wtrze, 

Hose, f. (des Pferdes). The leg at canon, 
(shank-bone) ; the part incluftod between 
the knee-joint and fetlock-joint. Canon 

Hosentrager, m. pi. Braces, pi. BreteUee 
f. pi. depantalon; ^aire de bretellee. 

Hospital, n. (Militair-). Toy. Gamiacm- 

apital; Lazaretb; Feldlazareth ; Feld- 
hospital; Ambulance. 
Howard's Pulyer, n. (od. Knallqueck- 
ailber). Howard^e powder or fulminate 
qf mercury, Mercure m. de Howard ; 
mercure fiUminant oujulmmate de mer- 
cure. voy. Knallpulver. 
Hubhohe, f. (sid.) (des Hammers).. The 
height to which the forge-hammer is lifted 
from the anviL VoUe f. da marteau, on 
son plus grand ^cartement de Tendume. 
Huf, m. The horse's hoof. Sabot m. on 
ongle du pied. 
Its parts are : 
Die Wand. The erw/ or tro//. Muraille 

ou paroi t. 
Die Sohle. The eole or bottom of the 
hoof; (the Aomy.«o/«). Solet; (eole 
com^e), voy. Sohle. 
Der StrahL The frog. Fourchette f. 
Die Zehe. The toe. Pince f. 
Die Trachten pi. od. Qnartiere. The 

quarters. Quartiers pi. 
Die EdLstreben, pL The bars, (pi.). Arc- 
boutant ou contour des talons; barres, 
Die Ferse. The heel. Talons (pi.), 
▼oy. Soble; Strabl; Wand. 
Hufabfall, m. (ySL) Loss ofhoqf. Chute f. 

du sabot. 
Hufbein, n. (ydt) The coffin-bone or foot- 
bone. Os m. du piedt petit pied; le 
troisihne phalangien. 
Hufbeschlag, m. The shoeing of horses ; 

horseshoes pi. Ferrure f. 
Hufeisen, n. (mar^h.) The horseshoe or 
shoe. Fer m. de cheval, fer a cheval; 

Its parts are: 

Der Griff. The toe. Pince f. 

Die Arme. The branches, quarters or 

sides of the shoe. Branches t. pi. 
Der anssere Rand. The outer-edge. Bive 

Der innere Rand. The inner-edge. Bive 

Die StoUen, pi. The calkins, (on many 
foreign shoes). Crampons m. pi. yoy. 
Die Hohlung. The vaulted or hollow- 
part, or hollowed-toe. VoUte f. 
Die Nagellocher, pi. The nail-holes. 
£tampures f. jpL 

n. (mar^ch.) (das balbe) (od. — mit 

gestiitzten Enden). A tip or ha^fshos. 
Fer m. a lunette. 
n. (ein breites). Shoe with a wide- 
cover. Fer couvert. 
n. (gewolbtes). The vaulted or hollow- 
shoe. — voUt^. 

(einea Maulesds od. Maulthieres). The 

planchshoe for males. Planchet. voy. 
Vordereisen; Hintereisen; Kugeieisen; 
Pantoffeleisen ; Ringacbuh ; Streicb- 
od. Streifscbub. 

n. (ein — lochen od. atempeln). To 



Hufeisendorn — Hund. 

stamp a shoe, or fiaimp the holes in a 

shoe. Stamper f percer un fer. 
Hufeisendom, m. (mar^h.) Apritchel, for 

opening the hole in fitting on the shoe, etc. 

Poin^n m. a contre-peroer les fers. 
Hufeisentasche, f. Shoe-case; horte-shoe' 

case. Porte-fer m. 
Huferschiitterung, f. (v^t.) voy. Huf- 

Rufhammer, m. (mar^h.) Shoeing-ham' 

mcTf smith^sshoeing-hammer. Brochoir m. 
Hufoiesser, n. (mar^ch.) A drawing-kntfef 

or paring ' knife ; also a toeing 'kn^e. 

Rainette simple ; rogne-pied m. 
Hufnagel, m. (mar^h.) Horse-shoe nailf 

horse-nail. Clou m. de cheval, clou a 

/errerf clou defer a cheval. 
Hufraspel, f. Farrier's or shoeing -smithes 

rasp. Rdpe f. 
Hufraumer, m. A horse-picker. Cure-pied 

Hufschlag, m. (Hufbeschlag). The shoeing 

of horses ; shoes pi. Ferrure f. 
m. (Spur, wo das Pferd gegangen ist). 

The track or print of a horse's foot. 

Piste f. d'on cheval; trace, empreinte f. 

du pied d'nn cheval. 
Hufschmied, m. (cav.) od. Beschlag- 

Bchmied (einer Escadron). Farrier, troop- 
farrier. Mar/chal f errant m. 
m. ^art.) (Batterieschmied). Shoeing- 

smith (attached to a battery). Marshal 

ferrant m. 
Hufschmiedeisen, n. (mar^ch.) Shoe-iron, 

or bar-iron for shoes ; moulds pL, blanks 

for horse-shoes. Fer m. a monachal ; lo- 

pins m. pi. 
Hufscbwinden, n. (v^t.) (Huferschiitte- 

rung). Foot-founder, acute founder in 

the feet; chill in the feet, ^onnement m. 

du sabot. 
Hufsohle, f. voy. Huf (Sohle). 
Hufsonde> f. (mar^ch.) A searcher. Rai- 
nette : rainette a clou de rue. 
Hufstempel, m. (marech.) od. Hufeisen- 

stempel. A stamp for the holes, in maldng 

shoes. £tampe (., servant k percer et a 

Stamper les fers. 
Hiiften> f. pi. (des Pferdes). The haunches; 

hips. Hanches f. pL 
Hiirtenlahm, (v6t.) Hip-shot ; lame in the 

hip-Joint. EhanchS. 
Huttritt, m. (das Greraosch od. der Schall). 

Trampling {pi horses). Trac m. 
Hufzange, f. (mar^h.) Farriers* pincers ; 

shoeing-pincers. TYicoises f. pL servant k 

d^ferrer le cheval. 
Hufzwang, m. (v^t.; Contracted-heels, nar- 
row heels; the unring-in qfthe heels. En- 

castelure f. 
Hiigel, m. A hilt; hillock; rising-ground; 

inequalitv of ground. Collins f . ; ^t- 

nence; el Amotion f. 
Hiilfen, f. pi. (man.) The aids in riding ; 

(the motions and application of the hands, 

legs, and whip, to direct the paces and 

movements of the horse). Aides f. pi. 
voy. Fausthiilfen ; Schenkelhiilfen. 

Hiilfsgeld, n. (Hiilfsgelder pL oder Sub- 
sidien). Subsidy ; subsidies (pi.). Sub- 
sides m. pi. 

Hiilfsgeschirr, n. (art.) Spare breast-har- 
ness, in case of accident or difficult ground, 
etc Poitrail m. de rechange pour atte- 
lage ; {hamais aujriliaire). 

Hiilfskrieg, m. War of alliance or con- 
federacy, entered into upon the faith of 
settled treaties. Guerre f. d* alliance; 
guerre de secours. 

Hiilfsladung, f. (art.) voy. Ladung. 

Hiilfslinien, f. pL (art d. L g.) voy. 

Hiilismannscbaft, f. (die commandirte) im 
Lager, etc. Working -party, fatigue-party, 
told-off for different purposes in camp, etc. 
Hommes de corvee (command^ dans un 
camp, etc.). 

Hiilfsquellen, f. pL Resources, (reserves or 
depots), in strategetical operations. Res- 
sources f. pi. ; sources d* alimentation pour 
Tarm^ ; reserves; d^ots d*arm^. 

Hiilfsstandlinie, f. (topogr.) Base qf veri- 
fication. Base f. de v^fication. 

Hiilfsthor, n. (fort.) (einer atadelle). The 
gate of succour of a citadel, or principal 
gate of a citadel fiidng towards the ooun^. 
Porte f. de secours. voy. Ausfallthor. 

Hiilfstbiirstocke, m. pL (min.) voy. Helf- 

Hiilfstruppen, f. pi. Subsidiary-troops; 
auxiliary-troops; auxiliaries; troops fur- 
nished to a belligerent power in virtue 
of a treaty of alliance, etc. AuxUUnres, 
pi. ; arm^e auxiliaire. 

f. pi. Relieving-force, or troops sent 

to succour or relieve a place. Secours m. ; 
troupes destin^ k seoourir une place 

Hiilfsvertrag, m. Treaty qf alliance* Trait4 
m. d* alliance. 

Hiilse, f. (artif. d. g.) eiseme (der Kriegs- 
rakete) (Kaketeimiilse). Th% sheet-iron 
case of the Congreve-rocket. Cartouche f. 
en t6le de la fiis^ de guerre. 

f. (artif.) Case or paper-cylinder for 

fire-works ; (rocket or portfire-case). Car- 
touche f. pour artifice. 

f. (m^.) od. Klobengehause, n. The 

shell of a block ; pulley-frame. Chiqfe f. ; 
caisse f. 

f. (sid.J od. Hammerhiiise (im Ham- 

merwerke). The cast-iron ring or collar 
of a hammer-helve, (sometimes called the 
hurst or hirst), having projecting trunnions 
on each side and forming the axis on 
which the hammer moves. Bogus f., hulse 
ou hurasse. 

f. (m. d'a.) (des Bajonnets). voy. 


Hund, m. (min.) (Minenhund) zom Boden- 
fordem. A miner^s-truck for removing 
earth in the branches or galleries of mines. 

Himd — Hydrotechniidi. 

oonostiiig of an oblong box on 4 low 
wheds. Chariot m. pour le transport des 

Hund, Toj, Lauf-y Sturzkarre. 

— • m. (Knecht m. od. Stiitze, f.) (znm 
Widerhalten dnes Fahrzeoges beim Berg- 
anffiBhren). Stq^, prop, or droff'tttS^t 
in carts and waggons. Servante f. 

Hurden, f. pL (Hiirden, Horden, od. 
Flechtwerk, n.). /Tiirdfet (pi.) for revet- 
ments, etc. CUueM f. pi. 

Hurten^ f. pL yoy. Hurden. 

Husar, m. Huttar, Hustard m. 

Husarenmutze, t The buMby or httstar/ur' 
cap, Colbaeh m., bmmet h poll de bus- 

Husarenpelz, m. yoy. Pelz. 

Husarensattel, m. (sell.) NuMor- toddle. 
Selle f. de hueeardf — a la huttarde. 

Hiismg, n. Housing, house-line; line of 
three strands. Luzin, merlin m. ^ trois 

Husten, m. (y^.) Cough, Towp f. 

Hut^ m. (kortischer). Headdress of the 
Anstrian rifle-corps. Chapeau m. des chas- 
seurs antrichiens. 

m. (dreieckiger). Cocked-hat. Cha- 
peau m. h deux comet, — hla prutnenne, 
— h la rutte, improprement dit d troit 

— (Stemagraffe am — e). The ttar-loop 
of the cocked-hat. Oante f. du chapeau. 

voy. Kappe ; Hutchen. 

Hutchen, n. voy. Zimdhiitchen. 

n. (artif.) (der Versetzungskapsel). The 

cone of rocket-heading. Chtqnieau m. 
yoy. Spitzkappe. 

Hutscbleife, f. The cockade, Cocarde f. 

Hiitte, f. (zur Lagerung der Truppen) (Ba- 
raque). Hut, for the hutting of troops. 
Baroque f. voy. Hutten, pL 

f. ^sid.) (Hiittenwerk). An iron-work; 

tmelting^work ; forge; forge -ettablith- 
ment; thingling-mill. Utine f.; utine h 

Ifer ; forge f . 
iitten, f. pi. Hutt, Baraquet f. pL 
(Das Unterbringen der Truppen in 
Hiitten. The hutting of troops. 
Compement m, done des baraquet.) 

bauen, v. To fnake huts. Conttruire 

des baraques. 
Hiittencampagne, f. (sid.) voy. Cam- 



Hiittenkunde. f. (Eiaen-). voy. Eiaen- 

Hiittenlager, n. Can^, in which troops 
are hutted, (in distinction to ** Zeltlager/' 
in which they are under canvass). Can^ 
baraqu^; camp de baraquet. 

Hiittenwerk, n. voy. Hiitte. 

Hydraulik, f. Hydraulict, (or that branch 
of hydrodynamics which has for its object 
the investigation of the motion of fluids). 
Hydraulique f. ; tcience f. hydroulique ; 
partie de la physique qui s'oocupe du 
mouvement des liquides. 

Hydraulisch. Hydraulic. Hydraulique. 

Hydraulische Mascbine, f. An hydraulic- 
machine, hydraulic-engine. Machine hy- 

Hydrauusche Presse, f. The hydraulic or 
hydrottatic-press,{Bromah*tprett). Prette 
hydraulique ou hydrottotique. 

Hydraulischer Kalk, m. Hydraulic- or 
woter-lime; lime which possesses the pro- 
perty of hardening under water and in moist 
situations. Chaur f. hydraulique. 

Hydraulischer Mortel, m. Hydraulic mor- 
tar. Mortier m. hydraulique. 

(Kiinstlich- — . Artificial hydraulic 
mortar. Mortier hydraulique arti- 
flctel). voy. Wassermortel. 

Hydrauliscner nidder od. Stosser, m. The 
hydraulic-ram or water-ram. Bilier m. 

Hydrodynamik, f. (Wasserkraftlehre). Hy- 
drodynamictf (science which treats of the 
state and force of fluid bodies, at rest or in 
motion). Hydrodynamique f, 

Hydrostatik, f. (Wasserstandlehre, Wasser- 
wagekunst). Hydrottatict ; (that branch 
of hydrodynamics which treats of the pres- 
sure and equilibrium of liquids in general). 
Hydrottatioue f. 

Hy<m>8tati8ch. Hydrottatic, Hydrotta- 

Hydrostatische Presse, f. voy. Hydrau- 
lische (Preate). 

Hydrostatische Wage, f. The hydrottatiC' 
balance; instrument for taking the spe- 
cific gravities of bodies. Balance f. hydro- 

Hydrotechnik, f. voy. Wasserbaukunst. 

Hydrotechnisch. Appertaining or belong- 
ing to hydraulics, Relattf h PhydraU' 


Ichnogpraphie, f. Ichnographjf ; the pla^^ 

of a wonc. Ichno-graphie f. 
Ichnographische Zeichnung, f. A plan. 

Plan m. 
Ichnographischer Plan, m. (einer Festnng). 

The plan of a fortress. Plan ichno-gra- 

pkume d'one forteresse. 
Igelsmss, m. od. 

S^lsmauiLe, f. (r^.) voy. Straubfiiss. 
mbaum, m. (lime), voy. Ulme. 
Dmenholz, n. voy. Ulmenholz. 
Impracticable, (vom Terrain). ImpanabU; 

not to be traverted. Impraiicable. 
Inactiv. On the retired liet; out qf the 
eenrice. En retraitey mi$ k la retraiie; 
pennon$i^t en rtforme ; hare du eerviee. 

Unattached: {on haff-pay) \ not «m- 

phyed or holding any command. Die- 
poniblct en 4tat de disponibilit^; en non- 
aetimtide service. 

Inclinationswinkel, m. (art) voy. Depres- 
sionswinkel, Senkungswinkel. 

Inclinirte Futtermauer, f. (fort) Toy. 
Futtermauer, Rev^tement. 

Incomplett. Toy. Unvollzahlig. 

Inculpat, m. The pritoner on ki» triaL 

Incursion, f. voy. Streiferei. 

Ineinandergreifen, n. (m^c.) (gezahnter 
Rader). Geering, taking into gear with 
one another (as wheels). Engrenage m. 

Infanterie, f. b^antry. Itrfanierie f. 

(NN Mann — . So many bayonets. 
N N bdionnettes,) 

(gescblossene). Infantry with close 

fileSy in close order^ (in distinction to the 
dispersed or sldnnisning order). — ^ 
rangs serris. 

(aufgeloste). Infantry in extended, 

dispersed^ or skirmishing-order. — en 

(leichte) (Jager, Schiitzen, Fusiliere). 

Light 'ir{fantry, Infanterie Ugere. 

(Linien-) (Musketiere). Soldiers qf 

battalion-companies; battaUon-companies. 
Fusiliers m. pL 

In&nterie, (Linien-). Infantry qf the line. 
Infanterie de ligne. 

InfiBoiteriebrigade, f. Brigade qf infantry, 
infantry-brigade^^). Brigade f. d^vrfan- 

Infanteriefeuer, n. voy. Feuer (der In&n- 

Infanterieflinte, f. od. 

Infieuiterieffewenr, n. Firelock^ musket. 
Fusil dFitrfanterie. voy. Flinte, Ge- 

Infanteriekaaematten, f. pL (fort) voy. 
Kasematten (In&nterie-). 

Infanteriekolonne, t voy. Kolonne. 

Infanteriemunitionswagen, m. od. 

Infanteriepatronenwagen, m. Small-arm 
ammunition-waggon ; ball-cartridae wag- 
gon. Caisson m. pour cartouches afiuUs; 
caisson d'infanterie. 

Infuiteriepercussionsgewehr, n. voy. Ge- 
wehr (Percussions-). 

Infiuiteneregiment, n. hrfantry-rphnent, 
regiment qf infantry. lUgimeni m. iTm- 

Imanteriesabel, m. Private's sword (in 
foireiga infsxitrj); (infantry-sword), li- 
quet m. ; sabre briquet; sabre dPhrfan- 

Infanteriescbarte, f. (fort) Loop-hole for 
musketry. Crtneam m. ; crdneaa de forte- 

Infonterist, m. Ittfantry-soldier. Soldatm, 
d^if\fanterie ; fantassin. 

Ingenieur, m. (Festungs- od. Kriegsbanmei- 
ster). Engineer; engineer-officer. Ing4- 
nieur ; ingAiieur militaire. 

m. (Militair-). Military-engineer. 

Inginieur militaire. 

m. (Civil-). Civil-engineer. IngMeur 


Ingenieuracademie, f. (der Oestreicher). 
Polytechnic-school at Vienna, or the esta- 
blishment so called, answering in most re- 
spects to the polytechnic-sdiool of the 
French. Acadhnie f. des ingSnieurs k 
Vienne ; institution qui correspond ii I'^cole 

IiigemeiiroMpt — Intendantinr. 


polytedmique €n IVmoe. Toy. Ingenienr^ 

Ingemenrcorpt, n. (Geniecorps). Corps qf 
en^meens vteengineerM; (royai-tn^meert, 
eorp9 qf royai-en^meeni). Corps m. dn 
gmte; {corps det mgAUeurs ; g^me) ; corps 
charge des oonitractioiiB et dea IxsTanx 
militeires, de la rqMuration dee fortereaseB, 
de la fmraUanoe des casernes, etc, etc. 

Ingenieiir-Geograph, m. Surveyor; one, 
also, of an office or department composed 
of ixfedividnals employed as ** drmufkismen,*' 
etc., and attadied to the staff of the army 
in some ssrrioes ; (topographical eng;ineer). 
imff^ueur-g^offraphe m. 

Ingenieurkunst, f. Engineering ; .seienee 
qf engineering, O^nie m. 

Iiigemeiirofficier,m.(Genieofficier). Qfieer 
^ engineered engineer-officer. Officier m. 

m. (vom Platie od. des Platzes). 

Commanding engineer, officer commanding 
the engineers in a fortr es s or garrison; 
(commanding rogal-engineer), IngAUeur 
m. en chrf de la place ; commandant du 
gMede la place, 

Ingenieurscbule, f. (Vereini^ ArtiUerie- 
imd — der Pkviiusen). Institution at Ber- 
lin, the instruction carried on at which is 
intended to qualify the '' Port^p^flihn- 
ridie " of the artillery and engineers for 
holding commissions in those two branches 
of the service ezdusiTely. The period of 
their studies is three years, snd they quit 
the institution with uie rank of officers. 
^le f, d^artiUerie et du g^nie k Berhn. 
On y admet les enseignes des deux armes, 
et ils en sortent avec le grade d'officier, 
a^^r^ trois ann^ d'^ud^ Toy. Inge- 

Inhaber, m. (eines Regiments). The colonel 
ofaretoment. Colonel j^roprietaire. Toy. 
Chef, Ehrenchef, Regimentsinliaber. 

Inkulpat, m. voy. Inciupat. 

Innere OperationsUnien, f. pL (art d. L g.) 
▼oy. Operationslinien. 

Innere Pol^nseiten, f. pL (fort) The 
interior stdes of a polygon, C6tes int/- 
rieurs d'un polygene. 

Innere Seite, f. (eines Polygons). An tn- 
terior side, or line extending from the 
centre of one bastion to that of either of 
those adjoining. C(tt/ intirieur d'un poly- 

Inneres Polygon, n. (od. Vieleck) ffort.) 
The interior polygon. Poly gone intnieur, 

Insatzbartung, f.(od. Oberflacbenbartung). 
Case-hurdening, Trempe f. en paquet, 

Inspecteur, m. Inspecting or reviewing' 
officer, Inspecteur m, 

(Muster-). Inspecting'general; inspect- 
ing field-officer, charged with the inspec- 
tion, etc.-, of troops. Inspecteur general; 
inspecteur aux revues, 

Inspiciren, ▼. (ein Regiment, etc). To in- 
spect, review, or see n regiment ; pass a 

regiment m review/ (parade a regiment 
for inspection). Passer Finspection d'un 
regiment ; passer la revue d'un regiment ; 
le passer en revue. 

Inspiciren, t. To inspect or make an au 
spection ; to visit. Inspecter; /aire Pin- 

Inspicining, f. (Musterung). Inspection, 
(muster) ; review ; general-inspection. Re- 
vue f.; inspection f.; inspection g^n&ale, 

Instandsetzimg, f. (art) (schadhafter Fahr- 
zeoge, etc;. The temporary repair or 
fitting-up of disabled parts of carriages, 
etc, for temporary purposes. Reparation 
Aentuelle du mat^el, (voitures, etc). 

Instruction, f. Instruction, training; in- 
struction, regulation; order, direction. 
Instruction f. ; ordre m. ; if^onction f. 

f. (dner Schildwadie). The orders (pL) 

of any sentry, or those belonging to his 
post Consume f. de sentinelle. 

f. voy. Wachtinstruction. 

Instructionen, f. pL voy. Instruction. 

Instructionsbucb, n. voy. Parol- und In- 
structionsbuch; Ordrebucb. 

Insnrgenten, m. pL Insurgents, Insurgents, 
insurg^s m. pi. 

(die ungtuischen). The Hungarian mi- 
litia, called out or summoned by general 
prodamation, as under the old feudal-sys- 
tem. Insurgents hongrois. 

Insurrection, f. (in Ungam). The " Heer- 
bann" uf the Hungarians. Insurrection 
hongroise, voy. Heerbann. 

f. Insurrection; rebellion. InsurreC" 

tion f. ; ribellion f, 

In8urrectionsbeer,n.(das ungari8che)(1809). 
The Hungarian force which existed under 
this appeUation in 1809, in virtue of the 
peculiar military system of that country. 
Arm^ de Vinsurrection hongroise (en 

Intact sein, v. Tvon Truppen). Said of any 
troops which have not been brought into 
action, but more especially applied to a 
reserve. Etre intact; se dit d'une re- 
serve qui n'a pas pris part au combat 

Intendant, m. Commissariat-officer; prin- 
cipal commissariat-officer; officer attached 
to the commissariat. Intendant ; sous- 
intendant militaire, etc; offider charg^ 
de pourvoir les arm^ en campagne. 

m. (General-). Officer superintending 

the commissariat-department ; (commis- 
sary-general), Intendant gMral ; inten^ 

Intendantur, f. (Generalintendantur). 
Corps or body in foreign armies to whom 
is entrusted every duty which belongs to 
the commissariat in Ihe British service^ 
besides various others connected with the 
engineer and barrack-departments, etc As 
a genotd term, it may be rendered, com- 
missariat or commissariat -department, 
bearing in mind that the English commis- 
sariat conveys an inadequate meaning of 


Interimistiflch — Italienische Befestigangsmaiiier. 

the word. Intendanee ; corpt tTinien- 
dance; officiert ou membres de Vinien- 
dance; ensemble des administratenrs qui 
font parde de Tinteudanoe. 

Interimistisch. Temporarily, Temporaire- 
ment ; provUoirement. 

(Den Dienst interimiBtiscfa thun od. ver- 
Behen, fiir einen Andern. To be act- 
ing in place of or in the absence of 
another, or to be doing his duty for 
him. Remplir let fonctiona tempo- 
r aires.) 

Interimscommandeur, m. Officer in tem- 
porary-command ^ or officer-commanding 
in the absence of another. Commandant 
par intMm ; chrfde corps par ini^m, 

InterimscommandOy n. Temporary-com- 
mand, (as that of a regiment in the ab- 
sence of the Ueut-colonel, etc.) Com- 
mandement temporaire ou par iniMm. 

lDter\'a]], n. od. 

Inter\'allc, f. (tact.) (Zwischenranm in der 
Prontlinie). Interval (between files, squa- 
drons in line, battalions in line, or batta- 
lifins in contiguous dose-columns). Inter- 
valle m. ; (espace entre deux troupes ou 
entre les fractions d'une troupe en ba- 

— — f. (Bataillons-) (im Lager). Battalion- 
interval, or interval between the different 
battalions in an encampment. Intervalle 
m. entre des bataillons campes. 

f. (tact.) TEscadrous-). voy. Esca- 


■ f. (art.) (zwischen einzelnen, neben 

einamU^ stebetiden Geschiitzen). Interval 
between guns in battery. Intervalle m. 
<!ntre les pieces d'une batterie. voy. Ge- 

Jntervallenverschanzungen, f. pi. (fort.) 
lAnes with intervals, composed of detached 
works, with such intervals between them 
M ttfi derive protection from one another. 
IJgnea f. pi. a intervalles. voy. Linien- 

Intifrveiiireu, v. n. To intervene: to in- 
terfere (as one state, in the affairs of 
another state). Intervenir. 

Jnterveution, f. (in politischer Beziehung). 
Intervention; or the interference of one 
or more countries in the poUtical affairs of 
aiK^ther. Intervention f. 

f. (^lewaffuete). Armed intervention. 

Intervention armee. 

Inuii(iation, f. voy. Ueberschwemmiing. 

Inundiren, v. (iiberschwemmen, unter Was- 
ser setzen). To place or lay under water, 
or inundate any portion of country. In- 
fmder un terrain. 

Invalide, m. Invalid; invalid-soldier ; pen- 
sioner. Invalide m. 

adj. (dienstunfahig, zu Kriegsdiensten 

nicht mehr tauglich). Infirm, disabled; 
unfit for f\iiiheit military service, Invalide. 

m. (Ganz-). voy. Ganzinvalide. 

m. (Real-), voy. Ganzinvalide. 

m. (Ilalb-). voy. Halbinvalide. 

m. (Ilaus-). An in-pensioner, or one 

received as an inmate of an invalid-esta- 
blishment. Invalide m. voy. Ganz- 

m. (Land-). An out-pensioner ; one 

not subsisted within an establishment or 
hospital for invalid-soldiers. Pensionn^; 
soldat pensionn^. 

Livalidencompaffnie, f. Invalid-company. 
Compagnie f. drinvalides. 

Invalidenhaus, n. Establishment for the 
maintenance of invalids, answering to the 
English Royal-Hospital at Chelsea for the 
reception of infirm and disabled soldiers. 
H6tel m. des invalides. 

Invasion, f. (feindhcher EinAdl). InvoMton, 
Invasion f. 

Invasionskrieg, m. (Angriffskri^). Qfen- 
sive-war; (term also used in distinction to 
** PositionflJmeg "). Guerre f. d^imvasion ; 
guerre offensive. 

Inversion, f. (tact.) (Verkehrung der gewohn- 

Uchen Ordnung eines Regiments ; verkehrte 

Ordnung). Inversion ; also, the state of 

being inverted. Inversion f.; ordre inverse. 

(Das Regiment steht in der Inversion. 

The regiment is inverted, or not in 

its natural order. Ce regiment est 

dans V ordre inverse.) voy. Ordnung. 

Ipser Tiegel, m. voy. Graphittiegel. 

Irregulare od. 

Irregulaire Befestigung, f. Irregular for- 
tWcation. Fortification irr^gulihre. voy. 
Befestigung (unregelmiissige). 

Cavallene, f. Irregular cavalry. Ca- 

valerie irr(fguliere. 

Tnippen, f. pL Irregular troops, 

TVoupes irregulieres. 

Isoliren, n. (der Leiter od. Drahte eines 
galvanischen Apparates). The inauloHon 
of the wires. Isolation f. des oonducteurs 

Isolirt, (min., etc.) (in Bezug anf die Later 
eines galvanischen Apparates). Insulated; 
said of the conductmg-wires of galvanic- 
apparatus for firing mines, etc., when co- 
vered with cotton or worsted thread. IsoU; 
se dit des oonducteurs galvaniques. 

Italienische Befestigungsmanier, t voy. 

Jacke, f. (des Soldaten) (Spenser). Vn- 
dreU'jacketffatiffue-Jacket ; ttable-jacket 
(cav.). Veste f. ; ve§te f. d'/curie. 

Jagdgewehr, n. (m. d'a.) (Luxusgewehr). 
Sporting'gun ; fowling-piece. Fusil m. 
de choMte ; arme f. de cAasse. 

Jagdpulver, n. (poudr.) Sporting-powder. 
Poudre f. de chaste, voy. Pulver. 

Jagdstiicke, n. pi. (art. naY.) (Jagers). 
Bow-cha»ea (pi.) or bow-pieces. Canons 
m. pL de] chasse, pieces f. pi. de chasse ; 
chasses de prone. 

Jager, m. Rifleman^ or soldier belonging to 
a rifle-corps. Chasseur m. ; chasseur a 
pied; soldat d'un corps de chasseurs. 

(Feld-) (preussischer). voy. Feld- 


(reitender)(od. — zu Pferde). Mount- 

ed-rijleman. Chasseur m. h cheval; ca- 
valier d'un regiment de chasseurs k che- 

(Regiments-). Soldier of a sort of 

light- or flank-company. Voltigeur m. 
d'un regiment d'infanterie de bataille. 

Jagerbiiebse, f. (m. d'a.) The infantry-rifle. 
Carabine f. d^irfanterie. voy. Kavsdlerie- 
biichse; Wallbiichse. 

JagerbommundstUck, n. (sell.) (Postborn- 
mundstiick). The Jointed mouth-piece of 
the German-mouthed bit, Hanoverian-bit, 
etc. Embouchure f. h canon bris4, avec 
un peu de Ubert^ de langue. 

Jagermunitionskarre, f. Small-arm ammu- 
nition-cart. Charrette prussienne pour 

Jagermunitionswagen, m. Sort of small- 
arm ammunition-waggon, so called in 
Prussia. Caisson h. munitions pour les 
chasseurs en Prusse. 

Jagers, pi. (art. nav.) voy. Jagdstiicke. 

Jalon, m. voy. Absteckstange, Absteck- 
pfahl, Messfahne. 

m. voy. Jalonneur. 

Jalouneur, m. (tact.) (Hauptrichtpunkt bei 
der Infanterie). Battalion-aid , aid, or bat- 
talion-point : point, base-point, or marker 
German Part. 

for taking up battalion-points on which to 

cover or dress. Jalonneur m. 
Jalonniren, v. (beim Feldmessen, etc.) voy. 

V. n. (tact.) (als Richtpunkt dienen). 

To take up a point on which to cover or 

dress. Jalonner ; se placer en jaloH" 

Jocb, n. (min.^ voy. Joche, pi. 
n. od. Scnachtgeviere (Rahmen). A 

shqft-frame. Cadre m. pour le cofirage 

des puits de mines. 

n. (min.) (verlomes). A temporary 

or false-frame. Faux-cadre m. 

n. (min.) (Ohr-) Tzum Anfangen eines 

Schachtes). voy. Onrrahmen, Fliigel- 

n. (min.) (Haupt-). Permanent frame, 

in opposition to a temporary-frame or 
(" verlomes Joch"). Cadre uni ordinaire, 
par opposition avec un faux-cadre. 

n. (constr. desponts.) (Briicken-). voy. 

BrUckenjoch, Standerwerk. 

n. od. Gebirgsjoch. Mountain-pass, 

Col m. de montagnes. 

Joebbnicke, f. od. Pfahlbriicke. voy. 

Briicke (Pfahlbriicke). 
Joche, n. pi. (min.) (eines hollandischen 

Rahmens). . The stanchions or side-pieces 

of a mining-case, (the end-pieces being 

called " Kappen "). Montants m. pi. d'un 

chassis k la hollandaise. 
n. pi. (min.) od. Schachtgeviere. voy. 

Jocbfeld, n. (constr. des ponts). voy. 

Briickenfeld, Glied (einer Briicke). 

n. voy. Jochweitie. 

Jochbolz, n. (constr. des ponts). voy. Kron- 

Jochpfahl, m. (constr. des ponts). Pile for^ 

bridge - building ; bridge -pile. Pilotis ;* 

pilot m. ; pieu. 
Jochpfette, f. voy. Kronschwelle. 
Jochscbwelle, f. (constr. des ponts). voy. 

Holm, Kronschwelle. 
Jochweite, f. (constr. des ponts). The 


Jour — Jnpitencfaiiitt. 

width of the bays of a bridge ; the tpan qf 

the bays. Ouverture t des trav4es. 
Jour (du — ), f. Cf the day ; for the day. 

Dejour ; pour le service dejour, 
(die — haben, v.). To be on duty 

for the day. &re dejour. 

^General-), voy. General du jour. 

(Lager-), woj. Lager du jour. 

(Officier-). voy. Du lOur. 

(Straf-). voy. Straf du jour. 

(Stulien-). Orderly-mam of a room in 

bamcks. Cdni qui est de ehambrie, qui 
ikit le sernce de chambre. 

Journal, n. (Exercir-). Company-book, 
(answering the purpose of the " diary ** 
kept in the British senrioe), with reference 
to the exerdse and drill of the company. 
Journal d'ezerdoe d'une compagnie. 

Jupiterschnitt, m. (charp.) Scatf of the 
triangnlar kind, for lengthening pieces of 
timbo'; tabled-scoff. Trait m. de Ju- 


Kadence, f. (tact.) Cadence. Cademce f. ; 

cademee tactique, 
Kadetty m. Cadet i (gentlemam eadef); 

cadet Ot a miUtanr college. Cadet m. ; 

ilive m. d'nne eoole militaire. toy. 

Kadetteiicompagnie> f* Toy. Cadetteneom^ 

Kadettenschule, f. voy. Cadettenachule. 
Kahn, m. Boatf rwer^boat; barge; lighter t 

email boat ; ekiff. Canot ; bateau m. ; 

barque t; nacelle f. 
Kahnyerkleidungen, f. pL (pont.) yoy. 

Kahre, f. (einea Fohnrerkes). voy. Gelenk. 
Kalbfell, n. fig. (dem — e folgen, v. To 

became or turn soldier, enter the army, 

enliet into the service, 8e /aire eoldat; 

euivre le tambour / porter le mouequet). 
Kalbleder, n. Calfskin, Cuir m. de veaui 

vetm m. 
Kalfactor. m. (Anfpaaaer). yoy. Aufyasser; 


m. voy. Calfactor. 

Kalfatern, v. (pont) To caulk or caUt. 

n. The calking of a vessel. Caffatage 

m. ; ca\fat. 
Kali, n. (chim.) Potash or potassa, Po» 

tasse f. 
(Aetz-)« Caustic Dotash, Potasseeaus* 

tique : nierre ^ cautere, 
(Chlor-). Chloride qf potash. Chlo* 

rure m. de potasse, 
(chlorsaures). Chlorate qf potash, 

(commonly called, oxymuriate qf potash). 

Chlorate m. de potasse. 
(kohleusaures). Subcarbonate qf po- 
tassa, Souscarbonate de potasse, 
(doppelt kohlensaures). Bicarbonate qf 

potassa. Bicarbonate de potasse, 
(oxidirt-salzsaures). Oxymuriate of 

potash. Muriate m. de potasse oxigM, 
(aalpetersaures). Nitrate qf potash ; 

(nitre). Nitrate m. de potasse ; (salpitre), 
(aaJzsaures). Hydrochhrate or muriate 

qf potash, Hydrochlorate m., muriate de 

Kali, (schwefelsaures). Sulphate qf potash. 
Sulfate m. de potasse, 

(iiberoxidirt-salzfaures) (Knallsalz). 

Chlorate qf potash, (oxymuriate qf potash, 
or, (a) hyperoxymuriate qf potash), ChlO' 
rate m. de potasse, (muriate de potasse 

(This salt, discovered by Berthollet in 
1786, has been used in combination 
with gun«-powder as a detonating- 
priming, but is now less employed 
than *' fidminate of mercury '' [Knall- 
quecksilber] for this purpose.) 

Kaliber, n. & m. (art.) od. Bobrungsdurcb- 
messer (der G^chiitze, etc.) The caliber 
(calibre) or diameter qf the bore of ord- 
nance. Calibre m. des bouches k feu. 

m. (art.) od. Durcbmeaser, m. (der 

Geschosse). The diameter of shot and 
shells. Calibre ou diam^tre m. des pro- 
jectiles, voy. Kugelkaliber. 

m. (o. e. f.) A bore (for forming the 

heads of screws). Clouihe f. 

m. (m. d'a.) (Rohr-). voy. Kaliber* 


(pi.) (sid.) (Rinschnitte, mit welchen 

die Walzen eines Walzwerkes versehen 
sind). Grooves in roughing - cylinders* 
Cannelturee f. pi. 

Kaliberbobrer, m. (for.) voy. Schlicht* 

m. (m. d'a.) vov. Caliberbohrer. 

Kalibercylinder, m. (m. d'a.) od. Kalibrir* 
cylinder (zur Untersuchung des Bohrungs- 
durchmessers des Feuergewehres). Bar* 
rel-plug, standard*plug or cylinder, for 
verifying the bore of sinall-arms. Cylindre 
v&ifcateur m. ; des m. 

Kaliberlebre^ f. (art.) voj, Kaliberring. ' 

Kalibermassig. voy. Cabbermassig. 

Kalibermassstab, m. (art.) (zur Unter* 

suchung der Geschutzrohre, etc.) Instru* 

ment for taking the calibre of ordnancey 

etc. ) sliding caUiper-scale with a vermtf 



Kalibermassstab — Kamm. 

or nomut, or verifying^ instmment for the 
above and several other purposes. VM- 
ficateur m. du calibre: Halon m. a cou- 
line et a nonius ,- pied 4talonn4: (instru- 
ment qui sert de base a toutes les verifica- 
tions et qu'on emploie k verifier les 
instruments v^riiicatcurs eux-mcmcs). 

Kalibermassstab, m.(art.^ voy. Kallberstab. 

Kalibcrring, m. (art.) (Kugellebre od. Ku- 
gelleere). A ring -gauge for shot or shells; 
thot- or shell-gauge. Lunette f. a calibrer 
les projectiles, voy. Kugelleere; (Mi- 
nuslehrc; Pluslehre). 

m. (art.) (zur Untersuchung der Schild- 

zapfcn). A trunnion-gauge. Lunette a 
calibrer les tourillons. 

Kaliberrohr, n. (art.) (zum Priifen des 
Durchmcssers der Greschosse). Cylinder- 
gauge for shot or shells. Cylindre m. de 
reception pour projectiles. 

Kaliberstab, m. (art) (Caliberstab, Artil- 
lericmassstab) (zur Auftragung und Con- 
struction der Geschiitze, etc.). Standard- 
Mcaie; scale of proportion, by which all 
designs for the construction of ordnance, 
carriages, etc. are made. £chelle de di- 
mensions, — de calibre, etc. servant d'in- 
dicateur dans les constructions d'artillerie. 

^— m. (art.) (Artilleriemassstab). voy. 
Caliberstab, Kalibermassstab. 

Kaliberstahl, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Passirstahl. 

Kalibrircylinder, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Kali- 
bercylinder, Robrkaliber. 

Kalibnren, v. (art.) voy. Calibrircn. 

Kalibydrat, n. (chim.) Hydrate qfpotassa. 
Hydrate m. de potasse, voy. Kali (Aetz-). 

Kalium, n. (chim.) Potassium, Potassium m. 

Kalk, m. Lime, Chaux f. 

m. (geloschter). Slaked-lime or slack- 
lime. Chaux iteinte, — iteinte i Veau. 

m. (ungeloscbter) (trockener, leben- 

diger). Unslaked- or quick-lime. — n>e, 

— s^che, 

m. (fetter). Fat lime, (from its appear- 
ance when mixed with water). — grasse. 

m. Tmagerer). Meagre lime, or lime 

(as hyoraulic-lime), yielding a paste thin 
in proportion to the quantity of water. 

— maigre, 

m. (hydrauliscber). Hydraulic- or 

water-lime. Chaus hydraulique. 

■ (zu — Steine brennen, v.) To calcine 
lime-stone; to bum lime. Faire de la 
chaux; calciner de la chaux. 

Kalkbrennen, n. The calcination qf lime- 
stone; lime-burning. Cuite f. de la chaux. 

Kalkbrennerei, f. voy. Kalkbrennen. 

f. voy. Kalkofen. 

Kalkfluss, m. (sid.) voy. Kalkzuscblag. 

Kalkofen, m. Lime-kiln, or furnace in which 
limestone is calcined. Four m. a chaux. 

Kalkstein, m. Limestone. Pierre f. d 
chaux : calcaire f. 

Kalkzuscblag, m. (sid.) Limestone-flux. 
Castine f. 

Kaltbriicbiges Eisen, n. (sid.) Cold-short 

iron (i. e. brittle when cold). Fer eassani 

hfroid. voy. Eisen. 
Kaltbummem, n. Cool- or cold-hammering, 

in order to stiffen or harden any thing. 

£crouissement m. ; action de battre le fer 

h froid. 
Kaltmeissel, m. voy. Hartraeissel. 
Kaltschmieden, n. (des Eisens). Cool- 
hammering; hammer-hardening. £crouisse- 

ment m. dn fer. 

V. (das Eisen). To cool-hammer; 

(smith) ; hammer-harden ; hammer cold. 
£crouir le fer ; le battre a froid. 

Kamasche, f. Gaiter. Gu^tre f. 
Kamerad, m. (Standesgcfahrte). Comrade; 

fellow-soldier. Camarade m. 
Kameradscbaft, f. (Menage), voy. Came- 


machen, v. To mess with, be in 

mess with, or be in the same mess with 
others ; to mess together. Faire ordinaire 
ensemble ; chambrer (a) ; faire chambr^e. 

f. (Korporalscban). A souad. Bs- 

couade f. voy. Cameradscbait. 

f. (Waffenbruderschaft). The una- 
nimity, mutual feeling, and good-fellowship, 
which pervades (or ought to pervade), the 
breasts of men fighting under the same 
banners, making them brother-soldiers one 
with another. Fraternity f. d'armes; 
camaraderie f. 

Kamin, m. & n. (m. d'a.) voy. Piston, 
Ziindstift, Ziindkegel. 

Kamm, m. (charp.) (Kammzapfen). Tenon 
(to fit a notch cut out in another piece). 
Tenon m. 

m. (oharp.) (Haken-). voy. Haken- 


m. (charp.) (Scbwalbenschwanz — ). 

A pin-dovetail or pin-part of a dovetaU. 
Queue f. d^hironde ; tenon m. d queue. 

m. (m. d'a.) (des Uahnes). voy. Hahn 

(Haken; Griff). 

m. (eines Hebnes). Crest of a helmet. 

Cimier m. d*un casque ; (crSte f.) 

m. (eines Pferdes). Crest of a horse's 

neck. Bord sup^eur de Tencolure qui 
porte la crini^re. 

m. (eines Deiches) (die Deicbkappe). 

The fop of a dike; summit or superior 
surface of a dam or dike. CouronnemefU 
d'une digue ; sommet m. 

m. (eines Gebirges). The cr«/ or n'd'^* 

of a mountain. Cr^te f. d'une montagne. 

m. (fort.) (der Brustwehr). The crest 

of the parajiet. Crfte f. du parapet. 

m. (fort.) Mes bedeckten Weges). The 

crest of the glacis, or crest of thie parapet 
of the covered-way. Crete f. du diemin 
convert ; crSte f. du glacis. 

m. (m6c.) (an lUdem). A cog, cog- 
tooth, on wheels. Alluchon m. 

m. (mec.) A cam, comb, wiper, nipper^ 

or arm, attached to the rim or drcumCBronoe 
of the shaft for lifting forge-hammers, stam- 
pers, etc. Came f. voy. Kamme, pL 

Kamm — Kammlinie. 


Kunm, m. (einer Daamkraft). voj, Kamme, 

m. (des Zondhutchens). voy. Ziind- 


Kammasche, f. voy. Kamasche. 

Kammdecke, f. (sell.) (Kammdeckel) (eines 
Fuhrgeachirres). A. hamest-pad. Mantelet 
m. ; espeoe de sellette dans certains atte- 

Kamme, m. pi. (m^.) voy. Daumen. 

m. pi. (mec.) (mit welchen die Poch- 

stempely etc. gdioben weiden). Wipere 
or nippere for lifting stampers or pestles, 
acting upon the tails of the lifts or tappets 
{*' Hebelatten "), Comes f. pi. 

m. pi. (einer Daumkraft). The teeth of 

the rack of a common hand-jack or tooth 
and pinion-jack. Dents f. pL 

Kammer, f. (art.) (bei Hanbitzen nnd Mor- 
tem). The chamber of howitzers and 
mortars. Chambre f. des obusiers et des 

f. (art.) (cylindrische — ). The <;y/tn- 

der'Chamder or cylindrical chamber. — 

f. (art.) (kegelfonnige— ). The co- 
nical — . — en cdnCf —conique. 

f. (art.) (abgestumpft kegelfonnige-). 

— in the form of an inverted truncated 
cone. — en c6ne tronqu/, 

f. (art) (Gomer'sche — ). The Gomer- 

chamber^ Tin shape like the frustum of a 
cone rounaed at bottom). — hla Gomer 
ou — tronconique. 

f. (art. a.) (spbarische od. kugel- 

formige — ). The spherical — . — sph/- 

f. (art. a.) (die parabolische-). The 

parabolic — . — paraboli^. 

f. (art. a.) (bimformige — ). Vjn- 

form — or — in the shape of a p^ar ; (co- 
nical chamber with hemispherical bottom 
reversed). — en forme de poire ou — py- 
riforme; chambre-poire, 

f. (art. a.) (im Stosse einiger alteren 

Kanonen). voy. Ziindkammer. 

f. (y. d'a.) (bei ganzen metallenen 

Buchsen). The chamber^ grease-chamber , 
or hollow in pipe-boxes for wheels, to 
retain the grease for lubrication. D^gage- 
ment m. pour la graisse des boites de roues 
(en bronze) ; ^casement m. voy. Scbmier- 

f. (sell.) des Battels ^dievordere). The 

gullet of the saddle, or hollow of the pom- 
* mel; (that part under the pommel into 
which the hand may be inserted). Libert/ 
f. du garrot ou collet m. 

f. (seU.) am Sattel (die hintere). The 

hollow of the cantle, or that part imme- 
diately under the crupper-loop. Libert/ f. 
du rognon. 

f. (min.) (einer Mine). The mine- 

chamber^ or chamber of a mine. Faurneau 
m.t chambre d'une mine. voy. Minen- 

Kammer, f. (arch, hydr.) (Schleusen-). 
voy. Schleusenkammer. 

f. (m. d*a.) (einer Schwanzschraube). 

The chamber; centre or principal tube in 
breeching. Chambre f. de la culasse d'un 
canon ; cAa9ii6r«principale ; dez m. voy. 
Auskeblung ; Einfeilung. 

f. (m. d'a.) (Pulver-). voy. Pulver- 

kammer; Pulversack. 

f. (artif.) (einer Signalrakete zu ihrer 

Versetzung). Tlie cylinder-heading of a 
signal-rocket. Pot m. de fus<je; cartouche 
du pot, ou pot proprement dit. 

f. (worin sich der Schwefel [die Schwe- 

felblume] beim Distilliren ansetzt). The 
chamber f in the refining of sulphur by dis- 
tillation, into which the sulphur, melted 
and converted into vapour, is led for con- 
densation. Chambre f. de I'appareil pour 
la distillation du soufre, oil se condense la 
vapeur en sortant de la chaudiere. 

Kammeradschaft, f. voy. Kameradscbaft. 

Kammergewebr, n. (m. d'a.) voy. Gewelir. 

Kammerholz, n. (ust. d'artif.) A cylinder- 
former, Mandrin m. k rouler les pots des 
fusees volantes. 

Kammerladung, f. (art.) (voile), voy. Kam- 
mervolle Ladung. 

Kammerschablone, f. (art.) A chamber- 
gauge, Planche de profit ou autre instru- 
ment servant a verifier si la chambre du 
mortier a la forme et la longueur prescrites. 

KammcrschleusCy f. (arch, hydr.) voy. Ka- 

Kammerscbwanzschraube, f. (m. d'a.) The 
chamber-plug; chambered-breech; {patent- 
breeching), Culasse f. a dez ; culasse 

Kammerspiegel, m. (art.) Wooden bottom 
for pound-shot and stones (in the exercise 
of mortars). Plateau m. pour le tir des 
pierriers, des mortiers. 

KammerstUck, n. (art.) (eines Morsers). 
The reif\force of a mortar. Rejfort m. 
d'un mortier. 

n. (art.) od. Bodenstiick (einer Hau- 

bitze). The reif\force of a howitzer. Ren- 
fort m. d'un obusier. 

Kammervolle Ladung, f. (art.) Greatest 
charge or charge for greatest range (in 
mortar-practice). Charge f. a chambre 

Kammfasse, f. (charp.) (Vertiefung zum 
Kamme). Notch for connecting timbers 
in carpentry. Entaille f. 

Kammkissen, n. (sell.) (beim preuss. Sie- 
lengcschirre). Pad of breast-harness (in 
use in the Prussian artillery). Espece de 
panneau du hamais a poitrails en Prusse, 
servant de sellette au sous-verge; co%u- 
sinet de charge. 

(The term appears to be in dose con- 
nexion with the ** harness-pad " of 
common or carriage -harness, called 
" Kammdecke " or " mantelet.") 

Kammlinie, f. voy. Feuerlinie. 


Kammrad — Kandare. 

Kammrad, n. (m^.) A toothed-wheel^ cog- 
wheel. Roue f. h denttt roue dent/e ; h^- 
rieton m. ; roue ^engrenage, 

n. (m^.) (Rad, dessen Zahne in einer, 

xu der Flache des Rades gendgten Rich- 
tung stehen). Bevelled-wheel; (bevel- or 
bevelled-gear) ; conical wheel. Roue (, 
d^ angle; roue conique, 

11. (mcc.) (Rady dessen Zaline an der 

Seite angebracht sind und parallel mit der 
Welle laufen). Crown- or contrate-wheelf 
face-wheel ; one, the teeth or cogs of 
which are placed ronnd its periphery, pa- 
rallel to the axis of the wheel. Roue f. 
de champ; celle dont les dents sont im- 
plant^ sur les cdt^s des coorbes, et qui 
sont pcrpendiculaires au plan de la roue. 

Kammring, m. (sell.) (Schwebering). A 
"D." D^m, voy. Hinterzeug. 

Kammstange, f. (Zahnstange). A rack, 
Cr^maillh-e f. 

Kampagne, f. (h. f.) (eines Hohofens). voy. 
Campagne; Hiittencampagne. 

Kamprer, m. (arch.) (Impost, Knauf)> 
The impost or platband; (the upper part 
of the abutments or piers from which an 
ardi immediately springs). Impotte f. 

Kampiren, v. voy. Campiren. 

Kampirleine, f. Picket-line^ or picket-rope, 
to which horses are secured in camp. Corde 
f, ti piquet de cavalerie ; prolonge f. pour 
les chevaux ; prolonge de campement, 

Kampirpfahl, m. Campirpfahl, (Piquet- 
pfanl). Picket, picket-poet. Piquet m. 
i cheval, 

SLampirpfahle, m. pi. od. Piquetpfahle. 
Pickets, picket-poets. Piquets m. pi. pour 
attachcr les chevaux dans les camps. 

Kanal, m. (m. d'a.) (des Ziindstifkes und des 
StollensV voy. Canal ; Ziindkanal ; 

m. (f. a. r.) (Rauchabfuhnmgs-). voy. 


— m. (h. f.) (Kanale, pi.) (xur Ableitnng 
der Dampfe). voy. Abziige, pi. 

— ^ m. (arch, hydr.) (Abkitungs-) (sum 
Ableiten des Wassers nachdem es seine 
Wirkung auf das Rad geubt hat). That 
part of the " race " wbldi carries off the 
tail-water; the lower part qf the race. 
Canal inferieur par lequel Teau depcnsee 
s'evacue a))rc8 avoir agi sur la roue. 

Kanalschraube, f. (m. d'a.) Ziindkanal- 
schraube od. Reinigungsschraube (des 
ZtindstollenH). The clearing-screw of the 
lump or nipple-seat (in some percussion- 
muskets), at right angles to the nipple, 
and which, when taken out, affords a cUrect 
communication with the chambw. Petite 
vis qui ferme en dehors la lumi^re hori* 
zontale de Tanden fusil a silex transfonnd 
en systeme & percussion. 

Kanalwagc, f. (zum Nivelliren). A water- 
level. Niveau m. d*eau. voy. Niveau. 

Kandare, f. (sell.) (Kantare, Kanthare od. 
Stange) (Stangenmundstiick). The hit. 

bridle-bit of military bridles. Mors m. de 
bride ; mors militaire. Its parts are : 
Die Seitentheile, pL (Baume, Backen, 

Balken, Stangen, Arme od. Scheren). 

The cheeks, pi. of bit. Branches f, pL 

composed of : 

Das Ober-Gestell od. der Oberarm. The 
top-cheek of bit, or upper-end ofbit- 
• cheek. Haul m. de la branche ; (par- 
tie aplatie au-dessus du banquet). 

Der Unterarm, (Anzug, Schenkel, Sche- 
re). The branch of cheek, or tlie leg. 
Bas m. de la branche ; (partie qui se 
trouve au-dessous du banquet^ 

Das Auge, (Haupt-Gestell-Lodi). The 
ege of bit-cheek. (Eil m. de la 

Das Zapfenlodi. The rivet-hole for 
fixing the mouth-piece. Banquet m,; 
ouverture ou partie vide qui se trouve 
k peu prcs au milieu de la branche, 
servant k enchfisscr les rivets. 

Die Ziigelringe, pi. The bit-rings, An- 
neaux m, pi. de porte-rfnes. 

Die Kloben, pi. (od. Wirbel) der Zugel- 
ringe. Tha bolts or swivels, Toureis 
m. pi. de porte-r^nes. 

Die Schaumkette. Tbd slobbering'^hain 
or slavering-cham. Chatnette f. 

Die Schaumstange od. Sperrstange. The 
bar of bit, or bottom^bar, Barre f. 
voy. Schaumstange. 

Die Buckeln, f. pL The bit-bosses pL ; 
(boss, sing.) Bossettes f. pi. 
Das Muudstiick. The mouth or mouth- 
piece of bit. Embouchure f. voy. Mund- 


of which the parts are : 

Die Bodenstiicke, pL The beams. Ca- 
nons m. pL 

Die Zapfen. The rivets. Rivets m. pL, 
servant k fixer Tembouchure anx 

Die Tragepunkte, Ballen. The corners 
pi. qfthe beams, or comers qfport. 
Talons m. pi. 

Die Mundstiick-Mitte. The centre of 
mouth-piece. Milieu m. de Tembon- 
chure ; differing in different bits, and 
forming between the oomen of the 
beams die ** Zungcnfireiheit *' (the 
arch of mouth ; liberty f. de langue). 

Das Gelenk, (Gewinde od. Gewerbe). The 
joint, mouth-joint (in some German 
bits). Pli m ; chamihre ei pli. 
Die Kinnkette. The curb-chain or curb. 

Gourmette f. 

Der Kinnkettenhaken, (EinlegehakenV 
Thecurb-hook; (near-side etn^b^ook). 
Crochet m. 

Das Lans^glied. The off-side eurb^hook, 
Kandare, f. (sell) (Galgen-). voy. Galgen* 

f. (seU.) (die Sohr'tche- od. in die 

preuss. Armee eingeiuhrte). Oarman* 

Kandare — Kanone. 


mumiked bitt with a jointed port. Mors 
k emum brii/, acec un pen de liberty de 
Ksndue, (atHL) (mit dnem gebrochenen 
Ifmidstadce). Bit with a jointed mouth- 
piece. Mors d single canon bris/; — 
mobile dans le centre, an moyen d'une 
diarni^ iLplL 

t (selL) en^sche (mit einem festen 

Ifmidstacke). English bit; (jport-monthed 
bii). Mors d PangUuse. voy. Mund- 
Kannelkohle, f. (min^raL) (KenneUcolile). 
Cmmel-cotdf called in Scotland parrot- 
coai, Ckamelcoal m. 
Kanonade, f. Cttmumade. Canonnade t 
Kanone, f. (art) A gun ; piece qf artillery; 
piece qf ordnance, Bouehe f. hfeu ; pi^e 
d'artiUerie ; canon m. voy. Geschiitz. 
The names of the principal parts of brass 
and other ordnance are as follows : 

Der Boden der Seele. The bottom of 

the bore. Fond m. de V&me, 
Der Boden od. die Metallstarke vor dem 
Stosse. voy. Metallstarke vor dem 
Die Bodenfriese. voy. hochste Friese. 
Das Bodenstiick od. der erste Bruch. 
The Jirst reinforce. Premier rer^fort. 
Die Bodenverstarkung. The cascablci 
(not including the cascable-bntton). 
CuUde-lampe m., (non compris le 
Die Bodenverstarkong and Tranbe. The 

cascable, Cul-de-lampe m. 
Der erste Bnich. Toy. BodenstUck. 
Der zweite Bmch. Toy. Zapfenstiick. 
Die Delphine od. Henkel (Delphinen). 

The dolphins. Anses t pi. 
Die Erhohung des Kopfes. The swell 
qf the muzzle, Bourrelet m. en tu- 
Das binge Feld. The chase, VoUe f. 
Die Fnesen, pi. (Verzierungen). Toy. 

Der Hals der Traube. The neck qf the 
cascable or button-neck. Collet du 
Das Halsband. The neck-astragal, As- 

tragale m. du collet. 
Die Handhaben, pL od. 
Die Henkeli pL tot. Delphine. 
Die hochste Friese, (Bodenfriese). The 
base-ring, Plate*bande f. de culasse, 
Der Kopf. The muzzle, Partie ant^- 
rieure de la pi^ Ters la bonche; 
bdUrrelet m., tulipe f. Toy. Er- 
hohung; Schifiakopf. 
Das Kom. The dispart, muzzle-sight, 
or piece of metal cast on the muzzle 
of some guns. Bouton m. de mire 
du bourrelet ; guidon m. 
Die ganze Lange des Rohres. The 
length of the gun; {entire length). 
Longueur totale, Toy. Lange. 
Das Langefeld. Toy. Feld (das lange). 


Die Metallstarke des Bodens. Toy. 
Metallstarke Tor dem Stosse. 

Die Metallstarke am Bodenstiicke. Toy. 

Die Metallstarke Tor dem Stosse od. der 
Boden. The breech, Culasse f. (non 
compris le cul-de-lampe). 

Die Metallstiirke an der Miindung. The 
thickness of metal at the muzzle. 
TVanche f. de la bouehe. 

Die Miindung. The mouth of the piece. 
Bouehe f. ; (entr^ de T&me). 

Die MiindungadSache. The face of the 
piece. liranche f. de la bouehe; 
(plan qui termine la pi^ k sa partie 

Das Pl&ttchen an der Traube. The 
button-fillet, Listel m. du bouton, 

Der Schiffskopf. The swell qfthe muz- 
zle, Bourrelet m. en tulipe; (renfle- 
ment qui se trouTe Ters la bouehe). 
Toy. Erhohung des Kopfes. 

Die Schildzapfen, pi. od. Schellzi^fen. 
The 'trunnions. Tourillons m. pi. 

Die Schildzapfenscheiben, pi. od. die 
Stossscheiben der Schildzapfen. The 
shoulders o( the trunnions. Embases 
f. pi. des tourillons. Toy. Schildzapfen- 
streben (bei Morsern). 

Die Seele. The bore, ^met Toy. Seele. 

Die Seelenaxe. The axis of &e piece. 
Axe m. de la piece. 

Die Traube. The button, cascable-but- 
ton. Bouton m. de culasse. 

Die Traube mit der BpdenTerstarkung. 
Toy. BodeuTerstarkung und Traube. 

Die Traubenhals. The neck qf the cas- 
cable, or button-neck. Collet m, du 

Die Verstarkung des Bodens. Toy. Bo- 

DasVisir. The notch on the top of the 
base-ring ; breech-tight, Cran m. de 
mire plac^ sur la plate- bande do cu- 
lasse ; visihre f. 

Das Zapfenstiick od. der zweite Bruch. 
The second reinforce. Second renfort. 

DasZundfeld. The vent-field. Champ 
m. de lumih'e. 

Das Zundfeld od. 

Die Ziindkrautrinne. The grooTC for 
the priming, in the Tent-field of some 
siege-guns. Canal m. d*amorce, en- 
taiU^ en aTant de la lumiere des 
canons de si^ et de place. 

Das Ziindkom. The copper bouehe. 
Grain m. de lumih'e; (grain en cuiTre 
rouge). Toy. Zundkom. 

Das Ziindloch. The vent, Lumiere f, ; 
(canal m. de lumihre), TO]r. Aufsatz ; 
bodenstiick ; Gewicht ; Hinterwich- 
tigkeit ; Kammer ; Kugellaj^r; La- 
gerpunkt; Metallstarke; Spielraum; 
Stellschraube ; Vi8ireinscnnitt;Vi-. 
airlinie ; Yiairlippe ; Visirriicken. 


Kanone — Kanouenschuss. 

Kanonc, f. (art.) (eine voUgiitige-). Piece 
of ordnance " of a bore* 8 calibre at the 
breech '* or ^^ of one calibre in thickness " 
at the breech. Canon dont Tepaisseur a 
la lumicre est ^gale a un diametre du bou- 
let ou au calibre de la piece, voy. Gut. 

f. (art.) (eine verglichcne — ). Gun 

which has no dispart ; one, of which the 
semi-diameter of the muzzle is equal to 
the semi -diameter of the base-ring, by 
which the line of sight is made parallel to 
the axis of the bore. Piece 4galis4ej dont 
la ligne de mire est rendue parallelc a 
Taxe. voy. Vergleichen ; verglicbene 

f. (art.J (ausgeschossene). voy. 

Kanonenronr (ausgeschossenes). 

Ranonen, f. pi. voy. Geschiitz. 

TBelafferungs-). voy. Geschiitz. 

(Bomoen-). (Kiistengeschiitz). The 

6S-pounder- and 80'pounder Pairhans* 
ffunSt of which the former throw 8-inch 
shells. Canons m. pi. a bombes^ dits a la 
PaLvhans.yoy. Bombcnkanone; Kiistea- 

^Feld-). voy. Geschiitz. 

(Festungs-). voy. Geschiitz. 

Kanonenbatterie, f. K gun-battery. Batte- 
He f. de canons. 

Kanonenbettung, f. A gun-platform. Plate- 
forme f. a canon ou plate-forme de canon. 

Kanonenboot, n. Gun-boat. Chaloupe- 
canonniere ; canonniere f. 

Kanoneucommandeur, m. (art.) voy. Vor- 

Kanonenfeuer, n. Cannonade. Canonnade 
f. voy. Geschiitzfeuer. 

n. (art.) (mit Vollkugeln). Gun-prac- 
tice; practice of artillery with round-shot ; 
firing round-shot. THr m. a boulets des 

- n. (art.) (mit Kartatschen). — with 
case. THr a balles. 

Kanonenform,f.(moul.) Gun-mould. Moule 
m. voy. Geschiitzform. 

Kanonengranate, f. (art.) Shell for guns. 
Obus pour canons. 

Kanonengut, n. (art^ voy. Kanoncnmetall. 

Kanonculiaubitze, t voy. Kanone (Ilau- 

Kanonenkartatschen, f. pi. (art.) (ohne 
Kartusche). Gun-case; (land-service gun- 
case); field-service case-shot for guns. 
Bottes f. pi. a balles pour canons (s^parees 
de la charge). 

f. pi. (art.) (mit Kartusche). Fixed- 
case or canister-shot for guns. Bottes a 
balles pour canons r^unies k la charge; 
{cartouches f. pi. h balles pour canons). 
voy. Kartatschen ; Kartatsche. 

Kanonenkartusche, f. (art.) Gun-cart ridge^ 
(cannon-cartridge). Gargousse f. a canon. 
Kanonenkugel, f. voy. VoUkugel. 
Kanouenlaffete, f. (art.) Gun-carriage. 

^ AffHit m. de canon. 

jmoncnmetall, n. (art.) (Stiickgiit, n., j 

Bronce, f. od. Bronze), voy. Geschiitz- 

Kanonenmodell, n. (moul.) Pattern or 
model for moulding guns in dry-sand 
moulding. Modele m. pour le moulage en 
sable des bouches a feu. 

Kanonenmunition, f. voy. Munition. 

Kanonenpulver, n. (poudr.) Cannon-pow- 
der. Poudre f. a canon, voy. Geschiitz- 

Kanonenrobr, n. (art.) Piece qfordnancct 
gun^ (with reference only to dismounted 
ordnance or considered by itself, apart from 
the carriage, etc.). Canon m. d'artillerie; 
pihce f. de canon. 

n. (art.) (im Gegensatze von Haubitz- 

od. Morserrohren). A ytm, or piece of 
ordnance properly so called, in distinction 
to a howitzer or mortar. Canon m., piece 
de canont par opposition a Tobusier, au 

n. (art.) (6-pfiindiges ; I2-pfiindiges ; 

24-prdndiges). A6-pounder; l2-pounder; 
24-pr.^*). Piece de six; —dedouze; — 
de vingt-quatre. 

n. (art.) (ausgeschossenes-). Con- 

demnedf unserviceable gun; one injured 
or defective from firing. Piece mise hors 
de service par le tir ; pikce d/grad^e par 
le tir. 

n. (man. de force) (ein — in seine 

Laffete legen, v.) To mount a gun upon 
its carriage. Monter une piece sur son 

n. (man. deforce), (ein — auslegen^ v.) 

To dismount a gun from its carriage. Des- 
cendre une piece de son afi^t 

n. (man. de force), (ein — aus dem 

Schiess- ins Marschlager legen, v. od. 
bringen). To sh\ft a gun from the firing- 
to the travelling trunnion-holes. Faire 
passer une pi^ce de I'encastrement de tir a 
la position de route. 

Kanonensattelwagen, m. (art) Sort of plat- 
form-carriage or waggon for transporting 
dismounted ordnance. Chariot m. a canon, 
(chariot porte-corps m.). 

Kanonenscharte, f. (fort.) The common 
gun-embrasure t or embrasure of a gun- 
battery. Embrasure f. de canons, voy. 
Scharte, Schiessscharte. 

Kanonenschlag, m. (artif.) (zur Versetzung 
der Raketen). The bouncing-powder, ex- 
ploding or bursting -charge of bounce- 
heading. Marron to., petard dont on gar- 
nit les grosses fiis^ de signaux. 

m. (artif.) A marroon. Marron m. 

Kanonenschloss, n. (art. & art. nav.) Gun- 
lock, cannon-lock; (lock for naval-ordnance 
as well as land-service artillery). Platine 
f. pour canon ; (platine a double tfte de la 
marine), voy. Hammerschlosa ; Schloss ; 

Kanoneuschuss, m. (art.) Gunshot, coH' 
non-shot. Coup m. de canon. 

m. (art.) A round. Coup m. 

Kanonenschussweite — Kappe. 


Kanonenschussweite, f. (ausserhalb der 
— ). Out of range; out oj gunshot, Horn 
de lajfort/e du canon. 

Kanonier, m. (art.) Gunner; artilleryman. 
Canonnier; artilleur, 

Kanonierchaloupe, f. voy. Kanonenboot. 

Kanonierschaluppe, f. voy. Kanonenboot. 

Kantare, f. (sell.) Toy. Kandare. 

Kante, f. (charp.) (eines Brettes). The 
edge. Ar&e f. d'une planchci d'uDe pi^ 

f. (diarp.) (die schief abgestossene — 

eines Balkens). The chancer or cham- 
ftred-edge of a piece of staff. Chta^ein m. 
d'mie pontre. Toy. Kanten, pi. 

f. (charp.) (die hohe- od. Profil eines 

Brettes). The edge or face of a board, as 
of one which is to be jointed to another. 
Tranche f. • 

f. (fort.^ (die innere — der Bmstwehr) 

(Feuerlinie od. Cr#te). The creet or iw- 
terior-crest of the parapet Crfte int^- 
rieure I ligne defeu. voy. Feuerlinie. 

Kanten, f. pi. (charp.) (ein Stiick Holz an 
den — schief abstossen, v.). To chancer 
a piece of staff. Delarder une pi^ de 

•^— (charp.) (die hohen — der Bretter ab- 
stossen, v.) To shoot the edges of boards 
that are to be joined, or to make them 
straight. Corroyer let tranches; dresser 
les planches sur la tranche. 

Kantenring, m. (charp.) (der Zimmcrleute). 
Toy. Kantring. 

Kanthare, f. (sell.), voy. Kandare. 

Kantoniren, v. n. voy. Cantoniren. 

;- lassen, v. (Truppen). voy. Canto- 

Kantonirung, f. voy. Cantonirung. 

Kantonirungen, f. pi. (in — legen, v.). 
voy. Cantonirungen. 

(in — liegen, v.). voy. Canto- 


Kantonirungsquartier, n. Cantonment. 
Cantonnement m. ; quartier m. de canton" 

Kantonirungsquartiere, n. pi. voy. Can- 

Kantring, m. (charp.) od. Kantenring. A 
cant' hook f for turning or canting a tree. 
Crochet m. ^ anneau^ servant k toumer 
les bois. 

Kantschu, m. (art.) (ledeme Peitsche). Dri- 
ver's whip in the Prussian field-batteries, 
etc. Fouet m. d'artillerie. 

Kapelle, f. (artif.) voy. Capelle. 

f. Cchim.) voy. Capelle. 

f. (art.) (zum Bedecken des Ziindloches 

der FestungsgeschUtze). Sort of wooden 
covering for the vents of garrison-guns. 
Chapiteau m. poor canons de place. 

Kapitain, m. od. Kapitan. Cavtain. Capt^ 
taine. voy. Hauptnuinn ; Officier. 

Kapitain d'annes, m. voy. Capitain 

Kapitainlieutenant, m. (in Oestreich). Of- 
Gkrman Part. 

fioer commanding a " Stabscompagnie " in 
Austria; analogous to the abolished rank in 
the British army of " captain-lieutenani." 
Capitaine-lieutenant (en Autriche) ; (capi- 
taine en second). 

Kapitainlieutenant, m. (a.). Captain- 
lieutenant (a.), or officer commanding the 
colonel's company. Capitaine-lieutenant 
(a) ; officier mis k la t^te d'une compagnie 

Kapitallinie, f. (fort.) voy. Capitalc, 

Kapitulant, m. voy. Capitulant. 

Kapitulantenzulage, f. voy. Capitulan- 

Kapitulation, f. (ebes Soldaten).^ voy. Ca- 

f. (bei der Uebergabe einer Festung). 

voy. Capitulation. 

Kapituliren, v. voy. Capituliren. 

Kanoralschaft, f. voy. Korporalschaft, 

Kappe, f. (fort.) (Bonnet). A bonnette (in 
field-fortification). Bonnette f. ; exhausse- 
ment en terre k Tangle saillant d'un re- 
tranchement. voy. Bonnet. 

f. (artif.) (bei den Ziindem der Hohlku- 

geln). The cap of fuzes. Coiffe f. de fu- 
sses des projectiles creux. 

f. (m. d'a.) (Stosskappe od. das 

Kolbenblech). The heel-plate of the mus- 
ket-stock. Plaque f. de ^§iuche k la crosse 
du fusil. 

f. (m. d'a.) (des Pistolenkopfes). The 

pistol-cap. Calotte f. de pistolet. 
f. (art.) (Ziindkappe) (iiber dem Ziind- 

loche der Geschiitzrohre). Vent -cover. 

Cdche-lumihre (en cuir). voy. P£euin- 

f. (m. d'a.) (des Sabelgefasses). The 

back-piece of the sword-hilt. Calotte f. de 


f. (der Pistolenholfler). The flounce. 

Chaperon m. de fonte. 

f. (artif.) od. der Deckel (der Ver- 

setzungskapsel). The cone of rocket-head- 
ing. Chapiteau m. conique. voy. Spitz- 

f. (sell.) (Kummtkappe). The housing 

of a coUar. Coij^e f. 

f. (eines Deiches) (Deichkappe). The 

summit or superior surface of a dam or 
dike. CrSle f., couronnement d'une digue ; 
sommet m. 

f. (v. d'a.) (des Ortscheites). voy. Ort- 

kappe; Seitenkappe; Mittelkappe. 

f. (pont.) (eines Briickenbockes). The 

transom^ ridge-beam^ head-beam^ or upper- 
piece of a bridge-trestle. Chapeau m. d'un 
chevalet de pont. voy. Kopfbalken; 

f..(constr. des ponts.) (iiber einer Reihe 

Pfahle). A cap^ or horizontal beam con- 
necting the heads of a row of piles. Cha- 
peau m. 

f. (min.) (eines Thiirgeriistes). The 



Kartatschspiegel — Kasematten. 

Kartatschspiegel, m. (art.) (holzeiner). 
Case-fhot bottom^ or wooden bottom for 
easeshotf (gencraUy with fixed-ammuni- 
tion, excepting in the case of the 25-pr. 
howitzer case-shot in Prussia.) Sabot en 
bois pour cartouches a balles. 

m. (art.) (mit Rinnen versehener). 

Grooved-bottom for fixing. Sabot m. h 
rainure pour la Ugature des sachets. 

m. (zu Haubitzkartatschen). Conical- 

bottom f or hemi-itpherical bottom for howit- 
zer case-shot, (according as the chamber is 
cylindrical or conical). Sabot de boite h 
balles pour obtmers : {sabot conique^ tronc- 
conique, etc. suivant le racoordement de 
r&me avec la chambre). 

Kartatschwand, f. (art.) Target for prac- 
tice with case-shot. Panneau pour le tir 
k balles. 

Kartatschwurf, m. (art.) A round of fixed 
ease-shot for howitzers. Cartouche f. a 
balles d^obusier. 

Kartell, m. & n. voy. Auslieferungs- 
vertrag; Auswechselungsvertrag. 

Kartouche, f. (Patrontasdie der Unter- 
offidere). Sergeant* s pouch (in Prussia). 
Gibeme f. de sous-officier d'infanterie (en 

Kartuschbeutel, m. (art.) The empty-car- 
tridge for guns and howitzers. Sachet m.; 
sachet a gargousse; (sachet vide), 

m. (art.) (von Serge). The empty serge 

(or flannel) cartridge ; the empty bag or 
serge for the charge. Sachet en serge pour 
gargousFe a canon, etc. 

m. (art.) (Papier-). Empty paper- 
cartridge. Sachet en papier; {gargousse 
f.) ; gargousse en papier, 

m. Tart) (Papier- mit Flanell- [Serge-] 

Boden). Empty paper-cartridge with 
flannel-bottom. Sachet en papier a culot 
en serge. 

Kartuschbiichse, f. (art.) Toy. Kartusch- 

Kartusche, f. (art.) The cartridge made up 
for service; {aun or cannon-cartridge, etc.). 
Gargousse 1. ; sachet plein (non rcuni au 

f. (art.) (eine bliude). The cartridge, 

or charge not fixed to the shot. Gar- 
gousse f. ; sachet rempli de poudre (non 

f. (art.) (eine scharfe) od. Patrone. 

A round of fixed-ammunition, i. e. the 
charge and shot fixed to each other. Car- 
touche f. 

f. (art.) (Papier-). Empty paper- 
cartridge, or bag of paper which contains 
the charge ; pa per -cartridge. Sachet m. 
en papier ; sachet d gargousse ; gargousse 
en papier ; gargousse f. 

f. (art.) (von Zeug)- Empty flannel 

cartridge. Sachet en serge, etc. voy. 

f. (art) (Kugel-). voy. Kugelschuss; 


Kartusche, f. (art) (Kanonen-). Toy. 

f. (art.) (Haubitz-). Howitzer-car- 
tridge. Sachet pour obusiers (rempli de 
poudre) ; gargousse pour obusiers. 

f. (art.) (Feld-). — for field-service. 

— pour pieces de campagne. 

f. (art^ (Manover-). — for practice. 

— pour fexercice. 

f. (art.) (HUlfs-; Rikoscbett-V - con- 
taining the ** Hiilfsladung " ana " Riko- 
schettladung." voy. Laidung (Iliilfs-; 

f. (Patrontasche). The pouch. Gi- 
beme. voy. Patrontasche ; Kartouche. 

KartU8chbiich8e,f.(art.)(holzeme). Wooden 
cylinder, for bringing up ammunition from 
the magazine. Gargoussier m. voy. Kar- 

Kartuschkoker, m. (art.) The cartridge- 
cylinder or wooden-cylinder used in serving 
ammunition. Gargoussier m. 

Kartuschleere, f. (art.) A cartridge-gauge; 
{cylinder-gauge). Cylindre m. de recep- 
tion pour sachets. 

Kartusclmadel, f. (art.) Pricker or pricker- 
wire, for priddng the cartridge. D^gar- 
geoir m. ordinaire, servant a peroer la 
gargousse. voy. Raumuadel. 

Kartuschsack,m. (art.) (bei der engl. Feld- 
artillerie). Canvass car touch for keeping 
cartridges dry and secure, and made to fit 
the partitions in the limbw-box in which 
the ammunition is carried, both with guns 
and howitzers. Sac m. k charge ou sac en 
coutil peint a Thuile, servant a couvrir la 
diarge des obusiers et des canons dans les 
cofTres k munitions. 

Kartuschschablone, f. (srt.) (Patronen- 
schablone od. Musterbrett, n.) (nach 
welcher die Kartuschbeutel zugeschnitten 
werden). Flannel-cartridge mould, car- 
tridge-mould, or pattern for cartridges* 
Patron m. en fer-blanc des sachets pour 
canon ou pour obusier. voy. Boaen- 
schablone; Schablone. 

Kariuschtomister, ra. (art.) Cartouch for 
supplying ammunition ; cartouch for bring- 
iug-up the cartridge. Sac m. et cartouches; 
sac h charge. 

Kartuschtrichtcr, m. (art.) Funnel for 
filling cartridges. Entonnoir m. k charger 
les gargousses. 

Kartuschwagen, m. (art.) Anmntnition- 
waggon. Caisson m. a munitions. 

Kasematte, f. (fort.) A casemate; bomb- 
proof. Casemate f. 

Kasematten, f. pi. (fort.) Casemates. Case- 
mates f. pi. 

f. pL (fort.) (Defensious-, Defensiv- 

od. \ crtheidigungs-). Defensible-case- 
mates, or bomb-proof vaults to cover artil- 
lery, in distinction to those employed as 
barracks or stores. Casemates f. pL ; case- 
mates afeu; voUtes defensives ; souier- 
rains m. pi. servant a la defense, par oppo- 

Kaaematten — Kasse. 


shion li oenx destin^ k loger la garnison 
ou k renfermer les approrisionnements. 

Rasematten, f. pL (fort.) (Etagen- od. 
Stockwerk-) (zur Defension). Casemates 
or easemated works qf two or more tiers 
in height; {tiers qf casemates). Case- 
mates a utif deux, trois etages; Utaaes de 
casemates); casemates superposees a dtf- 
firents Stages. 

f. pi. (fort.) (zva Casemirung) (Infan- 

terie- od. noon-). Barrack-casemateSf 
or casemates intended for the use of troops. 
Souterrains m. pi. poor le logement de la 
garnison; souterrains de caserne; can- 
mates d^ habitation, 

f. pi. (fort.) (hinten offene-). Case- 

mates open in rear, or — open to the rear, 
and therefore less liable to retain the 
smoke. — en d/charge ; — ouvertes du 
cot^ int^rieur pour dimlniier I'inconT^nient 
de la fiimee. 

f. pl. (fort.) (Vorratbs-) (zur Auf- 

bewahrung von Mund- nnd Kriegsvor- 
rathen). Store-casemates. Souterrains 
servant k renfermer les munitions et les 
vivres en temps de si^ge. 

f. pl. (fort.) (Infanterie-) (Gallerien). 

Galleries, loop-holed galleries for mus- 
ketry. Galeries cr4n/eliu ou casemat^es 
pour la mousqueterie. 

f. pl. (Morser-) (die Ton Camot und 

Andem vorgeschlagenen). Mortar-case- 
mates, in Cumot's system, etc. Batteries 
casematies afeux courbes, oomme dans le 
systeme de Camot, etc 

f. pL (Parallel-), voy. Parallelkase- 


Kasemattenbatterie, f. (fort.) Casemated- 
battery. Batterie casematee. 

Kasemattenfeuer, n. Casemated-fire, Feu 
casemate ; feux de casemates. 

Kasemattengeachiitz, n. Guns in ease- 
mates ; casemated-guns, Pi^s f. pL case- 

Kaaemattenhebezeug, n. (art.) Ggn for 
mounting guns in casemates. (Sort of 
" Gibraltar-gyn'' is sometimes so under- 
stood.) Chevre pour pieces de casemate. 

Kasemattenlaffete, f. (art.) Standing-car- 
riage for casemates. AffHi m. de case- 

f. (art.) (yon Montalembert). voy. 


Kasemattenprotze, f. (art) A casemate- 
limber. Avant-train pour afitit de case- 

Kasemattenschleppe, f. (art.) (Walzen- 
schleppe). Sally-port or roller-sledge for 
the service of artillery in fortifications. 
Traineau m. de poteme ; trmneau it rou- 

f. (art.) voy. Kasemattenprotze. 

Kasemattiren, v. (fort.) To casemate; to 
provide with casemates. Casemater, 

Kasemattirt^ (fort.) Casemated. Case- 

Kasemattirte Batterie, f. voy. Kasemat- 
Caponniere, f. Casemated-capomere. 

Caponnihre casemate. 
Redoute, f. Casemated-redoubt. Re- 

doute casemate. 
Kasemattirter Wall, m. (fort.) A case- 

mated-rampart. Rempart casemate. 
Kasemattirung, f. (fort) Casemated-work 

of masonry employed in fortresses. Ouv- 

rage casemate. 

f. voy. Rasematte. 

f. (fort.") (fiir Kleingewehr). voy. Klein- 

gewenrgauerie ; Infanteriekasematten, 

Kaseme, f. A barrack, {barracks, pL). 

Caserne f . 

f. (Cavallerie-). A cavalry-barrack. 

Caserne de cavalerie. 

f. (Infanterie-). An it^antry-barrack. 

Caserne d'infanterie. 

f. (fort.) (Defensions-). voy. Ver- 


Kasernement, n. voy! Rasemirung. 

Kasernen, f. pl. (die Truppen in — ^legen, 
v.). To place or quarter troops in bar- 
racks. Casemer les troupes. 

Kasemenarrest, m. fQuartierarrest). voy. 
Casemenarrest ; Anrest. 

Kasernen du jour, f. Barrack orderly- 
duty, or orderly-duty in barracks ; regi- 
mental orderly-duty. Service m. de jour 
des lieutenants et des sous-lieutenants en 

(Officier-). voy. Du iour (Offider- ; 

Lieutenant der Regiments-). 

Kasemenverwalter, m. Bairack-master ; 
one employed in this capacity, but with 
non-commissioned-officer's rank only ; (bar- 
rack-sergeant). Casemier m. 

Rasemenwache, f. Barrack-guard; regi- 
mental-guard. Garde f. de police de 
la caserne; garde de police en gar- 

Kasemiren, v. To place or put in barracks. 

Kasemirt. In barracks. Casern^. 

Kasemirtes Regiment. A regiment in bar- 
backs. Regiment casern/. 

Rasemirung, f. Placing in barracks; the 
quartering of soldiers in barracks. Ca- 
semement m. 

Kasket, n. (Casquet, n.). The helmet 
(worn by troops in Bavaria, etc.). Casque 
m. de cuir ; casque dHtrf'anterie ; casque 
en usage en Baviere, etc voy. Helm. 

Kassation, f. (Cassirung). The cashiering, 
dismissal, or dismissing from the service, 
of officers. Cassation f., destitution f. 
d'un officier. 

Rasse, f. (eines Regiments). With reference 
to a regiment, and allowing for the different 
mode of conducting the expenditure de- 
partment of corps in foreign armies, an- 
swers to the paymaster's chest. Caisse f. 
de corps; (caisse a trois serrures) ; caisse 


Rasse — Katalonisches Feuer. 

i argent ou ooflfre-fort d'on corps regimen- 

Rasse, f. voy. Kriegskasse. 
Rassiren, ▼. (einen Offider). To cashier^ 

dumis9t remove Jrom the service, (or 
' break) , any officer. Destituer un offider ; 

le priver de son grade, lui retirer son em- 

V. (art J To re;ect; condemn; render 

unserviceaole any artide of store when so 

condemned. Rebuter ; caffUder* 
Rassirt. Caahiered; removed or ditmiseed 

the service ; broken, Detititu^; cau4, voy. 

Rastanie, f. (am Pferdebdne). voy. Warze. 
Rastell, n. rfort.^ voy. Citadelle; Castell. 
Rasten, m. (fort.) (die Schartenzeile od. das 

Merlon). The merlon or solid portion of 

the upper part of a pan^t between two 

embrasures. Merlon m. 

m. (fort) (das unter der Scharte lie- 

gende StUck der Brustwehr). The solid of 
a battery ; solid portion of a parapet com- 
prised between tne sole or bottom of the 
embrasure and the platform. (The height 
of this portion or solid is termed " Knie- 
hohe" [the height of sill'}). Coffre m. 
voy. Briistung. 

m. (pont.) (Anker-), voy. Anke- 


m. (eines Dammes). That part of a 

dam which fills up the bed of the stream, 
or the part in which a dam recdves its 
greatest solidity to withstand the pressure 
of the water. Mass\fm, d'une digue. 

m. (constr. hydr.) (zur Grundlegung im 

Wasser) (Senkkasteii). A caisson, or krge 
water-tight floating box, used for the pur- 
pose of putting in the foundation of the 
piers of bridges. Caisson m. 

m. (constr. hydr.) (Wehr). voy. Wehr. 

m. pi. (hydr.) (eines oberschlachtigen 

Rades). The bucketing, buckets pi., (or 
shrouding), of an overshot-wheel. Auges 
f. pi., pots, godets m. pi. voy. Rastenrad. 

-^— m. pi. (fond.) (od. eiseme Rapseln zum 
Giessen der Gcschiitze). Gun-boxes, mould- 
ing-boses, or oblong boxes of iron for 
casting ordnance. Chdssis m. pi. en fonte 
pour le moulage en sable des bouches a 
feu. voy. Formkasten, Gusskastcn. 

m. (m. d'a.) voy. Lager. 

(\. d'a.) voy. Obergestell. 

(art.) voy. Munitionskasten. 

m. rPulver-). voy. Pulverkasten. 

m. (Gewehr-). voy. Gewehrkasten. 

Rastenbriickc, f. (pont.) voy. Briicke. 

Rastendeckel, m. (art.) (am Munitions- 
wagen). The roof or cover of an ammuni- 
tion-waggon. Couvercle m. du coflfre. 

Rastenfbrmerei, f. (moul.) (od. Ladenfor- 
merei in magerem Sande). Green-sand- 
mouldina. Moulage m. en sable maigre 
4xvec chassis, 

Rasteugcist, m. By this word is frequently 
understood that exdusive feeling, or " fedse 

esprit de corps,'' which exists in regiments 
who imagine themselves superior to other 
corps. Esprit pr^somptueux ; faux es- 
prit d'un corps qui so croit meilleur qu'un 

Rastenhalfte, f. (fond.) A part of a mould- 
ing-box ; half -box ; {bottom or top -part), 
Demi-chdssis m. 

f. (fond.) (die uutere). The lower-box, 

{drag or drag -box), or bottom-part of a 
pair of half-boxes. Demi-chdssis ir^ffrieur. 

Rastenhalter,m. (art.) (am Munitionswagen- 
gestelle). A keep-plate or friction-plate 
to keep the ammunition-box from shifting. 
Arretoir m. de coffre, 

Rastenprotze, f. (art.) Field -carriage 
limber, in distinction to " Sattelprtftze " 
(siege-limber), which has no ammunition- 
boxes or box. Avant-train m. de cam- 
pagne; (avant-train muni de coflre [cofFres] 
pour le placement des munitions, par op- 
position a " Sattelprotze"). 

Rastenrad, n. (hydr.) Wheel consisting of 
a frame of open buckets placed round its 
rim ; overshot-wheel. Roue f. a auges ou 
a pots. 

Rastenrahmen, m. (v. d'a.) The frame of 
a waggon-body for the ammunition-box' or 
boxes. Partie du train de dessous d'un 
caisson qui porte le coflfre a munitions ; 
cadre ou chdssis formant le support du 
coflfre dans certains systemes. 

m. (art.) (eisemer — des preuss. Protz- 

gestelles) (1842). Iron frame for ammu- 
nition-box of new pattern Prussian fidd- 
limber. Cadre-support de coffre de I'avant- 
train prussien (modele 1842). 

Rastenschaufeln, f. pi. (hydr.) voy. Rasten. 

Kastenschaufelrad^ n. (hydr.) voy. Sack- 

Rastenschleuse, f. (arch, hydr.) (Rammer- 
schleuse). Lock or hydraulic-lock in the 
line of a river or canal, of which the cham- 
ber can admit two, or at most three boats 
at the same time, in distinction to " Ressel- 
schleuse," the chamber of which forms a 
sort of basin, capable of passing several. 
£cluse f. ordinaire, servant u laisser passer 
deux ou trois bateaux au plus a la fois, 
ainsi appdce par opposition a " Kessel- 
schleuse" qui en laisse passer un plus 
grand nombre. 

Rastenstand, m. (in cinem Stalle). A loose- 
box in a stable. Espece de doison ou 
stalle fermee par une porte, dans laquelle 
on met un cheval fatigud ou malade. 

Rastenziinder, m. (min.) od. Ziindrohre, f. 
The hose-trough. Auget m. voy. Leit- 

Ratalonische Frischmethode, f. (sid.) The 
Catalan method of obtaining malleable 
metal direct from the ore. M^thode cata- 
lane ; (affinagc immediat, ou moyen d'ob- 
tenir du fer pur immediatement avec le 

Ratalonisches Feuer, n. (sid.) The Catalan 

Katze — Kehrtmacben. 


forge I furnace in which malleable iron is 
obtained firom the ore direct. Feu m. 

Katze, f. (fort.) (Reiter, (Cavalier). Caoa- 
iievt or work so called, raised in the in- 
terior of a full-bastion. Cavalier m. 

f. voy. Laufgrabenkatze, Trancb^e- 


f. (pont.) (einer iliegenden Briicke). 

The ehifling-pieee, through which the 
mooring (" Giertau ") of a swing-flying- 
bridge passes, and which is made to tra- 
verse between the two horizontal beams of 
the horse or (*' Galgen"). Chat m. 

f. (englische Peitsche). Cat, cat-qf" 

nifU'taile. Fouet m. ; instrument de fla- 
gellation anglais. 

f. voy. Rammbar. 

Kauen, v. am Gebisse (vom Pferde). To 

champ the bit. Mdcher le mors. 
Kaugebiss, n. A mouthing-bit with players, 

for a horse. Maatigadour m. 
Kautschuk, n. voy. Caoutchouc, Feder- 

harz ; Ponton (Gummi- od. Kautschuk-). 
Kavalerie, f. od. Kavallerie. Cavalry, 

Cavalerie f. 

f. (inregularej. Irregular-cavalry, 

Cavalerie irr^guliere, 

f. (schwere — ; leicbte — ). Heavy 

— ; light cavalry. GroMe cavalerie ; 
cavalerie leg^re. 

Kavallerieartillene, f. od. Kavallerie- 
geschiitz. vov. Artillerie. 

Kavalleriebrigade, f. Cavalry-brigadef or 
brigade of cavalry. Brigade f. de cava- 
lerie: (consisting in Prussia of two regi- 

Kavalleriebiichse, f. (m. d'a.) Cavalry-rifle 
or rifled-barrel carbine. Carabine de cava- 
lerie. voy. Karabiner (gezogener). 

Kavalleriekolonne, f. Column of cavalry, 
Colonne f. de cavalerie, 

Kavallenegeschiitz, n. (art.) voy. Artil- 
lerie (Cavallerie-). 

Kavalleriepatronen, f. pi. voy. Patronen. 

Kavallerieregiment, n. Cavalry-regiment, 
regiment of cavalry. Regiment m. de 

Kavalleriezelt, n. voy. Zelt. 

Kavallerist, m. Cavalry-eoldier ; trooper, 
Cavalier m. 

Kegel, m. od. Vorderann (des Pferdes). The 
fore-arm of the horse. Avant-bras du 

m. (art.) voy. Vergleichungskegel. 

m. (m. d'a.) od. Springkegel. voy. 


m. (m. d'a.) (des Ziindstiftes). The 

cone of the nipple. C6ne m. de la che- 


m. rin geometry), a cone, C6ne m. 

m. (aogestumpfter). Truncated cone, 

C6ne tronqu^. 
m. (gerader, senkrechter). An upright 

cone, C6ne droit ou vertical, 
Kegelgehause, n. (m. d'a.) (eines Biidisen- 

schlosses). The bed of the detente in some 
rifle-locks, or part of the tumbler in which 
the detente is bedded. Cavit^ f. dans U 
noix de la platine d'une carabine, pour y 
loger la languette. voy. Spiel. 

Kegelschnitt, m. A conic section. Section 
f. conioue, 

KeblbalKen, m. (charp.) (beim Dachver- 
bande). Straining -piece , collar, or tie, 
extending from about the middle of a 
rafter to the corresponding one on the 
other side of a roof. Entrait m. ; faus- 

Kehle, f. (fort) (eines Bastions, etc.). The 
gorge of a bastion; gorge of a work; 
imaginary line inclosing it in rear. Gorge f. 
d'un bastion, d'un ouvrage de fortification. 

f. (art.) od Hohlkehle. voy. Hohl- 


f. (m. d'a.) (am Kopfe der Schwanz- 

schraube). voy. Einfeilung. 

f. (artif.) (einer Rakete). The vent of 

a rocket. Gorge f. d'une fiis^. 

f. (Gurgel, Drossel, Schlund). The 

swallow, gullet, (or throat) of a horse. 
Gosier m. du chevied. 

Kehlhobel, m. (o. e. b.) A round, hollow^ 
ing-plane, round-sole, or plane for hollow- 
ing, the sole of which is convex ; (mould- 
ing.plane so called). Rabot cintr^ cofi- 
vexe; rabot rond. voy. Hohlkehlen- 

Kehllime,f.(fort.)(die halbe)(eines Bastions, 
etc.). The demigorge of a bastion (or of 
works in general) ; the line formed by the 
prolongation of the curtain meeting the 
capital of the bastion. Demi-gorge f. d'un 
bastion et d'autres ouvrages de fortification. 

Kehlpunkt, m. (fort.) The point qf the 
gorge, or point of intersection of two demi- 
gorges ; the centre of a bastion. Point" 
milieu de la gorge, 

Kehlriemen, m. (selL) voy. Stangenzaum. 

m. (sell.) voy. Kappzaum. 

Kehlsucht, f. (vet.) voy.Braune; Kropf, 

Kehlwinkel, m. (fort.) Angle of the gorge. 
Angle m. de la gorge, 

Kehrrad, n. (hycb., etc.) Overshot-wheel, 
the bucketing or buckets of which are so 
fashioned and disposed, that it may revohre, 
if requisite, in a contrary (or backward) 
direction. Roue f. a double rang de godets. 
(Ce double rang de pots [Kasten] plao^ 
en sens contraire dans cette roue a pour 
but de changer k volont^ son mouvement 
de rotation.) 

Kehrsalpeter, m. (salp.) voy. Mauersal- 

Kehrt ! (Word of command for fiidng or 
going about, and equal in Prussia to a " ganze 
Wendung.") (Ganzes Bataillon-Kehrt ! 
The battalion will retire I — To the right- 
about, face I Face en arriere ! — Ba- 
taillon, demi-tour = a droite !), 

Kehrtmacben, n. (tact.) Facing to the 


Keil — Kem. 

right' (or left-) about; fadng-about ; 

(aoing -about). Action de iaire demi-tour 

a droite (ou a gauche) ; execution dea 


(Das Koinmando zum ~. The com- 

tnand to face about. Commandement 

pour /aire /aire demi-tour [fl droite 

ou a gauche']). 

Keil, m. (m^.) The wedge f or one of the 

five mechaniod powers so called. Coin m. 

m. (art.) (Richtkeil). The quoin^ for 

giving tiie elevation, in pointing and laying 
ordnance. Coin m. de mire. voy. Richt- 

- m. Tart.^ (Hemm-). voy. Hemmkeil. 
m. (art.) (Schrauben-). voy. Schrau- 

benricntkeil, Keilmaschine. 

m. (pont.) (Rotelketten-). voy. 


m. (v. d'a.) (Deichael-). voy. Deich- 


- m. (min.) eisemer (Pummel). Gad^ or 
iron wedge for driving into crevices of rock 
or openings made with the point of the 
pick ; a miner*8 wedge. Coin m. en fer. 

m. (eisemer) (zum Spalten des Holzes). 

Wedge for cleaving wood. Coin m. 

m. (charp.) Key of hard wood, or 

wedge driven into a cavity or tapering 
mortise, in order to bring all the parts of a 
joint into contact, as in scarfings. Cl^f. ; 
coin en bois dur servant a serrer un 

m. (charp.) JTey, cottar^ cottrel, or 

wedge, for tightening and securing the 
different parts of any ^ming. Cliff. 

m. (arch.) voy. Schliissel, Schluss- 

— - m. (for.) voy. Vierkante. 
Reilhaue, f. (min.) Miner's pick. Pie m. 

k roe. 
Keilmaschine, f. (art.) (Richtmaschine). 

Quoin with winch-handle and screw for 

elevating ; (winch and screw -quoin for 

elevating). Coin de mire d vis. voy. 

Keilmeissel, m. (stahlcmer) der Schlosser. 

A cutter, for fixing in the &ce of the anvil. 

JVanchet m. 
Keilrasen, m. voy. Kopfrasen. 
Keilspitze, f. Line trwed or marked on the 

ground iriM a pick-axe. Trace f. ; ligne 

troche h lapioche; trace a la pioche. 
Keiltpitzen, v. n. To trace by epit-locking 

the ground, or trace with a pick-axe. Faire 

le trac^ d'un ouvrage sur le terrain a la 

n. Spit-locking. Execution dn trac^ 

k la pioche. 
Keilstiick, n. (art. a.) Old piece of ordnance 

which was loaded at the breech. Anden 

canon qu'on chargeait par la cuUisse. 
Kelch, m. (art.) (eines ZUnders). voy. 

Hohlung, Gewoloe. 
Kelle, f. (art.) (Kiigelkelle f. od. Kugel- 

gliiiuing, m.) Shot-bearer or ahot'ladie, 

for carrying hot-shot. Cuiller porte-boulet 
m. ou anneau en fer; bague f. 

Kelle, f. (salp.) Ladle, or sort of hand-basin 
used by saltpetre-makers, for transferring 
the liquor from the boiler to the crystal- 
lizing reservoirs. Puisoir m. 

f. (ust d'artif.) (Giess-). voy. Giess- 


f. (fond.) (Giess-O od. Giesspfanne. 

voy. Gabclpfanne ; Handpfanne. 

Kellensatz, m. (fond.) (das in den Pfannen 
und Kellen erstarrte Roheisen). The cooled 
metal which remains in the ladle after 
pouring. Fer cm fig^ centre les parois des 
poches ou des chaudi^res. 

Keller, m. (rain.) (Versammlungspunkt). 
The enlargement, circular-arched receu or 
room, made where two or more galleries 
meet, affording space for depositing tools 
and materials, without impeding the com- 
munication through the galleries. Caee f. ; 
camfour m. ; point de croisement. 

Kellerbriicke, f. (fort.) voy. Schwung- 

Kenntniss, f. (eines Landes). Knowledge 
of a country. Connavtaance f. d'un pays. 

f. (ortliche). Local knowledge. Con- 

naissance locale. 

Kennung, f. (v^t.) (Kunde od. Bobnc). 
The mark in the teeth of a horse, by which 
his age may be discovered ; the dark or 
black cavity on their upper surface, which 
when the horse has passed his eighth year, 
resembles the eye of a bean. Crerme m. 

Kerbe, f. od. Einstrich. Notch or nick, 
made in any thing. Encoche f. voy. 

f. (Einschnitt). Notch; mark ; groove. 

Entaille f. ; cran m. 

f. (art.) (im RichtAufeatze). The notch 

in the top of the tangent-scale. Vitihre f. ; 
cran m. de la tige ; cran a la partie snp^- 
rieure du cha()eau de la tige. 

f. ^m. d'a.) (im Kopfe der Schwanz- 

schraube) (Einfeilung f., Hohlkem m.). 
Notch or groove filed in the plug of old 
pattern musket-breeching, to hold a greater 
depth of powder at the touch-bole. Coehe 
f . a la culasse d'un canon de fusil. 

Kerben, f. pi. (m. d'a.) (am Griffe des 
Hahnes) (Fischhaut). voy. Fischhaut ; 
Hahn (Kerben). 

V. (vet.) (ein Pferd). To nick a horse. 

Anglaiser; couper la queue k I'anglaise. 

Kerbsage, f. (Schrotsage). A crtMv-cti/ 
saw, for cutting a tree asunder. Pocte- 
partout m. ; acie paaee-parfout. 

Kerbstock, 19. (pont.) voy. Landschwelle. 

Kem, m. (eines Baumes) (Markrohre, f.). 
The heart, or inner part of a tree. Cceur 

m. (fond.) (od. Kemstange, f.) (eines 

Stuckrohres) (a.) Core, upon which guns 
were formerly cast. Noyau m. poor le 
ooulage des canons. 

Kern — Kettchen. 


Kern, m. (fond.) (Formkem) (einer Hohl- 
kugel). voy. Formkem. 

m. (fond.) (Kemspindel, f,) voy. 


m. (fond.) (Fonnkern). The caret 

kernel or inner mould of any hollow-casting. 
Noyau m. d'un moole. 

m. (fond.) (iiber den — giessen, v.). 

To cast upon a core. Couler d noyau, 

m. (m. d'a.) (beim ostreichischen Per- 

cussionsgewehre). A sort of " false touch- 
hole/' peculiar to the Austrian system of 
percussion. Esp^ de grain de lumiere 
coup^ en vis qu'on adapte au canon du 
fusil a percussion autrichien. 

m. (art.) voy. Ziindlochstollen. 

m. (der Truppen, der Reiterei, etc.). 

The picked or chosen troops of an army ; 
the fiower or elite of an army ; (picked- 
regiments), £lite f. ; troupes f. pi. 

Kembrett, n. (moul.) (od. Schablone zur 
Bildung des Kernes). Core- boards or 
modelling-board for the core, £chantillon 
m. de noyau. 

Kemdrehbank, f. (moul.) voy. Fonn- 

Kemformkasten, m. (moul.) A core-box. 
Boite f. a noyau. 

Kernholz, n. Heart^wood; the heart, or 
central-part of the trunk of a tree. Casur 
m. du bois ; cceur d'un arbre. 

n. (charp.) Good, sound stuff, Bon 

bois, bois solide. 

Kemkasten, m. (mouL) Core-box. Boite f. 
a noyau. 

Kemlinie, f. (art.) (Acbsenlinie). The 
axis of the piece produced indefinitely. 
Ligne f. de Vaxe. 

Kemmauer, f. (h. f.) (od. Schachtmauer). 
voy. Hohofen (Kemschacht). 

Kempresse, f. (mouL^ Core-box, in which 
the core is formea in shell - moulding. 
Botte f. a noyau, voy. Kemkasten. 

Kemrecht, (for.) (in Bezug auf die fiohrung 
der Seele). Centrical, true; said of a gun 
when it is bored correctly or perfe^y 
straight. Se dit des pieces quand elles sont 
for^ juste ou bien alez^. 

richten, v. (art.) To lay a gun 

point-blank with the object. Pointer une 
piece de maniere que la ligne de Faxe soit 

Kemrichtung, f. (art) (eines GeschCitz- 
rohres). Laying a piece of ordnance point- 
blank. Pointage horizontal. 

f. (art.) (sich in der— befinden od. in 

der — sein, v.) (vom Geschiitze). To be 
point-blank with the object, or, t6 ^ laid 
point-blank with the object. &tre dans la 
position du tir parallele. 

Kemrisse, m. pi. (charp.) (im Holze). 
Shakes (pi.) in timber. Cadrans m. pl.» 
cadranures f. pi. 

Kenuissiges Holz, n. (charp.) Shaken stm^, 
Bois eadrani. 
Gbrman Part. 

Kemschacht, m. (h. f.) voy. Uohofen 

Kemschuss, m. (art.) Shot discharged in a 
horizontal or point-blank direction,- point- 
blank shot; shot fired within point-blank 
range without grazing ; firing point-blank 
at any object without grazing. Tir hori- 
zontal de plein fouet; tir horizontal ou 
tir parallele. voy. Visirschuss. 

Keraschussweite, f. (art.) The horizontal 
or point-blank range of a piece of ord- 
nance. Port/e f. du tir parallele. 

Kemspindel, f. (moul.) (zur Formung der 
Hohlkugeln). A core-bar, core-spindle, 
or spindle to support the core of a shell. 
Arbre m. enfer du noyau des projectiles 

Kemstange, f. voy. Kemspindel. 

Kemtmppen, f. pi. Picked troops; the 
pick of an army. Troupes f. pi. d* elite. 

Kessel, m. (art.) od. Lager (bei Wurf- 
geschiitzen). The seat ^ the bottom qf 
the shell, with reference to the bores of 
mortars and howitzers ; the seat of the 
shell, or bed of the shell at the mouth of 
the chamber. Partie de Tdrae des obn- 
siers et des mortiers dans laquelle se lege 
le projectile. 

m. (m. d'a.) Bell-muzzle, or enlarge- 
ment at the muzzle of a musket-barrel. 
:^largissement m. de la bouche d'un canon 
• de fiisil. (Barrels with this defect, are 
said to be ** bell-muzzled**). 

m. (salp.) (zum Salpetcrlautem). Cop- 
per boiler for refining saltpetre. Chau- 
diere f. de raffinage. 

m. (Morser- od. Wurfbatterie). 

Mortar-battery. Batterie f. de mortiers. 

m. (fort.) (eines hohlen Bollwerkes). 

The hollow or empty space in the interior 
of an empty bastion. Vide m. d'un bas- 
tion vide. 

m. voy. Feldkessel. 

m. gusseisemer (zum Destilliren des 

Schwefels). Iron-pot, still-pot, or body of 
the retort of apparatus for refining sulphur 
by distillation. Chaudiere f. en fonte de 
I'appareil pour la distillation du soufire. 

m. (einer Dampfhiaschine). Steam- 
boiler, or boiler of a steam-engine. Chau- 
diere f. d'une machine a vapeur. 

Kesselgraben, m. (fort.) (Abzuggraben). 
The cunette; trench or moat made in the 
middle of some ditches to drain off super- 
fluous water from the place, etc. Cunette f. 

Kesselriemen, m. (des Infiinteristen). Gon- 
teen-strap or mess-tin strap. Courroie f. 
de bidon ; (courroie servant k ass^jettir le 
bidon sur le havre-sac). 

Kesselschleuse, f. (arch, hydr.) (Bassin- 
schleuse). Lock, forming at the same 
time a sort of basin for passing several boats 
firom one level to another on canals. £cluse 
ronde, servant a passer plusieurs bateaux k 
U fois. voy. Kastenschleuse. 
Kettchen, n. (Aufhalte-) (bei der Gabel- 


Kette — Kissendeckelriemen. 

bespannung). Breeching-chain of shaft- 
harness. Chatne de reculement servant a 
lier I'avaloire aux limons. 
Kette, f. Chain. Chatne f. 

ohne Ende (geschlossenc-). An 

endless-chain, Chatne sans fin, 

f. (sell.) voy. Kettchen; Schaum- 

kette; Kinnkette. 

f. (top.) (Berg-). Chain of mountains. 

Chatne de montagncs. 

- f. voy. Messkette. 

- f. (tact.) (Postenchaine) (beim Vor- 
postendienste). The line or chain of sen- 
tries of out-posts. Chatne de sentinelles 
ou de vedettes aux avant-postcs. voy. 
Vorpostenkette ; Vedettenchaine. 

f. (zur Deckung ciner fouragirenden 

Truppe). Chain thrown out by a cover- 

•ing-party for the protection of foragers. 
Chatne de fourrage ; (enceinte de four- 
rage) ^ destin^e a la protection d'un four- 
rage arm6. 

{. (die Schildwachen der-). The sentries 

or vedettes forming the chain. Sentinelles 
ou vedettes de la diaSne. 

f. (art.^ voy. Protzkettc; Bnistketten. 

f. (v. d a.) voy. Ilemmkette; Deichsel- 

kette : Steuerkette. 

f. (art.) (zum Pfanndeckel). Capsquare 

keep -chain, Chainette f. de sus-bande. 

Rettenbriicke, f. Chain- bridge,' iron sus- 
pension-bridge, Pont m, de chaines en 
fer; pont svspendu. 

KettcugebVase^ n. (sid.) (od. das Henschel'- 
Bche Geblase). HenscheVs improved 
trompe- or water blowing -machine, Souf- 
flet m. a palettes ; (trompe amilioree). 
voy. Wassertrommelgeblasc. 

Kettengelenk, n. od. 

Kettenglied, n. Link of a chain. Chatnon m, 

Kettcnhalter, m. voy. KettCDStab. 

Rettenkugel, f. (art. nav.) A chain-shot, 
Boulet a chatne; ange m. 

Rettenstab, m. od. Kettenbalter, m. ^eim 
Gebrauche der Messkette). The ptcket^ 
with which the leader and follower are 
supplied in measuring with the chain , being 
passed through the large rings at each end, 
where it acts as a lever in stretching the 
chain. Bdton m. pass^ dans les poignccs 
de la chaine d'arpenteur, servant de levicr 
pour la tendre et en fadhter U manoeuvre. 
voy.Markirstabchen; Messkette; Mess- 

Rettenzieher, m. (der vorderste) (beim 
Messen mit der Kette). The chain-leader 
or leader, Detucihne aide ; cclui qui 
plante les fiches en mesurant avcc la chainc. 

m. (der hinterste). The chain-follower 

or follower. Premier aide ; celui qui en- 
l^ve les fiches laiss^ en arriere par le 
deuxicme aide. 

Reulc, f. (ust. d'artif.) od. Morserkcule. A 
pestle. Pilon m. 

Kiefer, m. (vet.J The jaw, Mdehoire f. 
voy. Ober-; Lnterkiefer. 

Kiefemholz, n. Pine, Scotch-fir; (deal) : 
fir-timber. Pin m. ; bois de pin, 

Kies, m. (min^r.^ Pyrites, Pyritef, voy. 
Eisen-; Kup/erkies. 

Kieselerde, f. (miner.) Silica, silicon, Silice 
{,, silicium, 

Kimme, f. (tonn.) (eines Passes). Notch, 
eroe, crome, or groove to receive the head, 
in the staves of barrels. Jable m. ; rai- 
nure f. 

f. (m. d'a.) (des Visirs). Notch in the 

back-sight. Cran m, 

KinnbackeD, m. voy. Ganasche. 

Kinnband, n. (BataiUeband). Chin-strap ; 
cap-scales, Jugulaire f. 

Kinnkette, f. (sell.) The curb, curb-chain, 
Gourmeite f. 

Kinnkettenhaken, m. (sell.) voy. Randare 
(Kinnkettenhaken) . 

Rippc, f. (charp.) voy. Forst (eines Daches). 

Kippcn, n. (sid.) od. Riicken der Gichteu 
(im Hohofen). The irregular descent or 
sinking of the charge, causing the fiimaoe 
to be sometimes driving fast and sometimes 
slow (in the language of smelters). De- 
scente irr^gulih'e des charges. 

Kirchenparade, f. Church-parade, Ras- 
semblemcnt m. d'uno troupe sans armes 
pour se rendre a l'6glise ; (parade d*^glise), 

Kirchenruf, m. The church-call, or beat 
so termed. lApriere; (batterie de caisse). 

schlagen, v. To b«it the church-call. 

Battre la messe ou la priere, (This beat 
is known amongst soldiers by the name of 
the »• Christ-church belU,") 

Kirschrothgliibbitze, f. Cherry-red heat. 
Chaude f. au rouge-cerise. 

Rissen, n. (sell.) A pad. Coussinet m. 

n. (sell.) od. Kummtkissen. voy. 


n. (sell.) (Genick-) (am Kummtc). The 

wither or withers of the collar. Partle 
rembourrce du collier qui porte sur le oou 
du cheval. 

voy. Kammkisscn. 
voy. Packkissen. 
voy. Reitkissen. 
voy. Sattelkissen. 
voy. Kummtkissen. 
voy. Prptzkissen. 

n. (art.) ^der Richtoiaschine der preuss. 

SteinmorserWete). Quoin for 45\ Coin 
de mire pour le tir sous 45** avec le pier- 

n. (art.) (der Richtmaschine des drei- 

£Etchcn Kciles bei Morserlafieten). A lower 
quoin; quoin for laying mortars at 30** 
elevation. Coin de mire inferieur ou 
d'en bas ; coin de mire pour T^^vation 
de 30^ 

Kissendeckel, m. (sell.) (am Kummte). The 
housing of collar. Coiff'e f. voy. Kummt- 

Kissendeckelriemen, m. (sell.) The houHng" 
strap. Courroie servant i attacher la ooiffe 
Boit an corps du collier, soit anz attelea. 

— n.r, 

n. (i 

— n.r. 

n. (i 

n. Tsell 

n. (art.) 


ELissenriemen — Kleinmontinmg. 


Kissenriemen, m. (seU.) Collar top'Strap, 
which brings the hames and top of the 
collar together at the top. Courroie qui 
sert a lier les deux parties superieures des 
att^les et du collier. 

Kistenblech, n. voy. Fassblech ; verziiin- 
tes Blech. 

Ristendamm, m. (constr. hydr.) Toy. Fang- 

Kitt, m. Cement. Ciment m. 

m. (romischer). voy. Cement. 

— — -m. (artif.) voy. Feuerkitt ; Brandkitt. 

Kittel, m. (der Arbeiter in den Arsenalen). 
A laboratory-frock, or loose frock for work- 
ing in the laboratory and magazines. Sar- 
reau on aarrot m. 

Kitznemeu, m. pi. (selL) (die Riemen des 
Unterblattes beim Fuhrgeschirre). The 
breech'part and loin-strap of breeching. 
Bras m. pi. d*avaloire, 

m. pi. (sell.) (Schweberiemen). The 

hip or bearinff'Straps of breeching. Barres 
de derriere ou defeases* 

Klammer, f. od. Kramme. A staple. Cram- 
pon m. 

f. (v. d'a.) (zur Befestigang der Rade- 

buchsen in der Nabe). voy. Buehs- 

f. (art.) (Deichselklammer od. Deicb- 

selkramme). voy. Deichselklammer. 

f. (pont. & charp.) Cramp-iron; saw- 

yer's dog, Clameau m. 

f. (emseitige). Cramp-iron (used in 

military bridges, etc.) having its two points 
in the same direction. — plat, simple ou 
a uneface ; gros crampon. 

f. (zweiseitige). Cramp-iron whose 

points are in opposite directions. — a 
deux faces, 

Klammerhaken, m. (zum Befestigen der 
Baume an die Unterlagen beim Brett- 
schneiden). A timber-dog or holcffast, 
for tixing timber to the saw-pit frame, etc. 
Clameau m. servant k maintenir la piece a 
refendre sur les sommiers des chevalets; 
clameau a pointe et a crochet, 

Klappe, f. (eines Blasebalges)(Windklappe). 
A clack-valve. Soupape f. de soofflet; 
clapet m. 

f. voy. Rlappenventil. 

f. (m. d*a.) (am hintem Absehen emer 

Biichse). The leqf (leaves, pi.) of the rifle 
elevatinff-sight. L'une des parties d'une 
hausse a chamieres, dont les diff<^rentes 
parties s'abattent ou s'^event k volonte 
suivant la distance. 

Klappensignalbom, n. voy. Signalbom. 

KlappeDventil, n. (Klappe, WindJslappe). 
A hanging-valve; clack-valve, Soupape 
f. a clapet, 

Klapnpallisade^ f. (fort.) voy. Dreb- 

Klappvisir, n. (m. d'a.) A leaf -sight, fold- 
ing-sight, elevating back-sight on rifle- 
barrels. Visiere i, a ehamieres. voy. 

Klar reiben, v. (artif.) To bruise-down (in- 
gredients for composition). Broyer (des 

maehen, v. (poudr.) (die Bestandtheile 

des Fulvers). voy. Kleinen. 

Klasse, f. (die zweite) (des Soldatenstandes) 
(bei den Preussen). That class of privates 
in the Prussian service amongst whom cor- 
poral punishment exists, and to which they 
may be removed by sentence of court- 
martial. Classe f. de punition a laquelle 
un jugement prononc^ par un conseil fait 
descendre les hommes dont Tinconduite 
exige des moyens rigoureux de repression. 

Klauenwinde, f. The common hand-jack 
for raising heavy weights, the rack of which 
is furnished with a double-daw at its upper 
and lower end. Cric m. a deux pattes, 

Kleeblattmine, f. (min.) (Dreifache- od. 
Trefflemine). K triple-mine. Mine triple 
ou tr^fUe, 

Kleiderbiirste, f. Clothes-brush, (soldier's 
necessaries). Brosse a habit, 

Kleiderzuscbussgelder, n. pi. voy. Tiscb- 
und Kleiderzuschussgelder. 

Kleie, f. Bran. Son m. 

Kleine Ladung, f. (art.) voy. Ladung. 

Kleine Montirung, f. voy. Kleinmonti- 
rung ; Montirungsstiicke (kleine). 

Kleinen, n. (poudr.) (der Bestandtheile des 
Pulvers). Pulverizing the ingredients of 
gunpowder, or reducing them to the fine- 
ness of an impalpable powder. Pulv^risa" 
tion f. des matieres de la poudre. 

V. (poudr.) (die Kohle, den Schwefel, 

etc.) To pulverize the charcoal, sulphur, etc 
(in manufacturing gunpowder). Pulveriser, 

V. (artif.) voy. zerstossen ; zerreiben ; 

^ zermalmen. 

Kleiner Krieg, m. voy. Krieg (kleiner). 

Kleiner Perpendikel, m. (fort.) voy. Per- 
pendikel (der kleine). 

Kleiner Radius, m. (fort.) voy. Radius ; 

Kleiner Winkel, m. (fort.) (od. abnebmen- 
derWinkel). The diminished-angle : that 
formed by the exterior-side of the polygon 
and the line of defence. Angle diminiU, 

Kleinfeuer, n. voy. Scbmiedeberd. 

Kleingewehr, n. Small-arms (pi.). Armes 
f. pi. h feu portatives ; peiites armes. 

Klcingewebrfeuer, n. Fire of musketry, 
musketry-fire. Feu d*ir{fanterie ; feu de 

Kleingewebrgallerie, f. (fort.) Loop-holed 
gallery for musketry, Galerie cr^nel^e 
pour la mousqueterie ; galerie casemat^e ; 
galerie a mousqueterie. 

Kleinkommando, n. voy. Kommando. 

Kleinmontirung, f. (des Soldaten). Soldier's 
necessaries (pi.) ; (the expression, however, 
implies some articles which are not con- 
sidered to come under that head in the 
English service); (half- mountings [a]). 
Petit {fquipement du soldat. voy. Monti- 
rung; Montirungsstiicke. 
A a2 


Kleinmuhle — Kluftdeichael. 

Kleinmiihle, f. (poudr.) Pulveriiing-mill^ 
for reducmg the ingredients in the manipu- 
Ution of gunpowder, (being either a pilon- 
mill or a cylmder-miU). Moulin dans Ic- 
quel se fait la pulverisation des mati^res ; 
(moulin a pilous ; moulin k meules). 

Rleister, m. Paste. CoUe f. 

Rlemme, f. (art.) (Ziindlichterklemmc). 
Portfire-^tick. Porte-lance m. 

Rlepper, m. A hack; cob; galloway: pony. 
Bidet m. ; petit cheval de selle ; poney m. 

Klinge, f. (m. d'a.J Sword-blade; blade. 
Lame f. voy. Sabelklinge. 

f. (m. d'a.) (gerade). Kstraight-hlade, 

— droite. 

f. (ra. d'a.) (gebogene, gekriimmte). 

Curved-blade. — courbe, cambr^e, 

f. (m. d'a.) (des Bajonnets). Bayonet- 
blade. — de bdionnette, toy. Bajonnct 

— -— f. (o. e. b.) voy. Zichklinge. 

Klingen, v. (m. d'a. J (knackcm) (vom 
Feuerschlosse gcsagt). To tell, or pro- 
duce the sound caused by the tack of the 
Bear on the tumbler of a lock, when made 
to play. Appeler ; se dit du son quo rend 
la platine lorsqu'on la fait jouer. 

Klingcudes Spiel, n. (Mit klingendem Spielo 
ausziehen, v. [von einer Besatzung]. To 
march out icith drums beating. Sortir la 
musique en tiie ou le tambour battant). 

Klingenprobc, f. (m. d'a.) The proof of 
tword-blades ; proof or teat to which 
blades are submitted. ^preuve f. des 
lames de sabres; {epreuve du billot, etc.). 

Klingenschmicd, m. (m. d'a.) Blade- 
maker; blade-forger; (sword-smith). For- 
geur m. de lames de sabre. 

Runkerramme, f. Pile-engine, or pile- 
driving machine, the ram of whidi is de- 
tached or disengaged by means of a sort of 
pincers or tongs. Sonnette a d^clic, 

Ktinometer, m. (Werkz., die Neigung einer 
Flache zu mcssen). Clinometer or batter - 
level ; instrument employed for measuring 
the slopo of any cutting or embankment, 
as well as the dip of mineral strata. Cli- 
nometre m. 

Klippschwenprel, m.(v. d'a.) voy.Ort^cheit. 

Klistier, n. (vet) A glyster. Lavement ou 
clyster e m, 

Rlistierspritze, f. (vet.) A glyster, clyster, 
clyster-syringe, or clyster-pipe, Seringue 
f. a injections ; seringue a lavements. 

Kloben, m. (mec, etc.) A block; (some- 
times called pulley). Poulie f. 
Its principal parts are : 

DasGehause. Tlie shell; (pulley-frame). 
Chape f. ; (chape en fer; chape en 
bois) : caisse de poulie. 
Die Rolle, Scheibo, (RoUen, pi.) The 
sheave; (sheaves, pi.). Rouet m. ; 
(rouets, pi.); (also called poulie in 
French, as well as pulley in Eng- 
Der Rollenbolzen, (Walzeisen n., Bol- 

zen) (Klobenniet, n.). The pin or axis 
upon which the sheave (or sheaves) 
work. Essieu m. ; ajpe m. en fer qui 
traverse les rouets dans leur centre. 
Die Seitenwiinde. The cheeks of the 

block. Joues f. pi. de la chape. 
Die Rinne an der Kante der Scheibe 
(Rille). The gorge or groove in the 
sheave, to receive the rope. Gorge f. 
du rouet, pour recevoir la corde. 
Die Scheidewande. The partitions be- 
tween the cheeks of the block. Cloi- 
sons f. pi. qui apparent les rouets. 
Kloben, m. (m&.) (ohne Riicksicht ob die 
Rollen neben od. uber einander laufen). 
Block with sheaves turning on the same 
pin ; also a block containing two rows of 
wheels, one under the other. Moujie m. ; 
(poulie a plusieurs rouets ; poulie a plu- 
sieurs rangs de rouets). 

m. (feststehender). A fixed-block, 

Poulie fixe ; (moufie fixe). 

m. (beweglicher). A moveable-block. 

Poulie mobile; (moufie mobile). 
m.(einfacher). A single-block; (whip). 

Poulie a un seul rouet ; poulie simple, 
— ^tn. (zweischeibiger). A double-block. 

Poulie a deux rouets; (moufie). 

m. (dreischeibiger). A triple-block 

or S-sheaced-block. Poulie d trois rouets; 

m. (Klobenzug, Flaschenzug). A 

tackle, or pair of blocks with the rope or 
fall fastened round them. Systeme de 
deux moufles equipcs avec un cordage ; 
(palan m. ; moufiette f.). 

m. (sell.) od. Wirbel am Pferdegebisse. 

voy. Kandare (Kloben). 

(holzcnier). Wood-clambs(jjiL), Pince 

en bois ; tenaille en bois. 

Rlobengehaus, n. (mec.) (Klobeugch'ause). 
The shell or frame of a block. Chape f., 
caisse f. d'une poulie, qui renferme et sou- 
tient les rouets. voy. Klobcu. 

Klobenniet, n. voy. Kloben (Bolzen). 

Klobenrad, n. voy. Ramme Olad). 

Klobenzug, m. (mec). voy. Kloben. 

Klobsage, f. (men. ; o. e. b.) A frame-saw 
(worked horizontally), for cutting wood in 
the direction of its fibres. Scie f, a re- 
fendre. voy. Trennsage ; Sage. 

Klotz, m. (ust. d'artif.) (Zunderklotz). A 
fuze-block. Billot m. ou bloc m. k charger 
les fus^s. 

m. (art.) (Zapfcn-) (fiir die Schild- 

zapfen). voy. Lagcrklotze, pi. 

m. (art.) voy. Morserklotz. 

m. (m.d'a.)(zum Probiren der Klingen). 

voy. Probirklotz. 

. m. (charp.) od. Diibel (bei der Ver- 

starkung langer Balken). A key, or block 
of hard wood to prevent the different 
courses of a built-beam from sliding on 
each other, etc. Clrf f. 

Kluftdeichsel, f. (v. d'a.) (Gabeldeichsel). 
Shafts (pL) ; pair qf shafts; shafti of old 

Khimpe — Knie. 


pattern fiurtened to a limber or fore-car- 
riage by a tongue between the fore-guides, 
and united by a cross-bar. Limoniere f. 
voy. Gabel. 

Klumpe, f. (sid.) (kleine Klumpe od. Kugel 
bei oer Friscbarbieit in Flammenofen). "Die 
rough ball (or bloom) from the puddling- 
fumace. Loupe f. provenant des fours 

Kluppe, f. (o. e. f.) (zum Schraubenschnd- 
den). TOT. Schraubenschneidekluppe, 

f. (o. e. f. ; tour, etc) (zu Holzschrau- 

ben). A 4^1 (for forming wood-screws). 
F^lih-e f. h boU, 

f. The chap9 (pi.) o( A ^nce, Mdchoirei 

f. pi. d'^tau. 

f. (bolzerne). Wood-elambt (pL), or 

two pieces of wood joined by a hix^, and 
plac^ in a vice, in order to prevent the 
teeth of it pinching or marking the work. 
Mordache f.; ienaille en boi»;pince en boU, 

f. (o. e. f.) (Reifkluppe). Vice-clambt 

(pi.), for holding work in a vice, in order 
to file it to a beveL Tenaille ou pince f. d 

f. (for.) (bei Bohrmaschinen) (welche 

die Vicrkante halt). Chuck which holds 
the gun in boring. Manchon m. 
Knallpulver, n. (zur Ziindung des Schiess- 
pulvers in den kleinen Feuergewehren und 
groben Geschutzen). Fulminaiing-powder; 
deionaiing-powder; {priming-powder ; de- 
tonating-priming) ; fulminate, Poudre 
Julminante ; fulminate m. Of the several 
explosive compounds or powders which 
fulminate, the two chiefly employed and 
known are : 
Howard's Pulver od. Knallquecksil- 
ber, (Howard'scber Merkur, knall- 
saures Quecksilberoxyd). The ful- 
minate of mercury, or fulminating 
mercury qf Hoioard, Mercure ful- 
minant : mercure de Howard. (Dis- 
covered by Howard 1799.) 
Pulver aus cblorsaurem Kali, (iiber- 
oxydirt-salzsaurem Kali). Chlorate 
of potagaa, or hyper-oxymuriate qf 
potash, of old nomenclature. Chlo- 
rate m. de potasse ; muriate de po- 
tasse suroxigM, (Discovered by Ber- 
thollet 1786.) 

n. (in Komern). Priming-grain* 

(pi.), or fulminating powder in grain. — 
en grains. 

n. (in kleinen Kucben, in Blei od. 

Papier gehiillt). Priming-patches (pi.), 
or the powder in pastilles covered with lead 
or paper. — en pastilles. 

n. (in iiberfirnissten Komern). Var- 
nished priming-grains. — en grains ver- 
nis ou amorces vemiss/es. 

n. (mit Wacbs geschiitzt). Waxed- 
primings (pL); waxed-pellets. Amorces 

n. (in Kapseki) (Ziindhiitchen). 

Copper-caps : copper-cap primers. Amorces 

en capsule; (capsules tT amorce). 
n. (in Ronren). Copper-tubes or tube- 
primings. — en tube. 
Knallquecksilber, n. (chim.) Fulminating- 

mercury. Mercure fulminant, voy. KuaU- 

Knallsalz, n. (chim.) Chlorate of potash. 

Chlorate m. ae potasse. voy. Kali (uber- 

Knallsaure, f. (chim.) Fulminic-acid. Acide 

Knallsaures Quecksilberoxvd, n. (chim.) 

voy. Knallquecksilber ; Knallpulver. 
Silberoxyd, n. (chim.) Fulminate qf 

silver. Fulminate d^ argent. 
Knallsilber, n. (chim.) Fulminating-siher. 

Argent fulminant ; oxyded* argent ammo- 

Knallziindkraut, n. Percussion-priming; 

fulminating or detonating-priming. Amorce 

de poudre fulminante ; amorce fulminante. 

n. (in Kapseln, etc.). voy. Knall- 
pulver (in Kapseln, etc.). 

Knebel, m. (art.) (an einer Protzkette). The 
r, or key of a keep-chain. Cltf f. de 
chaine d'embrelage. 

m. (art.) (zum Anziehen eines Binde- 

stranges, etc). A woolding stick. Gar- 
rot m. 

m. (art.) (am Zieh — od. Langtaue). 

A key on the end of somet^rolonges ; pro- 
longe-key. Billot m. de prolonge ; clrff. 
de prolonge. 

m. pi. (sell.) (am Knebelgebisse). The 

cheeks (pi.) of the snaffle-bit. Ailes f. pi. 
du mors du bridon. 

m. voy. Zelt (Knebel, Schiebeholz). 

m. (an der Hiusschnur eines Pelzes). 

The acorn which loops into the line of 
hussar-pelisse. Gland m. du cordon d'une 

Knebelbart, m. (Schnurbart). Moustaches 
(pi.), moustachios (pi.) ; moustache. Mous- 
tache {. 

Knebelgebiss, n. (sell.) Snaffle-bit ; com- 
mon snaffle-bit with cheeks. Mors m. du 
bridon. voy. Knebel (i>l.). 

Knebelholz, n. voy. Knebel. 

KnebeltrensCi f. (art.) Snaffie-bridle. Bri- 
don m. 

Kneipzange, f. Pincers; nippers; tongs. 
Tenaille ; pince f. 

f. (Kugel- od. Bleikugel-). A hurr- 

cutter, burr-nipper. £barboir m. ; te- 
nailles ou cisailles f. pi. a couper les jets 
des balles. 

f. (marech.) (zum Abnehmen der Ei- 

sen). Pincers (pi.) ; shoeing -pincers. Tri- 
coises f. pi. servant a d^ferrer le cheval. 

Knie, n. (fort.) (der Theil der Brustwehr, 
welcher vom Geschiitzstande bis zur Schar- 
tensohle reicht). The genouillere; (the 
back of the solid, or interior of the para- 
pet below the sole). Genouillh-e f. ; (partie 
du talus int^rieur du parapet d'une bat- 


Rnie — Roakshohofen. 

teiie, comprise deptiis son pied jasqu'a 
Ventr4e de I'embrasure. 
Rnie, n. (fort.) (die Hohe des — es). voy. 

n. voy. KniestUck. 

n. fmin.) (der Leitrinne einer Mine). 

▼oy. Ellbogen. 

Rniehohe, f. (fort.) (die Hohe vom Geschiitz- 
atande bia zur Scliartensohle). The height 
of the back of the solid ; (height of the 
sill). Hauteur f. de la genouill^re. voy. 

Rnieleder, n. (des Tambours). The knee' 
cap of drummer. Cuissiere f. de tambour. 

Rnieleine, f. voy. Zeltleine. 

Rniescheibe, f. od. RoUe (des Pferdes). 
The patella or knee-bone; knee-cap or 
knee-pan. Roiule f. 

Rniescnlagrohre, f. (art. nav.) (bei den Eng- 
landem). The rectangular-tube; rect- 
angular quill-detonating-tube. £toupille 
d b/quitle, amorce a biquille (chez les An- 
glais), c'est-k-dirc, amoroo en plume sans 
godet, ct dont Ic principal tube est mis en 
communication, vers le haut, avec un autre 
petit tube contenant du fulminate, et ve- 
nant rencontrer le premier sous un angle 
tel, qu'en pla^ant le grand tube dans la 
lumiere, le petit repose bien a plat et dans 
une direction determine, sur le support 
de platine, ou il reyoit la percussion, (p. 
63—54 Renseignements sur le materiel de 
I'artillerie navale de la Grande-Bretagne, 
par MM. Zeni et Deshays) ; 4tovpilleful- 
minante; tube percutant coud4. (Le Spec- 
tateur militairc, t. XXVI. p. 314.) 

RuiestUck,n. (pont). od. Krummholz (eines 
Flussfahrzeuges). Rising-timber in a boat. 
Courbe f. de bateau. 

Rnirschpulvcr, n. (artif.) Bruised-powder ; 
(half-bruised powder) ; not thoroughly 
mealed gunpowder. Relien m. ; poudre 

Rnitteldamm, m. voy. Rniitteldamm. 

Rnobel, m. (art.) (am Ziehtaue). The pro- 
longe-kegt (&t the end of some nrolonges). 
Cl^t de prolori^. voy. Kneoel. 

Rnobelkappe, f. ^v. d*a.) voy. Ortscheit- 
knobclkappe, Lndkappe. 

Rnochenspat, m. (vdt.) Bone-sptmn. tlpar- 
vin osseux ou calleux. 

m. (v6t.) String-halt (or blind-spavin). 

fyarvin sec. 

Rnopf, m. rscll.) (des Sattelbaumes). The 
pommel of a saddle. Pommeau m. 

m. (m. d'a.) (an der Schwanzschraube). 

voy. Zapfen. 

m. (m. d'a.) (eines Seitcngewehres). 

The pommel. Bouton on pommeau m. 

Knopfgabel, f. A button-sticky (soldier's 
necessaries). Patience f. ; patience-plan- 
chette f. 

Ruopftriebel, m. (m. d'a.) Piece of hard 
wood for driving the pommel on to the 
tang of a sword-blade. Chasse poign^e ou 
p<nmHeau m. 

Knoten, m. (pont, etc.) Knot. Noeud m. 

(Anker-). Cable-clinch. Naeudd^anere. 

(Brems-). Woolding or packing-stick 

hitch. — avec le garrot. voy. Brems- 

(deutscher) (Zimmermannsknoten). 

Timber-hitch. — allemand. 

(Docken- od. Strudelholz-). Magnus- 
hitch. — de poup/e. 

: (doppelter Wiirge-). voy. Feiier- 


(einfacher). An overhand or thumb- 
knot. — simple. 

(einfach verscblungener). A ntn- 

ning-knot. — simple gans4. 

(enelischer od. Fischer-). A water- 
knot : {fisherman* s knot). — de p^heur. 

TFeuerwerks-). voy. Schifferknoten. 

(Fischer-), voy. cnglischer Rnoten. 

(Galeeren-). Galley -hitch, —degalere. 

(gerader od. rechter). A rerfor right- 
knot. — droit. 

(gerade verscblungener). A draw 

re^-knot. — droit gans4, 

(balber Schliissel-). A half-hitch. 

Demi-clrf. voy. Ilalbstich. 

TKreuz-). voy. gerader Rnoten. 

(SchiflTer- od. Feuerwerks-). Clove- 
hitch or two haff-hitches. — cTartificier 
ou de batelier. 

(Weber-). A bend; common- or sheet- 
bend. — de tisserand. 

(Zinimermanns-). voy. deutscher 


m. od. Schloss, (Schlosser, pi.) der 

Faschinenbandcr. The knot of the withe 
or gad, or tie of the gad. — d'un hart. 

m. (im Holze). Knot. Nantd m. 

m. (Strassen-). Point whence other 

roads radiate as from a common centre. 
Nceud de plusieurs routes ; point oil abou- 
tissent plusieurs routes ou chemins. 
Rnute, f. The knouti (for inflicting the Rus- 
sian punishment so called). Knout m. 
Rniitteldamm, m. (Rnitteldamm). Road 
or way carried over bogs, marshes, etc. 
and applied to the repairing of bad roads, 
consisting of a S3r8tem of wood (undleft 
billets, or logs of wood), in longitudinal 
and cross-pieces. Chauss^e faite en ron- 
dinSf en branchages. 
Roak, m. CokCf or charred pit-coal. Coke 

m. voy. Coak. 
Roakgicht, f. (sid.) The charge, proportion 
qf cokct or specific quantity of coke in- 
troduced into the furnace. Charge f. de 
coke ou dose de coke. 
Roakgichten, f. pi. (sid.) The charges 
of cokCf or proportion of the furnace- 
burden consisting of coke. Charges f. pL 
de coke. 
Roakshohofen, m. (sid.) A coke iron- 
furnace^ coke blast-furnace, or blast-fiir- 
nace heated with coke. Haut-foumeau ^ 
coke; foumeau a coke; bant-foumeaa 
diaaff^ avec dn coke. 

Rocbanstalten — Rohlenziehen. 


Kochanstalten, f. pi. (im Lager). The places 
/or cooking in camp ; the kitchens. Cuisines 
f. pi. de camp. 

Kochgeschirr, n. (des Soldaten). Mess-tin ; 
canteen. Bidon m. en fer-blanc; bidon 
pour soldat. 

(Dessen Beutel. The mess-tin-cover, or 
canteen-cover. Sac ou ^tui.) 

Kochherde, m. pi. voy. Kochlocher. 

Kochkessel, m. Camp-kettle; cooking^ 
kettle. Marmite f. 

Kochlocher, n. pi. (im Lager). The kitchens, 
or places for coolong in camp. Cuisines f. 
pi. de camp. 

Rochschmiede, f. (sid.) voy. Frisch- 
schmiede (die deutsche). 

Roffer, m. (fort^ voy. Coffer. 

m. (fort.) (oedeckter). A casemated- 

caponier; communication-gallery with loop- 
holes for musquetry. Caponni^re case- 

Kohle, f. Charcoal; charcoal (usually so 
called), or charcoal obtained from wood. 
Charbon m. ; charbon de bois. 

f. (aus Steinkohlen). Coke, or the char- 
coal obtained from coal. Coke m. ; charbon 
de homlle. 

f. (sid.) Carbon, or the fusible property of 

cast-iron. Carbone m. voy. Rohlenstoff. 

f. (artif.) (gekleinte). voy. Kohlen- 


voy. Back — ; Braun — ; Faser — ; 
Glanz — ; Holz — ; Kannel — ; Pflanz — ; 
Quandel — ; Sinter — ; Stein — ;Thier — ; 
Torfkohle; Schmiedekohle. 

Rohlegehalt, m. (^d.) (der Lverschiedenen 
Stahlarten, etc.) The quantity, proportion, 
amount, or per-centage qf carbon con-- 
tained in different steels, or held by them 
in chemical combination ; the contents in 
carbon. Teneur f. en carbone; quantity 
de carbone contenue dans les divers aciers, 

Kohlen-Ausbringen, n. (bei derVerkohlung 
des Holzes). The produce in charcoal, or 
the quantity of char eifforded, by any of 
the processes for obtaining charcoiU. Quan- 
titiS f. de charbon obtenue par la carboni- 

Roblenbrennen, n. The charring of wood. 
Carbonisation f. du bois. 

V. To char or bum wood for charcoal. 

Carboniser le bois. 

Kohlenbrenner,m. The burner, or charcoal- 
burner. Charbonnier m. 

Kohleneisen, n. (gekohltes Eisen). Car- 
buret qf iron. Carbure m. defer. 

KohlcngestUbe, n. Charcoal-dust; char^ 
coal-powder. Charbonnaille ; brasque f. ; 
poussiere f. de charbon. 

Kohlengicht, f. (sid.) The charge or spe- 
cific quantity of charcoal which a furnace 
receives. Charge f. de charbon; quantity 
de charbon qu'on introduit a la fois dans 
le haut-foumeau. 

Kohlengichten, f. pi. (sid.) The pioportaon 

of the furnace-burden consisting of char- 
coal ; the charges of charcoal introduced 
with the mine, etc. Charges f. pi. de 

Rohlengnibe, f. (zurVerkohlungdes Holzes). 
Pit for burning or charring wood. Fosse f. 
de carbonisation. 

Kohleuholz, n. voy. Rohlholz. 

Rohlenkasten, m. (art.) (einer Feld- 
schmiede). Coal-box of a field- or tra- 
velling-forge. Caisse f. h charbon d'une 
forge de campagne. 

Kohlenlangen, n. voy. Rohlenziehen. 

Rohlenlosche, f. Charcoal-dust; ashes, 
dust, and earth mixed together, (used 
amongst other things, as a coating for the 
pile in charring wood). Brasque f. ;fraisil 

Rohlenmeiler, m. The heap or pile in which 
wood is arranged for the purpose of being 
carbonized or charred. Meule f. ; meuU 
de carbonisation. 

(The pile is called "Uegender Meiler," 
when the wood is arranged '* in horizontal 
Uyers " [- a bois couch7'], and " stehender 
Meiler," when " in nearly vertical layers " 
[-a bois debouf] , forming a conical rounded 

Rohlenoxydgas, n. (chim.) Carbonic oxide; 
gaseous oxide qf carbon. Gaz oxide de 

Rohlensack, m. (h. f.) voy. Hohofen 

Rohlensaure, f. (chim.) Carbonic -acid, 
Acide carbonique. 

Rohlensaures Eisenoxvdul, n. voy. Eisen- 
oxydul (kohlensaures). 

Gas, n. (chim.) Carbonic acid gas. 

Gaz acide carbonique. 

Rali, n. (chim.) voy. Rali. 

Rohlenschaufel, f. Coal-shovel. Pelle f. 
a charbon. 

Rohlenstaub, m. Charcoal-dust; charcoal- 
powder ; ground charcoal. Brasque f. ; 
poussih-e f. de charbon; charbon piU. 

m. (sid.) (eingestampfter). Hard 

rammed damp charcoal -dust and loam. 
Brasque f. 

m. (artif.) (gekldnte Rohle). Pounded- 

charcoal; ground charcoal, or charcoal in 
a pulverized state. Poussihre f . de charbon ; 
poudre f. de charbon; charbon piU; 
{aigremore m. [a]). 

m. (fond.) (zum Bestreuen der Form). 

Blackening, or pounded charcoal -dust, 
used for the surface of moulds. Poussiere 
f. de charbon. voy. Bestreuen. 

Rohlenstoff, m. (chim.) Carbon; (with 
reference to iron, the fusible property of 
it). Carbone m. 

(sid.) (das Roheisen vom — e befreien, 

V.) voy. Entkohlen. 

Rohlentiegel, m. (sid.) voy. Graphit- 
tiegel; Tiegel. 

Rohlenziehen, n. (Rohlenlangen). Draw- 
ing th9 chan opezation or act of drawing 


Kohlholz — Kolonne. 

the charred wood. Action de tirer ou 
harker le charbon, 

KohlholZ) n. Wood for charring^ or in- 
tended for charring. Bois m. a charbon. 

Kokarde, f. Toy. Feldzcichen ; Cocarde. 

f. (Verlust der — ) (bei den Prenssen). 

" Forfeiture of the cockade/' either en- 
tirely or subject to restoration, which ac- 
companies certain punishments in Prussia. 
Privation f. de la cocarde (en Prusse). 

Koker, m. voy. Kartuschkoker. 

Kolbak, m. (Kolpak, auch Colpak). Butbyt 
busby -cap, hussar fur -cap, Colback m., 
kolbak ou colbach de hussards. 

Kolbe, f. (m. d'a.) (Kolben, m.) The butt 
of a musket ; (the butt-end). Crosse f. de 
fusil, voy. llmterschaft. 

f. (ra. d'a.) (des Pistolenschaftes). The 

butt of the pistol. Poignie t, crosse f. de 

Kolben, m. (art.) rdesWischers). The spunge- 
head. Tete f. d/couvillon. voy. Wischer- 

m. (art.) (des Setzers). The rammer' 

head, Tete f. de r^fbuloir, voy. Setzer- 

m. (m. d.'a., etc.) (Senkkolben). A 

countersink for workers in metal. Praise f. 

m. (m. d'a.J (zur Kaliberbohrung). J5t7, 

{polishing-bit), for iine-boring or finishing 
the bore of barrels ; (the spill and bit). 
M^he f. gamie de ses ^telles, servant ii 

r>lir int^cureroent les canons de fusils et 
les mettre an calibre. 

m. (m. d'a.^ gcspaltener (Biichsen- 

macherkolbeu). A scraper ^ or rod for 
cleaning musket-barrels. Orattoir m. 

V. {m. d'a.) od. auskolben. To fine- 
bore a barrel, or fimsh the bore of a gun- 
barrel. Donner au canon mm /i»/e calibre: 
lepolir; VaUser. 

m. (for.) (Bohrerkolben od. Bohrer- 

kopf ). Borinff'headt or flat piece of iron 
to which the cutter for boring guns is at- 
tached. Porte-lame m. 

m. (chim.^ voy. Destillirkolbcn. 

m. (sid.) (Gteblasekolben). The piston 

of blast-apparatus. Piston m. 

m. (m^'S The piston. Piston m. 

m. (m^c.) (mit mctallischer Liedemng). 

Piston with metallic packing. Piston d 
garniture mitalUque. 

m. (sid.) A bloom. Lopin m. 

Kolhenbacken, m. (m. d'a.) The cheek- 
piece. Renfliement m. ou renfbrt oonvexe 
a la crosse du bois d'un fusiL 

Kolbenblech, n. (m. d'a.) (od. Kolben- 
ichuh). The heel-plate. Plaque f. de 

Kolbeubrettchen, n. (m. d'a.) A spate, used 
in fine-boring, l^telle f. 

Kolbcngeblase, n. (min.) (zur Luftreinigung 
der Minen). Blowing-apparatus or o«fi- 
tilator worked with piston, for ventilating 
mines. Souffiet a piston, pour envoyer die 
I'air dans lei galeriet de minei. 

Kolbenhals, m. (m. d'a.) (Diinnung, f. od. 
Griff, m.) The hand. Poignie f. de la 
crosse. voy. Ilinterschaft. 
Kolbenhiib, m. (m^.) The stroke of the 
piston. Lep^ f. du piston ; coup m. 
(Die Anzahl der Kolbenhube in einer 
Minute. The number of strokes per 
minute. Le nombre des levies par 
Kolbenkappe, f. (m. d'a.) voy. Kolben- 
Kolbenlaiif, m. (mec.) The stroke of 
piston ; (length of stroke) ; stroke of the 
piston. Course f. du piston. 

(Der Kolbenlauf betriigt N.N. Zoll. The 
length of stroke [is so many inches] ; 
or a so many inch stroke qf piston. 
La course du piston [est de N.N. 




Kolbennase, f. (m. d'a.) 
Kolbenschuh, m. (m. d'a 

voy. Nase. 

.) voy. Kolben- 

Kolbenstauge, f. (mec.) Piston-rod. Tige 

f. du piston. 
Kolbenstoss, m. The kick, or recoil of a 

musket. Bourrade f. ; coup de crosse de 

Kolbenzug, m. (mec.) The stroke qf the 

piston. Lev4e f. du piston ; coup m. 
Kollateralwerke, n. pi. (fort) voy. Col- 

Koller, m. ^vet.) (rasender od. fliegender). 

Vertigo; {megrims); mad-staggers. Ver- 

tige, vertigo m. 
Kollet, n. (cav.) Dress-jacket of cavafay. 

Kolonne, f. (tact.) Column. Colowne f. 

voy. Colonne. 
f. (tact.) (eine links abmarschirtc). A 

column lift in front. Colonne la gauche 

en tSte. 
f. (tact.) (eine rechts abmanchirte). 

A column right in front. Colonne la droite 

f. (tact.) (Angriffs-). A column qf 

attack, or column employed in moving to 

attack; (double-column). Colonne ^at- 

taque. voy. Kolonne (nach der Mitte). 

f. (tact.) (mit Compagniefront). A 

column of grand-divisions {compames) *'). 
Colonne par divisions "). 

f. (tact.) (Doppel — ). voy. — nach 

der Mitte. 

f. (tact.) (mit Distance), voy. ge- 

offnete — . 

f. (art. tact.) (zu Einem) (Manchko- 

lonne). Column of subdivisions ; (column 
of route), Colonne par piece. 

f. (cav. tact.) (Escadrons-). Colunm 

qf squadrons, Colonne par escadron. 

(tact.) (gebundene). voy. Doppel- 


f. (tact.) (geoflfiiete). Open-colummj or 

column at open or wheeling-distanee. Gek 
lonne avec distance; — k dkismee emiiirt 
on de front i — ouverie. 

Kolonne — Kolonne. 


Kolonne, (tact.) (seschlossene) (od. — mit 
einem Schritte Abetand zwiacben je zwei 
Ziigen). Cloge^column, column at clote- 
distance (properly so called) ; column 
formed at one pace distance, measuring 
from the rear-rank of one division to the 
firont-rank of the next. Colonne en masse 
on colonne serr^ (des Anglais, des Pms- 
siens, etc.), les subdivisions ayant entre 
elles un intervalle d'un pas; (colonne 
compacte ; colonne ferm^). 

(tact.) (geschlossene). Column formed 

at six paces distance between the pivots, 
or three paces from the rear-rank of 
one division to the front-rank of the fol- 
lowing; (column, at a greater distance 
by two paces than the close-column, and 
rather less than the usual quarter-distance 
column of English battalions). Colonne 
serr^e; colonne serr4e en nuute. 

(art. tact.) (in balben Batterien). 

Column qf half -batteries, Colonne par 

(tact.) (halb geoflfhete). Half-dis- 
tance column, column at half-distance, 
(or — at subdivision-distance, if formed as 
a column of divisions). Colonne d demi- 
distance; — demi-ouvertet — serr^e a 

(tact) (halb offene — ). voy. — halb 


(tact.) (Halbzug-). Column of sub- 
divisions^*), Colonne par sections, voy. 

(tact.) (Infrmterie-). Column of in- 
fantry, Colonne d^irifanterie, 

(tact.) (Kavallerie-). voy. Kavallerie- 


(tact). (Manovrir-). Column of 

mancguvre, Colonne de manceuvres, 

(tact.) (Marach-). Column q/* march 

or route, Colonne de route. 

(Marsch-). Column qf march; —on 

the march or —on the line of march, 
Colonne en route; colonne en marche, 

(art. tact) (Marsch-). voy. Ko- 
lonne (zu Einem). 

(im Marsche) (od. im Marsche be- 

griffene — ). Column on the march or 
on the move or in motion, Colonne en 

• (nach der Mitte) (Doppelcolonne). 

Double-column, or column formed on the 
two centre divisions of a battalion ^*) ; 
double-column from the cemtre of brigades ; 
(double-column qf divisions, or — ^sub- 
divisions) ; (column of attack). Colonne 
double; —sur le centre; (colonne d'at- 

^mobile-), voy. Mobile Kolonne. 

(offene). voy. geoffhete — . 

(Pelotons-). voy. Zugkolonne ( — 

durch Abschwenken in Ziigen). 

(Sections-). Column qf sections '*). 

Colonne par demi-sections. 

(mit Sections-Distance). Colwsm at 

Gbrm AN Part. 

section-distance **). Colonne a distance 
de demi-section, 

Kolonne, (auf der Stelle) (stillstehende). 
A halted-column. Colonne de piedferme, 

(Zug-). Column qf divisions^*), Co- 
lonne par pelotons, 

(Zug-) ( — durch Abschwenken in 

Ziigen). Open-column qf divisions, or co- 
lumn qf divisions at wheeling-distance; 
column of divisions "J. Colonne par pe- 
lotons a distance entiere ou de front. 

(Zug-) ( — durch Vor- oid. Hinter- 

einanderachieoen der Ziige) Tgeschlossene 
Zugkolonne). Close-column qf divisions^*), 
Colonne serrie par pelotons k un pas de 

'■ (art tact.) (Zug-). Column qf divi- 
sions, Colonne par section, 

(mit Zugdistance). Column qf di- 
visions at wheeling-distance ^^), Colonne 
par pelotons d distance entihre ou de 

(mit halber Zugdistance). Column 

qf divisions at subdivision-distance >'). 
Colonne par pelotons a demi-distance, 

(mit Viertel-Zugdistance). Q^arter- 

distance column; column at quarter- 
distance; column of divisions at quarter- 
distance *'). Colonne serr^ par pelotons i 
distance de demi-section ; (colonne serr/e 
en masse; colonne serr4e). 

(Wagen-). voy. . Wagenkoionne. 

(Kechts m Kolonne! Rechts-umI 
Marsch ! Form close column, right 
infi'ont, on the right flank-division ! 
Bight-face I Quick-march! Colonne 
serrie par peloton / Sur le premier 
peloton, la droite en tSte, en colonne! 
Bataillon = a droite ! Pas acciUrS 
— Marche!) 
(Nach der Mitte in Kolonne ! Links- 
und rechts- um ! — Marsch ! Form 
double column qf divisions in rear qf 
the two centre divisions! (Inwards- 
face!) or. Right and Irft shoulders 
forward ! Quick-march ! **) Colonne 
double, a distance de peloton ! ^*) 
Bataillon = a gauche et H droite ! 
Pas accileri = Marche !) 
(Formirt die Kolonne I voy. Formirt). 

(eine — abbrechen, v.) To diminish 

the front of a column. Faire rompre une 
colonne par pelotons, par sections, etc 

(die — formiren, v.) To form column. 

Former la colonne, 

halten, v. To cover in column, or 

keep the covering (as the pivots). Suivre 
la trace du guide qui pr^c^de; observer 
la direction du guide ; tenir le guide, 

(die — oflnen, v.) To open-out the 

column, or make the column take dis- 
tance. Prendre les distances. 

(die — schliessen, v.). To close the 

column, (on any division, to any prescribed 
distance). Serrer la colonne. 

(tact.) (das Aufschliessen der — ). 



Rolonne — Rommitsair. 

Clonng the column ; forming ekue-column. 
Action de serrer la colonne ^ on pM de 
distance ; formation de la oolonne serree & 
on pas de distance. 

Kolonne, (tact.) (Kontremanch einer — ). 
Countermarching in column; ihe counter- 
march of a column, Contre-marcke f. 
tTune colonne. 

(tact.) (die Queue der — ) (Riicken, 

Ende). The rear of the oolnmn. Qv^tie f. 
de la oolonne. 

(tact.) (die T^ der — ) (Spitze). 

The head or front of the colomn. Teie t 
de la colonne. 

RolonnenangrifT, m. od. 

KolonnenattackCjf. voy.Colonnenattacke. 

Rolonncnbewegung, f. (tact.) Movement 
in column, Mouvement m. en colonne, 

Kolonncnbriicke, f. Toy. Briicke (Roll- 
od. Wagen-). 

Rolonnendistance, f. (tact.) Distance in 
column. Distance f. en colonne, voy. 
Distance; Rolonne. 

Rolonnenformirung, f. voy. Colonnen- 

Rolonnenfiihrer, m. (tact.) voy.Colonnen- 

Rolonnenlinie, f. voy. Colonnenlinie. 

Rolonuenmarscb, m. (tact.) Tlie marching 
of troops m column, Marche f. en colonne. 

Rolonnenspitze, f. voy. Colonnenspitze. 

Rolonneustellung, f. (tact.) The column ; 
arrangement or disposition of troops so 
called. Ordre m. de colonne; orare en 

Rolonncntiefe, f. The depth of a column, 
Profondeur f. de colonne, 

Rolonnenweg, m. Route or line of route 
by which any column of troops moves; 
line or direction which it follows in ad- 
vancing on any point, either in marches 
of oonoentration or towards the enemy. 
Route f. ou communication par laquelle 
une oolonne s'avanoe; direction f. que 
suit une colonne pour se porter vers un 
point qneloonque, soit en marche-man- 
oeuvre, soit en marche de concentration. 

Rommandant, m. (einer Festung). Com- 
mandant, or officer in command^ of any 
fortress or gairisoo. Commandant m. de 
place ; commandant de forteresse. 

m. voy. Commandant. 

Rommandemeut, n. (fort.) (eines Werkes). 
voy. Commandement. 

Rommandeur, m. voy. Commandant, 

Rommandeurzelt, n. voy. Zelt. 

Rommandiren, v. voy. Commandiren. 

Rommandirrolle, f. voy. Commandirrolle. 

Rommandirt, voy. Commandirt. 

Rommandirte Mannschaft, f. (za irgend 
einer Arbeit), voy. Rommando (Arbcits-); 
Hiilfsmannsohaft; Arbeiter, pi. 

Rommando, n. Duty upon which any one 
may bo ordered of a detached nature (as 
escort'dutg)t as well as of fetigue (as 

working 'Parties, pioneer -duties, etc.) ; 
moreover the jiar/jf or detachment phuvd 
on any such duty. Service m. ; ditacbe- 
ment m. voy. Commando. 

Rommando, n. Command. Commande- 
ment TO, 

n- (Arbeits-). Fatigue-partg ; vrorking- 

party, Hommes de corr^; detachement 
de corT4e, 

n. (Arrestanten-). Escort or detach- 
ment for the escort of prisoners; military- 
escort in charge qf prisoners. Escort e f. 
de prisonniers, voy. Patrouilleur. 

n. (Begleitungs-). voy. Transport- 


n. (Fourage-). Foraging-party, Four- 

rageurs pi.; hommes de coirvee oom- 
mandes pour aller fourrager. 

n. (Interims-), voy. luterimskom- 


n. (Remonte-). voy. Remonte- 


n. (Brief-, Rebus-), voy. Relais- 


n. (Transport-). Party, escort, or 

guard, in charge of or escorting any supply 
of money, ammunition, stores, provisions, 
etc Escorts de compoi, 

(In some German services, the term 
** Rommando,'* considered in the 
sense of **duty" [escort- or other- 
wise], upon which an officer or sol- 
diers may be placed or detached, is 
styled '* Grossromraando,'' when a 
duty upon which the parties are ab- 
sent fi;t)m their regiment above 24 
hours, and ** Rleincommando/' when 
less than that time.) 
Rommaudof iihrer, m. Commander qf a 
party; officer in command or in charge qf 
any party, escort, etc. Chrfm, d^ escorts 
d'un convoi, de prisonniers, etc. ; offieier 
commandant une escorte; commandant 
d* escorts ; chtf d'un detachement de 
Rommandowort, n. voy. Commandowort. 
Rommis, (Commis od. Commiss). Term 
derived from the Latin *' committere " (to 
furnish or supply ; [** liefem ;" foumir^ 
Hvrery), and used only in composition as 
applicable to supplies undertaken by or 
entrusted to others on a large scale, and 
usually under contract. 
Rommisbacker, m. Contractor for the 
supply of bread to the troops. Boulanger 
m. de gamison, 

m. Commissariat-baker, Boulanger 


Rommisbrod, n. Ration-bread, Pom m. 
j de munition, 

Rommiscaliber, voy. Commisscaliber. 

Rommisgegenst'ande, m. pi. Regimental 
articles (f store. Effets m. pi. de troupe, - 
^ets d'iquipement ; ^ets de magaais^s 
— de remplacement, 

Rommissair, m. A commissary : eofftMit- 

Kommissariat — Kopf. 


sariai-Ojfficen sometimes 9k principal com' 
miwariat'Officer ; officer in the commia- 
sariat-deparimeni more particularly oon- 
oemed in the stores and provisions of an 
army. Commiseaire m. ; officier tTintend' 
ance; officier on membre de Pintendance, 
qui a la direction des vivres de I'arm^. 

Kommissariat, n. (Heenrerpflegungsamt). 
Cknnmiuariat. Administration de vivres; 
iniendance de vivres; {commiuariat) ; m- 

n. (die sammtlichen Kommissarien). 

The eommieeariatj commieeariai'OfficerSf 
or cotnmistaries belonging to an army. 
Corpe m. d*intendance ; memhree de Fin- 
tendance; (conmUaeairea de vivrea). 

Kommunikationsgraben ; - Linie. voy. 
Communicationsgraben ; Communica^ 

Kommunikationsgang, (min.) voy. Mi- 
nengan^ (Verbindungs-). 

Kompagme, f. voy. Compagnie; Frjeicom- 
pagnie; Gamisoncompaffnie : Leibcom- 
pagnie ; Strafcompagnie;Musketiercom- 
pagnie; Fliigelcompagnie ; Schiitzen- 

Rompagniechef, m. Captain of a company. 
Capitaine m. de compagnie. 

Kompagniecommandeur, m. Officer in 
charge of a company. Commandant m. de 
compagnie; officier qui remplit momen- 
tanement les fonctions de capitaine. 

Kompagniefront, f. (tact.) (Kolonne 
mit — ). voy. Kolonne. 

Kompagniefronten, f. pL (Vorbeimarsch 
in — ) (auf Zugdistance). Marching-paat 
in column of grand-diviaiona at haif- 
distance ^% or marching-paat by grand 
diviaiona, etc. Defilement en colonnepar 
diviaiona ^ demi-diaiance ; defilement par 
diviaiona a diatance de peloton ".) 

Kompagniegasse, f. voy. Compagniegasse. 

Kompagniekommandeur, m. voy. Kom- 

Kompagnieweise, By compamea. Par com- 
pagnie ; par compagniea. 

Kompass, m. Compaaa, Bouaaole f. voy. 
Gniben- ; Hangekompass ; Orientir- 
boussole; Patentbouasole. 

Komplett, (Complett). Complete or t^ to 
itafull-eatabliahment, (in speaking of any 
company or regiment). Complet (com' 
pUte) ; au complet, voy. Yollzahlig. 

Komplettiren, v. (zu einer bestimmten 
•SUirke, einen Truppentheil — ). To com- 
piete any corps to ita full-eatabliahment, 
or bring it up to ita eatabliahment ; to 
fill-up the complement of a regt. Com- 
pleter, mettre au complet un corps quel- 

Komplott, n. Mutinoua cofrf'ederacy, con- 
apiracy : mutinoua or aeditioua duign of 
any kind among soldiers. Constat m. 

Kompressions — od. Schlagschlom. Toy. 

Koncentriren, v. (Truppen). To eoneentraie 

(fort) voy. 

pL voy. Ta- 

An araenal. 

or unite troops at any given point for a 
particular purpose. CSDncei»/r«r des troupes. 

Ronig, m. (chim.) (Metal! konig). Regulua, 
R/gule m. voy. Eisenkonig. 

m. (poudr.) (einer Walzmiihle). The 

main-aha/lf or upright mill-aha/lf carrying 
the runners in their frame. Arbre vecteur 
des meules d'un moulin a poudre. 

Ronigliche Dienstsache, (K. D. S.). This, 
occurring upon offidal-leMers, has a similar 
purport to, O, H. M, 8. {^OnHer Mqjeaty*a 
Service), voy. Militaria. 

Ronische Rader, n. pL (m&.) Mitre-, 
bevel-, or bevelled-wheela (pi.); conical- 
wheela; (bevelled-gear). Rouea f. pi. 
d'angle; rouea coniquea; (engrenage co^ 

Roniscnes Rad, n. (m^.) Bevel -wheel. 
Boue f. d'angle. voy. Rad. 

Ronsigniren, v. voy. Consigniren; Ver- 

Ronstruction, f. (art.) (in Bezug auf Laffe- 
ten, etc.) Conatruction, (with reference 
to artillery-carriages, etc.) Conatruction f. 

Ronstnictionsebene, f. 

Ronstructionstabellen, f. 

Ronstructionszeugbaus, n. 
Araenal m. de conatruction. 

Rontingent, n. voy. Contii^ent. 

(Bundes — ). The contingent, or pro- 
portion of men furnished to the army of the 
Germanic-confederation, by each separate 
state. Contingent m. militaire, destin^ 
au service de Tarm^ de la confederation 

Rontre- etc. voy. Contre-, Gegen-. 

Rontremarsch, m. (tact.) (einer Kolonne). 
voy. Rolonne. 

Rontrescarpengallerie, f. voy. Contrescar- 
pengallene; Gallerie. 

f. (fort, passag.) Counteracarp-gallery ; 

loopholed-gallery of timber constructed 
under the counterscarp of the salient an^es 
of works, to see the ditches in reverse. 
Galerie f. de contreacarpe. 

Ropf, m. (art) (eines Geschiitsrohres). The 
muzzle of a piece of ordnance. Bourrelet 
m. d'un canon ; tulipe f. 

m. (art.) (eines Setzers). 

head. T^te f. de rrfouloir. 

m. (art.) (eines Wischers). 

head. THe f. d'ecouvillon. 

m. (art.) (des Blasebalges) (Blasebalg- 

kopf ). The nozzle-block of forge-bellows. 
Mufie m. de soufflet de forge, voy. Ropf- 

m. (art.) (der Richtschraube). The 

head of elevating-screw. T^te f. de vis de 

m. (v. d'a.) (od. das vordere Ende des 

Langbaumes). The tongue, or fore-end of 
the perch. Mufle m. de fleche. 

m. (m. d'a.) (od. kurzer Arm der 

Stange). voy. Stange. 




Kopf — Korbhagel. 

Kopf, m. (m. d'a.) (der Schwanzschraube). 

llie »crew of the breech-pin. Bouton 

taraud^ de la culasse. 
m. (for.) (Bobrkolben) (an welchem 

die Bohrschneiden gesetzt w^en). voy. 

Kolben; Bohrkopf. 

— m. (der Laufgraben). voy. Lauf- 
graben (Spitze). 

m. (fond.) (der verlome) (Ueberguas). 

The dead-head, suHage -piece, ^elevated 
mouth-piece or gate-piece), whicn by its 
hydrostatic pressure contributes to secure 
the soundness of certain castings, (such as 
guns, rolling-cylinders, etc.). Maseehiie f. ; 
masse de fonte que Ton coule a rexta^mit^ 
des canons, des cylindres de compression, 

m. (tour.) (der Spindel an einer Dreh- 

bank). The tpindle-noee, or note of the 
tpinale of a lathe. Nez m. de Varbre; 
partie de Tarbre d'un tour sur laquelle se 
Tissent les mandrins (chucks ; die Putter). 

m. (selL) (des Sattelbaumes). voy. 


Kopfbalken, m. (pont.) (eines Briicken- 
bockes). The top-beam of a trestle. Cha- 
peau m. d'un chevalet de pont. 

Kopfbedeckung, f. Head-drese, Coiffitare f. 

Kopfbekleidung, f. (des Soldaten). The 
head-dresa of a soldier; (that portion of 
his dothing comprising the cap or helmet, 
as distinct from tbe " Leibesbekleidung ''). 
Coiffure f. 

Kopfbolzen, m. (an der Laffete). A bracket- 
bolt, Chemlle f. h tite ronde. 

m. A round-headed bolt. Cheville h 

tite ronde, 

Kopffriesen,f. pi. (art.) (am Geschutzrohre). 
Muzzle-mouldinge, Mouluret f. pi. du 
bourlet, ^ de la tulipe d'un canon, d'un 

Kopfgestell, n. Tsell.) voy. Hauptgestell. 

n. (sell.) (einA Kappzaumes). voy. 


Kopmisen, voy. Rasen. 

Kop^egel, ra. (art.) voy. Stimriegel. 

Kop^ng, m. (art.) (an einem Blasebalge). 

The nozzle-block hoop, Frette f. de mufie 

de soufflet. 
KopfstUck, n. rart.) (der vorderen Rahmen- 

unterlage zur Gribeauval'schen Walllaffcte). 

Block of wood upon the front-sleeper of a 

traversing-platform. Contre-liwir m. 

n. (art.) (Blasebal^kopf) voy. Kopf. 

n. voy. Balgkop^ 

n. (sell.) voy. Hauptgestell. 

n. (sell.) (an Stangenzaume). voy. 

n. (sell.) (der Unterlegetrense). voy. 

n. (sell.) (an einer Halfter). The head 

of a head-collar. Dezaus m. de tite d'un 


' (min.) (eines Erdbohrers). Cron- 
t» into which the lengthening-rod (or 
■ti **) of a borer or auger for boring 

earth, is screwed or otherwise fiistened. 

Manivelle f. 
Kopfwand, f. (v. d*a.) (einiger Kugelkarren). 

Front-board (or tail-board) of Prussian 

and other trench-carts. Hayon plein ; 

fermeture en planches pour fermer le der- 

ricre et le devant de quelques charrettes de 

Kopizange, f. (m. d'a.) (der Biichsenmacher). 

Lock-filer*9 clambe, vice-clambe, used for 

filing the bevelled edge of locks. Tenaille 

f. a chaitfrein, 
Kopfziegel, m. (arch.) voy. Dickbinder, 

Koppe, f. (topogr.) od. Kuppe (eines Berges). 

Tbe rounded top of a mountain. Ballon 

m. ; sommet airondi d'une montagne. 
Koppel, f. (des Infanteristen) (Scbulter- 

getienk, n.) Shoulder-belt or sword-belt; 

(one of the cross-belts worn by foreign 

infantry). Baudrier m. de sabre de 

f. Enclosure, or piece of ground fenced 

in. Encloe m. 
f. District, piece of land, or common, 

over which several persons have an equal 

right of pasturage, etc. Pdturage com- 

mun ; foret, cliasse commune. 
Koppeln, V. (cav.) (Pferde, an einander). 

To link horses together, in order to enable 

men to parade on foot, or other purposes. 

lUunir les chevaux d'une troupe entare euz ; 

les attacher ensemble, 
V. (cav.) (Los-). To unlink. Detacher 

I'un de I'autre les chevaux d'une troupe ; 

d(faire le lien qui les r^unissait. 
Koppen, V. (Bahren driicken, Bahren beis- 

sen, aufsetzen). To crib-bite, or suck his 

wind (as a horse). Tiquer,* 
n. Crib-biting, wind-sucking, 71cm.; 

tic d*appui. 
Kopper, m. A crib-biter, wind-sucker. 

liqueur m. voy. Bahrenkopper, Luft- 

Koppnemen, m. Leathern strap to pre^ 

vent crib-biting, applied round the neck 

dose to the jaws. Collier qu'on serre pro- 

gressivement et assez fortoment pr^ de 

la t^to d'un cheval, pour I'empdcher de 

Koto, m. (min.) Miner's basket. Peaner 

m. de mineur. 
m. (art.) (Stein-) fur Steinmorser. 

Basket for stones, for the service of stone- 
mortars. Panier pour pierrier ; panier h 


m. Tpont.^ voy. Ankerkorb. 

m. (fond.) eisemer (zur Formung des 

Stosses eines Gescbutzrohres). The goblet, 

or iron mould which holds the model of 

the breech of a gun in loam-moulding. 

Panier m. de culasse, 
m. (einep Sabelgef asses). The basket" 

hilt of a sword. Panier; branches qui 

constituent la garde du sabre. 
Korbhagel, m. (art.) Basket and stones. 

Koibpfahle — Kothloifel. 


put together into a stone-mortar. Papier 
rempli de pierres, poor pierrier. 

Korbmahle, m. pL (lur Fert^iing der Sap- 
penkorbe). The tiakeM or piekeU, round 
which, in gabion-makingi the watUng or 
web is carried. Piquets m. pi. de oabion. 

Kordon, m. (fort) (bei Feetungen). roy. 

- m. voy. Cordon. 

Kom, n. (m. d'a.) (Miicke f.* das yordere 
Abseben). A muzzle-nght, frmU-eighi, 
Guidon m. voy. Aufsatz, Visir. 

n. (art) A nnuzle'^ffht, {diapart-sight 

or dispart)^ cast on the muzsle of some 
guns. Bouton m. de mire ; guidon m. k 
la bouche des canons. 

(feines — ; voiles — nebmen^ v.). 

voy. Feines Kom ; Voiles Kom. 

n. (poudr.) Grain, Grain m. voy. 


n. (poudr.^ (nindes). A rounded grain. 

Grain arrondi, 

n. (poudr.) (dichtes). A firm or eloee 

grain. Grain detue, 

Komart, t,^A,) (anf dem Bruche des Me- 
talles). Tne grain or texture of metal 
Grainuret texture f. 

Kombank, f. (poudr.) The bins, troughs, 
or boxes which receive the grained-powder 
from the sieves, in coming powder. Mayee 
f. pi. 

Komen, n. (poudr.) (des Puhrersatzes). The 
granulation of powder ; process of grain- 
ing or reducing the mUl-cake to grain. 
Grenage m., granulation f. de la p&te. 

V. (poudr.) (das Puhrer). To grain 

powder, or reduce it to grain, Grener la 

Koroer, m. (Lochstempel). Punch; ttamp- 
iron. Perfoir m. 

Komerzinn, n. (min^.) Grain-tin ; the 
tin found in small particles in stream-tin 
ore. ^otn m. en larmea. 

Komhaus, n. (poudr^ The commg-houee 
in a powder-manuiactory. Grenoir m. ; 
atelier de granulation* 

Koraig, (sid.) Granular, Grenu. 

Kommaschine, f. (poudr.) (mit gezahnten 
Walzen) (Wakenkommaschine). Granu- 
latifig-machine, Congreve'e machtne, by 
which the press-cake is crushed between 
toothed-rol&rs and reduced to grain. Ap- 
pareil de grenage du g^^ral Congr^e ; 
machine par laquelle la galette, convertie 
sous une presse en lames minces, est di- 
vis^ par Taction de cyHndres cannel^. 

f. (poudr.) (mit Sieben). The eievet 

and ehaking-Jrame of the coming-house 
for graining powder. Grenoir m. h eriblee, 

Kompulver, n. (poudr.) Grained-powder, 
Poudre ^en/e, 

Korascbeibe, f. (poudr.) (Laufer, m.). The 
runner, bally or solid disk of lignum-vita 
(bois de gayac ; Guayakholz), etc, which 
crushes the mill-cake between the edges 
and inner surface of the sieves in granu- 

lating powder. Tourteau m. ; disque de 
bois dur. 

Komsieb, n. (poudr.) The second sieve 
used in graining powder. Grenoir m. 

n. (poudr.) A coming-sieve for granu- 
lating powder. Crible m. pour convertir 
la poudre en grains ; crible a grener, 

n. rpoudr.^ (erstes). voy. Scbrotsieb. 

n. U>oiidr.) (zweites) (od. Komsieb). 

voy. Komsieb. 

n. (poudr.) (drittes). voy. Scbeide- 


Komung, f. (auf dem Brache des Metalles). 
The grain or texture of metaL GratfiMre, 
texture f, 

f. (poudr.) (des Pulverkuchens). The 

coming or graining of the mill-cake (or 
press-oike). Grenage m. de la galette. 

Komwalzen, f. pL (poudr.) (zur Komung 
des durch Prassen erhaltenen Pulver- 
kuchens). The toothed-rollers of the ma- 
chine (Congreve's), by which the press-cake 
is crushed and reduced to grain. Cglin- 
dres canneUs, de I'appareil de grenage de 

Korperlicbe Ziicbtigung, f. Corporal pun- 
ishment; (Jlogging, or any other sort of 
corporal-chastisement). Chdtiment cor- 

Korperstrafe, f. Any penal infliction or 
punishment, by whidi a delinquent is sub- 
jected to flogging or other military chas- 
tisement. Peine corporelle. 

Korporal, m. Corporal, Caporalm,\ bri- 
gadier (cav.). 

Korporalscbaft, f. The squad ; one of those 
parts into which a company is divided, 
(called " Beritt ^* in the cavalry), for which 
a corporal is more especially answerable to 
his officer. Escouade f. ; demiere subdi- 
vision d'une compagnie. voy. Kamerad- 

Korporalscbaftsfiibrer, m. Corporal in 
charge of a squad, Caporal de chambr^e; 
caporal d^ escouade; caporal ch^d* escou- 

Korporalscbaftsweise, By squads. Par 
escouade ou par escouades. 

Korsiscber Hut, m. voy. Hut. 

Kostenanschlag, m. An estimate, Devis 

Kotbblech, n. od. 

Kotbdeckel, m. (v. d'a.^ A dirt-clout or 
plate over the nave to keep dirt from the 
wheeL (Some English carts have for this 
purpose what is called a ** dirt-board " 
known also as a ** round-robin,** and coach- 
makers call such a plate a ** cuttoo-plate,**) 
Plaque pour empecher la boue de tomber 
sur la graisse de la roue ; plaque de boue, 

Kotbloftel, m. (v. d'a.) (am Achsschemel od. 
Protzsattel). The lip, or projecting part 
of a bolster; bolster-lip; (a ** cftiioo-end,** 
amongst coach-builders). Cache-boue m. ; 
couvre-moyeu ; (partie de la sellette d^- 
bordant le dessus du corps d'essieu en bois 


Kothe — Ejranz. 

et remplafant le coavre-moyea proprement 

Kothe, f. od. Kugel. The fetlock-joint of 

hones. Boulet m. 
Kothengalle, f. (v^t.) voy. Galle. 
Kothengelenk, n. voy. Fesselgelenk, Ko- 
Kothhaar, n. voy. Haarzotte. 
Kraft, f. (des Pulvera). The ttrength or 

force of powder. Force i. de la poudre. 
f. (ciner Maschine). The power of a 

machine or engine. Force f. d'une ma- 
— ^ f. (Pferde-). Hone-power, Force dee 


f. (Pferde-}. voy. Pfcrdekraft. 

— — f. (tliierijiche). Animal-power. Force 

.-^— f. (m^c.) Force ; power. Force f, voy. 

Krafte, ol. 
'— (auBdehnende). Expanaioe force; 

elastic force. Force expansive; — ilas- 

' (mcc.) (die bewegendeV The moving 

power ; moving force ; (prime-mover). 

Force motrice ou mouvante. 

- f. (mdc.) (eine ein£Eu;he). A single 
force. Force unique. 

f. (mec.) (die Mittel-). The resultant, 

or single force which is mechanically 
equivalent to two or more other forces. 
Resultants f. ; force r/sultante ; force 
unique qui produit sur un corps le meme 
effet que plusieurs autres. voy. Krafte 

f. (m^.) (dcr Menschen, Zug- und 

Lastthiore). The strength of man and 
other animals; animal-strength. Force 
des hommes et des animaux. 

Kraftbewegiingen, f. pi. (art.) The different 
" manoeuvres " occurring in the mounting, 
dismounting, etc., of ordnance, or in the 
management of heavy-artillery generally, 
with the regular machines. Mancewres de 

Krafte, f. pi. (mec.) (die Zerlegung der — ). 
The resolution of force, D4composition f. 
des forces. 

(mec.) (das Parallelogramm der — ). 

The parallelogram of forces. ParaUHo- 
gramme m. des forces. 

(mec.J (dir «i— *- 

seren — ), 
sanies f. pi. 

Kraftmesser, m. Dynamometer; instrument 
for measuring the relative strength of men 
and animals, the force of machinery, etc. 
Dynamometre m. 

Kragen, m. (an Uniformen}. The collar of 
uniform. Collet m. d'habit. 

Krahenncst, n. voy. Elstcmnest. 

Krahn,m. (Tummelbaum). Kcrane; wharf - 
or landing-crane. Gruef.; grue a poin- 

^Tweglicher) (an einer Bfaner). A 
t-craae, projecting from a wall. 

Seiten — od. 
The components. 

die aus- 

Orue f. h axe toumant ; (grue pbc^ le 
long d'un mur). 

Knhnbalken, m. (Querbalken, Bracke f., 
Schnabel m.). The gib^jib^ or projecting 
arm of the crane ; the gibbet. Vol^e f., 
bee m., /chelier ou rancher m. d'une grue. 
voy. Strebe, Steife. 

Krahnbaum, m. (Saule, Spindel) od. 

Krahnstander, m. The post, or upright 
piece of a crane, almost invariably made 
to turn on a centre. Poinfon m. ou arbre 
m. d'une grue. 

Krahnstrebe, f. voy. Strebe (am Krahne). 

Kramer, m. voy. Marketender. 

Kramme, f. (Krampe). A staple. Cram- 
pon m. 

f. (art) (lur Befestigung der Gabel- 

baume einiger Artillerien). voy. Deich- 

Krampe, f. voy. Kramme. 

f. voy. Hakenkrampe. 

Krampe, f. (Umbug) der Ziindhiitchen. voy. 

Krankenattest, n. Sick-certificate. Cer- 
tificat d^officier de sant/. 

Krankendecken, Blan- 
kets issued to the medical-staff for the use 
of the sick. Couvertes f. pi. d* ambulance ; 
couvertes a I'usage des malades en cam- 

Krankenrapport, m. State of sick, report 
of the sick, or sick-state oi men in hospital, 
as furnished by the surgeon. Rapport m. 
d'hdpital ; rapport de sanl^. 

Krankensanftc, f. Litter for carrying aick 
or woundcd-soldiers ; (litter^poles, etc., of 
the medical-staff). Brancard m. i bless^, 
destine au transport des bless^ et des ma- 

Krankenstall, m. Infirmary-stable; hospital 
or infirmary -stables (pL). Infirmerie f. ; 
^curie destinde ^ ne reoevoir que des che- 
vauz malades. 

Krankenstube, f. (im Lazarethe). A ward, 
or hospital-ward. Chambre, salle f. des 
malades. voy. Lazareth. 

Krankenwagen, m. voy. Lazareth- 
Krankenwagen . 

Krankenv«rarter, m. An hospital-servant ; 
one who does the duty of an hospital- 
orderly ; {hospital-orderly or orderly-man 
on permanent duty at the hospital). Jn- 
firmier m. 

m. (Ober-). Sort of hospital-sergeant, 

who has superintendence under the orders 
of the surgeon. Infirmier-me^or m. 

Krankenzelt, n. voy. Zelt. 

Krankenzimmer,n.(imLazarethe). Award, 
hospital-ward, Salle f. des malades. 

Kranz, m. A sling for guns ; sling or strap 
for slinging guns ; gyn-tling, Jarretiere 
f,; ilingue f. 

m. od. das Fallblatt. voy. Zelt. 

m. (eines Rades). The rim or fellies 

(pi.) of a wheel ; the circular rim or hoop 
of wood formed by the felliee. Ensemble 

Kranz — Kreuzhaspel. 


des jantes d'nne roue; eourtmne cireu- 
laire; partie drcolaire qtii en forme la 
ciroonfi^noe. Toy. Felgenkranz. 

Kranz, m. (poudr.) (welcher bei Walxmiihlen 
den Lageratein umgiebt). The curbt (pL), 
border^ hoop, or rim in cylinder-mills, 
surroimding the bed-stone, to prevent the 
powder from figdling off. Bordure f. en 
planchettes, etc., dont la table des meules 
est gamie et qui sert k retenir lea matieres. 

Kranzeiseny n. (fond.) (od. das Kreuzeisen). 
Toy. Granzeisen. 

Kranzplatte, f. (h. f.) The basement drcle 
of cast-iron, forming the drcumferenoe of 
the mouth or fUling-pIace of blast-foraaoes. 
Taque f . de gueuiard, 

Krappe, f. (m. d'a.) od. 

Krappen, m. (m.d'a.) (der Schlagfeder). The 
main-spring hook, Griffe f. du grand 
ressort, qui presse sur la noiz pour abattre 
le chien. 

Rratzblei, n. (m^) Slag-leady obtained 
from the drawn-slags, etc. Plomb m. de 

Kratze, f. (min.) toj. Kratzer. 

f. voy. Kratzeisen. 

f. (poudr.) yoy. Kratzer. 

Kratzeisen, n. (art.) (fiir Morser). A mortar^ 
Mcraper. Curette f. pour mortiers. 

-^— n. (art.) (zum Reinigen der Hohlge- 
schosse). A ehellseraper. Curette f., 
servant k nettoyer Tinterieur des projec- 
tiles creuz. 

n. (m. d'a.) A ecraper for cleaning 

rusty barrels; the scraper of a wiping- 
rod. Orattoir m. 

Kratzer, m. (poudr.) (bei Walzmiihlen, um 
den Ptdversatz von dem Lagersteine und 
den Seitenwanden abznnehmen). Scraper 
or rake^ which collects the caking mass 
and brings it into the track of the cylin- 
ders ; a plough for the same purpose. 
Outil qui glisse derri^ les meules, et qui 
sert h remuer la matiere et k laramener de 
nouveau sur le chemin que parcourent 

m. voy. Schlammroumer. 

Kratzer, m. (min.) od. Raumloffel. 
Scraper or tool used in boring, for cleaning 
and taking out the dust from the hole. 
Curette f. ; cuiller en fer ti long manche, 
dont on se sert pour nettoyer to trou du 
petard, voy. Loffelraumer. 

m. (m. d'a.) (Raumeisen, n. od. 

Schusszieher, m.) The worm of the in- 
fiEintry-soldier. Thre»bourre m. 

(art.) od. Lumpenzieher. Wad- hook, 

Tire-bourre m. 

Kratzmetall, n. voy. Metallspane, pL 

Krauseisen, n. (sid.) (Zaineisen). A sort 
of nail-rod irony or light rods of iron. 
Verges cr^neUee, 

Krebs, m. od. die Sehere (man. de force). 
Manoeuvre for raising, by crossing two 
handspikes under the weight to be raiaed, 
and heaving by the aeorad-oider of tiie 

lever. Manoeuvre «fi ^crm««e; manoeuvre 
de force ainsi nomm^. 

Kreeke, f. Ditch or cut, Crique f. voy. 
Graben (Gruben). 

Kreis- od. CirculEurbefestigung, f. voy. 

Kreisbogen, m. voy. Gradbogen. 

Kreneliren, v. To loop-hole or pierce with 
loop-holes. Cruder. 

Krenelirt. Loop-holed^ (crenneled [a] ). 

Krepiren, v. (art.) To burst (as shells). 

Kretenlinie, f. (fort.) die innere (Feuer- 
linie). The crest or interior-crest of the 
pan^pet, being the intersection of the supe- 
rior and interior-slopes. Crfte int&ieure; 
ligne de/eu ; ligne couvrante. 

Kreuz, n. (des Pferdes). The croup (or 
rump) of tne horse. Croupe f. du cheval. 

n. (abhangendes, abgeachliffenes) 

(Hangekreuz). Goose-rump, Croupe 
avalee; se dit quand I'obliquit^ en est trop 

n. (art.) (der Richtschranbe). The 

horns (pL) or handle of elevating-screw. 
Manivelle f. de vis de polntage. voy. 

n. (m. d'a.) (der Schwanzschraube) (od. 

Kreuztheil). The n«cifr of the breech-pin; 
{hutt of the tail-pin, or breech-pin hutt). 
Talon m. de la culasse. 

n. (art.) (zu Brand- und Leuchtkugeln). 

The skeleton of old-pattern carcass and 
light-ball. Carcasse f. en fer. voy. Qe- 
rippe, Brandkreuz, Brandkugelkreuz. 

n. voy. Faschinenbock. 

Kreuzbalken, m. (m^.) (eines Schlag- 
werkes). voy. Schwunghebel. 

Kreuzbander, n. pi. (oonstr. des pouts.) voy. 

Kreuzbock, m. voy. Faschinenbock. 

Kreuzeisen, n. (fond.) voy. Kranzeisen. 

Kreuzen, v. (anf dem Marsche). voy. 

Krenzende Batterie, f. voy. Batterie. 

Kreuzfeuer, n. voy. Feuer (Kreuz-). 

Kreuzgewolbe, n. (min.) (Yersammlungs- 
gewolbe). voy. Keller. 

Kreuzgurt, m. (selL) The under saddle- 
girth. Premiere sangle. 

Kreuzhacke, f. Sort of pick-ojpe, or tool 
formed as a mattock on one side and a 
pick on the other. Pioche f. ; pic-hoyau 

Kreuzhaspel, f. & m. (m^.^ Any windlass 
in which the power is applied by means of 
levers or handspikes, worked by several 
men inserting them in the holes or mor- 
tises of the azle. TVeuil m. ^ leviers. 
voy. Haspel. 

(art.) (eines dreischenkligen Hebezeu- 

ges). A gyn-windlass, Trieuil ^ letfiers 
d'une chevre d'artillerie. 

(fond.) (der Formspindel). The sticks, 

OT spindie^ticks, Manivelle ti erois4ei. 


K i i f l ikri 

CcvmzkiifitHn. rsu mw. Katmm 

nm inil £«iinniu*n . Drmm^^rmna pL 
(tvru^ M ui irricie 'if Aim wniL ~ 
''Mrr«-ruM. •>&•.. in '^auw if ^met^encj. Gmide» 
f, pL -m !nrrle : ihiet 
porr,* par aa 

.n. «»iL m Hin mins i J urTe 

Rmi2»rhraiihe. t m. *i'a. . Tbe kr^tek- 
mmi, vhurii jpMs tfamiu^ the cul-hiife ni 
die irR«rji-pin. lailnl aiao die imierA- 

t fu. ii*«. nei Flinten out der Sdusbe 

<vt BmaUe . The kneeA-mBL f^tim^ 
hrffprk-mTrng. tie krwmk-^-maU ai mnakccs 
with hatr-pine. He t dt dtmrna . ns qui 
mnplare ia via de cnioflK anx taaUm k ca- 

IiLTaaoiui- . 

— m. tier kieine . 
in ijpeE 

ibr dieir •ibjecc m ; 

of aa amy <]r corpa. ^ 

(fiace relaciua ra dit* conqa 

of a oHmaT-. '■^ oampreheiMfiiii^ all i 

falcviaxeii t 

EreiusirhranhRnlflch, a- tn. d'a. an Ab- 
au^ieriift . Tliei&r«fwA-««i/AnZ0<x'^r««*«rji- 
arrmr lyU^, ka die tricgvr-plate of aoous 
miukeci. rnw caraode a la piece de de> 
cence. dans tf«inH ae ixxe la via de cnlaaR. 
▼ny. Wane- 

' a. tn. d'a. . KreuzM^hrmahendlir . 

Tbe tnUJkfUe for die brccdt-docw or nail : 
kr9tck-4enne koie. Trrm m.df la emirate: 
tmm tU la fmtue de cniame poor le pao- 
9Bce de la Ti:» de cvlaefie. 

. Die Auftriehtenmg des Krfozschraa- 
benlnrhef. The eomnttrmakk of die 
tail4u)Ie. Prmumrt L da croii de la 
qneoe de culaoK.) 

Kreuzstivbe, f. . constr. des poacs^ i kvst bes- 
flerctt VerfamJan^ der PCihIe bei Jvx*h- 
bffodLRi). Diofomal-hrwet, bolted to piles 
and uprights in timber-bridfesk liur die 
piirpoi<e of braondp the wfaok srstem. J/'jc«e 
imcimet oa m tcharpt. 

Kivuztheil. m. \^m. d'a.^ y^der Schwaac. 
acfaraube'i. tot. KreiLS. 

Kreuzwes. m. Ri)adorock»ii« another: crcwar^ 
nod: :»pot in which oro«»-4X>«ids meeC. 
Carr^ffmr m. ; cktmm crvwe .- jnmm/ dt 
eroineiment des chemins. 

Kreuzziig«l. m. pL v^*^^ DrmajM-najr. 
Gaif/e» f. pL 

Rricke, f. wt. Kn*«ke. 

Krieg. m. War: tcarfart. GMem t 

\ .\ii«ritfs-'^. TOT. An^ritfskriest. 

Be^iuzi{es-\ tot. L nabhangt^ 


BeLftiKnmgs-\ Siege -operatkxis. 

GMerrt df aieje. 

Biinrer- . tot. Burverkheg. 

Erbtbliii;- 5panischn>^. The Spanu^h 

MTor 'if jmciTt»sum. Gmerrt dt la ««c- 
etmon d'Espacne. ' 

,Feitiuig»-). TUT. Fertungskneg. j 

PoHCioas- . 

S^ie- . Tny. Seekrie^ 

Scauui- . TOT. Powtions kiMg. 

Tnahhn w«yt^»»Tg«» ■ ■ War of mde^ 

der ancenrdiache;- SmSitrramtmma 

•ir tudterrmmgmMi aw/ttre. Gaerrc «mi- 


Verthfittignngt-). Dt/kmtmi ^ wemr, 

Vertxlgnii^s-'-. Toy. Vcxtilgnii^s- 


Voflu-'. Toy. Volkiknef. 

Vorpootni:-^. The difei e ai ■iaji i 

whk'h arise between adraiiccd-caips and 
their oot-posts. Gaem d^ae— /■jwefae. 

■. den — erUaren, ▼.) To dteimre war. 

Deciartr la coerre. 
i^in — Terwiekeh werdm* ▼.)- To ke 

ca^ayed ta arar. £hnt wyafe " dnw me 

^den — in Feiuks Land fuhren, t.). 

To carry tAa arar aUo tka rmt mp 'a emmiry. 

Farter la ^uerrt dona U paya faaiaii. 
^mit 'einer Maeht] den — fuhren, t.). 

To be ai tear triik any power, .^rotr la 

fnerrt on eirt f» ft f n avee ane puis- 

, trine — fiihrende Anne«). An anNy 

im ikejMd: mqr aerrimf m ikeJMd or 

om actwte aernct ta ike JMd. Arm^ 

m. V — (ulireiide Madite; od. — 

Theile'. Bp^%«r«af jwirert; or -- 

partita. Ptaaaameea hfilifirmmtee; partiee 

RhegtuhruLUjC, f. tot. RriegBkiinst. 
^ t y^die aeuere). Medan^warfare. 

GMemt awderne. 
Khtrg^mt. u. tot. Kncgnmnisteriiim. 
Khe^C!»ukumfa|nittg> t JkekarmHom^war. 

IktKHaratmm t de fmerf, 
KnexsamkeLw. An «rflel» ^tww. -dr- 

tieU de ftmrt o« dm cMfe p6ml miUtaire, 

Kriegsartikel — Kriegsgericht. 


Kriegsartikel, m. pi. Articlea of war ^ or 
rtt/et and articlet for the government of 
an army ; a penal-code. Code p^nal mili- 
taire; articles (pL) du code p^nal miliiaire. 

Kriegsaufiruf, m. General call to arms. 
Appel aux armest a la guerre. 

Kriegsbataillon, n. Battalion on the trar- 
eetablishment, Bataillon m. de guerre t 
bataillon 9ur le pied de guerre, 

Kriegsbaukunst, f. Military architecture; 
fortification ; engineering or the science of 
engineering. Architecture nUlitaire ; for- 
tification f. ; science f. dee ing4nieur», 

Kriegsbaumeister, m. An engineer. In- 
g4nieur m. 

Kriegsbedarf, m. voy. Kriegsvorratb. 

Kriegsbefehlshaber, m. General command- 
ing theforcee: commander-in'^hirf. Chrf: 
commandant en chrf, 

Kriegsbnicke, (od. militairiscbe Briicke). 
Military-bridgey field-bridge. Pont mili- 

Kriegsbriickenbau, m. The construction qf 
military-bridges. Construction f, desponts 

Kriegsbudget, n. (Armeebudget). Army- 
estimates (pL). Budget d^armie; budget 
des d^penses de I'armle. 

Kriegscasse, f. Toy. Kriegskasse. 

Krie^ollegium, n. Board or committee, 
which the several members of the war- 
department are said to form, when as- 
sembled together for the transaction of 
general business, apart from their respec- 
tive offices. Esp^ de comity consultatif 
on oonseil compost des divers membres de 
Tadministration de ht guerre, r^unis sous 
la prudence du ministre lui-meme. 

n. War-department. Departement m. 

de la guerre. 

Kriegscommi88air,m. Commissariat-officer, 
Officier d'intendance ; commissaire m. 

m. voy. Kriegskommissair. 

Kriegscommissariat, n. Commissariat, com- 
missariat-department. Intendance f. 

Kriegsdampfschiff, n. An armed-steamer; 
man - of- war - steamer ; steam -frigate. 
Bateau m. a vapeur de guerre. 

Krieffsdenkzeichen, n. War-medal, voy. 

Kriepdepartement, n. War - department. 
Departement m. de la guerre, voy. 

Kriegsdienst, m. The military^ermce ; ser- 
vice. Service militaire; service m. 
(Kriegsdienste nehmen, v.; in — treten, 
V. To enter the service; to enlist. 
Prendre service; entrer au service; 
s'enrCler.) voy. Dienst. 
(Zum Kriegsdienste verpflichtet sein, v. 
To be bound to perform military- 
service or to serve as a soldier. SoU' 
mis au service militaire; obUg^ h 
porter les armes.) 

Krie^directorium, n. (eines Staates). voy. 
K negsministerium . 
Gbrman Part. 

Kriegsehren, f. pi. Military honours. Hon- 
neurs militaires; honneurs de la guerre. 

Kriegseid, m. The oath of allegiance and 
fidelity. Serment m. militaire ; serment 
defidelite au Roi. 

Kriegsentwurf, m. Plan of military opera- 
tions. Plan m. des op&ations militaires. 

Kriegserfabrung, f. Experience in military 
matters, either from long service or service 
before the enemy ; military experience. 
Connaissance f. du metier des armes ; ex- 
p&ience f. dans I'art militaire. 

Kriegserklarung, f. Declaration qf war. 
Declaration f. de guerre. 

(eine — macben, v.) To declare war; 

proclaim war. Declarer la guerre. 

Kiiegsetat, m. voy. Kriegsfuss. 

KriegsfjBLll, m. (Im — e. In case qf war, 
in case qf the breaking-out qf war. En 
cas de guerre.) 

Kriegsflotte, f. Thefieet, navy, naval forces 
of a nation. Armie novate; armie de 
mer; force de mer. 

Kriegsfuhre, f. Carriage or conveyance re- 
quired by troops. Transport m. dos mu- 
nitions de guerre, etc. 

Kriegsfuss, m. (Kriegszustand, mobiler 
Zustand einer Armee). The war-establish- 
ment. Pied m. de guerre. 
(Auf den — setzen, v. To place upon 
the war-establishment; bring up to 
the war-establishment. Mettre sur 
le pied de guerre.) 

Kriegsgebraucb, m. Usage or custom qf 
war; (customs of war) ; custom or rule qf 
the service; (usages and customs qft etc). 
Raison f., usage m. de guerre, de la 
guerre; usages m. pi. ou lois i. pi. de la 

(nach — e). According to the customs 

(if war or the service; according to the 
rules of the service. Suivant Us lois, 
fusage de la guerre; militairement. 

Kriegsgefahrte, m. Comrade, brother in 
arms. Camarade^frh'e m. d^ armes. 

Kriegsgefangene, m. Prisoner qf war. 
Prisonnier m. de guerre. 

Kriegsgefangenschaft, f. The state of being 
a prisoner with the enemy or having been 
taken by the enemy. Captivity f. ; (cap- 
tivity, detention a Vttranger). 

Kriegsgeratb, n. Military equipage, (indud- 
ing aU manner of accoutrements, furniture, 
vehicles, weapons of warfiure, attendance, 
or retinue, required for an army), j^t 
pages m. pi. d'une arm^ agissante ; atti 
rail de guerre, (train, bagages, artillerie, 

Kriegsgericbt, n. Court-martial; military 
court. Conseil m. de guerre; (cour mar- 
tiale [a]) ; tribunal militaire. voy. Kriegs- 
recht; Standrecbt. 

(Jemanden vor ein — stellen, v. To 
brifig any one to a court-martial. 
Mettre qn. en jugement ; le traduire 
devant vn conseil de guerre). 


Kriegsgescbicbte — Kriegmkete. 

KriegiiKCiichiclite, f. The history of a war; 
military hiMtory. Hittoire f. de la guerre; 
hittoire militaire. 

Krie^KtrHchirk, n. The chaneet qf tear. 
Fttrtune f. de la guerre. 

Kri(*fCHf^*i»chrci, n. (eincr Nation), voy. 

"-— ;- n. voy. Fel(lf^M!hrci. 

Kricf^HgcKctz, n. Military 'law. Lot f. mili- 

n. • Martial-law. Loi martiale. 

— («1m — proklamiren, ▼.)• To proclaim 
martial-law in a (*()untry. Declarer en 
(tat de guerre uii jiays tronblu par dee 
diMMMisioiiH intcMtinM. 

Krif;}<HKt'M*tZi\ n. pi. Artielet qf war; 
pfnal-code of a nation for the government 
of its army. Articles pi. de guerre; code 
p/nal militaire. 

• n. pi. Martial-law. Loi martiale. 

(<fin Land unter die — stellen, v.) 

Tit put or place a amntry under martial- 
law. Prononcpr la mine en ttat de guerre 
d'an payfi, loraqu'il y a rt'^olto ct que Lea 
reHStfiuroes ordiiiaires de la josticc nc luf- 
fiflcnt pas. 

n. pi. (Kriegagcbrauch, Kriepsrai- 

MOii). The lawt of war ; (law of natioiu) ; 
rules qf war. Loi* f. pi. de la guerre; 
usages m. i»l. de la guerre. 

KriegHgewalt, f. Military authority or power 
vcfited in a chief; {military command). 
Autorit^, pouvoir m. militaire. 

Kricfi^glilck, n. The fate or fortune qf 
war. Fortune f. , sort m. de la guerre. 

Kriegsbafcn, m. voy. Ilafen. 

Kriegsbospital, n. voy. Feldliospital. 

Kriegskanzlei, f. (Biireau) (des iCricgsmi- 
nistcriums od. Kriegsdircctoriums eincs 
Staates). The several offices belonging to 
the war- or minister of war's department ; 
{war-office, with the commander-in-chief* s 
office, etc. etc.). Bureau m. de la guerre ; 
bureaux du ministere de Varm^e de 

Kriegskasse. f. (Armeckasse). voy. Kriegs- 
zalilanit ; Gcncral-Militair-Kassc. 

f. (Kasse, welcho einer Armee im Felde 

folgt). The military-chest; {field treasure- 
chest or treature-chest). Caisse d'anc 
armve en camimgne ; caisse militaire ; tr4- 
sor m. do Tttrmec, d'un corps. 

Kriegskommissair, m. A principal com- 
missariat -officer, whose duties in many 
things differ materially from those of the 
same class in the English service. Officier 
m. fVintendance subordonne k I'intendant. 

Kricgskosten, pi. The expenses qf a war. 
Frais m. pi. de la guerre. 

Kricgskiuist, f. The art qfwar; also, the 
art of conducting a war pros[>crously or to 
a happy issue. Art m. de la guerre. 

f. Military-science; military-art. Art 

militaire: science des armeg; science mili- 

Kricg»lager, n. voy. Lager. 

Kriegslist, f. Stratagem qf wmTf or tln- 
tagem in war. Rute f.» atrataghma m. 4r 

Kriegsmacbt, f. The/oreet (pL) Ar«rt 

Kriegsmanier, f. iroy. KriesagebnnidL 
Kriegsmarine, f. voy. Marine. 
Kriegsmine, f. A military mlKe. Jfiar 

militaire, mine de guerre. 
Kriegsminister, m. " Minieter qf war,' 
controlling every department of mn amy, 
especially those, whidi in the Bn^iali wa- 
^-ice, are under the " Secretary's-war,** 
** Commander-in-chirf," and ** Board ^ 
ordnance.** Ministre m. de la gmerre. 
(In some states the name of *' Kriagf- 
minister " does not eziat, and in Aaa- 
tria the same office ia filled by the 
*< Hofkriegsratbpriiaident" [/*WWw/ 
du conseil aulique de guerre}), 
Kriegsininisterium, n. Hue adnainiBtnCift 
department so called, in aome atatai of 
Germany, with reference to all militny 
matters over which the " Kriegsminiiter 
presides ; {war-department). Mimiatht 
m. de la guerre; dfyartemeni wa. de la 

(The ** war-office,*' as it exists in Row- 
land, may be also in aome senae ten- 
dered *' Kriegsministerinm," bnt they 
differ materially from one another, 
except in as much as re^wcta the 
military disbursements, and pcfenniary 
allowances of an arm^). 
Kriegsmusik, f. voy. Mibtairmusik. voy. Operatioiiai. 
Kriegsordniing, f. Order, inetructigm, re- 
gulation issued to troops. Ordanmamte t, 
militaire; instruction; ordre. 
Kricgspflicbt, f. (die Pflicht xam Kiiaga- 
dienste). Liability to perform mUUarjf" 
service, or the being subject to oonacrip- 
tion. Styition f., agn^etinemeni m. k 
Venr6lement, h la conscription, 

f. Military-duty; one's duty at a 

soldier ; the duty qf a soldier. JhsvoirvL, 
militaire; devoir. 
Kricgspflicbtig. Bound to perform mili- 
tary service or to serve a» a soldier. Sou- 
mis au service mUitaire; oblige h porter 
les armes. 
Krie[?8pflicbtigkeit, f. (Militairpflichtigr- 
keit). The liability to perform military 
service. Svj('tion f., ass^jetiseement m. 
au service militaire. 
Kriegsplatz, m. voy. Fcstimg. 
Kriegspulver, n. Government-powder; eer- 
vice-powder generally (either cannon- or 
musket-). Poudre f. de guerre. 
Krie^jraison, f. voy. Kricgsgebraucb ; 

Knegsgesetzo, pi. 
Kriegsraketo, f. (art.) Congreve-rocket, 
(carcass- ; sliell- ; shot-rocket, etc.). #Vu^ 
de guerre ; Jusie de guerre anglaise. voy. 
Rakcte ; Granat - ; Kartatacben - ; 
I^ucbt-; Vollkugebakete. 

Kriegsrath — Kriegsspracbe. 


Kriegsrath, m. Council of wars assembly 
of the principal officers of an army called 
together by the genovl - commanding. 
Conseii de guerre; conseil d^b^rant en 
campagne sur les operations d'une arm^ 
agissante ; (cofueil d'arm^e agieeetnte). 

halten, v. To hold a council qfwar. 

Tenir un conseil de guerre. 

(Generale zu einem — e versammeln 

od. benifen). To call or auemble a 
council of war. Cowvoquer on conseil de 

m. voy. Vertbeidigungsrath. 

m. (im Kriegsministerium angestellter 

Rath) (wirklich geheimer Rath). A mem- 
ber of the war-department conducted in 
some countries by a board or council under 
the appellation of '* Kriegsministerium/* 
(in Austria under that of" Hofkriegsrath"). 
He may be considered as one of a sort of 
commissioners intrusted with the manage- 
ment of that department, subject to the 
** Kriegsminister ** as president of the 
board. Membre du eonteil aulique de 
guerre; membre d^adminietration de la 
guerre; coneeiller attach^ au miniaihre de 
la guerre, 

Kriegsrecbt^ n. Couri-mariialf consisting 
in some armies of seven, in others of five 
members, and in some of as many as 
twenty-two, the number, which includes a 
proportion of non-commissioned-officers 
and privates, being subject to variation, in 
respect to the rank of the offender. The 
proceedings of this tribunal, the highest for 
the disposal of military crime, answering 
to the general-court martial f and in minor 
respects to the district or garriaon^court 
martial, are regulated by a judge-advo- 
cate or his deputy, and the president is 
never under the rank of a field-officer. 
Conseil de guerre ou tribunal militaire 
compost an plus de vingt-deuz membres, 
au nombre desquds si^gent des sous- 
offiders et soldats, dont le nombre varie 
avec le rang du ooupable. Un offider su- 
p^eur et parfois un g^n^ral en est le 
prudent, et un anditeur remplie les fonc- 
tions d'instzncteur ou de rapporteur, voy. 

n. (Kriegsgericbt). A court-martial 

(generally). Conseil m. de guerre judi- 
ciaire; tribunal militaire, 

n. (Kriegsgebranch). Custom or usage 

qf war. Usage m. de guerre, 

n. Bight qfwar, or right sanctioned by 

the usages of war. Droit m, de la guerre. 

voy. Kriegssesetze, pi. 

Kriegsrechtspnicb, m. The sentence : {seU' 
tence of the eourty Sentence f. 

(den — bestatigen, V.) To c(m/?rm the 

sentence. Cbnjirmer la sentence, voy. 

Kriegsreglement, n. voy. Reglement, 
Vorschrift, Dienstvorschrift ; Kriegs- 

Kriegsreserve, f. (bei den Preussen). The 
reserve of the standing-army in Prussia, to 
which every soldier belongs after 3 years' 
service wiUi the head-quarters or colours 
of his regiment "). Reserve de guerre en 
Prusse, compost de jeunet soldats qui 
viennent de servir trois ans sous les dra- 
peaux, et qui passent dans leun foyers les 
deux ann^ de service qu'ili doivent k 
Tarm^ active, voy. Kriegsreservist. 

ELriegsreservist, m. (preuraisdier). The 
soldier of the reserve of the standing-army 
in Prussia. (After three years' service in 
the guards and two in the Une, the Prussian 
sol<her is sent home on furlough, or, as is 
termed, " beurlaubt zur Reserve," where 
he remains two or three years, as the case 
may be, belonging during that time to 
the reserve. In the event of war, or of 
any necessity arising of completing the 
army to the war-establishment, he is liable 
to be called in, but at the expiration of 
this period, under other circumstances, he 
passes into the ** Landwehr "). Soldat de 
la reserve de guerre en Prusse; jcune 
soldat qui passe dans ses foyers les deux 
ann^ de serrice qu'il doit encore k I'arm^ 
active, apres avoir servi trois ans sous les 
drapeaux, et qui, pendant oe temps, se 
trouve k la disposition du ministre de la 
guerre, voy. Landwehr. 

Kriegsriistung, f. (Kriegsriistungen, pi.) 
The arming or preparations making for 
war. Armement m. ; pr4parat\fs m. pi. 
de guerre, 

Kriegsscbauplatz, m. The seat or theatre 
of war; {theatre of military operations,) 
Th^dtre m. de la guerre, 

Kriegsschiff, n. Man-qf-war, Bitiment, 
ffoisseau m. de guerre, 

Kriegsschule, f. Military-school; military- 
academy , college or institution, £cole t, 

f. (all^meine, in Berlin). The college 

or estabhshment so called at Berlin for 
officers of the army. Each candidate for 
admission must have been three years a 
commissioned-officer, and be furnished with 
testimonials as to his capabihties from his 
commanding-officer. The time allowed 
for the entire course of his studies is 
three years, and the object of the insti- 
tution is very similar to that of the 
Senior-Department at Sandhurst, upon a 
more extended scale. j61co/« g^n^ale de 
la guerre k Berlin; (jfcole centrale de la 
guerre), Le but de cette institution est 
de former des offiders distingu^s pour 
toutes les armes. A oet effet on n*j admet 
que des offiders ayant dejk fiiit preuve de 
talents militaires, en traitant les questions 
mises annuellement au conoours. 

Kriegsspracbe, f. Military- language; mi- 
litary-terms (pi.) ; military mode of speech 
or expression. Langage, expression mili^ 
taire; termes de guerre. 


Kriegsstand — Kronschwellc. 

Kriegsstand, m. War-eitablishment, Pied 
m. de guerre. 

Kriegssteuer, f. (Brandschatzung). Contri- 
bution. Contribution f. de guerre. 

Kriegsstrafe, f. voy. Militairstrafe. 

Kriegsstrasse, f. voy. Militairstrasse. 

Kriegsubung, f. The practice of evolutions ; 
(Jield-ejpercise; exercise or drill of troops). 
Earercice m. 

Kriegsuntemehmung, f. voy. Operation. 

Kriegsverfassung, f. (eines Landes). voy. 

Rriegsverpflegungsamt, n. The commis- 
sariatf or part of the commissariat of fo- 
reign armies which has the charge of all 
provisions, etc. belonging to an army. 
Administration de vivres; partie de I'ad- 
ministration de I'arm^e. 

Kriegsvorrath, m. (Krieg8V0iTathe,m. pi.). 
Munitions of war; military stores ; ma- 
gazine-stores; such stores, as are usually 
deposited in arsenals, armouries, and re- 
positories of provisions. Munitions f. pi. 
de guerre; appromsionnements m. pi. 

Kriegswesen, n. Military matters^ affairs^ 
or concerns (pi.) ; warfare. Affaires «i- 
litaires, — de guerre ,• guerre f. 

Ej-iegswissenscbaft, f. Military - science. 
Science militaire. 

Kriegswissenschaften, pi. The military' 
sciences. Sciences militaires. 

Krie^zahlamt, n.(Krieg8kas8e) (General- 
Militair-Kasae). The source whence pay- 
ments are made to meet the expenditure of 
an armj; paymaster-generates office; army 
pay-office. Bureau m. de la solde; bureau 
centralf gMral^ pour les pensions et la 
solde, etc. de Tarm^. 

Kriegszahlmeister, m. Paymaster-general. 
Payeur g^n&al de Varm^e. 

Kriegszeit, f. Time of war. 

(In Kriegszeiten. In time of war. En 
temps de guerre). 

Kriegszucht, f. voy. Disciplin. 

Kriegszug, m. An expedition .- armed-ex- 
pedition; (campaign). Expedition f. mili- 
taire; (campagne). 

Krippe, f. Manger. Mangeoire f. 

— - f. voy. Biihne. 

Krippen. v. (von Pferden). voy. Koppen. 

Krippenbeissen, n. Crib-biting. Tic m. 

Krippeubeisser, m. Crib-biter. THgueur m. 

Krokiren, n. (topogr.) Rough-sketching; 
sketching by the eye. Let4 m. a true ir- 
r^gulier; leve'a tme ou sans instruments. 

Rrokirplanchet, n. od. 

Krokirtafel, f. (topogr.) Sketch-book; 
sketching-ease. Planchette militaire por- 

Krokis, m. & n. Tiluchtige Au&ahme). voy. 
Croquis; Aumahme. 

Rronbobrer, m. (min.) voy. Kronenbohrer. 

Krone, f. (des Pferdebofes). The coronet. 
Couronne f. 

Krone, f. (fort.) (der Brustwohr). The crest 
of the para])et ; (interior-crest of the pa- 
rapet). Cr^te f. du para}>et. 

f. (einer Batterie). The superior-slope 

of the battery. Plong/e f. du parapet. 

f. (eines Deiches). voy. Kamm. 

Kronen, v. (den bedeckten Weg). To crown 
the covered-way. Couronner le chemin 

V. (durch einen gewaltsamen Angriff ) 

(den bedeckten Weg — ). To crown the 
covered-way by assault. Couronner de vive 
force le chemin convert. 

n. (des bedeckten Weges). voy. Kro- 


n. (eines Minentrichters). voy. Minen- 


Krouenbein, n. (v^t.) The small-pastem, 
coronet-bone^ or coronary-bone. 
la couronne. 

Kronenbeinbruch, m. (v^.) Dislocation of 
the pastern-bones; (breaking-down). Frac- 
ture f. de Vos de la couronne. 

Kronenbohrer, m. (min.) A square boring- 
bit; square-bit; square taper-bit. Fleuret 
m., perfoir m. a couronne (Mi en forme 
de couronne tranchante). voy. Meissel- 

Kronenfall, m. (fort.) The superior-slope of 
the parapet ; dip of the parapet. PUmg4t 
f. du parapet; pente ou incUnmswi de la 

Kronenfistel, f. (v^t.) Quittor; (disease of 
the foot origiiiating in a bruise or tread 
upon the coronet). Javart encom4, 

Kronengelenk, n. (v^t) The coffin-joint. 
Joint m. de la couronne. 

Kronenrad, n. voy. Kronrad. 

Kronentritt, m. (vlt.) A tread, or wound 
upon the coronet. Atteinte f . sur la cou- 

Kronenwerk, n. (fort^ (od. Kronwerk). 
A crownwork, oonsistmg of two fronts of 
fortification and two wings or branches. 
Ouvrage m. d couronne. 

n. (fort.) (doppeltes, etc.) A double- 

crownwork ; triple-crownwork. Double 
couronne; triple couronne. 

Kronbolz, n. (oonstr. des ponts). The cap- 
ping or cap of the piles of timber-bridges. 
Chapeau m., servant ci unir la tcte des 
pilots d'une meme pal^. 

Kronrad, n. (mec.) (bei welchem die Zahne 
mit dcr Achse des Rades parallel stehen). 
A croim- or contrate-wheel ; face-wheel; 
(one, in which the teeth or cogs are 
placed round its periphery, parallel to the 
axis of the wheel, in order to prodooe an 
action at right-angles to its own, now 
replaced by bevell^-gear [or "konische 
R^der '']). Roue f. di champ ; roue dont 
les dents ou alluchons sent perpendicolaires 
k son plan. 

Kronschwelle, f. (constr. des nonts.) (Rron- 
holz, Jochi>fette, JochacDwelle). The 
cap, or horizontal beam oonneoting the 

Kronung — Kugel. 


heads of the piles or uprights of wooden- 
bridges, called also, the capping. Chapeau 
m. Yoy. Kronholz. 

Kronung, f. od. Couronnement, n. (des 
gedeckten W^es). The crotoning of the 
co¥ered-way; the operation of forming 
lodgements on the crest of the glacis. 
Couronnemeni m. du chemin convert voy. 

Kronungsfaschine, f. (dner Sappenbnist- 
wehr). A /re>MrA-/a«etii«,nsed for crowning 
a line of gabions in siting. Fatcine pro- 
vuoire de courofmement. 

Kronwerk, n. (fort.) voy. Kronenwerk. 

Kropf, m. (v^t.) (Kehlsucht od. Druse). 
Toy. Druse; Braune. 

Kropfiing, f. TselL) (Zungenfreiheit) (des 
Mundstiickes). The arch of the mouth- 
piece of a bit; the space between the 
comers of the port within which a horse 
engages his tongue. lAberU t, de la 

Kriicke, f. (fond.) (holzeme) (sum Herans- 
ziehen der Schlacken). Skimmer or rud- 
dle, for skimming the sorfiu^ of metaL 
Rdble m., servant k rassembler les soories 
et k ^cnmer la mati^re. 

Kriickraspel, f. (m. d'a.) A bent'raep, 
(called by some armourers a cobler), for 
straightening the bore of a ramrod ; ^sort 
of raap). Samenne ou ^coine; outil du 

Krumm gewachsener Balken, m. (charp.) 
voy. BaJken; Hangetramen. 

eewachsenes Holz, n. (charp.) voy. 

Holzer, pL 

werden, ▼. (beim Harten). To get a 

eet or caet tidewayt; to warp, Courber, 
»e courber pendant la trempe. voy. 

bleiben, v. (bei der Pirobe) (von Sabel- 

klingen). To remain bent, or not to re- 
cover their original stnig^tness, as sword- 
blades, in the trial or proof of their flexi- 
bility. Se/auueri oonserver la courbure, 
apres avoir 6t6 violemment oourb^, 
comme les msnvaises lames. 

werden, (sich kriimmen) (von Kano- 

nenrohren). To droop at the muzzle; 
(epew or run at the mouth) by long and 
rapid firing. Saigner du nez; devenir 
eottr^^par le tir. 

Kriimmen, v. (m. d'a.) (die Sabelklinge). 
To curve the blade, or forge the blade to 
the proper curve. Cambrer. 

n. (charp.) (der Holzer) (Kriimmung). 

The bending or curving of timber. CouT' 
bure f. des Lois. 

— V. ^sichj. ^art) voy. Krumm werden. 

V. (sich). (charp.) vov. Sacken. 

Krummes Holx, n. voy. Uolz. 

Krummbolz, n. voy. Holzer (gekriimmte) ; 
Holz (krummes). 

Krummmeissel, m. (m. d'a.) A partng-tool, 
Cieeau m. i bride de r^uipeur-montenr. 

Krummofen, m. A etag-hearth tor the 

reduction of lead-slag; low-furnace re- 
sembling the Scotch lead smelting -fur- 
nace. Foumeau m. i manche ; foumeau 

Kriimmung, f. (m.d'a.) (des Flintenkolbens). 
The crook of the stock of a musket ; the 
bend Of fall in the handle. Penie f. d'un 
fusil ; courbure de la crosse. 

f. (charp.) (derBalken). voy. Kriimmen. 

f. (m. d'a.) (der Ziige). voy. Drall. 

Krummwerfen, n. (des Stahles). The warp- 
ing, becoming eet or coat eidewaye, (as 
steel during hardening). Voilure f. de 

Krummwiscber, m. (art. a.) (Krummsetzer, 
Posaunenwischer). A spunge (or ram' 
mer) with bent staff, much of Uie same 
nature as the ** Flegelwiscfaer," excepting 
that the staff of it was fixed, the part form- 
ing the bend being of iron. £coumllon d 
hampe recourb/e. 

Krummzapfen, m. (m^) A crank,- (short 
arm or lever fixed to the shaft of a machine, 
etc.) Manivelle f. 

Krummzirkel, m. CalUper-compaMsee (pi.). 
Compos courbe. 

Kriimper-Pferde, n. pi. Hortee above the 
establishment which are fed on the rations 
of the others. CJievaux au-dessus du 
complet qu'on nourrit aux d^pens des 

Kruppe, f. (des Pferdes^. voy. Kreuz. 

Kucnen, m. (poudr.) (Pulverkuchen). In- 
corporated' or mUl-cake ready to undergo 
the next process of granulation. Pdie f. a 
grener; galette ti grener. 

m. (poudr.) (Pulverpresskucben) 

(gepresste Pulvertafel). Press ' cake, or 
mill-cake submitted to the pressure of a 
screw- or other press, previous to granu- 
lation. Galette f. ; galette oonvertie sous 
une presse en lame mince ; lame f. 

m. (suL) (das im Frischherde ein- 

geschmolzene und noch nicht an^ebrodiene 
Roheisen). The melted metal or cast-iron 
in a state of fusion, and ready to imdergo 
the first process of refining in the German 
forge, called ** Rohaufbrechen.'' Gdteau 
m. ou masse, 

Kiichenlinie, f. (im Lager). The line qf 
kitchens, in camp. Ligne f. des cuisines, 

Kugel, f. (Gewehrkugel). A musket'ball; 
ball for small -arm cartridges; bullet, 
Balle f. pour arme k feu portative. 

f. (art) (Geschutzkugel). A shot; 

{solid or round-shot). BoSUet m. ; (boulet 

f. (art.) (gliihende). A hotshot or 

red-hotshot, — rouge, 

f. (art.) (des Pulverprobirmorsers). The 

proof-shot, or spherical solid-shot of the 
proof-mortar. Globe m. d'^prouvette. 

f. (artif. d. g.) voy. Stank-; Dampf- 


f. (gepresste) (Bleikugel). The com- 

pretsM-ball, in distinctian to the cast-balL 


Kugel — Kugeladileiipen. 

Balie f. de pUmb confectionn^ arec vne 
machine a presaion. 

Kugel, f. (m. d'a.) (der Buchaenmacher). A 
ttandard'plugr for Terifying the bore of 
amall-arms. Dez m. Toy. Rohrkaliber. 
TOT. Hohl- ; Kartatsch- ; Lauf- ; Mi- 
schungs-; Pasa-; Pflaster-; Stiick-; 
VoUkugel ; Kothe ; Kugeln, pi. 

Kugelbahn, f. (art.) Hie trofeetory of 
a shot in the air. TYajectoire f. Toy. 

Kugeldurchmesser, m. (art.) The dUnmeter 
qf the thot, Diametrt m. du bouJet. 

Kugeleisen, n. (mar.) A pcHenskoe; aort 
of ahoe for a horse strained or injured in 
the hip>joint, with whidi he is shod on 
the sound-side in order to make him bear 
more on the lame-side. Fer m. m piitm. 

Kugelfang, m. (art.) Aproqf-bmH, Butte i, 

Kugelfest. Bail-proof, wmtkei-proqf. J 


Kugelform, f. Mould for casting ball for 
amall-arms; buUet-wundd, Moule m. m 

f. (fond.) Toy. Gussschale, Schalen- 


Kugelfonnig. Spherical, Spkirifue, 

Kugelfutter, n. A rt/te-patek. Calpin m. 
pour balles. 

Kugelgarten, m. (art) Name giTen to the 
place where shot and shells are piled, when 
the piles are numeroos; (thot'yard). Pare 
a baulets, arranges en piles. 

Rugelgleich gebohrt, (m. d'a.) Oflindrieal, 
cylinder -bored, said of a barrel whose bore 
throoghont is of the same dimensions. A 
calibre d'egale largeor ; uni et cylindrique 
a rinterieor; (se dit d'un canon de fosil). 

Kugelgliihen, n. (Ofen rum—). Voy. 
uliinofen, Kugelgliibofen. 

Kugelgliibofen, m. (art.) Hotshot Jumace, 
Jwruace for hot-ehot, Foumeau m. a 
rouffir la boulets. Toy. GliibofeiL 

Kugelhaufen, m. (vt*) Shot-pile.- pile of 
shot or sheila. Pile f. de boolets, de pro- 

m. (dreiseitiger). A triangular-pUe, 

Pile trianffulaire. 

m. (Tierseitiger). Ke^uare-pUe. Pile 


m. (langlicher). An oblong or rectan- 
gular-pile. Pile oblongue ordinaire ; pile 

(einen — aufsetzen, t.). To build a 

pile of shot, itablir one pile. 

Kugelkaliber, n. & m. (art.) The diameter 
of the shot, (in distinction to ** Bohrungs- 
kaliber/' or the calibre of the gan). Dia- 
mhtre m. du boulet, pour le dutinguer du 
calibre du canon. 

Kugelkarre, f. (art.) A trench-cart, (hand- 
cart), for su[)plTing batteries, etc. Char- 
rette f. de tiege, dont le fond et lea 
cotes sont pleins, c'est-a-dire, pas a daire- 

Rugelkartutche, f. toj. Kartuache. 

Kugelkasten, m. (m. d'a.) Qm Bodiaen- 
achafte). Tr^, r^-trap, or box for im^ 
pletmente, in rtfle-stodc Botte pratiqu^ 
dans la croase d'une carabine, poor ren- 
fermer des calpins de resenre, etc etc 

m. (Bleikugelkasten). Toy. Blei- 


Kugelkelle, f. Toy. Kugelloffel, Kelle. 

Kugelkneipzange, f. A burr-nipper, nip-' 
ming-wmckine. £barboir m., citaiUee (pL) 
a couper lea jet* dee bailee. 

Kugelkrucke, f. (art) Utensil (used in 
place of **■ pincert *') for drawing hot-ahol 
from the grate. Fnarcke f. en fer poor 
letirer les boukta. 

Kugellager,n. (art.)(Yertiefung in der Seele, 
da, wo das Geschoas liegt). Hollow, m- 
dentation, or dent, whore the shot lies 
when rammed home ; eeat qf the akot. 
Logement m. du boulet. 

Kugelleere, f. (art.) (Kalibemng^. A ahot- 
gauge or ring-gauge for ahot **). Ltmette 
f. a calibrer lea bouleta. 

f. v^rt.) (Kaliberrohr). A egUnder-gauge 

for shot. Cglindre m. de rifeeptiom pour 

f. (fur Bleikugehi). *' Lead-baU gauge," 

or doable iron siere pierced with gauge- 
holes, used for this purpose. Paaae-ballem. 
Toy. Leere ; Sieb. 

KugeUofTel, m. (art) (Kugelkelle, f.)- A 
ahot-bearer, hot-ahot bearer, for bringing 
the hot-shot from the grate. Cuiller porie-- 
boulet ou anneau en far. 

Kugelmodell. n. (moul.) Shot-pattern for 
moulding shot. Mod^e m. pour bomieia; 
globe modele m. pour le moulage dea 

(Die Halite eines — es. A kaff'-paitenu 
Demi. modele m. ou demi-globe), 

n. Toy. Kugelform. 

Kugeln, f. pL (gepresste). Cb wyr c sse rf- 
balla, preaaed-baUa, or balla pressed from 
lead -ingots by machinery. Balim t 
pL de plomb confectionn^ aTec vne 
machine a pression. 

f. pL (art.) (^iibende). Toy. Cflu- 

hende Kugeln. 

Kugelpflaster, n. (xu gezogenen Feiier- 
rohren). A rifle-patch or greaaed^pmteJL 
Calpin m. 

Kugelpresse, f. (Bleikugelpresae). Gms- 
preaaion-machine for buUeta, an mprtaaim g^ 
machine^ or machine for co mpr e uim g bvd- 
lets. Machine f. a preaaion pour la con- 
fection des balles de pk>mb. 

KugelpyTamide,f.(art.) Toy.Kugelhaufen. 

Kugelrakete, f. (art.) Shot-rocket or ahoi- 
headed rocket. Fua^e it boulet: fua^e 
armee d'un boulet. 

Kugelrollfass, n. Toy. Rondirfinss. 

Kugelschleppen, n. ** The punishment of 
the boulet,'' under which sentence the 
culprit has inseparably chained to him an 
8-pr. ahot, with which he ia obliged to 
work. Peine f. du boulet. 

KugdichuM — Ktmdflchafter. 


Kugelscbuss, m. (art.) A round qfJLted- 
9hot : round-8hot fixed ; (round qfjixed- 
ammunition). Cartouche f. d boulet, 

m. (art.) A round qf round-shot. Coup 

m. a boulet. 

m. (art.) Firing round-shot; {prac- 
tice with round-shot), Tir m, h boulet, 

Kugelsieb, n. voy. Kugelleere. 

Kugelspiegel,m. (art.) Shot-bottom^ round- 
shot bottom^ or wooden-bottom for shot, 
espedally the " grooved bottom " for fixing, 
(foreign ammunition being generally fixed). 
Sabot m. a boulet, 

Kugelspiegelleere, f. (art) Gauge for shot- 
bottoms. Calibre m. servant k verifier les 
sabots h boulets. 

Kugelstahl, m. voy. Blasenstahl^ Cement- 

Kugelwagen, m. (art.) A gun ammunition- 
waggon; the waggon of 1 2-and G-ponnders, 
etc., in some services ; (12- or 6-pounder 
ammunition-waggonf 1 2-pounder-waggon) . 
Caisson m. pour canons. 

m. (art.) The ** Leit e rw a gen^is so called 

when used for carrying shot, its open- 
sides being then temporarily dosed with 
boarding. Chariot i ridelles ou autre 
voiture dont on se sert pour le transport 
des boulets. 

Kugelwand, f. (art) Target for practice 
with round-shot Panneau carr4 pour le 
tir k boulets. 

Kugelzange, f. (art.J Pincers (pL) for hot- 
shot. Tenaille f. a boulets rouges. 

Kugelzieher, m. (m . d'a.) Ball-drawer, T%re- 
balle m. proprement dit, pour extraire les 

Kuhbauch, m. (eines Pferdes). Pot-belly 
or cow-belly. Ventre m, de vache; venire 

Kuhbassig, (t^) Cow-hocked. Jarret/; 
crochu ou clos du derrih'e, 

Kiihleimer, m. (art) Bucket, water- 
bucket, carried with field-guns. Seau m. 

KUhleimerhaken, m. (art.) Water-bucket- 
hook. Crochet porte-seau m. 

Kummkarre, f. (&hubkarre). WheeUbar- 
row, Brouette t voy. Karre. 

Kummt, n. (selL) Horse-collar, collar of 
harness. Collier m. voy. Genickkis- 
sen ; Kissen ; Kissendeckel ; Kissen- 
deckelriemen ; Kissenriemen ; Kummt- 
fedem; Kummtdeckel; Kummtdeckel- 
riemen ; Kummtfederschake ; Kummt- 
strippe; Sattelstossel ; Wubt ; Oesen; 

n. (seU.) (Hand-), voy. Hand- 


n. (seU.) (Hinter-). Collar of whed- 

hamess or of wheel-horse. Collier m. 

d'un attelage de derriere. 
n. (sell.) (Sattel-). voy. Sattelkummt ; 

Kummtdeckel, m. (sell.) (Kissendeckel). 

The housing of collar. Coife f.\ plaque 

de cuir plac^ k la partie sup^euie du 
corps du collier. 

Kummtdeckelriemen, m. voy. Kissen- 

Kummtfedem, f. pi. (sell.) The hames (pi). 
Alleles f. pi. ; tiges de fer plac^ pen en 
avant du collier, et s'^tendant de la partie 
sup^rieure k la partie inf^eure. 

Kummtfederoesen, f. pL voy. Oesen ; Zug- 

Kummtfederriemen, m. (selL) A hameS' 
strap. Courroie f. d'attele. 

Kummtfederschake, f. (selL) Breast-strap- 
ring on each of the hames. Maille coulant 
dans Toeil plac^ au has des att^les, et ser- 
vant a les reunir au moyen d'une cour- 

Kummtgescbirr, n. Tsell.) Collar-harness, 
or harness with collars, in distinction to 
** Sielengesdiirr.'' Hamais d colliers. 

Kummtgurtriemen, m. (selL) (zum Zusam- 
menziehen der Fedem). Breast-strap, for 
coupling the two hames of collar together. 
Courroie f. servant k lier les deux parties 
inf^eures des att^les. 

Kuinmtkappe,f. (sell.) voy. Kummtdeckel, 

Kummtkissen, n. (sell.) The body-side 
or qfter-wale of collar. Cotps m. du 

(der Tordere Rand des — s) (Wulst). 

The fore-wale or small-roll. Verge f. ; 
partie rembourr^ du collier et situ^ en 
avant des att^les. 

n. (sell.) Term comprehending some- 
times both fore- and after-wales. Deno- 
mination du corps du collier y compris la 

Kummtmacher, m. (selL) Collar-maker, 
Bourrelier m, 

Kummtstrippe, f. (sell.) (am Sattel od. Pack- 
kissen). Coupling-strap which couples the 
pad, etc., with the collar; wither- or meeter- 
strap, Courroie attach^ sur le devant de 
la sclle, servant a maintenir le collier en 
s'ajustant dans une chape sur le derri^ de 

f. (sell.) (am Kummte, zum Anschnallen 

an den Sattel). Coupling -strap, which 
attaches the collar to the saddle in some 
harness. Courroie attachee sur le derriere 
du collier, s'ajustant au devant de la selle 
ou de la sellette, et rempla^ant la ** dra- 
gonne " de Tartillerie fran^aise. 

Kimde, f. (v^t^ voy. Kennung. 

Kundschan, f. (eine auf — entsendete 
Patrouille). voy. Kundschaftspatrouille. 

(eine Truppe auf — ausschicken, v.). 

To send-out to reconnoitre or explore ; to 
send-out any party in order to feel for or 
obtain intelligence of the enemy. Envoyer 
une troupe a la d/couverte de I'ennemi. 

Kundschafter, m. A scout, feeler, fianker, 
or other sent out to explore; one of a 
party employed in feeling for the enemy, 
etc. £claireur m. 


Kimdflchaftspartei — Kiirass. 

Kundachaftspartei, f. od. 

Kundschaftspatrouille, f. Pairole of dig- 
covery, sent to explore, feel for, or gain 
intelligence of the enemy. D^couverte f. ; 
patromlle charg^ d'aller a la d^uverte 
de Tennemi. 

Kunstfeucr, n. Laboratorystortt (pi.); 
fireworks; firework. ArtificeM m. pi.; 
feu d* artifice, 

n. voy. Emstfeuer. 

Kiinstlich g^bogene Ilolzer, n. pi. voy. 
Holzer; Balken 

hydraulischer Mortel, m. voy. Ily- 

draulischer Mortel. 

Kiinstliche Befestigung, f. voy. Befesti- 

Kunstrammc, f. Pile-engine in which the 
monkey is raised by mechanical power, and 
not by force of hand alone, as in the old 
ringing pile-engine. Sonnette artificielle 
ou sonnette mue par des rouages ; {ton' 
nette a d^cliCf etc.) voy. Rlinkerramme; 

Rimststrasse, f. Road ; common mac- 
adamised or turnpike -road ; artificial- 
roadt in distinction to any path or way 
carried over the natural sorfiioe of a coun- 
try, without any other expedients supplied 
by the skill of the engineer. Chauie^e ; 
route ; grande route f. 

Kupfer, n. Copper. Cuivre m, 

(gedicgcnes). Native-copper. — natif. 

(Blasen-). voy. Blasenkupfcr. 

(Gar-), voy. Garkupfer. 

(Rosettcn-). voy. Garkupfer. 

(Schwarz-). voy. Schwarzkupfer. 

Kupferblecb, n. Sheet of copper ; sheet- 
copper. Plaque ffeuille f. de cuivre ; cuivre 

Kupferdrahte, m. pi. (zur galvanischen Zun- 
dung der Minen, etc.). The covered cop- 
per-wiret or conductors used in voltaic- 
blasting and firing mines by means of 
electricity. Fits m. pi. de cuivre ; fiU 
conducteurs. voy. Leitimgsdrahte ; 

Kupfererz, n. Copper-ore. Mine f. de 

(Bunt-). Variegated copper-ore. Cuivre 

pyriteuT pemache. 

(Roth-). Red copper-ore. Cuivre 

ojcid/ rouge. 

Kupfergarherd, m. Copper refining-fur- 
naoe, or hearth in which the refining of 
the eliijuated copper (or " Darrlinge ") is 
^ performed. Foyer m. d'affinage. 

Kupfergarmacben, n. Refining or toughen- 
ing the pigs of copper. Raffinage m. du 

Kupferglanz, m. (min^r.) (Kupferglas) 
(Schwefelkupfer). Copper-glance. Cuivre 
su{fur4: — vitreux. 

Kupferhammer, m. Copper-work^ mill. 
Forge f. pour le cuivre. 

KupferhiiUe, f. voy. Kupferhiitchen 

Kupferhiitchen, n. voy. Ziindhutchen. 
Kupferkies, m. (min^.) Copper-pyritea ; 
copper-ore ; pyritous copper. Cuivre 
' pyriteux ; pyrite cuivreute. 

Kupferoxyd, n. (chim.) Deutoxide qfatp- 
I per. Deutoxide m. de cuivre, 

I (kohlensaures). Azure copper-ort. 

Cuivre carbonate bleu ; azur m. de cuivre. 

(schwefelsaures). Deutosu(fate <^ 

copper. Deuto9u{fate de cuivre. 

Kupteroxydul, n. (Rothkupfererz). Bed 
copper-ore. Cuivre oxiderouge, 

n. Protoxide of copper. Protoxide 

m. de cuivre ou cuivre oxiduU. 

Kupferpecherz,n. (min^.) Tile-ore. Cuivre 
oxiduU ferr\fere. 

Kupferplattchen, n. voy. Plattcben. 

Kupferplatten, f. pL (poudr.) (bei dner 
Pulverpresse). The sheets of copper which 
separate the mill-cake in the press. Feuilies 
mobiles de cuivre entre lesquelles on place 
la matiere dans ht presse, quand on la 
soumet a la compression pour la trans- 
former a Tctat de galette. 

Kupferschiefer, m. (miner.) Copper-echiet. 
Schiste cuivreux. 

Kupferschmelzofen, m. Smelting-fumaee. 
Foumeau m. de fusion. 

Kupferschwarze, f. Black oxide qfeo>pper. 
Cuivre oxid^noir. 

Kupferstein,m.(m^t) Crude^copper. Matte 
brute de cuivre. 

Kupferstollen, m. (art.) (ZiindlochstoUen). 
Copper boucike, or bolt of pure copper with 
wluch brass guns are bonched. Grain m. 
de lumiere. voy. ZiindlochstoUen. 

Kupfer\4triol, m. Blue vitriol. Ft/rto/ 
de ChyprCf — de cuivrct — bleu, voy. 
Kupferox>'d (schwefelsaures). 

Kiipfstock, m. (eines Pontonwagens). TVoft- 
som for supporting the pontoon, or on 
which the boat rests in a pontoon-carriage. 
Piece de bois d'un haquet sur laqodle 
porte immediatement le ponton. 

Kupolofen, m. A cupoloy cupola-fumaee : 
cupola smelting-fumaee. Cubilot m. ; 
foumeau m. a manche. 

Kuppe, f. (eines Herges), voy. Koppe. 

Kuppel, f. (arch.) Cupola^ dome. D&mse 

f. voy. Koppel; Sabelkuppel. 

Kuppennagel, m. pL od. Kuppnagel (zu 
den Nabenringen). Stubs for nave-hoops; 
dog-nails to faisten on the rings. Caboehee 


Riirass, m. Cuirass^ generally in the sense 
of a pair of cuirasses. Cwrasee f. de 

(einmcher). A front -cuirass. Plaetron 

m. ; plastron des corps de cuirassiers qm 
ne portaient autrefois que le devant de la 

(Doppel-) A cuirass (properly so 

calleid), or pair of cuirasses. Ctn'mste; 
cuirasse a dossiere ou a dos. 

(Ilalb-). A front-cuirass. PioMirom 

Kurassier — Kyanisiren. 


m. ; denri-euiratie f. voy. einfacher Ku- 

The parts of a pair of cuirasses are : 
Dor Vorderkiirass, (das Bniststiick od. 
der VopdertheU). The Jroni-euiran. 
Plastron m. ou devant m. 
Der Hinterkiirass, (das Riickenstuck). 
The back-euirau. Dotm.; (dotaikre 
f. [a.] ). 
Die Kiirasssehuppeny (Achselbander). 
The 9houider-9irap9, Bretelles f. pi. j 
{(^aulih'ea f. pi.). 
Das Schlossblech. The end of shoulder- 
strap which catches the tit or stud on 
the front-cuirass. Plaque f. h boU' 
Der kiirassriemen mit Schnalle. The 
waist-strap, Courroie f. de eeirUure. 
Die Brust- od. grossen Kiirassknopfe, 
(pi.). The tits or studs to hold the 
shoulder-straps. Boutons m. pi. des 
Die Kiirassknopfe, (pL). The studs. 
Kiirassier, m. Cuirassier, Cuirassier m. 
Kiirassierdef^en, m. voy. Pallasch. 
Kiirassierregiment, n. Cuirassier-regiment, 
regiment of cuirassiers. Regiment m. de 
Kiirassknopf, m. (grosser) od. Brustknopf. 

voy. Kiirass. 
Kiirassknopfe, m. pi. vov. Kiirass. 
Kurassriemeni m. voy. Kiirass. 
Kiirassiersattel, m. voy. Deutscher Sattel. 
Kiirassschuppe, f. voy. Kiirass. 
Kurbe, f. (vet.) Curb, Courbe f. 
Kurbel, f. (m^.) A winch ; winch-handle, 

Manivelle f. voy. Haspel. 
f. (mec.) (Krummzapfen). A crank- 
handle: crank; crank-arm, Manivelle f. 

f. (m&.) (Kropfung). A crank, Coude 


f. (eines Homhaspels). The winch 

or winch-handle of a common windlass. 
Manivelle f, 

f. (art.) od. Kreuz, n. (der Richt- 

schraubNe). The horns (pi.) or handle of 
the elevating-screw. Manivelle (, de vis 
de pointage. 

f. (des Drauf- od. Windelbohrers). The 

bow of .the brace. Manivelle f. de vile« 

Kurbelachse, f. (m^) (Triebradachse). 
A cranked-axle. Axe coudi ou it mani- 

Kurbelkette, f. (art.) A stop-chain. Chat- 
nette f. de la manivelle d'une vis de poin- 

Kurbelkreuz, n. (art.) voy. Kurbel, Kreuz, 

Kurbclstange, f. (m^.) Connecting-rod. 
Bielle f. 

Kurier, m. Courier^ king's messenger. 

Kurschmied, m. (cav.) (einer Escadron). 
Noncommissioned-officer ranking with the 
English farrier-major, and who replaoes 
Gbrm AN Part. 

the veterinary-surgeon in those foreign 
corps who have no officer of that denomi- 
nation. Sous-offider (mar^hal-ferrant) 
remplissant les fonctions de v^t^naire. 
VOY. Fabnenschmied, Curscbmied; Be- 
scnlagschmied, Hufschmied. 

Kiirtinenwinkel,m.(fort.) voy.Courtinen- 

Kiirzeste Widerstandslinie* f. (min.) The 
line of least resistance, termed also the 
line €fa mine, Ligne f. de moindre r4- 

Kurzgefesselt, (v^t.) Short -patterned. 
Court joint^, voy. Fesseln. 

Kurztreten, n. (tact.) Stepping short, Rae- 
courcissement m. dupas; action de rac- 
courcir le pas, 

V. (tact.) To step short, Raccourcir 

le pas; faire le petit pas ; faire le demi- 
pas ; marcher au petit pas, 

Kiiste, f. (Meereskiiste). Coast, C6te f. 

Kiistenartillerie, f. Artillery for coast- 
drfences, Artillerie f. de cdte, 

Kiistenbatterie, f. (od. Strandbatterie). 
Coast-battery ; land-battery or shore-bat- 
tery ; sea-battery, Baiterie f. de c6te, 

Kiistenbefestigungen, Coast -dtfences; 
land-dtfences. Fortifications maritimes; 
ouvrages pour la defense des c6tes, 

Kustenbewaffhung, f. The armament of 
sea-batteries or of a maritime-frontier. 
Armement m. de c6tes, 

Kiistenbewabrer, m. Guard-ship ; cruiser, 
Garde-c6tes m. 

Kiistenfort, n. Fort intended for the de- 
fence of a coast. Fort maritime. 

Kiistengescbiitz, n. Piece of ordnance for 
the armament of maritime places and bat- 
teries; gun mounted in coast-defences. 
Pikce f. de c6te. 

n. (art.) Artillery for coast-drfences, 

or gims intended for the defence of a coast. 
Artillerie f. de c6ie: pieces f. pi. de c6te ; 
canons d'artillerie destin^ k servir auz 
batteries de cotes. 

n. (Bombenkanonen). The 68- 

pounder and 80-pounder Paixhans* guns, 
or iron ordnance so called more particu- 
larly when used in the armament of sea- 
batteries. Canons m, pi. a bombes ou h la 

n. voy. Haubitzkanone, Kanonen- 


Kiistenlaffete, t (art.) (Vertheidigungs- 
laffete). Garrison or standing-carriage for 
mounting guns in coast-defences. Affi^ 
m. de c€te: (a0t de place et c6te), 

Kiistenvertbeidigung, f. Drfenee qf coasts. 
Defense f. des c6tes. 

Kiistenwache, f. Coast-guard. Gardes- 
cdtes m. pi. 

Kiivette, f. (fort.)(Kiinette). voy. Cunette. 

Kyanisiren, v. & n. Kyanizing; the pre- 
paration or seasoning of wood by Kyan'a 
process ; to kyanize wood (as above) as a 
remedy against the dry-rot. Preparation des 


Kyanisirtes Holz — Kyaxiisinmg. 

bois d'a|>r^ la m^ode de M. Kyan, pour 
lea ganntir contre la carie seche ; pri^arer 
les bois au tublim^ d'apres la mcme m^- 
Kymisiitea Holz, n. Kyanized'-tiniber, or 
wood prepared by Kyan's method. Bois 

pr^par^ d'apr^ la m^ode de M. Kyan ; 
boia pr^ar/g au tublim^ on preaearvis de 
la pourriture aa moyen da sublim^ oor- 
Kyanisining, f. (des Holzes). Toy. Kyani- 

Laboratorien- Arbeiten, f . pi. All operations 
connected with the preparation of fireworks 
and other laboratory-stores. TYavaux m. 
pi. ayant r^aport a la confection des arti- 
fices ; (travtttue de laboratoire), 

Laboratorium, n.(Fe8tung8laboratorium). 
A laboratory. Ateliers m. pL d*ariifiee9; 
laboratoire m. /ijpe ; laboratoire de d^pdt 
plac^ a rint^eor d'un pays ; ensemble de 
b&timents servant ii la confection des ar- 

n. The chief shed or building of a la- 
boratory; sometimes, a small laboratory. 
Salle f. d'artificea. 

n. (Feld-). The laboratory accompany- 
ing the artillery into the field. Laboratoire 
m. de campagne; atelier d^artifieee en cam- 

n. (Feld-). Any laboratory established 

in rear of an army operating in the field. 
Laboratoire m. de campagne. 

n. (bd einer Belagmmg). The labo- 
ratory in the vicinity of the park at sieges. 
Ateliers d^artificet. 

LaborirtiMh, m. (Werktiscb). voy. Werk- 

Lacht, m. voy. Scblacke. 

Lachthobl, n. & m. <afr.)od. das Scblacken- 
locb (im Frischherde). The floss-hole, or 
orifice which allows the melted slag or 
cinder to flow off from the surfikce of the 
metal, in the German refining-forge. Ohio 
m. ou trou de laiterol. 

Lack, m. (zom Lackiren des Lederzenges, 
der Tasche, Sabelscheide, etc.) Pouch- 
composition^ pouch-vamish, varnish for 
poucheSf used also for scabbards, etc. Ct- 
rage m. de gibeme; cirage pour cuir de 
scbako, etc. ; composition donton fait usage 
pour drer les gibemes, etc. 

m. Lacquer; varnish. Laque f. ; ver- 

nis m. 

Lackiren, n. (der Tasche, etc.) Varnishing 
the pouch, etc., or doing it over with 
pouch-composition. Cirage m. ; (action de 

Lackirtes Leder, n. Patent- or varnished- 
leather. Cuir vemit — laqu^. 

Lade, f. voy. Laden, pi. 

Ladearmel, m. (& pi.) 6u^.) Sleeve {sleeves 
pi.) worn by tbe numoer who puts in the 
shdl in loading mortars and howitzers; 
(jgunners^ sleeves). Manchette f. (man- 
chettes pi.) de bombardier. 

Ladehammer, m. (Ladbammer). Loading- 
hammer for rifles. Maillet poor charger 
la carabine. 

Ladekammer, f. (m. d'a.) Yoy. Schiess- 

Lademass, n. (art.) Powder-meature^ for 
filling cartridges. Mesure f. h poudre. 

n. (Morser-). Cylinder, for bringing 

up loose powder or the measured charge to 
the battery. 

n. (fiir Jager und Scfautzen). Powder- 

measure or powder-charge, for rifles. Me- 
sure f. de charge, pour charger la carabine. 

Laden, v. (ein Gewehr). To load a firelock. 
Charger un fusiL 

n. Loading. Chargement m. 

n. (der Hohlkugebi). The JiUing of 

shells. Chargement m. des projectiles 

V. (eine Mine). To load or charge a 

mine. Charger une mine. 
V. (min.) (das Bohrloch). To load the 

hole for a blast. Charger le petard. 

V. (ein Gescbutz). To load a gun. 

Charger un canon. 

V. (Ziindhiitchen) (mit Satz — ). To 

fll or prime copper-caps. Charger des 

V. (ein Fahrzeug). To load a waggon. 

Charger une voiture, un chariot. 

n. (eines Wagens). voy. Beladung. 

V. n. To carry, load, or be laden with. 

Sire charg^de, etc. 

(Ein Wagen welcher N.N. Ct. ladet. A 

waggon which carries, or which loads, or 

which is laden with, so many cwt. Chariot 

qui est ehargi de . . . , qui ports N.N, 




Laden — Lidung. 

Laden, f. pi. femes Pfcitlefl) (TriigerV The 
bart of the horse*B mouth. Bemt f. pL 

m. TOT. Laden i»L, Schartenladen, 

Laden, m. pi. ( Schit*tUdeD . \or den Sfhiess- 
schart*-!!;. Musket-prxjf w<xiden thmtten 
fur t-DibrajUPe* : «<«6ra«irf-*/*if//erir. Por- 
tipTt'9 f. pi. dV'tiibra«ure«. tot. Blend- 
laden. Srhartenladen. ^ i 
Ladenfurmerei, f. uhiuI.:- vot. Kastenfor- 

merei, Fonneivi ■ KasU'iifunnerei). : 

Ladepfropf,m.<Chargirpfropfod.Chargir- ' 
pfropfen;. A wrt of trad, either of lea- ■ 
ther, horse-hair, or wood, used at drill, to 
prevent injury being done to the breech of 
the firelock, and which may be considered 
analogous to the ** exercising- wad '* of tlu^ 
artillery. Bouchon en cuir, etc., qu*on 
introduit au fond de Tame d'un canon de 
fusil, pour oonserrer la culasse aux exer- 
cices en blanc 
Ladeschaufel, f. (art.) (a). Ladle for load- 
ing with loose powder. Lanteme f. 

f. (ust. d'artif.) Copper ladle for filUng- 

in composition, in driTing rockets, etc. 
Lanierme f. pour charger les fusees ; ctriV- 
lere a composition. 
Ladestock, m. (m. d'a.). The ramrod or 
rammer. Baguette f., serrant a charger et 
a decharger Tarme. 

Its parts are : 
Der untere od. Stosstheil, (oberer Kopf, 
Setzer m.) The head, Tete f. ; grot 
Der obere Theil od. Kopf mit dem Kugel- 
ziehergewinde, (unterer Kopf). The 
tapped-ond ; (the 9cretr -threads or tap- 
ping). Bout taraud^ pour fixer le tire- 
Dourre ; petit bout. 
Die Sunge, der SUngel, Stab od. Kiel. 
The thqft. T^e f. ou eorpi m. de ba- 

an Oft! Return ramrods : Remettez 

= la baguette* 
— ^ m. Cmin.) Toy. Setzer. 
LadestocklK>hrer, m. (m. d'a.) A pipe- 
borer, or pipe-bore, for Iwring the stock to 
rmrive the ramrod. Meche f. de rilebre- 
qvin ou meche a baguette, senant a j>ercer 
\e tmu qui re^oit la baguette. 
I^drKfockfoder, f. (m. d'a.) (Sperrfeder). 
Tlie ramrttit-^pring (or tail-pipe spring), 
RruMort m. de baguette. 
LatU'stockhoWl. m. (m. d'a.) A ram- 
rttd-plane, round, or round-plane, for 
forming the groo\e of ramrod. Robot m. 
a baguette ; mouchette f. 
I>ndcst(K-kmeiKM*l, m. (m. d'a.) A tail- 
pipr gouge, ha(f-round gouge, for ramrod- 
g«M»v<- ; bent -neck gouge. Gouge f. a ba- 
l^dostorknuthe, f. (m. d'a.) The bore for 
the rod; rarnrod-groore. Encastrement 
«.! tv>i> f.; canal m. de la baguette. 

'Ockrimic,f. (m.d'a.) Bamrod-grooife, 
m, de baguatte. 


Ladestockrobrchen, n. (m. d'a.) 

of (English-pattern) fire-anna, by 

the ramrod is confined in the groove. 
Porte-baguette m. 

Ladestockschmied. m. (m. d'a.) Ramrod- 
maker, or rammer-fmaker. Bagmettier m. 

Lailestopfer, m. (min.) Tamprng-bar; 
i^one of the miner's blasting and shooting- 
tools ^. Refouloirm. 

Ljuietrichter, m. (art.) Loadmg-fimmei, or 
funnel for loading mortars with looae 
]K>wder. Entonnoir m. 

Ladezeug, n. (aH.) (der Geadiiitze). Side- 
arms wA.). ^Irmeweii/* m. pL des boudies 
a feu. 

Ladezeughakcn,m.pL(art,)(Biigel). SMe- 
arm hooks, (side-arm irons), on foreign 
carnages. Denomination gen^rale das era- 
chets serTant a porter les armementB det 
bouches a feu ; crockets porte-armements, 

Ladezeugoesen, f. pi. (art.) (rnr Befeatigrag 
des LadezeugesV Lasking-rimgs (pL) for 
side-arms, on Prussian battering-train car- 
riages. Anneatur des aflfuU de siege pma- 
siens, destines a porter les annementa. 

Ljuiimg. f. (eines Wagens). The lomd of a 
waggon or carriage. Charge t d'one mt- 

f. (das Laden einea Wagens). The 

loading or lading. Ckargememi m. 

f. (eines SchifTes). The cargo, irndrng. 

Charge f. ; cargaison f. 

(der Handwafien; — der Minen). 

The charge of fire-arms; the eksaye of 
mines. Charge t des armes a fea eft daa 

(art.) (der Hohlkogehi) (Spreng- 

ladung). Bursting -powd^, or cAcrye 
qf bursting-powder for shells ; iuniinf 
charge. Charge f. de pomdre dea prqjeo- 
tilcs creux. 

(art.) The fuU-compiement of am- 
munition, stores, etc, carried by artillery- 
carriages. CAflrye des Toitures d'artfllerie, 
en munitions, en approTisionnementa, en 
outils, etc. 

(art.) (Pulverladung) (der Gesdrntn). 

The charge, or charge ofpotrder for gmia, 
etc. Charge f., charge de poudrt dea 
canons, etc. 

(art.) (zum Feldgebraucbe) (Feld- 

kdungV Service -charge; fidl-ekar^. 
Charge de guerre. 

(art.) (i, \ kugelsohwere— '). Ckaryt 

of a third ^ the shofs treigki ; — qf 
one half '*« **<>/'* freight ; charge ^ |, 
i the weight of the shot. Charge de im 
moiti^ du poids du boulet : charge de i» 
charge de J du poids du boulet. 

(^art.) (zum Brescheschiessen). Tha 

full -charge for battering, or for hmi^ 
tering in breach: charge for breaekim^. 
Charge pour le tir en breche ; charge r«- 
forcee ; charge maximum. 

(art.) (zum Probiren). Proqf-ekawf. 

— aepreuve. 

Ladung — Loge. 


I^adung, (art.) (mm Rikoschettiien) (Riko- 
schettladung). Reduced charge for rico- 
chet-practice. Faihle charge pour le tir 
a ricochet. 

(art.) rkammervolle — ). voy. 

KammervoUe Ladung. 

j^art.) (kleine, scbwache, ge- 

schwachte). Small-charge ; reduced- 
charge. Petite — ; faible charge. 

(art.) (voile — ) (grosse — , Feld-). 

Full-charge^ Jull service-charge. — de 

(art.) (gewohnliche). voy. Feld- 


(art.) (Hiilfs-). Reduced charge so 

called, for short ranges at high elevation. 
Petite charge employee pour le tir des 
obusiers Ik de oourtes distances. 

(art,) (eine fertige). voy. Kartuscbe; 

Kartu8che(bUnde), Patrone (eine blinde). 
(art.) (Kugeln, Kartatschen, mit der 

— verbinden, v.) To fix ammunition. 

Monter des cartoudies a bonlet; r^unir 

des boulets oa des obus a la charge. 
(tact.)(Chargirung). Loading. Charge f. 

(tact.) (nadi Commando). Loading 

in slow-time or by word qf command. — 
en temps et mouvements. 

(tact) (ohne Commando) (ge- 

scbwiudc). Loading in quick-time. — 
it w)Umt4. 

Tsid.) (des Hohofens). voy. Gicbt. 

(min.) (des Bohrloches) (beim Stein- 

sprengen). The charge for blasting. 
Charge f. voy. Gemengte Pulverladimp. 

Ladimeskapsel, f. (art) (blecbeme). Tin 
cylinder for ammunition, made to fit the 
partitions in howitzer limber-boxes, and 
used nearly for the same purpose as the 
" canvaas-cartouch '' in the English artil- 
lery. Boite K gargousse en fer-blanc 

Laffete, f. (art) (Laffette). Gun-carriage; 
gun- or howitzer-carriage; carriage for 
guns,etc. (or 8imply,the carriage), AfUtm. 

(eiseme). Cast-iron carriage. AfffU 


(a) nSaum-)* ▼oy- Gabellaffete. 

(Belagenmgs-). voy. Belagenmgs- 


(Block-), voy. Blocklaffete. 

(Blockrader-). voy. Blockrader- 


(Bombenkanonen-). voy. Bomben- 

(Caronaden-). voy.Caronadenlaffete. 

(Casematten-). voy. Kasematten- 


(Congrevische Feld — lu den Brand- 

raketen). voy. Feldlaffete. 
(Depressions-), voy. Depressious- 


(Feld-). voy. Feldlaffete. 

iFestungs-). voy. Festungslaffete. 

(Gabel-). voy. Gabellaffete. 

(Gebirgs-). voy. Gebirgslaffete. 

(Gribeauwflcbe hohe Rahm-). wy. 

Hohe Rabmenlaffete ; Walllaffete (die 

Laffete, (Haubitz-). voy. Haubitzlaffete. 

(Ilobe Rahmen— ). voy. Hobe Rab- 

(Kanonen-). voy. Kanonenlaffete. 

(Kasematten-). voy. Kasematten- 


(Kavalleriegescbiitz-). voy. Wurst- 

(Kiisten-). voy. Kiistenlaffete. 

^Langbaum-) (von Montalembert). 

voy. Langbaumlaffete. 

TMorser-). voy. Morserlaffete. 

(Platform-), voy. Platformlaffete. 

(Rabmen-J. voy. Hohe—; Niedere— . 

(Rappert-). voy. Rappertlaffete. 

(Roll-), voy. Rolllaffete. 

(Salven-). voy. Salvenlaffete. 

(Schiflfe-). voy. Scbiffslaffete. 

(Scbleifen-). voy. Scbleifenlaffete. 

(Yertbeidigungs-). voy. Vertbeidi- 


(Wall-), voy. Walllaffete. 

CWand-). voy. Wandlaffete. 

(Wurst-). voy. Wurstkffete. 

Laffetenblecbe, n. pi. (art.) General term 
for garnish-, head-, cheek-, or trail-plates, 
aooOTding to their situation on a gun-car- 
riage. Denomination g^n^le des bandcs 
ou ferrures dont les flasques sont revetues. 

Laffetenboble, f. (art.) A bracket-block. 
Cadre m. 

Laffetenkasten, m. fart.) A trail-box or 
bracket-box, carried between the cheeks 
of some gun-carriages. Coffret m. HaffCii, 
plac^ entre les flasqued de I'affiit. 

Laffetenpfoste, f. (*rtO A bracket-block ; 
the plank or stuff for brackets. Pi^ de 
bois pour flasques ; (cadre m.). 

Laffetenrad, n. (art.) A gun-wheel. Rouef. 

Laffetenriegel, m. pi. (art.) The different 
transoms of a gun-carriage. Entretoises f. 
pi. d'q^/. 

Laffetensebwanz, m. (art') The trail of 
the carriage; (block-trail; bracket-trail). 
Crosse f. d*aff(U. 

m. (art.)7fal8cher^ (fur hohe Walllaffe- 

ten). voy. ProtzheDel. 

Laffetenscbwingen, pi. voy. Laffetenriegel. 

Laffetenwaud, f. (art.) The cheek or bracket 
of a gun-carriage. Flasque m. d^qffUt. 

Lage, f. (einer Stadt, etc.). Situation, site^ 
position. Assiette f. ; site m. ; position f. 

f. (art.) A salvo, or the simultaneous 

discharge of all the guns of a battery. 
Salve {.; (bord^et). 

f.(der Rikoschett- und anderer Batterien) 

(bei einer Belagerung). The proper site, 
situation, or position, (as to distance, etc.) 
of ricochet and other batteries at a siege. 
Emplacement m. des batteries ii ricochet, 

f. (einer Briicke) The situation or site 

of a biidge. Bmplaeemeni m. d'nn pont 

LuBt — Laser. 

Lace. f. od, Sohicfat. OwfMf 
itratnm . 3«i/. Oswrik^ f. : ;i/ n. 

f. moaL o*L Srhicht Formlehm Txi 

der LehmfonnenM . T^ n^ 'ji lunn 
applwd to the zioaJd ami sh^del ia lom- 
moaiiiinj;. Ojiiir4« t 

Fuchinen Tiachinenlage . A rw 

or niinw of £kKX=e>. Rjon^ m. •!« aa- 

f. wth. 0;«ry*. in maacnry •»• brirk- 

vork . Ajnuf i. 

f. ITT. be i der V<rpa(ckitac dar Kar- 

tatdofajciu^in in die BticiLse . T\e fs^r. *n 
wlm'h balli of c M i g -^ li u^t are p*i'ked or laid 
in the canister. Cnucke L v9t. LtAH* 

Lageebene. f. ^>rt. The ;>J<sae o/titf. Pla» 
m. (/e «!/«>. TOT. ^imatitmsebene. 

Lagen. t pL uvfa. die mhenden . The 
cfiHrtet of Ti7<LMoi» i?r aruh-^cones which 
are below that particular joint in ar.*he». 
whoM inclinatii>Q is the same as the aarie 
of friction, or tik>9e covrwd next the spriof • 
inc of an arch which cooid scaad nnsap- 
p«>rted bj centerinr. Retnmht^ f. pL 
d'nne T.^ute : portion d'one Toute qm par 
sa conscmction peot snbsister aaa5 cintre. 

Lasenfeuer. n. art.- einer canzen Banerie . 
The firing m «4i/r94 of a whole baticrr. 
/>«x de *clr^, — rm taire, — p-sr «aire. 

Lagenweiae. art. in Bezxur aof die V«r> 
packan^ der Kartiz^chknceln in die 
Bdchie . /« /i<frf . a« the balb are said to 
be laul. when ««> packed, in ca^e or canister- 
§hot. Em nmrh^. 

fenem, t. art. tot. Feuem. 

LasfT. n. Camp; emcamfwusnt. Ccatpm. 

VerKhanzteA,. An imtrmeked-^mmp : 

'knir^meh^'poniifm . ^retnmeke. 

venrhanzteii "befestifte Scelbnut'. 

F'^iJUd^atmp ; fyrtiJUfd-pimtum : jwi- 
iif/m e^fT^ hy a lintt *if rtdo^U. etc. ; 
/me* Camp ff/riifii . p*mtiim rttnmeUe. 

Frei-;. tot. BiTouac. 

Z^lt-;. Camp in which the troops 

are nrider canTaM. Camp m. d« tentet ; 
camp tendm ; camp t^nU. 

'fl'itten-;. Camp in which the 

trrx/p4 are hatted. Camp de baraqueM : 
enmp harti^wf. 

VsXfjrrii-). A camp of exercite. 

tamp of iwit ruction. Camp d'tnttrHctiom; 
tamp d* manofurre*; camp d'erercice. 

'r^-biinsr*!-;. Toy. Exercirlager. 

'.\lAr*rh-/. Jnrideniai-camp, or camp 

txktrri up #"i*frT ni^ht on a march hv 
tfyif^ in the field. Camp de marche'; 
czrfip 'ja'*^AbIit iine trifu\>e en cam|iainie a 
U fin d*r la marr:h«> de rharjoc* joumte, ou 
d/if.r U dur<-<f n*- pt-ut etre que passacere ; 
^t^my d*: pa-.^c ; c&rnp fi;L<»<^aei'r^. 

^Mar4^rh-^. vot. MarHchlager. 

- 'Stand-,. Camp 0/ poHiioM, Camp 
dt t^jour ; camp a dcmeure. 

^Krivvn-j, Camp ttr encaoipment on 

af-tual wtrhot. Camp dc guerre. 

Caaqi o«|M by 

'^. toy. ^oni- 

Laoer. FriedcBt-;. 

tz«ji?P9 in tisKe of | 

"Soch- and 


~ Isfuitene-. Ca^aUnie^^. 

«e»rfi/< rtfvment^cmcmhfafiafmmiry: 
r»fmmUai 'tamp icmrmhy or i^mmtrf). 
Camtp if MM r p y iieai d'it^tBUtrie tm dt 
c^raierta . caa^ de cmrmiene oa ^iatfrnm- 

eiaer Batteries Em e Mm p m tmi ^ « 

iiid-^aztery. Camp d'mmie kaiterie. 

— ^ «a — abatecken. ▼->. To img-^mi a 
camp. T^'vter, w an ae r , mtigmer^ dvm n v 
on ca3?. 

Die Kazut. nn — ahmsteckcn). 

C'TMtrvm*tati0m, or the art of laTng«4iat 
camps. Ciiifi iiawVa/wa C 

tfin — sehlaKn od. anCKfala^en, ▼.)• 

To pitc\ a camp. Anmir^ e imUir, pmer 
on k-amp. 

iisi — be£ndgnu T.^. To 

a camp : to/'*rftl^ a ] 
which troopi are < 

etn — abbrecken od. anfbebm, ▼.) 

To h^eaJt-mp an encampeaeBt; (to ibrika 
the tents . Xerer le campL 

cdacerte Tr«p|)cfi>. Tbe May* 

Ctxmp m.: twf^upt cn^pee. 

art. der Haobitz- and MorMr- 

n?hre Ressei . T^ lower part of tbe 
bore or cyhnder of bu ^ itieia and mortan, 
answerinir to the scat of the shdL YmAt 
de Tame des obosiers rt dca mortien daai 
laqneLe «e 1-.^ le projeccile. 

fid.) -fur WahrwTapien). voj. 


art. ,der SchikLca^\ vot. Srfaild- 

zapfenlager ; Cbargirlagitr ; ^faneh- 

art.^ TOT. RicktweUpfiome. 

ijwndr.' vLa^rrstein. Bodenstein) 

eines PaherToIIwcrkesV The htd^ {jMU 

•ton^ . of a crlinder powdcr>miIl ; (itut 
bed or metalhc.bed -. Ta^/e f. 

m. d*a.' ^AuBchnitt im C e wcli r- 

scfaaftei. Bed. Uttinf-m^ froeiv, Aole. 
Logement m. 

'm. d'a."' einer Feder im SdiaAe 

vKasten, Auftschnitt fur die Feder). 
Spring-hole in stock. Logewteni ai. d'an 

tor.'^ Tin welcbem das C es c h u t» bcim 

&>hren iaaft>. The coUar in whidi tbe 
head of the eun turns or rests in bonne- 
Demi^lttaette d'une mainline a forer, sor 
laquelle s'appuie le canon da cote de k 
tranche, et dans laquelle on la maintient 
au moTen d'une bride oa d*an rhipitcan en 
for ; collier m. 

pL (fond.) (in der LagerboUe nr 

Aufnahmo der Fonnspindel). The coUmn 
in a moulding. frame, for the spindliL 
EncastrememU m. pL ou ea^Mtaat d*iiB 
rhantier de moulerie, dans kiq a d iaa re* 

Lagerabstecker — Lagenmg. 


pose Le trousseaa par ses deux extre- 

Lagerabstecker, m. pL The party or par- 
ties sent on by regiments to take up ground 
for the encampment of their respective 
corps ; eamp-eohur men. Campement m. ; 
militaires command^ pour preparer le 
camp k Tavance. 

Lagerbalken, m. (constr. des ponts.) od. 
rfette. voy. Kronholz, Kronscbwelle, 

m. (pout-) (beweglicber) od. Kappe 

(eines Briickenbockes). The moveable 
transom of an elevating-trestle. Chapeau 
m. d'un chevalet a chapean mobile. 

Lagerbank, f. (fond.) The mouldinff-fi'omes, 
or mouiding-Jramef on which the spindle 
rests and is turned in loam -moulding. 
Chantiers m. pi. ; chantier de moulerie. 

Lagerdecken, f. pi. (wollene). Blankets 
issued to troops in camp ; soldiers^ blankets, 
Couvertes f. pi. de campement ; eouvertes 

de campaffne. 
Lagerdienst, m. 

m. de camp, 
Lagerdigour, f. 

Duties in camp. Service 

Orderfy'duty in camp. 
Service m. dejour au camp. 

' (die — baben, v.). To be on orderly- 
duty or officer qfthe day in camp. Mtre 
dejour; ftre de service pour le jour au 

Lagenront, f. (Frontlinie eines Lagers, auf 
welcher die erste Hiitten- od. Zeltreihe 
der Mannschaft steht). Line qf encamp- 
ment ^ magistral-line, or line of front; tiie 
line of a camp upon which the heads of 
the several rows of tents rest. Front m. 
de bandihre; ligne magistrate du camp, 
sur laquelle sont align^ les culs-de-Iampe 
ext^rieurs des tentes du premier rang. 

f. The firont-line in camp corresponding 

to the line of " quarter-guard parades^** 
and between 60 and 70 yards (as the case 
may be) in firont of the << Place d'armes ** 
(or line of parade). Ligne des gardes 
du camp. 

f. The frofit or head of an encamp- 
ment. Front m., tite f. de camp. 

Liagergasse. f. voy. Gasse. 

Lagergeratb, n. (Lagergeratbscbaften, f. 
pi.) Camp - necessaries ; camp - utensils, 
mfets m. pL de campement. 

Lagergestelle, n. pL (fond.) (der Formbank). 
voy. Lagerbank. 

La^rboizer, n. pi. (constr. des ponts.) 
(^^trassenbolzer). Sleepers or string- 
pieces; the pieces in wooden or pile- 
bridges running from pier to pier. Lon- 
gerons m. pi. voy. Streckbalken. 

n. pi. (fond.) voy. Lagerbank; Lager- 
gestelle, pi. 

Lagerbiitte, f. (Baraque). Hut, for the 
hutting of troops. Baraque f. voy. Hiit- 
ten, pi. 

Lagerklotze, m. pi. od. Zapfenklotze (fiir 
die Schildzapfen am Sattelwagen). TVun- 


nion-cleats on the sides of a platform- 
waggon, to take the trunnions of the piece. 
Taqueis m. pL 

Lagerkrankbeit, f. Camp-fever, disease, 
etc Maladie f. de camp. 

Lagerkunst, f. Castrametation, or the art 
of planning and laying-out encampments. 
Castrametation f. 

Lagem, v. n. (campiren). To encamp. 

V. a. (Truppen). To encamp troops; 
^to place them under canvass: to hutt 
^ lem). Camper les troupes ; (les camper 
dans des baraques ou dans des tentes). 

n. (der TVuppen). The encampment 

of troops ; (placing them under canvass 
or hutting them). Campement m. des 

Lagerordnung, f. The order qf encamp- 
ment; also, orders (pi.) or regulations (pi.) 
with reference to the duties of encampment. 
Ordre m, de campement : instruction sur 
le campement; ordonnance ou reglement 
m. de campement. 

Lagerplatz, m. The site or situation for a 
camp. Emplacement m. d'un camp. 

m. Ground qf encampment, or ground 

taken up for encampment; the situation 
selected; the encamping -ground. Terrain 
destin^ au camp. 

(Die Wahl des — es. The choice of the 
situation for a camp. Choix m. du 
camp; choix de I'emplaoement d'un 

Lagerpolizei, f. Police of the camp. Gen- 
darmerie f. 

Lagerpunkt, m. (art.) (bei den Geschiitz- 

rohren). The point, in which the axis of 

the trunnions is intersected by a vertical 

plane passing through the axis of the 

piece, and which, when the gun is mounted, 

becomes the centre of the gun's motion. 

Point-milieu de Taxe des tourillons. 

(Die Entfemung des — s von der See- 

lenaxe. The sink qf metal, voy. 


Lagerraum, m. voy. J^agerplatz. 

Lagerrequisiten, pi. voy. Lagergeratb- 
scbaften, Lagergeratb. 

Laserscbwelle, f. voy. Jocbscbwelle, 

Lafferstein, m. (poudr.) (Bodenstein, Beyer) 
^ Rollwerke einer Pulvermiihle). The 
bed, bed-stone, (Jbedder, under or nether- 
millstone), of a cylinder-mill for powder. 
Meule gisante; table f. 

Lagerstrob, n. Straw, provided by the 
commissariat when troops encamp. Faille 
f. de couchage. 

Lagerstiick, n. (art.) (Delpbin- od. Zapfen- 
stiick). The reinforce of a mortar or 
howitzer. Ket\fort m. d'un mortier et d'un 

Lagertiefe, f. The depth of an encampment. 
Frqfondeur f. d'un camp. 

Lagerung, f. (der Truppen). The encamp- 


Lagerwache — Laudwehr. 

meni of troops. Can^ement m. des 

Lagerwache, f. A camp-guard (generally). 
Garde de camp. yoy. La^rwaeben, pL 

f. The qtiarter-ffuard, m camp. Garde 

f. de camp ou garde du camp, plac^ k 140 
metres en avant des fiusceaux, vis-a-Tis le 
centre du regiment anqod elle appartient. 
voy. Brandwaehe. 

Lagerwachen, f. pL Camp-gvarde (pi.) 
^nerally). Gardee f. pi. du camp ; cdles 
qui comprennent Tensemble des gardes de 

Lampe,f. vov. WalUampe; Minenlampe; 

Land, n. (Troppen an's — setzen, v.). To 
land or disembark troops. Debarquer des 
troupes, voy. Landung. 

n. Land (as opposed to water) ; cotm- 

try (as opposed to towns) ; land^ ground, 
soil (with respect to cultivation) ; land, 
country ; region, Terre f . ; cgmpagne f. ; 
terre f. ; pays m. ; contr^e f. 

-^— n. (gebautes). Arable land; culti- 
vated ground or soil, Terre labour/e, cul- 

Landartillerie> f. Land-service artillery. 
Artillerie f. de terre, 

Landbatterie, f. voy. Kiistenbatterie. 

Landbriicke, f. (pont.) The land-abutment 
of a bridge ; hutment or abutment on 
shore; {shore-bay). Cul4e f. ; (support 
extreme d'un pont avec la partie du tablier 
qui le r^unit ^ la rive). 

f. (pont.) (einer fliegenden Briicke). 

The^oa/tn^-tcAai;/* which receives a flying- 
or swing-bridge on its arrival, moveable, 
and capable of being adjusted to any state 
of the river. CuUe f. construite an point 
ou le pont volant aborde ; cul4e mobUe, 

Landdienst, m. The land-service. Service 
m. de terre, 

Landen, n. (einer Armee). voy. Landung. 

Landenge,f. Narrow necir of land, isthmus, 
Isthme m. 

Landfiibrwerk, n. od. (landiiblichcs Fuhr- 
werk). Country-carriages (pi.). Voitures 
f. pi. dupays. 

Landliohe, f. A height. Hauteur t, 

Landinvalide, m. voy. Invalide. 

Landkarte, f. Map of any country. Carte 

Landkrieg, m. Term used in distinction to 
" Seekrieg." 

Landleutc, pi. Country-people; peasants 
(pi.) ; peasantry. Gens de la campagne : 
paysans m. pi. 

Landmacht, f. The forces ; land-forces, 
Ami4e f. de terre .- forces de terre; force 
militaire ou force armce de terre. 

Landmiliz, f. The militia of a country. 
Milices f. pi. ; milice f. 

Lnnduiiicier, ra. An officer qfthe army, or 
military-officer i in distinction to " Hoooffi- 
cier " or naval-ofiicer. Officier m. de terre, 
dans les troupes de terre. 

Landpfeiler, m. pL voy. Widerlager. 

Landschwelle, f. (pont.) (Kerbstock, m.). 
The beam sunk and buried in the bank of 
a river, at right angles to the dire<:tion of 
the bridge, to which the first set cyf baulks 
is made fast in constructing the abutment 
of a bridge of boats. Corps-mort m. 

Landsee, m. A lake; inUmd-sea, Lac m. 

Landsknechte, m. pL (a.) The Uauquemets, 
lansknechts, or Gorman infantry first raised 
by Emperor Maximilian the First towards 
the end of the 'fifteenth century. The 
term " Landsknecht " (improperly called 
'* Lanzenknecht ") is derived frovck the 
(flat or low) «' country '' (flaches) " Land," 
hi opposition to the ** mountain districta ^ 
or " mountains '' '' Gebiige," whence the 
Swiss came. Lansg%tenets m. pL 

Landspitze, f. A promontory: point qf 
land; cape, Promontoire m.; cap m. 

Landstrasse, f. High-road, mam-road, 
Grande route, 

Landsturm, m. Qm den Preusaen). Hie 
force which the Prussian subject enters, 
after quitting the second ckas of the 
<<Landwehr;" (See this word). Land- 
sturm m. de la milice prussienne ; (sorte 

m. (a.) The " lev4e en masse," with 

respect to the calling out of a whole nation 
to defend their country firom invasioii. 
Ban general; Uv4e f. en masse; ban et 

Landtransport, m. voy. Transport. 

Landtruppen, f. pi. The land-forces, (or 
regular-army and militia), in distinction 
to ** Seetruppen " or marines. TVoupes, 
forces f. pi. de terre ; arm^e de terre, 

Landublichcs Fuhrwerk, n. voy. Land- 

Landung, f. (der Truppen). The landing 
or disembarkation of troops. Debarque- 
ment m. 

f. (feindliche) (Landung). The land- 
ing or debarkation of troops on any coast, 
for the puri>ose of acting offensively ; a 
descent, Debarquement hostile; descenie 
d^ armee ou descente maritime, 

f. (cine — bcwerkstelligen, v.). To 

^ect a landing. Effectuer une descente 
ou un debarquement. 

f. (cine — versuchen, v.). To attempt 

a landing. Essayer un debarquement. 

Landuiigsarmee, f. The force or troops 
landed (or to be landed) fur any opera- 
tion ; expeditionary -force ; the ejcpedition, 
Arm/e exp^ditionnaire ou armee de de- 

Landweg, m. voy. Landstrasse ; Weg. 

Landwenr, f. (Landmiliz). Tlie militia of a 
country. Landwehr f. ou milice f. d'un 

f. (bei den Oestreichem). The Austrian 

"Landwehr" or militia''). Landwehr 

f. (bei den Preussen). The " Land- 

Landwehr — Langriemen. 


wehr " or force organized under that name 
in Prussia *"). Landwehr pmssienne. 

Landwehr, f. Tdes ersten Aufgehotea). The 
fir9t'Cla$9 f^ the Prussian Landwehr ^ or 
Landwehr qf the firtt-Uvy >»). Land- 
wehr du premier ban^ destin^, en cas de 
guerre, a soutenir Tairm^ active soit \ 
rext^rieur, soit ii Tint^rieur. 

f. (des zweiten Aufgebotes). The 

eeamd'clau of the Prussian Landwehr ^ or 
Landwehr qf the eecond-levy *■). Land- 
wehr du second ban, compost de tons 
lea hommes de 32 ii 39 ans sortant de la 
landwehr du premier ban, destin^ en 
temps de guerre k oocuper les places fortes 
et a soutenir en cas de besoin I'arm^ 
active. Son organisation est la mSme que 
celle du premier ban, les memes districts 
foumissent les regiments, les bataillons, 
les escadrons oorrespondants, qui sont in- 
corpor^ dans les mSmes corps d'arm^, 
divisions, brigades. 

Landwehrregiment, n. voy. Regiment. 

Langbaum, m. (v. d'a.; (Langwiede od. 
Lenkbaum). Theo^rcA. FUchef, 
(Die Arme od. Scherarme des — s. 
The hind-guidesy [or wings (pi.)] of 
the perch. Empanona m. pi.) 

m. (art.) od. Blocklangbaum (einiger 

Artillerien). voy. Blocklangbaum. 

Langbaumblech, n. (v.d'a.) od. Oesenblecb 
(am Langbaume znm Durchgange des 
Schlossnagels). The tongue, or noee-ptate, 
on the end of a perch. Plaque f. dejteche; 
lunette de bout dejUche, 

n. (v. d'a.) od. Streichscbiene (zur 

Vermindenmg der Reibung des Lang- 
banmes auf dem Lenkscheite). A perch- 
plate, to work on the sweep-bar. Plaque f. 
defrottement sous la fleche. 

Langbaumlaffete,f. (art.) (a) (Kasematten- 
laffete von Montalembert). A sort of 
standing-camagd on a low traversing- 
platform for mounting guns in casemates, 
projected by Montalembert. AJf^ m. a 

f. (art.) (a.) A projected carriage of 

Montalembert for removing the necessity 
of limbering and unlimbering, composed of 
a low standing- or sea-service carriage 
mounted upon a description of platform- 
carriage. A0lt m. a aiguille, 

Langbaumose, f. (art.) od. Protzose. The 
nose-plate (nose-plate-eye) of English and 
French ammunition-waggons. Lunette f. 

Langbaumpfanne, f. (ut.) (des franzos. 
Munitionswagens). The perch -band of 
French ^mmunition-waggon. £trier m. de 
flkche du caisson k munitions franfais. 

f. (art.) voy. Acbs- und Langibaum- 


Lfmgbaum-Scheranne, pL (v. d'a.) voy. 
Langbaum (die Arme des — ). 

Lanffbaumschuh, m. (v. d'a.) voy. Lang- 

Gkrman Past. 

Langbaumvorstecker, m. (v. d'a.) k perch- 
pin. Esse f, dejUche, 

Langbaumwagen, m. (v. d'a.) (Hinter- 
vragen). The hind-carriage, Arrihre- 
train m. ; train de derrihre, 

Langbinder, m. (arch.) A stretcher, or 
stone laid lengthways in the longitudinal 
direction of a wall. Panneresse f. ; pierre 
dont la longueur est parallele an parement 
du mur. 

Lange, f. (Grad der — ), voy. Grad. 

f. (art.) (der — nacb bestreicben, v.). 

voy. Bestreicben. 

f. (art.) (die ganze od. Total — des 

Rohres). The length of the gun ; (entire- 
length). Longueur totale du canon. 

f. (art.) (der Seele). The length of 

bore. Longueur f. de I'ame. 

f. (chaip.) (die freie — der fialken). 

The bearing. Port4e f. 

Lange Feld (das) (eines Greschiitzrohres). 
The chace of a gun. VoUe f. 

Langenabweicbung, f. (art.) Term used 
in gunnery in distinction to ** Seiten- 
abweichung," implying the ranging, graz- 
ing or falling short of the object in pro- 
jectiles, with reference to the pointed line 
of direction. Deviation f. en port^e, 

L'angendurchschnitt, m. Longitudinal- 
section, Coupe longitudinale. 

Langensage, f. (charp.) (Langscbnittsage). 
A pit-saw. Scie f. de long, 

Langenthal, n. A valley running parallel 
with the line of operations and at right 
angles to the base, in distinction to ** Quer- 
thal ;'' in other respects, one following the 
direction of, or running parallel witii, a 
main-chain of mountains ; a principal 
or main valley from which others sulrar- 
dinate branch off. Valine longitudinale ; 
valUe principale. 

Langglied, n. (sell.) am Kummte (zur Be- 
festigung der Kummtfedem). A kidney - 
link, for fastening the hames at bottom. 
Espece d'agraffe d'atteles, servant a r^unir 
les deux atteles du collier ii leur partie in- 

n. (sell.) (der Kinnkette). The off-side 

curb-hook, or link in the shape of an S, 
which fixes the curb to the eyes of the 
cheeks. Esse f. de gourmette. voy. Kan- 

Langhobel, m. (men.) (zum Ebenen der 
hohen Kante oder desProfils eines Brettes). 
A jointer or shooting-plane, for shooting 
the edges of boards perfectiy straight. 
Rabot m. servant k corroyer lea tranches ; 
(varlope f.). 

La^gholz, n. Tcharp.) Wood cut with the 
grain or in uie direction of its fibres, (b» 
beams, planks). Bois de fil; bois d^it^ 
parallelement aux fibres, voy. Himholz. 

Langpfahl, m. (constr. des ponts.) A pUe, 
Pilot, pilotis m. 

Langriemen, m. (mar.) The side-line, for 
hampering a vicious horse. Plate-longe f. 


LangrUse — Lattenarrest. 

Lanerisse, m. pi. (im (Sewehrlaufe). Rein^t 
vetn»t or cracks in the length of the barrel ; 
foaier-crackst ^litSt occurring as defects in 
mnsket-barrels. Fentes f. pi. le long dn 
canon. » 

Langschnittsage, f. (charp.) A sawyer's 
pit-aaw for catting timoer lengthways. 
Scie f. de long ; scie du scieur de long. 

Langschuh, m. (v. d'a.) (Oesenblatt am 
Langbaome, durch welches der Schloss- 
nagel gesteckt wird). The tongue-plate^ 
or note -plate on the nose of a perch, 
forming the eye (" Oese ") for the main-pin 
to work in. Lunette f. de bout deji^che, 

Langschwelle, f. od. Holm (eines P&hl- 
rostes). voy. Holm. 

Langtau, n. (art.) (Schlepptau, Ziehtau 
od. die Prolonge). The prolonge. Pro- 

Langtauhaken, m. (art) The prolonge- 
hook. Crochet qui termine le bout de la 
prolonge, et qui tient lieu duT pour I'atta- 
cher k la lunette de raflut. 

— m. pi. (art) auf der Laffete (nir Befesti- 
gong des Langtaues am Laffetenschwanze). 
Belaying -cleate or hooka tot coiling the 
prolonge, on the upper part of the trail of 
some field-canriages, (French, Hessian, 
etc) Crochets m. pL de prolonge ap- 
pliques au dessus de la fleche des aMts de 

Langwiede, f. (v. d'a.) Yoy. Langbaum. 
Lanze, f. Lance, Lance f. Its parts are : 
Die Stange. The sliqft of the lance. 

Hampe f. 
Die KUnge (Spitze). The lance-head. 

Lame f. 
Die Fedem. The prongs (pi.) Grande 

et petite tranche de lame ; branches f. 

pi. ou attaches de la douiUe. 
Die Schrauben (zur Befestigimg der Fe- 
dem). The prong-screws. Vis a tite 

Die Oesen (zur Befestigung der Flaggc). 

Theflag-loops, Bouclesporte-flamme. 
Der Armriemen. The leather thong or 

sling. Courroie f. de lance. 
Der Scbuh, (der untere Beschlag dor 

Lanze). The shoct lance-shoe. Sabot 

m., qui gamit le bout de la hampe et 

qui scrt de contre-poids. 
Die Flaggc. The knce^^ or pennon. 

Flamme f., {/anion m.). 
Der Flaggenriemen. The thong which 

passes through tho flag-loops. La- 

nih'e servant k fixer la flamme. 

(das Exerciren mit der — ). The 

lance-exercise. Exercice m. de la lance. 

(Fasst Lanzen — an ! Carry -lance ! 

Portez = (pm) lances !). 
(Lanzen — gcfailt ! Guard! Croisez = 
(vos) lances.'). 
Lanzeneisen, n. od. Klinge. Toy. Lanzc 

Lanzenflagge, f. voy. Lanze (Flaggc). 
Lanzenflaggcmiemen, m. voy. Lanze. 

Lanzenschienen, f. pi. (od. Fedem). yoy. 

Lanze (Fedem). 
Lanzenschuh, m. voy. Lanze (Schuh). 
m. (in welchem die Lanze getragen 

wird). The lance-bucket. Botte f. 
Lanzenspitze, f. (zwei-, drei-, vierschnei- 

dige) (Bajonnet). voy. Lanze (Klinge). 
Lanzenstange, f. voy. Lanze (Stange). 
Lanzette, f. (v^t.) Lancet. Lancette f. 
Lappchen, n. pi. od. Schienen (zur Befesti- 
gung des Lanzeneisens). voy. Lanze 

(Fedem); Fedem. 
Lappen, m. pi. od. Blatter (eines Pfahlschu- 

hes). The cheeks , earsy or horns of the shoe 

witn which a pile is shod. Branches f. pi. 
Larm, m. Alarm. Alarms f. 
(blinder). False alarm. Fausse alarmed 

fausse alerte. 
Larmkanone, f. Alarm-gun. Canon m. 

d'alarme; pi^ce f. d'alarme. 
Larmplatz, m. Alarm-post (in garrison or 

camp). Posts m. d^alarme ; point de ras- 

semblement en cas d 'alerte. 

m. voy. Lamiplatze, pi. 

Larmplatze, m. pL (Sammel-, Waffen- 

platze) . The places qf arms (or parallels) 

of the trenches at a siege ; the places qf 

arms of the covered-way, etc. Places f. 

pi. d'armes. 
Larmschuss, m. The alarm; alarm-gun,- 

(signal of alann). Coup m. d'alarme. 
Larmstange, f. (Fanal). A beacon, Fanalm. 
liurmtrommel, f. The beat to arms; the 

general: the alarm. GMrale f. 
Lurmzeichen, n. Signal of alarm. Signal 

m. d'alarme. 
Laschnaht, f. (sell.) The flat -seam of 

collar-makers, or seam made with the 

closing-stitch. Couture f. a joindre. 
Lasseiscn, n. (fond.) (in don Giessereien). 

The tapping-bar or lancet^ suspended over 

the moulds in foundries for tapping the 

furnace. Perriere f. ; espece de ringard 

servant a enfoncer le tampon qui ferme lo 

trou de coulage du foumcau. 
n. (vet.) Fleamt for bleeding horses. 

Flamme f. 
Lassspiess, m. (fond.) voy. Lasseisen. 
Last, f. Load, burthen (drawn or carried by 

any horse, etc.). Charge f. 
Lastthiere, n. pi. Baggage-cattle. B^tes 

de somme. 
Latrinen, f. pi. (im Lager). The necessaries, 

in camp. Latrines f. pi. 
Latte, f. Lath, for plasterer's work. Latte f. 
f. (Pallisadenlatte). Riband or band, 

nailed on the inside of palisades. Liteau 

m. interieur che\ill6 sur les palissades. 
f. (zur Verbindung der Stutzblinden 

unter cinander bei der bedeckton Sappe). 

Diagonal - brace, connecting the blinded 

gallery-frames in the descent into the ditch. 

Forte tringle servant a relier les blindes 

verticales dans une descente blind^. 
Lattenarrest, m. Prussian punishment now 

abolished, by which the culprit, confined 

Lattenkammer — Lauflatte. 


within a small space or cell, was subjected 
to the pain caused by sharp triangular 
laths or flooring, upon which he was 
obliged either to stand or to lie-down. The 
cell so constructed, in which he under- 
went this punishment, was called " hat- 
tenkammer." Espeoe d'arrets de rigueur 
autrefois en usage en Prusse ; punition qui 
oonsLstait Ik tenir le coupable renferm^ 
dans une prison dont le sol ^tait k lattes 

Lattenkammer, f. voy. Lattenarrest. 

Lattennagel, m. Lath-nail, or nail used 
for latiiing, in plasterer's work. Clou m. 
a latte. 

Lattenprofil, n. Lath-projile or profile of 
laths, set up at different points on the line 
of a work, to guide the workmen in the 
execution of ^eir task. Profil m. en 
latte»: profil. voy. Profile, pL 

Laub, n. (m. d'a.) od. Blatt (der Pfiinnen- 
deckelfeder). lHhefiower of the hammer- 
spring, or hammer-spring leqf, Patie f. 
du ressort de batterie. 

Lauergallerie, f. (min.) Listening-gallery 
or listener, Galerie f. d*^coute. voy. 
Horchgange, pi. 

Lauerposten, m. A look-out sentry. Sen- 
tinelled* observation; guetteur, 

m. A piquet or party stationed in 

some part of a besieged place for the pur- 
pose of furnishing sentries to look-out for 
the enemy's red-hot shot, etc. Poste m. 
de guetteur, 

Lauf, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Flintenlaiif. 

m. (glatter). A smooth or plain-barrel. 

Canon lisse; —ordinaire,- — nonray^. 

m. (gezogener). Rified-barrel, — ca- 
rabine, — ray 4, 

Laufbalken, m. pi. (pont.) (am Portale 
einer fliegenden Briicke). The beams {tra- 
versing -beam and top-beam) between which 
the mooring traverses, in swing-bridges. 
TYaverses f. pL de la potence d'tm pont- 

Laufbriicke, f. voy. Briicke. 

Laufen, V. (auseinander— ). To diverge, 

V. (zusammen — ). To converge. Con- 

Laufer, m. od. 

Laufer, m. (ust. d'artif.) (zum Abreiben der 
Feuerwerksatze). Wooden-rubber, mealer, 
or rubber for mealing powder, etc. Mo- 
lette f. ; 4grugeoir m. voy. Abreibebrett. 

m. pi. (poudr.) od. Walzen (der Wal- 

zenpulvermiihlen). The runners (or cylin- 
ders), which traverse upon the bed-stone in 
cylinder-incorporating-mills ; Tgun -metal - 
and limestone-cylinders; [metallene Laufer, 
etc.]). Meules f, pi. d'un moulin ii poudre ; 
meules roulantes, 

m. (poudr.) (Komscbeibe). The run- 
ner, disk or flat cake of lignum-vitae for 
crushing the powder in the granulating 
process. Tourteau m. 

lilufer, m. pi. (arch.) (eine nach der Lange 
einer Mauer gelegte Reihe Steine). A 
stretching-course in masonry and brick- 
work ; course consisting of all " stretchers,'' 
or stones laid lengthways in the longitu- 
dinal direction of a wall. Assise f. de 
pierres toutes en panneresses, 

m. (bei der Rasenbekleidung). A 

stretcher, or sod laid lengthways. Panne- 
resse f. voy. Strecker. 

Laufersaule, f. (oonstr. hydr.) voy. Wende- 

Lauferwelle, f. (poudr.) (der Rollwerks- 
pulvermiihlen). voy. Konig. 

Lauffeuer, n. (a.) (Paradefeuer). Running- 
fire ; feu-de-joie. Feu roulant ; feu de 
salve ou de r^jouissance qui va progres- 
sivement de la droite a la gauche du pre- 
mier rang, de la gauche k la droite du 
second rang, etc 

n. (a.) An obsolete kind of firing which 

gave way to the independent or file-firing 
of the present time. Feu m. de parapet 
ovi/eu de haie, 

n. od. Laufpulver. voy. Laufpulver. 

Laufgeld, n. (a.) voy. Handgeld. 

Laufgraben» m. A trench, Tranch^e f. 

Laufgraben, m. pi. (Trancheen). The 
trenches, or all the approaches generally, 
carried on towards a besieged place. Ap- 
proches f, pL ; tranch^es f. pi. voy. Ast, 

(die — eroffhen,v.). To open the tren- 
ches, or breah ground, Ouvrir la tranche, 
voy. Eroffhen. 

pi. (die Eroffhimg der — ). The open- 
ing of the trenches, or breaking ground, 
Ouverture f. de la tranch^e. 
(Der Eingang der — . The tail or 
rear of the trenches. Queue f . de la 
(Die Spitze der—. The head of the 

trenches. T^te), 
(Die RUckseite der — . The reverse 
of the trendies. Revers m. de la 

— -> pi. (Graben, wodurch man sich der 
Festung nahert) (Zickzacks). Zigzags qf 
ajyproacA connecting the parallels. Boyaux 
m. pi. ; zig-zags, 

pL voy. Aiigrifibbefestigungen, Be- 


Laufgrabenkatze, f. (Tranch^ekatze). A 
trench-cavalier. Cavalier m. de tranchce, 

Laufgrabenrapport, voy. Rapport. 

Laufgrabenscnlag, m. voy. Scblag. 

Laufgrabenwacbe, f. The guard of the 
trenches, Oarde f. de tranch4e. 

Laufgurt, m. (man.) voy. Leine, Longe. 

LaufKarre, f. Wheel-barrow, Brouette f. 

^— f. (zweiraderige). Hand-cart, Char- 
rette f. ^ bras (a.) ; tombereau m, h 

Lauflatte, f. (art.) (am Bettungsrahmen der 
Walllaffeten;. Riband, or perpendicular 
rim on tbo cidge of the rail of traversing- 


Laufiiuthe — Lazarethkittel. 

placfbiTiki, to omfine the wheel. Dringle f. 
de ciLuaa de place, tot. Backen. 

Laufauthe. f. m. d'a.; tot. Laufrinne; 

Lanf pulTcr, n. TratM of powder. Train/ie 
i. (le poudre. 

LjUiframme, f. ''chaq>., mec, etc.) (die ge- 
wohniicke;. Rimging • pile • engine : pile- 
en«jzie worked bj force of hand alone, i. e. 
by a rreat nomber of men, in distinction to 
one aid^d bj machinery, as the *' Kunst- 
ramme." Sonnette f. a iiraudes; {mouton 
m. d tiramde). Toy. Kamme. 

Lanfrinne, f. (m. d'a.) (am Gewehrschafte). 
The bed of the barrel ; bedding or groove 
frrr the barrel in the stock. Canal ou 
logfm^jtt m. du canon. 

f. • min.; Toy. Ziinrlrinne. 

f. tart.; fznr Rahmenlaffete). The 

gnoee dir the trail-truck of the gun- 
carriaire. Avget m. du chassis de I'affut 
de J Ure. Toy. Rinne. 

Laiifrr^lle, f. ^pont.; (auf dem Spanntaue) 
(\fei Gierfalircu;. Block ^ to which the 
boat or raft in a traiUflying-bridge is at- 
tached, roniiing on a cable or warp stretched 
acro«4 the river. Poulie simple (oupalan) 
qni rr>ule »ur le cable de la traillc. 

Laufarhicne, f. (tour.) Toy. Waiigenbalm. 

Lauftfchritt, m. (tact.) Term sometimes 
impUing the " treble- or running-step," 
which exifitd or did exijit in several foreign 
fer%icc-4, sometimes the double or double- 
wkarch. Pom m. de courue; paa redouble'. 

LaufM^hwcIIe, f. ^art.) (des Ralimens eincr 
hohen Rahmenlatfete;. The rail, or tide 
ftf traTernng-platforms on which the truck 
tra^ib. Semelle f. du chassis d'un affdit 
de place. 

I^aufstaotre, f. ^m. d'a.) (Karahinerstange). 
The tide-rib of carbine. Dringle f. en fer 
du momqnecon. Toy. Karabincrstange. 

I^aufstangenring, m. (m. d'a.) voy. Kara- 
bin erring. 

Laufftift, m. (m. d'a.; Wire-pin^ or trooJ- 
pim^ for fastening the barrel and stock to- 
ff^bcr. GoupiUe f. pour le canon. 

Lavfftiftfaaftlager, n. (m. d'a.) The bed of 
tkdf loop in the stock. Logement m. du 
tf»om da canrm. 

Laufvt;ft]och, n. (m. d'a.) The vire- or 
itood-pim hole. Trou m. pour la goupille 

LMuflrog. m. 'poudr.^ 'der Pulverrollen eiuer 
Kr:.J.^v«Tk7]42]Termiihle-. The bed, bed- 
*«i/r*«-. xiether mill-stone \ of a cjlinder- 
ai*».jp7»r.:rktiiif -mill for powder, correspond- 
ir^ t... ii* uack nf the r}hnders. Auge f. 
c.4^ rviape . mf^Ugifomfe; table f. 

Lkiifr^^^i. m. A memorandum; after- 
vrc*^. tkien r.-uxid to officers by the 
ver6.vr'ij-9iTCi.-%3A r4 oompanies. Arts err it 
6f mut vjirt-* i'ordre de la parade, que le 
mr^tm de M-maioe porte aux officien de la 

The vmtk, or liqmor. 

t,t .salp. 

ariang from the washing of nitrons-eaitli. 
Leuite f. des salpetri^rea. 

Lauge, f. (salp.) (schwache). Wenk-wmA^ 
or the liquor of the *' Nachlauge '* again 
passed through earth that has been pre- 
Tiously wash^ but once. Petitet eotur. 

f. (salp.) (starke). Strong-wasJk^ ob- 
tained by frequent lixiTiation of beds that 
have not been preTiously wadted. Emmx 

f. (salp.) (der Nachsude). IZe-eeqpa- 

rating liquor. Eaux de rebouilUge, Toy. 
Salpeter ; Mutterlauge ; yarhlnnge ; 
Siedlauge; Auslaugen. 

Laugenfaas, n. (salp.) (der SalpeCefsiedflr). 
The cask or tub, for the UziTiation of 
nitrous earth. Cuvier m, 

(Eine Reihe Laugenfasser. Hie row 
of each successive leTel of casks. 
Bande f.). 

Laugensalz, n. (chim.) (a.) Alkali. Alemlim. 

Lauterkessel, m. voy. LUuteningskessel. 

Lautem, n. (salp.) (des Salpeters). The 
refining of saltpetre. RajjUnage m. da 

V. To refine ; to purify. Raffiner, 

n. (sid.) od. Destilhren (des Roheisens). 

The method of obtaining fine- metal for 
the puddling-fumace, direct from the ore. 
Affinage imm^diat; proo^^ qui a lien 
dans le haut-foumcau, et dont le bat est 
d'obteuir par unc seole fosion da fer 
propre a etre pudl^ d'apr^ la m^thode 

Lauterstall, m. (vet.) (Hamfluss). Diabeiea, 
Diabetes ou diabeie m. 

Lauterung, f. (od. Raffinining) des Sal- 
peters. The refining or punfication of 
saltpetre. Raffinage m. da salpctre. 

Liiuteningskessel, m. (salp.) Refinimg- 
boiler^ or boiler for refining aal^ietie. 
Chaudiere f. de raffinage. 

m. (zum Schmelzen und Reinigai de* 

Schwcfcls). Melting-pot for refining aal- 
phur ; (the black-pot). Chaudiere f. poor 
le raffinage du souffre par fusion. 

Lazareth, n. (Militairspital). MiHiarg- 
hospital. H6pital militaire. 

n. (der Garaison) (Gamisonlazaretfa). 

General-hospital. Hopital militaire de k 
garnison ; hdpital de gamison. Toy. Gar- 

n. (Feld-). voy. Feldlazareth. 

n. (Regiments-). Regimental koapUal. 

Infirmerie r^gimentaire. 

Lazarethanweisung, f. Certificate for ad- 
mission or for b^g taken into ho6|HtaL 
Billet m. d'entr^e a Vh6pitaL 

Lazareth-Entlassungsschein, m. A Aof- 
pital-discharge^ which a soldier receirei on 
being discharged from hospital Biilei m. 
de sortie d'hdpital ; billet de sortie, 

Lazarethgcrathe, n. pi. Hospitai-uientiU, 
^frts m. pi. d'h6pital. 

Lazarethkittel, m. Hospital-drett. Capoiet 

Lazareth-KrankenwBgen — Legen. 


Lazareth - Rrankenwagen, m. Commis- 
stariat tpring ^wagatm, or tick-foaggtm. 
CttisiOH m. ^ bletM, 

LAzareth - Medicinwagen, m. Hospital- 
waggon; hotpital store-waggon, Caiuon 
m. S^ambuUmee. 

Lazaretbschein, m. (zur Anfhaliine eines 
Knnken). Yoy. Lazarethanweisung. 

Lazarethwagen, m. Any carriage or waggon 
attached or belonging to the '* ambulance" 
or medical-staff on service. Voiture f. 

Lebensmittel, n. pL Provuion§. Vivres. 

(Bine Festong mit — ^n Tersehen. To 

promrion a place; to victual it or 

furnish it witii proTisions. AvitaUler, 

sjtproviaionner one forteresse^. 

Lection, f. (man.) Lesson in ridmg; m- 
struction in military equitation (with re- 
spect to recruits and others) ; lesson taught 
a young horse (with reference to the train- 
ing of horses), i. e. longing-lesson, bend- 
img-lesson, etc. Lefon f. 

Leder, n. Leather, Cuir m. 

n. (seU.) (Blank-, Geschirr-). voy. 


n. voy. Pfundleder; Kalb-; Scbaf- 

leder ; fettgares — ; lobgares — ; weiss- 
gares Leder. 

n. (lackirtes). Patent-leather; var- 
nished or japmmed-leather, Cuir vemi, 
— lagu^, 

Lederbesatz, m. (cay.) (der Reithosen). The 
leathem-strapping of caTab7-0Yerall8. Ba- 
sane f. pour pantaions. 

Lederfdle, f. (m. d'a.) B^stiek ; emery- 
stick, Bsfjffle m. 

Lederbiitcben, n. Yoy. Lederkappcben; 

Liederkappcben, n. (Pistonleder). A fidse 
cap of leather, to prevent injury to the 
nipples at drilL Esp^ de tampon en 
buffle pUc^ sur la chemin^ d'un ftisil dans 
Tex^cution dee feuz en blanc. 

Ledcrtascbe, f. (cav.) Leathern-pocket for 
holding curry-comb, brush, etc. Sac con- 
tenant les effets de pansement du cavalier ; 
sac pour ustensiles h nettoger. voy. Pis- 

Lederwerk, n. Yoy. Lederzeug. 

Lederzeug, n. (des Soldaten). A soldier's 
different beltSf slnms, etc. Buffleterie f. 

Leerbogen, m. od. Letu'bogen» (charp.,etc.) 
Centre^ centring , or centering ; the wooden 
frame or mould used in the construction of 
arches. Cintre m. de duurpente que Ton 
eroploie comme support dans la construc- 
tion des voCktes. voy. Bogengeriist, 

m. pL (charp.) (Bogenrippen) (eines 

Loergcriistes). The ni^«, yromet, or /nMtet 
of which a centre is composed. Fertnes 

Leerbrett, n. (Lebrbrett). Wooden-bottom 
for gabion-making. Planche drculaire du 
diam6tre present, servant de cercle-direc- 

teur pour la confection des gabions, voy. 
Leerkreis, Leerreife, pi. 

Leere, f. (art.) (Lehre). A gauge for taking 
the dimensions of any thing. (The gauges 
fbr shot and shells are either hollow [hohle 
Leeren], as " ring-gauges" or ** cylinder- 
gauges" [Kalibernnge ; Kalibenohre], or 
solid, as **fuze-hole gauges" etc). Calibre 
m. ; (lunette de rweption; cylindre de 
reception, etc) >*). 

Leeren, f. pi. (trt) Shot cylinder-gauges; 
cylinder-gauges for case-shot, CyUndres 
f. pL de reception pour projectiles. 

Leeren, ▼. (Faschinen). To prove the 
diameter ox fascines, in ftsdne-maldng. 
Mesurer, verifier la grosseur ou la droon- 
fi^rence des saudssons. 

V. (art.) (Projectile). To gauge (shot 

or shells). Calibrer les projectiles. 

n. (art.) Gauging. Calibrage m. 

Leergeriist, n. (Lehrgeriist od. Bogenge- 
riist). The centre uiMd in the construction 
of arches. Cintre m. voy. Bogengeriist. 

Leerkreis, m. Leerreife, m. pi. (zvn Fer- 
tigung der Schanzkorbe). Tlie airecting- 
circle, used in the same manner as awooden- 
bottom in gabion-making. Cercle-direc- 
teur m. ou gabarit m. pour la confection 
des gabions, voy. Leerbrett. 

Leerpfable, m. pi. (einer Faschinenbank). 
Pickets ** fbr regulating the length of the 
fascine," driven into the ground at each 
end of a fasdne-bencb, about one foot from 
the extreme crosses. Syst^me de deux 
piquets qu'on plante en terre k un pied de 
distance de cfaaque bout d'un chevalet, 
pour determiner la longueur des fasdnes. 

Leerpfropf, m. (ust d'artif.) (bd der Anfer- 
tigung der Brandkugeln). Plug, for form- 
ing a hole in the carcass after bdng filled. 
Cheville en bois, servant k Mre 1m trous 
d'amoroe dans les balles k feu. 

Leerreife, m. pi. voy. Leerkreis. 

Leerstempel, m. (art) eisemer (zur Unter- 
suchung der Ziinderbdlzer). An interior 
Juie-gauge, Calibre servant k verifier la 
ooncentridte du canal des fus^ des pro- 
jectiles creux. 

Legen, ▼. (die Truppen) (in Kasemen). To 
place or quarter troops in barracks, Ca- 
semer les troupes. 

V. (Besatsung in einen Ort — ). To 

place troops or a garrison in any town ; to 
garrison with troops, or garrison any 
place. Mettre gamison dans un endroit. 

V. (Sturmpfable — ). To place fraises, 

or range them. Poser on placer des fraises. 

-^— V. (Fussangeln — ). To strew or scatter 
caltrops or crows' feet over ground, in 
order to embarrass the advance of cavalry. 
Semer des chausse-trapes. 

V. die Beklddungsfuchinen (beim Bat- 

teriebaue). To lay the fascines in battery- 
building. Placer les saudssons. 

V. (dne Bettung — ). voy. Bettung. 

T. (ein Versteda — ). To prepare an 

->:«^ — -i-KiW-fcCait 

.-'-r.' . 

vi^ L.< ... 

/—w —;.•.•• ttt •!-••-. .-1.V Lr::rt. 1 >i Motlellholz, n. Cmrtridgt' 
— ■•:••*•♦• -7 /: •--r-jur /.— ».*-. ■.r/':-n»fr forsmall-anncMtridge*. 
•"'•" •- -"'>-~Ju- — 7- Jifr*.:-.a =:- poor ronler les p^iien <le> 

'- :ijr7-. MortiMt-pamget ifum end 

Mir^;^^?*^'. /air^ f, dn durpentier 
> -c-* r f rc^er let mortaiwt, 
I> Lrtn, T. TOT. Leeren. 

Lclirtr^^iron. f. ',bei den Preuuen). TIic 
Pru«-iAa caTalrr-^stabliahmcDt so called, 
rttmi-r.ried of A pTopoTtioD of offioen, Don- 
ni/mrdirsioned-offiocrs, and soldien of all 
ra^&Irr-reeimenta in the Bcrvice, and uptn 
a similar prindi>le to the English **Cavaiiy- 
d*-}s*/i or riding-ettabliahmmt" at Maid- 
fctonc, the object of both being to maintain 
a sy.stcm of uniformity in the riding and 
drill of the caralry. Etcadron m. d'in- 
utmction en Pnisse, qui a pour but de rc- 
[miidre dans la cavalurie un mode uniformc 
d 'instruction. (On y admet les offiders et 
eous-offiders de tons les corps recomras 
n])ti'S k iaire de bons Instructcun). Tojr. 
Lehrbutaillon ; Eciiiitatiousschulc. 

f. (Lehrschwadrou). A riding-ntak- 

litifnnenty formed u}K>n the same prindples, 
more or less, as the Pn:saian ** Lehresca- 
dron" above described. Btcadron d'ik- 

Li*lirpt»riist, n. tot. Leergcriist. 

Lohrinfnnteriebataillou, n^ Toy. Lehrba- 

lii'lirkriMs, m. tot. Leorkreis. 

Lclirpfiihle, pL tot. Loer]>fahle. 

Lclirrcife, pi. tot. Leerreife. 

Lt'brsehritt, m. itact/ The hcicmct'ti^, 
oulp>. g'f*e-4ttey\ Pa* m. rf"«*;/e. 

LiMirsohwatlrtMi, f. vot. LehredCkiron. 

l.i*hr>tomivl. m. vot. l.twrrterap^»I. 

l.cib. m. :^i. d'a.' vot. llahn Lkb - 

n\. ^CT tn<i?^*h«?= R*:tcr . Tb* «rn?.'. 

* ifi. or f €-.:'% of t;=Ser of cirTiiti-ie- 
trrso. fr,"::: the ot--Tre ,■: wri.* r^rase Tie 

.'t. *^«." l< '•O.'.V.VJUr^^.;. f I. TSf IT* 

:• c* .:" ;-.-ii I. .' •nji'rt-" ."''um^.'f THun»^ 

-^■^ I" • ». -"'^ fcL :ao: -n .Tiija .t* ■ 

::s i..- I^ «,>'*; V. -Ti - :i-s Sjiiaiasa . >i- 

-tl: "T-* .;i.'" ? • I. •!.' .: * int: is*** i":.."--"tS"H? -r 

■1.* t r* * f :••,:-?>•:."> • ^'•','%ji- 

- : .>'—: — >:. »■ - r^- •. - T . r i ". r 
r.r \\ -."f* .r-:. *•. -* 

.•-.r.T I>-r.. - . riA- 
J^-.if^R. or ar.T 

r* : r-r-rji : - Lrrri / r. . *?-' . /> 7 k,/( f. 

>!'.---.'^i:i^ . 11- »: alloy fjf r/«frtaJ-. 

.-J.. ;.-' -it^ n.'-rau.T. 

r". 4ii.- zwti Tlitiltn;. A hinary alloy . 

A -t: 'J/, «■ 4 iN^itr^. 
Lfhiii. ni. ■ ni-Mil.; vot. Fonnleliin. 
Lihmauftrair. m. 1 moul.)- Lchmaufsrhlap). 
Tlif coal or lai/er of loam invfii to the 
mould and model. Cone he f. d'argile. 
Lfliiiilmuk, f. <moul.) voy. Furnilt'tiintafel. 
Lehiufurin. f. (moul.) Loam-mould. Moulo 

m. en argile. 
Lt'lmifiinner, m. (fond.) Loam-moulder. 

Moulcto' m. en argile. 
LfhiiiforiiKTci, f. (moul.) Jjoam-mf/uldinff, 
or Moulding in loam. Moulage ra. en ar- 
gile. voy. FiirnuTci. 
Lohiiimesser, n. (moul.) A loam-healer. 
Outil ((-outcau) 8cr\'aut u battre lea tern's 
a moulcr. 

II. (fiHul.) A M)wd, or sort of knife for 

nmiovinir the modul fn^m the mould. Outil 
(rt,\iti'w\. ser\arit a culevi-r la ten\» du 
iTi<><i'-h; 'j"i ailhf'-re nu m«iulo-ch;iiv. 
\s*:\iui\>*trt>\t\\ ra. f-intl., T\\c rlcy-/ihtg. or i 
tnp'hul*: ),fnw. with uhirh the disohanro- . 
or fAfi- :.'"■•: /f a ftxm.Vf is d»s*.Hl. 7c.vw;- « 
ra. tf or "}''*. ^^rir f*?rmer le trtu do ivuUx', 
\a-\i '.'. ••: • -!. r-.. f ^r.d. vi.iT Lelimmossor. 
[>:.'.. 1-. -^ ■- . ■ : - • . f- '■ -7. Lchm au ft ms. 
f^-.,.'.f. :'. .'•'. G-.-I .ader. n. Rdi'.ifig or 
*.,.v-":;/ '... -!>: , .-=:ie -:f bridges. Cj'-jV- 
/-.. .. 
/ >* V. .'".sir.! ....'...-. ii5 : r»:i*ssc-e 

i.; _ i=it.^- 


. -• ' ^. i^— -^. i. rriRiu*- 

Leichenbegangniss — Leiter. 


LeicheiibegaiigniM,n. (militarischefl). Mili- 
tary-Juneral i interment with military' 
honoure. Enterrement militaire; enterre- 
ment avec honneurs miUtairee. 

Leichencommando, n. Funeral -party; 
(Jiring-party), Convoi funibre ; eecorte 

Leicht, (man.) (m Bezug auf die Ehmd des 
Reitersy den Mund und den Bau des Pfer- 
des). Liykt in hand (with reference to 
the horse's mouth); light (as a rider's 
hand) ; light (as a horse's forehand) ; flight 
(as the general stracture of some horses). 
L4ger (ere), par rapport a la l^eret^ du 
cheval k la main du cavalier, etc., etc. ; de 
faible conttructionf qui n'est pas 6toff6 ; 

Leichte Artillerie, f. voy. Artillerie (rei- 

Cavalerie, f. Light-cavalry; (light- 

horte [a.] ). Canalerie Ugere, 

Geschiitze, pL voy. Geschiitz (leich- 


Infantene, f. lAght-ir^antry. Jftfan- 

terie Ujihre. 

Ration, f. voy. Ration. 

Truppen,f.pL lAght-troope. Dnmpee 


Leichtfliissig, (von Metallen). Qfeaayfu- 
eion; veryfiuible; easUy assuming the fluid 
state. Trit-fiuible: facile afondre, 

Leier, f. od. Scheibe (zum Drahtziehen). 
The drum, conical drum or cylinder, upon 
which wire is wound, after passing through 
the drawing-pkite. Bobine f. de tireric. 

Lcierbank, f. (ust. d'artif.) (zum Leiem od. 
RoUiren der Kaketenhiilsen). Rocket-prese, 
(bible-press, or bible), for rolling rocket- 
cases. Varlope f., servant k rouler les 
cartouches a fus^ voUntes. 

Leim, m. (Tischlerleim). Glue, Colle- 

Leimtopf, m. Glue-kettle, glue-pot. Pot 
m. a colle, 

Leimwasser, n. Size, Eau f. de colle-forte. 

Leimzwinge, f. (der Tischler, etc.) A car- 
penter's or joiner's cramp; cramping- 
frame, Presse €t main, servant a assu- 
jettir les pieces que Ton veut ooUer en- 

f. (men.) A hand-screw : two pieces 

of wood with screws through them, for 
closing together any piece of work in glue- 
ing. Presse servant k assujettir I'ouvrage 
qu'on veut coUer, etc; (presse horizon 
tale ; presse verticals), 

Leine, f. (man.) (beim Gebranche des Kapp- 
zaumes). Cavesson-rein : (longing-rein) 
Longe f. voy. Kappzaum. 

f. (man.) (Arbeit an der — ). voy, 


f. (man.) (zum Longiren). voy. Longe 

f. voy. TVommelleine. 

f. (Zelt — ). voy. Zeltleine. 

f. (Rampir — ). voy. Kampirleine. 

f. (Stall — ). voy. Stallleine. 

Leine, f. (Absteck — , Tracir— ). voy. Ab- 
steckscnnur; Tracirleine. 

Leinwand, f. (gefimisste). Painted or var- 
nished canvtus ; sail-cloth done over or im- 
pregnated with a water-proof composition. 
Toile peinte; —vemie; ^impermeable; 

f. (getheerte). Tarred-canvass ; tar- 
paulin, tarpawling, Thile goudronn^ ; 

f. (undurcbdringlicbe od. waaser- 

dicbte). Waterproof-canvass (for wag- 
gons, etc) Toile impermeable, voy. 
Leinwand (gefimisste ; getheerte). 

f. (Sack-), voy. Sackleinwand. 

f. (Pack—) (Packtuch) Canvass: 

pack-cloth; tow-cloth, Toile d'embal- 

f. (grobe). A coarse kind of canvass 

or sail-cloth. Toile grosse, 

f. (Wachs — ). OU-cloth. Toile 


Leinwandkittel, m. A linen-frock, or labo- 
ratory-frock. Sarrau, sarrot m. 

Leinwandponton, m. (pont.) (russischer) 
od. Segeltuchponton. Sail-cloth pon- 
toon, in the Russian service. Ponton d 
toile goudronn^e, voy. Ponton. 

Leistchen, n. (art.) Fillet on ordnance. 
Listel m. 

Leiste, f. (des Pferdes). The stifle, Grasset 
m. ; (partie moUe qui reoouvre la rotule). 

f. (zur Verbindung der Pallisaden, etc.) 

The riband nailed to palisades, etc Li- 
teau m. 

f. (art.) ^//#/ on ordnance. Listel m. 

Leistengraben, m. fh. f.) (Masselgraben). 
The sow ; principal channel or runner for 
the conveyance of the metaL Rigole pra- 
tique dans le sable et destin^ a recevoir 
la fonte liquide qu'on veut couler en gueuse; 
rigole f. on lit m. de la gueuse, 

Leiten, v. (die Belagerungsarbeiten). To 
conductor direct the operations of a siege; 
to conduct a siege. Dinger les travaux 
de si^. 

Leiter, m. pi. (min., etc.) (galvanische, zur 
Entzundung der Minen). voy. Leitungs- 

m. pi. (isolirte). Insulated vriieB, Con- 

ducteurs isoUs. 

m. pi. (nicht isolirte). — in contact 

or — in contact with each other. — non- 

m. (elektrischer) od. Conductor. A 

conductor of electricity or non-electric ; 
bodv which admits the electric fluid to pass 
freely through it. Conducteur m d'elec- 

Leiter, f. Ladder. £cheUe f. 

f. (Sturm— ). Scaling-ladder. J^helle 


(Den Hauptwall durcb Leitem er- 
steigen, v. To escalade a place, or 
scale the walls of aplaoe. Escalader, 
icheller une place de guerre). 


Leiterbaum — Libelle. 

Iji'iti'thiinui, m. The cke^k or tide of a 
Isi/l'Ji'r. Arbrf m. tie IT'chellc. 

ui. (\. tVn..) (dcr oIhtc) (cine« 
I>'it4'rwnirfrnsj. Tlie upper -rare of the 
•• l^'ii'THhf^cii/' JiuMle f. ; (nV/f//e d« 

III. ^v. ij'a.) (<hT iintere)' Tlie /oirer 
r'/f, I'iiri* flf* IniIm iufrricurc dc la parol 
lut/ftiji' ij'ijii rharifit a ridoUc!* ; {ridelle de 
t/tttoMt, dMiin liu|iif 'lie cut rent les roulons); 
' hruntttrd daiiN ivrtainH pays). 

l>-iti'r<-r*ti'i(riiiife, f. (KM*ala(lo). Etralade; 
i)ji iitiiu k Iff a fiirtnfiN by M'nlin^ the walls; 
ftttltidtnif. Kuraladf f. d*uno forteresdO ; 
ullntiuf par ftrtilndr. 

1^ it4 ilri-lti', r 'mil Iji'ilrn^'nKcit)' -A. hraring- 
•/» futt kiHif vhmn u\\ \\\v •• Iji'itcrwagen" for 
M • •iriiiftr II I'MmI. t^hninf a hrvler, 

I A jt< r»|/iOK^c, f. Tv. d'li.) ( S<'|iwiiif^*) (oiner 
V/uj/i fill iti-r;. Thu round pin^ rounds 
t,n*dtf, »faiif, or ttnndardt wliich unites 
M.i lifj/ mill SmWoui riuc'N, in the side of 
Mii </|#4 II hiiii'fj wii;/f{oii <'a1K'«1 ** Leiter- 
...!,/• II " liiniliitt III. 

I 'niHT lii'ili'r). Till' rttUMdf mndlff 
•/» /»/!// Iff II iiiiiiiiiiiii bidder, f.vhelon m. 

I^' ill iyviit/i-ii, ill. (v. d'n.) All " o]H'n-sided 
*»'i^nu" in *'i»|M'ii n|inr-wui(Kf>n,"H<>i*alliH], 
III III f< ilii- iiirriufri' itt thi* cduntry in most 
|/-ifi-' nt (iiiiiiiitiy, mid iiNed iiftrn as an 
-fiillii) III |tuik HiiKirnii, and for K^Mieral 
|.'i*j«'#i-i a t'finnot Ml. /I ridrNvM ; (voitun* 
t'i#i I fi ijMi|ii- III AlliMniiKne, et stTvant 
.'/•tf nt di I (iHl'Inl dr |inri*). 

l^iMiiiif, II 'I'iiiin I J' pmrdvr : train. 

/ fiHtH'i t 

t> 'utUt f A iriidrr. I^nrtr-fm m. 
n 'utUi f QuhA Mfitrh, Mit'hef.dr 
* f/fMtfiitnii nfinn. 

II 'fiiin f 'Mill train of a mine, as nm- 
I'.iiiitl lit Ihi " /iiiidwiirrit " or |Hm'der- 
h'f.t , IJii. ftttmlni/. I'orle-fru ; sYNteme 
■ ifVMiil 11 iifiiiiiiiiiiiniii'r li> fi'ii nu fourneau. 

II 'iiitii; vuy /linilwiirNt. 

I'liifiiiiii, f (iiilM ) Tint i*fi«iN7-/MAf. Aojrr- 
Ifinifh, i*t*fji<t, iir wimmIiiii tunnel for the 
|.'/Adii liiinr. Auyrl in. ( (iiiiduit en Ikhs 
il< .-liiii' ft iiifvuli If aiiiirl.iNoii. 

I.I ill I dm Inn, II. (mill.) A Irtulrr-cnsf. 
t'nilt fiu ill, |HMir nil nil vh; (til) an de 
I 'iifijiiiit I 

l.< iiiiti|i.-«iiiiilili-, III. pl. (iiiin., I'ti*.) (/ur fraU 
vitiii.-i I.I II /iiiidiiii|f. diT Miitrn, rie.) The 
I i/Z/ii/i II 4/ f* III I'UHdurtnrM of Kalvunie- 
•<)f|iiiiitiiii< lur hrliiK till* I'liarKen tif mines; 
fttui» >,t lOndurttny-wirrM. (^mdnrtfnrn 
#»• pl f/utnant^ntM iiii Jiln nmdurtrnrf, 
i-iivuiil ii iiirilrii li- I'i'ii MIX mines; p$-in- 
tifiaiit /»/» ruudurtfum, \oy, I^iMter; 

I«<iidrii, t. pl. (di«s lYenles). The loinM of 
ll*« ImiM-. /trtnti m. pl. 

l««iiUlfuikt-il, f. (ili'r Fiihrwerke). Tlie lock 
ur turn In rarrlaKeN ; lork or degree qf 
tink whii-h a rarrlNKft has j {locking or 
lutntny property whieh rarriagM ponew). 

Tbumant m. des Toitmes; propriiU i^n'ont 
lc9 %'oiturcfl de ee mouvoir dnis un oerde 
plus ou moins grand; {ragommemuni dm 

I.ienken, v. n. To lock or turn (as a carriage). 
Tourner; braquer. 

V. (ein Fahrzeuc). To lock a caniaga, 

or make it lock, or lock a carriage into 
any particular direction. Braqmer ane 

lA^nkmesser, n. (tonn.) (dcr Fasabindrr). 
voy. Daudmesser. 

Lenksolieit,n.(v.d'a.) (Reibscheit). Sweep- 
barf or nrag-bar, Sataoirt f. 

I AMiksoheitblech. n. (t. d'a.) (Lenkschiene, 
f.) (niit welchem das Lenkacheit oben dcr 
Liinge nach belegt ist). Sweep'bmr pltte, 
Bande f. de reitfort de sassoire ; coi^ f. 

LcnkMchemel,m. (v.d'a.) (Wendeacbemel). 
Riding-bed, bodg-botster, ridimg-koUier, 
trawtom-bed, or rider, lA$oir m. 

[..enkschicne, f. (v. d'a.) voy. Lenkicfaeit- 

lAMikseil, n. Rope for goidinff or steering. 
Cvrde servant a dinger des objets que 1*00 
soul eve, et a empccher leur Tacillement 

n. A rein. Guide f. 

I^iikungsi^-inkeli m. (der Fuhrwoke). 
Angle in wkick the fore-wbeels of carriages 
turn or lock; angle at u^hick a carriage 
lor kit : angle which the fore-carriage imaktt 
^ith the hind-carriage when locktMg at 
much as the construction of the cwriage 
will admit. .^ii^/ec^H/oanuiii/desToitures; 
angle de toumant ; angle du phu gramd 

Lermkanono, f. voy. Larmkanone. 

lA'nnplatz, Toy. Larmplatz. 

LeiiehtfeiuT, n. Light-balls or labor ato ry- 
Mores of any description intended to pro- 
duce li|?ht at sieges, etc. Artifieet m. pL 
a e'clairer. 

Leiiolitkraiiz^ m. Hoop encirded with tow 
stee|)ed in composition and burnt in a 
chart nir-dish, for the purpose of lighting 
up the works of a place, in anticipation of 
attack by night; pitched-hoop. Cerdt 
guudrftnn^, voy. Leucbtp&xine. 

l^nicbtkrtniz, n. voy. Leucbtkugelkreuz. 

Leuehtkiipel, f. (artif. d. g.) LigM-baU; 
uhhng light -balL Balle luiaamte; kaile a 
e'clairer, a carcaue enfer. 

lA'uehtkiigolkreiiz, n. (art.) The ekeietou 
or hiH^ps of light-balls. CureoMe f. en/er 
iU^ IviUes a t^dairer. 

Loiichtpfaiine. f. (art.) Chqfing^ieh, ued 
in a iHvtieged place for burning oonhge 
dip)HNl in pitch, or for the rcceptioD of 
" Li^uchtkriinze,*' whenever it may be re- 
quiretl to ti^ht up the works in anticipation 
of a night^ttack. Rfckmud na. de rem- 

Uuohtrakete, f. (art.) Rockei ligkt-kaU, 
Fusee f. « Immi^ JMtmnie; JmeSe k 

Libelle. f.(od.Wauerwa8e). ^Nrif-leMl; 

libelknquadrant — Linien. 


(the Y tpirit'lewl). Niveau m. a huUe 
Libellenquadrant, m. (art) A apirit'ievel 

quadrant. Quart m. de eercle a tuveau. 
Lichtel, n. (art) voy. Lichter. 
Lichten (im). In the clear, Dane cnttfre. 
liehten, v. (die Reihen). To thin the 

ranks, ^laireir ies rangs ennemis. 
lichtenweite, f. voy. Lichten ^im). 
Lichter, m. (art.) (Lichtel, Zundlichtii. od. 
Anzundeorandchen). Port-Jire. Lancet 
hfeu. voy. Ziindlicht. 
Lichterbiichse, f. (art.) A pwt'fire caee^ 
alung across the shoolderSf and containing 
from one to two dozen portfires, ^tui m. 
Lichterklemme, f. (art) Thie portfire^tick, 

Porte^lance m. 
Liederung, f. <m^.} The /NidHii^ of leather, 
soft rope, or hemp-coiting, used for the 
pistons of steam-engines, (replaced by 
metallic-paddng). GamUure f. en cuir, 

f. (metallische). Metallic ^packing. 

Garniture mStallique, 
Liefcrant, m. Contractor^ for any gorem- 
ment- supplies. Foumiaeeurs entrepre* 
neur m. 
Liefem, v. To Jumiehf supply ; to ieeue. 
Foumir, livrer; dietribuer; mettre en 
— - — y. voy. Schlacht. 
Liefening, f. lesue of provisions, or eupply 
of dotUng, etc. Foumiture f. en habits 
on en vivres. 

f. A requteition, Requieition f. 

Liegen, v. n. (unter ZelteiiT— ). To be 
under canvass, as troops. Eire sous des 
tentes; {itre sous la toile). 

V. n. (in irgend einem Orte, in Kaser- 

nen, etc — ), To lie or be quartered^ in 
any place, barradcs, etc. Btre en quartier, 
engamison, etc 
Liegender Host, m. voy. Schwellrost. 
Liennagel, m. (v. d'a.) voy. Liinze, Linze. 
Lieutenant, m. Lieutenant. Lieutenant. 
voy. Officier. 

du Jour. voy. Du Jour. 

Lieutenant»-Zelt,n. Subalterns' tent, Tente 
de lieutenant et sous 'lieutenants, voy. 
Limbus, m. The graduated^arc or limb of 
a surveying-instmrnent Limbe m. voy. 
Lineal, n. Rule; scale. Rigle; jaugef, 

n. (fond.) (zur Abmessnng des Standes 

dcr Schildzapten). A gauge^ board for 
trunnions. R^gle f. a atmeau carri. 
Linie, f. (art.) (nehmen, v.) To taiee the 
line of direction in laying ordnance, or 
give the direction to a gun ; to bring the 
gun in a line with the object ; (to guide 
the .gun into the line of fire). Aligner la 
piece ; diriger la ligne de mire vers Tobjet 
qu'on vcut atteindre. 

f. (tact.) Line. Lign§ t 

Gbrman Part. 

Linie, (tact.) (od. Treflfen). voy. Trefifen; 

Vorder-; Hinter-; Haupttreffen. 
(art de la gucaTe)<[Comniunications — ). 

voy. Communicationslinie. 

(art d. L g.) (Ilaupt — ). Principal 

Kne of mancntvre. Ligne principale. 

(art d. L g.) (Operations — ). voy. 

Operationslinie ; Operationslimen, pi. 

(art d. I. g.) (VerDindungs — ). Line 

qf communication. Ligne de comrnuni- 
cation; communication. 

(art d. 1. g.) (Verthcidigungs — ). Line 

o/d^ence. Ligne defensive. 

(Marsch — ). voy. Marschiinic. 

(Schlacht — ). voy. Schlachtbnie. 

Linien, f. pi. (concentrische) (art de la 
guerre). Concentric -lines. Lignes con- 
centriques. voy. Operationslinien. 

(excentrisehe) (art d. L g.). JSjt- 

centriC'lines, Lignes excentriques. voy. 

(Hulfs -) (art d. 1. g.). voy. Ope- 

(Manoeuvre — ) (art d. 1. g.). voy. 

Manccuvrelinien ; Operationsunicn. 

(Operations — ) (art d. 1. g.). voy. 

Operationslinien . 

(secondare — ) (Nebenlinien). Secon- 
dary lines, Lignes secondaires. 

(zufallige) (art d. 1. g.) voy. Ope- 
rationslinien (die zufalliffen). 

Linien, f. pi. (tact.) (od. Treflfen). voy. 
Treffen ; Vordertreflen ; Hintertreflfeu ; 

Linien, (fort, passag.) Lines; several works 
so combined that they defend one another, 
and constructed with a view to cover the 
firont of an army or form the immediate 
defence of a firontier. Lignes f. pi. ou 
ouvrages diveloppis. 

(befestigte od. yerscfaanzte). Lines 

of intrenchment : intrenched positions; 
(intrenched camps). Lignes rttranchCes : 

(verscbanzte od. zusammen- 

hangende). Continued-lines , or continu- 
ous lines. Lignes continues ; lignes qui sc 
d^veloppent sans interruption de parai^ot 
sur toute T^ndue du terrain li couvrir. 

(mit abffesonderten und geschlos- 

senen Werlcati, od. — mit Zwischen- 
raumen). Interrupted-lines or lines with 
intervals, forming a series of detached 
works, with intervals between them. Lignes 
f. pi. a intervalles, formes d'ouvrages 
isoles, laissant entre eux de grands pas- 

(Redan --). Continued redan- lines; 

redan-lines. Lignes h redans, 

(Tenaillen — ,Scheren— od.Zangcn — ). 

Lines qf tenaille ; the tenaille-line. Lignes 
a grandes tenailles ; ligne tenaill4e. 

( — mit Sagewcrken) (od. das Sage- 

werk). Indented lines, or lines ** en cr/- 
maillere;" the indented -line. Lignes a 
grandes cr^nailUres; ligne «t er^maiUhres. 


Linien — Loifel. 

Linien, (bastionirte — ). BattUmed lines; 
the baationed'line, Lignes biuiionn^es; 
lipne bastionn^e. voy . Circumvallations — ; 
Contravallations — ; Flugellinien. 
Linienbatterien, f. pi. The field-foot and 
horae-artillery batteries^ attached to the 
different brigades and divisions of cavahy 
and infantry in the field, (in distinction to 
the other batteries of field-artillery called 
" Reservebatterien " or those of reserve 
[and position]). Batteries de division; 
batteries de campagne attach^es aux di- 
visions d'infanterieetc., et qui suivent tons 
les mouvements des troupes. 
Liniencayalerie, f. Cavalry qf the line; 
(regular-cavalry). Cavalerie f. de ligne, 

■ f. Regiments of lancers and dragoons 
'®). Cavalerie f. de ligne; (r^menta de 
dragons et de landers). 
Linienfeuer, n. voy. reuer. 
linieninfanterie, f. voy. Infanterie. 
Linienregiment, n. Regiment qf the line ; 
{marching -regiment). Regiment m. de 
Limenscbiff, n. Line-qf-battle ship ; ship 

qfthe line, Vaisseau m. de ligne. 
linientruppen, f. pi. Troops of the line ; 
regular-troops t or those belonging to the 
regular-army, in distinction to militia, etc. 
TVoupes f. pL de ligne; troupes r4gu- 
linienverscbanzungen, f. pi. (fort, passag.) 
Continued lines, Lignes continues f. pi. 
voy. Linien (zusammenhangende) ; Inter- 
Links urn! (inf.) L^-face! {To the Irft- 
face I) A gauche! 

(Links um ! (cav.) Threes-lrfl I) 
Linze, f. (v. d'a.) voy. Liinze. 
Lippe, f. (m. d*a.) (Scbweisslippe) (einer 
Rohrschiene). The edge of the skelp. 
Amorce f. ; Ihfre f. voy. Schweissen. 

f. (m. d'a.^ voy. Ilahn. 

f. (art.) (an der MUndung eines Ge- 

schiitzrohres). The drooping or sinking of 
the metal of the muzzle of a gun, when 
after much firing the bore becomes ir- 
regular or ezoentric; drooping qf the lip; 
running or spewing of the muzzle ; ellip- 
tical czilargement of the muzzle. £gueule- 
ment m. ; ^vasement considerable de la 
bouche d'un canon. 
Liste, f. List; roll; (nominal-roll; squad- 
roll); return; report; register; state. 
R6le m. ; liste: feuille f. ; contr6le; ktat. 
voy. Bestand- ; Monats-; Mustcnings-; 
Quartier-; Rang-; Scbuss- ; Verlust- 

voy. Commandirrolle ; Exercirjoumal ; 
Parolbucb ;Rangirrollc jLbhnungsbuch; 
Strafvcrzeichniss ; Abrecbnungsbuch ; 
Litze, f. (bei der Seilerarbcit). The strand 
of a rope, composed of different " Faden " 
(yams). Toron m., compost d'un certain 
nombre de fils (Faden). 

Litze, f. (Borte) (Litzen, pi.). Lace. Galon 
m. ; (galonSf pi.). 

Loben, v. (ein Pferd) (man.) To pat or 
make much q/*a horse. Caresser un che- 
val ; \e flatter de la main, de la voiz. 

Loch, n. (zu einer Schraube, etc.) A screw- 
holCf borCf or opening for a screw, etc. 
OuverturCf trou pour une cheville; trou 
de tarih'e. 

— — n. (das eingebohrte) (des Ziinderklotzes). 
The fuze-socket. Creux m. du bloc, ser- 
vant au chargement des fus^s. 

n. (min.) voy. Bobrloch. 

Locbbeutel, m. (men.) (Stichbeutel) (zum 
Ausstcmmen der Zapfenlocher). A mortise- 
chisel. Ciseau servant a vider les mor- 
taises ; {bee m. d*dne ou b^ddne m.). 

Lochbobrer, m. (der Wagner). Wheelers' 
tool for boring the stock for the nave- 
boxes. Taraud m. du charron. 

Lochdom, m. (o. e. f.) Apunch. Poin^on m. 
voy. pom; Durchschlag; Ilufeisendom. 

Locneisen, n. (sell.) A punch ; hollow- 
punch ; circle-iron. Emporte-piece m. 

n. (mar.) A stamp. iUampe f. voy. 


Lochen, v. (mar.) (Hufcisen). To «/amp 

the holes in making shoes, or pierce the 

nail-holes. Stamper les fers. 
Locbfeile, f. (m. d*a.) A rifile; bent file 

for working In bends, etc Rifloir ou 

riflard m. 
Locbsage, f. (men.) A key -hole saw; 

piercing-saw ; fretsaw. Scie f. a guichet; 

scie f. d* entree; scie a couteau; ^gohine f. 

f. (men.) A kind of compass-sawy 

keyhole-saw. Scie f. a main ou passe- 

Lochstempel, m. voy. Locheiscn. 
Locken, v. (den Feind in cinen Hinterhalt-). 

To draw the enemy into an ambuscade. 

Attirer Tennerai dans une embuscade. 

n. (das Zcichen zum Zapfcnstreiche 

und zur Reveille). Signal on the drum 
made before reveille and tattoo-beating, 
answering in many respects to the camp- 
taps of the English service, as well as to 
the drummers* call (or quarter-drum) in 
barracks. Rappel pour les tambours pour 
aller battre la rctraite, un quart d'heure 
avant I'heure oil elle doit etre battue. 

LofFel, m. (sell.) The dock of the crupper. 
Culeron ra. de la croupicre. 

m. (ni. d'a.) (der Ladestockfeder). 

Groove of the rammer-spring for the ram- 
rod to slide upon ; (the spring-part). 
Cuilleron m. du rcssort da la baguette. 

m. (sell.) (am ungarischen Sattcl). The 

top of liind-fork of hussar- saddle-tree. 
Palette f. de la scUe hongroise ou ^ la 

ra. (min.) (Erdbohrer). Augers ground- 
auger t employed for boring earth. Trtpan 

m. (artif.) (der Ruthe od. des Raketen- 

stabes). The bed, groove^ or fluted-part 

Loffel — LoBsprechungsurtheil. 


of the signal rocket-stick, formed for the 
rocket to lie in. Cannelure f. fiute au gros 
bout de la baguette de direction, pour y 
loger la fos^. 

Loffel, m. voy. Sattel. 

Loffelbohrer, m. (charp.) (Hohlbohrer). 
Auger t common auger with a sheU-bit, or 
broad -ended auger; (ph^el -auger or 
phippel-mouihed auger of some workmen). 
TmrUre f., dont la meche en acier est 
creus^ en gouge. 

m. (o. e. b.) (beim Tischlerbohrge- 

stelle) (Hohlbohrer). A gouge-bit^ used 
with the brace for boring. Meche f. h 
euillert meche de mlebrequin en forme 
de cuiUer ou gouge tranchante des deux 

m. voy. Lochbohrer. 

m. (tour.) A drills resembling a gouge, 

for boring holes on the lathe. ForeU 
euUlere m. 

(Die Hohlung od. Ausrundung des — s 
(charp.) The shell of the auger. 
Cuiller m. de tariere.) 

Loffelraumer, m. (min.) (Raumloffel). 
Scraper for clearing out the blast-hole. 
Curette f. de mineur, dont on se sert pour 
nettoyer le trou du petard. 

Logement, n. od. Einwohnung, f. (Ver- 
bauung). A lodgement ^ or retrenchment 
made in any work when gained for the 
purpose of maintaining it. Logement m* 

n. voy. £lstemnest. 

Logirung, f. (auf dem Glacis). The lodge- 
ment on the glacis, in the operations of a 
siege. Logement m. sur la crete du glacis. 

Lohgar, (vom Leder). Tanned (as leather). 
Tann^. voy. fettgar; weissgar. 

Lohndienst, m. Duty taken or performed 
by " hire " or for a certain proportion of 
pay, or the duty done for one soldier by 
another hired to take his duty for him "). 
Service pay^, 

Lohnung, f. Pay of non-commissioned- 
oflSoers and privates. Pr^t m., solde f. 
voy. Sold. 

Lohnungsabzug, m. Deduction or stop- 
pages (pi.) from the pay of privates ; 
drawback on pay, Retenues f. pi. sur la 

Lohnungsappell, m. (Lohnungsparade). 
The falling-in of a company or troop to 
receive their pay. Rassemblement m. d'une 
compagnie ou d'un escadron pour recevoir 
le pret ; {appel de solde). 
Lohnungsausweisung, f. Statement of a 
company's monies, as detailed in the 
ledger. Demonstration de la solde qui 
revient a chaque soldat par le livre de 
Lohnungsbuch, n. A company's ledger, 
Livre m. de compagnie ^ dans lequel on 
inscrit le montant et la repartition du 
Longc, f. (man.) (Leinc) (zum Longiren). 
Longing-retUt (or cavesson-rein), hekl in 

longing a young horse. Longe f. ; longUA 
oorde qui s'attache au cave9on, et dont on 
se sert dans le travail de la longe ou en 

Longenarbeit, f. (man.) od. Longiren, n. 
Longing ; practice in the longe, (in train- 
ing young horses). TVavail m. et la longe 
ou en cercle; travail de la longe, 

Longiren, v. (man.) (ein Pferd). To kmge 
a horse. Meneryfaire trotter un cheval 
a la longe, par la longe, 

n. voy. Longenarbeit. 

Loosen, v. (bei einem Regimente um den 
zehnten Mann — ). To decimate a regi- 
ment. D/cimer, /aire dicimer un regi- 

Loosung, f. (um den zehnten Mann) (Deci- 
mining). Decimation, Decimation f. 

Losche, f. (sid.) Charcoal-dust; coke-dust. 
Fraisil ou firazin m. ; poussi^re de charbon 
me\6e avec de la terre ; poussiere de coke. 

f. Smithy-slack; smith's cinder; coal^ 

dross; smithy-ashes (pi.). Mdchrfer m. ; 
fraisil m. 

f. voy. Kohlenlosche. 

Loscheimer, m. (fge.) (der Schmieden A 
smith's quenching-tub, Seau m. de Jorge; 
baquet m, de forgeron. 

Loschen, v. (Kalk). To slake or kill lime. 
Detremper la chaux. 

Loschtrog, m. A smith's trough or water- 
trough, Auge f. 

Loschwedel, m. (fge.) (Loschwisch). A 
smith's sprinkle or brush, Mouillette f.; 
goupillon m. 

Losdriicken, v. voy. Abdriicken. 

Loseisen, n. (fond.) Tapping-bar, lancet. 
Perriere f. voy. Lasseisen. 

Losegeld, n. (a.) Ransom; stipulated price 
formerly given for the liberation of pri- 
soners of war. Ranfon f. 

Losen, v. voy. Loosen. 

n. voy. Loosung. 

Loser, m. (eisemer). Marline-spike, ^pis- 
soir m, 

Loskaufen, n. (a.) (vom Militairdienste). 
The purchasing one's self out, or obtain- 
ing one's discharge by purchase ; paying 
the smart-money for one's discharge ; the 
purchase of one's discharge from ttie ser- 
vice ; (all of which, although existing in 
England, are obsolete upon the continent). 
D^gagement m. h prix d' argent ; annula- 
tion de I'engagement d'un soldat a prix 

• d'argent. 

n. (a.) (eines Gefangenen), Ransom, 

Ranfon f. 

Loskoppeln, v. (c&\.) voy. Koppeln. 

Losmacnen, v. (a.) (einen Soldaten) (frei- 
machen). To obtain {or purchase) a sol- 
dier's discharge, D^gager (a.) un soldat. 
Lossprechen, v. To acquit a prisoner (or 
find Yxaa not guilty), Acquitter ; declarer 
non convaincu, non coupable, 
Lossprechimffsurtheil, n. Acquittal; {find- 
ing \pT verdict^ qf not-guilty). Acquit te- 


Lorang— LuftxpicM- 

uvi orj tr^r **.r-.vt: 'A rr^ oat-fv/rt, either 

j/5ifti<-« iL.i'j;.;r »/.*• rfjuu. *ir m.hA in place 
of it. Sty mat fr,uM;uu «i'»uice 'loi rem- 
f.-!A^/: ',w-l/,u«f'/L» le riMt d« niliemcDt 

*Q tnoj*'Ti riw|a«I Im TMkrttes recMmatMcnt 

Hrj ^,nie itenv*% thi; "I^F-wiar" u in 
iiititiiMU: tyjTirt0:x'vtn with tf*tfr " OiemeTi- 
L'/^UJifr." afid th^n \pA\t ontr arid the 
oth<T art f/a^4«d f>T fichanefcd befnre 
frivihsr Uie artial rouijUrnicrii .//r 
•• F<;l'J<re^hfti"^;. 

f. I>j<uii?^ort. TOT. Parole. 

f. I'ljr. FeKl^M'^/'hrei. 

tli. //«' »Ott^^. 

n. Ujewidity. Half^mnt*. Dtmi- 

onrf f, 
n. r,rfl. I>;th<r, f. Solder. SfmAur^ f. 

^'n . ffartU^th ; SchiMrllloth ; Zinulotb. 
Ojfhbliri, n. tot. lileiloth. 

I>>t}ii-, f. %r/y. I>Hh. 

Iy>tli«-i.-<fn, n. vot. lyithkoHxm, 
U^litfU. V. n. ''h»ry»., To /ry vh*th^ ttffrk 

in «*/ pfrp*-ndirvlur. Pr^ndr" VnpUgndt. 
L'4;j«-ii. V. To //rar* or riArrl-v*Ui4;r iron ; 

to •o///*-r hr^'i. JiroMtrr U: it^\ *oudtr le 

\. (ill. *W., ^Af-n ^4 h-nfifthe^l an di^ 

S-i.winz-. hrau